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tv   Book Discussion on Leadership and Crisis  CSPAN  September 4, 2015 8:27pm-9:39pm EDT

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war on the values and this tear designed to destroy the western values we will have holes in our ability to protect ourselves. so i think it as a combination. get tough with some people, reform this foreign aid system, and i think at the same time do a little better listening and i will tell you one other thing we need to do, this united nations is not working. when george clooney looks at what is happening in the sudan and says the un can't declare genocide we need a different organization. we need an organization that has shared values and can attack what happened in sudan and also in iran with the great of nuclear weapons. we have to have common thinking by countries and not government that turns its back on the serious problems. >> with that i am going to talk a pause.
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we will are going to take a pause and when we come back i will talk about standing up on business and poplar culture because you got a lot to say and i think a lot of people would like to hear it. john, one of the chapters in your book, stand up for something, is about america business. and this is another area where you are not easy to peg because certainly you are a republican orientation, free market business, and yet one of things that you see in this book is something who had a grandfather was a coal minor in west virginia who i think you said died not feeling he was protected well or treated well by his company. my question is how does that personal experience, how does that personal experience shape your views as you look and deal with these very complicated business, globalization issues
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we are dealing with right now? >> gene, you know, first of all, you can never move far away from you were raised. i was raised in a community where if the wind blew the wrong way people were out of work. i read a book by michael covack who said business is a calling. you don't go out and get votes you do your job and hope they come. in business, you don't go out to make money, but to deliver a product and advance an innovative idea and hopefully the byproduct of that is money. i think you have to have a conscious and when you look around you look at this enron thing and you see this cfo of enron and he and his wife end up doing a plea bargain with a judge and beg them to not both
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go to jail at the same time because they have young kids. i look at that and think what are these people thinking. and you can look at the world coms where they lied and ripped people off and this wasn't to get a new car this was their fifth car and third or fourth house. i would like to think if these folks could go back they would change their way because they can never get their reputation back. and then you turn around and look at a guy like bill gates who is given billon to vaccinate kids around the world. he is a hero to many of us. i tell the story about a guy who ran, his name is john walker, he was running a company headed toward bankruptcy but a provision in his contract provided him for a million payment. and he is not a wealthy man or that is what he tells me. i am serious. but he got a million, went home and he and his wife wrote a
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million check back to the company saying we could not live with ourselves if other people were being hurt scheie took something. i believe there is a battle between those people who want to stand up for something and they can make a lot of money. tons of money by being ethical versus those people who take the short cut. when you mention globalization one of the things i notice and i think you and i will fundamentally disagree but the people that used to make $71,000 a year bending steel? those jobs don't exist. we have to have an education system that trains our kids for this 21st century. if you look at k-12. that is monopoly system. the higher education system encourages the recruitment of scholars begging for the chance
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to education our children. i think a monopoly system we have in k-12 leads to disfacs sand -- dysfunction and i would love to see teachers and principals stand outside of a school they struggled to fix where they could not fix it. and i would love them to stand up and say shut this place down because we are not cheating kids out of education. it is business with a conscious as well. >> let me ask you one of the hardest question a lot of elected officials are dealing with now which is you have a situation, perhaps like in the communities you have been in, where a company is shutting down and the ceo is saying i am moving those jobs to india or
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china. i have to do so to be competitive. that is the way of the world. that community is a nice economic lesson but we are loosing everything and are devastating. you under market and intloe globalization but how do you wrestle with nis this? >> it is one of the hardest to think about. the bad goes home, or mom goes home looking at the family and has to say i lost my job. not because i did a bad job but because my job was eliminated. let's lock the door and pull down the blinds is what we would like to say and it will go away. but unfortunately it won't. we are seeing it with the auto industry today. if they can have lower cost and compete better americans are going to buy cars and put people
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out of work. what has to happen is i think companies have to give severance pay. they have to help these people find other work. we have to get them into community colleges and have businesses in there retraining them. that is why we need an environment that creates jobs and an education system that gives them to tools so they have value whether it is computers or
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whatever. that is what we have to do. >> i have seen it happen. i have seen this happen. and i have seen ceo's bleed over this. and do everything they could in their power to try to help these families. and i have been proud of their efforts. >> and you know, i struggle and we all struggle with this issue. i think one thing you and i probably agree on a bit is layoffs -- i think a lot of people don't believe it as a last resort denough. that people get there is compelling change out there. i think they want to feel their ceo treasures their job and understand what it is like to go home to their child. you discuss the co and i am sure the workers knew him and his wife were feeling for them and their children in the same way but let me ask you this -- >> gene, go ahead.
