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tv   British Prime Minister Theresa May Delivers a Statement on Brexit...  CSPAN  March 14, 2017 10:27pm-11:21pm EDT

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bill authorizing the government to begin negotiations for leaving the eu. british prime minister teresa making to the house of commons to talk about the next steps for brexit for scottish independence. this is 50 minutes. the prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i would like to make a statement on the next steps for article 15 and leaving the european union. this began by electing donald -g i welcome this because we have a close relationship and recognize the contribution that he's maded in office. in the council we discussed the threat for organized crime and
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instability in the western balkans and what is needed to build up a competitiveness that will remain important as wecohi build a new relationship in a self-governing britain. in each case we are able to show once again how we will continue to play a leading role in europe eu after we've left the european union. first on migration, i welcome t implementing action plans. this included the strengthening and returns and working to implement the deal where they are providing additional staff for interviewing the nationals. i argued we must do more to dismantle the profit and those that are subjecting many to be. unimaginable abuses. we've coordinated and committed actions we can make a differen
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difference. indeed just last month in operation between the nationalhe agency and the coast guard led to the arrest of 19 members of organized crime groups in greece. as i argued before, the navy managed control global approach and that is what the council agreed. we need to ensure that refugees claim asylum in the first safe country they reach and help them support so they don't have to make the perilous journey to europe and we need a better overall approach to manage economic migration one that recognizes all countries have the right to control their borders. engaging our partners in this approach would be crucial and it will be an important part of the discussions at the conference which the uk will be hosting in may. turning to the deteriorating situation i made clear my concerns about the risks this presents to the region and the
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security. organized criminals and terrorists are ready to exploit these vulnerabilities and we are seeing increasingly grave interference by russia and others. in light of the plot i called on the council to do more to counter the destabilizing information campaigns and raise the visibility and commitment tl this region. the uk will lead the way. the secretary will be visiting in the coming weeks where i expect him to set out concerns about the reports of russian interference in the affairs of the government. we will provide strategicgic communications expertise to thee institutions to counter a disinformation campaigthedisinfe region and we will host the westernill balkans summit and in the run-up to the people enhance enhance our security cooperation with the western partners including on organized crime,, anticorruption and security.
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more broadly mr. speaker i i alo would free emphasize the.k importance the uk places as a bedrock of the collective. in line with the target so every country plays a part in sharing the burden. only by interesting the artifacts to ensure that we are equipped to keep our people san safe. we trade with and operates the european market and allow the european businesses to do the same. the successful and competitive market in the future will remain in the national interest and i call for the steps to complete the single market and the digital single market.t. [laughter] i also welcome the completion of
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the free trade agreement between the eu and canada and japan in the coming months.s. for these agreements, that they will lay the foundation.u. [inaudible] at the same time we will also see the opportunity to forge our own trade deals and reach out beyond for the friends and allies alike. w if we cannot announce a two-day conference with the largest trade delegation to visit building on the trade we already do every year and we also strengthen the global relationships we forged with thn
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diverse alliance and the commonwealth that we celebrated on commonwealth day yesterday. we've remain on track with the timetable i set out six months ago and i will return before tho end of this month and i've begun the process for which the united kingdom will leave the european union. this will be the moment for the country as we begin to forge a new relationship with europe and of the world. we will be a strong self-governing with control oncm again and we'll use this moment of opportunity to build a stronger economy and a fair society so that we can secure a
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the right fields abroad and those at home. it will work the whole of the united kingdom. we are working closely with the administration. including the scottish government in the proposal and recognizing that many areas of common ground that we have suchs as protecting the workers righ rights. it is the moment to bring the country together for the will of the british people and i commend
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this statement.hank the prime >> thank you mr. speaker. i would like to thank the prime minister for this statement. the notification of the withdraw for the historical step. later this month, the process t will shape the country's future. there is no doubt we will pay the price for decades to so, now more than ever, britains needs and inclusive government to enact accordingly. signs are however, all the signs are that we have a complacent government complacent with our economy and with people's rights and about the future of the country. i urge the prim prime minister k
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us into the collective wisdom of articleliament and to give this house the full opportunity to scrutinize the article 50 deal with a meaningful final vote. the people's representatives deserve better then take it or leave it. and if we are to protect the living standards and the future prosperity of the country, the government needs to secure the access to the single european markets. mr. speaker, the prime minister has already made the threat to the negotiating partners to turn britain into a deregulated tax haven. is that what she means by global britain? when did they say no deal would be okay if simply isn't good
