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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  February 2, 2016 8:00am-10:01am EST

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>> does anybody need pencils? >> okay. you can pass them or i can take them here. ..
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>> okay, i need them to come forward. they will pass the ballots. yeah. i couldn't think of -- nomination paper are on the table. >> okay, thank you. okay. would you take this, these are some ballots. they are supposed to pass them down. you need to collect the ballots. >> would like there to be a count. >> what you would do, go find a spot over here in the corner. >> okay. >> you have to stay in here to count. they can't have a cam are on
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you, okay? >> recollect the pool lots? >> go to the end, start collecting. >> we can hardly hear you up here. >> yeah, i'm sorry. >> where do they go. >> four guys collecting them. pass them down to the end. i got to give this to the boys. we are going to start again until it settles down. >> you can't hear anybody. >> i sent in to do the counting. he is over there in the corner. he is -- stay here, because we
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got to finish. >> i know. >> have they gone out or not? [inaudible]. >> you got a ballot when you came in. that is the only one you get. >> [inaudible] >> i'm sorry the nominations. >> go way over there. [inaudible] >> nomination papers, where are they? >> here? >> they're out on the table. they're out on the table. thanks, bob. [inaudible]. [inaudible conversations].
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>> thank thank you. >> [inaudible]. >> does it matter? i can count. >> i already have four, thank you. >> okay. >> here's the envelope. the yellow slip that i gave to john will go in here. i put all the ballots in here. from there you will give it to the gal in the turquois, alice nystrom or maribeth walton. if you can't find them, come back to me. >> how do you record it? >> they record it right through the state. [inaudible]
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>> i don't know. >> do i give this to you? >> yes. i'll keep that here. >> i think i'm going. >> okay. soon as it settles down we're going to get started here. thanks. yeah. i did. are you in two? >> one. >> one. anyone in two move down so you can hear me. if you're in go move down so you can hear me. [inaudible]. >> i'm trying. >> doing a good job, cathy.
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>> what have you got? >> iron the mic. -- you're on the mic. [inaudible conversations]. >> here are huckabee. >> ben carson right there. >> bush. >> carson. >> over here.
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>> cruz. cruz right there. cruz. ben carson. >> cruz. rubio. rubio. trump. >> huckabee was -- >> rubio. rubio. christie. trump. >> carson right here. >> christie. >> ben carson. >> christie? right there. carson here.
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christie. right there. trump. [inaudible]. rubio. trump. >> carson. donald trump. >> cruz. huckabee. >> trump. >> christie. rubio. >> carson. >> christie. cruz. jeb bush. >> rubio. rubio.
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christie. cruz. >> rand paul. >> paul is up here. right here. >> huckabee. donald trump. >> kasich. >> case six over -- >> right here. >> cruz. christie. rubio. donald trump. rubio. and marco rubio. >> check to make sure they're all the same. christie's good.
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carson there. >> marco's good. you look at these yet? >> christie's good. >> bush is good. [inaudible]. >> this is bush. cruz is good. >> are we -- >> okay. [inaudible] >> have we got bush? right here. count bush. in front of everybody. >> three, four, five, six.
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>> everybody agree six? >> yep. >> [inaudible] >> yep. >> ben carson. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. >> everybody agree 20? >> yes. >> chris christie. >> chris christie. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine -- >> everybody agree that's nine?
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>> yep. >> ted cruz. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40. 41. 42. 43. >> where did those come from? >> in somebody else.
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>> 44. all right. >> marco rubio. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 2 a 5, 26. >> everybody agree 26. >> do we have any for carly fiorina? >> no. >> jim gilmore. i didn't see any. any jim gilmores? >> no. >> mike huckabee? >> right here. >> count those, brian. >> one, two, three, four, five,
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six. >> everybody agree? john kasich. >> right here. one, two, three, four. >> everybody agree. >> yes. >> rand paul. >> right here. >> one, two, three, four, five. >> everybody agreed? >> yep. >> rick santorum. >> one. >> everybody agree? >> yes. >> donald trump. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, 7, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. precinct 3. [inaudible] >> where was i? >> start again. get it right. >> one, two, three, four, five,
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six, seven, eight, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 1819, 20, 21, 22, 23 -- [inaudible] 27, 28, 29, 30. 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40. 401, 42. >> [inaudible]. >> no writing. >> everybody agree with those? >> yes. >> all right. give them to her. kind of came out with --
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>> yeah. [inaudible]. >> yeah. >> [inaudible]. >> mind if i look? >> yeah. [inaudible] >> very interesting. >> yeah it is. >> all yours, your votes. >> thank you. >> you have to sign it. >> you twice need to sign it. >> i don't sign. [inaudible].
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[inaudible]. >> helen, don't leave. i need some information from you. [inaudible]. [inaudible conversations].
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[inaudible conversations]. >> delighted, yes. >> fill out -- [inaudible conversations]. >> i know, thank you.
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[inaudible conversations]. >> haven't seen you for a while. >> not want to sound like elitist here. [inaudible conversations]. >> like literally two seconds. >> anybody else? ballots? ballots?