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sorry. >> you say at the beginning of the book, something you and i both agree with, most business leaders are not the unethical people be have seen from enron or berny edwards. but your book is about standing up against excess. is there something more systemic in the business and wall street environment, not about being unethical, but pushing to excess the profit, the extra bonus, the money over some of the values you talk about in your book? >> i have been on the compensation of a committee that has been sold and dhthey callede the director that represented the mailmen in america and you know, look. i think that, you know, what i also stressed and i stress any time i am around this. it is not just what we do for
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the top. it is for the people that don't have the highest position in the company. if we ignore them we create a moral problem. if you want a good business you have to have people happy. and there has to be a sense of fairness and i don't think people are unreasonable by and large in their demands. i think the good leadership within a business is one where the head folks are considered to be people who have morality, a and a sense of justice and they have to work to communicate it. i have to tell you, i think they do. that is where my family came from. when the boss was a good person they could accept the decisions. with -- when they thought the boss wasn't in touch it was a problem. this is the finest system in the world. if other countries want to get to where we have they will have
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to adopt many of these principles. business is a calling. it is not just about making a buck. it is about making a better prodoability dukt and a better way of life. we can take an idea and transform the way people live. i am on the board of a company nat makes wheelchairs and when i look at how people have been able to get out of their homes. people who used to be called shut-ins and from innovation and profit, both together, we have given people new lives. that is what we have think about. in my business dealings i try to bring a sense -- moral purpose and people love it. >> a generation ago the ceo made 40% more than the typical worker
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and now it is 400-500. are you worried about the ceo and worker compensation difference? >> i think the clubness of board structure is ending and i think people really object to the profits of the company going down and the pay going up. i think that is a big problem. i have to tell you. it was hard to do this and and people want to take your head off and you compare that to a person like berry bonds who has a $90 million contract. we ought to be mad about the knuckle heads in the sports culture who make more than the
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ceo's in the world and don't have any value. if you are on a compensation committee you should reward people who when they produce and don't when they are not. the basic part of this book is about the thing as they do that involve corruption. we can debate the salaries and income levels. but one of the most important things is we don't destroy the system by a series of unethical acts that end up ripping off the shareholders. we saw this with computer associates with a couple weeks ago. when the business community steals they go to jail. the one place in society where there is accountability in a society where accountability is by and large a mising thought. >> and john, you started --
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missing -- to go into barry bonds and people should know your bock isn't just about the policy things we talk about. it gets into the poplar culture and talks about entertainment and sports. i will mention one thing my wife, allyson, bothers her, and with a couple daughters you might be bothered by this as well. she is bothered by the glorification of young women at all levels tends to be about often how they look, risky or sexual behavior, and not on achievement or accomplishment. you mention this in your book when you talk about paris hilton. you have nothing personal against her. >> don't know the woman. >> when you look at this paris hilton effect, are you in groeme aagreement with my wife? is this a serious problem?
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-- groement -- >> my daughters are six years old and twins. and everybody is looking at me saying he is awfully young to have those six year olds. but the thing is i am glad i don't have to explain to them why paris hilton is on the cover. i would like you to explain to me why brittany spears announced she was pregnant on the david letterman show. who cares? or the foul mouth actors we see running around. this guy 50 cents saying he has been shot so many times it is amazing he doesn't link drinking water. or michael jackson who tap dances on the roof of a limo on the way to trial. you wonder why the are problems with eating disorders. and look, i'm an mtv fan, i like green day and pearl jam and
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these people, but when i watch mtv and see what amounts to the denigration at times in the videos with women, i wonder where the national organization of women is. women are not there to be used and abused. and of course i am worked up about it because i have daughters and because it is over the line. i think we have to be careful we are not old fogy. when were remember what our parents thought when they saw the beetles. there are certain things that should not be tolerated. i try to say who are we going to admire? paris hilton or a bono or bill cosby and want to be like them. and that is the choice that gets set-up in this book. ( >> john, i know you have told me this many times, democrats like
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me, we think of what kind of government programs there and i don't think about that as true or non true but i know to know watt do you want to ask. where are the positive role models of women and what would you ask of everybody? of the entertainment industry or government or these companies in particular on these issue which oprah raised well on of what is the right way to set the role models for your daughters and my 40 day old daughter. >> how about this oprah? reese witherspoon and mandy moore seem to be beautiful women who kercarry themselves, and ha talent. that is what we watch. we are looking for stuff that
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will teach our kids a lesson, that is entertaining. and you know, look, what we can do about it is if you are producing this stuff knock it off. if you are these people clean it up. charles barkley many years ago said i am not your kid's role model. why don't you hide then. because when the camera is on you your presence is magnifide. remember when john mac used to throw his rackets and all of the kids started doing it? parents have to monitor more. we have to tell our kids what is right and wrong. in terms of censorship i don't like that because i don't trust the government to get it right.
