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tv   Book Discussion on Adios America  CSPAN  September 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:10pm EDT

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julius montgomery, who was probably 89 at that point, i called him up, so can you come? he said yeah i can come. one thing, my girlfriend has to come with me. i said your girlfriend? he said, yeah. she has a problem. she is 90. and she don't get around too good. so julius and his girlfriend and morgan watson were on panel. morgan watson, first african-american engineer at nasa. julius montgomery, first african-american hired at professional at cape canaveral with a panel with mae jemison, first african-american in space and leo melvin, first african-american, just gotten back from international space station a week ago. you have the whole legacy, right up there, at this table together. we had q&a. we did an event and afterwards
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in the green room, julius went up to leland melvin, leland melvin, originally played foot pal for the detroit lions. the guy is enormous. julius is not a big guy. and he is there, talking to him and they're talking about this and talking about florida and stuff. julius says to him, he says, you know, and julius had told this story about first day of the job, no one would shake my hand, ku klux klan, all this, and he says to leland melvin, you astronauts, you're the bravest people i ever met. and leland melvin looks down at him, he says, no, sir. i heard your story out there. you are the bravest person i have ever met. just, it was such a beautiful moment, just such a beautiful moment. and as i said in the book, and leland laughed and julius laughed and then they shook hands. so, that was, it was really, really nice moment.
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do we have any other questions? anyone else? everybody. we'll be signing books over here i think. thank you you all very much. thank you so much for having me. >> thank you. [applause] [inaudible conversations]. >> you're watching booktv, television for serious readers. you can watch any program you see here online at next up on booktv, ann coulter argues that immigration is the greatest issue facing the united states today.
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ann contends that america's immigration policies is deeply flawed. she is joined in conversation by breitbart editor-at-large, ben shapiro, who opens up the program with commentary on current presidential candidates. >> hey, everybody. thanks so much for coming. it's wonderful to see you here. special evening with ann coulter. sorry for the slight delay in timing. there is, as you know relocation from the nixon library here because of the size of venue. we wanted to make sure anybody who mistakenly went over to the nixon library got a map and got over here. believe it or not a fair number of people have done that. meantime you have to listen to me talk because they pay me for that and you don't. want to ask, let's do a quick straw poll because those are fun and useless, go through a few candidates. how many hands for jeb bush? you can be honest. he won't stone you. it will be all right.
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[laughter] nobody is that brave. okay. let's see the hands for ted cruz. >> yeah. >> okay. looks like a quarter of the audience. how about donald trump. [shouting] okay. give you two more candidates and i promise you won't go down the list and be 10:00. i will not ask about jim gilmore. okay, how about marco rubio? okay. fair number for rubio. and scott walker, who announced today? very interesting. very interesting. there is big crowd for scott walker. walker obviously announces today. seems to me, obviously odd amount of enthusiasm for donald trump. it is odd in one sense and obviously noted in another. it is odd in the sense that donald trump is by no measure a conservative. if you look at his record, look
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at his record historically he is not conservative. donald trump two years ago criticizing mitt romney being too conservative on immigration. he said there needed to be a pathway to citizenship. donald trump a few years back was pro-choice guy. now he flipped, he is pro-life guy. donald trump we don't know where he is on same-sex marriage. donald trump not just propose ad income tax but wealth tax. 14%. all of your assets would be gone. if you have real estate holdings you have to liquidate holdings to pay his wealth tax. donald trump is not conservative but there is this big outpouring of support for donald trump. there are two reasons. both are good, one better than other. first is not so great because donald trump smacked on the left. way we on the right work, when somebody gets smacked on the left, we immediately go to, this must be greatest person ever lived. [laughing] which explains both love for donald trump and the continuing love for sarah palin.
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palin says a lot of good things. she really does but there is this kind of outside support for sarah palin largely because she was so unfairly attacked and maligned by media which i think everybody agrees with. we're with sara -- sarah because media hates here. that is okay reason. but not spectacular. the real reason why people support donald trump is because he is capturing the moral narrative in the country right now. because when you watch scott walker and i don't know how many folks actually listened to or watched scott walker's announcement today, show of hands? who actually saw. a fair number of people watched it. i watched scott walk arer's announcement today. i watched it and it was nice announcement. how he broke the unions and take on foreign policy. delivered a stump speech, delivered as well as scott walker can. he is articulate. not fiery guy.
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did it without notes. impressive with that, 45 minutes speech. trump without notes is actually has linear structure to it and there was one problem with what scott walker did. you can tell the problem what scott walker did, when hillary gave a speech this morning. hillary gave a speech this morning in new york about the new school. in her speech about her economic plans, she only dropped one line about scott walker. she dropped one about rubio, bush and scott walker. those are the three she considers front runners. her line about walker is interesting. scott walker wants to, i believe the word she wantses to use something like squash the unions stomp, stomp the unions, exactly. she used word stomp. she suggested it was mean-spirited. that was her whole appeal. it was, her speech was about 40 minutes long and full of all these very obscure policy proposals about the continuing,
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continuing interest rates on income tax, all this stuff nobody cares about or ever heard of the "buffett rule" which nobody understands or cares about. but only thing at that was designed to do is elicit emotional fear response in people who are members of the left. that is what it was designed to do. this is what the entire left does. this is what the entire left does about trump for example. they say, donald trump hates hispanics. donald trump hates latinos. thus donald trump wants to hurt you. right? this is what confederate flag. who cares about the confederate flag? it hasn't been relevant in the country for at least 50 years and before that 100 years. the south lost of the civil war. news bulletin. [laughter] the fact this became a massive cause celebre because, what the left is attempting to do, very clever, is white guy, white racist, shoots nine black people in charleston. entire country says this is evil. white people should not shoot black people because it is racist and evil.
