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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 10, 2016 12:00am-1:25am EST

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when to go back to a conversation, is this conversation tomorrow or when it comes to -- with the president what with that conversation look like that the president would offer about, tweaking but not getting rid of it. >> the thing i can tell you is that is top priority is not his legacy but those who have gotten healthcare insurance since it came into effect. he's quite concerned about stripping the protection from the millions americans who benefit from preventing insurance companies from discriminated against them or imposing lifetime caps, that's really put young people with an illness at grave risk. those of of the kind of consumer
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protections that are impartial of the affordable care act and tearing them away would negatively affect a lot of people. that is something that republicans will have to consider moving forward. in terms of these conversations in the way the transition is structured is that there are transition teams designated across the agencies of the federal government and the president-elect's transition team has designated teams to work with the individual agencies to ensure a smooth transition. there will be a venue for staff level conversations to take place. i would not predict at this point whether not this will come up in the conversation between president obama and president-elect trump. if it's something he is interested in talking about i'm confident president obama won't hesitate to do so.
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>> on the issue of unifying the nation many people, democrat, republican, republican, black, white, what's to come of the next four years. the house and senate are republican. i talked to some of this morning and said this is going to be a new type of activism in this nation. how do you marry the thought of activism. [inaudible] >> i think the president will address this in his remarks, encouraging young people who are engaged in the political process and the selection for the very
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first time. the president made an effort to encourage young people who got engaged in the process not to be discouraged by the outcome. everybody's discouraged when the candidate there supported uses an election. but the genius and brilliance of our democracy is that when the election is over we recognize that we are americans and patriots before we are democrats and republicans. that certainly principle that president obama and secretary clinton have forcefully advocated in the last 90 minutes or so. i think that is part of the reason that so many people are proud of the campaign that secretary clinton ran. proud of the progress that is made in this country under obama's leadership and's leadership and
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why so many young people have been inspired over the course of president obama screen in public life but also in secretary clinton's campaign for presidency. if the outcome of this election encourages more people to be engaged and the important and difficult of governing this country, that would be a good thing. i say that regardless of whether not that young person was mobilized to act is a democrat or republican. the president believes our democracy benefits for more people been engaged, regardless of of which candidate they support. our democracy is strengthened when more voices and perspectives and more views are incorporated into the process of governing this country. the risk on this is what the president was warning against his people being so discouraged they choose to withdraw from the
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debate. the president is hopeful that will not happen. >> the president seemed hopeful. >> of had opportunity to spend time with him this morning. the mood that was on display in the rose garden is is the mood he was showing them private as well. look. i'm not trying to convince you that is not disappointed by the outcome. everybody around here is. disappointed by the outcome, but just as determined to continue their service to the american people. that service demands they focus on their institutional responsibility to ensure a smooth transition to the next president. the president gets to choose his successor, the american people do.
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his responsibility to the american people and his responsibility to this democracy supersedes his own personal views. even on important issues. that is why the president is given clear direction to his team and it's the direction he gave at the beginning of the year to ensure regardless of the outcome that his team, his white house was prepared to give the next president to running start. president obama is rooting for president-elect trump's success in uniting and leaving the country. it doesn't mean he agrees with everything that president elect trump has said to pursue in fact as he noted rather colorfully across the campaign events he is
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deeply concerned about some of the priorities that mr. trump laid out in the context of the campaign. but the demands of our democracy apply to everyone including the president of the united states. our democracy success depends on a smooth transition of power and that's a responsibility the president obama and everyone here takes seriously. >> the president campaigning against donald trump is a concern for the future of the country the world given that donald trump is the next president? >> i think the president had used forceful language and helping people understand exactly why he was so passionate in his support for secretary clinton. those are authentic views that have not changed. that is not just rhetoric. those are just slogans.
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those present the president's actual views and preferences about the direction that he would like to see the country go. but that's not what the american people voted for. >> to think war is more of a possibility now? >> i'm not going to speculate on what sort of actions president-elect trump may choose to prioritize or pursue. i was and his team will spend the next 73 days or so preparing themselves to lead the greatest country in the world. part of what makes this country so extraordinary and so exceptional is that the united
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states has the greatest fighting force the world has ever known. that's not just a a testament to our technological superiority. it's a testament to the brave and selfless americans who prepared to put their lives in the line to fight for this country. that's what makes her military grade. we also have a federal workforce, people who who dedicate our lives to serving the public. that ensure that our air and water is clean. to ensure that even the youngest americans can have access to quality education. that are working hard to make sure the american people who don't have access to healthcare can purchase it. these are talented, committed, americans who after working to ensure the success of president obama will be just as passionate about ensuring the success of president trump.
