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tv   David Horowitz Discusses Big Agenda  CSPAN  March 4, 2017 4:45pm-5:49pm EST

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thing. that is what i was doing. >> you can watch this and other programs online at >> join booktv live today beginning at 6:00 eastern from books and books bookstore in coral gables florida for a panel discussion on books and the joy of reading. books and books owner in miami book fair cohen or mitchell kaplan will join us and the director of the creative writing program at florida international university in miami and the author of 20 books including water to the angels, the man who invented christmas. also miami-based father and columnist anna menendez's book includes in cuba i was a german shepherd, and the last war. we are also opening up the phone lines and taking viewer comments on email, twitter and facebook so you can be part of the conversation. that is today at 6:00 eastern on
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c-span2's booktv. >> thank you and good evening. boxer mike tyson once famously observed that everybody has a game plan until you punch them in the mouth. that pretty much sums up the reason donald trump inhabits the white house today. who could have predicted mike tyson would be such a perceptive political theorist or donald trump would ride that aggressive strategy all the way to the oval office? the herculean task of reversing the course of barack obama's failed presidency, they faced formidable opponents not only a determined left at a deeply entrenched republican establishment in washington dc and a stubborn contingent of never trump politicians and pundits. you already know david horwitz is the author of too many books to list, all essential reading for understanding and waging war against the radical left.
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his new book, a bigot and -- "big agenda: president trump's plan to save america" lays out a strategy for combating opponents of american exceptionalism and it is a billions battle pan having reviewed of myself a front page magazine i too too. david horwitz] turn around the political battles conservatives have been losing for so long they must begin every confrontation by punching progressives in the mouth and no republican leader in recent memory is better suited to that than donald trump is here to talk about that tonight is founder of the david horwitz freedom center, the left's most hated apostate and the right's is aggressive strategist, please welcome david horowitz. [applause] according the gallup
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organization, and incoming president gets on average seven month. this is one of the sacred political rituals in our country for good reason. it is a ceremonial celebration, acknowledgment, affirmation of the peaceful transition of power, the fact that we are all part of one community and so you allow your opponent that you lost to to get into positions of
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authority and do something before you start criticizing. some didn't get 7 seconds. as soon as the election was over the democratic party declared war on the president-elect. this or is as vicious as we have ever seen. instead of confirmation hearings, we have had a witchhunt, democrats given name to what they are doing. they call it resistance and i actually saw a democratic operative on fox say obstructionism and resistance are not the same thing because wouldn't actually say this part
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but obstruction is what republicans do. resistance is what -- that was -- the subtext. but there is a difference between resistance and obstruction. obstruction is trying to block a policy that you don't like. resistance is an existential threat, you don't like the whole system, don't like the way of life, you want to overthrow it, democrats aren't shy about saying that either peachpit, trump has been in office three weeks or so, talking about impeachment, nothing he has done has been impeachable but we want to get rid of this guy. we are in the midst of a civil war in this country. it is not a fighting war yet,
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not violence from the left, one of my concerns is that this could explode at some point because there is so long average americans are going to take this but it is a civil war. that means two completely incompatible philosophies are confronting each other and it is a war that has gone on for 30 years but it has just reached what i would call a boiling point or a point where you can see -- it happens on this day trump gave a press conference and trump people are getting emails, wasn't that beautiful and everybody is enjoying it and on the other side there is this shock and horror that shows the
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chasm between the two sides. a seminal moment. let me say something about the witchhunt. for me what symbolizes the disgusting nature of what democrats have done in the last two weeks is the attempt lynching of jeff sessions. senator sessions has been a friend of mine for 20 years, he has been a colleague of all these people, democratic senators for 20 odd years, jeff sessions is one of a handful of the most decent human beings in the united states senate and also a champion of civil rights. as an attorney general from the deep south in the year of
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segregation who prosecuted the ku klux klan, sent a ku klux klan later to his death, got in the death penalty for a racial murder and desegregated the alabama schools, and yet they portray him as a racist. that was their objection to him. this serial character assassination, elizabeth warned dredged up 30-year-old refuted facts that happen to be civil rights case where jeff represented black voters disenfranchised by corrupt leaders of the local naacp, the wrong the blacks portrayed by elizabeth warren is a racist. i want to come back to the civil
