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tv   US Senate  CSPAN  September 12, 2016 5:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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quorum call: the presiding officer: the majority whip. mr. cornyn: i ask that the quorum call be rescinded. the presiding officer: without objection. the clerk will report the motion to invoke cloture. the clerk: cloture motion, we the undersigned senators in exord dance with the provisions of rule 22 of the standing rules of the senate do hereby move to bring to a close debate on senate amendment number 4917, signed by 17 senators. the presiding officer: by unanimous consent, the mandatory quorum call has been waived. the question is, is it the sense of the senate that debate on
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amendment number 4979 offered by the senator from kentucky, mr. mcconnell to s. 2848 shall be brought to a close. the yeas and nays are mandatory under the rule. the clerk will call the roll. vote:
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the presiding officer: the motion is agreed to.
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a senator: mr. president? the presidin -- the presiding officer: the senator from wisconsin. a senator: i ask unanimous consent that the senate be in a period of morning business with senators per miforted to speak therein for up to ten minutes each. the presiding officer: without objection. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from wisconsin. a senator: i could to the floor today to pay tribute to an
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american soldier who has given his last full measure of devotion to this nation and the noble pursuits of liberty and peace. 28-year-old staff sergeant matthew veil thompson grew up in wisconsin ans was a proud member of the army special forces. tragically, on august 23, 2016, he became the second american this year to lose his life while on combat duty in afghanistan. staff sergeant thompson was truly one of the finest among us. i had the honor of attending a memorial service for matthew at his family's church in brookfield where hundreds of his friends and family members paid their final respects. they loved him, of course, but they also admired him. they told stories of a generous young man, adventurous and always ready to make friends.
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his father spoke about and his pastor read us something matthew wrote ten years ago: a list of -- quote -- "all the little things" that make life sweeter. in fact, ten rules to live by. it shows straiking maturity, especially for a young man still in his teens when he and his best friend wrote the rules. now, the rules are actually quite deep and there's an awful lot written. but i just want to read the ten rules -- the bullet points. and just refer torve my web site where the full rules are contained. rule number one, never grow up. number two, learn. number three, never have any greets. number four, live for the moment. number five, do what you love. six, pursue with a passion. seven, never settle. eight, always take time to listen and to talk.
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number nine, keep 00 positive altitude. and ten, need goondz live for thim. his father gave an administere administered eulogy of his sonde and -- of his son and asked the congress degree gairks he hoped they would learn from what he had written. in paying tribute to matthew, one of his fellow resident assistants said "he is one of the best human beings i ever knew." he transferred to concordia university in california where he earned a degree in the theological studies and met his wife rachel. rachel thompson says matthew was reluctant to date at first. because of his plans to serve in the military. she said -- quote -- "he knew he wanted kneeing a really specialized extremely dangerous job.
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unquote. his first thought was to spare her the pos humus pain. that danger was real. staff sergeant thompson served as a medic with america's elite forces in hazardous places. he was first deployed to iraq and then to afghanistan. the mission he and his unit were on was considered to be -- quote -- "noncombat," advising afghan force on to free their country from attacks by the taliban, islamic terrorists who speak to oppose their oppressive rule. staff sergeant thompson and his unit were pall trolling "outside the wire." they were ex-eskimosed to every danger. they were patrolling on foot, looking for improvised explosive devices left by an enemy that seeks to kill indiscriminately. one of those bombs went off. killing six afghan soldiers,
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wounding another american soldier and taking the lightest of matthew. a courageous young man defending the liberties often which this nation was founded. the liberties that our founders said are the birthright of everyone on earth. for 240 years our servicemen and women have defended those liberties and paid a very high price. since the revolutionary war, more than 42 million men and women have served in our military and more than 1 million of these heroes have died in that service. staff sergeant matthew's home state has done its port. since statehood, more than 27,000 wisconsinites, wisconsin's sons and daughters, have died in military service. every one of us wishes they could have lived in peace. to fulfill their hopes and dreams, to enrich this country in ways that we'll never know.