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ballots? thank you, sir. thank you. ballots? >> i'm sorry. yeah. [inaudible conversations]. >> give a shoutout to -- [inaudible] [inaudible conversations].
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[inaudible conversations].
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[inaudible conversations]. [inaudible conversations].
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[inaudible conversations]. [inaudible conversations].
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>> thank you very much. thanks for being a part -- i will post them right here on the windows in just a little bit, all right? >> okay. >> okay. i'm just going to grab my computer. [inaudible conversations].
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[inaudible conversations]. [inaudible conversations]. >> good for you. glad to hear it. okay. here is ellen. ellen, look what i have. ready? >> yeah. i have to find the app now.
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>> what was it called? the republican app? okay. here we go. >> what's it called? >> yes, i can. right here. got it right there. got it? got the code? right here in my back pocket. the code. ed code. all right. >> they have all of them coded for us, don't they? >> yep. on the sheet. start with four? >> start with four. if we do them could you -- >> verify? >> if you could just say the
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code. >> gladly. boone, precinct 4. >> [inaudible] precinct 4. >> 9918, precinct code. >> 36699 -- >> 18. okay. >> four. wait a minute. >> okay. >> come on, man.
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do we have a code here? >> i do. i have total votes for the precinct. >> yes. >> you want the total votes for the precinct are 174. >> okay. >> jeb bush. zero. >> okay. >> -- 14. 50. ted cruz, 56. >> okay. >> carly fiorina, zero. jim gilmore, zero. mike huckabee, 10. john kasich, one. rand paul, 12. marco rubio, 29. rick santorum, five. donald trump, 41.
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have -- verify these. >> there are no others. >> bush was 0. carts son 14. christie with 6. cruz with 56. [inaudible]. rand paul 12. >> yes. >> rubio 29. >> santorum, five. >> yeah. >> trump 41. >> yep. total 174. [inaudible]. >> double. [inaudible].
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[inaudible conversations]. >> i got 174. >> [inaudible]. >> maybe they didn't think there would be that many people. >> oh, yeah. >> there you are. thank you. thank you. thank you. >> this is four. >> this is four. >> all right. do next one now. [inaudible]. >> how about three? >> okay.
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>> three. total. >> [inaudible]. >> they have less than -- [inaudible] >> 3952102. >> 3952102? >> that is correct. >> [inaudible] >> yes it is.
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ready? >> what is the total total? >> 170. >> okay. >> bush five. ben carson, 15. chris christie, nine. ted cruz 48. carly fiorina, one. jim gilmore, zero. mike huckabee, five. john kasich is nine. rand paul is eight. marco rubio is 42. rick santorum is one. donald trump is 27. zero on the others. >> okay. want me to read them back to
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you? >> yeah. >> chris at this is nine. >> yep. >> cruz is 48. >> yes. >> [inaudible] >> gilmore zero. >> yes. >> huckabee five. >> yep. >> kasich is nine. >> paul is eight. >> yes. >> rubio is 42. >> yes. >> santorum is one. >> yes. >> and trump is -- [inaudible] >> total is 170. they probably didn't expect as many people. aren't we lucky. >> total is 170, not 174. >> 174 on the last one. >> okay. all right. >> okay. that's why i'm here. this will take longer than i thought. want to get comfortable.
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hp 6. be with you in a minute. [inaudible]. >> i can't hear you. >> [inaudible]. >> which one are we doing? >> six.
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[inaudible conversations]. >> okay? 168. okay. ready? >> yes. >> jeb bush, four. ben carson, 13. chris christie, four. ted cruz, 58. carly fiorina, zero. jim gilmore, zero. mike huckabee, six. john kasich four. rand paul, nine. marco rubio, 31. rick santorum, one. donald trump, 29.
8:36 am
zero for others. >> bush is four. >> yep. >> carson, 13. >> yep. >> cruz is 58. >> yep. >> fiorina and gilmore are zero? >> huckabee is six? >> yep. >> kasich, four? >> yep. >> rand paul is nine? >> yep. >> marco rubio 31? >> yes. >> santorum, one? >> yes. >> donald trump 29. >> yep, for rp 6. [inaudible] >> i think i can sit here for the tally. >> oh. >> make sure.
8:37 am
>> 159. the computer can't. [inaudible conversations]. >> yes. yes. we have done three. we have three to go. >> thank you. >> we are doing, two. [inaudible conversations].
8:38 am
[inaudible conversations]. >> two. >> want to do it? >> all right.
8:39 am
[inaudible conversations]. >> no pro problem. i have 164 the first time. [inaudible]. >> [inaudible] >> 164. ready? >> yes. >> ben carson, 20. chris christie, nine. ted cruz, 44. carly fiorina, zero. jim gilmore, zero. mike huckabee, six. john kasich, four. rand paul, five. marco rubio, 26.
8:40 am
rick santorum, one. donald trump, 42. others, zero. >> okay. bush, three. [inaudible] kasich, four, paul five. marco rubio 26. santorum, one. trump 42. others zero. >> yep. >> and that was for boone 2.