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there is tremendous outpouring of support and everyone unified. the left says we can't have that. if they realize americans get along and they're nice people and don't need to have the government cower us into submission they won't vote for the left. they have to find some way to divide people. the way they divide people, specifically going out of their way to find causes they can blame on people. they couldn't go he was republican. because he wasn't. they went he liked confederate flags. that wasn't strong. he likes confederate flags, and a lot of republicans like confederate flags and republicans secretly believe like this guy and want to shoot with black folks. this attenuated logic. this is the same thing with trump. he hates latinos and he wants to kill latinos. what donald trump did nobody else is picking up on and something else should. what republican should do and i will conclude with this and
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bring ann over to the real star of the show, what republicans need to do is recognize that what trump does and what he is so incredibly effective at in his own kind of brusque and rough way, is donald trump says there is a villain to the story. there is a villain to the story. and we have to face down the villain to the story. there are bad guys and there are good guys you can either be on the side of the bad guys or you can be on the side of the good guys. by doing that he channels anger. yes there are bad guys and good guys. we're not all well meaning people. there are people in the country that want what is worse for the country. because trump says that he generates a lost sympathy for himself. other republicans don't have to agree with donald trump on anything or everything but what they should do, should recognize what trump is doing and power of narrative in the battle and should i can ping you up on that and use it to their best advantage. ann will come over, start in a few more minutes and get ready to go. thank you very much. [applause]
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[inaudible conversations]. >> so are you guys ready to go? ann's here. i would like to bring back up, big round of applause for ben shapiro. come on up here, ben. [applause] and without further adieu, let's please give nice orange county welcome to miss ann coulter. [applause] >> thank thank you.
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>> this will be a rarity. i both read the book and can have substantive talk about it. >> they'll be ununusual for me. >> why don't we jump in. people have their own questions they want to ask as well. obviously, why not start with question that my co-host asked you, just the other week. >> i'll strange -- strangle you like i tried to strangle him. >> my co-host asked about title of book. >> because liberals are utterly unimaginative. oh, but your title is to prevock tiff. at that that is what you do, you try to get people to read your book. interesting title works better than, in fact i want to email thomas seoul, one of my heroes, let me come up with titles foreyour book. you're my favorite writer. but basic economics? [snoring] >> reason i think that people are reacting to the book
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obviously we're in sort of a catch 22. i want you to address this. left refuses to talk about the topic until someone says inflammatory. they won't stop yelling people are saying inflammatory things instead of talking about the top i can. >> it is very common. >> how do we break through that. >> it is worse than catch 22. we're in a pincher movement. if it was just the democrat -- american people against democratic party we could win. if it is just americans against media we could win. american people against the democrats, against the businesses against the republicans of the just to get this topic, immigration talked about, it's nearly impossible. and i think people don't realize how much the media sets the agenda of what you even think about. we could go out to a bar right now, and ask people what is your position what happened in ferguson? what is your position on gay marriage? what is your position on global warming? they have all developed
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positions. they have all thought about it. immigration, well i guess you folks in california have thought about it. [laughter]. but, it's really interesting how much the media determines. these are the items we're allowed to talk about on today's menu and no, you may not choose any items off the menu, which is why although, apparently, i called him a clown a few years ago, i am so happy to see donald trump in the race because wow, he is changed the agenda. we're talking about immigration now. they're lying about immigration but that is better than not talking about it at all. >> so, speaking of donald trump, obviously he has gone, you know, he has had a big jump in the polls. you don't back donald trump for president? >> oh, i totally do. >> oh, really? >> yeah. [applause] he got an advanced copy of my book. he obviously read an advanced copy of my book. and, he said that at a private
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meeting friday night. he was very generous. he said it was funny. his sister always tells him, you have written more books than you've read, donald. he told a crowd about this size but i read, "audios america." all you should too. mention it more i wish on tv because it would help him. i want people to read my book. i'm one few authors writes her own books. i believe i am only author who researches her own books. shorter than it looks. it is fun. the chapters are short. when you get toward the end they're even shorter. there are 120 pages of footnotes. there are way shorter than it looks. you can totally read the book. so please read the book. >> it is written in language, folks, even democrats can understand. let's start from the very beginning. you say this is the greatest threat facing america. this is a hard sell for even republicans and conservatives says isis is greatest threat or russia ortaxation or social
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policy why is immigration the greatest threat facing the country. >> first of all i'm assuming a lot of you are republicans or conservative democrats. seems like we've been overwhelmed by wave after wave of loss. obama is elected. obama reelected. obamacare upheld twice by the supreme court. gay marriage foisted on us. obama withdraws our troops from iraq. i am a ferocious of the iraq war. and i can't believe obama comes in and gives away our victory. i hate him for that more than i hate him or obamacare. [applause] none of this had to happen. it is all the result of teddy kennedy's 1965 immigration act. without the 1965 immigration act, the post-1970s immigrants are different than the previous 1970's immigrants. i don't want to hear weeping about your grandfather.