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war analogy, not an analogy but analysis a little later on but first i want to go to what i consider a seminal moment in the election campaign during the second debate, trump turned the television cameras to the audience, the television audience and he said you have to understand hillary has tremendous hatred in her heart and what he was referring is the basket of deplorable switch everybody in this room who isn't a leftist, she identified the. racist, sexist, homophobes,
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islamohforbes, you name it, is her enemy is what she hates. that is every conservative in this country who has been in a political argument with a so-called liberal has been called a racist, sexist, homophobic or islamohso at some point, not by hillary but by democrats, people on the left. they have tremendous hatred their hearts for us which democracy can't really work when you have one side, large political faction, major political party composed of people who hate people they disagree with and i will explain the root cause of this a little
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later. it comes from something i talked about a lot, describe this book i have written. this book is about the civil war. that is what it is really about and why trump is such an important leader, what i call the patriotic side of this civil war. people on the left inc. they are saving the world or the planet if they happen to be environmentalists, saving the planet. they are aggressive, if you will, ideology, leftist ideology, is modeled on christianity. the world is a fallen place, they do use terms like fallen but there is oppression and corruption but mainly oppression
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of this group or that group and they are here to redeem the world. there will be a redemption and if they get enough power they will redeem the world. they think of selves as the army of the saints and therefore they think of people who oppose them as the party of the devil. listen to so-called liberals, progressives or leftists talking they talk like hellfire and damnation preachers. every attack on rapport republicans generally, way before trump is a moral attack, a moral indictment republicans talk like accountants. they do. it is all about budgets and
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deficits and administrative this and people on the left talk like hellfire and damnation preachers all the time. i often describe this as by saying whenever i see a republican square off against a democrat it reminds me of godzilla versus bambi which they call us racist, sexist, homophobes, islamohforbes, zita forbes, irredeemable and republicans call them liberals. politics is all about emotion. what is so unique about trump, of course, is his bluntness,
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refusal to be intimidated by political correctness. the fact that he -- in private i am sure he's a very gracious individual but in a political brawl he is a brawler and the other side is prepared for republican brawlers. public and you can think of who in front of 50 million people would look hillary clinton in the i and say you are a crook and a liar. she is both. that is just the truth, she is both. there is not.
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republicans are too damn polite, conservatives -- i know there is a distinction but they all share the same temperament, very polite, don't want to embarrass your enemy. is their modus operandi. and we are regard political correctness as ridiculous. how can people think this way? this is not a good way to look at political correctness. it is actually very sinister. the term political correctness was coined by mouse he told - a --mao tse tung. what he meant was towing the party line, communist party line. people on the left,
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progressives, democrats march in lockstep. >> rather than, you know, that's what i would like to do. but i'm too civilized to do it, perhaps. i don't know, i don't know trump personally. but, okay, this was a private conversation from 11 years previously. and one republican after another
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was horrified. this is a bridge too far, i can't support this candidate. this is a bridge too far. [laughter] and jeb bush, actually embarrassingly, said i have two precious granddaughters, and there's nothing that donald trump could say that could ever apologize for a remark he made in private to billy bush in a bus where they didn't realize they were being -- that's republicans. now, hillary clinton, let's see, she sold off the, her position as secretary of state, our national assets, and made $100 million or whatever for herself and her husband. she lied to the fbi, she lied to the american people, she put our highest level secrets on a private server, violated her
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oath of office, violated the espionage act, opened our secrets to you our enemies from china to north korea, iran, the russians -- who thousand the democrats propose to -- she lied about benghazi, she lied to the mother of a fallen hero of benghazi. not one, not one democrat elected said this is a bridge too far, i can't support this candidate. not one. i bright this up in discussing the communist party, because that's the way the communist party was really effective in political warfare, everybody in lockstep. and that's the way the left behaves today. political correctness is like a
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zipper with a lock on it over everybody's lips. you just don't say things. you don't say to a woman you're a liar and a crook who is a former first lady, a former senator, a secretary of state. you do it to a male, but women are a protected species. all this baloney about being strong, they're strong women. elizabeth warren, character assassinating a decent human being who spent 40 years in public life, a dedicated public servant, a champion of civil rights, calling him a racist, reading a letter that was, in essence, repudiated by coretta scott king, violating the senate