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with a little conscious on the people who fund it, the people who produce it, and with parents being -- engaged and looking up to the people i think we can admire and learn from. and you know what else? i am hearing these unbelievable and terrible statistics about the internet and our kid and how they can be seriously harmed and i saw john walsh the other day talking about the fact of taking the computer out of the bed pro and put it in the living room. we lock the doors to keep team from coming in. we better start paying atoppiten to the computer because they can get into serious trouble and we better be careful. >> i think that is a great idea and we abide by that as well. computers in the main room. john, one of the thing ys i did like about your book is you talk
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about the excess but are not too preachy and rightio circumstaus. you say if video games were kind we would not get into them but do we need the extent of grand auto theft? you say no one has a lock of on v virtue. a lot of people say the messages coming out as too preachy and too purist and some of the people giving them were guilty of far worse things. how do you walk the balance and what do you say to some of the
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folks on your side and being slightly politically, and i apologize, but people traditionally on the right, in terms of expressing values without stepping over the line into absolute. >> this allows me to say something and that is republicans cannot feed the beast of their base by dividing people on moral issues and using it as a substitute for things they are supposed to do like cut the size of government. this isn't right. secondly, in terms of being a preacher, ye i don't like the role. i am uncomfortable here because i am not a perfect soul.
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and you know, i don't think i have to be perfect to say this. i am not calling on anybody to be perfect in the book and i think this is an important part of the culture and people in the religious business talk about this. by and harj we have a situation why don't explain what religion is. listen, by and large this is about human beings having a good heart and respecting other people. and that means, you know, there may be rules, and you know, rules are a part of religion. but it isn't there to divide us. religion is not there to try to make people feel smaller. religion is there to make people feel better.
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a woman who was a prostituting and had no money and she put her daughter out there and she said she needed help and someone said go to church and she said that is the last place i can go. at the heart of this, this is where our conscious comes from. that is where you and i learn to respect one another and get a sense of what our conscious is in business and politics and in the pop culture. it is the thing that gives us gps suppliystem about whaust is. when we look and study the great lessons of the old and new testament it is the thing that allows us to listen to that voice inside that tells us what to do.
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>> i want to give you a chance for a reflective moment. this is a tough thing to say. we know there is a way of accusing men if you are putting anything but winning or coming in first and you try to take it on. on page eight, you say let's face it, too many of us embrace these core values and theory alone because when the gun goes off and the race begins we have seen how easy it is to shed these values to lighten our moral load. what do you tell your daughters when you are wanting to win and get in the best school how do you keep in mind to tendency to
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sacrifice the values with you go after the thing you want them most? >> i think i will tell you about my mother who always stood for things when the cost them. and i will tell them about my dad who knew what principle was about. and i will tell them about my father-in-law who was successful but it wasn't win at all cost. it was not too long ago. a couple months ago i went to florida with my wife and our family to put the ashes of my father-in-law out into the florida gulf. and i asked the people who were there to describe three or four words to describe craig. at the end of our lives that is all we have. three orfour words about us.
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we want kind, compassionate and honest. we don't want the other ones and no sense in ruining in and bringing up other ugly words. i will tell my daughters at the end of the day we are lodge judged by what is inside us. we are overachievers and not always followed this and i still can't get it right. but at the end of the day we do the best and we can keep that in mind that at the end it is thought what we accumulated but are made of we can teach our kids that. if we remember that we will build a better country and solve these problems if we can raise the bar and remember what our mothers and fathers taught us. >> that is a pretty inspirational ending and i will leave with a bitter partisan note saying i went back and did
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checking and during the clinton administration, michigan beat ohio state 6-8 times. since president bush has been there ohio state has won had 4-5 times. i need a democratic administration because my family, my brother rick and i, can't take the lossess anymo-- s anymore. >> go bucks! >> go blow and he will end on that. washington journal live with your phone calls at 7 a.m. eastern on c-pan. this labor day weekend, three
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days of politics, books and american history. on a full day of special programs on c-span here are a few of the features for labor day monday beginning at 10 p.m. eastern. a town hall event in seattle discusses it pros and cons of big data and civil liberties and then a debate on how to reduce poverty between president obama and the president of the american enterprise institute mark brooks. and then mike cuban and george w. bush on leadership skills. saturday on booktv we are live for the 15thth annual national book festival. we have your opportunity to talk to david mccullan and buzz aldrin and others. and a live conversation on
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indepth are lynn cheney who will take your phone calls, e-mails and tweets. later, cath rene talks about how families survive on no income. and on labor may monday, ann u coulter and others share their thoughts. on saturday evening on lectures and history, boise state university professor lisa brady explains how chemical agents used during the vietnam wars created damage to the people and environment. sunday afternoon at 4:00 on real america, crowded out, the 1958 national educational association film addressing overcrowded schools following the post-world war ii baby boom.
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and an interview with david rubenstein. get the complete skechedule at cspa bobby jindal talked at the reagan library about his experience in office and wrote about the tenure in "leadership and crisis." this is an hour and ten minutes. [applause] that you happening so much. thank you very much. >> andrew, thank you for that very generous introduction. thank you for that warm reception. ev even before i start my remarks i have to tell you what a privilege to be here.