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we'll get back to that. 1970s immigrants got him elected. he could not have been ileced without the post-1970s immigrants votes 8-2 for democrats. he would have won a bigger victory against obama than reagan and cart irin 1980. some of you were surprised the day i was, three a.m. election night. thought, i thought he was going to win that? get used to saying that a lot more. huh, i thought we were going to win that election? what happened to that state? how did we get obama care? al franken was 51st vote for obama care. how did he win? he cheated but he wouldn't have been within shouting distance of cheating but for 100,000 somalis now living in minnesota who were instructed by the first muslim congressman keith ellison, you must all voight for al franken without obama as president. we wouldn't have sonia sotomayor. on supreme court. we wouldn't have elena kagan on
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the supreme court. all these losses wouldn't have had to happened what you think the most important issue is it is not. from talking to people, you run into democrats and especially working class democrats, saying i have had it. democrats have gone too far. hysteria taking down confederate soldiers around changing name of jefferson monument and fake rape cases an obamacare and gay marriage. that's it. i'm voting republican. hellfire will rain down on these democrats. that might well happen but americans are about to be outvoted by other voters, by foreign voters, democrats have brought in. now that is only talking about the political aspects because i'm assuming this audience cares about the political aspects and why should you care about this issue more than anything else certainly if you're a republican. but it is more than that. in order to bring in voters who will vote 8-2 for democrats, we're bringing in extremely primitive cultures. this is most of what my book
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covers, in order to make it shore and very readable. 100 pages of footnotes, way shorter than it looks. got to read it. i ended up cutting 200 page as month before we went to press but, what i wanted to keep in and i thought it was important to keep in, were gang rape, child rape, incest rape. we're bringing in peasant cultures. happens that latin america is peasant culture closest to us. that not only one. these are very common behaviors, as are driving drunk and dumping your crap on the ground. it is changing our culture in ways that the rich don't experience. it has never come into knob hill and san francisco. probably not coming to newport beach. not coming to park avenue. they just get cheap maids while americans are ones bearing the costs in terms of taxes and schools being overburdened in massive school lunch programs, the hospitals are going bankrupt. no, it is ordinary americans who
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are paying the costs and most of all, i would add here, are african-americans has anybody in the media checked with, or as i recently been instructed, to stop saying african-americans, american blacks? because that is what i mean, i'm not talking about a guy whose father is a kenyan. american blacks. [applause] and they're, they're the ones who are coming up the socioeconomic ladder who are just getting a foothold, who most of all, whose jobs are being wiped out. have you seen the black teenage unemployment rate? we have an obligation to our fellow americans and our fellow hispanic-americans, who are also competing for those low-wage jobs. but the rich don't care about that they want the keep labor. they want you to pay for it and think act like they're the ones speaking for lupe the maid. no you're not speaking for lupe the maid. she would like her wage raises.
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lupe decided to emigrate to america and not honduras or pakistan. lupe wanted to live in america. i would like to live in america. the elites don't, whether want to live in brazil where there is very rich upper crust and rest of us are their servants. that is what you're seeing, you have seen since the deluge of these very peasant cultures on america in order to give democrats votes and rich cheap labor. you have seen a massive increase in income inequality. which state has the most income inequality. you're in it, california. which state has the least income ineye quality? utah. one of the most monocrow mat i can states. so, liberals pretend they care about income inequality. they pretend they care about the working class and raise minimum wage. here is idea for raising minimum wage, stop dumping low wage minimum wage work is and it will
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stop through supply and demand as it has done in australia and new zealand. >> there is a lot of things there. you want the david brooks xenophobia question? >> i never read david brooks, which is curious. nor does anyone else? >> david brooks only audience are people at "new york times," who hired him. saying that donald trump using xenophobia in order to driver out the vote. any anti-illegal immigrant and different cultures not as good as western civilization would be xenophobia. how do people counter that? we get this on regular basis. >> i suppose if you're talking about people have no right to live here, you bet i'm xeno opposed not afraid of them. they're wrecking country. they're wrecking the country for people already here. the racism question, which i
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talk about a lot in my book, no, no. no, no. the reason americans are sensitive to the race issue, particularly because of legacy of slavery and jim crow. that is why we have civil rights laws. that's why we have affirmative action and set-asides. but then suddenly one day out of the blue, people you talk about integration all the time t was integration. don't discriminate against black people which we had to spend 100 years teaching democrats not to do. but that is all about american blacks. it is not about someone who has never set foot in this country before. it is liberals who are the racists you're all brown, we'll treat you like american blacks. and it is, really kind of shocking. i don't know if problem, maybe some of you know this, jesse jackson used to stand at border denouncing illegal immigrants coming across. caesar chavez, denounced them as wet backs driving down wages of
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the poor. but today, you can arrive from, you know the sudan, yesterday, you will get affirmative action applying to college. you will get, you will get affirmative action applying for government business loans. one of the tricks, the cheap labor devotees pull, talk about all the jobs created by immigrants, first i should start by saying, i have said this before, whenever it comes to immigration it is always like the first line of anna karina. the truth is always true in the same way. the lies are lies in their own ways. so you always have to look at studies to see what the lie is. one of the lies about how immigrants create some jobs, that is based on how many small business loans they get from the federal post -- government. they get affirmative action for that. you're kind of chasing your tail here.