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they don't do that because either president reflects their personal political views. they pursue that work because they care deeply about serving the country and they care deeply about the success of this country. in some ways i think that something most people is difficult to appreciate until you've had the opportunity to spend time working in the federal government. you see the people around you who don't get a lot of public glory. they don't get large paychecks but they feel a calling to serve. president obama often describes the u.s. government is the largest and most impactful organization in the world.
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that that is the organization that president-elect trump will lead. >> and 48 hour's ago president obama warned of giving donald trump the nuclear code. is he concert now that he will be getting that. >> what i can tell you is the election is over and it's been decided. the american people have decided. president obama did not get to choose his successor. the american people did that. they have chosen somebody that president obama disagrees with on a wide range of issues. those disagreements are not just minor disagreements but rather profound. that does not in any way detract from the president's determination to execute a
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smooth and effective transition of power. that's what our democracy demands. the success of our democracy depends on it. the president is certainly determined to live up to the very high standard that was set by president bush eight years ago. [inaudible] yes. i don't anticipate any changes to the presence for travel next week. >> donald trump, during the campaign pledge to jail hillary clinton if he was elected over the -- that's underway. legal experts have said that president obama could pardon hillary clinton. is that something the president is considering doing? >> as you know, the president has offered clemency to a substantial number of americans who were previously serving time
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in federal prison. we did not talk in advance about the president's plans to offer clemency to any of those individuals. that's because we don't talk about the president's thinking, particularly with any specific cases. they may apply to pardons or -- what i would direct your attention to is the president's observation that he made in the rose garden about the tone that president-elect trump displayed in his remarks last night. that tone is consistent with a long-standing traditions of our
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democracy. the president expressed hope that kind of tone would continue. that's relevant because we have a long tradition in this country of not using the criminal justice system to exact political revenge. in fact fact we go to great lengths to insulate our criminal justice system from partisan politics. that commitment has served our country well for more than two centuries. the president is hopeful that will continue. >> with the confidence or just hopeful? did he have a chance to talk about the issues question work. >> i'm not going to speculate about any steps that president-elect trump may choose to take. but the president expressed some
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optimism about the tone that president-elect trump used when the eyes were on him when he spoke last night as president-elect for the first time. that was a momentous occasion and his tone was notable. hopefully it will continue in a way that is consistent with the kind of long-standing traditions and laws that have served a variety of presidents of both parties well for 240 years. >> so understanding the president, would you ask act it possible for insurances from donald trump? >> i don't have anything to preview in terms of their conversation. will try to get your readout after the conversation occurs tomorrow. >> other than a nuts and and bolts and transition can you give us insight into what the
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president's priorities are? >> i think tomorrow is to sit down with the president-elect and make clear that this administration's top priority for the next 73 days will be ensuring the next president can get off to a running start. this is not new. this is actually the third time in a row that a two-term president will be succeeded by the president from the other party who ran vowing to rollback key aspects of the president's agenda. in 2000 you have got that governor george w. bush vowing to rollback the agenda of incumbent president clinton. password eight years you had then senator barack obama running for president successfully vowing to rollback aspects of them president bush's agenda. and here we are eight years
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later facing a situation where the american people have elected a republican, president elect on a platform vowing to rollback key aspects of president obama's platform. but there in each of those instances there is a peaceful transition of power. that. that serve people in our democracy very well. [inaudible] to get rid of the aca, to go after climate change agreement, so i know you said that they will pursue those policies accordingly but was anything done in advance with the possibility knowing that donald trump could be elected president. for people looking at what could be doing done at all to
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safeguard these things, move forward forward on these things, try to prevent for example the aca. >> at each stage since the policies were pursued this administration has worked diligently to implement them as effectively and successfully as possible with and i toward the long-term. none. none of the policies we have been pursuing were considered a stopgap measure. or temporary in nature. we consistent, with that view have worked very hard to implement them so they will be durable. when it comes to the aca, it has withstood some significant challenges from republicans in the past. we've had two supreme court cases. 50 repeal votes and in the face of all that, the affordable care act is still expanding hot access to health
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care coverage, providing coverage that guarantees peace of mind for millions of americans. is it at risk again because the president-elect's vowing to repeal it? yes. it yes. it is again. but we withstood difficult challenges and we'll see what the future holds so a lot of that will be up to the president-elect. i think what we have found is that much of that will require some kind of cooperation from congress. republicans did hold onto the majority in both the house and senate but they don't have 60 votes in the senate. so it will require some bipartisanship in the senate to advance some of the legislation. the house of representatives last couple of years has not exactly been the model of
