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tv   [untitled]    March 25, 2017 3:50pm-4:01pm EDT

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did not have to tear me up but very sorry. >> host: live coverage of the virginia festival of the book in its 23rd year will continue in just a few minutes. as you can see, festival attendees are getting settled in their seats in the city council chamber. the next panel, a discussion on the media, will begin shortly. [inaudible conversations] >> here's a look at the current best-selling nonfiction books according to powell's books in portland, oregon. christopher knight lived alone in the woods for 27 years. and the stranger in the woods,
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followed by theoretical physicist lisa randall's explanation how dark matter may have been directly led to the extinction of the dinosaurs, dark matter and the dinosaurs, next is shrill! a memoir from humorist and feminist and the west followed by hidden figures by margo lee shattering which tells the story of the black female mathematicians that nasa whose calculations helped propel the us in the space race. from best-selling author joan didion comes two extended excerpts from her never before seen notebooks in southwest. a look at the best-selling nonfiction books according to powell's books continues with a biography on adolf hitler. hitler, a sent, 1889-1939. that is followed by collection of essays on life in harlem by james baldwin. notes of the native son. next, explain the definition of
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feminism for the 21st century in we should all be feminists. followed by a look at the future of humanity. a look at nonfiction books according to powell's books is the biography of donald trump, originally published in 1993, lost tycoon. that is look at the current best-selling nonfiction books according to powell's books in portland, oregon. some of these authors have will be appearing on booktv on c-span2. you can watch them on our website, >> people on the left, progressive democrats march in lockstep. it is amazing. the tape has surfaced in the washington post, donald trump tracking what they thought was in private doing their man
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boasts. remember trump famously or infamously said, when you are a star in hollywood, grab their genitals. a stupid remark. completely translated by the left into that is what i do rather is that is what i would like to do but i'm too civilized to do it perhaps. i don't know trump personally but this was a private conversation from 11 years previously and when republican after another was horrified. i can't support this candidate. this is a bridge too far. jeb bush embarrassingly said i have two granddaughters, nothing
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donald trump can say whatever apologize, remarking in private to billy bush where they realize they would be and that is republicans. hillary clinton, she sold off her position as secretary of state, national assets, made $100 million for herself and her husband, she lied to the fbi, she lied to the american people. she put our highest level secrets on a private server, violated her oath, violated the espionage act, opened our secrets to our enemies china and north korea, iran, the russians, horrific, she lied about
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benghazi, she lied to the mother of a fallen hero of benghazi, not one, not one democrat elected official said this is a bridge too far. i can't support this candidate. not one. brought this up in discussing the communist party because that is where the communist party was effective in political warfare. everybody in lockstep. that is the way the left behaves today. political correctness is like a zipper with a lock over everybody's lips, you just don't say things, you don't say to a woman, you are a liar and a
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crook. a former first lady, former secretaries of state, you do it to a male but women are protected species. this baloney about being strong. strong women. elizabeth warren assassinating a decent human being, 40 years in public life, dedicated public servant, champion of civil rights, calling him a racist, a letter that was repudiated by caretta scott king, violating senate rules and when mitch mcconnell says you can't say that, they are silencing another woman.
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that cripples conservatives, cripples anybody opposing that nonsense. intellectual you look at it, it is ridiculous and laughable. of the political practice is something. trump is a liberated force. i have waited 30 years for somebody on the right to appeal like donald trump. coming out of the left and being used to understanding the left sees politics as war conducted by other means, that is the way they see it, that is the way they fight it, the kratz is what? character assassination, name-calling, hate, a party of
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hate, you see it every season and there is no limit to what they will throw at republicans to defame them, to destroy them. godzilla versus bambi. i waited. then comes the first primary to date, there is donald trump with the highest percentage of the question, in a political debate, up against 12 of them, 12 of the most qualified, most experienced republican politicians, the first question out of the box in front of whatever it was, 30 million, 20 million, whatever it was, people, megyn kelly this is
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the first question. you referred to women as fat slobs and pigs. he doesn't hesitate a second, that was just rosie o'donnell. [laughter] .. live from the los angeles times festival of books on the campus of the university of southern california.
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and on may 20th, we'll be live from the gaithersburg book festival in maryland. [inaudible conversations] >> and starting now live on booktv on c-span2, it's the final author panel from this year's virginia festival of the book. and it's a discussion on the media, white house correspondent april ryan is the moderator. >> good afternoon, everyone good afternoon. charlottesville. how e


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