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rules. when mcconnell says you can't say that, oh, they're silencing another woman. [laughter] that is a double standard. that cripples conservatives. it cripples anybody opposing this nonsense. you just can't say it. it's politically incorrect. it's not -- it does, intellectually you look at it, it's ridiculous and it's laughable. but in political practice, it's very sinister. and trump is a liberating force. when i, i had waited 30 years for somebody on the right to appear like donald trump. [laughter] because i, coming out of the left and being used to fighting, understanding that the left sees politics as war conducted by
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other means, that's the way they see it, that's the way they fight it, the democrats' weapon is what? it's character assassination. it's name-calling, it's hate. it's a party of hate. and you see it every election season. and there's no, there's no limit to what they will invent to throw at republicans, to defame them, to destroy them. and i, as i say, it's always for me godzilla v. bambi. so i waited. can and then comes the first primary debate. there's donald trump, and he's got the highest percentage, so he gets the first question. this is a guy who's never been in a political debate like that, and he's up against, what are they, 1 of them, 12 of the most qualified, most experienceed
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republican politicians. and the first question out of the box in front of whatever it was -- i don't remember the figures, 30 million, 20 million, whatever it was people, and megyn kelly says this is the first question. you referred to women as fat slobs and pigs. and he doesn't hesitate a second, and he says, oh, that was just rosie o'donnell. [laughter] and i said, this is a guy who's an instinctive fighter. this is somebody we want. [laughter] so now to the civil war we're in. you have to understand, this civil war's been going on really
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since the '60s, the crucible, but it's been going on really since the '730s when the left -- '70s when the left began accumulating power in our school system which is now a completely leftist school system. it's not -- schools in a democracy are there to teach students how to think, not tell them what to think. you know, authoritarian and totalitarian societies, the schools tell you what the orthodoxy is, what to think. our school system is now you want to call it authoritarian, totalitarian, whatever you like. it's a complete one-party state, and teachers abuse every day their privilege as teachers by indoctrinating students. and this began in a serious way in the 1970s and continues today. and what is this war about? well, the left has a vision.
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it's called identity politics. identity politics is a very sinister philosophical attitude. it's racist. it's completely anti-american. and why do i say that? well, let's take one of the politically correct terms of identity politics. people of color. that always bothered me. i always hated that phrase. why? because it's not english. we don't say, oh, here's a box of crayons of color. [laughter] it's french. that's the way french people talk. it's completely ungrammatical. of course, you can't say colored people because that's politically incorrect. but people of color, that's okay. so it's laughable, but it's really not. think about it. if you look at mexico, it has,
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it's composed of two main ethnic groups, the descendants of the con kiese doers who slaughtered -- conquistadors who slaughtered the indigenous indians, and the descendants of the indigenous indians. but when they cross the border into the united states, they're both people of color. therefore, deserving of certain sensitivities, certain allowances, certain privileges. ma that rajas in india are people of color. beheaders. islamic terrorists in syria and iraq are people of color. everybody in the world is a people of color except white people. [laughter] they're the oppressors. they're evil. it's racist. this is the purist form of racism. and, of course, it comes out,
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you know, black people can't be racist, an academic idea that's widespread if you subject yourself to watching leftists on television tell you that. only white people can be racist. only white people have power. you have to be blind to think that that's the case. what the left seeks is to establish a racial, gender, sexual orientation hierarchy of privilege so that if you're the right color -- which is dark -- you go to the head of the line for admissions to a college, you go to the head of a line for a job and for innumerable other things in our society. in 1964 the civil rights act outlawed racial categories in laws and institutions, and the democrats and the left have spent 50 years putting them
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back. and so they're everywhere, and they're ubiquitous. so the democratic party is now about to make as the dnc chair, the leading candidate for dnc chair is a louis farrakhan anti-semitic, anti-american, anti-white racist named keith ellison, a protege of the muslim brotherhood. that's what the democratic party have become. don't headache any mistake about -- make any mistake about the democratic party. the democratic party's candidate for president would have been bernie sanders, a lifelong supporter of communist causes who chose to be married in moss moss -- in moscow during the cold war, in the totalitarian empire. except that the crooked clintons fixed the primaries with the help of donna brazile and debbie wasserman schultz.