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organization. it's an unruly place. even people and members on the republican side of the aisle have some deeply held and divergent views about the kind of policies they should be pursuing. it's not going to be easy. the bottom line is that everybody here at the white house is rooting for the success of president-elect trump in his effort to unite the country. >> obviously there's a lot of emotion involved here. a lot of people who worked on hillary clinton's campaign and work side-by-side here in the white house. can you give us a little insight into who the president spoke to this morning. did he talk to generals or small
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business people and what was his overall message besides what we heard in the rose garden today. >> the president has in a number of occasions. i had never trinity to address small groups of staff. the message delivered in private is consistent with the message delivered in the rose garden with special emphasis of some people to remain engaged. he's been around enough to know a lot of the people who spent the last two or three years working at the white house are pretty young. if they choose to pursue it they have a bright future in politics. president obama wanted to deliver them a very personal message that they should not be discouraged. that it's easy to sit back and be cynical. as you heard him say on the campaign trail he will choose hope. he is hoping hoping they
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will choose hope as well. even in the aftermath of the disappointing outcome. even as i'm talking to my staff today the other observation i have made -- of her people's adversity builds character. not sure that's true. i think it adversity reveals character. i think we have seen the kind of character that secretary clinton and senator kane and president obama are made of. there example serves as an inspiration to me about the kind of character i hope that even in this difficult time that i can show. i'm not the only staffer at the white house who feels that way.
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>> can i ask about merrick garland now that there will not be the lame duck that many people predicted. what happens to his potential nomination, has a present reach out to him at all? >> i don't. >> i don't know that president obama has an opportunity to speak with chief judge garland today. our view is that it has not changed. it's deeply discouraging, how unfairly he has been treated by republicans who do not give him a hearing in a timely vote. so you'll have to see what happens moving forward, i can tell you the intensity of the case that we will make in support of a candidate that has more experience on the federal bench than any other supreme court nominee in history, in support of a candidate that even republicans knowledge is someone with a brilliant legal mind and somebody who represents the kind of consensus nominee that rip publicans claimed their hoping president obama would appoint. so the outcome of the election
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does not change the case that we will make about the necessity of the congress considering his nomination even though he was been waiting more than 200 day. >> let me ask about the outcome of the election. i know i know spend less than 24 hours. the guy who lived in missouri, will you have been around parts of the country in the trump message resonated with the majority the voters. what. what happened last night as best as you can tell. did you have to practicing president-elect trump. >> you may be able to tell it doesn't come naturally. but it's what the job requires and what our democracy requires and what the american people expect. so i undertook the necessary preparation to deliver that it is best as i could. in terms of and with as much
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respect as i possibly could. in terms of the results across the country it's hard to say. >> you understand what the missouri voters are like. you know what the voters like. you know what the floridians really like. i'm trying to figure out and again granted can you understand what seems that message seems to resonate with them? >> let me give you one example of a race i followed closely my home state of missouri. a fellow ran for united states senate, democratic candidate and had already won statewide statewide in missouri previously when he served as secretary of state. he was widely praised for running the smart, tough
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campaign. he was tireless and going door-to-door making a case to people that frankly he anticipated and a lot of people anticipated we get the support a lot of missouri voters who are not traditionally democratic voters. the thing thing that is hard to square about the selection is that the easy thing to say would be that donald trump performed so well and missouri because voters in missouri were unhappy with what's going on in washington, d.c. the not seen the kind of results from their elected representatives in washington, d.c. that they would like to
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see. they're sending a message base choosing someone like president trump to enter the white house, shake things up and make some changes. at the same time, a majority of voters supported senator -- and he spent a lot of time in washington under the same thing in the united states senate. it would appear there's a bit of a mixed message. part of the optimism around mr. kander's campaign was around the idea that he could benefit from the same kind of anti-incumbent energy that was propelling us or trump's campaign. that's not the way it turned out. it turned up people, apparently, it looks like you have a situation where people were motivated either party identification and party
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identification of the candidates more so than they were this outsider, antiestablishment energy. in some ways that is a good illustration of the complexity of discerning the motivation of voters across the country. voters sent to an important message and it is important for people who are going to serve in the next administration to spend time thinking about what that message was. because of the forceful one. the american people are going to be expecting results. with those results are something representatives in both parties will have to spend time thinking about. >> working so hard with hillary
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clinton on the trail, can you at least say why you think -- this prediction was so wrong. >> it is not just our read of this that was wrong, as every poll that we saw was wrong. you can check on this because you followed it more closely than i do. i'm not aware either candidate campaigned in wisconsin. i think that's a clear indication that everybody including both candidates expected secretary clinton twin wisconsin and she didn't. it's not close enough that i base calling for a recount. . .