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just to give an idea of how much president reagan meant to me as young student, and later as congressman and governor, on the fourth floor of incapital in the famous buildy in batten rouge louisiana, there is one painting and one decoration in my office. it used to be the home of the supreme court of louisiana. beautiful historical office in a beautiful historical building is on original painting of reagan sitting upright on his horse reminding us every day why we are here and what we trying to accomplish while turb turning our state around. it is a great honor to be here. thank you for hosting me. two weeks ago, our country had a tremendous election. a lot of people have remarked about what this election meant. this last week i released my book leadership and crises and
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there has been a lot of media attention about the opening anti dote in the book. i describe how president obama came down to louisiana for his first visit after the oil spill. two weeks after the explosion air force one landed on the tarmac in the new orleans airport. he came down the steps and this wasn't going to be a yeggs usually reaction. usually you talk to him at the foot of the steps and talk and let him go to the meeting. but he grabbed my arm and pulled me aside. they had tipped off washington reporters. they told the reporters watch the president is going to be angry and mad at the governor. this was a press stunt because they told reporters in washington to watch this. i like to think he was angry. i thought maybe he is angry at bp. angry at the oil or the red tape maybe? and i was stunned. he was angry because of a
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routine bureaucratic letter we had sent the day before about food stamps. he said governor this is going to get bad for all of us. his chief of staff, ron emanuel, was chewing out my staff on the tarmac but he used words i will not repeat up here. what i had to the president, with all due respect, we are angry about the lack of resources and a plan to fight this oil that is getting in the way of fighting this oil. i got in the car with my chief of staff and i said it is amazing. they are mad about the wrong things. i want to president to be mad. i want time mto be mad at the
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right things. the election was saying you focused on the wrong thing. the people of america want the economy growing, good paying jabs and their children to inherit more opportunities. and look at what is going on in washington in the last two years. we had government bail outs of car companies and the expansion of obamacare. we had the federal government debate issues like cap-and-trade and car check. it seems like they are focused on everything but the priorities and issues that voters care the most about. we have done something different in louisiana. back in louisiana when where was running for government i made a promise to the people of our state. you see for 25 years we exported our greatest asset. louisiana's greatest export is not our craw fish, shrimp.
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it has been our children. more people move out of state rather than into our state. i promised our people we would create a new louisiana and create opportunities for our children and grandchildren. i want to tell you about what we have done and how we have accomplished that. it started on january 14 janu14 our first 30 days was a special section on ethics. why was that important? i know you are friendly people. but i know you may not be rude enough to actually say this to my face but everyone has their own favorite story or joke about louisiana politicians. ...
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and what we can do to track investment and jobs was to crackdown on corruption. business leaders told us that as long as who you know is better than what you know we won't invest in your state. we had a special section with critics who said we couldn't get it done. i said during the campaign, of course when you push the hogs away from the tropicana squeal. you know what, we passed some of the toughest deals. critics said people will leave,
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they don't want a serve. i said don't let the door hit you on the way out, we don't need in the government. when we said you either have to choose, you can't do business with the government. you either have to serve us or you can't do both. i'll tell you just to numbers. louisiana's 44th works, today we will rank number one in the entire country. [applause]. better government association used to rank us in the bottom five of the integrity index, now we are in the top by. it was never just about rang, it was about the conditions of the private sector to grow and create good pine plate paying jobs. >> weeks later we got rid of the taxes and debt, nuke women and utilities. it later we enacted the largest income tax cut in our state's history. why is that important. our neighboring state, that important. our neighboring state, didn't have those taxes by the way. here's something, even if you're not a phd in economics it's easy
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to understand. if you want to discourage inactivity, tax it. if you want. if you want to encourage an activity, don't tax it. you can print much summarize my economic philosophy right there. why would we want to tax businesses who want to borrow and invest, expand and modernize in our country. they are the newest equipment in louisiana's older than their oldest equipment anywhere else. as a candidate and governor i made it clear. as long as i'm governor we are not raising taxes in the state of louisiana. there are no loopholes in that. we do more than cut back spending, we've cut spending 26% when eisele elected governor we eliminated positions. we've done things like privatize services, setting priorities about what state government should or should not be doing. now the third thing, the reason i was so important, they rated all the governors, we rated poor, our credit rating has gone up not down the last couple of