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every one you have us is grateful that when greem demanded such sack fishings they stood on green card for america. -- they stood on guard for america. his wife rachel, his parents, mark and linda, and his sisters karen and robin, but also his extended family, his friends, and his band of brothers and sissers in the army. our hearts go out to them and i pray that they will find consolation and peace in fond memories in spite of their loss. but a nation's gratitude inadequate as it may be is what staff sergeant thompson is fully due. rachel thompson recounted her last conversation with her husband. because he knew he was doing dangerous work, "i was crying. i was afraid. and he would just listen and tell me he loved them and that
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it was going to be okay." mr. president, for america it will be okay. as long as men and women with the caliber and spirit of staff sergeant thompson continue to stand on our behalf in dwefns our freedom. may god bless and comfort staff sergeant thompson's loved ones, may he watch over all those who answer our nation's call. and may god bless america. i yield the floor and note the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call:
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quorum call: quorum
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call: quorum call: quorum call:
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quorum call:
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mr. mcconnell: mr. president? the presiding officer: the republican leader. mr. mcconnell: i ask consent that further proceedings under the quorum call be dispensed with. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mcconnell: i ask unanimous consent the junior senator from north carolina and the senior senator from texas be granted signing authority for monday, september 12, 2016. promise without objection. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mcconnell: i ask unanimous consent that when the senate completes business today it adjourn until 10:00 a.m., tuesday, september 13. following the prayer and pledge, the morning hour deemed expired, the journal of proceedings be approved to date, the time for the two leaders be reserved for their use later in the day. further that following leader remarks the senate resume consideration of s. 2848,
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further that the senate recess from 12:30 until 2:15 to allow for conference meetings. finally all time during recess or adjournment of the senate count postcloture on amendment number 4979. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mcconnell: if there is no further business to come before the senate i ask it stand adjourned under the previous order. the presiding officer: the the presiding officer: the
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but armstrong wasn't capable of treating that as a business negotiation. he made it personal.
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>> c-span's wad journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. tuesday morning, pennsylvania republican congressman will join us to discuss his legislate tv priorities, and the role of his home state as a key battleground state in 2016. also from pennsylvania, brendan boyle, who will discuss his member as a member of the oversight committee and scheduled hearing looking at hillary clinton's use of a profit e-mail serve ever during her time as secretary of state. and with us, james pindell who will review the -- join the discussion. >> for campaign 2016, c-span coins on the road to the white
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house. >> we're going to get things done, big things. that's who we are as americans. >> we will have one great american future. our potential is unlimited. >> ahead, live coverage of the presidential and vice presidential debates on c-span. the c-span radio app, and monday, september 26th is the first presidential debate, live from hofstra university in new york. then on tuesday, october 4th, vice presidential candidates debate at longwood university in farmville, virginia. and on sunday, october 9th. washington university in st. louis hosts the second debate, leading up to the final debate at the university of nevada las vegas, on october 19th. listen live on the free c-span raid wrote app.
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or one-half live or anytime on demand at >> joining us from new jersey is amy parens, white house and political report are for for the hill "newspaper and co author of hlc, state secrets secrets and h of hillary clinton. want to begin where your story begins today, knopp issue, her health, has become something that is hugely problemat flick for the clinton campaign. how disthis evolve from friday into today? >> guest: it's very interesting. she was diagnosedden on friday with a bout of pneumonia, a lot of people on the campaign didn't know this, even a couple of top advisers. fast forward to sunday. she wobbled and nearly falls and is overheated, taken to a van immediately cools off but only hours later do we find out that she is dealing with this illness
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and that is what the cause of some consternation among some very close clinton allies and confidents who actually think this is part of the problem. why not just come out and admit she was -- she had fallen ill on friday anded inned a couple of days to relax. they think this sort of adds to the constant drum beat of trust issues. >> host: the apology sort of from jennifer palmeri saying, quote, we have done better yesterday. is this part of a large issue inside hillary clinton's inner circle, her campaign and potentially a clinton white house? >> guest: you know, i think it's a part of -- obviously there was some disconnect between aides and clinton on this. there was a bigger issue, perhaps, on the continuing trust issue and how to deal with that.