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by the way how many businesses were successful. talking about xenophobia, david, brooks? i get him confused with brock. look he and rest of manhattan elites and farmers in need of cheap labor, refusing to mechanize, no, they will -- there has to be a restriction at some point. there is xenophobic the same way any country is. how many people are there in the world, like five billion? >> half a billion. >> they would all like to live here around collect welfare in america and you know, have a nice life here. we're not taking them all. so at some point liberals are cutting them off too. they will cut them off as soon as every person they know, who went to college, or at least one of the better colleges, has a maid and nanny, a pool boy, a gardner. once throws needs are taken care of, sorry, bangladesh, you're not coming in. so i'm just saying how about we
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cut it off to help americans already here now? the people who live here now? [applause] >> so in your book, you talk a lot about also, the demographics of winning in terms of conservatism. you mentioned earlier how romney would have won overwhelming victory if it hadn't been inundation of populations brought in by '65 act. michael medved, opposite per executive, we had our debates. michael will argue we need to do comprehensive immigration reform. softer on the border. we should do all of this and bring in more immigrants and find a pathway to citizenship, specifically if we don't do this, the hispanic population in the united states. is fastest population through natural growth and birth. what do we do in 20, 30 years to win elections, white population of united states who usually votes republicans die creases?
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>> couple things. i don't know how we can be softer on border. perhaps we fly them in from central america. i'm sorry, obama is doing that he is doing that we're flying them in so they don't have to go through the arduous journey through mexico. handing them voter registration card. point two, certainly the case right now that if 71% of hispanics had voted republican in the 2012 election, mitt romney still would have lost. if 4% more whites had voted republican romney would have won. and the analogy, not analogy but point i guess i make in my book is to california in 1994. the demographics of entire country were what they were in california 1994, when pete wilson won a huge come from behind victory by tying himself to titanium cords to proposition 187, anti-illegal immigration measure. would cut illegal immigrants off from any government services. that to go back to how mass
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immigration of low-skilled workers not popular with black americans, proposition 187 won majority of blacks, of whites, asians, 30% of the hispanics. even people who were voting for democrat were voting for proposition 187. pete wilson got 20% of the black vote that year. across the country average among congressional republican was only 8%. there is your path to victory, republicans. then you've got to shut it down, because point three, okay, then, we're just, we're just, i don't know fiddling on the titanic because hispanics don't care about amnesty. they're in. >> right. >> they're already in. of all the issues, we're not going to win hispanics. also this idea, this idea that there is some sort of hispanic unit is something believed exclusively by white liberals and rnc apparently. talk to your maids, once in a
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while. no, dominicans hate port reeks cans. mexicans hate the blacks. there is no unity hire. the reason immigrants post-1970 have been voting overwhelmingly from the democrats, they're poor, in need of government service. they come from one party states. they're used to bloc voting for a particular group. people's revolutionary party of mexico, ruled mexico for 71 years. just tell me what, tell me what the symbol is? i have to go vote for i will go do it. the reason we have poor people voting for democrats is because that's what they do. and it is not just poor people. and it is not just, it is not just brown people. look at piers morgan if you want to see how immigrants would vote. [laughing] by definition any immigrant to america makes america more statist and less free because we are the freist country in the world. like any immigrant to finland. makes finland less white.
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this is definitional matter. . . that's 20% of them. most of them up and their status politics with them and they're going to get more benefits than the democrats in they will and republicans and that's why they are voting for democrats not because they are mean about having a border. >> and your book one of the
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things you talk about at length and i thought this was fascinating because i had no idea about this and i'm upon these things is the complete lack of government statistics when it comes to illegal immigrant crime. that should be a very easy thing to look up and in your book as he detailed some of them possible defined government statistics on the stuff. >> yes, this is one of the advantages of doing my own research. this wasn't going to be a book about immigration. i had a great idea for a book which by the way think is still a great idea for a book and i read a couple of chapters and my immigration chapter and i look up basic obvious facts, and immigrants are in prison. two weeks of looking and i am a fanatical researcher. the department of justice the bureau of prisons which has to be pretty good on these things because they have to keep these different gangs separated so they really need to know and they have reason to not have a look in the near times annexes and has anybody argued about this and everybody's arguing
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about wild guesses by the government. they refuse to tell us in every time i come across a government report, the truth is sized the same, the lies, the lies in their own ways. you start reading anything hallelujah. here it is the report, titles, you know immigrants. how many immigrants are imprisoned and then you start reading the report and oh every year except 1925 hispanics are counted as whites. that's one report. another one the gao the congressional investigators had to ask the gao to tell us because the department of justice didn't have it traded so the gao had done a couple of investigations but on closer examination they are counting illegal and legal immigrants which i think we should do in the federal prison but in a much larger spaces they are counting only illegal immigrants, only illegal immigrants for the
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states that have requested reimbursement, only illegal immigrants for whom the state has requested reimbursement who committed at least one felony or two misdemeanors. we are not getting anchor babies. we are not getting the children of the ones not even children that the amnesty by reagan. no, i want to know. i think we have a right to know what i think the last few weeks now that thank you donald trump he brought up the shooting in san francisco people are thinking @how many are there? incidentally i spent the weekend and a lot of money looking up these reports. i am sure you have seen some of them. this will keep aggressively inserting on tv immigrants commit less crimes than americans do. i know that's not true. what i don't know is how they are lying so i wanted to know when i tried to get the report. first of all i would be suspicious that the arguments you are making are well new york
