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tv   Discussion on Israels Influence in the U.S.  CSPAN  March 18, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EDT

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another. the fact is that daesh kills christians because they are christians. yazidis because they are yazidis, shia because they are shia. this is the message it conveys to children under its control. it is entire world view is based on eliminating those who do not subscribe to its perverse ideology. there is no question in my mind that if daesh succeeded establishing so-called caliphate -- >> we'll leave secretary's rememberkies remarks. -- secretary kerry's remarks. this is forum on influence of the u.s. this is institute for research. this is just getting underway. . .
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there should be five note cards. you can use those pins and those notecards to write questions asked the panelists are speaking. someone will go round to collect the notecards enhance into the moderate who live shuffle through them to ask the questions to the speakers but it allows us to keep things fast and stay on schedule. in the back of your badge you received there should be a red tape you. make sure you hold onto that. that will be needed for the reception that begins at 5:00 after the program. just a reminder that there is no recording inside and let you have received prior approval. also days program is being streamed live on c-span and on
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line on the resources. your online audience you can submit questions at israel influence on twitter or e-mail conference that it will make sure your questions get passed on to the audience. finally, we want to give a big thank you to all of our donors and hel helped make today's evet possible because it would not have happened without them. and with that being said i'm going to introduce grant smith with moderating and being our first panel. grant is director of the institute for research middle eastern policy, a wonderful organization that is cosponsoring this event today. is the author of the brand-new book which gives public launching today, correct? it's his eighth book on the israeli lobby. grant is everything very hard at work doing foia requests with the cia department, defense, to uncover that no one else is.
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with that being said i will hand it over to grant. >> thank you, dale. i'm going to be drawing some interesting facts from that book, launching today, big israel, and really stretching it into 10 ways that the lobby moves america. now, i'd like to start off with some figures from a poll that was conducted last week in four countries. statistically significant, google consumer research asking a fundamental question vital for understanding the current situation in the middle east. and that question was which of the following do you believe to be true? israelis occupy palestinian land, palestinians occupying israeli land, as far as i know no one has ever asked this question to a statistically
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significant audience in four countries. our friends across the pond, the greg bretz, 62% of them believe that the israelis occupy palestinian land. if they go up to canada, a majority of the population, 51% believe that israelis occupy palestinian land. if you go down to mexico and ask -- you will find some 65% of mexicans also believe, the majority, the israelis occupy palestinian land. there is only one country in north america that believe the opposite is true, with the majority of us, americans, 49% believing that, in fact, palestinians are the ones doing
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the occupying. now, why is it we are so out of sync with these other countries? what is it that we know or are told that they are not? i'd like to remind everybody of the statement that prime minister benjamin netanyahu made back in 2001 that was only circulated in 2011, and that was that his perception was asked told the west bank settlers, america is something you can move very easily. move in the right direction. they will not get in our way. what was he talking about? what moves america? why is it, as uncovered by edward snowden, that across federal agencies perhaps unbeknownst to many americans, that the policy doctrine that the survival of the state of israel is a paramount goal of
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middle east policy? well, i would say, many would say, moore is saying it's because of the israel lobby and. note i'm not saying what was said in the jewish lobby because that's not what i'm talking about. i'm talking about israel affinity organizations that are tax-exempt charities that have as a primary objective the advancement of israel. together 336 of these which are included in the big israel study which went through 4000 tax returns and a great deal of internal documents obtained by foia, 336 of them make up what i'm calling the israel lobby. they are either false narratives about the israel lobby that promotes. noblewoman, americans who are jewish are all israel affinity organization members who support lobbying from these groups. false. number two, americans are evangelical christians are major
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forces in building this israel affinity infrastructure, false. number three, israel affinity organizations abroad, the first with a great deal of members. false. number five, israel into the organizations are representative bodies. false. and number five, americans who generally favor israel, which is true generally, are also generally favorable toward massive foreign aid packages. false. establishing news media generally help amplify these claims and does generally a great job saying that the major organizations represent populations unequivocally. use all reports from the battle over the iran nuclear deal. you saw announcements from the anti-defamation league, the american israel public affairs committee, the american jewish community, the conference of
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presidents of major american jewish organizations all saying that they were opposed to the deal. so americans who were jewish must have been against the deal as well, right? wrong. in fact, americans support generally about 53% whereas jewish americans support was at 59%. so if we look at the latest pew charitable trust survey, you find that 82% of the jewish population of this country does not belong to such organizations. they are only somewhat attached to israel, 70%. most have never traveled to israel, 44% think settlement building is a bad idea. it you take the remaining 18% multiplied by the untold jewish population, it's about 774,000,
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or the population of charlotte, north carolina. and the lobbying knows, talked about this internally saying, someday we will be challenged on these numbers and all of these broad claims. so does the lobby really represent? well, the views and concerns of mega- donors for sure, the views and concerns of a relatively small group of boards of directors and top officials and, of course, the israeli government with which many are indirect and ongoing consultation. if we look at donor concentration and control of some of the top organizations, we find that within the republican jewish coalition some $143 give 76% of the funding at aipac 1700 donors give 56% of the funding with the top donor giving 13. casino mogul sheldon edelson donated 1 million to the zionist organization of america.