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that's the only reason bernie wasn't the candidate. it's a racist party, and it's a party of hate. and along came donald trump. [laughter] and his two chief aides happen to be two of my friends, steve bannon and steven miller. [applause] great americans. and the three of them put together this inaugural address which is a confrontation. it's the first time, a confrontation with this racist left. identity politics, racist left. finish remember the inaugural. trump said if we are loyal to
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our country, we will be loyal to each other. if you have opened your heart to patriotism, there will be no room for prejudice. we are black and brown and white, but we bleed patriot red. the american idea is the antithesis of identity politics which is now the ideology in all our universities and all of our schools. the american idea is the exact opposite. it's that all people are created equal by their creator and endowed with the same inalienable rights that government can't take away. everybody is to be judged on their merits, not on their origins; ethnic, racial or whatever.
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i don't know how to say gender only. gender origin. that's the american idea, that we face each other on our individual merits, and we are accountable as individuals. not as a racists, not as genders. that's been the tradition, that was the fight of martin luther king. that's why the left despises his message, his vision for the future where we're color blind, where his children are judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. every progressive in america wants to judge you by the color of your skin. and donald trump has posed the antithesis to that which is why he has won the hearts and minds of the heart in this country, and that's how he got elected.
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so how do we fight them? well, if somebody is calling you a racist, you can't kind of pussy foot around it. you can't start saying, you know, some of my best friends -- i ain't gonna do it. you can't, you know, prove a negative. and you're going to be blown away because politics takes place in seconds. it's like a nine-second sound bite maybe. and it's completely emotional. i mean, there are lots of wonks in the political arena, but they're not, they don't make the difference. it's emotional. the democrats are all about emotion, they're all about stirring it up with their moral be indictments. you have to fight fire with fire
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there's a chapter of this book i've written called the achilles heel of the democratic party, and it is this: it is that the democrats control every inner city in america of any size 100%, and they have for 50-100 years. every killing field -- chicago, detroit, baltimore, new orleans, st. louis -- every failed school system that year in and year out for ten years, for twenty years fails the poor black -- mainly black and hispanic children, but now also somalis and there are poor white kids too so that 40%
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of the students in those schools never graduate, and 40% who do -- and we're talking about spending $20,000 in washington, d.c., it's $26,000 a child. you have 20 kids, you've got over half a million dollars. you can give the teach or $100,000 and still have the money for the buildings and the insurance, for crying out tears. this is a national atrocity that democrats commit year in and year out and republicans are too polite to mention. not, they're not just part of the atrocity that's committed in these inner cities. the welfare system which kicks the men out of the homes, the wage earners, and go around having children all over the inner the city and not having any responsibility for them because if they did, if they were bringing money into the home, if there were a presence,
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an authority figure so these kids don't go wild, they'd lose their welfare benefits. then here's another great idea, let's bribe the women to have more children. yeah, you can have $200 a month, whatever it is, something like that, for each child that you have. so you have six or seven kids condemned to live99 of poverty and/or crime. then let's make it as difficult as possible for the law-abiding system -- citizens of the inner cities who are the majority to own guns. then let's go even better. let's catch and release the felons who go be around killing people. dwayne wade's cousin, a beautiful woman with four children, was murdered by two felons in chicago who shouldn't have been on the streets in the first place. and until donald trump, no
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republican has said we need a new deal for black america, we need a new deal for the inner cities. and i actually had proposed to the bush administration, to bush in 2000, what you need to do is have $100 billion voucher program for inner city kids. and, of course, the democrats lie through their teeth, they're going to destroy the mix schools. they're destroyed! they're not teaching these kids. how dare you. you're running the schools as a jobs program for the adults, for the teacher unions which is a slush fund. it's the heart and soul of the democratic party, teacher unions. at the expense bees of the kids -- expense of the kids. and i submitted this proposal, and i said you have to make it