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but i think that what happened was some people obviously weren't aware of it. but that in and of itself is a problem. so i think they need to continue to explain why that's happened. her medical reports need be released. allies are calling for that. if there's no smoke there, let get those out and clear the air on this. i think they're dying to hear certain issues come to light and they think that she'll fair better once the public sees the full picture. >> host: has hillary clinton certainly had a very busy prim mary season. the convention this summer in philadelphia but a relatively quiet august. she unveiled her campaign over lamb you're day weekend but her schedule has not been as friend yet nick frenetic as others in the past. >> guest: a lot of people urged her to take a break for a couple
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of days, and -- but she wasn't actually holed up somewhere and sipping pina coladas. she was fundraising fundraisingr her coffer for the fall craziness and all the media buying. think she was rusting, specially for someone like hillary clinton, someone who traveled 112 countries while secretary of state. but she wasn't -- i think she only did a cowl of events publicly, and so i think a lot of people sort of raised eye brows over this particularly republicans and said, why isn't she out there? the story line start humming a couple of weeks ago with her -- last week she had a coughing spell, so it has energized a lot of people on this, and has given them some ammunition when it could have been put to bed a lot sooner. >> host: certainly ammunition from david axelrod who was president obama's senior advicer
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in his campaign and early in his president simple. was this tweet, coat, aberdeens can take care of the nye moanarch whet the cure for unhealthy penchant for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems? >> guest: it's a definite problem for here. i think because she is so reserved. it's one of these big questions i'm constantly asked, why isn't she able to show people more of herself, why isn't she able to be more likeable. she has almost this protective wall of glass around here. she wants to maintain this level of privacy, and she -- she'll do that on basically everything. so i think she -- this is one of those examples where i think they're going to need to learn from this and try not to protect her as much and try to be a little more transparent. so the public doesn't think they're hiding bigger things. >> host: how damaging is this to her, to her allies and her campaign and where does this put the clinton-trump race should i
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think it's a definite stumble for them, particularly she made this comment on friday night where she said that half of trump's supporters are in this basket of deplorables. and the campaign was still trying to come out of that over the weekend. she walked it back a little bit and said she regretted using the word "half. "so they've had a bit of turmoil lately. i think this trips them up in the short term but they still feel good about their long-term progress and how they fare in swing states in particular. so i don't know. it remains to be seen how much this will follow her. think it follows her into novemberful gives republican more of a storyline, more ammunition about her health concerns, about whether she has enough stamina as donald trump says. so i think this is definitely one that hang around.
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i just don't know how much it hurts her long term. >> host: based on your reporting, the criticism from inside the clinton campaign and alloys. so far donald trump has been relatively quiet on the health issue. >> guest: surprisingly so. he was one of the ones in weeks leading up to this that kept questioning her physical and mental stamina, and when questioned he wont clarify what he meant but it was always lingering, always sort of out there, that this i implied this is what he meant. so i think it's definitely a departure for him on the way he saw this. it's obviously a very smart move by them to let this play out, to offer a kind and gentle thought to hillary clinton and hope that she fares well over this. and so today they're focused on the deplorables comment and hope to make more out of that, and i think that's another -- something else that you'll see play out in the coming days.
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>> host: at the this headline: hillary clinton allies criticizing the campaign over the health secrecy. aimie parnes. thank you for being with us. >> guest: thank you. >> this afternoon, republican presidential candidate donald trump held a campaign rally in asheville, north carolina. he spoke with volters and supporters who are -- for about 44 minutes. ♪
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[cheering] [cheering] >> thank you, everybody. thank you. a lot of people. [cheering] wow. thank you very much, everybody. i love north carolina. we'll have a big victory in
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north carolina. in 56 days, we are going to win this state and we are going to win back the white house. believe me. and by the way we have thousands of people outside trying to get in. would anybody like to give up their place? anybody. no. no. thank you all very much. it's a great honor. to win become the white house, however, you must get out and vote. and remember that this means early voting, which begins on october 20th. so you have to go out, vote, on the 8th. or early vote starting from october 20th. this is our chance in my opinion, it's our last chance. i really believe that.