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twice and voted for donald trump yesterday. given the opposition that the president elect trump professed to have for the obama agenda, it raises questions about why those voters supported him. the answer isn't obvious to me. i suspect political analysts and
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academics and political professionals are going to spend days and weeks and months and maybe even years to try to get greater clarity about explaining the outcome. >> [inaudible] really laying the stakes in very stark terms. does he still believe that today, the viability he believes the country is? >> guest:is?guest is?guest >> as i mentioned earlier the argument the president was making reflected his views. he was ming an argument that he deeply believes about the
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direction he would like to see the country go. >> but he doesn't believe that democracy is at risk? >> the president made an argument and he stands by that but its past. the american people rendered their judgment and president obama doesn't get to choose his successor. they didn't choose the person that president obama supported so now she has to turn his attention to prioritizing a smooth transition and ensuring a peaceful transition of power. frankly the aspirations are higher than just a peaceful transition of power, he wants a transition that gives an opportunity to givyou anopportug start because now that the election is over, it's a good time to remember that we are
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americans first and all of us are rooting for the success as he assumes the responsibility of trying to unite and lead the country. [inaudible] >> he was monitoring from the residence last night. i don't have a lot of details. he relied on staff to coordinate the calls he placed to secretary clinton and the president elect trump respect typically. he wasn't able to reach president elect trump unless he delivered his remarks, so it was rather late and obviously we have to work through to make that happen.
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>> you said schedule wasn't changing. how will he explain to analyze what happened. he said he is confident hillary clinton is going to win, none of which transpired. if we seem to be redirecting. >> the president spent a lot of time on his foreign travels offering reassurance. now that we have an outcome i think the president will continue to offer reassured about the steadfast commitment to the kind of partnerships to advance our interests and keep the country safe.
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many have been fortified by democratic and republican presidents. president obama invested a lot of his own time and attention to prioritizing and president elect trump will chart a foreign-policy paths. he will do so after the benefit of briefing from president obama and those that have been implementing that policy strategy. the reassurance.
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in part because they are rooted in the deep political ties. but ultimately it's going to be up to the president elect to decide. >> so you're saying the comments about donald trump being unfit, you agree with that but the voters have spoken. what the president says is our democracy demands.
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the president doesn't choose his successor, the american people do. >> people took what he said very seriously and therefore what do they say to that of a. >> our democracy has been buffeted a great challenge some of which were originated inside the united states, some originated overseas but by relying on those demonstrating a commitment to the will of the american people our democracy hasn't just survived, it's thrived and the president places
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a great faith in the american people and/or institutions and great faith in the people who make up those institutions, thet petri is served in the federal government and also faces a great confidence in those americans who don't work in government are committed to moving the country forward and that is the remark he made in the rose garden. if they don't get big pay checks the critical. the same applies to nurses over the country.
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they are doing the quiet work of striving to protect. >> i'm not aware of the plans. i will try to pin that down today. if the president bearing in mi mind.