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years. the reason that's important is we want businesses to know that we want them to invest and grow in our state. it is a predictable progrowth environment. we have improved workforce training. the people want to move our expand in louisiana their top two concerns is finding skilled workers. our people will be ready to work on the first day or we will be trained in. we now have the top-ranked training program in the country. we have continued to improve education, i could talk could talk to you about new orleans having a high percentage of students at charter schools. or the evaluation of our teachers to student performance, the redtape reduction act. students in new orleans, if they want to go to private, parochial and other schools the rising scores we are seen especially in new orleans after the storm. one of the most important things we have passed a teacher's bill of rights, were were putting discipline back into her
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classroom. we have made strides to improve our teacher pay, at or above the southern average the last two years, the number one reason teacher tell us they leave the classroom is the environment in the classroom. let me tell you it's not like when we were growing up. if you haven't been to a classroom recently, i won't describe your child but let me tell you about my child. when i was growing up, if i got in trouble, when i got in trouble, i beg my teachers, you do whatever you want in school, you don't tell my parents. i don't know about your dad but i'm gonna talk about my dad few minutes. my dad had a funny sense of justice. i would come home as a dad, i didn't do this. the teacher was wrong. he would look at me as a son, i know you better than that. he said you may have not of done what the teacher said but i know you got away with something. so i'm going to spank you for that we'll call it even, don't worry about that. not once in my life, was i ever
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right. not once did he ever take my side over the teacher site. and telling her parents were not doing her kids any favors, were making excuses, there be nobody to make excuses when those kids grow up and try to get a draw. every year, you can look at the dropout rates in louisiana california, our incarceration rates there's almost a direct correlation. there are thousands of people out of our prisons every year and we read rearrest half of them in five years. we've also invested in our infrastructure cut, they said we had the second best performance during the recession. this past year we have been the third best state, we have been the most improved state in the country. the first time of the
9:09 pm
top 10. look at our unemployment rights, there below, there below the southern and national average, everything a month. we have the best job performance in the south. we been announced tens of thousands of new jobs, billions of dollars of capital investment, we've seen companies with their head california to louisiana. companies expanding and growing in louisiana. new companies, new companies, new fortune 500 companies, fortune 1000 companies moving their company star states. here's the most important statistic. after 25 years of losing, the three years in a row we have had more people move into louisiana, more quickly than they are leaving. what i start with that. i think this'll lection, two weeks ago was about one very simple profound message. it was people across america telling our president, our congress, we don't want to become the first generation of americans who lease fewer
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opportunities for our children and our grandchildren that we inherited from her parents. that the american dream. if you work hard, play by the rules they should have more opportunities than we have. yet i don't need to go through the numbers, $14 numbers, $14 trillion of debt this administration predicts will go to $26 trillion. 24% of the gdp growth, the historical norms are 18 to 20%. the chinese won't buy our debt forever. we know interest rates will go up, the value of the dollar will go down. i was glad to see a modest first step that they're saying we will go along with it. we need to do much more than that. just like i said to the present when he got up air force one he
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was focused on the wrong things, he was mad about a letter about food stands. the voters are saying to the president and leaders in contracts, human focused on the wrong issues, the the wrong issues, the wrong priorities for the last two years. here's the scary thing. look at pelosi, obama, reid, they are doubling down. so must like you haven't got the message. the president went on to to be dv incentives the commute occasions problem. apparently he needs to give a few more speeches i will understand all the great things they're trying to do force. i give them credit for one thing. for believing in their convictions, but their republicans were rejoicing taking comfort in the back they haven't changed direction. that may be good for the republican party, that is lack of prior country. we are at a point right now or we have to decide, are we going to turn the limited government our founding fathers intended, or permanently larger more expensive government. the more the government taxes and spends, the less liberty and freedom we have. i better start talking about this book are my publishers will be upset with me. i'm here to talk about
9:12 pm
leadership and crisis. and some of the things i write about in this book. one of the things is about the redtape, the incompetence of our government. i'm a conservative, i don't want government to be doing too many things but the things they do i want them to do well. we should be able to say that's good enough for government. i'm here to tell you the fact that our government has gotten so big, it has involved in running car companies wants to run our healthcare, it has lost its focus and competencies. i described in the book are frustration of even going back to hurricane katrina. i described a sheriff calling the federal government for help, the response was, sheriff were were not taking phone calls right now. could you send us an e-mail telling us what you need. he said send you an email? the water is rising i don't have electricity, how my how my going to send you an e-mail.
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well put all those details in an email will get help to you soon. the reality is it doesn't matter if it's a republican or democratic president, the bottom line is we should be able to demand excellence from our government. here are a few examples. the oil spill really didn't hit me until those of you that outdoorsman that was some of the best fishing out of the kos. it's where the it's amazing fishing. it's amazing. i was in the air about i could see it. you could actually smell and the news you got closer to it you hear what i called the deafening silence what i mean by that is this time of year if you're, we'd be hearing critters and bugs, all kinds of things.
