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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  June 8, 2016 11:03pm-12:01am EDT

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that is part of the indispensable background of policy decisions and ruinous with whom you're dealing this is what is missing and has to be reinforced also an important element of deterrence. >> will be a brief recess until the chairman returns that i can vote for the senate. we will stand in recess. [inaudible conversations]
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>> you know, what it's like to ebonized conversation? have a bite to leave it open for comment and i very much appreciate your reference. if there is anything else from my personal standpoint with the first two witnesses from a professional
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standpoint there are numbers of questions about things he could be doing the other observations to additional pressure relative to what is happening internally which is much -- most of your focus. >> i know you didn't ask for help you said remain true to our values but are there additional activities we could be involved? >> thanks for your leadership that is marked by the committee in the senate resolution which was dedicated to the memories what tasking u.s. government would raise in this investigation and the progress or the lack thereof with the investigation so a
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thank you for this. i take it is important to distinguish to use the short hand but what they really mean is the putin regime in the kremlin and that is the important difference and i think they should not be confused with each other with a product of the democratic election or the free world is important to keep in mind so the question of what could be done frankly more robust and active implementation is the single most important thing this at targets not just those implicated this
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section for be widens the scope to others in the far not mistaken there has been 39 people added to the list since it came into force but most of them are human rights abusers and should be bent as mentioned in the opening statement is important not to have a glass ceilings with the rank and influence. >> widely think it is mostly targeted to low level individuals? >> it is not for me to comment on the motivations behind the west administration actions as i am a foreigner i do understand there are criteria built in itself so there has to be clear evidence but frankly there is clear evidence of high profile from the kremlin regime from those abusers
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like the general the head of the investigative committee is part of the act and frankly in my personal view is a public meeting in shaming these individuals should not be placed on the open list and in 2014 when they came here for the last time i had several meetings on the hill with the leadership of both parties in both houses and he suggested several names of high-profile abusers that could be added to the list and one was the general the former head of the central election commission that was responsible for covering up the massive fraud in this election cycle i believe there were 13 names that were suggested on the list so far not a single one has
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been put on the list. one year ago i had several meetings on the hill and they suggested the names of officials who call themselves journalist involved in state-sponsored rights against the putin regime and those who were engaged that called him a foreign agent your enemy of russia said he would have broken 90 troops if he was said moscow 1941 i am not making this up the patient also be brought down the sanction list so i really think a cost-effective way in the most honorable way to deal with those to rates is to place them on that sanctions list because the ground breaking thank is
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that not sanctioning of a country it is the russian government but specific individuals for human rights abuse and corruption and i think this is the way it should be done. >> with your observation of somebody is placed on the list truly is that a significant punishment to be sanctioned in that manner? >> this is a very good question we can talk about many similarities to train the soviet regime and what we have we have political prisoners and the censorship but there is also one important difference but they do not hold their bank accounts or send their kids to steady in the west or by real-estate i think there is the double standard in the hypocrisy has to stop me
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know from experience that when high-ranking abusers are placed on the sanction list of has a strong effect. in 2007 with a the controversy of the relocation of a soviet members of the group engaged in a harassment campaign trying to sabotage a press conference shotting abuses and then the government decided to impose the sanctions on the serving minister in this government and the leader of this group he was placed on the ballot but because they're part of the agreement he could not travel to any country which is most of the european union so for nine years he
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is desperately trying to get himself off the list and for all of those years and human-rights abuses that happened there has not been a single case of harassment against the station in moscow say you need to know about the effectiveness of these effectiveness of these measures. >> it think the future of russia depends and i have thought a great deal about it in the first priority the danger of participating in elections that the regime controls although i am not opposed is that it gives legitimacy to the regime and under controlled circumstances gives the impression to the population that what is taking place is
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a real democratic process. the same dilemma that people face for example, i based it when i had invitations to appear a russian television i did not want to take part in a performance that was not honest and did not conform to normal ethical rules. but there is some value to take part in these elections as long as it doesn't nurture illusions it can that is a process that is controlled by the regime that will be changed in other ways most important in my view with russia's future is something of a russia of equivalent to the south african commission of truth and reconciliation. the 25 years of post-communist history are not well understood and
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unfortunately the abuses began not with putin but the hand-picked successor boris yeltsin and the crimes began with yeltsin and the massacre of the television tower in 1993 and the rushing -- and the russian parliament and carpet bombing in 1995 that 25,000 people were killed almost all of them civilians now appears the 1996 election in which yeltsin was reelected was falsified and most importantly of all the circumstances under which putin became the new russian president he became the president in the aftermath bombing of four apartment buildings in russia that terrified the entire country
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galvanize support for a new and even more bloody war in chechnya create the conditions for putin who had 2% to parading to become the national savior and the country's new president. when he took over he brought with him his on dryish and they proceeded to eliminate what was left of the freedoms that had been tolerated under yeltsin. those preconditions for his coming to power was the criminalization under yeltsin because only under a provocation like those carpet bombs with such a regime as the one put in place by yeltsin under conditions of formal democracy, this group now in power will do anything to
