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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  March 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:46pm EDT

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afterwards, we'll discuss the 19 years in prison and weigh in on reducing the prison population. on wednesday, history of civil engineering professor henry examines america's infrastructure. >> .. washington journal contin. t is back atl wrigh our desk. she is out with a new book, con job.
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how'd -- that titlet into in of your book. i want to begin with this quote from your book, real racism still exists in modern america and it hurts real people. when hustlers like al sharpton and liberals are quick to label from voter i.d. laws to the shooting of lack teams. t it diminishes the rightful intention that true racism should receive, so what is true racism and why are some of the issues that are brought up in that example are not racism? >> guest: aye vote a chapter in the book "con job" to racism. it's my family's personal story of being discriminated against. when i was a little girl and we apply to a country club and we were told that they didn't want my parents to be members because they were black and that case
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actually went all the way up to the u.s. court of appeals at the time in 1980, 81 when it went to the appeals court the u.s. justice department filed antm amicus brief because it said 13 years after the civil rights act had passed this is not whatis america was about so that to me is true racism and discrimination. i would say you know when someone is denied access to something that is true racist discrimination. when people are called n word out right by white supremacist, that is discrimination. cletus bundy the incineratet bl things that he said about black people, that's racism. what's happening now and i write about it in "con job" that this industry where people like al sharpton and cornel west are getting rich off of calling everything racism, jumping into racial division incidents in the
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united states and profiting on it. jesse jackson is another one. that to me is not being a champion or ending discrimination. that's it champion for making money. >> host: you say it's something that the democratic p already is using. >> guest: right now you seesi them narrative playing out on the democratic side. we have hillary clinton and bernie sanders which are the democratic front-runners the only one vying for the democratic nod nation in this presidential election and they are pandering to black livesac matter. s we saw lester were bernie sanders was at an event. he didn't give appropriate lip service to black lives matter and he was heckled off the stage. i i'm a black worse and i find that offensive that i want to hear from canada's policies to make all lives better so rightht now you have this race going ona the democrat side were candidates can get so-called black endorsements.g with
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meeting with al sharpton. i don't know about you john but i'm a black woman that i speak for myself, he was a white van to that white people telling you how to vote.bern why are they getting theo- endorsement of so-called white america and white spokespeople? i find it offensive. there's nothing real and they should be talking about their agenda for black america. we have hillary clinton in 1994 supporting her husband's crimehn bill which locked up and incarcerated more black men than any president in u.s. history. he created a disparagement between sentencing of crack and incarcercaine and cocaine thatat led to the mass incarceration of black america. i would argue that neither candidate has done anything in the decades of service to improve the lives of black americans. >> host: 85% of black americans voted for democrats and you say they are voting against their own interests wheh they do that. how do you try to change that
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mindset, change those numbers, 89%? >> guest: to 89% of the country and it's also overwhelmingly you have over 90% of latin americans the last two election cycles, voting for the first black% of the niceties of america in 2,002,012 and i talk about this in "con job" read the subtitle of the book is how democrats gave us crime, sanctuary cities, abortionon profiteering and racial division and the reason i wrote the book is to really expose to america allies that i believe the democratic party is based on payday 50 pages of mostly government data to prove every point i talk about. abortion is not a friend of women's health because according to planned parenthood three out of 10 women by the time they have turned age 45 will have had an abortion.or you tell me how that's promoting women's health. we should be talking about abstinence. we should be talking about if a
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woman comes into an abortion clinic she should be getting counseling on if you have your baby and you put your baby up for adoption but none of that is happening in planned parenthood is getting 40% are permanent funding to perform their $1.3 billion that they made in 2013 and 2014 and with black americans too what i also talk about is oftentimes easy democrats pitting one constituent against another. they actually cannibalize constituents because there's no party that can be all things to all p.. the -- people.on on one hand you have hillary clinton and bernie sanders and barack obama talking about illegal immigration which ishi actually damning -- enemy of black employment in this country. i could go on and on but i will stop.on >> host: we want to bring in our callers.748-8000 democrats 2,027,488,000 republicans -- we will get to a