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and we sought for the first time biologist at the grass they said five to seven days and it would be dead and it was just sitting there day after day, week after week. the federal government said don't worry we have it absorbed on here. doesn't sound good, sounds high-tech. there on top of this. it's a fancy way of saying there during combo the paper towels. federal government said don't worry we have some other plans i said really what are the plans question mark. you have to burn the wetlands to save the wetlands, so i met with a bunch of fishermen and local
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residents. we might not be the smartest people in the world, not a nobel prize amongst all of us. [laughter] no phd's, but the most classical people you have ever met. one of said to me why don't we go vacuum and that oil up instead of letting it sit there. i said that's a great idea. and i said to the government why don't we vacuum that oil and they acted like i was an idiot. there are no roads down there how you can i get a truck down there, i'm not the smartest guy in the world but when you put a truck on the back of the boat and backing it up. and i hate this answer from the government. they said we've never done that before we can do that. i said we never spilled this much oil off our coast whether try something new. i ordered to build some prototypes, the first was up on
9:16 pm
his looking thing you've ever seen. it was a truck tractor stat country and trapped on the back of a boat. but it worked, it picks up thousands of gallons of water oil. he looks at it looks at me and said governor are those the same tracks they use to clean up for the parties after football games? i said whatever you do do not put that in your story. i just manage the great people of california say they're doing what in louisiana question i've been calling them vacuum barges that sounds high-tech and better than porta potty's. technology wasn't all that different,glue same concept. here's what i love about the private sector they sought on tv and said we have industrial pumps, we have barges, we have dozens of these along the coast picking up the oil. a oil. a week oil, got the call from the federal government. call me up and said governor we are shutting down your barges.
9:17 pm
i said why this one a few things that is working out there. they said we haven't done our inspections yet. i so what are you worried about what you need to inspect. we need need to check the valves, you're not using the right valves there is a danger that you might drop some oil back in the water. >> were picking up thousands of gallons of oil and you worried about some drops. >> they said those are the rules. >> and i said you better have a greater sense of urgency. >> the federal government will give you 24 hours we have to get this done. >> hours later officials came to my center and said we can't find phone numbers for any of these barges. turns out they didn't realize they had approved every one of them, the right-handed them, the right-handed know what the left and was doing. they came back and said we don't
9:18 pm
need to check the valves anymore but they need to stay import is now we want to count the number of lifejackets and fire extension on the boat. >> i said you can't do this in the bayswater picking up the oil. >> they said no these are the rules. >> 24 hours later i went to the port myself, along the way, we get across in great news were not going to do the inspections after all they can go back to works. >> buffer 24 hours and that oil set the wetlands unnecessarily because of the bureaucracy and red tape. one last example, one day the oil was coming in to the bay at one of the most fertile visionaries of the kos, we connected the federal government to move. it was literally coming in and there are boats, skimmers, people, equipment sitting just waiting to be used. they kept telling us federal government there is no oil, don't worry about it. fishermen cap seen it. finally i took the federal official up in a black hawk helicopter so he could see for himself. as a friday morning, we showed him, he was clearly there he saw the heavy oil in the.
9:19 pm
he said you're right there's oil there would we need to radio to get those people to get the boats in the water. he said oh no, you don't understand it will take me at least 24 to 48 hours to go through the brock scene get this done. this was the man in charge of the federal response for our state. he started the oil, the resources where there and he was saying it was going to take 24 to four to 40 hours. he later told of reporting he was just slowing down, he wasn't slowing down it was dom it was the system that was slow and dumb. be like fighting a war, running out of ammunition and keeping your bullets at home because the rules say you have to keep him there just in case. we could go on and on like this
9:20 pm
but fighting this was like fighting a war. we wanted a greater sense of urgency. too many times i got away with ideas of jack up margins, or hard pipes or other innovations to fight that oil. the reason i start their is when a government get so big and they rent it ruins its core competency to fight enemies, to secure its order, president once said of a government big enough to give you everything you on is also a government big enough to take away everything. a second chapter in the book concerns healthcare. it scared me, worried me that obama legislation for a lot of reasons. over $1 trillion of spending,
9:21 pm
it's actually closer to two trillion. over over $500 billion in tax increases, $500 billion in cuts to medicare. it medicare. it doesn't really bend down the cost curve. the government is even more involved in our lives. 16 million new americans are put into an unreformed medicare system. my background is in healthcare policy, i worked at the the state, federal, and private sector. what scares me the most is the father of three young children. i want to share some examples of experiences we have had with our children. we have an an 8-year-old girl at home, she runs the house. they're staying with their grandparents, i can only imagine how much sugar they're eating right now. that same old strict grandfather they suspect me he thinks timeout is cruel punishment. i tried to punish my kids he said son we never spanked you when you were growing up, i just
9:22 pm
said he just forgot my entire childhood it's amazing. he has a mean amnesia. we have a six-year-old and a four year old boy as well. my 8-year-old girl was born at the same hospital i was born, six-year-old boy born same hospital is that he was born, the younger boy had a different idea, our our third child took 30 minutes of labor. our little 4-year-old boy was born at home. there was the two of us, alone on the bathroom floor delivering this child. she did all the work, don't get me wrong. people came up to me after saying you did such a great job, i said me i just caught the baby i had the easy job. i want to share with you a few thoughts.
9:23 pm
first my message to every man in the room, i don't care how tough you are, there is a reason god allowed women not meant to have babies. , man came up to me at church and said you know the same thing happened to me. i said what he means same thing happen. >> i had me a kidney stone and it's the exact same thing. i said sir i will go home and tell your wife that. m other than a pound kidney stone is not the same thing. i want to say my beautiful wife is a very accomplished engineer in her own right, she has a very interesting view of the world and medication. she said that, if god had intended me to do this without anesthesia, without drugs, he would've drugs, he would've invented all these great trucks. she told the dr. i want the drugs in the parking i don't wait so i get in the hospital. so we had practice, they have lamaze and natural childbirth lessons, we didn't do any of that period were sitting on the floor and she's in pain and the baby is coming out, my second lesson of advice i want to share with others.