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that was 20% of their 2013 funding. there's extreme donor concentration at many of these advocacy organizations within the israel lobby ecosystem, and calvinist as reported -- in some parts other this is extremely unrepresentative despite bylaws, occasional voice vote. many organizations are authoritarian. the board select their own members. they hold pro forma those votes. and, of course, many ceos have been around for quarter-century or more particular get abraham foxman at the abl, he's been in place o what was in place for 28 years. daniel pipes in the middle east forum in place for 26 years. mort klein at the zionist organization of america 23 years. now the average tenure of a corporate ceo is less than 10. the college president less than
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eight. i would say the rotation in governance kind of reflects the stagnation of lack of representation of many of these organizations. another false concept is that christian evangelicals are a major portion of building the israel lobby in america. and yes, there are 80 million christians who are evangelical. they been courted by the lobbies since the 1960s, almost constantly. many of them of course do vote about their vision for israel and american election but when you peel back the layers, you see organizations like christians united for israel received their seed funding from large israel lobby donors to install their fundraising software, to pay for massive public relation campaigns. and that they are really not
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very big. $2 million in 2007 revenue before it went dark under regulations and in 2012 revenue with international fellowships of christian jews 113 million. so there is a false idea that these are major, major forces in the israel lobby. what we do know though is that americans generally if you ask them, favorability ratings about israel, they are generally favorable. most are favorable 59% to 41% not favorable, don't care. we have given over $250 billion of aid to the issue, far more than any other country. inflation-adjusted. and a large portion is classified. president obama made a statement at american university that it's not unprecedented, but you can't get the figure for intelligence intelligence eight. if it's unprecedented and when the its military aid it's either 1.9 billion a year or
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13.2 billion adjusted for inflation. but when you ask the cia which must be handling intelligence aid to israel, they say sorry, that's classified. we are suing them for that information by the way. 2014 coal -- [applause] when you ask americans something be on favorability when asked about the aid and ask this question, the u.s. gives over 3 billion annually or 9% of the foreign aid budget, this amount is -- significantly significant. 60.7% say it's either much too much or too much. 25%, 25-point i presented about right. 13.4% to little. this is an old folder surely this is a fluke. many, many respondents must have given under no, there must have
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been a fluke. 2016 conducted again this month, the figure has risen to almost 62% who say it's too much or much too much. this is a pacific question with information sufficient to make an informed answer and the movement is against generally against foreign aid. so these five false narratives that are used in move america can be should be challenged. i would like to move on to five more about a variety of subjects. if we look at state and local governments there's an absolute explosion in activities in lobbying on behalf of israel. a great deal of this is taking place from jewish community resource, jewish community of relation councils which are in sight large foundation the industry with across every major population center. they function under the old
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american zionist council model in which, like aipac was back in the day, just a little committee inside a big organization. that's what they do. they lobby as foreign as an organized unincorporated committee. that's not back for aipac back when the kennedy administration told them to register as a foreign agent. agent. six weeks later aipac broke off and incorporated. the community relations councils lobbied the way aipac used to lobby, without disclosing very much and some top lobbyists are terrified, terrified and quoted saying you would sure hate to see any of his reported properly. so what we have in terms of the prerogative of the presidency to take away iran sanctions, hard unwind all of these state level iran boycotts. when we talk about the president
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maybe watching to be in charge of whether law enforcement is trained in israel, no. if we talk about changes to state pension funds to allow the purchase of more israel bonds, that's not an executive prerogative anymore. telephone you would love -- california would love and passed a resolution saying that california please israel's borders with be determined by the government of israel. the state of california state legislature. this is a type of resolution you see past in many state legislatures that when you ask americans again the following question, congress and state legislatures passed scores of resolutions condemning palestinians forcing unconditional support for israel every year, you support this or not? almost 70% say these resolutions don't represent my views. so this is not representative government.
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one of the jec our cities report which is a big force in greater washington raises for every dollar raises it extracts $1.58 in tax dollars for israel. is very active. it's building israel of any organization, building on the taxpayer kind. it's doing all sorts of trade development and international studies and scientific endeavors on the state tax dollar with israel. so there's a great deal of activity going on at the state level. another thing that's interesting is that israel affinity organizations enjoy a high level of criminal immunity. this has been going on since the '40s. the original organizations involved in conventional weapons smuggling to jewish fighters in palestine, there are only a handful of indictments. the zionist organization of america has received seven foreign agent registration
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borders. there's never been any high level criminal prosecutions over nuclear smuggling, which dr. mattson will be talking about. there's a high level prosecution for espionage. there have been solid cases against aipac in 1985 and 2005, all shut down by the justice department. the adl holding classified information in the '90s shut down by the justice department. united against the nuclear iran was conducting a smear campaign against a greek shipper. adult classified information. the greek shipper sued. the justice department waded into the case and shut it down. the justice department is losing a great deal of credibility by never seemed to be able to uphold the law when it comes to espionage cases. finally, number eight, israel of any organization activities inside executive state and federal agencies. we see a wave of political
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appointees who are becoming known for lobbying advocate on behalf of israel within federal agencies. dennis ross at the department of state, the justice department, josh mandel who brought $89 that israel bonds after changing state pension fund laws and lobbying to buy more for the ohio state treasury. neoconservatives at the pentagon which we are hoping to cover letter today eric stuart levy and david s. cohen attridge of conducting economic warfare against iran, unaccountable to public inquiries but always seemingly meeting at the washington institute for near east policy to give private briefings. the fbi adl believes the which i go to great gaps in my book which has been ongoing since the 1950s and various irs commissioners whose scorecard on creating more indispensable
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israel affinity organizations, or ignoring congressional request to investigate various groups has been ongoing since the 1960s. with this level of what i would call regulatory capture of some key agencies you of course have abuse of tax exempt status. before many organizations begin israel lobbying organizations, they were, in fact, holding clear social welfare purposes, immigrant aid, life insurance, culture, charitable hospitals. so this first wave that started in the mid-1800s tended to reduce government burden which is the actual reason that organizations are giving tax exempt status. as we have moved on and since 1948, many of the organizations are not really offsetting any government burden. they are creating more government burden.
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whether it's a lobbying for increased kinetic action against israel enemies of which is that's how they talk, or the israel project which functions as sort of a pr agency for the israeli government's in potential leverage that into being able to quash what appears on certain programs. so we have been moving away as the lobby grows into the largest collectively the largest charitable entity in the united states. in 2012 and was about $3.672 billion. by the end of the decade it will be at $6.2 billion. the tax burden this restrictive and americans just to offset the subsidy would be paying about $1 billion extra in taxes by the end of the year, and when you look at it on a chart, foreign aid versus the revenue raised by
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these 336 organizations, our foreign aid to israel, the unclassified, what we know about, looks like a big matching grants program. where as much money as these organizations can raise to lobby and spend and convince people to move israel's way in the united states is not simply matched by the federal government for the annual a program which will be a big topic i'm sure at aipac's convention next week. so probably the most costly thing is that constant agitation for policies and military actions against israel's enemies. we can see this as well in the united states when we do consumer research surveys. right before the final negotiations are the iran nuclear program, 58% of americans were so scared they were already convinced that iran had nuclear weapons. that's how far we've been moved. and so i would argue, my book i
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argued that america has been too easily moved and that we are paying the transport bill and only too much greater awareness, focus on many of these captured agencies, will we be able to stop this downward spiral. and now -- i have four seconds left -- i would like to welcome dr. roger mattson who's going to do our next presentation. now, doctor roger madsen is the author of the recently published book stealing the bomb, how denial and deception armed israel. we will take questions a bit. can we get a question card over to this guy with his hand up? we will be collecting those and
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bringing them up. had a q&a at the end. dr. roger mattson has expensive engineering management at sandia's national editor, the nuclear regulatory commission, environmental protection agency and other nuclear safety and security consultancy. he was an adviser to commissioners on policy issues such as safety goes, risk assessment, nuclear standards, three mile island and after leaving government service in 1984 he led to private companies providing safe and secure service for nuclear power plants. the energy department nuclear facilities and civil for users of nuclear power. following the chernobyl incident in 1986 he of developed iata guidance on safety principles for the world to nuclear power plants. he oversaw nuclear safety consultancies in five countries become also served on the off-site safety committees for several nuclear power plants and several d.o.e. nuclear