8:41 am
and one. [inaudible conversations]. >> boon 1. >> boon 1, we have a total of 119. >> okay. >> jeb bush -- [inaudible] ben carson, 22. chris christie, four. ted cruz, 50.
8:42 am
carly fiorina -- [inaudible] jim gilmore, zero. mike huckabee -- [inaudible] john kasich, one. rand paul -- [inaudible] marco rubio, 19. rick santorum one. donald trump, 13. ready to go back through it. >> [inaudible] 3, 22, 4, 50, 2, 0, 2, 1, 2, 19, one, 13, and six. >> yes, perfect.
8:43 am
>> let's see. look what we have here, ellen. the last one. of the last one? >> we've got one, two, three,. [inaudible] >> okay. >> [inaudible] precinct 5. >> doing 5, right? >> doing 5.
8:44 am
>> ready? [inaudible conversations]. >> okay. >> ready? >> yep. >> all right. >> what is the total? >> i'm sorry. 112. >> ben carson, eight. chris christie, two. ted cruz -- [inaudible] carly fiorina, zero. jim gilmore, zero. mike huckabee, six. john kasich, zero. rand paul, four. marco rubio 15. rick santorum, one.
8:45 am
and donald trump, 36. >> [inaudible] >> 4, 8, 2, 36, zero, zero, 6, 0, 4, 15, 1, 32? >> that is correct. >> all right. they're all reported. >> okay. >> let's start filling this out, huh? >> yep. >> i asked for a marker. we'll be posting in just a few minutes, folks. i know it. i'm so search of a marker.
8:46 am
i texted her. one over the bin right there. grab one. >> i thought i had one in my bag. i don't. >> sure. >> i will give it to you you. >> okay. >> do total, jeff. do last one. keep them with that. >> [inaudible] >> four, eight, two. >> all right.
8:47 am
[inaudible]. >> oh, no. >> what was that? [laughter]. >> what happened? >> okay. there you go. okay. there we go. chris christie. >> two. >> two? >> zero. zero. six. zero. four. 15. one. 36. should we put total down at the bottom? [inaudible] >> could, i suppose but.
8:48 am
where do you want that? >> just forget it. we'll put it together. >> you folks need to stand back a little bit. we will be posting these, okay? we will be posting these. this is for boone 1. they will be posted right outside the gym, okay? >> this is one, right? >> one. >> three. >> yeah. >> 22. four. 50. 2. zero. two. one. two. 19. one. 13.
8:49 am
>> awed. [inaudible] [inaudible conversations]. >> six. >> six. >> 20. nine. 44. zero. zero. six. four. five. five. [inaudible] >> wonder if i could, excuse me for just a minute here.
8:50 am
so hard to concentrate. >> we appreciate it. stay a little quiet. hard for us to hear with everybody chatting. if you can stay a little quieter, help us out so we can finish this up. thank you. >> thanks. >> one. 42. >> okay. all right. this is -- [inaudible] >> yep. >> four, 13. four. 58. zero, zero.
8:51 am
>> zero. >> sorry. >> six. four. nine. 31. one. 29. three. >> okay. >> five. 15. nine. 48. one. zero. five. nine. eight. 42. one.
8:52 am
27. >> yee. it is. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. >> no, thank you. [laughter] all right. >> 14. 6. 56. zero. zero. 10. one. 12. 29. five. 41. >> get your calculator. have to do the whole page. let you do the talking.
8:53 am
[inaudible]. >> okay. start at the top. or do you want to do it this way? >> which way? >> like the names down, for the total page. like, jeb, like this. i will run right through them? >> okay. you can do that. >> get these straightened out. >> put them in the right order. >> jeb, ben, chris, ted. put down their initials. we know who they are. [inaudible].
8:54 am
marco. >> marco. [inaudible conversations] >> get to write the numbers down and then the total? all right. 22. 4. 50. 2. zero. two. one. two, 19, one, 13. four. eight. 37. zero. zero. four.
8:55 am
15. one. 36. >> we're getting there. >> six. 20. nine. four. zero. zero. six. four. five. 26. one. and 40. four. 13. four. 58. zero. zero. six. four. nine. 31. one. 29.
8:56 am
nine. 15. nine. 48. one. zero. five. nine. 8. 42. one. and 27. >> let's go. >> zero. four -- 14. 14. i. six. 56. zero. zero. 10. one. 12. 29. five. and 41. >> tell you what? why don't you add them up and i add them up. that way we can -- how's that. >> exciting. like watching paint dry. [laughter]
8:57 am
all righty. any committee members up there? [inaudible] should we write them down? >> i will, i wanted to see what you have. >> i need tape to get these up, what they're looking for. central committee members. >> eileen was out there. >> i don't see her. [inaudible conversations]. >> anybody have any background music to play? [laughter]
8:58 am
[inaudible]. >> rita, can you get me masking tape, thank you. to post these, thank you. got far already. >> yeah. nailed it. laugh of la. >> we do keep matching. >> if i could whistle this, you know. >> oh, okay. [inaudible]. >> 35. >> 25.
