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tv   Book Discussion on Nagasaki  CSPAN  October 17, 2015 7:23pm-7:31pm EDT

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creation of the magna carta and its impact on democratic principles. from anderson's bookshop in la grange, illinois. on, illinois. on next saturday we are live from the wisconsin book festival in madison. our coverage will include david mares look at detroit in 1963, kevin thomas and the life and political life of richard nixon, and former labor secretary will rake in on the current state of economy. that is a look at some of the other programs book to be will cover this upcoming week. many week. many of these events are open to the public, look for them to air the new future on book tv on c-span2. >> 5 tons bomb plunged towards the city at 640 mph. 47 seconds later a powerful implosion force the plutonium core to compress from the size of a grapefruit to
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the size of a tennis ball. generating a nearly instantaneous chain reaction of nuclear emissions with colossal force and energy the bomb detonated one third of a mile above detonated one third of a mile above the valley and its 30,000 residents and workers. at 11:02 a.m., super brilliant flash lit up the sky visible from as far away as the naval hospital, 10 miles over the mountains. followed by a thunderous explosion equal to the power of 21000 tons of tnt. the entire city convulsed. at its birth point the center of the explosion reach temperatures higher than the center of the sun, the velocity of the shockwave exceeded the speed of sound. and electromagnetic waves were released in the air. the thermal heat of the bomb ignited a fire bomb with an internal temperature of over 540,000 degrees fahrenheit. within one second the blazing fireball expanded from 52 feet to its maximum size of 750 feet in diameter. within three seconds, the ground
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below reach an estimated 54027200 degrees fahrenheit. directly beneath the bomb in freight heat rays instantly carbonized human and animal flesh of vaporized internal organs. as the atomic cloud billowed 2 miles overhead the bombs vertical blast pressure crushed but says the valley. cars on a tour through the region at two and half times the speed of a category five hurricane, pulverizing buildings, trees, plants, animals, and thousands of men, women, and children. people were blown out of their shelters, houses, factories, and hospital beds. catapulted against walls flattened beneath collapsed buildings. those working in the fields, standing in line that ration statements were blown up their
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seats are hit by debris and press to the scalding earth. an iron bridge moved 28 inches downstream. as buildings began to implode patients and staff jumped out of the windows of the nagasaki college hospital, mobilized hospital girls left from the third story of the building, a half-mile from the blast. the blazing heat melted irons and other metals, scorch bricks bricks and concrete buildings, ignited clothing, disintegrated visitation and cause severe and fatal burns on people's expose faces and bodies. 1 mile from the detonation it caused 9-inch brick walls to crack and glass fragments bulleted into people's bodies, often puncturing their muscles and organs. 2 miles away thousands of people suffering flesh burns from the
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extreme heat lay trapped beneath partially demolished buildings. at distances up to 5 miles, wood and glass splinters pierced through clothing and ripped into their flesh. window shatters that bar is 11 miles away. larger doses of radiation than any human had ever received penetrated deeply into the bodies of people and animals. the ascending fireball section massive amounts of thick dust and debris into its churning stem. a deafening roar ear opted as buildings the city shuddered and crashed to the ground. it all happened in an instant, 13-year-old yoshi had remembered. he barely seen the light in light one half mile away before a powerful force hit him on the right side and hurled him into the air. the heat was so intense that i curled up. and what felt like dreamlike
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slow-motion, yoshida was blown backward 130 feet across a 30 feet across a field, a road, and an interrogation channel and then plunged to the ground landing on his back on a rice paddy in shallow water. >> you can watch this and other programs online apple >> here's a look at some authors recently featured on book tvs, afterwards, our weekly our weekly program. former meet the press host, gregory discusses faith in his spiritual journey. political science professor martha reports on the white house transition from president bush to president obama. fox news, bill o'reilly discuss how the failed attempt on ronald reagan's life shaped his presidency. in the coming weeks on afterwards, former senator ambassador to the united nations john will discuss how he believes religion can and the partisan vibe. sean will talk about the history of the joint special operations
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command, also coming up former federal reserve chairman ben bernat key, will discuss the action he took to stabilize the economy during the 2008 financial crisis. this weekend, vanity fair's bethany mclean will this thus the fannie mae and freddie mac's involvement in the housing crisis. >> i started covering fannie in 2004 when i was still at fortune and in the wake of this big scandal. each company had a big accounting scandal. at the time i shocked to find out companies like this existed. what is a government-sponsored enterprise? what a government-sponsored enterprise in this case is fannie was created back in the wake of the depression by roosevelt in order to help make homeownership more widely available. >> after his heirs on book tv every saturday at ten pm and
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saturday at nine pm eastern. you can watch previous after his program on our website, book to >> here's a look at what's on prime time tonight. at at 7:30 p.m. eastern time a panel on, court and the state of the education system in america. at 9:00 p.m. remember the life and political career of late congressman, john kemp. at ten pm on book tvs afterwards, bethany mclean talks about the u.s. mortgage finance system. at 11 pm buzz a biz injured or talks about the impact of football on the social and political landscape in odessa, texas. that all happens next, but first up in big tv but first up in big tv a panel on education in america.


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