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our last chance to take it back, to fix our rigged system, and to create prosperity for each and every american. ... >> >> all of these before implants are available on our web site and they are extensive we have no choice.
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we have no choice. while my opponent slanders you as deplorable and irredeemable. [booing] , i call you hard-working american patrons who love your country and want a better future for your people checkup cheer clapping. >> your mothers and fathers carpenters and welders, you are lawyers and very rich people in some places. you are at the top of your class the top of your university berger you are everybody. the democrats and independents and above all
7:02 pm
else you are americans and you are entitled to clap and you are entitled to the leadership that honor and cherish it is -- cherishes zero if the vote for donald trump. office every american is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect. whether you vote for me or somebody else i will be your champion and top white house. hillary clinton only represents the donors of the special interest she talks change but she has not given an 35 years.
7:03 pm
why hasn't she didn't change she never will in a million years. she will not do that. [booing] i will speak more about hillary clinton remarks n a minute that first let me invite on to the stage some of our wonderful supporters who can tell you themselves what they think of their very horrible statements that they made three days ago. , on up. [applause] these are not deplorable people. [applause] >> we are honored, my wife and i, represent non deplorable people.
7:04 pm
[applause] and my right? we have spent 85 years in public education combined principles and also as guidance counselors we are not racist at all we don't even fit on the list that she put out. [applause] as a black female american tran7 i support donald trump and. [applause] >> good beginning i am all lots of things but deplorable is not one of the
7:05 pm
embargo i assure you. we will make america great again and hillary needs to take a nap. [applause] are we deplorable? whether i work full-time i would rather vote for donald trump they and mrs. clinton. [applause] >> [chanting] >> good evening. i am a pastor. [cheers and applause] my wife and i left our home with all of our children to kind to north carolina to start a church.
7:06 pm
and to know the questions to ask who was the best for america. donald trump. even at the inception and conception at the most vulnerable. what is the position of the traditional family and was built upon? and will he stand strong? >> we need to pray for and vote for the next president of united states, a donald trump. [applause] don't forget we will protect
7:07 pm
the second amendment. we will vp l. and replace obama care. and never ever forget the supreme court justices. [applause] >> i am up here because because he gave me a hat. [laughter] >> how is everybody? after all of the scandals that clinton has been involved then has the gall to call us deplorable.
7:08 pm
unbelievable. if you enjoy your second amendment rights stay right here. you may not make it four more years. [chanting] i want everybody to know. [applause] we support you 100 percent. >> isn't that great?
7:09 pm
so i have some thoughts on clinton's remarks and i will be sharing them momentarily. i will make america a far better than it is right now. to outline the detailed plan we will build the of wall. [applause] who will pay for the wall? they will. >> 100 percent. they don't know that yet. but changing foreign policy
7:10 pm
i have delivered a plan to defeat the islamic terrorism. or reforming recap -- our tax code to provide school choice to every businessman and child and america. policy after policy solution after solution everyday putting forward ideas to make your life better. we need a change we have to have chain jetted past have been quickly in the wrong direction like nobody ever thought possible. the change will start right away the moment that i take my of the office. right away checkup. [cheers and applause] we will immediately terminate every single unconstitutional executive
7:11 pm
order signed by president obama. [applause] then i'll order a preview of every single rabbit -- regulation issued over the last eight years. job killing regulation will be cancelled. [applause] millions of jobs are coming in with energy will create another half-million new jobs per year and that is just the beginning. with my first day and office i will ask congress to send me a bill to immediately be peeled and replace obama care. i just said it shared clap should cheer clap and another 2 million jobs this is a disaster.