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city has a lot of immigrants and i don't see a lot of crime here. that's not a study. that's not science. it's -- geraldo is not a stupid man so the facts must not be very good. anyway i tried looking for the studies and i put in sometimes you get a reference to the name of a researcher and that i was looking on nexis to try to see where are the studies and can i see what they are saying and you get a professor from such and such university i did a study and it turns out first-generation immigrants commit far less crimes than americans that they are all hidden. i tracked down the study and they are all hidden behind paywalls. i'm already paying for scripts, for nexis and a billion different services so first i wasted two hours thinking, on, you are not going to make me pay the dollars for this study but i
5:35 pm
had to keep paying $50 i could skim down and find out where the lie is which is what i will tell you all about my column this week but i will tell you right now they are not looking at americans. they're looking at criminal americans. they have different ways of doing it, but one guy and the big headline and he's quoted in the "dallas morning news" and "the new york times," my study shows first generation immigrants far less crimes than americans and native-born americans have been every study he looked at he was looking at the trajectory he says so the base population were juvenile offenders. so this is someone who was has already been convicted of a crime which he admits my base that he began with 45% black, 33% hispanic and 15% whites. that is not a cross-section of
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america. that's a cross-section of our criminal population. the other ones will pick a city at random and look at the native-born americans versus immigrants but take detroit. what? i'm sorry, do you think i'm not going to point out that the black underclass has a very high crime rate because i'm going to pointed out. i'm thinking we want immigrants to not just be black crime rates. i want them beating than the region crime rates. i'm skipping all passages. i'm making a point why are any criminals coming in? we have our own criminals. we don't need more. [applause] again the topic on any discussion about immigration is that the government policy like any other. it ought to be used to benefit
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the people. if you are bringing in one child molester, one person who needs government services or english-language lessons that are going to be paid for by the taxpayers that is not helping the people already here. as long as they keep talking about the hard-working ones that don't commit crimes and they are working so hard and supporting their family of four spending half of their 8-dollar an hour salary home and that's very admirable but how does that help america? know, doesn't. they're using school services and medical services and the housing aid and they are sending sending -- got immigrants to america legal and illegal are spending $20 billion back to mexico every year. that's funding carlos who saved "the new york times" from bankruptcy. he makes money off of immigration especially illegal immigration to the united
5:38 pm
states. $20 billion of the cost of immigration. $20 billion being taken out of the american economy money that will never be used used to buy an american product to hire an american worker to purchase an american house or a tip and american busboy. that is just being out of the american economy. it takes a circuitous route from american taxpayers to the u.s. government to the low-wage immigrant who need the support from the taxpayers and that's why they take the low-wage jobs who lives in apartment with five other immigrants and sent them back to the grandmother who then buys carlos 40% on the mexican stock exchange that he needs that money in mexico. they then buy a product and it goes into carlos pocket. can we just write a check to carlos? >> for people who don't know
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when i didn't know this until i read your look ann you tell the story of american immigration because you referenced it earlier. obvious for me that means my great big grandparents got here 1907 i believe and so the easy thing is to buy into illegal immigration data and illegal immigration goods. my grandparents and great grandparents came illegal and why that's no longer the case of why illegal immigration needs to be curtailed? >> your people are great other than the way they vote. it really helps the country. we used to be as ben and his grandparents are an example of pre-1970 immigrants were as any immigration policy are -- than us. we want immigrants way better than us. immigrants pre-1970 were more educated, made more money, bought more houses and 30% of
5:40 pm
then went home. take that fact alone, 30% of them couldn't make it and went home. look out across the world and it skims the cream from rest of the world. unfortunately the 1965 act came at the same time as the great society programs when america was transformed into a massive welfare state. that is obviously going to change not only the source of immigration you are getting and through series of complicated rules to bring in people from cultures different from ours as possible and as poor as possible but again they will work for -- democrat. nobody goes home. why would anybody go home? they are on welfare. and they are voting 8-2 for the democrats. >> so what do we do about the h-1b visas. according to you it illegal
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immigration h-1b visas for people it don't pay attention to this stuff closely. is there problem with the process and why that needs to be curtailed in your book? >> a lot of republicans get stuck on this issue so i won't attack ted cruz for it because so many people. i keep having, i'm going to have to get a shock caller for sean hannity and a few other people who interview me because they keep talking about illegal immigration. in the first chapter of my book i talk about amnesty. the rest of my book doesn't particularly distinguish the mung immigrants and fresno engaging in massive amounts of human smuggling, child rape credit card theft, shooting hunters because they don't understand private property
5:42 pm
which isn't explained with great sensitivity and minnesota papers. the somalis voting for al franken and then going back to fight for isis, they are all legal. we are talking about legal immigrants coming into it h-1b visas particularly most republicans have a soft spot or mostly because we are lied to about they have such a high iq and gigantic rains. the only time i mention iq in my book is to quote the ones who want the cheap labor. they have such high iqs, it's just stunning. h-1b visas are being used well in the worst cases to bring in concubine or one of our model immigrants in san francisco. he brought the man on h-1b visas, one died. this happens in 2001, 2002. i follow the news very closely.
