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tv   Book Discussion on A Good Month for Murder  CSPAN  August 10, 2016 10:28pm-11:13pm EDT

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welfare reform bill. there will be campaign speeches that the black middle class in the '90s and the number living in extreme poverty actually increase drastically during the clinton administration. so part of it is i think that again how the new social movements and the discussions that are being opened up by groups like black lights matter are putting pressure on the democratic party to address issues of the police communities and educational disparities, mass incarceration and entry that will provide people with housing and education and things like that and it's up to us to keep that pressure going perhaps because it looks like a huge surprise we are not going to get
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another black president. perhaps they will be able to address the racial issues head on in a way that barack obama being the first black president can't. so i am hopeful. it's not as if these changes are just going to come out of the goodness of policymakers hearts. we have to keep the pressure on them [inaudible] we know what brought out the triangulation sort of middle ground type of governance. as even with all these pressures, the party is having to face the decline and respond to that which they might --
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>> i am not a political pundit, but i do think that's where we are right now, what we are seeing in terms of the way that it's unfolded already reflects the fact that we still remain in many ways widening the civil rights war on poverty because it did not involve a major structural transformation is never what congress intended it to be. and the ways in which it's played in a psychological wedge keeping peoples interest shared and opposed to one another we are seeing the long-term consequences of that beginning to play out. i hope that as we begin to have the conversations and think about the choices and domestic policies to reckon with our history that perhaps the new coalition and maybe even new political parties will form out of this at this moment that we are in right now.
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.. >> >> but i think we're still a
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divided that many of them or most of them are the people that we don't know that is for those colleges you are suggesting but looking at criminal-justice reform. those who have given incarcerated as people begin to tell someone if you have a dialogue with people and their opinions begin to change and then to be segregated not just by race and that is like hillary clinton. [laughter] but we have far more in common that there really
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doesn't matter and had is difficult to face how to change that but it does take exposure the way that he thought had a certain belief but it isn't that different than you are. and then begin to act as a collective. that is a tough question. [applause] >> this is fantastic we will just have the signing right here. [inaudible conversations]
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>> i'm not the kind of teacher bill wilkins say that's nice. i will say what's not working? eventually those to do really well so i no longer have to say to them. [inaudible conversations]
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i will talk for about 20 or 25 minutes then take some questions. i am the author of a good month for murder i have always been intrigued by police detectives and i have been very interested in that. i grew up with reading of a party boy mysteries growing up in fact, there is a time without it wanted to be a detective myself or do work like at and i changed course that they decided wanted to be a writer level is an entry by crime and how pleased to their jobs so i got into this type of work i
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worked for the baltimore sun covering the baltimore police department i had been a job not long after i had the job so i wanted to do something like he did so the son of a secret service agent refers book and would you mind if i trailed your homicide squad? they said sure. i believe made one provision i said outbreaks of one from the department to review the manuscript before it is published to raise objections but all the objections to agree should ablate harm a but is more danger a prosecution. they did that feel they think they came up with a couple of minor things i could tweak like summit
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commission that could identify a witness and i cover that and i got one detective eye color wrong one was greenest of hazel. quite another difference but he did. how so i will get that right as there seems to be a difference. [laughter] and so i think this is a fascinating place all these books are set in the inner-city of a gritty urban environment but this county is fascinating that is so diverse and italy culturally and ethnically racially but may a literally one day i was with the homicide team bench weeks later at a homicide scene in miami park
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avenue apartment but that was in the legal brewhouse i'm sorry, my editor is calling me. [laughter] today i was covering a mass shooting to him in florida is liable little frazzled so then i and in district heights. you cannot tell the difference between those two neighborhoods once you cross the d.c. line delay we could tell is to look at the street sign so i thought what a great place to set a book and really don't know what the book is i would just hang out with a homicide detectives to see how they do their jobs today and if i did that i would spend six months the could
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not figure out what the story was i was really struggling in a was coined to run out of money. i love stories where you put it characters under intense stress and circumstances then see how that reveals their character. i wrote 80,000 words but one day so i rode up these men and women but this book who has started to look at february 2813 of 3 police shootings in two of the final h'm in the last two were killed that i realize the first seven months they
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interrogate a guy who is this gorgeous and smart 70 year-old honor student that was tested in topanga to be a geneticist but they worked so hard me they get them in the box m and they interrogate them all that day. they spend the whole rest of the month tried to build a case against him. with a final day the dna comes back they have to get rid of him in the very next day it is the serial rapist. they interrogate him all they.