7:12 pm
you see the premiums going through the roof the premiums are so high you can never use it because the only way you did is it has to be a long slow death. you will never get to use it. i am also going to propose a massive tax cut for prosperity for every city and state and our country. [applause] and then to believe beginning review. with manufacturing in your area. every lawful presidential power to achieve relief for our workers we will come
7:13 pm
first and protect our workers. on the website when it comes to trade we will renegotiate. north carolina lost more manufacturing jobs. forty%. with the of worst trade deal ever signed in not only in this country but actually in the history of the world. and out of mexico and other countries. right here in nashville you have lost more manufacturing jobs than china joined with
7:14 pm
the world trade organization. and he will get that apology right around the same time that she hands over the 33,000 e-mail's that sheik -- that she delivered. [applause] by the way that hillary destroyed her e-mail's they give this, after she received a congressional subpoena. nothing happened. she gets the subpoena and then she destroys them. what is going on? they use a special software that even sophisticated people in that world don't know about. she even made her 13 different founds disappear and some of them were hammered with a hammer.
7:15 pm
[booing] explained that one. i have never done that. [laughter] [chanting] she obviously a has a whole lot to hide including the pay to play scandal as secretary of state. nothing is so dangerous to american democracy as when a public official puts the federal office up for sale and that is what happened here. hillary believe she is above the law but you notice she really believes she is above the loss so far she has turned out to beat what has
7:16 pm
happened to our laws? after months of hiding from the press, hillary clinton tells the world how she feels about the people of this country. tens of millions of patriotic americans are a basket of deplorable. how can you be president for so many people? but half of us were here redeemable and not americans. but what you cannot understand or accept is the great majority of this country sees right through these with a failed political establishment and soon to be a failed politician. [applause]
7:17 pm
people want change. they want justice. they want a government that puts the american people first. with our supporters losing a job to a factory moving to one another country with the police department and local schools of the political system and now outdated is picked up by everybody and they are all using it but the system is rigged. for those hit by hard times they understand better than anyone with a small street agenda to speak with hatred
7:18 pm
and then our hearts with the working class americans. absolute hatred in our hearts. can we have a doctor? dr.? a. doctor please. thank you. a dr.. thank you. it is about 100 degrees in here. thank you so much. we love our supporters. [applause] let's get psalm water kevin.
7:19 pm
take your time. we have all the time. [applause] [applause]
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[applause] [applause] and unbelievable supporter of the great person he will go along time. whether a supporter or not we will take care of the embargo that is what we are talking about.
7:21 pm
[applause] it is pretty hot in here. hillary elects down on people. and those that are so unbelievable for our country . she looks down on the electricians and the police officers and soldiers and firefighters. everybody supporting our campaign everybody supports us. everybody. we have people that are so successful some that are not quite as successful we have everybody. and to drive the cars to
7:22 pm
power the electricity and what she has done to the minors is unbelievable. obama and clinton have destroyed the lives of the minors and that is what i can tell you. calling them every name in the book is, phobic. that they were not even american. is anybody zeno phobic? i don't think so. never in history as a major party presidential candidate so viciously demonized the american voter she was attacking millions another's and fathers who left their children for a better future for all americans. that is what they want.
7:23 pm
let's talk about hillary clinton's attack. is there any place in america more fun to be then a donald trump raleigh? tier clap. [cheers and applause] no place. what do they tell their children about hillary's attacks? every kid in america at know that your parents are working so hard to make your life better and make your country better. [applause]
7:24 pm
it is located cameras are following. [applause] [applause] [applause]
7:25 pm
>> the dishonest media will not report that. bay said the are bad people. [applause] t6 here is the story. a few people out of thousands the dishonest media, uh people, the most dishonest people. they will not report that. they will not report the gesture. they will not report anything but the good news is the cameras follow that that is the only way i can
7:26 pm
get the cameras to move to see how many thousands of people we have here. the media is disgusting. somebodies said what do you learn most? and number two how dishonest the media is. look at that horrible disgusting side. did you see the sign? let me tell you nobody will report that. when will we get smart?