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huge. the bush administration, they didn't buy it. i said it has to be, the tuition has to be equivalent to what they get in the public schools. republicans have this idea you do a voucher program, you give them, oh, let's make it, they did for d.c., $1500 so the parents have to raise the rest of it. and the only -- the kids who qualify not only does -- is the school failing to teach them, but it's physically dangerous. because republicans think that they're dealing on the other side with rational people, with democrats who are reasonable and, therefore, if we don't give them a reason to oppose it, if we make the bill really reasonable, it'll pass. no. because the democrats understand that if you put the power of the purse into the hands of the parents and they can seek out any school that will teach their kids, it will destroy the teacher unions and blow up the democratic political way which -
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political base, which is what this is all about. [applause] so i sent e-mails to my friends, steve miller and steve bannon, and i guess they took it to trump. and within two weeks trump had a $130 billion land for inner cities. that's why he is an incredible threat to the democratic party. that's why they lynched betsy devos, treated her like garbage. talk about, i mean, abuse of women. this is a woman -- they hate her because she dedicated her life to helping inner city minority kids. that's what her life has been dedicated the. and that's why the democrats hate her. the oppressors of poor minority, poor children, minorities in
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this country is the democratic party. republicans have to untie their tongues and start talking about this. i think that we are on the brink of an amazing future in this political future, a realigning of the parties. oh, and the obstacle to it is this communist left. i mean, they call themselves social justice. there's no difference between social justice and fantasy that you can only impose by force, and it will impoverish everybody. it's no different from socialism or communism. i've been called a relic in the new york times for using the the word "communist." they want to forget, bernie
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sanders would like to forget all of his communist commitments and tell people that it's really -- [inaudible] i mean, they're such liars. oh, i lost my train of thought. political correctness. it's gone. in any case, we are on the brink, i believe, of a new era provided nothing happens to trump. i mean, we are in very serious, dark times. you have people openly calling for trump's assassination. that's my one, one great fear. before he gets to convert republicans. is he converting republicans? well, i've known sean spicer for
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20 years too. and there was something in sean from the beginning. i can always tell something about republicans by how they relate to he. a hot of them -- to me. a lot of them, everybody says good work, david, and so forth. but sean, actually, when he was the head of the press secretary ies' association for the house invited me to one of their meetings to speak. but sean and reince, who also -- he invited me to address the rnc -- but they're the establishment. and look at sean as a fighter now as press secretary for donald trump. and all those people fight because they know trump has their back. there is no republican again who, if he got to be president-elect and then selected his white house strategist and then this
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disgraceful press corps began defaming his nominee as a white nationalist and an anti-semite, there's no republican who wouldn't have thrown steve bannon under the bus. none except for trump. and i think that's, you know, i don't know, but trump had deals with construction unions, with business rivals, with whoever runs and owns casinos. so he's a fighter. he's a street fighter, which is what you need in this, in this political world. i, you know, i have these mixed emotions because i'm worried about the future. you look at what happened in berkeley. when you see these fascists on television defending their fascist ideas and calling you a fascist, ask you know that soros' money is behind it ask you know that barack obama is
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behind this, in fact, steve bannon made a film which you should all see called occupy unmasked about this left. it was about up wall street. but the same thing, idiot thugs in the street backed by obama and nancy pelosi, funded by the government unions. government unions should be outlawed. be franklin roosevelt thought they should be outlawed. [applause] they're walking conflicts of interest, and they're thugs. and if you -- well, there's so many subjects i could get into, i've got to restrict myself here. but -- oh, i know what i wanted to -- what strikes me is when i think of steve bannon and steve miller and donald trump, they're all from the left like me. they all have the passion. i don't want to say -- this is not negative about
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conservatives, but conservatives are business people. they're creators. finish they don't want to get into a pi, -- pissing contest with a skunk. they don't want to limit their clients. they're inclusive, is what business people are. is they're really unfit for this political war. but people who come over from the left, they see politics continued by other means because all of their leftist friends that they left behind, that's the way they see it. so it doesn't surprise me that trump should be attracted to miller and barron -- bannon. it surprises me that just a wonderful person, how decent -- i love jeff sessions, he's just a wonderful man -- that he would