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enough. aside from taking back control in leaving it into the world trade organization of rules would've been good at coming losing jobs and losing out. b so, when the prime ministers as a bad deal is better than no deal, let me be clear, no deal is a bad deal. such a complacent strategy but punish business and demonstrate that it could devastate public service on which people rely. s the prime minister is seeking a secure trade after the official negotiations were completed, but if that is the strategy, it isnt essential that the government stops being complacent and focuh on securing a transitional agreement with the eu at the earliest opportunity. that's what at least give someo. short term clarity in this
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period. mr. speaker of the prime minister said she wanted to provide certainty on the nationals as soon as possible. so then why have they voted down every attempt to bring certainty to those that made such a massive contribution to the community and society? these are mothers, fathers,, wives, husbands, they are members of the community. the government should and could have acted months ago. i agree with the prime minister. now is not the time to create uncertainty. she should tell that to the migrants in britain who have no idea what their future holds because of the decisions made by her government. on refugees, is the prime investor saying that she is content for the refugees to remain in camps in libya or
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greece and italy to shoulder the entire burden of the refugees from north africa and the middle east? while we welcome the conferencea symposium on somalia, we need t note what support person is offering to those countries. does the prime minister still believe that we have a collective responsibility on the issue of refugees? the minister said she argued about tackling the smuggling rings and people subject to agr unimaginable abuse. does she not agree that it would be so much stronger if the government had been prepared to accept some of that unimaginable abuse for example those that would have been accepted in the amendment?th mr. speaker as we move towardsm
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article 50, there is much uncertainty about the future. the responsible government would set a positive tone of our negotiating part verse and move to protect the economy and the citizens at the earliest opportunity. instead, we have a record government playing to the british economy. we will fight for the jobs and the economy using every mechanism that is available and the government should welcome that scrutiny. >> thank you, mr. speaker.of the gentleman offered a range of issues and he spoke again about the issue of the nationals.. as i said and it's been saidks from others, we do want to ensure that the issue of the status of the nationals that are living here in the unitednegoti. kingdom is don't leave an early stage in the negotiation, but we also have a consideration for the uk nationals in the european
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union. he said for those living here, they are individuals who have contributed to our society. indeed, they are. so they are living in the member states of the european union and also individuals thatomy. contributed to the society and economy and i want to ensure that they are safe and we hope and expect this will be an issue that we can address at the early stage. he talked about the need to come forth and be clear about the need for a transitional period. i refer to the speech that i gavgave in the house in januaryd to the white papers to be published for the implementation. co.. it is indeed one of the objectives that is set out. he talked about the refugees in the middle east and what we want to ensure people don't feel the need to make often dangerous
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life-threatening journeys across the mediterranean. many of these people and want them three quarters of the people doing this are not refugees that are economic migrants and we need to ensure that we are working with countries within africa which the european union is self giving and other countries are doing to ensure the circumstances such that the people don't try to make a life-threatening journey but we also need to bring a betterr distinction to the refugees and economic migrants so we can give better support to those that ar refugees. they talk about the smuggling rings and i'm here to suggest the government is getting absolutely nothing to break the smuggling rings. in my statement i quoted a recent example of the work at the national agency which i might say is a conservative government that set set up the national findings and organized task force and that is dealing with these issues and working
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towards the talk and movement. it is this government that brought in the modern slavery act -- finally come he refers t. global britain and what it means. it is about a strong self governing britain and that is changing around the world with old friends and new allies aliko and that power that it plays on the world stage. >> may i congratulate my honorable friend not only on her statement just now and the opposition, but also on the passage of the withdrawal bill. would she accept that now is the time for the united kingdom to do all the things recommended in the statements that in addition to that to take urgent advice ll
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and respect to the warnings thag are given to be sure that we don't have any unforeseen withda attempts to undo the bill? >> i can assure my honorable friend as we move ahead as we have at every stage, of course we have taken legal advice and we do not discuss that on the floor of this house. >> i would begin by thanking the prime minister and offer a a statement and agreed on how valuable it was in a large part of the council that was given over to jobs and competitiveness and that is welcome to all of the united kingdom because of matters economic growth across a all 27 member states with the european market it really matters to all of us giving it is of course the largest single market in the world. the last time the prime minister came to this was from the
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council meeting and i asked what issues she raised on behalf of the government and its priorities and she couldn't give a single example so i would ask the same question again, given that this was the last counsel sends the invoking of article 50 a single example, just one at least, of a single issue thattt was raised on behalf of the scottish government or its priorities in the council. >> there is a lot of hubbub from the government. perhaps they also didn't make a single mention on the point raised. we will all wait to hear the prime minister answer. what discussions did she have about the timetable and can she