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hold onto power but one of the most important instruments at their disposal is the ability to confuse the population about the people's true interest in history. the first requirement for russia's resurrection in my view is to clarify a all of the historical episodes the apartment bombings, the school massacre, in which children and parents in a gymnasium were held hostage by chechen terrorists and were attacked russian troops with flame throwers and grenade launchers and burned alive and of course, the war in georgia and ukraine on
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the basis of a truthful understanding of the history would it be possible to change the psychological state of the country to make it realistic to create genuine law based system once that excess it is important for russia a to have won a loss in 1918 with the bolsheviks dispersing the constituent assembly to create a real constitution not the one created in the wake of the destruction of the russian parliament in 1993 to suit the power requirements of yeltsin but under those circumstances with the understanding that part of the russian
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federation that wished to detach themselves be given the right to do so the conditions to exist for russia to transform itself into a democratic country and must be pointed out as a result of post-communist history russia has acquired an educated sophisticated middle-class of which this regime is absolutely inappropriate in the process will continue as globalization continues and people take a vantage of the exposure of free information that was denied under the soviet regime. >> we thank you both for being here we will have a number of questions coming from those who cannot be here for the second panel we will try to have those then
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by the close of business by thursday if you to respond fairly quickly we know you don't have the same staff as the previous two witnesses but thanks for the light you have shed today in your personal experience and for your help we look forward to help of the new back in the near future. >> [inaudible conversations]
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>> darr reached into the back so i said that is willing good but if they can walk down the stairs we will tell them we were not able to see anybody. she said justin and a. go into the side room the we said to have to open the hearings end we did
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[inaudible conversations] good afternoon. welcome to the democratic national convention meeting with her 2016 democratic national platform.
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it is my high honor to new chair the panel and participate in this important process. with that meeting of the platform and now i would ask that you stand so we can recite the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america. and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
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the democratic party chair and thanks to appointing me as i have shared with this committee our chairwoman is 100% committed that provides ample opportunity and i do express every viewpoint to be expressed the chairman has made it clear we would to be transparent and respectful of all views and rand she believes that approach is totally consistent with our values but also essential to the long term interest so your leadership is the model and
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a big akio also the democratic national election committee ceo. from the management to make it possible to be your today with your team platform director that will keep us on the path with the process remains occlusive and open and fair. the first conversations today and tomorrow through our deliberations with the days and weeks ahead is my pleasure to welcome some of the democrats that joined us today members of the public as they begin in these
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conversations in the future of this great nation but i would also like to thank the individuals we will hear from to make time to share your perspective and recommendations for america and the world today. we appreciate your sharing and expertise i am delighted to think so many other democrats that had written an invidious and uh testimony and edition into welcoming those of you i am delighted to a knowledge everyone with the live stream as democrats insuring
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everyone has an opportunity to a engaged in the paramount discussion. the first african-american woman elected to the congress and the first black woman to run for president in 1972 once said you don't make progress by standing on the sidelines in the progress by implement the ideas i believe the congress will then was right our party has a long track record to make good ideas a reality and that is what we are about today. and democrats fought poverty
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for millions of americans social security, medicare i am proud to be a democrat to be a party of inclusion it was our party for the women's rights legislation but today while the other party stands behind the presidential nominee who openly discriminates against other americans democrats expect and demand our doors remain open to all. whether by man or woman, a gay or straight or muslim or christian or restore power
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latino aged white and african-american who grew up in south carolina with a third rate education we have an open-door policy and i am so proud of it. i am a democrat because we and selfishly care about others with the fundamental right with the prosperity and destiny working to build an economy that works from the middle out not from the top down. standing up for those and to
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provide a safety nets and i am a democrat because ours is the party of opportunity to say in our country and in our world we don't have a shortage of talent we have a shortage of opportunity. so every single person to take and reap the reward ever cried given talents their ideas and our drive that is why we seek to provide ladders of opportunity to everyone in our country as part of the education and jobs and health care to go as far as our hard work will take as we have made the dreams of americans our dreams with
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everything we have got to lift up americans to make those dreams come true. i am a democrat because i believe health care is a right to come and underprivileged in our country for cry literally cried the battle, the affordable care act into lot to assure that every american has health care coverage and i am proud of that to work with hillary clinton and bernie sanders and others they do not care have made times we could and successfully repeal that because we as a nation we will never turn back by a democrat because ours is a party of diversity is not
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our problem but our promise. we see an america in does their fair share to play by the same rules that educates hand out to build sand out innovates the rest of the world we see an america with economic security and opportunity driven by education and infrastructure. for those to create american jobs to bring down the debt and a balanced way. we believe in deficit reduction not placing the burden but by privatizing programs for those in in
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their fair share. that is what we strive for under president obama pharao we continue to see in the next democratic president. finally i am a democrat because i a believe we have a party that every child every child in every child has access to world class education with their background or zip code. the greatest threat to our national security is the failure to properly educate every single one of our children. em up prague product of our public schools and then no these schools are so essential to functioning pro-democracy.