7:27 pm
that is why we have a movement. we will not take that anymore. n + sanity back into the white house. to have safety and jobs and education we will do a lot of great things. if i get the chance i will fight by alongside our people to deliver a much much better future for everyone many of the people in this audience make more money in real wages 18 years ago than they do today and working harder with two jobs and it's not going to happen. more than at a high dollar
7:28 pm
fund-raiser to believe the american voter out of change the people who did the system who want to keep them as exactly as they are. they want to keep our terrible trade deals. they are terrible they don't want renegotiation because they are on the other side they like them just fine but it is killing the american jobs they want to trap children and families they want massive regulations from being able to compete with businesses all over the world to a rate clinton can never be president of this country. what she just said what
7:29 pm
lowell opinion she has of the american people that we just cannot let that happen. we have to get out november 8th. october 20th you have to send in the votes. earlier today i had a chance to spend some time with their most amazing american vice spent the afternoon with the national guard association of united states these are the i hero's plus rescue people for the disasters to fight at our bourse they are a permanent testament to the character of our nation and also remember the allies of the service members will made the ultimate sacrifice there
7:30 pm
is no greater love than the love shown by the men and women who lay down there lives for this country and its people. nothing greater than that. then debt to them pocket, is eternal and i will also pose of dash pause for a moment to recognize shelby county police officers shot in the line of duty and died today leaving behind a wife and beautiful child. we more in this terrible loss of our incredible police and law enforcement and addition to supporting law enforcement to make sure
7:31 pm
that there are the best resources anywhere in the world that we are totally a depleted the greatest people on earth but the military services are depleted. is a terrible thing that has happened. we must provide them with the best medical care while they serve when they return home to civilian life. [applause] the veteran scandals that no occurred under this administration to be dismissed by my opponent is a permanent stain on the government. it is just one more way hillary clinton and all the looks out for herself we must take care of the veterans including giving them the card to use any
7:32 pm
public facilities or the private doctor of their choice. [cheers and applause] >> what at what is happening people waiting 10 days with the 22 suicides today. spokane believe that number? when a simple solution could be at hand a small operation and they die and kill themselves and they have done so much for us it is not going to happen any longer. [applause] just as we learned the veterans and illustration has violated a federal law to have the performance records available to consumers the scandal never
7:33 pm
seems to end but it will end when i am a elected president. [applause] and hillary clinton was quoted very recently as saying it is fine. the v.a. is fine. believe me it is not i talk to veterans. nothing makes me prouder to support them men and women who wear the uniform. [applause] we have received endorsements from 120 generals these are the people who know how to keep our country save. our great fighters i want to thank each and every one of them and there are more coming.
7:34 pm
adjusted data was profoundly hobbled to be the endorsement of 13 medal of honor recipients. [applause] and i cannot even begin to say how much it means to have their support. truly great heroes i am thrilled to announce that the ambassador former head of the cia when of the most respected people anywhere in our government is now we senior advisor to our campaign. [cheers and applause] one of the most respected people. we are on a mission of change for the inner-city is. they are amass. the democratic party has run
7:35 pm
them for even 100 years straight. democratic politicians disrespect the voters and take them for granted and see when for years but they do nothing. remember the super predator words. those are her words. african-american children with and poverty including 45 percent of those under the age of six. your schools are failing approximately 83,000 people have been shot in chicago since the beginning of the year. for the suffering and hurting isa give donald trump a chance.
7:36 pm
chair clap what do you have to lose? to have nothing to lose it cannot get any worse. [applause] you know, this is true. you can go to afghanistan or war-torn countries and it is safer than to be in the middle of some of the inner-city is be will get security and safety and bring the jobs back from mexico we will get people working. i will fight for ditch right and chicago and we are neglected by the democrats and bring them all together as one american people i will do that.
7:37 pm
and i say to the african-american people again and again, i will fix it and what do you have to lose? it cannot get to any worse. i will fix it. [applause] t6 a imagine what our country could accomplish if we would work together as one people under one god god, saluting one american flag. [cheers and applause] [chanting] what is going on today is to
7:38 pm
embrace the new american future. that means great jobs increase schools and great neighborhoods it means safety. safety. we will have the steadfast support from americans and law-enforcement everybody wants that. jobs will return prosperity will rise in new factories will come rushing back to north carolina and every other state and cheered clap government corruption will attend, honesty will be restored republicans are the party and remember this.