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confirm the deal and after that, is there time for ratification, time for agreement across the european union and can she confirm that that is indeed herd plan? the prime minister decided for one reason or another and i cannot imagine why to delay article 50 and last july, we were told by the prime minister herself and i'm sure she remembers seeing these very words that she wouldn't trigger article 50 on till she had and p quote, the uk approach. she knows she has no agreement in the administration despite months of compromise suggestions in the scottish government. so will the government, even at this very late stage use the next phase to use the compromised approach where does she still plan regardless even
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though she knows the consequences of that will mean? >> thank you mr. speaker.ttish he asked what issues were relevant to the scottish government and the scottish people that were raised in this european council. i can answer him, jobs, growth and competitiveness. but also the people of the whole united kingdom. he also talked about whether or not there was discussion with the european council for the negotiations on article 50. very early on in my statement we discussed the migration to the instability in the balkans and the measures needed to boost the competitiveness. we focused on those issues and i would suggest for the uniteds
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kingdom including the jobs which as i said it matter to the people of scotland, and he talks about a single market and thee importance of access to the single market in the european union. i would remind him and hisnt colleagues again that the mostfo important single market for scotland is the market -- >> we have seen the value rush to stay on the continent and isn't it a strong plea in the economic interest of our partners to accept our generous offer continuing the tariff free trade on the same basis as i think today? >> my honorable friend made an important point..u it is the nationals in the uk and also the question of the trade relationship that we havee in the future isn't a one-sided argument. it's about benefits for the european union as well and i
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think that is the case in relation to trade as i said before it isn't just something that works for the uk. it's for the united kingdom and the sort of open access my honorable friend talks about for the european union as well. >> the prime minister has spoken many times about the importance of achieving a good deal from the negotiations as a country. in recent days the secretary said that leading with no deal would be perfectly okay. the international tradet secretary has said not achieving a deal would be bad. would the prim the prime ministo adjudicate and tell the house which one was speaking for the government? >> i'm optimistic that we are going to get a good feel for the united kingdom. >> it may be a bad deal, but it
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is very far from the worst deal if there were no root to the arrangement and the european union. the deal is and in the government and how hard they are trying to deliver it, but of course the parliament and our partners, so no deal remains a it possibility. it seems the government is now preparing for that. will that include individuals and businesses to be able to make their own decisions? >> first of all, i was clear no deal was better than a bad deal and i'm optimistic we will be able to negotiate a good deal. my friend is absolutely right it's not just what we say. there will be a negotiation about that trading arrangements and coming to that arrangement
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and that agreement i can assure him that i and others across the parliament, the secretary of the unite talking to businessess across the united kingdom for the issues most important to them. >> the minister said again that no deal is better than a bad deal but what possible deal is worse than no deal and can she honorable >> i have to say to theter intot honorable lady we are about to enter into a negotiation with the remaining 27 members of the european union and i'm part of that negotiation for the trade deal for the future relationship in the european union. i expect that we will get a good deal.e somebody sent it to you hope for a better position and it is precisely because of myt honorable members working on them.
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it's not about these one-sided negotiations or just about what is going to fit the uk. it's about what is right for the relationship for the future of the european union and a good trade deal for the uk is good for the european union. >> can i welcome the announcemenannouncement that thr strengthening the contribution to cybersecurity information and also the foreign secretaries visits with russia but with spending over a billion dollars on access is the organization which has fake news and information what progress is made on this propaganda is hon mentioned? >> my honorable friend raises an important point in this area.
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this is an area where the uk does have a particular expertise and experience and why we will be making that available to the european union to enhance the work they are doing to counterne this campaign. can i tell that to mr. it's not just in scotland her party is dictating the terms of the debate towards the deal can iice ask for two establish a committee in the regions for the equal and fair representation in this debate? >> as i have said repeatedly in the house, this government is negotiating a deal that will bem good for the whole unitedhe
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kingdom and that is why we have been listening to businesses and others from across the whole of the united kingdom and the administration and also the regions in england and businesses across the whole of the united kingdom to understand what we need to take into account to negotiate a deal. >> as my right honorable friend has negotiations i wondered if you have time to discuss the excellent report that says we have no obligation to pay any money whatsoever to the european union and does she share my view that it is an excellent basis friend thauing the negotiations? >> i can assure my honorable friend that i've noticed the report on this particular matter as he will note when people vote on the 23rd of june last year i think they were clear they didn't want to continue yearer after year to pay huge sums of money into the european union.