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few calls. james in hollywood florida on the line for democrats. you are on with crystal wright. >> caller: husband james go ahead. luvall go to josh from kissimmee florida on the lines for republicans. she were on "washington journal." >> caller: good morning. i would like to ask your guest exactly how she feels about the narrative that all republicans are racist my daughter and i went to a trump rally in orlando last weekend and the crowd was mixed. nobody was saying racial epitaphs and things like that red hat can make it around the media's narrative? >> guest: that's a great question and that's why i wrote to the "con job" and that's why started my blogblog to break through the stereotypes because somehow black people were born with a certain skin color we are relegated to the
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democratic box. if you go back through history before 1964 when that number crabs party started honing the black vote lock stock and barrel because lyndon b. johnson actually said the civil rights act intogn law and marshaled it through for political expediency. before that you had republicans champion all the things that now the democratic party is giving lip service to and saying more important is people like you and me speaking out and saying yould just told me you were at the trump rally. he didn't have people calling each other incendiary names and i do not believe donald trump is a racist. i would have liked him to repudiate much stronger when he came out against the david duke support in white supremacists support.t. he has since done that saying he doesn't want that kind of support. he can't control who votes for him but he needs to talk in the vein of ronald reagan and say
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hey if i'm elected president i'm going to bring all people together and repudiate that kind of trash talk and racial talk. what are you voting for donald trump? >> guest: i've not endorsed a candidate or decided who i'm'mid going to support in the gop primary yet. i will vote republican but there are those of us who resist. i like what donald trump's candidacy is doing to the political schmiegel the republican party because they are tone deaf to inclusion and that's why we are in the state we are.. i predict that the party will be born even if trump doesn't prevail in being the nominee for elected. >> host: i was going to note in your column about donald trump in this issue of white supremacists and his comments about that.or the you note some criticism for the republican establishment that the establishment has done nothing to -- college-educated
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white base end quote. >> guest: it hasn't had their member vividly one of became the nominee and i was a newt gingrich supporter and delicate in d.c.. i tried at every turn to volunteer for mr. romney's campaign, never got responses. i was on television supporting his wife and he ran one of the widest campaigns in recent memory. >> host: what does that mean? >> guest: that means while barack obama was using come even though i don't believe in barack obama's policies perceptionie becomes reality. president obama had people of color. he enlisted actresses in hollywood to go out there and help him with his campaign. he didn't have surrogates looking like a who's who of white america. very opposite was true mr. romney notches in the people he was using to talk on his behalf but his campaign largely white male.g
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get a bunch of coalitions. i have the african-american coalition invasion coalition and that was reflected in the votes of won. won 60% of the white vote. that was more than any president had one in 1988 and we see the path forward is not just a white boat.h our nominee say it in 2016 we have to include minorities independents and women. i thought it was disingenuous and an affront for to get up there and start blasting donald trump when he lost an election 2012 that many people say he should have won. so my party has problems on inclusion. >> host: on the lines for democrats from waldorf marylandm >> caller: hi, good morning c-span. good morning to your guest. i have a feeling that herself and i would probably not agree
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on many things but after hearing her i think i might change my opinion. the first is, i do sincerely disagree with you, with your definition of gerrer racism versus i suppose you categorizei it as not racism or no racism. i think your definition should include both covert versus overt racism. i think that is the definition you probably should be speaking to but my other statement is that i agree with you in some a aspect and that the democratic party probably should not have a lock on the black vote. i think that's not -- that's not
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very informed of us voters to simply vote your party. i myself, i suppose i identify as a democrat because i have voted democratically in every election however as i get older, as i become more informed and become i suppose more active in the political process i think i have changed my understanding of who i should vote for. maybe i'm more of an independent than a democrat. >> host: crystal wright. >> guest: you make some great observations and i think racism if i had more time and i don't want to dominate in the short time i have, we are talking about types of racism.ors when i experience racism from professors when i was in college and high school but we probably don't have enough time to go
