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tv   [untitled]    February 3, 2017 1:33am-1:43am EST

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preventing yourself from many opportunities. as europeans, we are not like that and continue to deter to the jush n way that puts this before confrontation. i think we have been to even more proud of that. >> thank you to everyone who has taken part in the debate. >> president trump's supreme court nominee neal gorsuch made the rounds on capitol hill today visiting with south carolina senator lindsay graham. brena williams shared the moment on twitter. the senator spoke to reporters after their meeting.
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>> the list of 21 was vetted before the election. [inaudible conversations] o move would pay for the supreme court. in then they came to theire vote. i will vote for him might not trying to play a game instead do like yours thought. i will not perjure somebody.y. but to my democratic colleagues i voted for were the picks under the above midterm and the would not have chosen but it was a great pick by a democratic president and now pick
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negative say republican president seems to be devoted. >> we will go down that road, scalia being replaced by a solid conservative background. i think there are enough democrats in the body to build under pressure and realize that is not the route we could take. i would say he is not qualified and it is just a disservice and you are minded -- blinded by
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this. [inaudible investigation] >> long standing relationship. if politics -- the president off key. the relationship is strong. in a tense world, we need to be firm even with allies and don't present ourselves with a nation that doesn't participate. you may have a legitimate difference about the deal and settle 150 refuges but you can't deny australia has been america's best friend in that
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part of the world that literally fought and died together in iraq and afghanistan. i have been involved with australian leaders and the eu is separat separated. >> putting them on notice -- what to you think that means? >> i don't know what that means other than it sounds strong. here is what i would do. i would try to rally the world to punish iran through sanctions. i don't want -- they are testing president trump. the russians are testing president trump. there is offensive actions. i really believe that the
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iranians are testing president trump and what i would do is not put them on notice. i would impose the sanction. >> there are reports out now that the white house is considering as early as tomorrow. is that something they talked to you about? >> i don't know about that. i would support the idea of sanctions. i like the idea that there is no pushback. >> the judge met with texas senator ted cruz in his capitol hill os. senator cruise filled in reporters after the meeting -- cruz. >> president trump said he would
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do you think that is the right course? >> what i seek is clear is the democratdemocrat s will not succeed to filibuster. they may try but if they filibuster the nominee but that is supremely qualified to one decade ago the said confirmed by a voice vote a judge to take seriously his is obligation to follow the constitution but he underscore the top of the judge and he contrast to that with the men and womenbuilg and those who pass legislation and we need judges who don't think to
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what they may personally favor.r. that used to be characteristic of the supreme court, but he understands the limited role of the judge to apply the of law and not decree what ever policies they take. >> god any measure his qualifications are impeccable he clerked for justice white that was jfk only appointee he put one injustice on the court and he clerked for justice white
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he was one of the first ones mentioned for his independence and justice white was known to not be subject to a the whims' and i think that is a important characteristic had to die would say to the democratic colleagues that may push but to block his nomination but i would ask any of those democrats who 10 years ago were happy to confirm to the court of appeals what has changed? now in addition to repression of career to have a decade court of appeals judge that has a consistent fidelity to law to apply aly
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the constitution to vigorously uphold the bill of rights and that this'' we should unwonted a judge my colleagues would preside to vote to confirm a good man and a good judge


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