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to the american people and our democracy to ensure a smooth transition. his expectation is that president elect trump will make decisions consistent with his own policy views. when he becomes president of the united states there is a strong chance president obama will disagree with some of those decisions but the success of the democracy depends on everybody setting aside their political
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preferences and rooting for the success of the american president as that person seeks to unite the country and move forward. i'm not saying it's going to be easy but the president is deeply sincere about fulfilling this responsibility and i think it was also evident from hearing the president talk about this. president obama entered office as a tumultuous time. we were in the depths of a crisis that has spawned a historically strong recovery and depended on him getting a running start that was only
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possible because of the commitment of president bush and his team to the same principle. so president obama has experienced firsthand how devoting the time and energy that's necessary to helping the incoming president get off to a running start. president obama is genuinely rooting for him to succeed to help the country make additional progress. that is a sincerely held the view. >> might you want to respond or comment on what the speaker said that it was a review the nation of the liberal and progressive policy is?
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>> i think there will be plenty of time for me to respond to questions like that in the days ahead. we can talk tomorrow. i have some thoughts. >> was he up all night, who was he watching this, was it family and staff command what can you say about the reaction, there was no comparison with how there really was a choice. surely you must have been stunned. it wasn't until after president elect trump. i knew that it was 330 or 4:00 before he would return. the same is true with all of
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you. >> [inaudible] >> i don't know there or not members of his family joined him as he botched results. >> i think you got a good sense of the reaction. the candidate he was supporting different when. according to the 52 million other people that voted for secretary clinton. >> at no point. i mean everybody, an outcome that we were not expecting.
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he made clear that there was a clear choice but the president knew once people started casting ballots on election day it was your responsibility from advocating as successor to planning for a smooth transition with whomever won the election. he's mindful from the beginning in part because of his own experience benefiting from that kind of planning that president bush initiated. >> do you know when this was going in the opposite direction expected?
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>> that eventuality bond that every individual at some point in the late evening. >> for other members of the organization during the campaign, the things he was saying were actually dangerous and you said today there are concerns to transition to someone he calls unfit and dangerous for national security. >> that is the rhetoric on the campaign trail that reflects the president's views and his own experiences having served in the job and his perspective on who is best qualified.
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the president doesn't choose a successor, the american people do. the responsibility as an outgoing. one previous demonstrated. the expectation is the commitment to the principles and i will serve the country while. >> you said the time for argument is over. if we are to believe the president said this is a dangerous situation. the department must have real concerns right now. can you decide that parameter
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is? >> the election is over. there will continue to be deba debate. the election is over. you have seen secretary clinton and cain offered her resignation and you heard president obama can it. that is an evidence of the durability and strength of our democracy.
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it will serve the incoming congress and partners around the world and that's why the president has made this such a priority. >> the winner of the popular vote isn't always present. does that make it unusual. everybody knew what the rules were. the outcome. they are mobilizing tens of millions of americans behind her vision and her candidacy. that is a credit to her.
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many statements, this is not what america is. this is not what we stand for. i believe in the judgment and values of the american people that they will choose the candidate. >> i think what is true is the president had an opportunity to
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convey. he knew all along what he was doing his advocating to the american people, trying to convince. not enough to win the electoral vote and that is our democracy, not perfect but it's a system that has served us very well. >> to change the view of who we are and what america is? the president disagreed.
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i think people will spend weeks or months if not years trying to discern. the responsibility of the president is to make sure president elect trump. he would take it as an insult of hillarifhillary clinton were nod so do you take this as a personal insult? >> the feelings the president was conveyed.
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that's a process president obama is deeply committed to. >> you keep pointing back but as far as i know he never traced to lobby him directly. are you suggesting he will maintain some of the policies that have been repeatedly on the campaign trail and does that mean all those things are gone on january 21?