7:39 pm
we have to embrace that. they are the party of abraham lincoln and on november 8b will once again how government by and for the people. [applause] we will make american of prosperous and successful again. we will make america safe again you can walk down the street of your inner cities and not be shot. we will make america strong again. and we will make america great again. november 8 get out and vote. god bless.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we will get things done. big things that is how we are as america. >> one great american future of the potential is dominated
7:42 pm
>> john flemming from louisiana a member of the house caucus congressmen you offer this resolution of
7:43 pm
personal privilege to impeach the irs commissioner the impeachment resolution from earlier this year breeds the commissioner of the irs for high crimes and misdemeanors what are those? >> i will not bore you with the dates and the times the basically by after the head of the irs was confirmed by the senate he received a subpoena to take into custody all information and evidence involved with list werner that of course, we've found out targeted certain taxpayers for their political beliefs. within three weeks of reseeding that subpoena he destroyed or allowed to be destroyed 24,000 females and
7:44 pm
422 tapes even after saying to congress and promising he would protect them. then later after they were destroyed and said they were protected and preserved then he came back and said no. something happened but in fact, that he did not know about that the inspector general found later and he did not tell us about that we had to find at out on our own appointee is that it is clear that he lied to congress and is clear that either he destroyed evidence or obstructed justice and it allowed to happen on his watch so we feel he is not fit for duty and should lose his job and should be removed from office.
7:45 pm
>> back in the midsummer the house did not move forward attitude days to move forward on your request for:what about this time around? >> we adjourned before the two legislative-- expire but in this case that will not happen we will be here for a least two legislative days so leadership will be forced to bring this up to over some type of boat the bottom line is once the resolution has moved forward there will be a vote within two legislative days. >> have you heard any leadership how they would move forward? >> i have not only the speaker made a comment to leave it to the will of congress and that is what we should do but how this will be a direct vote on impeachment or to move that
7:46 pm
to committee it would be viewed by the public and rightly so. the reason for a that is this resolution in a very similar form has been in parental over nine months and then of course, i put one and july with the judiciary committee has failed to move forward on the impeachment hearings so it is clear nothing will happen unless somebody like me unless i move forward with a privileged resolution to require a vote and answer to his or her constituents why we shouldn't allow officials the privilege to get by with that our
7:47 pm
unlawful or criminal and not being held accountable and i announced all the time why is that there are two standards? for every day american said the average taxpayer but then for the high-level officials that is headed the irs? he doesn't have to respond to the subpoenas are what we do and that applies to eric holder. >> what about when newsstand those attorneys have filed a memo that some are not going to the judiciary committee why not let that process play out?