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facilities. in 2012 he was part o part of tm for by the american society of mechanical engineers to forge a new safety construct for nuclear power after the tragedy at fukushima cookies participate in safety analyses and field service of nearly 100 nuclear facilities in the u.s., europe, the former soviet union and the parties including the start of the latest u.s. nuclear power plant in 2015. roger? [applause] >> let me just say a couple things at the start to get is rolling. this is a complex story i'm going to tell you today. it's been ongoing for about 60 years as you will learn, and it's come into the public light
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in kind of a randomly. we learned a little bit here, we learn a little bit of there. so it was hard for me to piece it together over the years, and i had assistance from grant and some of his foia requests. and i'll show you some of those later. there's some science involved to this story, so i'm trying not to go over your head on the science of the science is important to the store to the beauty of questions about that, sent a part of an we'll see if we can enter it in the q&a session. i'm going to cover a lot of territory. when i was in china helping them start their first nuclear regulatory authority, i learned a phrase about moving faster a subject. they call it watching the flowers from horseback. so they were going to watch some flowers from horseback if you get my meaning. there's some new information in what i'm going to talk about it's never been talked about a booklet before. it's in the book, and we will
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point it out as we come to it. i started an interest in the subject the theft of nuclear materials from united states to jumpstart the israeli nuclear weapons program in 1977 when i was asked to lead a group of nrc nuclear regulatory commission security experts to look at the charges by whistleblower, whatever colleagues at the nuclear regulatory commission. over the years as more information became available i learned that i had not been told everything the government knew at the time it sent me up to conduct that investigation so i had a certain curiosity and it. there were a couple of congressional investigations following the whistleblower activity, the most important of which was led by mo udall, democrat from arizona, and his records became available in recent years at the university
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of arizona library which were a vital source to me. we are going to hear in this story about a man named john hadden, cia person who was station chief for cia, in tel aviv at the time of this event. his son made his records available to me about two years ago after his father's death, and they proved invaluable as you will see from quotations i'll provide. and then in 2006 the department of energy declassified some technical information about the uranium that was stolen, and that helped put the whole story together. so some were very light compared to when it happened. -- very late. let me say couple think about the first reactor built in israel was supplied by the
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united states under president eisenhower's atoms for peace program. some of you are probably old enough to remember that. it was an attempt by the eisenhower administration to stay in the lead over the soviets in the distribution of nuclear technology in the world, and a small research reactor was built in israel. about the same time because the united states refused to provide a plutonium production reactor, the israelis made a deal with the french that had its genesis in the suez canal crisis and the support that the israelis provided for the french in the affair. and they obtained on the qt design and fabrication of a reactor in israel. the french provide not only the reactor and the film also a
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reprocessing plant from which plutonium could be extracted from making nuclear weapons. an important part of the israeli program was an organization called lock, which is hebrew, acronym for a security organization. i think of scientific bureau or something it stood for. these people were charged with espionage around the world mainly centered in the united states to steal materials, components and information about nuclear weapons production capabilities. they were also the people that befuddled the inspector sent by president kennedy and for a time by president johnson to look into it to try to confirm the israeli claims that it was a research reactor, not a weapons production reactor. there's ministry of defense organizations called raphael, another hebrew acronym that you
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see show up in the chronology as i go through it. just to give you a time reference, historians believe that the first israeli nuclear weapons were unavailable for use at the time of the six-day war in 1967, to try to give you a time reference. next slide is a quick picture of it on. it's hard to say much on this slide. i would just point out on the right hand side is the usual reactor containment dome that you used to sing at other nuclear plants. i think in the middle the article linked powers, and then -- there are cooling towers. these plans all have radioactive influence. so the company that was involved in the diversion of materials to israel was a company called nuclear materials and equipment corporation.
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and the next couple of slides provided a timeline for new macs operation. i left something off at the start. in 1955 there was a geneva conference on peaceful uses of atomic energy where people from developing nations that had not been involved in the manhattan project and the bomb production capability in united states in world war ii first came together to talk about under the atoms for peace kind of dialogue what they wanted to do with nuclear energy content israel was prime candy at that meeting and a person of ernst david burton went on to become the father of the israeli atomic bomb. he was a picture but at the of the israeli atomic energy commission. bergmann turned out to be a close colleague of a man named shapira.
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shapiro was an american jew from the pittsburgh area who was world famous nuclear metallurgist. he knew a lot about uranium. he knew a lot about plutonium. he knew a lot about how to clad fuel elements, how to make fuel elements for reactors. he learned those things in the united states nuclear navy program. he designed the first nuclear submarine for the united states, a model list. his neighbor -- novelist -- david lowenthal, lowenthal was a hero really of the 48 war, the war of independence that israel. he was on the exodus, the ship the accident, taking refugees to israel after world war ii. he was a confidant of ben gurion. he organized the funding for the
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company called numec. shapiro became the president of numec. he left the u.s. government employment and started the company numec. it started processing highly enriched uranium for the u.s. navy in 1960. by 1964 the oak ridge national laboratory people were going that there was a missing uranium, what they called inventory differences or material unaccounted for at the numec facility in pennsylvania. the oak ridge people, remember oak ridge is the first uranium enrichment capability in the world built during world war ii. oakridge alerted the atomic energy commission then under the leadership of doctor glenn seaborg, nobel laureate for the discovery of plutonium. the aec did independent audit can use the best people they could find, the best people from oak ridge, the best people from
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the commission, as people from numec. they came up with 178 kilograms of missing highly enriched uranium. of that 178, they found that 94 kilograms could in a way be accounted for over the next year or so numec borrowed $2.2 million to pay for the 178. they have to pay for all whether wind up in the air or someplace that no one knew about. in 1967, being in dire financial straits, numec sold to atlantic richfield company, an interesting sale that grant wrote about in an earlier book that coincided with atlantic richfield company's first entry into the nuclear business. they got a $30 million a year contract, in a state of washington, sort of twisted in love with its purchase of numec. some people can't visualize how
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this numec facility and apollo was a great big thing or a little bitty thing. here's a kind of stupid it's about two stories tall, about a block and a half long. it's a factor in the top photo, and the bottom photo is of the office building across the street which figures in the story. the inventory difference grew to 287 kilograms for those of you who think in terms of pounds. that's about 600,000 missing highly enriched uranium. think 10 to 20 pounds to make an atom bomb. then in 1968 something that's on the cover of my book, and we will see in a minute, records of four senior espionage officials come espionage agents of the government of israel visited numec under false credentials. in 1970 shapiro left numec and
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went to work for a company which made brilliant components for nuclear weapons, supplied the beryllium which is used in a right of ways in nuclear weapons. he applied for a higher security and then the one he had and got involved with the nixon administration and attorney general mitchell. some of you will remember john mitchell. mitchell said no, don't give him a security clearance. it was after the oppenheimer trial were oppenheim or lost his security click. seaborg did want to go through that again. with shapiro they fall back and forth between the aec and the justice department and independent aec found him a job when he didn't need his security cleared and paid $10,000 a year more than what he was taking and because the house at westinghouse where he spent the rest of most of his crew. back in 1971, they bought numec from atlantic richfield company. they stop operations in 78 at
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the plant was decommissioned to return to greenfield by 1992, but it had a waste disposal site a few miles away that is on the subject of a superfund cleanup by the united states government to the tune of $400 million, organized by the corps of engineers and the costs are being negotiated by the justice department. okay, that's the story of numec. go back to the audit in 1965, 178 kilograms that was missing. 94 kilograms unexplained. the nrc historians recorded that as six atomic bombs. maybe a little more. there was no fbi investigation of the fact, the alleged diversion in 1965 or 66. the aec under doctor seaborg said they didn't think it had been stolen but they did know where it went but they didn't think it had been stolen. if we look at the records of their discussions, the
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commission discussions with her staff, there's no discussion whatsoever of doctor shapiro's association with israel. there was a suspicion but they didn't talk in any detail about those association to achieve some of the detail in a minute. they had various excavations for whether material went. none of it panned out. they dug up things waste disposal. they counted builders at oak ridge laboratory. they couldn't find any, 94 kilograms, that's two and pounds of highly enriched uranium. seaborg wrote a number of books that he wrote three of them that were memoirs where he discussed numec. and it would've them he said what good would it do to admit that heu had been stolen and given to israel? he denied that it happened but he said it wasn't a big deal.