5:43 pm
when i came across this i called up my friends many of whom will also follow the news closely and said did you hear about this case in san francisco? an indian immigrant bringing in 12-year-old girls he had bought from their parents and had sex with all of them at once and he also brought in his busboys. he had a lot of restaurants and real estate property. that story was not broken by the "san francisco chronicle." the police in the media under under the rug. it was broken by a high school journalism class. they had not yet attended columbia journalism school and did not know its against their journalistic practice to report facts that are unpleasant about model immigrants so he's bringing in busboys janitors in concubine under the h-1b. there is one category of fraud. other categories even the ones who are doing the computer programming, they are not the stars.
5:44 pm
they are doing standard computer programming work. unfortunately americans can do the same work that they want to be paid. the way the h-1b visas works is it's tied to a particular employer so if you come into work for mark zuckerberg and paypal gives you a better offer you can't leave without risking losing your visa so you are tied to a particular employer. it is what is known in the law as indentured servitude which this country abolished 100 years ago. now the rich are bringing it back and we keep telling college students you have a major and one of the s.t.e.m. field science technology engineering and math. the s.t.e.m. graduates come american s.t.e.m. graduates have of them are not employed in s.t.e.m. field and their salaries have gone up for a decade now. why? because bill gates and mark
5:45 pm
zuckerberg are bringing the computer programs -- programmers to type away in their cubbyholes for 12 hours collapse go home and go to sleep it's just a scam for the rich. >> there could be a counter argument from the free trade site. they just relocate an outsourced for examples so what is the counter to the free-trade argument and understand american wages but american companies could relocate in hong kong and hired her pity there for cheap wages. >> they could but i don't think they would. we will see but the reason i even knew to look because i kept reading about these high iqs mostly indians writing about indians banged the stars of silicon valley. one thing indians don't have a problem with this self-esteem. but the reason i even knew to look was because one of my friends runs a company and was
5:46 pm
thinking of relocating as call centers as many of you have discovered to india and he was the one who told me that india has a very flat bell curve and that's why i looked up, what is the average indian iq? we by and large meet the smart ones. it's probably the same as the sudan. this is just more low-wage work for the poor and as for the issue particularly i don't know i think you might want to get from here and it's not worth the trouble of having them over there but to the extent that happens, i don't know. that's another issue. somebody else can deal with that but i know americans are getting the job done. i don't have a strong position on free trade. that's never been my thing. i think it becomes kind of, i'm suspicious because the same people, this is the same people that were possessed with all those who have been lying to me
5:47 pm
about immigration to say we need these trade deals like nafta. i never really thought the sine qua non-of being a conservative was making sure mark zuckerberg makes more money. >> with regards to the media because you are for reference that one of the criticism your the criticism there because god knows there is so much anecdotal evidence because as you stated stated -- because they don't exist but i did a little bit of research on the shooting that happened in san francisco and for the first two days the shooter was referred to only by his name. francesco sanchez of texas so i wanted to talk about how the media tends to treat the stories when they originally see them. >> thing about what happened in san francisco we did find out by hook or crook it was generally mentioned in the articles of texas man. he had been deported four times.
5:48 pm
in my extensive research i only found two other cases or two cases and now this one where we found out very early on that the illegal immigrants who killed an american was an illegal immigrant so the headline may have done texas man. the other one was the director who was driving a pacific palisades with this 202-year-old son and a drunk illegal alien swerved straight into his lane and smashed them in killed him and his son. immediately they illegal aliens passengers were fine. there were articles. the "l.a. times" was saying it was an illegal alien. and i e-mailed some of my friends in hollywood and said why would this become -- i don't know maybe they just considered its such a reprehensible movie that anyone who isn't direct your reflected badly in the illegal.
5:49 pm
the other one i happen a year earlier was an actress in her west village apartment adrienne shelly and she was murdered by an illegal alien immediately. the only thing that separates those cases are mostly cases i write about as they'll happen in places where liberals might be. i go back to my point that the rich are perfectly willing to take the cost of bringing in cousin cultures. that's because they don't pay the cost. they moved to the suburbs. they come in to clean the house and then go back and fill up your schools and your hospitals and drape your kids. >> in her book one of the big issues obviously that you take on also aside from the media bias is the fecklessness of the gop on the issue. why do you think the gop is pathologically incapable of taking on this issue in any real
5:50 pm
way? >> i used to think it of cowardice and now i think of it is pure stupidity. [applause] it could be so many things. just getting back to one other thing the anecdotal examples are to prove the point. chapter 7 is where you will see written through tears of frustration i'm rage. looking for basic crime facts. i think i do have some pretty good facts that aren't and total that u.s. marshals most wanted list, take a look at that one. new york state prisons. they used to count but prisons really do have to know. they may not publish it but they do have to know the different ethnic groups because they get into huge gang malls in the prisons. i have a list of where people are from around the new york prisons. i think that's pretty devastating. the main way i use the image note isn't to prove the point.