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be attracted to trump. that's a little miracle, and that is a wright sign for the future. -- a bright sign for the future. but i've always said, you know, i feel like i've within sent as a former radical to teach conservatives bad manners. [laughter] but don't become like leftist, but, you know, 10% more fight will go a long, long way. and i'm just thrilled by what's happened in this past year to watch the american people really rise up and to blow the press away. i mean, these, you know, the press is like the proverbial chickens with their heads cut off, still running around and not realizing that their heads have been cut off. [laughter] and they have, i mean, it just -- you can imagine what they feel inside when trump says nobody believes you. [laughter]
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and they don't know how to stop themselves. and find out why and change. you know, one tends to think in terms of apocalypse, and then there are these sudden changes. and maybe rationality will appear suddenly among some people on the other side. i'm sure that it will take another drubbing in 2018 and an even worse one in 2020 to make it happen. my fear is of republicans going off all in their own directions. i'm worried about the congress. i'm worried about people who don't understand, people in the republican leadership who don't understand the political battle. but i'm heartened by ordinary conservatives. i'm heartened by grassroots.
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the reason the democratic party went to the left is because of a crass roots leftist movement that kept -- grassroots leftist movement that kept banging away at them. we had the tea party, and now we have the trump party. and i think the trumpers are going to do it. that's my hope. that's my hope. and i have to say it's been a long time since i've been able to have hope, and i'm sure a lot of you feel the same way. we just watched our country run into the ground, and thousand we have a fighter -- and now we have a fighter, and we have fighters. and now we can win. thank you. [applause] >> okay. if we have any questions, i'm going to ask people to line up here on the microphone since we're being taped. louis vuitton think be gets the
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first -- lonnie gets the first question. >> thank you, david. how did liberals who once had a proud tradition of free speech and pluralism get reduced to what we see today? >> well, it's one thing when you're out of power, it's another when you're in power. it's the left. i think you have to think hard about the fact that the true leader of the democratic party is bernie sanders. that's the important thing. and if hillary had been elected, she would be like obama and sanders. she would not be like the hillary clinton of the clinton era. she was always an idealogue in the way that bill never was. bill's ideology was me. [laughter] that made him, you know, corruption is much better than communism. [laughter] [applause]
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and actually corruption saved us in this election. hillary's corruption tripped her up. so i'm trying to remember, go back to my youthful radical days. there were always, there were the machiavellians. i was very idealistic. i remember being shocked when i was standing in berkeley, there was a thing called people's park where the left had just occupied a lot that was owned by the university of california, and they were going to build dorms there. and the left went and just took it over, started planting things. left is very good with symbols, so they planted grass and flowers. and then the university called
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the police on them, and the police came, and there was tear gas, and it was -- got pretty, pretty violent. and i was standing with hayden, the late and unlamented tom hayden -- [laughter] and he said to me, david can, he said, what we have to do, we have to lure middle class kids to where they'll get their heads cracked by the police, and that will radicalize them. i couldn't believe people thought like that. but there are a lot of them in the left. and so once the left gets power, they want to start shutting people up. and why do they want to shut them up? because they're a religious movement. go back to what i said. they are the army of the saints, they are redeeming the world. we are the party of the devil, shut the devil up. and if you saw tucker interview that idiot woman who's a middle schoolteacher and organized the
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berkeley riot, you see the mentality -- i don't remember actually people, the '60s left was much more innocent than this one. talking quite like that, i'm sure they were this. she's a fascist. she will kill you if she gets the power. she'll just kill you. so when they're a minority, they're all for free speech and free expression because that allows them to recruit people and get their ideas over. once they're the professors, shut you up. and there's lonnie be, i hope that answered your question. go ahead. >> yes. my question is a little difference, off track. can you talk about the devastating impact of flynn leaving trump's team? because, to me, he was the most important pick of any of his picks for government position because he spoke open oply and honestly about the threat -- openly and honestly about the threat of islam, and to me that's a devastating blow. >> well, i think he'll continue to do that. i don't -- i mean, the chief strategists are ban nonand miller. i -- bannon and miller.