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dr. shapiro was a scientist. he was a national officer and the zionist organization of america. he was an award he of the coa. he told both the fbi and the aec -- zoa -- when they had hearings within that he wanted to immigrate to israel. finally, and a wiretap the fbi picked up his admission that the israelis told him he was more valuable to them here than he was there. you can read down the slide. you ca can see it on the web leader. he was associated with the founder of, the father of the israeli bomb. a number of agents, people, we'll talk about others any minute. those are some of his associations. one of the keys to understanding how this happened was the cia began in 1966, 67, 68 hot pistol
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have the bomb but they had that but they have not confirmed that dimona was producing good on them. so they charged charged the cia station chief john hatton and his people in tel aviv to make trips to dimona and collect samples and department. the gases includes. at any nuclear plant you can pick up very small traces of radioactivity and that's why they're so closely regulated to keep those traces very small. so they were looking for plutonium in the environment and john adams is a member of the with his dad on peanut butter sandwich trips where the kids would eat the peanut butter stench and the father would collect flora in the syndicate throw it in the trunk and head back to tel aviv. we don't know today who counted those, the rate active analysis of the samples but if the highly enriched uranium before they found plutonium. there was no highly enriched uranium at a time when the
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israel had no capability to enrich uranium. what we know today is that they were able to put a signature on that highly enriched uranium that proved that it came from the united states, that came from the naval nuclear program because the fuel for navy fuel or navy reactors was 97.7% enriched. a little science, natural uranium .7% the uranium in a light water reactor, power reactor like regis, 3%. uranium and a nuclear weapon typically 93% depending on the country. but unable to was 97.7 and that's what john hatton found in the environment near dimona, the type of fuel processed by numec. this is what's on the cover of the book. in 1968 days for israeli spies
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showed up at numec, and just briefly, the chief in the united states. he recruited a number of spies for israel and the nuclear program. he went back to raffaello when he was deput deputy director ofe weapons effort an issue. f. from was the technician of the israeli fbi. bender went on to be the head to raffaello went on to be the head of law come and recruited and ran jonathan pollard in the united states. they visited numec in 1968 and there were various stories they created. in the book you'll read my assessment what they were really there for was to enlist shapiro's help with the
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fabrication of fuel for dimona using uranium and they stole from the western europeans. i'm going to skip the next couple of slides and there's an eyewitness account of the theft discussed in the book that the fbi did not follow up on and we today don't know why. and then i'm going to talk about what varies people concluded and grant, please bear with me and then i will be done. j. edgar hoover said take away all his contracts. for attorneys general said don't give them any more clearances. they did wiretaps. they said more was needed and then by 1980 the whole thing into. seaborg said what good would it do to admit. morris k. udall said if yo you o
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write in public whether it happened or not having finished his investigation and the penalty for being wrong was death. he would write in his envelope that it happened. other politicians have been slow to say. richard helm said we did the job and avoided clinical risk. god knows what richard helms meant in his biography. zbigniew brzezinski said something to transpire. it's controversial. what you want me to do, ask them to give it back? so enough for me. there's lots of implications of this business of a policy nature. my conclusion is that the material went there. whether shapiro was actually present when it happened, it's hard to prove. they tell me about arsenic if we don't see the match held to the
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flame come it's hard to make an arson conviction. i think the justice department had the same trouble and finally i would say that numec is not alone. rafael nadal rooted the famous hollywood producer, the most recent movie was revenant, was an israeli spy causing the smuggling of materials and information to their nuclear program for many years. and last but not least on a deeper understanding level, the israeli lobby frank discussion on the subject, that people have not seen before and i hope they'll pay attention to it. the israeli policy of nuclear opacity, ninth they have the bomb when we all know they do impedes frank discussion of weapons free middle east which
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the obama administration and others have talked about come and we ought to get on with. the only solution to these nuclear weapons things is nuclear disarmament. it's a 100 your process people ought to start today. thank you. [applause] >> we have encourage all of our speakers to stay and we are not going to get to all of your questions on numec or congress in the making of middle east policy, but please seek them out during breaks, during the booksignings comment during other opportunities. our next speaker, kurt beattie is the author of congress and the shaping of the middle east as well as two books on egyptian politics. egypt during the masters and egypt during the anwar sadat you.
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professor beattie is that same as college -- siemens college specializing in comparative politics with regional expertise in middle east and less european politics. just taught at harvard and the university michigan. use recipient of numerous scholarships including a fulbright's grant and international rotary foundation fellowship and american research center in egypt grant and a center for arabic study abroad fellowship. [applause] >> thank you very much. i like to thank the people of the washington report for inviting me here. i've benefited tremendously from their work over the years and
9:49 am
from the ability to interview some of them are actually the book that i completed not long ago. i am by formal training a middle east specialist, and has granted you said, my first two books wondered whether to egypt. my children were at a certain age where didn't think it might -- it made much sense to take him out of the country again, ripping them out of the school system to maybe a more dubious educational possibility and egypt. and so i decided to follow up on an idea i had for a number of years which is to come down to d.c., make numerous trips to look into a subject that had been on my mind for a long time and i was one that dealt with the role that congress place in the shaping of middle east policy. a lot of people argued congress doesn't have as much of a role in this area so i will come back to later on but i thought this could make for an interesting topic and one that had not been written on very extensively at
9:50 am
all. i like to use as my primary method of analysis on doing delete anything. so for the first two books i get very extensively people in the broad egyptian political elite. i wanted to do the same thing because i think that by talking to people who are involved in plan for political gain themselves it gives you as an outsider by soaping the onset of the best possible view of how the insiders are behaving. what motivates them to take their decisions in the way that a deeper also knew probably the people who were actually serving as members of congress were people that might have a more difficult time talking very frankly about these matters because they are still in the hot seat so to speak. but if i approached staffers and gave them the promise of anonymity that they might be able to consent to my request come speak much more openly and, frankly. not only about how they went about doing their own jobs but
9:51 am
how they perceived their bosses behaving. so this is what i did. i came down and they generate a random sample for members of the house. in other words, i put 435, 435 in the computer hub or so to speak and randomly generated numbers that i associate with names of each of the members of congress and i just started to work my way down the list so i wouldn't have as close to a random sample of members of the house as i possibly could. i went into all 100 senate offices requesting interviews typically was on the house side or the senate side, i would walk in. you were naked in washington, d.c. if he don't have your card comfort is as have your card company business cards i pull out a business card and present myself, tell them what i was there got something to speak with the boss in that
9:52 am
particular office. and i would like to speak with them for the purpose of doing a book on begi begin the role of congress played in shaping middle east policy. india and i ended up with somewhere around the order of at least one interview with 130 or more house members and then laid on it went back. my initial wave of interviews was in the 2005-2006 period. i can back your, made numerous trips between 2011-2013 to follow up with additional interviews. typically second round talking to as many people as i met the first time around. so on the house side i've talked to about 130 people initially and then a follow-up interviews with a number of them. on the senate side i had interviews with over 30 senate staffers total which i think were recently decent representative numbers across the board.