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into all of that.her prefer >> host: what about her definition must talk about overdoing covert racism. >> guest: look i believe there is overt racism that they seem to be here and i gave an example.e. there is covert racism in hiring practices now the fortune 500 companies. you have racism taxicab drivers in major cities to look at black man in a suit and tie is to pick them up or it certainly they do that goes to my point. of all white people are racist like al sharpton wants to label people what happens is you have a chasm of racial division in the country because people likey al sharpton. al sharpton was really interested in making races come together you would jump and every scenario like baltimore michael brower and trayvon martin. he would take a step back what he goes down there and flaps his
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loud mouth and creates tension. tension doesn't produce anything but friction and violence and that to what else she said i wrote the book "con job" because i'm not trying to convince all black people that they have to vote democrat. i'm saying as she pointed outt that black people have no political influence. we gave that up over the last 50 plus years that we have voted single-handedly for one political party. no other race does that just because you have a d oren kerr next to my name, ivan r next r next minute minute. v is that minimize going to vote republican? every election cycle will addition to turn my vote and i think lack the pony to holed up politicians -- i think black people need to hold politicianst accountable. right now you have two democratc promising that black lives matter and it's the same lipservice we have heard in the
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last four years in the last eight years before that. i would argue sense -- since over half a century black minds if not man that -- matter to democrats, black education has gotten worse, black wealth hasas gone down. everything is gone down the toilet when you look at black lives. >> host: one more passage in the book you say the black lives matter campaign has become nothing or then an excuse for black men to get confrontation with police particular white officers across the country. they jeopardize their mind and they are ray charlotte and allies with another -- incident they will leverage into more rioting, looting and votes for candidates with a d after theirr names. "con job," crystal wright is our guest for the next 25 minutes.e: >> caller: thank you for taking my call and just a fast,
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quick comment. i don't think it's as simple as racism and racial comments more economic and just by your personal history obviously you are in a high socioeconomicc group. that's a democrats appeal. it's a working-class situation is not really racism and that's just my comment. thank you. >> guest: i'm going to disagree with you on that because democrats when it comes to black americans the number one thing that is causing mostst of the crime and lack of education that my race isexperin experiencing that we continue to vote for the same party and continue to get the same results. 72% of all black davies are born out of wedlock. that needs there more black babies born into homes without a mom and a dad. whether you look at brookings institute or heritage as polar opposites. one is on the right one is on the left.dada all the data shows when a child is born into that kind of situation their chances of
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falling into poverty not graduating from high school and falling into crime are exponential over like 70%. so if democrats are really interested and i talk about inbn the book "con job" in solvingul this problem they would look at how do we stop and it's not just one generation, it's many generations and it startedne happening in the early 60s0sdani when daniel patrick moynihan who was a democrat senator and he worked for president johnson, he wrote the moynihan report. then they grow case for action is the formal term of it. he wrote to president johnson when he was assistant secretary of labor and said jobson i'm concerned here. alert we have 23% of black babies being born into homes without fathers and i'm seeing a rise in increase of black women on welfare. and the men going to jail so
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fast-forward to today president obama solution was my brother's keepers program. it was more coddling of young black men but this was basically a nanny program. i write about it in "con job." it was the federal governmentprg program that actually is going to teach black men have been men. that's the responsibility of the parents. we need to be teaching abstinence programs and personal responsibility. i disagree with thecaller that it's about socioeconomic radii it's about more than that. you have more black americans that are not taking responsibility for their lives so their plight is never going to change and they keep voting for a party that continues to keep them in the state of victimization. >> host: let's go to our line for publicans were all off is waiting in maryland. >> caller: good morning, how are you doing? what a great job of presenting the issue. every time i present the issue that we presented i get called
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every name in the book and i'm not going to repeat it.e, i pre i tell people i present the issue the way it is. in data and fact not suffer vision and innuendo. i cannot do it. on a per-capita basis most of the discrimination we face right now is socioeconomic and it's more heightened on a per-capita basis but everything you say hi completely agree with. the issue that i have is this, how do we teach them because they do volunteer and they teacc young men twice a week, how do we now teach the youngerer generation not to fall into the trap of the democrats like the holy grail because i do it twice a week with young adults 18 to 30. most of them, i'm talking about a group of 30 guys. most of them say i don't care about racism.