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>> the first thing i can't speak to the nature of the conversations between president bush and ben president elect obama. i don't know if they will lobby on any issues were not. in trying to help you get a sense of the conversations i'm trying to decide on a would basically say the end-to-end of the team is too brief president elect trump and his team on the policies. president obama has acknowledged the view of certain policies once you are inside government gives you a new appreciation for
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the benefit of those policies. am i suggesting president trump will reverse everything i'm not making that case because i don't think that's true but what president obama isopeful of is, but he's committed to is a transition that helps bring president elect trump and his team up to speed on the status including the foreign polic ford there is a tradition seeking to preserve a measure of continuity particularly where the interests of lying. i wouldn't predict at this point how that shakes out. one thing i would point out there are serious situations
12:56 am
where the downside of withdrawing some of these agreements is significant. so the consequence is you do risk. at the same time there's also a un security council resolution that applies if it's supported by our allies but also by russia and that could be a pretty good indication of how united the international community is behind this agreement and president elect trump will have
12:57 am
to decide what impact this would have the american people trusted him with the presidency and he will determine the course and will have to evaluate all those things. my point is based on the existence of that resolution and the consequences of withdrawing from it is much more complicated than saying you were going to tear the agreement up. when briefed on all these consequences he will have to take a look at which policy he chooses to pursue. this is a man the president described for months that is
12:58 am
ignorant about what goes on in the federal government and doesn't seem interested. your suggesting a process in a way that would get him to change his mind but he is someone who's willing to take counsel to change his mind. >> the tone displayed last night at the moment when the world was watching was different and tell thethan thetone he typically ade campaign trail. that is one small example. does that apply to his policy positions, who knows but in the transition we will convey as much information as possible
12:59 am
about u.s. policy and the benefits and the consequences, both positive and negative and ultimately it will be up to president elect trump. >> there are significant wide-ranging consequences that make it clear it's not just as a simple as some of the campaign rhetoric might make it seem.
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>> you were just talking about dismantling the aca, you are talking about the obama legacy. >> i did say that it won't be easy and i think i was referring to the meeting itself. >> you are talking about trying to repeal the obamacare. there is a role of congress to weigh in on all of this answers the majority in the house and senate but there are filibuster rules that have experienced some passion of protecting and we will see if he retains the passion of moving forward. that would require some bipartisan cooperation. at the same is true of a different situation in the house which is the deep division
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within the house that make up for a rather unruly majority and it seems that in some cases they will have to look for some democratic cooperation. but then you realize i'm going to need the cooperation to get anything done and to organize the conference of the house of representatives all of a sudden it gets harder. does that change the outcome, i don't know. we'll have to see. these are the kind of questions
1:02 am
include stripping healthcare of 22 million americans into the deficit and increasing health care costs including for small businesses, so there are consequences to deal with often in the context of campaign rhetoric that are not accounted for. >> people are tempted now to say that . based on your analysis of. i think that it's far too early to tell what impact they will have on the priorities president obama has probably achieved. it is not as positive a picture i would be painting if hillary
1:03 am
clinton remained victorious because of her commitment to pursuing the priority's and mr. trump ran on a different platform. what he chooses to do is something that you can't fully analyzed in the abstract. as the presidency moves forward you will have an opportunity to evaluate the accomplishments they are quite positive. >> the president stands by their rhetoric he used on the campaign trail but in describing his own there is a significant difference between the two
1:04 am
things. it doesn't mean you fall on your principles or that you are overpromising. it just means that they are two different things and that's why there's all these open questions only president elect trump can answer. i don't know how many of them he will try to answer on the first day but you'll just have to let me know. >> to reassure partners and allies that is the question now. how can he do that exactly? >> based on the long-standing ag tradition of democratic and republican presidents reinforcing our relationships around the world.
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what we found is that our alliance supersedes any individual presidency or political party because we have seen multiple presidents of both parties seek to strengthen the alliance. so if you're looking for a reason to be hopeful that's what you withdraw from is the long history in both parties. is that something president elect trump will do? there is a reason to be optimistic because we've seen the presidents of both parties pursue a strong alliance. that is the first thing to pop into my head. or some of those leaders likely
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to say it appears to be different than the recent republican presidents, they wouldn't be wrong about it. the president can offer some reassurance that the american people have chosen to give president elect trump the responsibility to figure that out. >> [inaudible] >> it is unclear whether he will take questions but we will keep you posted. you can expect he will take questions over seas next week. people try to gewe do try to gey before the end of the day. has the president reached out to
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any world leaders? >> when i walked out here i wasn't aware of any conversations he had with foreign leaders at this point but we will let you know. i will let those individual governments speak for themselves. as christy alluded to on the travels next week he will have the opportunity to see the leaders with which many have an important relationship and we will have more details about that trip in the next couple of days. there was an idea that it would be focused on.