9:53 am
so this book i'v i have written, this one that's very heavily based on my interviews with the staffers, and i tried to begin just by getting an idea who they were. user people who play an incredibly important role for their bosses come for the members of congress. members of congress would be incapable of moving on all kinds of issues in any way resembling an intelligent fashion if they didn't have the assistance of the staffers. so i was curious as to the staffers themselves were, where were they coming from, how did they get the job? how were they recruited? what kind of, where they studied is where the have done their university studies and at the undergraduate school or not at all. with a political scientist, with the people who studied in other disciplines? had ever taken a course on middle east politics. i spent time trying to get to know the staffers reasonably
9:54 am
well at the beginning of my interview, asked an interview, asked in a old they were, how long they've been up on the hill. so on and so forth. i think i came up with a reasonably good sense of who the people were and then, of course, the bigger issue was to try to figure out how they went about doing their work. and that he went about advising their bosses and what kind of indication have with their bosses and ultimately how the bosses thought about issues in this issue area and arrived at their own decisions. i have not worked on the hill. i had not worked on the other i still have ever worked on the hill in terms of being in some sort of a staffing capacity. this was new to me but i'm not an american is on my formal training that i studied middle east politics and so forth. i walked into these offices and when i started sitting down with the first people, i would say you were the person who has the foreign policy portfolio for representative x. is this all that you do?
9:55 am
i know that must be some people in the some people in this room know the answer to this question and maybe note this benefit i do do. i was stunned because they would say i do foreign policy, i also do defense. i do intelligence. id homeland security. i do veterans affairs. iq taxation. i do the environment. id immigration issues. i think i may be up to about eight or nine enormous portfolios at this point, but usually they went up to about 12 to 14 different portfolios. how can any human being possibly be knowledgeable and have expertise in this many different areas? it's just human and possible. and yet these are the individuals that are providing the information to their bosses across this range of issues, and upon whom the bosses are depending on to a considerable
9:56 am
extent. the modal age for white house interviewees was 23. so they're directly out of school for i talked to my students at school and i say to them, look at, you're just a couple years removed from being highly qualified to go on and be working in a house office. on the senate side of the picture, it was different in that you have maybe half as many portfolios or possibly slightly fewer in some cases that were being carried by the senate staffers. and the modal age did go up to 36 in that case so there's a significant disparity across the two sides of the hill, yet the house plays its role and the its role and since i placed there by the way there is a lot of communication between the two, if you are not aware of that. i was blown away by the hard work of course being put in by the staff on both sides, but the lack of expertise come lack of
9:57 am
knowledge by maybe the exuberance that they brought to the jobs but by the lack of deeper knowledge. i would have people who have been around for three or four years whom i came to consider more like veterans if it been working on deal for like three or four years and you look at me and say so you have come here to find out how little we know in this issue area. standard thing i came up with. i didn't go in with the intention of focusing on aipac. i've been asked if i would focus more on aipac for the purpose of this presentation. i'm very happy to do so. i will note of all the different organizations on lobbyists and so forth that were mentioned to me, and it was not a very long list of organizations that was mentioned to me by the staffers. the only one that came up consistently by every single staffer was that aipac. every single staffer even if it
9:58 am
been there for a short amount of time was familiar with aipac. they been made aware of its existence from very early on because people don't aipac high professional very, very quick to move in and introduce themselves and make themselves known and offered assistance to people in office, and knowing that there was a brand-new person on the job in a particular office to so aipac, i came to the others, was described in very positive terms by many, many people but also as the 800-pound gorilla by others come by a number of other people. i looked that up if they really are not 800-pound gorilla to the only -- now, what, how this aipac go about its influence? it begins with election and it begins very, very early. it begins for people are even running for congress per se.
9:59 am
aipac invests a lot of efforts perhaps with the assistance i need to talk trash but i haven't talked to grant, in scouting individuals looking for rising stars on either side of the political aisle to try to see whether someone who's running for a municipal council in a major city or some lower level job looks like he or she has the potential to rise up to be quite a bright, promising or is showing themselves as a bright, promising political candidate who might over the longer run can be somebody who's interested in running for congressional office. so from very early on the vetting process begins, even before people are running for congress. also opportunities are extended and this i think will be spoken about laid on by gideon levy if i'm not mistaken in his keynote speech so not going to go into this in detail but opportunities are provided such as trips to
10:00 am
israel. so the attempt to socialize people who are perceived even as potential candidates running for congress begins at a very early age from the perspective of some of these groups including that of aipac. in addition of course many plays an exceptionally important role. i had one young jewish american staffer who said to me in a very friendly way, trying to for one thing, whatever you do don't talk about the money. .. spend double the time looking for money. they only arrived, some of them
10:01 am
as the representative, longtime veteran of the house side told me here may be on tuesday morning, tuesday or thursday they were on a plane by late thursday or friday morning to raise money again and they are raising money while they are in their offices here as well, so money is exceptionally important to individuals as you know. and as a speed eight organization they do arrange meetings with people coming from the regional basis and then asked these regional meetings which are fund-raising activities for apec they will put people in touch at those organizations said this is the way that it tends to work these things out.