8:59 am
>> i can still add, can't, i? >> you can. >> five. 90 -- >> thank you very much. you think that is okay to use on the windows with the masking tape? i had two rolls of masking tape. okay. you're at rand? okay. nailed it again. >> we're good. we are really good. >> owe olympics must have a different scoring system. they go faster. [laughter] now -- [inaudible]
9:00 am
all right. i went ahead to the second line. >> you think so? >> that is what i needed. thank you. so we overplanned. ready? >> okay. >> all right. 22. 92. . .
9:01 am
>> let's lock them down. >> i knew it would be those three. >> i know what you're saying now. i do. >> okay.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible]
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we are taking your comments on facebook and twitter about what you've been seeing in the iowa caucuses. let's shake up both parties and let congress washington and the media know that people have finally spoken. >> you can give us your thoughts anytime on >> it's the day after the iowa caucuses. the candidates and their campaigns are now heading to new hampshire. ahead of the first in the nation primary being held february 9. we are covering three republican presidential candidates today including ted cruz. is holding a town hall live at 12:30 p.m. eastern on c-span2. senator marco rubio will speak at a rally at 6 p.m. live on
9:06 am
c-span3. and donald trump holds a rally live at 7 p.m. eastern on c-span2 your. >> if you're interested in the process, it all has to begin in iowa and been in new hampshire. we don't set the rules and terms of which state is first or second. we certainly have to cover the candidates where they are. there are a lot of people interested in this election. every four years the american people make a decision to say who should be the leader of the free world, who should be our president. and so for those who want to follow the process and do it in a way that is completely unfiltered we are the only place that does that. the other thing to keep in mind is that as you look at this campaign and look at these candidates you able to see how they are able to try to close the deal and during the final days of any campaign there's a lot of attention on every
9:07 am
nuance, every news story, every speech, every ad, how is one candidate trying to rebut the other, how you tried respond to those. in this day and age of social media and twitter, the new cycle is constant. we are the one place that can allow you to take a step back and watch it. you can get the analysis on other networks. you can hear fewer calls and weight in on the programming but we are the one place that just allows you to see it as it happens and make up your own decision. >> senator marco rubio came in third place in the iowa caucuses after senator ted cruz and donald trump. here are senator rubio's remarks after getting the caucus results. ♪ >> thank you. so this is the moment they said would never happen.
9:08 am
[cheers and applause] for months, for months they told us we had no chance. for months they told us because we offer too much optimism in a time of anger, we had no chance. for months they told us because we didn't have the right endorsements or the right political connections, we had no chance. they told me that we have no chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. [laughter] they told me i needed to wait my turn, that i needed to wait in line. >> this is your turn. [cheers and applause] but tonight, tonight here in iowa, the people of this great state have sent a very clear message. after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back. [cheers and applause]
9:09 am
this is not a time for waiting. for everything that makes this nation great now hangs in the balance. this is a time we need a president that will preserve protect and defend the constitution of the united states. not one that undermines, attacks and ignores the constitution of the united states. [cheers and applause] this is a time for a president who will defend our second amendment rights. not a president who undermines them. this is a time for a president that will rebuild the u.s. military, because the world is a safer and a better place, when the united states has the most powerful military in the world. [cheers and applause] this is no ordinary election. 2016 is not just a choice between two political parties. 2016 is a referendum. a referendum on our identity as a nation and as a people. in america, there are only two
9:10 am
ways forward for us now. we can either be greater than we've ever been or we can be a great nation in decline. if bernie sanders or hillary clinton get elected -- [booing] if they were to win, we will be a great nation in decline. if they win, obamacare becomes permanent. [booing] if they win, these unconstitutional executive orders from this president become permanent. if they win, our military continues to decline. and if they win, the balance of our supreme court will be controlled by liberal justices for over a decade or longer. they cannot win. hillary clinton is disqualified from being the president of the united states. [cheers and applause] because she stored classified and sensitive information on her e-mail server, because she
9:11 am
thinks she's above the law. hillary clinton can never be commander in chief. because anyone who lies to the families of people who lost their lives in service of this country can never be commander in chief of the united states. [cheers and applause] and so tonight i thank you here in iowa. i thank you, we have taken the first step. but an important step toward winning this election. if i am our nominee, and i will be our nominee, thanks to what you have done here in this great state. [cheers and applause] when i am our nominee, we are going to unify this party, and we are going to unify the conservative movement. [cheers and applause] when i'm our nominee, we are going to grow the conservative
9:12 am
movement, we're going to take our message to the people who are struggling paycheck to paycheck. to the students living under the burden of student loans. to the families struggling to raise their children with the right values, we will take our message to them and bring them to our side. when i am our nominee, we wil unite our party, grow our party and we will defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders, or whoever they nominate. [cheers and applause] i want to thank an all powerfu and mighty god -- [cheers and applause] -- for the chance that he is given us to be a part of this endeavor. in iowa. it's been a phenomenal experience. i want to thank my wife and my family. [cheers and applause]
9:13 am
i want to congratulate my friend senator ted cruz. he worked really hard here in iowa. and he earned his victory tonight. [applause] i want to thank another good friend of mine governor mike huckabee, for his service to our country. to the state of arkansas. is announced and it is suspending his campaign. we have tremendous admiration for governor huckabee and we thank him for all he's done. [applause] two centuries ago an extraordinary generation living in one place at one time i america, an english colony, declared their independence from most powerful empire in the world. they did it with the powerful words, our rights come from our creator, they do not come from our government. the rest as a two century history of the most
9:14 am
extraordinary she known to mankind. i know america is special. i was raised by people who knew what life is like outside of america. i was raised by people who came to this country with nothing. they barely spoke english at the time. they had no money. my father stopped going to school when he was nine years old, he had to go work. he would never go back to school. he would work for the next 70 years of his life. when my parents arrived here in this country they struggled. they were discouraged but they persevered. less than a decade after they arrived here with nothing, my father, a bartender on miami beach, they owned a home. not a mansion, but a safe and stable home in a safe and stable neighborhood. decades later they would retire with dignity and security. and the most important thing all for them, they left all four of their children with a life better than their own. this was the purpose of my parents life, to give their kids, us, the chance to go all the things they never could.