5:51 pm
it's to attack the media. it's just mind-boggling. i have these sprinkled throughout the book these immigrant chapters. i will give you the mainstream media article in my comments throughout and you are completely convinced that some farm boys up in fresno who gang-raped these 14-year-old girls and only when you read the court transcript three years later oh my guys they are all mum. why couldn't you tell us this. the san francisco case i mentioned. that story was never mentioned in "the new york times." never, never, never. how much time "the new york times" spends on rapes it didn't happen and how much inc. was wasted on ferguson where big mike did not put his hands up and say hands of don't shoot,
5:52 pm
but actual cases of shocking heinous gang rapes rapes child rapes going on in american communities and for no reason. the media won't tell us about this. the mexican gang cases one of the most hideous cases i have ever read and again i've call my friends who not only follow the news and crime as much as i do and they did not know about this case. it started i think in the clinton administration and during the bush of administration and the ugly is most shocking gang rape of two little girls in texas led by an illegal alien. the case went on for about a decade. never, never were illegal immigrants or mexicans mentioned in relation to the main gang rapists and this was the largest number death penalty cases in texas which isn't shy about the death penalty for half a century.
5:53 pm
it was a pretty big case. there was one article in "new york times" but never did our media mention mexican immigrants much less illegal immigrants from mexico until they get is the fact that the lead rapist was a mexican who tried to spring them from the death penalty. it was the first time 10 years later and the full description of the first mention i found was in a texas case. that's how you can describe one of the most brutal gang rapes i have ever read about so the point of the anecdotal evidence proving the crime point is to prove our media is shockingly corrupt and lying to you and you were going to have to demand information about immigration that we are ever going to get it. the fact that trump has struck such a chord, do any of the map eyes?
5:54 pm
don't they want to win? this is apparently a popular topic. i gave a speech in ontario california last week and i didn't realize, some of you might be crist supporters, walker announced today that any of you are prove your supporters we will have a little chat about that. but i mentioned during the question and answers i mentioned my fondness for donald trump in the room exploded. they were so happy. it was 100% for trump. [applause] i can't say i believe he's going to be the nominee and for those of you who follow my work assiduously you know i'm constantly saying republicans don't get distracted by a governor or senator not being the nominee. i don't know if trump. none of the republicans pick up on this. it's wide open and you know my
5:55 pm
secret, my secret plan this come seven last chapter of my book. one guy with a 20 year fantastic record on immigration is that romney and i was very disappointed when he criticized donald trump, my new hero. >> when romney comes in on a hang glider the 17th candidate on the stage. >> i'm thinking people will see that debate and think oh man, romney was the best we ever had. maybe he can keep trump has his vice presidential nominee. jeb usher groupie on i'm not saying this in an angry or threatening way, you would have to vote for rubio are rather for hillary over those two. their soul objective is jeb and rubio, their soul objective is to open the border and pass amnesty. waste -- at least with hillary
5:56 pm
she wants to lose wars for us abroad. she wants to take the children away and make abortion mandatory. marriage mandatory perhaps. there are a lot of items on her agenda whereas jeb and rubio single-mindedly focused on opening the border 10 passing amnesty. trump isn't the nominee i hope he does, i mean if it's jabber rubio i hope he does run as a third-party candidate so i can make a clear what my vote is about. >> a lot of people voted specifically about this topic and i heard a very prominent member of "the wall street journal" editorial at least twice the size said the topic was not even an issue in the 2014 election and the question is what should republicans have done and what should they do? let's say god forbid hillary
5:57 pm
clinton wins or somebody else on the republican side doesn't care about this issue but their people in congress, what should they do right now for example to stop barack obama's executive amnesty that they didn't do at the beginning of the year? >> while they should not fund it. there is that. but first of all let's quickly take the point what was the 2014 election? tom cotton in arkansas a popular sitting democratic senator. the data field candidates but i'm sure were popular with "the wall street journal" businessman who thinks that you know amnesty is a fine idea. they got more of the two of them combined and of course there was the famous selection of dave pratt in virginia taking out for the first time in history a member of the leadership.
5:58 pm
i would also throw in here scott brown and massachusetts ranking races by level of difficulty. the rest of them are doing somersaults compared to this guy who has to do a triple layover flip off the shallow end of the pool. scott brown did incredibly well by raising the amnesty issue. it gets popular with voters and is not popular with unfortunately most of the people who control the media and wins a funding of obama's amnesty came up the republicans to try to fight it and the democrats did filibuster for three weeks but unless you were reading breitbart he didn't know about it. there was just no media attention to it and now they have betrayed us on trade. my objection to the trade deal is said not only allows free
5:59 pm
movement of goods at the free movement of people so a company can say i need so many low-wage workers coming in to take these jobs. republicans have a winning issue here if they would just talk about it. and the ann coulter rule is there are a lot of good republicans in their no good democrats. there are a fair number who are fantastic on amnesty and we need to push them and elevate them and people need to be more like them. i also think we should take out one, this is what the voters can do. they should stop eating stupid. i think we only need to take out one of these guys, maybe john boehner, just one of them. [applause] and again as you know if you follow my work i harangued all
6:00 pm
the republicans who don't go for the tea party candidate because bad things happen when democrats controlled the congress. that's why a lot of these tea party candidates i'm not even sure i believe half of them but they're not that good. they ever run for anything before. we need to find a place where there is a good candidate to challenge a bad republican and as boulter said if we hang one to encourage the others. >> now i'm going to ask the apocalyptic question which every republican at this point is felt which is what happens if we can't do anything? it feels like on every front for president of the united states is doing whatever he wants. the supreme court obviously does not care about the rule of law. congress is willing to abdicate our authority handing over the cash so what do citizens do and how fast can it turn very ugly?