10:02 am
the relative absence of significant countervailing influence is important because the first thing people over the years have thought about in terms of the influence to pro israeli right-wing government actors is the lobby and i will listen to my interviewees talk about individuals that they were being contacted by influenza in whatever shape or manner or so forth and actually to a person they wouldn't talk at all about the lobby. so finally at the end of this segment of the interview, i would say what about the oil lobby? people coming from the producing states would scratch their heads and say no, we never hear from people from the lobby at all and
10:03 am
things relating to this issue, which i thought very, very interesting. once the people arrive on the hill, how does apec try to sustain its influence? numerous measures. first, they are active in providing members of congress with letters and the provision of materials that set the bills and actions of in action so this is one important factor. ie may have to skip through some of these along the way because i see the clock is ticking down at a further shift space -- for roush's. code they use recourse to their own so people in these offices are much more likely to hear from their own constituents and will respond to the concerns
10:04 am
than they are to listen to people coming from the outside. but the staffers again know of apec's significance and so forth and can get their foot in the door in the way that a lot of other actors or interest groups and lobbyists are not allowed to do so. they go through great length. their constituents call on a regular basis so they become people that have a first name basis contact with the person that holds the foreign-policy portfolio like the line from cincinnati to take the call to talk to people that way. this isn't a game that is played with success by other lobbyists with compared to apec. this is structural in nature about the way that apec sees it. they know how strapped the
10:05 am
staffers are to talk about the time they have come a lot to deal with any particular issues. so for apec to come along and deliver information to them on a silver platter makes life so much easier for them but they are happy to be on the receiving end of that information. yet, another point that somewhere out there at this point i can't really read these without putting my glasses on. it is that many of the staffers of course only last on the jobs for a short number of years. they are only there for one or two or three years. they are not being very well-paid area did they know if they can get a job with any lobbying firm then after they've been on the job for again a short number of years and have acquired that experience, they can go to work for a lobbyist and start making three times as much money as they were being
10:06 am
paid by a staffer. i want you to think about that a little bit longer because if your long-run objective is one of being hired by a lobbyist and thinking about the implications for the influence of other special interest groups, then how likely are you to be biting the hand of people that people try to provide information for free if you might want to go be employed by those people over the longer run? so all these factors come into consideration. another thing going on, fox is being placed in the chicken coop so to speak, so if you have the time to look carefully at which individuals served over time as the chair or the ranking member and so forth of the subcommittee and appropriations what you will find in this issue area that we are discussing here are people that are coming from the more
10:07 am
conservative right-wing staffer that described as dark blue as opposed to white blue meaning in their terms in commitment to israel and you'll see people coming from very hard-core dark blue jewish-american districts in the country or people that are coming from evangelical backgrounds or our security hogs. so they tend to be clustered into these committees of foreign-policy appropriations in a way that is very important. now let me just try to wrap things up. it's congress' role in port and? you've had a a lot of people argue that this is not the case. aaron david miller has written about this and i imagine people in the room heard of him. people on the left have written about this, that the lobby doesn't play an important role. i beg to disagree. the president has tremendous
10:08 am
power but it's the congress over time again that does things like a signed the bill to provide the $3.2 billion annually now going up to 5 billion annually in terms of assistance to israel. i like to think of this in terms of a horse trainer who can sort of drug a horse so that it performs more modestly in a race but this potentially injurious over the longer term to the health of the horse so to speak and let me just finish them by saying that i think the question is posed is the influence that's bad for america and what i learned along the way from the staffers, so much of the book is based on the hundreds of interviews i did with the staffers you have people who are embarrassed by the power of apec and many other staffers including jewish-american
10:09 am
staffers that are disgusted by the power of apec. in over 30 years of teaching on the subject, not once have i ever accused any member of congress or actors in the executive branch of having dual loyalties or being treasonous. and i can tell you i have had interviews with people coming from both republican and democratic backgrounds who told me again anonymously and a teacher when i asked them to give me specific names on things like insert the name of any other country into the formula and any member of congress for their behavior would be accused of treason. so, i will conclude on that note. [applause]
10:10 am
we have a hard stop at 10:20. just to note he will be signing his book at the conclusion of this panel over in the exhibition hall. we have a number of questions that we are still receiving by internet and twitter of course from our wonderful participants. one of them asked immediately after seeing some of my slides on the polling for many americans believe that israel has multiple nuclear weapons? we pulled that in 2014 and is the majority of it is the majority of americans. so people know how that figures into the qualitative military supposed to pay for the taxpayers of this is -- as it is never discussed. in chicago by e-mail asks how do you view presidential candidates on the policy positions. that will be covered by
10:11 am during the presentations. so stay tuned. michael hager from massachusetts is asking why there's so many states passing resolutions to the investment sanctions. it's the same organizations from its the same legislative templates that we see state after state. so a lot of the organizations that exist in the california policy committee are active in passing those. whether they are constitutional should be decided fairly soon. if the information given my need to be available in about? some of it. the slides will be on the influence website, and now i would like to pass on to roger for his questions.
10:12 am
>> i had a couple people. is that on? i had a couple people ask about the connection between israel and south africans. there was cooperation on nuclear weapons on the apartheid regime. they promised not to be the first introduce nuclear weapons in the middle east that was a deal they cut by several presidents in prisons in the united states but they parsed but over time by assembling weapons at the six-day war and by conducting the tests they conducted of over one neutron bomb in the indian ocean with the cooperation of the south africans. i think what they got in return was uranium or. it's in the book briefly about the whole another subject about a couple of books that have been written. what was the role of france?
10:13 am
they made the deal with the french nuclear authorities without the knowledge and then shall know them prayers is the man that was reported as the chairman of the israeli atomic energy commission so the bomb was bergman. what is the status of officials including the president refusing to acknowledge that israel has nuclear weapons? that deal is nuclear ambiguity or capacity. the policy of israel on nuclear weapons was a deal that was made in private by president nixon and even henry kissinger was forbidden to be in the room. it was never written down but the understanding is don't ask
10:14 am
don't tell enfeebled acknowledge that you have the bomb. it's a silly policy that out to be ought to be undone but it's not by either side. my question is is there any significant lobbying in congress for the palestinians? excellent question. again, i would give free rein to respond to the questions on the hill however they chose to do so. they would talk a lot about apec and being visited by other organizations that they tended to be pretty vague in terms of organizations and by making a generalization now people across the board attended to be more vague about the organizations that would weigh in on behalf of the different interests.
10:15 am
so some people say there was a group of church women that were in here the other day talking about the wouldn't necessarily be able to remember the name of the organization. now let me go see this this isn't a pro- israel sort of pro- palestinian or norco israel issue in my mind and i don't think that is the way that it should be preceded by other people as well for the following reason. it is pro- peace or successful resolution of the conflict of the palestine conflict issue at the end of the day. what does that mean? it means that you have very interesting and important activity by predominantly overwhelmingly even in many cases jewish american organizations that are collecting data and presenting the data and trying to push the
10:16 am
peace envelope if one takes, and i do at face value what it is they are doing so if you look at an organization like americans for peace now indian organization like the israel policy forum there are two examples that are known to most of the players on the hill that are playing the game in that way. other groups in portland are not necessarily ones that come with some sort of attached name to them. they weigh in from time to time but they are less likely to be active on the hill. they don't have the same resources to begin with. they are dwarfed by those. as the resources that are held by americans but peace now so what are some of the other groups that weigh in with a greater success? one that comes to mind was the
10:17 am
quakers said the committee on the national legislation has it in a small number of people that are dedicated to lobbying in this issue area on behalf of peace so they've made themselves known. another very tiny group that probably a lot of people in the room haven't heard of before but i don't know because i've been out of the country a lot lol group you have people coming from either evangelical backgrounds that have organized themselves and are very knowledgeable people committing organized trips to take people to the region where they have people meet him on the palestinian side as well as the israeli side and they are doing a good job to push the peace envelope so it is a very next thing. >> we have a hard stop in about two minutes. did you want to go on?