9:15 am
that's not just my story. that's our story. that's america's story. that's the story of your parents. you know the stories come of your parents who sacrificed and gave up so much so you could be what they could not. it's the stories of those parents today who are doing the same for their children. it is this that makes america special. and is this what we fight now to preserve. this is the kind of country that i want to leave for my children. this is the kind of country your children deserve to inherit as well. and this is what we must now decide. whether we will remain that kind of country or whether we will be the first generation to lose it. it's an important choice. and one that each generation before us has had to make. for america is not a special country by accident. america is a great nation. because each generation before us did their part.
9:16 am
each generation before us sacrificed, they confronted their challenges, they embraced their opportunities and for over two centuries, each generation has left the next better off than themselves. now the time has come for us to do the same. now the moment has arrived for this generation of americans to rise up to the calling of our heritage. now the time has come for us to take our place and do what we must. and when i'm elected president of these great united states, we will do our part much. [cheers and applause] when i -- [cheers and applause] when i am elected president,
9:17 am
when we together achieve this victory, we will embrace all of the principles that made america great and we will apply them to the unique challenges of this new century. and when our work is done, here is what history will say of this generation. it will say that we lived in the early years of this new century, in an uncertain and difficult time but we remember who we were. we rose up to the challenge of our time. we confronted our problems and solved them. and because we did the american dream didn't just survive. it reach more people and changed more lives than ever before. because we did, our children and our grandchildren grew up to be the freest and most prosperous americans that ever lived. because we did what needed to be done. the 20% to wasn't just as good as the 20th century. it was better, it was a new american century.
9:18 am
[cheers and applause] this is the task before us. and i thank my lord and savior jesus christ, i thank god for allowing me the opportunity to come this far with each of you. i am grateful to you, iowa, you believed in me when others didn't think this night would be possible. when perhaps you were lost i the daily narrative, some suggested that perhaps it was time to step aside, you believed me. you walked with us. he made the calls and knock on doors. you made a huge difference tonight. we are going to be back. i will be back here in october next year and september of this year. [cheers and applause] because -- i said next year.
9:19 am
i'll be back next year, too, but i'm going to be back in october and september of issue because when i our nominee we are going to win iowa and we're going to win this election for this country. [cheers and applause] and so iowa, thank you so much. we will never forget you. we will see you soon again. and new hampshire, we will see you in the morning. ain't you and god bless you. [cheers and applause] spirit during campaign 2016 c-span takes you on the road to the white house as with all of the candidates on c-span, c-span radio and
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it's the day after the iowa caucuses. the candidates and their campaigns are now heading to new hampshire to add to the first in the nation primary in held february 9. we are covering three republican presidential candidates today.
9:21 am
decisions. >> good morning spent there so much more that c-span does in terms of its programming to make sure that people outside the beltway know what's going on inside. >> i am proud to announce -- >> i end off my candidacy.
9:22 am
>> i am officially running -- >> for president of the united states. >> i'm a reporter who covers politics. for so many of my stories in the "washington post," c-span has been part of my research providing me with quotes and insights about people. >> are so many niches within the political blogosphere. all of those areas get covered. >> how many nuclear warheads as russia and at the u.s. and the u.s. have aimed at russia? >> it's a place i can go that let's me do the thinking and do the decision-making. >> house meetings, senate meetings. >> the phone lines are open so start dialing in. >> interaction with callers is great. you never know what you're going to get. >> you're right i'm from down south and i am your mother. i disagree that all families are like ours. i don't know many families that
9:23 am
are fighting at thanksgiving. >> welcome to booktv's live coverage of the 32nd annual miami book fair. >> it becomes a booktv. >> it's been a wonderful way of accessing the work of those folks who are writing really great books. >> at the weekend c-span3 becomes american history tv. you are a history junkie, you've got to watch. >> whether we are talking about a congressional hearing or about -- >> there's so much information that you can convey if you have that kind of programming. >> whether it's out of capital are on the campaign trail they have a camera, capturing history as it happens. >> inside of the conversations on capitol hill and let you have a seat at the table. you can't find anywhere else. >> i am a c-span span spent on a seat than -- c-span than.