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who when end within the month i have the murder of a 71 year-old over $40 a television set the murder of charles walker who was killed for his ted issues the murder of a drug dealer his first case his eyes as big as silver dollars he wanted to solve that so bad bad, come join us. no tough questions. [laughter] so that is why focused on one more. that month was exhausting for me mentally my child said tribulations but i fell
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asleep pumping gas i fell asleep at a stoplight in fact, my handwriting is a great anyway but by the end of the monday could not breathe no word i had written. , i was sleep deprived the lead to a detective's well love for the characters i had ted diet pill popping cheeseburger either eight begin ended due to dry develop the herbal direction remedies so they help to overwhelm the narrative and hide just want to write their story as good as i can't so that is how the book started to come about
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but what i really found interesting i saw a really beautiful moments that people don't understand there is a better time to write a book about what it takes and why it matters stand right now. is an important book so they can read it evaluates on their own terms so i think the book will be a war shacked test because i think i don't inject a lot of opinion or analysis edges right when i saw. with some of the stuff you hear that these detectives were not happy but others they were there is a new
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road is true you posted on facebook the book is pretty good but everything happened. nobody complained after to say that is what happened or i didn't fall asleep in the interrogation room with you. dash they fell asleep when he was interviewing somebody [laughter] you don't understand why that happens until you live it. in the job could be to you is really hard this job is hard it wears down your soul. i know when they get too depressing but they deal with the worst 10% of the
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worst 10% in the skies deal with the worst of percent of the worst of percent of the worsted%. they are not pleasant there is a lot of talk that i never saw them break the law or bedrolls or nothing that would revoke the count that under case law by just remember how hard the job was. a leg on the death investigations somebody just died they are dead in front of tv talk about business. i saw more than 25 bodies in six months i stopped counting at that point i slipped on brain matter in a ruined a pair of boots on blood.
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if you can give get disconnected where was a lot of hubert and there are some of the funniest people have ever met the you have to begin to their non politically correct sense of humor if one puts the bumper sticker i like to masturbate of my wife's car have to find a study. but i am understand why fdr 11th body why the medical examiner's is joking about sex acts it made perfectly cents at that time and i hope "the reader" comes across to understand that in sight because trust me you are absorbing and over and over is very difficult. the worst part was not the courts or the body it was
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this guy is as if in the murder of a witness the it was to be a witness to the murder of a witness. i went to this scene the mother was there hircine is shot dead outside her apartment door he had his year-old son with him when i got to deceive there was a public with the body and a little cheese box the boy had been grazed he was buying. we get inside we had to question the bomb hit the sun was blocking the doorway so respect to the next two
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hours talking to the mother while she is looking at her side and. he was a rookie only doing the job will a year said i probably show got her out of the house but he didn't think to do that i had permission from the mob to be there you cannot trespass' as a reporter as a journalist so that is awful and sad then the next day you get the security video you can see him walking dip to the vestibule then he disappears these two guys run after him and chased him then they run out and did you have to click a mouse
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300 tons when the computer freezes he is that kind of guy. [laughter] said he was to watch this 100 years -- would the types. , the idea does watching the video rand. and i still do about that. and i know all the detectives have a distance of humor with a tough exterior but i have seen them break down and visit and also to be very dedicated and hyperactive and high blood pressure behind a desk all day double homicide to 18 year-old died one is already dying be other the alarms going off
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he has been shot and will not make it. he is all business can i get the code for his own? he has to solve the case if you drop a death notification you just don't tell the person you ask them 20 minutes of questions first were was a? who was he with? were you asking me? >> you know, is phone-number? you have the code to his own? only then do they tell them they are dead otherwise there will not be co-parented will not get any information very early in the reporting process it did not make it in the book they tell this woman, a very nice lady person is dead. he was a drug dealer.
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he was shot in the car. and sorrier son shot and he didn't make it. she was really upset obviously crying and sobbing but they checked the text messages that i realize how hard the lead job is they're not trained to give folks but to solve a murder. if they keep it leads but didn't want to be a part of that. that was just the telling detail. but now this detective i saw him this in the way. there was a fatal fire for members died.
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we're in the exam room before year-old andy year-old is dead on their dirty. he has worked to weaken at midnight he has a cold his partner would not let go over the to get some rest the denizens are 84 people died. they do the work at the scene than the medical examiner calls back the sheets their bodies are so saturated with smoke whole room smelled like a campfire i could tell if bothered him particularly when they didn't have a kid size date ted again that seems so awful.
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wasn't on purpose he talk to the grandmother and took his nose i could tell it bothered him. and the father died trying to save the kids he bled out. he cut an artery by breaking a window. everybody could be in public service if they don't have the right date of birth they cannot send him to the medical examiner he doesn't want him to go to john doe so he goes back mitt to the photo to properly identify so he can go to the hospital as who he really was. he sits back and leaseback
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in any year speed dial. he said he called his son like a good distance between double homicide with drugs but my kids could die in a fire. but i watched a lot of good police work and i was fortunate anybody would understand it dash 25 to choose from and watched the police work. and that was powerful to see.