6:01 pm
>> that's a good question. i don't think it will turn any uglier than it is. i feel like most americans are hunkered down hoping it will all go away but it's not going to go away and the winning path to follow his people send in 1994 and look, it's americans who are shut down and missed these in the last decade. it wasn't because some major networks or newspaper was alerting them to it. the american people have, bye bye hook or crook to find out oh my gosh they are trying to do it again. they are trying to pass amnesty and three-time shut down the congressional switchboard. you may have to shut down your newspaper switchboards or your tv network switchboards and make it clear this is what we want to hear about because this is all that matters.
6:02 pm
even to the democrats i say and i'm assuming it's a republican audience and that's why i talk about how it's the end of the republican party nationally. we might have a few seats in montana and idaho and moving unaccompanied children there but the whole country will be california without the beautiful beaches, attractive people. we will all pay the kardashians. it will be awful. but even if you are democrat this is going to change our country in such a fundamental way. we will be like brazil and it will just happen slowly and you will wake up one day and after election after election, that's funny at that we are going to win that one. mexico has the advantage of living next to the most wealthy country in the world. we will beat her so with a wealthy 10 to 20% and a very
6:03 pm
very poor at 80 or 90%. it's heartbreaking. it's not only the frias country that has ever existed but what is i set america apart california in particular was her enormous prosperous middle-class enormous. i always think that's why my theory of why the ugly american image developed in europe because most of the people you meet from foreign countries will fly across an ocean to come to america. we don't need their relief. everybody used to travel to europe. not now we are all worried about paying the rent. holding on to your job paying for all of those special english translators of the schools to support from going bankrupt. if so crushing to the middle class but it's good for mark
6:04 pm
zuckerberg. it's good for the rich. good for the rich farmers with all that cheap labor because they refuse to be mechanized. >> there are in california which as you mentioned the bottom of the hill. what exactly are californians and i get this question a lot because we just for the first time pass, we are now up forality systemic state and now a minority white state which means i suppose my kids can apply former affirmative action for the first time. >> i don't think it's going to work that way. >> it worked for this long and then it was gone. aside from using our -- to serve as a warning to others? >> that's a good question. wow. >> this is not an encouraging pause. >> i'm thinking.
6:05 pm
i think you are just a warning for others. i don't see anything else that can be done. i suppose, i mean obviously alert the rest of us while there's still time and the rest of the states but also i wonder might descriptions for the country triple layer fence. i wanted to be as difficult to get into the united states to get out of east germany. i'm so sick of hearing fences don't work. [applause] like shoelaces, they just don't work. what are you talking about? they can come untied. i know the human spirit. [laughter] my long-term plan which would be fantastic for israel is to move them to the northern portion of mexico. i have a chapter on why can't we
6:06 pm
have israel's policy on immigration? as that's a country that knows how to defend its borders. that would be good for them and good for us, fantastic for us. they would have us their best buddies right next to them on one whole side. we have to get rid of the anchor baby policy and we need to repeal. [applause] i want retroactive and incidentally el chapo the biggest drug cartel, he is married to an anchor baby who a couple of years ago flew back to california to give birth to her own to anchor babies at your expense. as soon as she has given birth to her to anchor baby she flew back to join el chapo who replaced osama bin laden on interpol and the fbi's most wanted list and how did he
6:07 pm
escape from prison? because in mexico the cartel owns the prisons. forget california, that's your future, america. so as i describe in my book the anchor baby policy was a footnote in the justice brennan opinion in 1982. this does not go back to the amendment. the 14th amendment was about one thing, again utterly insulting to black americans. why would that past? la raza can usher across the women who are eight months pregnant. i'm an american citizen now. people don't put trapdoors in a constitution. a secret trap door. this will surprise them. to get an amendment passed you need a mass feeling about a big thing. we have just bought a civil war to force the democrats to stop enslaving sub -- blacks.
6:08 pm
the 14th amendment is specifically about black americans. and by the way it's not about a marriage. here we are talking about people who have never stepped foot on u.s. soil playing a game of red rover with her order patrol for the most precious possession in the universe citizenship in this country. that is not how you get american citizenship. [applause] justice brennan this only came in 1982. justice brennan and slipped it in a footnote of the 1982 opinion. this is utterly outrageous, fraudulent. judge richard poster as many of you can attest very smart not a friend of social conservatives. this isn't me speaking. a few years ago i quote them in
6:09 pm
the book he concurred in an immigration opinion for the sole purpose of adding eight -- the said congress would you end this anchor baby policy? it's not the law and it has not only got to be handed but i want to retroactive. [applause] what if we had a mentally delusional supreme court justice , not that hard to imagine who says you know all of america or all of the world is a citizen of america or are we all going to honor that? because that is what has happened with the anchor baby policy. see me. >> make sure -- takes his drugs


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