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with those opportunities because we know these opportunities are to the middle class. we stand up for working americans and pushing increased to minimum-wage and enhance job protections for vulnerable workers fighting to read the workplace safer. yes, yes, yes. we believe in equal pay for equal work. ours is the party that honors the troops and veterans to make the armed forces of the world and fight for them when they
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come back home. but to make sure we get the veterans the health care benefits and education and job opportunities they not only deserved but that they have burned. i am a democrat because ours is a party that strives to spend our democracy trying to explain and people's rights. rework to restore that everyone has the right to vote because having your vote counted is the most essential american freedom in so far we know floater identification losses with low-income families with the
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elderly and unlike the other party we absolutely refuse to disenfranchise our fellow americans citizens. in what must be heard the other is and fathers and children of indian cheese firefighters and nurses and the disabled students and parents, young, middle-aged parents, young, middle-aged, urban and suburban in the middle class the working class that for the gay and the straight and the transgendered. the homeless and hungry
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these are the voices of america and the voices our party must here today. i am a democrat because i believe in the everyday people this platform is important is our opportunity that their voices are heard. to make it clear to every american your voices ruled the earth to incorporate the views and our statements and we thank you. to make progress together to show the connections to show
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the world our principles and our faith in to making it clear we will and always will be the party of simple and everyday people. i will say it again for the public record to make sure the process today is inclusive to make a reflective of our entire party we may disagree but we don't have to be disagreeable but that approach for the common ground. no, no, no. that is simply not good enough. with the threats of donald
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trump we don't have time to come to common ground we must go to higher ground. every a member who is taken their time to be a part of this committee, i know we will accomplish this end with that we begin with a wonderful lady in the gears me great pleasure to introduce a different with the tremendous amount of respect dnc chairwoman debbie wasserman shultz was a member of the u.s. house and as a representative of the congressional districts was first a state representative and the floor over a - - florida
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legislature. [applause] they give for your incredible thought-provoking words that sets the perfect tone delhi embarked on the process of our platform for the party and for demonstrating very clearly why i am so thrilled that you accepted my invitation to share this important committee to take on this incredibly important assignment. on behalf of the dnc good afternoon thank you for being here today and for accepting this incredibly
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important assignment thank you for all the do these are exciting times. this is our opportunity to remind american people of who we are in a we stand for and what we have to offer at the dnc we're working every day to prepare for the general election for all of the distasteful and racist things he said to take our country backwards. he is very busy but we don't take anything for granted to make sure we're not putting the spotlight to vote against him that he swindled veterans and family is out of their savings or she voted for the foreclosure crisis. the list is long and i don't
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how holiday view and to make sure you hear from those we are to hear from but one issue of particular is what donald trump said the past week of one that was born in indiana. if they should be disqualified from serving as the judge from gender or sexual orientation is rights are opportunities for the right to vote more than any other child has disqualified something as important as the presidency and will hold him accountable. but it isn't enough to vote against trump big europe for the election to have a clear vision of what they're voting for when they cast their ballots that is the
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vital task that each of you individually and collectively undertake we're here to kick off a process with the democratic party stands for in no doubt it is our party that shares our values speaking tour aspirations and the task of the platform committee to bring together voices from across our party this is an open process and a homer cut of the democratic party to include the american people to make sure our campaign so that 75 percent of the members of the committee were recommended by the presidential candidates and with this process it will be the most representative and most inclusive in history in arriving at a consensus is a task i am confident it will
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be a success that is in no small measure because of our committee chair. we are enormously fortunate to have his son question will integrity in the lifetime of dedication of excruciate details his ideals congressmen elijah cummings last year and to take on this responsibility. [applause] through his leadership he will insure we have a fair open and inclusive process consistent with our shared values and of the most confidence in his ability to accomplish the task of hand coming to our convention ready to make her case for the american people our ceo will talk about the convention in a moment the first take go look to have a
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sense of what this means for our future put on just phoned the san in produce the document on the shelf the 2012 party platform calls on democrats to rebuild the middle class to put more americans back to work and under president obama we had 75 consecutive months of economic growth in new private-sector jobs we have created the 2012 platform recalls the deficit makes in the tax code more progressive under obama we cut deficits by almost three cutters most americans saw some tax relief and now they pay more of their fair share and of national security there recognizes the cornerstone of our engagement to build a strong alliance under the bush
