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tv   [untitled]    March 26, 2017 10:53pm-11:01pm EDT

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there has been such a change and i think banks make more money off of those that have more money so the guy that hired me joe coleman said by way of illustration banks want one customer with a million dollars and checked cashers want a million customers with $1 for that speak to the basic business model and no one can argue with that. banks like every other profit-seeking corporation want
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to maximize their profit. the question is whether they are being ethical in the process or not and because they have a critical role in the economy it is a little bit different from other service providers or manufacturers who should be held to a different set of rules. i do think it is creating an opportunity for the alternative, and also for other businesses that are springing up now that are looking to kind of solve the problem in another way. >> it is a city where the population is largely working class and poor and the areas of the cities are now a playground for the privileged few and the
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richmond people are free to work in a place like san francisco or oakland but people with modest and low incomes have a hard time living there now and those places and so there was housing the portability for rent control, economic development, projects that will benefit everybody in the community and not just a few have been a part of the movement's struggle ongoing over the last 15 years. ii started 15 years ago roughly as they coalescing of a typical left landscape. a lot of somewhat competitive, fractured single issue groups and organizing initiatives. some people about its pollution and environmental hazards and carbon emissions and messages since the 1980s a group called
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by toxics coalition where people were doing organizing and objecting to the police that were harassing the undocumented workers at random traffic stops. there were serious problems with police brutality and lots of lawsuits against the predominantly white police department had alienated itself for many decades in the community it served and there were people involved in homelessness and advocating even then for rent control to those that had been involved in the national third party politics or state level politics including green campaigns in california and nationally and 2000. it took quite a bit of an effort to get people satisfied on the single issue focus and come together under a broad text where people's differences about the nature of socialism and capitalism and other big picture questions were set aside in the
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interest of pursuing a concrete agenda for local change and improvements and it was actually proven to me because of the persistence of the group achievable over the last 15 years. this wasn't a university challenge. we have examples in the 60s and 70s of people trying to take over the government. madison, santa monica, santa cruz, berkeley, the wonderful progressive takeover in the 1980s, those were different. richmond is not a university town, and for many years, it was until quite recently, and this is still much contested dominated by a kind of unholy alliance of the standard oil that is now chevron and local developers, chamber of commerce, building trade organizations in the police and firefighter unions and that powerful big
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business funded coalition had virtually no counterweight for decades. a few good government liberals, lonely voices of integrity on the city council tried to impose that coalition but it wasn't until the alliance call last people from all these different socialist groups, the green party, the third party backgrounds, dissident latino and african-american come independence came together and formed a different kind of de facto political party in town. it was one based on eight membership organization where people paid dues and they wouldn't take business foundations in the way of separating out. a lot of candidates in a place like richmond had those you could count on once they are elected and stand up to the corporate power. the other i think critical
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element was a few candidates always had the slate. then i will be up in sacramento in the assembly of the senate and can be a congressman and the sky is the limit. no, that kind of person is not attracted to this model of electoral politics. >> can watch this and other programs on linux >> i think that we will go ahead and get started. thank you all for coming. we are excited to be here for the launch of how to kill a city. raise your hand if this is your first time to the book culture. i am so pleased to some of you have braved.


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