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>> given that she is not enacting the will of the people, history will declare that last night she demonstrated the british people. >> the deal is an unwritten deal and it is a deal that will be signed off on by someone. the only question is will it be signed off on by a handful ofed politicians or all of the people and it should be signed off by the whole of the people. >> can i say to the right honorable gentleman i think what he said is a little strange where we are going out telling everybody there will be a membe referendum and they are not
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willing to accept the results the british people gave them an -- >> that united kingdom is leaving the european union. we are not leaving europe. a strong and prosperous european union remains in the interest of the united kingdom. whether she agreed with me that this gong and stable united kingdom is also in the interest of the european union and if she will resist anyone who uses this moment is to try to destroy the united kingdom. >> i agree with my honorable friend and we have said before it will be in the best interest
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of the united kingdom if we want to see them remains strong butut we also want to see a stronglo united kingdom playing its role. it is important we keep the united kingdom together.dy i don't want to see anybody playing with the future of the united kingdom. >> and i congratulate the prime minister on bringing the countro together and uniting scotland. what was said last year that the site the daily telegraph. she indicated the process of leaving the eq until there is ar agreed approach backed by scotland. the misreporting and misspeaking by a minister or is she still theking on it
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>> as the gentleman knows, we have discussions with the scottish government and the other administration recognizing the issues raised and the concerns in the common ground between us but the honorable gentleman refers to the views of the scottish people to theind he announcements made. i might remind him that the evidence is actually the majority do not want a second referendum. >> can i com can end my honorabe friend on the measured response for the calling of another second independence referendum on scotland that she's notot ruling out a referendum in the future but now is not the right time. could she also point out the 2015 scotland act reserves all the single market issues to the united kingdom government and
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these are matters we should share with scotland and are preserved for the united kingdom. >> as i just said in response to the right honorable gentleman on the previous question, it is tht case where the evidence isen scottish people do not want a second independence referendumin and as we negotiate the issuesin and relation to the single market in the free trade deal that we will be negotiating, we are taking into account interesk of the whole of the united kingdom in every part of the united kingdom to ensure it works for everybody including the people of scotland. .. uncertainty and division by calling for a border pool. they've already created uncertainty by collapsing institutions in northern ireland. would she take this opportunity
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to tell people there's never been more support for the union in northern ireland across all communities and in fact such a call is outside the terms of the belfast agreement, the very point that sinn fein keep harping on about that they want the implementation of the agreements. >> the right honorable gentleman is right but obviously there are circumstances which the secretary of state of northern ireland has looked at this issue and does not, it is not right to have a border poll at this >> >> across all communities in and it is hell cited the terms of the belfast agreement that you keep harping on about would be the implementation of the agreements. >> the right honorable gentleman is right the with the set the circumstances
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that the secretary of state for northern ireland have soem that the idea is not right will what women should all be focusing on is to bring the parties together to continue to see the administration and the interest of northern ireland to see that administration be informed that is what all party should be looking at. >> isn't clear from european negotiations that it would of been finalized and talk to the process of the timeline would be premature referendum is an excuse, not a reason, they referred to the last independent referendum as they once degeneration opportunity.
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>> i am grateful to my right honorable friend to have a timetable for the negotiation is possible the details will not be finalized and he is absolutely right to have a second independence been referendum that it was once a degeneration vote that to 2014 it seems a generation now with less than three years. >> the prime minister has said that no deal is better than a bad deal we wish her well to get the best possible deal will she now published the effects of theip wto rules so we can have a debate in the country about
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her assertion that no deal is better than a bad deal?his i, >> i and i'm grateful to be in support of of government eur that is precisely what we will be doing i will come the prime minister's positive approach to developing cooperative relationship in europe and the contingency planning can the prime minister tell us a much that will cost. >> the contingency planning does take place in react to whatever ideas scenarios. of lot of work is done by lecturing thatnts as well but what is important is
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that we insurer it is done quickly so the government has the best possible information she already through in the towel on the market and it was an error for her to give the scottish minister exactly the skews she was looking for for the opportunistic second referendum. >> first of all, the rest lecturing that took place. i encourage and others contributed to this important to complete the second market whether it is work to be done. and because it will be good
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for the united kingdom. so this is good for us so i have always been clear we would trigger article 15 by the end of march and that is what we will do. >> there has much vacation abroad the divorce from the european union have much needs to be paid i will disagree with play a friend buti to pay 184 billion pounds. don't to split that net amount?le to contai to the prime minister have a chance to bring this up with me?