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i know that it's there. i worry about what it is that i need to do personally to achieve everything that god wants me to achieve and be 100% of the person i can be. that's really the key not the coddling of my brothers keeper. it's more about personal responsibility so good job to keep doing what you are doing and hopefully one day i will ran into you. >> guest: the caller raises important issues, solutions, right? had talked about the negatives but there are solutions and i think the solution is talking more about what speaker paul ryan is doing which is -- speaker paul ryan is bringing in more policies on how to preventd poverty through work and personal responsibility and empowerment and a lot of this t goes back to when he worked for jack kemp. we talked about jack kemp had these ideas of enterprise i.t. says businesses want to go into like laces like all the more
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were you have torn down buildings and there is no opportunity for young black people who are trying to break that generational cycle jack kemp said we are going to give tax credits to these businesses to set up shop in baltimore and torn down predominately blackor cities where there's no economic opportunity. it's also about mentoring and talking to young people and really explaining that when you have a job you are able to buy things. when you finish high school and get a high school education you are able to empower yourself to get that job and maybe go to college. i don't think it should be college, college for everybody. we need to get back to vocational training and it's also telling young people what happens when you have a baby when you're not ready for a baby , when you have a baby out of wedlock and talking abstinence. in the book i talk about the best friends are a grammar delay and started and this is a
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program that was teaching youngg girls to graduate from high school and not engage in the marital sex until they finish high school focus on going to college, not doing drugs and alh alcohol. it's a curriculum program taught in about 14 public schools. she started the best men's program about 10 years ago in the current president barack obama once he got elected in 2009 tt funded all the federal government money for abstinence training program. i will just leave the caller with this other example. my mom is a tutor through her church and she goes in and tutors elementary kids in the schools and she told me a couple of years ago she was tutoring a young grade schooler and this black child did not know what her husband was.
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the term was foreign to her. with valentines holiday was coming up in and my mother was explaining to the little girl that she was giving uphits and valentine's card to her kids and her husband and no girl said with a husband? my mom explained her to her what her husband was and she responded back to my mothere exl husband, boyfriend there'll the same.. this is the narrative we need to break.ti they are not all the same and if anything the black race need husbands. they need fathers. >> host: virginia is not -- next line for democrats, karen is next. >> caller: good morning. i don't want to be disrespectful but you are talking out of two sides of your mouth.r one of the problems in what i see is african-american peopleok don't look at all white people as racist. not because of your skin color but i look at you and how you treat others. you cannot read that racism still exists.r over.
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to turn around and not understand or empathize with people like al sharpton how he brings it to attention. the truth of the matter is a lot of white people have a lot of white friends.ienced i don't blame whether it's al sharpton or anybody else by the attention the national media buo i do want to jump off this -- jump on this issue of unwed mothers. you are right there arema african-american communities that do not have fathers that they are the same outside of kentucky so let's not try to sugarcoat an act like this is just an african-american thing. when you start to have discussions like this on a public forum you need to pute them out there and it's not about what the democrats are doing for the african-american
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country. ask what the republicans are not doing for the african-american printer the latino committee or all minorities. if you want to use this as a hot formed into a 100%. to sugarcoat it. >> host: r. got your point. >> guest: i think karen has a chip on her shoulder and she doesn't like the fact that i'm producing factory facts. black americans represent 13% of the population, 72% of their babies are born out of wedlock. black men are killing each other at a rate in being killed by each other much higher than any other race. according to the justice department karen, blacks are six times as likely to commit homicide and seven times as likely to be homicide victims. the number one cause of death of young black men ages 15 to 34 is homicide. 93% of those deaths are due to.