10:18 am
>> is another very interesting question that you encourage other organizations and concerned citizens to use the strategies and tactics against apec itself? who can argue with their success? larry king, i did a thing and he asked me does the lobby of an congress and congress and so forth and i said no but i thought it would have been more clever if i had responded by saying part in the baseball analogy that if you put back 800 you could have a percentage of planning eight out of ten times who would think that isn't a job very well done and i will stop there to leave room for another
10:19 am
response. >> police pursued the speakers with your questions. the doctor will be signing his book directly after the panel. gideon will be signing at 11 come come out till 40, the professor will be signing his book in the exhibition hall, susan at 3:00, and i will be doing it at 5:30. so thank you very much, panel number one is over. [applause]
10:20 am
[inaudible conversations] >> we will keep going with the first keynote speaker if everyone could just sit down, please. and [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
10:21 am
[inaudible conversations] we went to continue to keep the program on track. the next speaker is about to be announced. for those of you that couldn't find a seat, we do have both
10:22 am
balconies open so if you are standing in the back and want a chair, we are going to offer that to you. and we will have more seating after one when the east room is opened up. so please be seated and we will proceed. there is a break coming up in a bit.
10:23 am
everyone can get seated but he would like to stick to the schedule and we have a very excited speaker coming up that i know you want to hear from. they will give you one more minute and then we are starting if you are acquired or not.
10:24 am
we are ready for the keynote address now if everyone could please quiet down. i know a lot of you came here to see them so give as much time as possible so that you can hear him. thank you. as we move along i know those that attended last year when they heard gideon addressed the conference they were amazed at
10:25 am
what he said is we had no choice but by popular demand to bring him back this year for his encore speech. gideon is a well-known journalist in israel. he writes frequently and often times controversially if you are a zionist. last year at the speech went viral online with over 300,000 views online in english and arabic to three popular as well and today, he will be addressing what i i could tell the visiting congressional delegation. with that, i would invite you to the podium. [applause] thank you, everybody.
10:26 am
i was prepared for a lecture with hundreds of distinguished guests and later i started to realize something is going on wherever i go in the west bank, refugee camps, villages, people tell me they saw me speaking in the press club and it went on and on and then came the trips abroad. people talked with me about this legendary speech which i totally forgot about. and then i realized that it became viral into some 200,000 people around the globe watched it, which puts me in a very
10:27 am
impossible situation today because i can't repeat myself and has part of you might know i'm a singer of one song and a one's home and a pony up one trick and then you were careful enough to give this framework to the american congressmen this gives me a different framework that i really, really grateful to you and to your people for inviting me again and making me so famous in the world. [laughter] so many congressmen are coming over and the israeli machinery is so efficient it would be very hard to compete with still a bit like to try this time at least
10:28 am
virtually. the question that stands on the basis of the two main questions are first of all, do they know the truth because one can claim they know the truth but they just ignore it or they don't care about it or they think that the reality is the right one. or can we open their eyes by shoving them the real truth, the reality command of the second question yesterday someone was mentioning the question is american foreign policy in the middle east based on interest were based on values? and i have my doubts about both. and therefore, to change this head this head of the mission, that is the main source of hope
10:29 am
for us, for people like me in the middle east. the key is now in your hands, america. it is now in your hands, activists, scholars, because as i said here last year and ensure this would be the last sentence if i repeat myself from last year the chance to change will come from within the society are so limited. the brainwashed system is so efficient and life is so good why would israel go for the change, what is the incentive? in the last seven years but i will try with a virtual tour some tours and congressmen who would be ready to listen to me and i will take them to certain places that the propaganda
10:30 am
system of israel wouldn't and i would like to introduce them to some people but they would never meet when it comes to the foreign minister. i would start the tour of the latest victims at two and a half at night and in the morning and america israeli plane in the sky, and f-16, very accurate as the most moral pilots in the world who never mean to kill any civilians or any children, who are basically day and night only saving the lives of palestinians and american jets supplied by
10:31 am
the country with rituals going to take revenge for the rockets that were sent before, didn't cheat anything or anyone and they were falling in open spaces and the fights over the neighborhood, children into this i know for a fact show the hysteria because they know what follows this noise. most of them were there in 2005
10:32 am
and 2008 and 2014 and they know what does it mean and the accurate and precise and sophisticated missile to stay home is an exaggeration into the two brothers are being killed and i'm not sure if they woke up before this or if they were killed in their sleep. this attack is one of many and should be presented as it is, as a revenge operation, nothing to do with fighting terror or
10:33 am
nothing to do with the security of israel. then i would love to introduce this congressmen and women to the victims of the recent months children and adults and their families that are executed. part of them on most of them without any sufficient reason. i've introduced to them the american citizens. maybe they would care more about an american. the army claims he came to a checkpoint and had a knife. in any case did he or didn't he?
10:34 am
no because there are fewer witnesses and he was shocked that immediately in a background of that belief he wanted to stab a soldier almost impossible. he came to palestine to spend some years in the village and he was born here in florida and had his plans and dreams to go back to study medicine. his life in pakistan was very good. did he go to stab a soldier? was there only one choice, wasn't there any other choice, is there any definition but execution? and i give this example that we have them in a daily basis in
10:35 am
the recent months american congressmen should know the life of palestinians in israel right now is the cheapest ever for everything we've been through never was so cheap were so easy to kill palestinians were never was so little discussed or hardly covered by the media the biggest collaborator so that any palestinian must be held as a suspect and any suspect must be executed. american legislators should notice. i would take the american legislators to new places to
10:36 am
show them and trust their consciousness. it is enough to go to the city just take them there. i never met an honest human being who had been there and didn't come back after a few hours in shock. it's one thing to hear about those things and another thing to see and experience it in your own eyes. anyone that argues still but it isn't an apartheid regime just come and stay a few hours and i want to meet one person who can tell me that this is not apartheid but it looks like it and behaves like it.
10:37 am
and it's not yet an apartheid state that the regime cannot be defined. then i'd ask the congress litigation are you accepting the system in the 21st century? do you understand you are financing the system in the 21st century? do you know that your presidents compared once the palestinians to the slavery, the fact that you are supporting it and then to conclude i would take this mission to the most unexpected place.
10:38 am
i always tell them come to tel aviv because you will understand it only if you've been. look at the wonderful life. look at the alliance for the restaurants and listen to what people are talking about in the café and the clubs and the society, look at the beaches. many times the helicopters are on their way to bomb lebanon. look and listen to what young people are talking about and ask what do they know about the occupation tax there was a survey showing that israel is number 11 in the world but.
