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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  September 26, 2015 9:36pm-9:46pm EDT

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>> when you look at the role the supreme court plays in our society in history series past have relevance as i think about what do we have to do to have relevance a series on the court made all the sense in the world. >> and equal branch of government the third branch of government making a fundamental impact. >> inside this building is a
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courtroom where cases are heard in decisions are made there are so many interesting cases but for so many people there naves and a textbook to talk about natalie the legal side but it's human beings to fall so passionate that they brought their cases to the courts. >> what people will find most fascinating are the personal stories. one of my favorites when people hear this personal story of this situation there will fall in love with these cases to feel passion about what happens in the courts and why they matter and why you should care. >> picking the 12 pieces was
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very difficult. >> they all feel understanding to take a look at dread scott all the way through roe v. wade about the history of the country
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>> host: charles cooke writes for the "national review" also the author of this book "the conservatarian manifesto". first of all, what is eight conservatory and? >> this is my definition. and started to see 2007 / 2008 the end of the bush administration people who are of the rights with republicans or conservatives but generally speaking there agree with the conservatives on policy and immigration
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and to go and extent of abortion but really not with federal laws covering gay marriage and they fished around to to come up with this word of conservatarian may be the last six or seven years it has been picked up a first are conservatives like bush in the second are the younger people who are not of the left but do not agree with the older marriage -- older conservatives like a marriage. >> host: what is the significance of the title? >> obviously there is a play of the communist manifesto. but i wanted to convey the idea that there is the underserved groups out there that really sets in the
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middle with conservatives and libertarians and and it isn't being listened to and i understand why. looking as a partner with ashley parties exist it doesn't have enough votes to win national the outside may be a few senate elections and state why it suffers because it has two main groups that people better more socially conservative than the others that are fiscally about socially conservative so what you do on a marriage? to risk getting rid of the older people to get the young? that is tough. >> host: what is an issue of contention between traditional libertarians besides abortion? >> form policy and immigration. the way that republicans and
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conservatives of the rights in general is to split the difference that is in front of the country. but federalism is up and tell the point of foreign policy and at that point conservative suit libertarians will fight hard because you have to have one national policy you have one state with open borders similarly you don't want 50 armies for grossi will see a fight the role american plays then the world and how america should act toward its borders. maybe the conservatives do have to win on those issues but meeting those aside for the moment it should be acknowledged that with a
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conscious right coming under attack there is more ground for conservatives and libertarians to work together. they believe in federalism and so we will say these problems when it comes to the issues and then come together for the future. >> host: an issue close to the heart of "national review" is the legalization of drugs. is there a disagreement here or a movement toward agreement on this issue? >> monday under conservatives them libertarians. that is the problem and those that do not want the legalization of marijuana. daschle review has been in
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favor for a long time but also of heroin. that is not the position most take but with yonder conservatives it is. but coming to the heart of the book which is excepting that these questions are to be at the state level we do not need a federal policy on marijuana or cocaine of mississippi says no that is fine but colorado doesn't have to that way you allow each politician to win the votes that they can win. >> what was said about the bush administration that led people to say that? >> to an extent we can blame current events partially there is the role of 9/11 to change of bush administration aptitude but
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to see the man that was against nation-building and foreign policy 9/11 change that. that was not his goal but there's only so far you can take better gimmick. it wasn't because he had to invade afghanistan or iraq or the planes flew into the twin towers and it wasn't because of 9/11 the republicans in congress to control of the senate and the house. to the extent bush and the team thought they could pry off some of that heat from the electorate and suburban women with no child left behind that is not just bad policy but it is encoura


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