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homicide so we have a pathology black americans that isdispro disproportionate to white americans. and when you look at welfare per-capita, more black women are living in public housing because they are having babies out of wedlock wedlock. in the book "con job," karen not my facts the "washington post" facts there was an article in 2010 and colbert king and many other sees him as where in 2010 or 2011 the district of columbia wanted to reduce the period and women could be on welfare. so the post article referenced about four or five black women. they didn't just have one baby out of wedlock. they had two, three, four and one woman even at five. by different men and at the time mayor barry the black mayor of d.c. said he felt this was a problem. this was a black mayor talking
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about a black problem. you know what one of the women said when she was told she might lose her assistance?pay for my who is going to pay for my pampers and you talk about the republicans are doing? republicans like paul ryan went in this recycle and when they want to reform welfare there are blasted. education republicans laid on school choice product -- programs which barack obama defense every chance he gets and every budget is submitted toan congress. school choice and vouchers have been under assault by democrats in favor of the teachers union. these help minorities, blacks and >> host: underline forsp republicans richard has been waiting in fort myers florida. richard you're on with crystal wright. richard, are you there? you've got to stick by your phone. we go to paul virginia beach virginia on the line for independents. paul go ahead. >> caller: think you're taking my call. i have to pick comments and i i
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will take your comments off the air. my first is i kept hearing ms. wright running down this list of reasons why african-americans should notld v vote democrat. she mentioned something aboutt president obama's program about these other things and why we should not vote democrat. my problem is you don't list any reasons why we should vote for republicans. i've entered one thing in my quick point is this. even though and i kind of agree with you that democrats have not done everything direct before the african-american community. you said because of that go to the voting booth in november and vote for a party whose front-runner has not only -- by
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the ex-leader of the kkk but also the current leader of the kkk and a white separatist name jared chambers and during the debates you're a republican candidate on stage telling jokes so do you really think because the democrats have not broadband current on african-american issues that i is an african-american should vote for the dash in our public party? >> guest: i think it's really sad you are voting for the clown show called the democrats and i think it's sad in all your diatribe to me about the democratic party never told me once why you are voting for them and you laughed at oh why should i vote republican? wrinkly you should give the republican party had tried because the democrats have kept blacks poor, dumber and more criminalized.
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everything i have said, we have had over half a century of affirmative action programs and we are not, we are still not graduating at the rate of white americans and all this affirmative action and all the scholarships that are thrown at black americans, we are not graduating college or high school at the same rate as whites. when you talk about well as of 2013 the average black family and this is again having voted over half a century for democrats including twice for the first black president of the united states, black americans have about $19,000 in wealth are compared $130,000 for the average white family. crime, a party been through that and you also think it's interesting you laugh at the notion of voting for a republican when you look at the republican agenda which is an agenda of personalpe responsibility and empowerment, education is the great equalizer
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there is no denying and i talk about this one i talked about the charter school and the school voucher program. democrats want to protect teachers union so the teachers union is something that they s will always stand by. any chance they get they try tod destroy the charter school movement, the school choice president barack obama suit his justice department, sued louisiana school choice program under governor robbie gentle because eric holder said he couldn't have the black kids leaving the school because what makes make the failing schools wouldn't have enough diversity. what kind of nonsense is back and i would argue i have talkeds about donald trump's comments with respect to the white supremacist and david dukeke supporting him. i do not believe that donald trump is a racist. he needs to come out strong.
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he and the one hand talks about earning the black vote which hel says he can do and he can beat hillary. he can't talk out of both sides of his mouth that donald trump is the only candidate when you compare him to hillary and bernie sanders on the democratic side, donald trump's immigration plan talks about how it's going to ease black unemployment. besides saying black votes matter in hillary branson -- clinton talking the black dialect i told you in 1994 when she supported bill clinton's crime bill she called young black men superpredators. if you are happy with the return on your investment you are getting from democrats you keep laughing all the way to the ballot box.. >> host: life for republicans and company you are on within crystal wright. >> caller: i admire you so
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much and the man a phonecall to go was right on everything. you are doing so good. i really do admire you.u are don you have told the jurors on lote of things. i'm a 73-year-old lady and i have gone through a lot of things. i've never been a racist. i never will be. all white people are not racists and i so much appreciate your getting that point across like you have. thank you so much for taking my. call bye bye. >> guest: and company brings up a good point. we live in such a polarized environment. i didn't know that black people have had to have other people speak on our behalf but they all