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i know how they think. is i liked general flynn. we had him at our restoration weekend. i was sorry to see him go, i was sorry to see monica crowley go. but i don't think it's a devastating blow. i don't know mattis and and kelly. but they've been in the battlefield. i think they understand the enemy. i know that sessions does. you know, we've had what iwould call a seditious department of justice for eight years. by the way, i mean, that term people of color, if you wondered how can the democrats be so sympathetic to islamic nazis, and the answer is they're people of color. with only a tiny minority that
5:37 pm
are terrorists. well, actually, according to the pew poll, 43% of muslims support al-qaeda. let's see, 43%, that's like 650 million people. that's a lot of people. i mean, lenin's russia or stalin's russia was only about 100 million just for comparison. i just -- we have been run concern what would we have said if franklin roosevelt had gave nuclear weapons to adolf hitler? that's what obama did. this is an -- we've had an anti-american president who identifies with our enemies and who enables them. and when he thought he could get away with it, i mean, after all, we have a political system is. there are forces, jews are
5:38 pm
pretty important in the democratic party, so he, the way he treat ared israel was we'll give them the military, and we'll isolate them politically and cut them off at the knees politically. and when he was leaving, oh, he here's $200 million for these palestinian racist terrorists. that's obama. we survived that. and then you had a justice department that was supporting this kind of crap. so i don't think -- if the departure of one man is devastating, besides trump, we're in really bad shape. so i hope general flynn write, and i hope he will speak. we'll host him if he does, and i hope he gets some revenge here. because what we have is we have treasonous elements in the tate department and in the intelligence services.
5:39 pm
this guy, brennan, was bad news. undermining trump. and, of course, in the judicial system. let's not forget when you have harvard and yale and all these ivy league schools and all these schools training leftists, you know, the left isn't stupid. they're going into the intelligence services. state department's always been left, so they can serve in the state department. it's a big problem. it runs throughout our what they call the deep state. >> we're going to take the final two questions. >> go ahead. >> you know, i read an article yesterday, i think it might have been in "the washington post," and the journalist was confronting in his article trump about his not taking the hard questions that obama took all throughout his administration -- [laughter]
5:40 pm
from the major -- >> i think you just got your answer. >> yeah. laugh -- [laughter] the question then was, obviously, that was a humorous article. it wasn't intended to be. i couldn't help thinking why should trump take questions from a hostile media when there are other media outlets that aren't being insulting -- >> yeah, i think trump is capable of being very fair-minded, and he shouldn't let the liars in the rest and the people that are gunning for him answer questions. this is not an attack on the fourth's estate, it's an attack on liars, you know? there are honest journalists, and there are honest people on the left. and i would name them, but it's going out on c-span. that would be bad for them, so i won't. [laughter] i'll name one. i mean, you know, juan williams a friend of mine. i had him on a panel over 20
5:41 pm
years ago, and he's a good person. and he's got a son who's a republican. so you know he's a person of real character. not easy to have your kid be on the opposite camp, and he got himself fired by npr, so that's also good. i don't agree with almost anything he says now, but he'll be fair-minded. i would let juan williams ask me a question. >> so do you think there's any hope that he might train these -- >> i wouldn't let judith miller, whom i detest. judith miller, i mean, is so partisan. it's just so easy to tell. and who was saying that today on -- oh, it was neil cavuto. it's easy to tell. here are these amazingly positive things that have come out of the trump administration
5:42 pm
before he's even president. he's got a boom going, economic boom, and companies coming in and jobs being created, and we're going to take care of a really serious problem which is the flood into our country of illegals among whom are a large number, hundreds of thousands of criminals who prey on americans. and trump is -- when in the history of this country has a president come in, and the first thing he does is he gets up at 5:30 in the morning every day, goes to bed at 12 and this between fulfills his campaign promises? how does that happen? [applause] so if you have a journalist who recognizes and reports the good things and then has critical things, okay, you may not agree with it, but it's fair-minded, and they should get questions. the others they should just kick out of the press room. i don't care.
