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tv   Senate Judiciary Republicans Blame Democrats for Politicizing Confirmation...  CSPAN  April 4, 2017 1:12am-1:34am EDT

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. >>. >> i thank you have seen several days over the hearing and now the final debate to be voted out of committee a very highly qualified future justice of the supreme court. we hear there will be a filibuster if they filibuster this person of the high-quality but he is then there is no justice
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that republicans will put forth that they will support consequently this seems to put us in a situation to reconsider what they do and regard to the system of confirmation to work regarding future justices. >> so on my colleagues of the other side for the first time in history conducted the filibuster. for that to be there right thing to do that is the
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quality of neil gorsuch including a number of top democrats then who can qualify and that is the wrong thing to do. to politicize this the way that they have ended just shows there is so much pressure to vote for the quality of neil gorsuch. and they think aruba deals that looks at it carefully. there has never been days successful filibuster of the supreme court nominee.
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judge gorsuch will be confirmed by the united states senate and the place as the next associate judge on the supreme court. >> i cannot say a much better than that hour to accredit colleagues -- democratic colleagues when you have the white house issued can appoint people to the supreme court. i can thank president trump more you listen to people wonder stand the law he could not have chosen a better person, paul ryan could not have chosen a better person to filibuster him shows a this is the end
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of the qualification standards of the supreme court. i'm sorry we got here but we are where we are i will vote to change the rules of war not be part of the senate this is not what it is all about. >> when the facts are against you and also heard a fair amount of that. this is the judge to achieve correct outcomes under the law. unable to attack him and any other ground for of the supreme court to legislate
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from the bench colleagues are determined to pound the table and all they can come up with nothing to do disqualifications as a jurist that is why i am pleased to stand with my colleagues to confirm him so the fact is there was not a simple distinction that does not apply equally that is why i am pleased to stand with the nominee for the supreme court nomination. >> for those of us to value and cherished today is one step closer to be confirmed
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to the next social justice. in the process of the supreme court hearing senators with throw every fastball that they could to end up with no meaningful criticism. with the decade following the law and the constitution and a position of the democrats reverie democrat voted no not based on temperament the democrats oppose the confirmation to the courts of appeals they are opposed to donald trump appointing anybody to the supreme court. they will filibuster any nominee. that is not a tenable standard if the democrats
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persist in this foolish filibuster the majority has no choice but return to the standard that has prevailed to supreme court justice by majority vote a believe by the end of the week he will be confirmed for constitution and bill of rights and individual liberty. >> neil gorsuch is a good man and a good judge of the tenth circuit as a partisan party line vote but a reflection of the broken senate not any problem with judge gorsuch and those who want to serve as a judge and not as a legislator. and with the preconceived
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view. >>. >>. >> is unfortunately had the partisan vote today with three days of testimony with 30 witnesses and now this market up truly is an unfortunate fall law of members on the aside as my colleagues have said they were strained it is very important to realize there is someone filibuster of the
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supreme court to be the chief justice both parties supported that filibuster it is unfortunate because it does reflect more on the senate. >> last night i cut my hand needed five stitches this is the second most painful thing this week. [laughter] so to me it is the amazing feeder -- theater of the partisan filibuster that will be nominated because he
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is extremely qualified and the senator grassley denigrate job of the process they will not be successful by am confident we will seek support to the supreme court later this week. >> the american people vote upper down the of or down vote and they're entitled to the aboard down vote some of our democratic colleagues that would be wrong cement
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can be seen a show of hands on the nuclear option? [laughter] >> if there was no by did rule but i will do whatever it takes to get on the supreme court so considering
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what everybody said there never was the filibuster theoretically it was always a possibility because of the liberal activist that they could establish the 60 vote threshold in many ways a return to the status quo so that means president trump and could get the supreme court justice confirmed those that will give his or her nominees confirmed.
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>> the democrats are breaking the rules. >> is that something you thank you will regret or you wish you would not have done that? >> all of less have spent in a position only democrats filibuster and after 200 years this is what upsets the of applecart but to say to get the senate back to normal and now all of a
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sudden then you have to build a new well. the only way to get drilled back to normal that we can serve the american people. >> 1/2 cent to like her personally but they said it is politicizing the court know more then to make sure we have a setback to where was in the case of neil gorsuch.
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and it all comes down to last year and it is one of the reasons that they lost so the alternative is to do what has to be done and then will continually to a good job for the american people. >> i will tell you i happen to like judge garland very much but within the rules we were not going to confirm judge garland to deny the
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state supreme court until after the election most people thought hillary clinton would win. and then she could nominate a lover she wanted. all as like tim allen as a person yes we think he is a very fine judge the donald trump one and he appointed somebody else. that is the way the system works i was shocked they wanted to make a game of this?
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>> [inaudible] >> not really. [laughter] they came to the floor without the 60 vote requirement as did garland i am very comfortable there were in the same issues that we were in. as a liberal member of the court had passed away i am confident i am more than confident the smart money shooting picks somebody even more liberal. everybody thought she would have the chance to make the decision. i did not go for donald
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trump or obama but that is a disregard because i voted for their judicial nomination. i think gorsuch is beyond qualified so what do i tell people? what about his judges liable they do for you? i don't have a good answer to that question the rules have changed that is not a good answer. yes this will be very bad said judges to become more ideological and in every senate seat of law of us have that tradition but now
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you tell the country you better have the majority this is how the senate will change to the judiciary. >> data is one reason the trump was elected. >> to is respecting the rules and traditions. >> with the dawn of the republic was the majority of senators. the judicial filibuster is under george w. bush that they invented the filibuster and now today once again part of the far left in the context of a judge everyone agrees is incredibly qualified.
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some of senate democrats insist on the filibuster to the rules put in place over two centuries to be confirmed by a majority of senators


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