9:24 pm
babies don't come out the way they do in tva in real life. your babies they come out their pink the wrapped in a beautiful blanket, they're beautiful. they're angelic. my poor wife is coming in pain and asked me what what is our boy look like what is the look like? and i don't have a and i don't have the heart to tell her the truth. i tell her he is a beautiful baby be boy, ten figures, ten toes. toes. he's covered in goo he doesn't look right. what i'm really thinking is, we need to put them back in there he's not done yet. [laughter] my final piece of advice, matt if you ever find yourself in a situation situation like this it's not an appropriate time to make jokes. eyes trying trying to lighten the mood, she was in such pain and in the middle of her contraction i said you know that they want to stop teenage girls from getting pregnant they should show them a video of this. she said you're making jokes now, really?
9:25 pm
my father-in-law arrived during the childbirth, and and a policeman were outside her my wife screaming at looked at each other that i'm not going in there. in the old days the father stayed outside the delivery room. i'm glad i saw the first two children being born i know a knew a little bit about what to expect. the moment i handed our child to my wife, she forgot all of her pain. she forgot about herself completely in that moment, she was she was so focused on that little beautiful baby boy. i did tell you we've been married 13 years, she's my best friend, she's an amazing partner that has to be the most incredible experience of our married life. being part of a miracle of birth. i don't know about you but i really don't want the government interfering with the delivery of healthcare because it's one of the most personal and important things and expresses we do. here's a a story of our second child, his born in a hospital. we brought
9:26 pm
him home one week later. you go to that regular checkup and they make sure they're growing and eating. the dr. said you know, he looks flying, he looks fine but i hear something funny in his heart. we need you to go see a specialist today. so he went to go see a specialist in after hours of tests and different reviews, the dr. comes and says there's something wrong with your boys heart. were going to put him on some drugs and it some point that will stop working, will have to put in in intensive care and at some point i will stop working. were going to try to keep him alive for at least three months because the will have to do open-heart surgery to save his life. he won't be able to breathe or eat properly unless we do that. he looked perfectly healthy. when you hear that about your child, the first thought you read about one in 1 million children having an affliction and you never think about it
9:27 pm
being your child. the second thing is a boy i would give anything to trade places so is happening to me not to him. but god tells us why do worry when i know the hairs on your head. we are blessed. our little boy all he had was open-heart surgery. he sees a card yellow just regularly. he's doing great. he said the dr. said governor i'm not sure that he should play football when sheet he gets older because of his heart. i laughed and i said look at me. what are the he'll be big enough to play football in louisiana. we raise and big in louisiana there's no way he be big enough to play. but in that moment, i don't want the government, i don't want a bureaucrat tell me which dr. i can go see, which procedure i
9:28 pm
can go get, or telling that doctor nurse how to do their job. one of the hardest moments of america is handing over our boy less than three-month-old to the anesthesiologist. as he walked with our son to go to surgery. she said we are fortunate, the older children will sometimes yell out at their parents don't let them take me. our little boy wasn't enough to to know what was going on. i don't know if we could've stopped ourselves if he was old enough to say that. in that moment i want the doctors and nurses to do it they need to do to save my child life. that's what worries me so much about this massive government intervention. in the book i talk about the status quo wasn't acceptable. we have the best healthcare in the whole world but will there also things we need to do to improvement. let's make health insurance up portable crossing lines and jobs. let's be be serious about cracking down on lawsuits that costs billions of dollars.
9:29 pm
let's focus on outcomes, 75% of what we spend is spent on chronic patients. let's do a better job skipping folks out of emergency rooms for nonemergencies. let's do a better job treating those with diabetes and asthma. there are things that we can do to improve that don't involve 16 million people in and medicaid. do you know that right now, and medicare today, their 100 30,000 pages of rules and regulations. >> ..
