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tv   Senate Republicans Threaten Nuclear Option If Democrats Filibuster...  CSPAN  March 29, 2017 8:39pm-9:03pm EDT

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. >> what is clear from the pentagon documents to be comfortable with the idea criticizing democrats to try to block of a confirmation vote.
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[inaudible conversations] and. >> we want to prove they'd give very much for being here before i start my remarks things to all the of former clerks to express their views of white he should be on united states supreme court if i was telling them this is a news conference for they are more important than the senators are from day in and day out know the qualifications to beyond the supreme court. last week did judiciary committee sought a brilliant display from the supreme court nominee and most
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importantly to show the influence in to see what the judge's clarks already know? and with every hurdle is placed in front of him before this position. in leads me stunned with dave filibuster it is quite clear if he is not qualified nobody is. sodium actions by those who
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want to filibuster is purely politics. so on those qualifications with the number of uh the judges and clerks so not only today but the other places and venues around the country. to be accomplished lawyers and their right. it says a lot about the person we will have on the supreme court. and with that fair minded approach he will bring to
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the court and they agree with one of the judge's colleagues that i am not sure that we could expect better we are glad to have so many here today and we will start with senator graham. in with all of those who could not become supreme court but there are more of us then there are a of view i enjoy the lot and a like politics also for the of president there is no other qualified person as a conservative jurist with the
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demeanor program on the supreme court and 2700 cases with one reversal in to be over on the supreme court so to my aid democratic colleagues but that tells me you don't care about the qualifications i voted for the judges under the obama and administration and would not have chosen either one atop the word well qualified. but neil gorsuch is one of the morse qualified to be on the supreme court will get the reports of fuel believe me 900 statements law clerks lawyers and judges all who
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have served with mr. gorsuch that have come to the conclusion he is well qualified so to be incredibly qualified but as somebody retires we will let the next president decide that was june 1982. justice scalia passed away in february 2016 but 1 week after his death the political season was a flat. and other president of one-party replace somebody is in the last year with their different parties involved said to be a victim
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of nothing more than the joe biden rule. but i really thought the next president would not be donald trott the that the next president should pick i assume like most people that miller probably be a democrat in be be a more liberal than garland. identify my expectations with the treatment for what was reported out of committee. i hope the country understand the economic naked to this building because of what goes on over there been the problem is
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over there. judge gorsuch has done everything he can expect if they look at 60 votes. >> i ma senator from the state of utah looking at the nomination of neil gorsuch the first supreme court nominee in history from which we have erred is someone who is uniquely well qualified for the supreme court with the u.s. court of appeals the city prepared for his argument and in
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every case with the dispute in front of him with one objective to find the right answer and it is his job as a judge to find out that answer in now to criticize they say he is out of the mainstream. even with a conventional metric but the judge of this decade of service decided to thousand 700 cases and the decision has been unanimous and is 99 percent of the cases you have to remember
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the appellate judges do not sit alone. but never does the judge said a loan. and the rulings are unanimous. another criticism that has come his way they do not rule for the little guy and that evidence shows there is one consistent theme but he is with that party those to
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criticize begleiter his way to issue defer ruling is there an emotional compelling circumstances and a judge has a solemn duty to give meaning and a fact -- effect with the other branches have done. charged with making a lot with the federal system. is the judge's job to interpret the law not to make the law. not in the emotionally charged case they want him to be a policy maker and that is in both the constitution will never support. i support him wholeheartedly of the court to the coming
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days to make sure to my friend and colleague. >> and judge gorsuch should be confirmed to the supreme court. to be impeccably walt - - well qualified a graduate of columbia in oxford a former unblock clerk to justice white the lifetime of a lot to demonstrate the justice that he clerked is the only supreme court justice appointed by kennedy and
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anyone who watched the confirmation hearings the zag demonstrated a fidelity of law despite political efforts to appease the activists that are here today there were no meaningful substantive concerns raised some of judge gorsuch would be confirmed 100 nothing in reid don't have to hypothesize. a decade ago nominated to the federal court of appeals not a single senator spoke out against him not feinstein or clinton but
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everyone went to the court of appeals did they support that a decade ago? what has changed the only thing is the energized activist friends that is the meeting that is changed but on substance we now have the qualifications and the universal assessment as a judge who follows the law without partiality to any policy outcomes and the
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final point this judicial nomination was the most transparent in history that a list was from 21 names from justice scalia. they do exactly those names in neil gorsuch was one of those 21. donald trump promised to woody lacked a judge in the most dubious but hillary promised a liberal old judicial activist who would vote to undermine free-speech, undermine religious liberty and the right to keep and bear arms and this was a referendum on the supreme court. that has no precedents and
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what i would suggest is the overwhelming election results as the american people show a super legitimacy it is the president's choice to be ratified in a national election. do they want an activist or principal the bridge analyst who will protect free-speech and religious liberty and the second amendment corrects that nomination was ratified by the american people and will be confirmed by united states senate. >> a former clerk to judge gorsuch speaking on behalf of all former clerks, the
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recent hearing before their judiciary committee that we know firsthand throughout the hearing he had a profound command of of what in response to the committee's questions on aggressive legal topics. question of his temperament wallace regressions after several days he would keep respect for the members of the committee with his commitment to carefully listen to the points raised before can and never falter. there is no respect and empathy --- with the law professors and law professors and friends in the political views skean the spectrum testified before the hearing the american bar association gave him the strongest endorsement and there is
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narrow question the hearings have shown he will not prejudge any issues that come before him the only promise has made to keep an open mind he is a remarkable man and a remarkable judge we hope the senate takes swift action. thank you. >> are there any questions to any of my colleagues?
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>> threshold's required to close debate on anemone. you will have three fifths of the senators serving and they can be changed by president but the democratic majority in the senate chose the nuclear option that in order to appeal the ruling of the chair to the d.c. circuit once of president
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has changed at all of the analysis to justify to have nuclear on the executive calendar. although there were some democratic senators that we do not intend this with other circumstances misapplied to those in the cabinet position those nominated to the commission requiring the senate confirmation and of those articles reid judges. in with the democratic
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senator majority decision and also apply with equal force. there's not one argument they have made so that decision was made november 2013. >> for 200 years is standard for confirmation in the senate was 51 votes. now as it is operated no supreme court justice in history has been defeated because he was filibustered. the only arguable example is the nomination in the face of a scandal. the notion was largely the invention of track schumer when george w. bush became
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senate -- president. i hope the democrats do not choose to filibuster gorsuch today voted unanimously one decade ago but if they do of what they have gone over two centuries with the easiest centuries is justice clarence thomas with a great supreme court justices in history we all remember it was highly controversial at the time and those friends were very animated about justice thomas b. yeah he was confirmed with 52 votes not as a single view demanded the 60 vote
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threshold. . . senate minority leader chuck schumer and other democrats are calling for disclosure of those supporting neil gorsuch supreme court nomination.


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