10:39 am
the israelis are happier than you american's. they are happier than the germans and the friend -- french. 86% claim that their life is wonderful. american legislators should know if this is partly financed by the united states. it's the first on the list to be supported and it's the poorest country, the most unprotected, the weakest. what is the answer to those questions. why? without watching the life of tel aviv, it is very hard to understand this total loss of
10:40 am
connection with reality in the society, this total blindness, this total interest in any kind of solution why would a tel aviv go for a solution. there is 1% [inaudible] can you imagine what would have happened to the babies in their sleep was what we have heard about the palestinians that the cruelty and brutality and behavior. but with bombs and missiles,
10:41 am
that's fine. i will take those congressmen to some of the refugee camps. i would have taken them to gaza if i could. if they were to reconstruct and open up a interest forgotten again. it's only by launching rockets. go to syria. it's so much worse.
10:42 am
it's not financed by the united states. they would kill and conquer and confiscate. and the killers in syria are and syria are not the biggest allies in the united states. it's the policy in the middle east driven by interest or value is a. it's not for me to judge america's policy. it is an enigma.
10:43 am
what values today share? the congressmen would find the language of many of these politicians. it is unfortunately so there would also be more of the same most of them in common language and a cynicism would be quite equal in both sides. but americans should ask themselves above all why do we go on with the same policy for so many years my don't you realize that it doesn't lead to anywhere? don't we see where does it go
10:44 am
and with these enormous sums of money the united states is investigating in this project at least a minimum would have been to use this in a constructive purpose and some kind of a threshold on israel, some kind of effort to put an end to the occupation to change the values and interest in policy and behavior and the conception that they are not equal beings like anyone else. the conception that they were going to kill switch is shared right now between the united states and israel. i would have expected the mission of the congress to ask
10:45 am
itself did this policy of supplying to israel did it prove itself. next year we are celebrated 50 years to the occupation when you enjoy yourself time is passing quickly it's only the first 50 years of the accusation occupation. they should ask where is it heading to a. it's either totally gone over really in the last moments i believe we missed the chance. both america and israel never meant to go to the two state solution.
10:46 am
the two state solution was a chirp at me personally i fell into as well. you can say don't put every single last american can't take responsibility. with everything that israel is doing today is the total approval of the anti-total financing in the. the united states, the leader of the free world, the superpower in the world is now negotiating with israel did about the foreign aid and military
10:47 am
assistance. first to say we think we will wait until the next president, he isn't good enough. then they had a second sports because they start to think that we are unexpected, might be unexpected so maybe they will do the favor and maybe they are ready to discuss this in the regime about the coming ten years. america is begging for israel to accept a deal. i'm not very good at the details that america is offering 4 billion israel wants five and is ready to compromise on four and a half, 4.3 but if you look
10:48 am
at the mechanism ended the way it goes you come to the same question for god sake who is the superpower between the two? ' it's not for me to answer and give an explanation to this. i would go to the knee asking you because i have so many questions how can it be possible for so many years such as automatic support how can it be that america who claims the
10:49 am
existence is important and that israel is the only democracy in the middle east how can it be that the administration with very little differences between the others are always competing the candidate and in the same time they are corrupting israel save them from the point of view for me, apec is a friendly organization as a matter of fact it is one of the biggest enemies [applause] because when you are drug addicted to and i'm afraid i mentioned also last time so it's the second but only two sentences in the whole speech
10:50 am
but it's so clear i can't help but mention again to a drug addict that is your family or friend supplied with money would be so grateful to you but are you really caring about him or love him? try to send him to a rehabilitation center he would be so mad at you. but isn't this care? does anyone have the slightest doubt that this addiction is dangerous? crystal ball for israel's future in many ways it is in the entire middle east by the end of the day it will end one way or the
10:51 am
other. but look what happens to the occupier. i would have taken this mission and introduce them to some colleagues. it doesn't be the american values. the book that is being banned because it is describing the races and can you see yourself in the united states a book being banned because it described marriage between two races? in israel it happens with the common values between americans and israelis. calling the voters on the day of
10:52 am
their election to run to the ballots because they have the native american or hispanic communities running to the ballots. can you see it happening? those are the core values. can you see an american president after the terror attacks made by a calling the whole community as responsible speaking about the lola smith debate could -- low community because of one terrorist like the israeli prime minister did a few weeks ago can you see it
10:53 am
happening? it was the right to do whatever it was a. they would never let me take them around. and the holocaust memorial museum i would have taken them because of all started there. i would ask my guests who would never come what is the lesson of it. never again which means it is any ties to the jewish people.
10:54 am
it's to do whatever they want after the holocaust. [applause] i believe that most of the american legislators are a big part of them know the truth and they know what is being done with the money the idea is based on american money into training and equipment. they know the use of the army and farewell that the main role of the army is being an occupied
10:55 am
force chasing after children, detaining children, shooting children on a daily basis. they know that it's all the sophisticated bombs and submarines that it may be the most sophisticated army in the world. by the end of the day it is all about maintaining this occupation, which no country in the world recognizes even though their best friend after the united states. they no farewell what is being done and they support it and compete one against another who will be more pro- israeli than the other and the american society accepts it.
10:56 am
wait for the coming days. wait to hear i saw already biggest friend of israel. wait for hillary clinton's answered that she is the best friend of israel and i can tell you one of them is an israeli friend. none of them cares about israel. [applause] and in this policy it will continue of this automatic endpoint support which enables them to go wide like before they've never had the freedom to react. never. i've remember which every settlement was immediately to see what will the americans say. now i think obama is more fearful of what netanyahu would say rather than the opposite.
10:57 am
so the red light is already here and it's shining for so long in that relationship between the united states and israel. let me tell you today that there will be an american president who would like to sincerely put an end to it and an end to this set of crimes committed as criminal occupation that we come to see within months they will never be able to say no to a decisive american president. i would conclude by saying please vote for him, who is he?
10:58 am
[laughter] thank you very much. [applause] thanks again for a fabulous speech. as i'm looking at these questions i think you're right these are questions we should be -- you should be asking us if we shouldn't be asking you but i will give it a stab. the first concerns the high number of extreme right-wing israelis and the notion that it would've a lot of congressmen especially democratic ones any time they see a gun toting american quick to push for the further performance they are pretty lenient and supporting the gun toting american settlers said the question is what do you make of that hypocrisy i guess?
10:59 am
>> can you repeat because i was -- >> the assistance of right-wing israelis and how that's kind of the right-wing and the u.s. is often slandered. >> first of all, let me if it were i would like just to say a personal sentence because when i was on the podium came a very dear friend of mine may be the biggest musician that lives today and a great friend of justice in the middle east. i am so grateful for him being with us today. [applause] now we understand why i wasn't so concentrated on the question.
11:00 am
this for me has a very big meeting. i do bb that the problem is the mainstream, the mainstream who choose to close its eyes, the mainstream that wants to feel so good about himself, the mainstream that wants to show the beautiful face of israel how friendly we are and how we invented the cherry tomatoes and contributed so much to the international high-tech industry. look how beautiful we are. we have the most moral army in the world. don't you think that it can be the second coming is the most moral army in the world.


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