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lance madison would not have spent 25 days behind bars stay with his back to the wall upgrade some would try to kill the if just one officer had stood up and said the truth that would've made a profound difference. >> i have a question, which is -- the series that deals with police in these cases the impact this case and, in fact, i think the henry glover case. does it seem to you to ring true way to describe it? >> yeah, i me, i'm a fan of david's work. he focuses really have on the glover case the he alluded to the danziger case several times but he does a thorough job of capturing the culture of new orleans, the great city that it is, and decorations that also occurs in that city. >> i think we have sadly come to the end of a wonderful event. thank you so much for coming.
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thank you all of you, and again books are available from. we really appreciate everyone. [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> up next from nixon presidential library, geoff shepard, president nixon's -- >> at the thought give her what would win. the 70% from not the primary. right now she's running a primary campaign flanked by senator sanders of vermont and only mildly disturbed by james webb, dismissive of vice president biden and casting a wary glance at john kerry in switzerland was preparing to have an account but to contrast with her accomplishment free
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tenure at the department of state. she is, in fact, a dreadful candidate, she in fact had a catastrophic tenure at the department of state. so if your dreadful camera with difficulty connecting, people raising issues as karl rove raised about her health, if you cannot but run into age-ish of ronald reagan ran into danger to confronted squarely, and if you have nothing on which to run, what do you do? i suggest to her a platform that has five large planes come and i won't go to india to i will just say briefly. think shot to run on let the people decide campaign that she ought to campaign vigorously against the institution of the electoral college, proclaiming that it embodies white male privilege from the 18th century, which by the will was written by white males in the 18th century.
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not many people understand the genius of the electoral college. is easily lampooned, easily run against the bank if it is ever done away with university a presidential candidate intent is picking. there is a certain location of a density of population. hilary doesn't need the. she needs to sell the american people on the idea that it is unfair that everyone votes count as much. entity that doesn't arrive on your to do you make of you are californians? you don't matter. [laughter] you don't matter. in this election in florida, virginia, ohio and colorado matter. to a lesser extent new hampshire and nevada and maybe arizona. but really the first four matter, florida, virginia, ohio and colorado.
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that's what matters. better editing will be spent. that's not who gets nominated they did the necessary when in those states are not going to get nominated by our side because we have a less than ideal system. but given that reality if you run against the electoral college it makes a lot of sense you don't matter. second shot to run against the 22nd of which by the way is a very bad idea. the 22nd a minute limits presidents to two terms that as i write, issuance against the 22nd amendment she runs in favor of president obama's return. she runs against george w. bush with the idea that bill clinton would've done a better job in 2000 george w. bush did but she appeals to the bush lovers which he appeals to the reaganites. cheapest iphone who always felt strongly that their candidate was the best ever. the 22nd amendment was a reaction to fdr. of the people that run for a
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third term. program cleveland, alexander tried to run for a third term. teddy roosevelt appetite to run for what was equal that of a third term but fdr did it and the 60 because he was the necessary man in 1940. and in 1944 but the republicans didn't like that and their knee-jerk reaction was a twisted a minute as soon as they could push it too. it's a bad idea. job to run the length of people decide, one man one vote against electoral college and to do a wave with term limits which may be very bad for us if an election comes along, if you think about it. what if we been in the middle of a presidential election when 9/11 happened, how badly that would have distorted the aisle. over how you would not have wanted to change horses in midstream at that point if you had been forced to do so. the third plank to visit rebuild our national defense. they just be simply called scoop jackson democrats. i'm sure a few of you are old enough to remove the scoop
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jackson. he ran for president in 1976. gives a strong defense democrat, offered a jackson amendment which brought the soviet jews a level of african. scooper jackson lives on, the reagan democrats whether scoop jackson democrats grew disenchanted with jimmy carter in 1978-1977 and 1979 and became into our party. in my book which you can of course buy at, and books a million, says she i to run socially. as jimmy carter did, generals is remember the turnaround that occurred in 1979-1980, led by then secretary of defense harold brown, encouraged by jimmy carter. that is not happening right now although ash cart is a terrific sec of defense i think and bob work who is a friend of generals
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these, terrific undersecretary. i went to their target segment of generals beat it was great. there were people like me and to was to speak of the assembly of california. they were democrats and republicans at a retirement of a warrior in service of this country. wouldn't it be great if everyone supported the department of defense in a fashion again? [applause] the third platform i think that is to just issue 5% play. good times at that time can than spend 5% of gdp on nation military and by ships would donate and airplanes we don't need and bonds will never drop just so we don't have to and will keep the marine corps at 2000, special forces second in which we do but we will spend the money because of ronald reagan said, prepare for war and it will not. don't and it will. >> you can watch this and other
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programs online at >> up next the nixon presidential library, geoff shepard, member of president nixon's watergate defense team argued this misconduct by the judges and prosecutors involved in the watergate trials. >> in the evening. i'm the president of the richard nixon foundation and i'm pleased to welcome you indifference of the foundation's geoff shepard. when i first took this position, geoff shepard's name is often identified as a person very active with the foundation and since i found that he was


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