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given the fact the election has repudiated the idea has that changed? >> this is a question you would be asking the regardless of the outcome because the stated opposition has been well covered as well. what i can say in general, president obama had an opportunity today to speak to the reader mitch mcconnell on the phone and he's hopeful he will be able to speak with paul ryan sometime soon. we will let you know. there is a conversation about the outcome and he did
1:09 am
congratulate mcconnell on his success maintaining the title of the majority leader in the united states senate and they had an opportunity to discuss some of the priorities that the lame-duck session. he does continue to believe this is the best opportunity the congress has to take advantage of the cuts taxes, 18,000 of those imposed on american products. we have a strong case to make and we are going to encourage republican leaders to take it up in passage because of the anonymous benefits that would accrue to a received the same te
1:10 am
briefing as every day? >> the presidential daily briefing and other intelligence but in the have been made available to president trump ann a couple of designated members of the team. this is a courtesy president bush ever extended to vice president elect joe biden and the designated members of the team. there is a smooth transition that president obama has prioritized. >> [inaudible] >> i can't speak to the nature of the information presented.
1:11 am
some of the key national security advisers and a couple of designated officials can get access to the kind of material they will need to make important decisions one president trump takes office. >> the president was asked about this in august and said they would have to go through the white house counsel, through the regular process and that all pardons would be based on merit and not political situation. >> i remember when there was an e. to ask president obama about this earlier this summer and the
1:12 am
answer he gave in 05 i wouldn't speculate at this point about what impact that may have on the hypothetical pardon requests he received. >> [inaudible] >> absolutely. >> is the president confident that donald trump will respect the rule of law? spinnaker right now what he is responding to is but he displayed at the event last night and the significance of that is that he had to make a conscious decision about the
1:13 am
tone he was going to use speaking to not just supporters in the ballroom but the millions of americans watching on tv and tens of millions watching around the world. it was an opportunity to make an impression and i'm confident he was aware of that. in that moment he chose to adopt a tone that seems familiar to those at election night events. that would seem to suggest certain principles of our democracy are likely to be
1:14 am
upheld. one is ensuring criminal investigations into the justice system isn't delayed or infected with partisan politics. i'm sure president obama will not be the only one watching. [inaudible] remain more in the public eye? >> the results are barely 12 hours old but in those i'm not aware of any consideration the
1:15 am
president has made about the post-presidency plans other than the likelihood he's probably looking forward to his postpresidential vacation now more than ever. >> [inaudible] >> i would like to ask du think that afghan people should have high expectations for the new president of? and i will recall i don't recall having heard the view towards afghanistan. he may have covered other events more closely and they can fill
1:16 am
you in on it but it's not clear preferences or views. i would've pu would put this wir important policy decisions and to assure he is positioned, president obama and his national security team will ensure that they have access to all of the information that's necessary to make decisions in that part of the world. the kind of decision the next president will make will have a significant impact on the thousands of u.s. service members that are currently serving in afghanistan and counter the threats that emanate.
1:17 am
so the stakes of the decision are high bu that the next presit will benefit from the carefully advice on u.s. policy in afghanistan. >> the president today in the rose garden. he relates to that photo. also they were framed by
1:18 am
criticizing their successors. once president obama is a president. >> i don't think i can say anything declarative presumably that is something that between now and the 20th. he has appreciated how particularly early in his president former president george w. bush wasn't a regular
1:19 am
critique. that wasn't just to make political decisions. we can also reveal the character of the 43rd president. president george w. bush didn't agree with every decision made. but he kept his disagreements to himself and he's appreciated him taking that step to give the running room necessary that
1:20 am
would have been much more difficuldifficult as the recenty departeis the recentlydeparted s critiquing his every move. it is an unusual relation ship because early on in the president's ten year as you may recall president elect question of the citizenship. the president elected. i realize that this crash.
1:21 am
but in this person that has had the . it isn't news to observe president-elect trump and obama have deep long-standing and public disagreements on a wide range of issues including with regards to some of the tactics and rhetoric the president used on the campaign trail and was quite outspoken. the responsibility now is to ensure they can get off to a running start and president obama concluding will be voting
1:22 am
for success and uniting the country. >> they had another public opportunity where they were at a speaking together. off th the top of my head i dont remember where that is but they do not have an extensive personal relationship where you play golf together or any of that business. so i guess i will be among the
1:23 am
many reasons. president obama 35 message. the president has confidence because they are made up of patriotic americans.
1:24 am
it's important for the leaders to demonstrate. they've served very well. the other observation he would make and he did so in the gard garden. progress that we made in some of these areas. sometimes it is by the late


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