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sharpton's have really painted a picture under the first black president and i'm not saying ars there people in this country who disdain the fact that we have a black president? sure. are they racist? absolutely and i have never said anything but and i condemn tha went people use to cinderellame pictures of gorillas and monkeys and comparing them to the president and the first lady michelle obama. to th you always have sick minded racism like that but now if you are a white person and yo criticize this black president a you start to open your mouth, oh you are racist previews to still like him because he's a black person and that's fundamentally not many people feel as though our president president barack obama has taken the country in the wrong direction and somehow i can say it because i'm black so i'm giving license to criticizet
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the black president but all the other presidents before barack obama were criticized by people of all races and the very black people who are telling white people that oh you can't criticize the black dress and wear the same people criticizing president george w. bush because he was white calling him all sorts of names and white persons who were republican before them. i appreciate the call and i would like for all of us regardless of our skin color to feel as though we can weigh in on race issues. i find it really offensive that usually when a program is having a discussion on race i find that i'm called in and there may be a token white person primarily on a panel made up of people of color and were never going to get a true discussion that way. >> host: crystal wright lots of calls for you. scott is on the line for independence matt. scott good morning.from years b
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>> caller: this is scott and i'm a friend of crystals from years back. hi rich to. there is a lot of venom and crystaare tough subject matters. i hear a lot of venom directed towards crystal crystalline i've known crystal for a long time. we used actually argue on issues i'm not caucasian male and i would argue there has been a lot of progress revkin american sushi said no there's not.heart it was a heartfelt thing. she was trying to figure out the truth. so when i hear a lot of -- i'm not saying i always agree with her or disagree with her but i want people to know that this is a woman who is thought about this stuff. i remember we had a discussion on justice thomas and i said its progress and she said it's not enough the need to make more. she's trying to legitimately find a way to make all of us --
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i've had these discussions and we had the discussions and it never turned into a nasty thing. that she respected my opinion. i hear these things and i say they don't know her. she's really trying to find the truth and people should havesi these discussions respectfully.y anyways that's what i have to say. >> guest: thanks scott. scott does make a good pointco that i thought about this ever since i was in high school. i've had experiences. i grew up in a home where mygreu parents grew up during segregation and had to sit in the back of the bus and had to go to separate teaches, couldn't eat in the same places as whit people and growing up in virginia my father is one of the first people to be admitted tomy the medical college of virginia dental school. he helped fellow white students with their homework and they
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would get a higher grade to my father. i know what racism is. i don't take it lightly. i think none of us are going to understand each other if we don't give each other permissioo to disagree like scott said and everybody should be welcomed to the table. >> host: los angelesst: california dawn on the line for democrats. good morning. >> caller: good morning. i would like to say i agree with some of the things that the lady says but i don't agree with everything she says. i definitely agree that illegal immigration is deadly to blackck people. los angeles under a black mayor named tom bradley was the first city in america to declare themselves a sanctuary city and you should see los angeles today i have to say when black people vote democratic it's becauseng certain things that were done politically before you and i came along that we gravitate to the democratic already.
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my grandfather was republicans t but once the civil rights act of 1964 was passed a lot of the dixiecrat 20 republican party. that's why you find so manyth right-wingers in the republican party today. now to be honest with you i think politically speaking we are between a rock and hard place when it comes to the republicans and the democrats. when you are voting at least i feel i'm voting for the left for two evils.wo as the old people used to say one of them is bad and the other one is worse. there is no such thing as a perfect candidate. eileen maura decker is bernie sanders this go-round because i don't like some the things that donald trump has said. he is colorful and is entertaining to look at but i wouldn't vote for the guy because he's arrogant and somewhat of an egomaniac that i guess you have to be to be successful and as rich as he is. the other thing is no one has
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said anything about hillary clinton and she told out an outline about being exposed in the media that she'd -- and nobody talks about that.s let c >> guest: hillary clinton also shows a lack of personal responsibility for an electedspi official and state department secretary using a private sector sector -- a private server any amount to evade scrutiny. so there is a lot on hillary clinton that hopefully our republican nominee will tackle but you bring up an importantmp point and i think critical of their public and party for not going out and trying to and the black vote. the republican party needs to make its case to black america.a the same time black america can sit back and expect that a political party is going to do all the work for them.
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black americans have to start doing their own scrutiny and work and i think it's sad you just told me you were going to vote for a party you feel is not as bad as the other party and i think that's where we fail. i think it's like the chicken and the egg. black americans need to hold those parties accountable. there's no way to do that if they keep voting single-handedly for democrats. we have to diversify diversify our boat and at the same time i don't know what kind of trip i republican party is on but the path or it is not the white vote to the white house. tried it and mccain. there's not much white vote left in the electorate. america's getting browner and that is where they will be forced to. >> host: crystal wright is writer of andnd author of "con job" support. appreciate your time on the "washington journal."
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>> correct man. i'm a policy analyst in latin america at cato center for liberty and prosperity.


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