9:24 am
>> that's the power of c-span. access for everyone to be part of the conversation. >> republican presidential candidate senator ted cruz one the iowa caucuses. is his victory speech to supporters in des moines. >> god bless the great state of iowa. [cheers and applause] let me first of all say to god be the glory. [cheers and applause]
9:25 am
tonight is a victory for the grassroots. [applause] tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa, and all across this great nation. [cheers and applause] tonight the state of iowa has spoken. [applause] i would have said notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. [cheers and applause] will not be chosen by the washington establishment. [cheers and applause]
9:26 am
will not be chosen by the lobbyists. [cheers and applause] but will be chosen by the most incredible, powerful force are all sovereignty resides in our nation, by we the people, the american people. [cheers and applause] tonight, thanks to the incredible hard work of everyone gathered here, of courageous conservatives across this state, we together earned the votes of 48,608 iowans. [cheers and applause] to put into perspective your incredible victory that you have one tonight, that is the most votes ever cast for any
9:27 am
republican primary winner. [cheers and applause] [chanting] tonight is a victory for millions of americans who have shouldered the burden of seven years of washington deals run amok. tonight is a victory for every american who has watched in dismay as career politicians in washington, in both parties, refuse to listen and too often fail to keep their commitments to the people. tonight is a victory for every american who understands that after we survived eight long years of the obama presidency, that no one personality can right the wrongs done by
9:28 am
washington. the millions who understand that it is a commitment to the constitution to our shared insistence that we rise and return to a higher standard, the very standard that gave birth to the greatest nation this world has ever known. to the revolutionary understanding that all men and all women are created equal. that our rights do not come from the democratic party or the republican party, or even from the tea party. our rights come from our creator. [cheers and applause] and the federal government's role, the federal government's responsibility is to defend
9:29 am
those fundamental rights, to defend us. and while americans will continue to suffer under a president who has set an agenda that is causing billions to hurt across this country, i want to remind you of the promise of scripture. weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. [cheers and applause] tonight, i will has proclaimed to the world morning is coming. morning is coming. from day one this campaign has been a movement.
9:30 am
from millions of americans across this country to organize, to rally, to come together, whatever washington says, they cannot keep the people down. and tonight is a testament to the people's commitment to their yearnings to get back to our core commitments, free market principles, constitutional liberties, and the judeo-christian values that built this great nation. [cheers and applause] when the washington lobbyists settled on other candidates in this race, when the media in one voice said a conservative cannot win, nationwide over 800,000 contributions poured in to as courageous conservatives said, yes, we can.
9:31 am
[applause] 800,000 contributions at with an average contribution of $67. that is the power of the grassroots. [applause] but it's more than that. it's 12,000 volunteers here in the state of iowa. [cheers and applause] it's over 200,000 volunteers all across this great nation. you know, during the course of this campaign, people have asked heidi and me, are you tired? and i will admit, it is 16, 18
9:32 am
hours a day, six, seven days a week. we are not tired at all. [cheers and applause] to the contrary, we are inspired by each and every one of you. i leap out of bed every morning amazed that at a time when our country is in crisis, every one of us has the opportunity to stand in lead that we've been put in a place of leadership for such a time as this. i'm inspired by the stories of heroism that i see everyday. workingmen, like jerry dunlevy
9:33 am
from columbus, ohio,. [applause] who requested an entire month off his job to come to iowa to live at camp cruz and to volunteer full time. [applause] when his employer refused to give him the time off, jerry quit his job and came anyway. [cheers and applause] [inaudible] >> and i love the great state of iowa. i'm inspired by people like elliott, josh, students at the university of chicago who spend their winter break at camp cruz.
9:34 am
but they didn't stop there. they came back this weekend. they get the phones and they hit the phones and hit the pavement campaigning substance across this country upon graduation, rather than having mountains of debt, will instead have to, three, four, five high-paying job offers and a chance at the american dream. [applause] i'm inspired by people like alexandra come a 13 year-old girl from lubbock, texas, who yesterday at our camping headquarters made 823 volunteer calls. [cheers and applause] that has always been a strength of this campaign, or the men and women gathered here as
9:35 am
courageous conservatives standing up and speaking out and lifting us up in prayer, lifting this country up in prayer each and every day. and let me say, our leadership team, our iowa state chairman matt schultz come what an extraordinary job. [applause] you have done organizing a grassroots army. and let me say to our iowa state director, brian english, an amazing job brian has done. [cheers and applause] and to our national co-chairman bob and steve king these men
9:36 am
have become dear and trusted friends. they are warriors. they are men of principle. a stand and speak the truth. they stand to defend their values. and let me tell you, these leaders day after day, week after week have been crawling under broken glass with knives between their teeth. i'm grateful for the support, the our support of my friend, steve des. [applause] we are grateful for the over 150 pastors across the state of iowa who joined our team to energize people of faith. [cheers and applause] we are grateful to the state senators, to the state representatives, to the
9:37 am
volunteer leaders in each of the 99 counties who stood up and said we will be heard and this will be decided by the grassroots. and then i am so grateful to national leaders, people like doctor dobson, and tony perkins and phil robertson. [cheers and applause] and governor rick perry. [cheers and applause] and glenn beck. [cheers and applause] leaders who have stood in lead, bringing together and coalescing conservatives here in iowa at all across the country.