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administration obama has promoted national security by strengthening our relationship with key allies around the world we work with our nato allies in strategic partners to counter the emerging threats the president has made it clear to our allies our democratic values will dry form policy he just returned from a historic trip making the first sitting president to visit hiroshima of strengthening the asia pacific relationships he recognizes we must look to our neighbors in the americas says equal partners with mutual respect he has stood against provocation from countries like north korea and his actions make clear we will stand strong with their allies including israel and to ensure security of our party platform called on democrats to stand up for the affordable care act to
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defend universal health care against the repeal and i can tell us you i take that personally that would be one loss away to be uninsured from a pre-existing condition in light of those americans today who have won we will not go back last month for the first time the nation's history 90 percent of americans have access to affordable health care 90% that number of loan doesn't do justice for all wounds healed their lives were extended to the concrete accomplishments are too numerous to list today but one thing is clear issue after issue and democrats are elected we deliver on their promises in their nation is stronger for it
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our allies can depend on a smart foreign policy to be healthier more productive our seniors can depend on a more secure environment and on the promise of a brighter future and on each of these issues we no-trump would only drag is backwards even now we have come a long way we have so much more to fight for that work begins now together all of you will help determine the path to build on our progress each of you individually and collectively to show the american people what the next democratic president of the united states stands for to show them we are made of as chair the only request that i have to reflect their dreams and hopes and aspirations for electorate
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that is diverse and rich as the country itself to pride's optimism and action that people over profits and unity over division at task with no perfect answers and never said it would be easy everything is on the table and nothing is off-limits when you disagree please try to do it without being disagreeable. we know what that means from the other side we all believe in building a government that works with service to the people we can have economic growth it is not either/or proposition since i hope to be guided by the traditional tenets of our property that will have a great diversity of our
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nation to set the stage for a democratic victory in november and please join me to think the staff who helped put on this meeting today. [applause] >> today it is my great honor madam reverend. >> thanks for that warm welcome in your unprecedented decision to expand the platform drafting process a testament to our commitment as democrats to ensure that every voice is heard to the chairman for decades have provided balance and measured leadership and to your colleagues and i have no
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doubt that under your leadership the drafting committee will produce a platform that is reflective of the democratic values for this nation in just 47 days democrats from around the country and around the world will gather in philadelphia this city of brotherly love than sisterly affection to nominate the 45th president of the united states. millions of people who fix their gaze on us is the present to the nation our vision for america's present and future we will gather in the birthplace of american democracy to celebrate the most enduring of american values that of we the people. for us as democrats when we say we the people it has and, a different meaning in
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our friends on the other side win democrat say it we mean all the people not some of the people. all of the people. all of the people regardless of race creed or color or ethnicity regardless of sexual orientation or gender we mean all the people those with more than enough or not enough called the people stuck at the bottom and on the top all the people the least in the last in the lost the walkout and though locked in the young and old and did day labor the student and teacher in the parent people of all faiths and little faith in no faith all the people i come to
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this party as a woman of faith i was raised in the church my father was a pastor as his father before him and before him dating back to the days of slavery today i pastor my own congregation in the fifth consecutive generation of pastors and preachers and my family is because of my deeply held spiritual beliefs and values that i became a democrat because i believe each of us all buses made in the image of the guide by whatever name we choose to call him or her. we must treat the people's needs as wholly clean air and pure water is not an option that care for the week in the olden the young
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in this it is not an option but a mandate that respect honor and dignity is not an option but a mandate we must treat the people's needs and i saw and see the principles in the work of the democratic party with the idea every single person is important and we have not a single person to waste we have a responsibility to help sisters and brothers to achieve their full list god-given potential to live out their god designed destinies to live in community with our guide and with each other and this is the duty of our party that our intent is big enough for all of us because we're understand whether we visited in cities or suburbs or indian country or
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indigenous communities we all want the same thing to feel safe and secure and empowered and heard to have the tools and support that we need to achieve the american dream. we agree we don't have to agree on everything but just the maintain you don't have to be just like me to be just like me. today's hearing kicks off an exchange of ideas that will bring together some of the party's best thinking and in sharp contrast to the vision that the republicans are proposing for our nation's future we cannot afford to let their visions unravel the progress we have made a river past eight years but i'm confident we will move forward with the strength in
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the substance of our ideas and without an accord to hearing the testimony of my sisters and brother democrats as they come together to articulate our policies to move our nation for word with accord to seeing you in philadelphia july 25th as we make history again. . .
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>> i know that you have a lot of competing priorities and so i will get right to it. you will probably not be surprised to hear that we in washington dc have a date request for you as well. and that is that you consider very seriously and that you do add this to washington dc to the platform. [cheers] [applause] [cheers] >> mr. chairman. you know that


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