5:43 pm
laugh i mean, we do -- why should we have respect for an institution like "the new york times" which has been, i mean, it was once a great institution. who would read it now? >> david -- >> "the washington post", another one. go ahead. >> yes. incomprehensibly, the left is in and cool and hip. how to we paint them as just the a pathetic losers they are and make them uncool to women especially? some. [laughter] >> i don't know. if have you watched miloy knop louse on youtube? [applause] i had that little lapse in my speech, but i wanted to talk
5:44 pm
about political correctness. steve harvey, everybody knows who steve harvey is, you know, television personality. huge supporter of hillary clinton. trim. had her on his show. trump says i want to do a new deal for black america. any sensible person who's part of the same american community, harvey says, okay, i want to see if you will, you know, put your money where your mouth is. i want to test you. so i'm willing to go to trump tower and meet with you. and then this hour on, marc lamont hill, calls him a mediocre negro for that. how racist is that? you've become an un-person. it's a banishment. it is incredibly effective. normal people who have normal jobs and normal networks of people where people have different views and some of them will react violently to, you
5:45 pm
know, if you ring the right bell are cautious. and political correctness is a way of shutting them up and making them powerless. and the biggest thing conservatives have to do is to stop fearing being called a racist or islamophobe or a deplorable. i have so many people on hi twitter feed who call themselves deplorable jane with, deplorable tom -- [laughter] fear, got that get over the fear, begin to take the hits. >> okay. we're going to get two very quick questions. >> very quick questions. we have a room here, and think we're all mad. we've had enough of this. what do we do? how do we mobilize ourselves? they're mobilized 365 days a year. we're mobilized just for the elections. >> that's true, but -- >> we need to do something. >> -- they waste a lot of hundred and a lot of time. when they march -- first of all, if people march in the streets
5:46 pm
without permits, block traffic, i want them to be arrested and put in jail for six months to a year. [applause] >> you're right. >> but every time they have these demonstrations and these riots, trump gets votes. you have to understand, a lot of what they do is completely counterproductive. and i would say there are no quick picks. conservatives, look, conservatives hate politics, and it's a very rational position to take. it's dirty. it's just, it prevents you from doing creative, constructive things. i understand that. so conservatives are always looking, we want a supreme court decision, we want a -- it's always a quick fix. so i don't have to think about the political war. the political war is long and hard, and it's going to take
5:47 pm
decades. and i'd just like to feel that we're winning with each year that goes by. but you have to be prepared for a long struggle. >> last, last question. >> i just want to say thank you to lee and fran for inviting me. i'm from minnesota, and i live in beverly hills now, and i'm just so excited to be here because whatever i can do to help mobilize and help the process, like, i'm really excited about. so i thank you. that's all i wanted to say. >> thank you all for coming. [applause] >> we're going to sign books in the back of the room. not outside, but in the back. that's where he'll sign copies of the book. thank you. [inaudible conversations]
5:48 pm
>> our visit to san jose, california, continues with local author libra hilde as she talks about the role of southern women in her book, "worth a dozen men." there were thousands of corporations on the gettysburg battlefield, and there are thousands of corpses of horses on the battlefield, and all of those are swelling and rotting, so you think about the stench that people had to deal with. and then you think about a field hospital where limbs are being amputated, right? there's an incredible amount of blood. there is a pretty horrific smell because once you get infections that set in, things like gangrene, it smells awful. these women had to deal with some pretty horrific sights and sounds and things that they were not accustomed to, but they also


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