9:38 am
you want to know what scares the washington cartel? actually not remotely. i don't scare them in the tiniest bit. what scares them is you. [cheers and applause] what scares them is that the old reagan coalition is coming back together of conservatives. [cheers and applause] we are seeing conservatives and evangelicals and libertarians and reagan democrats all coming together as one, and that terrifies washington, d.c. [cheers and applause] and so do the people of iowa,
9:39 am
heidi and i say thank you for your incredible hospitality, thank you for your love, thank you for won't be me us into your homes coming into your living rooms. thank you for welcoming my father to preached from the pulpits of your churches. [applause] and let me say to my parents, mom, thank you for the incredible unconditional love that you have given me every day of my life, the knowledge that whatever i might do, whatever i might say, that my mother loves me. [applause]
9:40 am
to my cousin, bebe, who is like a sister to me, we grew up together, i love you, beebs. [applause] and to my dad, a man who came from cuba at age 18 with nothing. with $100 in his underwear. he doesn't carry money and his underwear anymore. i man who was imprisoned, who was tortured, a washed dishes making 50 cents an hour, who has lived the american dream, and a man who is today a pastor, traveling the country preaching the gospel.
9:41 am
[cheers and applause] >> this is the american dream now. >> my debt to 76ers old and yet he's got the energy of a teenager, and dad, you have been my hero my whole life. i love you, dad. [applause] when the sun rises tomorrow, this campaign will take the next step. we will continue to campaign the same way, sitting down person-to-person, leader to leader, vfw halls to duncan -- to dunkin' donuts, returning to the great state of new hampshire. [applause]
9:42 am
and let me speak for a minute to the men and women of the state of new hampshire. 36 years ago you welcomed to the granite state i candidate running for president who was also deeply disliked by the washington establishment and the washington cartel. i candidate who had been dismissed outright by the media. some polls had him 15-20 points behind. but you refused to let the establishment an and the carteld the media to your thinking for you. you refused to let them tell you how to vote. you wanted a candidate who didn't adopt his positions because of the latest opinion polls, but instead because of a deep and underlying conservative philosophy that grounded him so that he knew exactly what he believed, exactly what the principals were that built this great nation.
9:43 am
and so tonight i want to say to the people of new hampshire, thank you for what you did 30 centuries ago. thank you for giving america and the world, and yes, history itself, our 40th president of the united states, ronald wilson reagan. [cheers and applause] and ask the people of new hampshire and the people of south carolina and the people of nevada and the people of the super tuesday states on march 1, to each of you, do not listen to our words. do not listen to the rhetoric from campaigns, but rather hold each and every one of us
9:44 am
accountable. hold me accountable and hold every other candidate accountable to be a consistent conservative. [applause] if you want a candidate to repeal obamacare, then support a candidate who has led the fight to repeal obamacare. [cheers and applause] if you want a president to stop amnesty, to secure the borders and keep us safe, then support a candidate who has led the fight to stop amnesty, to secure the borders, and to keep us safe. [cheers and applause] if you want a candidate to support life and marriage and religious liberty, then support a candidate who has spent decades of his life fighting to
9:45 am
defend life and marriage and religious liberty. [cheers and applause] if you want a candidate to defend the second amendment right to keep and bear arms -- [cheers and applause] then ask of every candidate where were you in the spring of 2013 when barack obama and harry reid and chuck schumer tried to undermine the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. if you want a candidate who will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel, then support a candidate who has led the fight over and over again to stand by our friend and ally, the nation of israel.
9:46 am
[applause] and if you want a commander-in-chief who will keep this nation safe, then support a candidate who has demonstrated the commitment, the judgment, the experience, the clarity of vision to identify our enemy, to call it by its name -- radical islamic terrorism. [applause] and to utterly and completely defeat isis. [applause] if i am elected president, every militant on the face of the planet will know, if you go and join isis, if you wage jihad on the united states of america, if
9:47 am
you attempt to murder innocent americans, you are signing your death warrant. [applause] and i will tell you this. if the states across the country follow the lead of iowa and support this campaign, then i tell you this, this july in cleveland, you will hear these words spoken from the podium of the unified republican convention. tonight, i want to say to every member of the democratic party who believes in limited government and the united states constitution and a safe and secure america, come home. [applause]
9:48 am
democrats, your party has left you. republican party wants you. we welcome you back. [applause] gether this year, thi republicans and the reagan democrats can send an unmistakable message. the message of a reagan-like landslide that will once and for all drive be liberal elites and the washington cartel into the potomac and out to see. -- and out to sea, never to be seen again. [applause] together we can bring out a new
9:49 am
era of economic growth, of military strength, of international security and the future of hope that our children deserve. if we commit to do more than hope, if we aspire to govern by a higher standard, a standard that transcends political party and race and gender and income, and to everyone that is tired of a president who divides us daily on racial lines, ethnic lines, gender lines, on socioeconomic lines, we will have a president who once again seeks to bring us together and unite us on our shared values of who we are as americans. [applause] the most solemn responsibility of the president is to keep this country safe. we will stop the weakness and appeasement.