7:48 pm
so they have ample time there is no new information here. they did that it is clear they will back to the american people believe that they shall act and many notable people that just came out with an op-ed that said we should move forward in many other notables that they say that congress will become irrelevant if we don't do our jobs which in this case to hold high-level officials accountable. >> understand dash house republican in congress is meeting? >> the evidence is self-evident i will not try to persuade anyone to vote
7:49 pm
him out of office issued the will of congress the evidence is the evidence parizeau buddy to simply have the opportunity to vote certainly in the house for this will be voted have to go back to face your constituents and if you vote to protect and to wear ignore subpoenas then you have to answer to your constituents and i will set was there for them. >> there was a headline that said the irish commissioner tried to stave off impeachment with some on the republican side that would citi to me before any vote
7:50 pm
wet cement he hasn't asked to meet with me but and to have plenty of opportunities to be sworn in and give testimony about these questions and is not willing to do that such to have that conversation isn't adequate. >> does it matter this could be the first ever government officials impeached at this of cabinet level. >> i don't recall a time in the past where we have such blatant activity where it ignores of willow the people and congress itself to have the power to check and other branches of government. so we wouldn't have to do
7:51 pm
this executive branch would take care of its own problems and in this case lola's lerner may admit this targeting for their ideological beliefs but the commissioner was brought and instead of doing that to allow justice to be instructed and wanted to plead the fifth and then other officials. of course, we have hillary clinton and the e-mail scandal and eric holder "fast & furious" that people are upset with all the louisiana high-level officials that get by without a slap on the rest. so it is a new day when we don't hear from the fbi or
7:52 pm
the attorney general's office they are not willing to act for those that divide the american people. >> thanks for joining us
7:53 pm
>> white house and political reporter for the hill and the co-author of the state secrets and the rebirth of hillary clinton thanks for being with us. want to begin where story begins today a non health issue that is now hugely problematic. how did this evolves from friday through today quick. >> it is very interesting she was diagnosed friday with the pneumonia and apparently a lot of people on the campaign did not notice. a couple of top advisers. fast foreword to sunday she wobbles and nearly falls and is overheated taken to a van and immediately, will soften only hours later do we find out and that is the cause of
7:54 pm
consternation and this is part of the of problem why not just admit that she had fallen ill and needed a couple of days to relax. so this adds to that constant drumbeat of trust issues. >> and the apology sort of from the communications director to say'' mack we could have done better yesterday '' is this a larger issue inside her issue or a clinton white house? >> i thinking is a part that there is a disconnect between aids and clinton a bigger issue on the continuing trust issue.
7:55 pm
but what have been this some people are not aware that that men and of itself isn't a problem so they need to continue to explain why this happened for her medical records need to be released alive and allies are calling for that they think if there is no smoke then get this out to clear the air. and she will fare better once the whole picture - - public sees the whole picture. >> very busy primary season with the convention relatively a quiet august but her schedule has not been as frenetic as in the past. >> i found out of line of people urged kurds to actually take a break for a
7:56 pm
couple lived. but she wasn't told that somewhere drinking but she was fundraising for the big fall craziness that comes with all the media so i think she was resting especially for someone who traveled 112 countries but she only did a couple of defense publicly. i think all lots of people raised eyebrows over the republicans to say why is it chief out there that the story line started to from last week she had a coughing spells suisse has energized a lot of people and has given them ammunition when they could have been put to better lot sooner. >> and early in his
7:57 pm
presidency with list wheat, antibiotics can care for pneumonia about what about the unhealthy penchant for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems >> it is a definite problem. she is so reserved it is one of the big questions i am constantly asked. why can't you shore people more of yourself? she has this protective wall of glass and wants to maintain a level of privacy berger she will do that. basically everything. so this is one of those examples they will need to learn and try not to protect her as much in be more transparent so the public doesn't think they are hiding bigger things. >> how damaging is this to her campaign?
7:58 pm
>> if think it is the definite stumble that she made a comment that half of the trump supporters are in a basket of deplorable and the campaign was still trying to come out of that. she walked it back a little bit and she regretted to use the word half. they have had turmoil lately but i think this trip's them up short-term but the thing they still feel good about their long-term progress and how they fare in the swing states in particular so remains to be seen how much this will follow her. definitely into november to give republicans more of a story line and more ammunition about her health concerns whether she has enough stamina. so this definitely hangs
7:59 pm
around i just don't know how much it hurts long-term. >> and the criticism comes inside the clinton campaign so far he has been relatively quiet on the health issue. >> surprisingly seoul because in the weeks leading up to this kept questioning her physical and mental stamina and then when he was questioned he would not clarify it was always out there that this implied is what he meant. it is definitely a departure for him away he saw this. it was a smart move by them to let this play out and offer a kind and gentle thought to hillary clinton and hope that she fares well . . .
8:00 pm
... >> a discussion on u.s.-russia relations and the 2016 presidential campaign. and later, immigration advocates join government officials and legal experts to discuss what the next president and congress are likely to face in term of immigration policy. >> host: our topic this week is this book: "the network: the battle for the airwaves and the birth of tom


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