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not even local. it without any idea -- in the identification. everybody has a different motivation. i can say the exact quotation because booktv is your best every other word was expletive crackhead. he was killed by the handyman here with addict. if he was so angry about it. it isn't worth it. so there humor it was fun.
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and dell came across as kerry and smart and decent people i usually don't read from a book they initially let people ask questions but there was one particular for the scene in the book that they were talking about facebook. >> remember our watch the detectives falsely mitt
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interrogation? i will read you the section but this is what it is really like. so it isn't like the tv shows scsi you cannot encapsulate the reality on television but that is our experience it u.s. the
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brother if he is seen them if you hear anything about the of murder the oversize head is halted on his right hand slipe let bubbles on the lower lippy is breeding deeply and his head is pressed shaking his head he britain one dash plinks wildly what did imus? was erroneously? he has this plague eating
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grant and then tried to loosen his thumb. christ occurs. a bid to open his eyes how did you see your girlfriend? how did you reach? through facebook? but it offers no help watching unscramble is too enjoyable. there is evidence that might get him back on track. what is this facebook he says? emphasizes the word as if it is a criminal enterprise. social networking he says nothing. character witness chefs in his chair 10 seconds pass.
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you keep in touch with people? the neck like he now. go. like text messaging? no. facebook it is social. have you know, what they're talking about he drops his head into his hands eventually he gave up the dead -- the dna. [laughter] if you have questions i am happy to take them. >> how long was it before they started to ignore your presence or their actions would change because you were there?
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after a mother to they forgot i was there. i heard a lot of stuff and nothing to do with what i was here you wouldn't mention that in front of a reporter if he were smart. there is in alatas answering going on its which is pretty clear what you say is going again unless i could be sued for libel per. -- libel but a change be greatly after i was stuck with that i had a very hard time naturally it is like the slow environment try not to be a sort by the evil
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toil in the heart of darkness. >> i am not a soldier or a firefighter or a schoolteacher. i am a reporter. with the fbi director i never really great appreciation and a half to be honest i get a little annoyed we hear people talking about the problems of urban and suburban america. i cannot handle you anymore. i did it for six but when you cannot your different person.
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>> actually a comment first. i spent five years and homicide i remember read the book came out we use the book about homicide unit that was in 80 or 95. if so thank you for writing the book because from what i've read so far it is truly as he is said to the point and it is a true story i didn't see anything in there so far that was made up and i could tell that is the real deal the of language that the use so congratulations. >> that means a lot.
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>> as the homicide what on to become a tv series do you envision something like that >> some friends and i are going back and forth and they may be here for cater 15 things never ask when will there be a tv show? [laughter] that there are so many i don't know. it would be great if there was one but. >> is really hard. and we spent 27 years this
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is the first time we had a book written and for years to talk about writing something because it starts off in the book you talk about prince george's county and you are right for coke's it is through district heights or whatever and it is a beautiful story. so thank you for writing the book because it tells a story a little bit about prince george's county there are officials until like to say dg but i never met day pg resident who didn't so they warned me when you say pg county because they don't like that i get to meet a
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single resident call it anything but pg it is not a derogatory it is just short. and as a district of columbia i say d.c.. people don't get upset about that. but i did take some heat is the county executive of booktv m waiting for a letter from him with the national boycott of my book that may get more press and he can do that if he wants. [laughter] this is cynthia. >> guest: to come up? >> no. i am on much. [laughter] >> she is the mother of nikko the detective thanks for coming.
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>> kellogg to that process take hero you said you had 25? if we have these characters? i did this complete the screwy if somebody said how shall i do the book and then going for the rest of the year how wrestle with this how many notebooks you have?
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o lets people like the title in some haven't i like it because it came from an actual genuine moment in the book there were five murders in december and and haven't found a great case yet. now billy is a fun-loving guy he knows everything about everything. and i say what it my going to do?
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he said we will catch a few more this month. and january will get busy but be ready for february that's a good month for a murder there is so much pent-up on the street so i go back to ' i have all of this than they have to go through that i wrote 120,000 words and realize one afternoon this is a bad metaphor so forgive me but the you have to kill babies to have to kill them in one afternoon three hours. then the book made a lot more sense than i could play with characters and emphasize other characters
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so maybe the i concerts the book with mike trying to get the guy as he drives around. and executed his own dog he was a little crazy. and he admits he went skinny dipping and got stung by a jellyfish.
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>> there are no pictures. just my first and last name. but i have been interesting some pitchers. i took photos for note taking purposes when i would love to happen is for you to read the book and then to say that's him or maybe it becomes a tv show and did you say that's not him. and i was lucky because i saw that man did my first book i have cut almost


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