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tv   BTV - New Releases Vignette  CSPAN  February 26, 2017 6:40pm-6:42pm EST

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imagination. but that rebirth of the ku klux klan was still three years in the future in 1912. and so it is simply impossible that the campaign of terrorism in forsyth was the work of white-sheeted claspmen. who then -- klansmen. who, then, were those persons responsible for the purge? i found a letter or written by 80-year-old ruth major can, this was not one of these eureka moments when sudden through there's something significant, a 14-year-old girl this 1912, and she had been a classmate of may you's. and at the very end of her level after recalling how all hell broke loose on the night of may crow's field, jordan wrote: it weren't the klan done this, it was just ordinary people of the county. >> you can watch this and other programs online at >> he's a look at some books -- here's a look at some books that are being published this weekment former prime minister
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george w. -- this week. former president george w. bush. "vanity fair" correspondent william cohen explains how main street benefits from wall street in why wall street matters. iowa lie ya ma lick recalls her journey to reclaim her grandmother's apartment in syria in her memoir, the whole that was our country. milwaukee county sheriff david clarke explains his views on politics, race and policing in his book, cop under fire. university of south carolina history professor marjorie spruiell provides a history of the conservative women's movement in divided we stand. tom clavin chronicles the impact of wyatt earp and bat masterson on one of the most dangerous town in the west in the 1870s in dodge city. george mason economics chair tyler cohen argues our resistance to change will lead to a fiscal crisis in the complacent class.


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