9:50 am
we will stop making excuses for global bullies and terrorists and rather, simply do what it takes to defeat them. [applause] i give you my solemn promise. we will finally, finally, finally secure the borders and end sanctuary cities. [applause] i want to speak for a moment to the soldiers, and sailors, and airmen, and marines. i want to speak to the moms and dads let a child serving overseas, i want to speak to the husbands and wives who wake up at night wondering if their loved ones are still alive, i want to speak to the little kids who have been waiting months and months to get a hug from daddy, a kiss from mommy. to all of our fighting men and
9:51 am
women who have been sent into combat with their arms tied behind their backs with rules of i engagement that are wrong, that are immoral, that will end in january 2017. [applause] you will have a commander-in-chief who finally has your back. [applause] and to the police officers and the firemen and the first responders, the heroes who rushed into burning buildings instead of out of burning buildings, the last seven years of having a president, having an attorney general that demonizes you, that vilifies you, that sides with of the criminals and looters, rather than the brave men and women of law enforcement, that will end in january 2017.
9:52 am
[applause] so tonight, the state of iowa, the democrats here seem to be at a virtual tie between one candidate who admits he is a socialist -- [laughter] and the other-- candidate who pretends she is not. i wish them both luck. but i will tell you this. as margaret thatcher observed, the problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people's money. [applause] let me tell you, tonight, i cannot wait to stand on that debate stage with hillary clinton. [applause]
9:53 am
we will win by speaking the truth with a smile. the truth is, the american people are fed up with washington, with the corrupt class that enriches itself and leaves behind the working men and women of this country. the truth is, the american people are fed up with a federal government that views the bill of rights and the constitution as a rough draft and an inconvenience and something to be set aside, and we are ready to get back to the vision of the framers of protecting the inalienable rights that are given to us by our creator. [applause]
9:54 am
you know, the reason all of you are here is the same reason i am here. the same reason heidi and i have spent every waking moment for the last year. we love our kids. our girls, caroline and catherine, at age 7 and age 5, everyone of us here, when we go to bed at night, we think, what kind of world are relieving our kids? leaving our we kids? are we giving our children a brighter future? are we giving our children what our parents gave us, a country with greater freedom, greater opportunity, more promise, more hope? you want to know why i am getting on a plane in about an hour and flying all night to new hampshire to knock on doors and sit down and visit with people and ask for their support. the reason is simple.
9:55 am
because when i look my girls in the eyes 10 or 20 years from now, i am not going to tell them , we could have stood up and saved this country, but we did not do everything we could. instead, i am going to tell them that millions of americans saw that america was in jeopardy, and we rose up together and said that we are going to preserve this nation for our children and grandchildren. [applause] to those who supported other candidates in this race. the republican party is so blessed to have a bounty of talented, young, dynamic candidates, people who are friends, people i like and respect. to those who supported other candidates, i will tell each of them, we welcome you as part of our team. [applause]
9:56 am
because if we stand together as one, if the american people stand together and say, "we want our country back," there is no washington that can stand against the american people, that can stand against the grassroots, that can stand against our unity. we are going to do this together as a movement from the people. and i tell you tonight, iowa has made clear to america and the world, morning is coming. morning is coming. [applause]
9:57 am
9:58 am
one of the things i saw it is
9:59 am
most of the founding fathers in the early presidents knew in their minds that slavery was wrong. they knew it. but they were not willing to inconvenience their own lives to make that come true. >> sunday night on qa associate press reporter jesse holland discusses his book the invisibles, the untold story of african-american slaves in the white house. >> the majority of the first presidents, the founding fathers who became presidents were all slave owners. they would bring in slaves from their plantations. george washington did this as well. he brought in slaves to new york city and philadelphia from mount vernon. they serve as the first domestic staff to the united states president. president. >> sunday night at eight eastern on q&a. >> taking your life story to the floor of the senate into work today on a measure that would make a number of changes to u.s.
10:00 am
energy policy. including permits for gas exports, energy efficiency standards for commercial buildings and requiring upgrades to u.s. electric grid. the president pro tempore: the senate will come to order. the chaplain, dr. barry black, will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. infinite spirit, generous giver of life's joys, from your vantage point of eternity look afresh into our time. teach our lawmakers to serve you as they should, so that they will do what is best for our nation and world. as they seek to do youwi


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