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tv   Senator Mc Connell on Environmental Executive Orders  CSPAN  March 28, 2017 8:25pm-8:33pm EDT

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they are tough looking guys t, i will tell you what. i'm not messing around with this group. [applause] thank you, fellows. i made my promise and i keep my promise. god bless you and god bless america. thank you much everybody. thank you very much. [applause] [inaudible conversations] come on, fellows. basically do you know what this says? you are going back to work. [applause]
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okay. [applause] come on, one of the miners. only a miner. where is ryan? i want to thank everybody very much. it's a great honor today, very special people and a lot of progress in chile thank you very much. appreciate it. thanks everyone. [applause] next senate majority leader mitch mcconnell speaks about president trump's executive order rolling back some environmental rules regarding energy production and coal.
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>> throughout my career in the senate i have worked hard tomu defend coal communities and the jobs that they in so many across the country depend on. these men and women have dedicated their lives to providing an affordable and reliable power source for our homes, businesses and our communities. they deserve our respect and they deserve our support. the same is true of america's middle class. middle class families have had a hard enough time the last eight years without washington making things worse. i think they deserve respect anb support not fewer jobs and unaffordable energy bills. unfortunately the previous administration didn't see things the same way. instead the obama administration launched energy a tack afterac energy attack on kentucky and america's middle class threatening critical jobs and
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making coal more costly to mine and to use. you couple of years ago then president obama for finalize a massive regressive energy regulatory scheme that claim to be about helping the climate that actually would have done little to truly impact globale emissions. what it would have done is punish cole families ship middle-class jobs overseas and hurt the economy. the results are likely illegal so i sent a letter to wait for the courts to rule on the locality of the regulation of the compliance plan. not a popular move at the timets but it was the right one. i'm glad nearly half of our nation's governors agreed with my advice to take a wait-and-sen approach before needlessly putting our state and economic jeopardy. in practice report we will launch an important victory in the struggle later today.
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i commend president trump for the decision to sign the energy independence executive order and send several anti-middle-class regulations back to the drawing from the outset i warned that regulations like these would hurt coal workers and america's middle class. one report predicted that more than 40 states could obtain the rate hikes as a result of the clean power plan energy regulatory plan. we all know low income fixed income families would have for what? the regulation would hardly have moved the needle on the climate anyway. talk about bad policy. it's important to remember how we got here. president obama came into office with huge majorities in both houses of congress, huge majorities. he could have done virtually
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anything he wanted and certainly tried. he pushed through one left-winge policy after another. he even tried to push through a- regressive anti-middle-class regulatory plan, when so extreme that he couldn't even get his own democratically-controlled congress to go along with it. undeterred, undeterred he went around congress and opposed the similarly regressive energy scheme anyway. now was evident that the obama administration had overstepped its authority. that's why i sent a letter i mentioned earlier to the nation's governors urging them not, not to comply with the demands but instead to take a wait-and-see approach before putting their stake in economicp jeopardy. because of the legal uncertainty of president obama's plan 27 states joined the fight in
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federal court.ur in february of 2016 the supreme court issued an unprecedented nationwide hault of this regulation. a nationwide hault. the supreme court. despite the court's order the damage of president obama's war on coal is negatively impacted middle-class families across th. country and coal communities in kentucky. when plants shut down and mines lose their jobs the entire committee feels the pain. local governments are unable pay first responders. these often result in a rising crime and drug abuse to these troubled communities. moreover the obama administration regulatory burdens posed during a period wood production and supply of natural gas had a high and its costs relatively low.
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a devastating one-two punch to m families already struggling to make it. so to make matters worse president obama didn't stop with the ctt. he also sought to impose similar limitations on annie new plans in an attempt to prevent them from being built at all. it's an equally concerninghat regulation and one that wouldth have further devastated coal communities and i am glad president trump both included ir his executive order today. coal communities face enough challenges without washington piling on more of these in fortunate attacks. p fortunately we have a president who will work with us to provide much-needed relief. today's executive order is good news for coal communities. the victory for middle-class t families and another important step away from theama overregulation of the obamair years.


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