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authors. here's our schedule. near the end of september, we are in new york for the brooklyn book festival celebrating its tenth year. in october, the southern festival of books in nashville. there weekend after that we are live from austin for the texas book festival. near the end of the month we will be covering two book festivals on the same weekend from our nation's heartland, it's the nation's heartland, it's the wisconsin book festival in madison. back on the east coast, the boston boston book festival. in november we will be in portland oregon for word stock. followed by the national word awards in new york city. at the end of november we are live for the 18th year in a row from florida for the miami book fair international. that's a few of the fairs and festivals this fall on c-span2 tv. >> the device was never so deep and cap i'm like as on the issue of iran. this goes back to the worldview.
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when he comes into office in 2009, one of, one of his first acts of offices to give a new year's greeting to the iranian people. he says i want to get on a different page with iran and recognize their rights and later to enrich uranium which not many countries in the world do. this is the problem for the state of israel. that's an understatement that it's a problem. why is it a problem #1st of all understand what the iranian nuclear program means for us. is. is not just one threat. it is several threats for the obvious one is that they break out or sneak out of whatever restrictions have been placed on them and they make a bomb. according to the program on the ground, the deal that has been proposed, it would take them a year according to an op-ed piece in the new york times by one of the leading experts on the subject, they could do it in less than a month.
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that's too short for us. they are ready have injured continental ballistic missiles that can reach most of central europe and any city in the state of israel. they have one purpose and one purpose only and that is to carry a nuclear warhead. we are the size of new jersey. we are a one bomb country. that's only the beginning of the threat. the threat is once iran gets the bomb, the terrace gets the the bomb because iran is the largest state sponsor of terrace. they are sponsoring terrorism on five continents in 35 cities. during my time in washington they threatened to blow up my empathy and café milano. they were going to blow it up in georgetown. this is serious. they were going to kill hundreds of people. this people. this is the iran we are seeing. you don't have to worry about a missile. you can have a bomb coming bomb coming in a shipping container. once iran gets the bomb, saudi saudi arabia gets the bomb, even
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egypt gives the bomb and it's a neighborhood that is profoundly unstable. who knows who will be coming years. there are multiple threats. does this mean we couldn't talk to administration about the iranian issue? no, we did talk and had a intimate dialogue. i participated in these talks. they are classified but i'll tell you this, they were very candid and we looked at the same data and we derived some of the same conclusions about the nature of the program and what they could do with what they had in what amount of time. our conclusions were very soon similar. where do we different? we differ over structural issues. this will sound simplistic and i apologize. america, brace yourself. america is a big country. it's far way from big country. it's far way from the middle east it's not threatened with national annihilation from the iranians.
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we have the best military in the world. israel is a small country. we are located in the backyard of iran. we are threatened with genocide weekly by the iranian leadership and while the ids is this wonderful army, we don't have strategic bombers or aircraft carriers. our margin for air over iran is exactly 0. we cannot afford to make the slightest mistake. america has. america has some leeway. it really does. in addition to the structural differences there are the ideological and conceptual differences. maybe these were the most important differences of all. what do they say? the president president has gone on record and it's very good, my skills as a historian, i always go back and look for quotes, but the president ought actually talks a tremendous amount about his feelings and perceptions so i don't have to do much research. he has called the around me regime rational. he called that if it's properly
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engage they can be a responsible regional power and can actually help resolve the conflicts between sunnis and shiites. it often grates rates on a cost-benefit basis. to contrast that with israel's position. their position in iran, it some takes rational steps geared to achieve the same goals. among them destruction of my country. they are a jihadist cult type regime that is supporting tear and all the things i've talked about. the president has said openly that iran is not north korea. they've said that iran is worse than 50 north korea's. how how big of a gap can you get? the gap widens, starting in
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november 2013 when it became clear that the united states had been negotiating without telling israel with iran and had been within inches of an agreement that would preserve the infrastructure of all of the centrifuges. they would still be intact. the actual program would be contained. the biggest problem for israel as there was no connection between lifting federal sanctions would had been put in place over the course of a decade without any change in behavior. they didn't have to give up trying to destroy us. >> this was a true problem for us. >> you can watch this and other programs on
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>> all persons having business before the supreme court of the united states should give their attention. >> number 759. >> petitioner versus arizona. >> number 18 roe versus wade. >> madison and madison is probably the most famous case this court ever decided. they existed when slavery here on land wasn't legally recognized. the courage of children, we wanted to pick cases that change the direction and changed society.
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>> so she told them they would have to have a search and she demanded to see the paper and read it to see what it was. she grabbed it out of his hands to look at it and thereafter the police officer. >> i can imagine a better way to bring the constitution to life than telling the human stories behind great supreme court cases after being convicted for failing to report for the relocation he took his case all the way to the supreme court. >> quite often in many of our most famous decisions are ones that the court took that were quite unpopular if you had to
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pick one freedom that was the most essential to the functioning of a democracy, it has has to be freedom of speech. >> let's go to a few cases that illustrate very dramatically and visually what it means to live in a society of 310 million different people who stick together because they believe in a rule of law. landmark cases, an exploration of 12 historic cap supreme court decisions in the human stories behind them. a new series on c-span debuting monday, october 5 at 9:00 p.m. >> up next from the nixon presidential library, geoff shepard a member of his defense team argues there was misconduct by the judges and prosecutors involved in the watergate trial.
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>> good evening. i am the president of the richard nixon foundation and i am pleased to welcome you and a friend of the foundation, jeff shepard. when i when i first took this position, geoff shepard's name was often identified as a person very active with the foundation. soon i found out out he was organizing reunions and later he had developed a number of legacy forums held across the united states and then i heard he was writing a book. when i finally met who became a good friend and i now understand the contributions he has


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