9:30 pm
my dad used to give me an idea of where he came from. my dad was one of nine children, gruff but in the house without electricity and running water. literally i remember asking him for an allowance for all the chores to use make us around the house instead of getting in a law that got a lecture. he said son do you know how lucky you are? when he was growing up he had to walk up hill to school almost three miles and apparently when school was done he had to walk uphill coming back. apparently they didn't invent school buses are downhill until i was born. as brown on ccip sunt, did you think you'll pay me for the food you be back in the clothing you wear underwear if i put over
9:31 pm
your head? i will owe him more money than he would pay me. i never did get an allowance. at first they turned down the offer. my mom said i'm pregnant, it's not the right time to move the family. she comes back and says we will give an entire month off once the baby comes. it was such a good offer they said okay. they don't know anybody and this was before the days of internet or cell phones. they have never been to baton rouge or louisiana and never visited and they just move the two of them. my dad and his pregnant wife my mom coming to batters and here's where i love about the story. my dad doesn't want -- opens up the yellow pages and starts calling companies for job. he finds one that hires him sight unseen ever found. this is what i love about my dad. that's great i don't have a car. the buses we will come and get you, don't worry. the amazing thing is that my parents timmy have lived the
9:32 pm
american dream. they had the confidence and the optimism the knowledge that if you work hard if you apply yourself you can create a better quality of life for your children. let me tell you something to criticize american from my dad. my parents chose to come here. they know what it's like. they know what it's like growing up in a society where we don't have these opportunities taken for granted. if my brother and i tried to complain about anything we would get another lecture by my dad. in recent i know he grew up in such poverty as i have heard those stories every single day of my life. we learned quickly not to complain. you better not come home and say the teacher doesn't like me our life is not fair where they got a lower test grade then than i got. none of that mattered to my dad. he was one of those dads and i have heard the story and i don't know if it's true but i heard the story about joseph kennedy. one day bobby kennedy comes home and bobby kennedy in no joe
9:33 pm
kennedy want all the dash bobby kennedy comes on monday and his dad i decided i want to become my public priest instead of running for office and his father reportedly said that's great we have never had a pope and the family before. it would be nice to have a pope. [laughter] that was my dad as well. whatever you did you're going to be the best at it and he would never complain because every day you wake up in america you are better off than anybody else in the world. you had the privilege and blessing to live in the greatest country in the history of the world. i'm going to talk about american exceptionalism in a while but i learned it from my parents. here's the important thing about their experience. they came here to the americas. i have a whole chapter about assimilation. some people say it's not politically correct to impose american values on those that are coming here. that is nonsense. excuse me if somebody chooses to come here i think it's okay to expect them to embrace american
9:34 pm
values. what that makes america so great -- [applause] what makes america so great is they are people here can trace their lineage all the way back. there are people that can trace their lineage back to -- they're there people that have been in this country for hundreds of years. we are not here because of a common ethnicity or a particular history. we are here because of a shared commitment to values and ideals. that's the genius of america. my parents didn't come to america to change it into fight against it. they came to chase the american dream to be citizens of the land of the free and the home of the brave and i think a great deal of our strength is our shared commitment to values hard work respect for rule of law commitment to freedom rugged individualism belief in god. that is where our strength comes from. i'm all for it. you can see certainly am an example of diversity and by
9:35 pm
diversity we are talking about things like skin color or ethnicity. red, yellow, black white it doesn't matter. we are all precious in his sight but it died diversity we nord -- need more people to believe in one party rule socialism treating women like second-class citizens are some of the other negative things this world has to offer no thank you. we need people who want to come here and be part of the american spirit who believe in american dream and my parents are great examples. they assimilated because they love this country. they appreciated more than many of us do. as somebody born raised here sometimes i think immigrants can love this country more than we do because we are tempted to take it for granted. we don't realize the alternatives out there. another chapter that i write in this book talks about the reaction people have when they find out i'm a cultural conservative. i'm a fiscal conservative and a cultural conservative. i can't tell you how many times whether it's on a college campus
9:36 pm
or a national reporter somebody will come to me and say how could somebody who has given such great opportunities, we have been to brown oxford how can you be educated and be a server and? some think it must be just a. you must not really believe in these things. i hate to disappoint you i must not be as smart as you think i am because i really am conservative down to my bones. a couple of stories about my experience. i was in washington d.c. meeting with the family "washington post" reporter who wanted to write about the work we were doing and before we ate we were at lunch and before we ate i was saying a quick silent prayer. thanks for the food in front of us and she was startled and she asked if everything was okay or if we need to send it back. i said i was just saying a prayer and she was startled. i said don't people say grace in
9:37 pm
d.c.? it was so foreign to her she was startled. i was startled by the fact that she was startled that i was saying grace. i was at the university ran into an intelligent young woman when the smartest people that had some of the best education in this country and one has to to offer. when i she asked me bobby i'm curious if he you could answer couple of questions. what is the difference between old and the new testament? i hear people talking about those things and i don't understand the difference in who says st. paul guy? >> must be somebody really important. harvard like so many of our universities was founded in the christian seminary some years ago. not every graduate from harvard has to be a leader but how can consider oneself educated in today's world without understanding the basics of western civilization? i answered questions about islam
9:38 pm
and mohammad and the koran and it almost appears when you send your children to school when you interact with national foreigners and folks along the coast more and more often it almost feels like we are talking past each other and we don't have the same common experiences and vocabulary. i'm here to tell you i'm a proud son of the south american survey. i guess i'm one of those poor souls plugged into our guns and religion in louisiana. [applause] the example from the book i want to share with you chapter 16 of the book called it's the culture, stupid and we have a very famous political consultant out of louisiana james carver. he actually did a blurb in the book but he said he came up with the great thing it's the economy up


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