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concghter] fun dented the said that was not an application for the job but the treasury. [laughter] there is no >> the gentleman seems to beve able to contain his misery. >> none of your shares her enthusiasm for the e.u. candid the debt agreement - - canada agreement despite that settlement process. did she see the blueprintupporta for the trade deal lot and but reassurance can she givend of the standards if that's the case.
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>> i have said consistently over the last seven months that we not looking to adopt another country's relationship we wanted deal that is right for the u.k.. >> did mine honorable friend and look better separatists scotland. >> economic as they say to my honorable friend i honestly did not. >> since the country's civil steven lee divided with the prime minister try to resolve this? in
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this house chose to give a vote to the british people that they've voted in the t referendum for the u.k. to leave the european union when i talk to people who voted to leave then to me many of the overwhelmingng message is that what the government to get on with the job to deliver the vote. >> she has made it clear she wishes to prioritize u.k. national living and nationals living here in the u.k. by have enough authority they want to prioritize the day foldsom settlement so will she make it clear with those in thehe sense to be used as a bargaining chip quick. >> my honorable friend is right to be sure we do see
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their reciprocal w arrangements and want to say that as a discussion taking place in the early stages but some of those things that have been said that in my conversations also the extent the of goodwill to do with this set an early stage >> that prime minister lecturer's while advocate leaving one she lectures the european partners on the importance of the single market while she is hell bent our leaving it said dishy think this is a coherence of proposition could be dealt with to make her life easier if she thought about staying in the
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single market?at >> i have said this on a number of locations and i will repeat today. what we want to do is negotiate the best possible trading arrangement in it is wrong to think about the issue of the single market as a single goal by gary issue. >> guest: to insure we have good access the best deal to allow that tariff free access. western ticularly welcome mymy honorable friend from the balkans.of not would she confirm then it is britain that has insisted me
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keep that they're againstrit of the opposition of the european partners. >> indeed the united kingdom has played a key role there was a good discussion of the european council of clear recognition around the table for us to continue to be involved and the steps itma could be taken in the future to be sure we do stabilize the region spirit of this so-called approach to brexit can you confirm how much did behan's noticed she will give to wales and scotland and northern ireland of the date she intends to invoke article 50? >> we will and broking article 50 by the end of march in a number process
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taking place prior to thatne end i can assure the bible notify the house. >> to the prime minister have in the attitude of those separateness that claim they could break away then joined the e.u. could stomach with the discussions i have had on this matter they are concerned that is not possible for the country to break away from a member of the european union and immediately be joined them. e so as far as scotland is concerned that means they
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would be made outside. >> there are millions of supporters across the country will be delighted tore l see that legal decision taken through parliament is there any chance to discuss with the british citizens of other countries the way we are sticking & citizens there. >> >> i have had discussions with leaders on this point and that is what i said earlier to recognize for the u.k.'s citizens some
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discussion can take placeritain until it is triggered. >> mr. speaker the welcome the statement that politics is not a game but for those two thoughts the s&p is the t game is just a first of many it is imperative that her government and wide united kingdom is important to allr of us. >> i absolutely e agreed to
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affirm the importance of the united kingdom for the constituencies outside scotland by very recently think we should reaffirm the importance of the united kingdom to scotland. >> was glad to hear her say she was working as the puzzle because so now how did she enter the efforts those are deflected quick. >> enjoy it process has been operating for some months at
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various levels being ministers together to discuss the issues that have been raised also livesce in thiu including looking at the paper of the particular concerns to take that into account. >> the premier of luxembourg employees apparently we might yet be persuaded to stay are there others like him and the of that has not this of views tim will you do so quite. >> a think we can be reassured the vote that took place in this house last night passing that bill will give a clear message to
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everybody in europe that we mean business.
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. >> we need to refrain from in disparaging people to charge of the crime it is appropriate to introduce evidence in court and if we don't we have responsibility
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not to disparage their character. >> this new executive order includes cosmetic changes but did not alter the fact that president trump's troubled is still unconstitutional it is a dumpster fire of a bill written on the back of an afghan behind closed doors
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because republicans know it is a disaster. >> this is someone who is trying to get attention cause a reaction but this is what bothers us it hit less than 200 nautical miles of japan. they said the goal is to reach the u.s. bases this is not something we can take lightly the global community needs to understand every country is in danger from the actions of north korea. >> one of the most important things we will vote on we don't like this to be jammed down our throats


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