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[inaudible conversations] >> this weekend on booktv, here live on the 15th annual an apple this book festival in maryland state capital featuring discussions on income any quality, criminal justice, profile of pope francis and former nsa and cia director michael hayden on national security. an hour afterwards program, charles campisy, former chief of the nypd internal affairs bureau discusses corruption in the police force. this weekend, tj o'rourke reflects on the 2016 presidential election. and feminism and empowering women and men.
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>> that is all this weekend on c-span2's booktv, 38 hours of nonfiction others and books, television are serious readers. >> one of the things doctors do is interrupt patients very quickly, something two ten seconds, when did this start? we just can't help ourselves. how long would a patient speak if you didn't say a thing? let them go. i told my colleagues -- five minutes, 20 minutes, forever. i found a study that did that, doctors said what can i help you with today? the patient just spoke and the doctor didn't say anything but nod and the average monologue for the patient 92 seconds. the deluge we fear -- i will try this in my clinic. the next day i did it.
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every patient, what can i help you with? didn't say a word, took notes and nodded. so the first patient was 30 seconds. they were pretty healthy and the next patient had a little back pain. a minute, a minute and a half, not bad. then came josefina. a teacher in her native argentina was settled with a vast array of insoluble things compounded by anxiety, depression and irritable bowel syndrome plus a demanding mother to care for. the type of patient with a genuine list of complaints. i offered observations about new york city's pretensions of culture which never measure up to the sophistication of what a series but if i let her talk
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uninterrupted, it would unveil like a labyrinth. i hear symptoms from every organ, a rundown of her mother's medical bills, critique of metropolitan opera. i wouldn't be able to provide an easy solution for her symptoms and force them to explain the decision of her mother's doctors and the director of the net. who defecates on a routine basis. and by the end the whole thing would turn out to be a sprawling, onerous mess. and would excoriate on gold grounds. i promised myself to let every patient talk. i eliminated the difficult patients, my dated however informal would be flawed. i went to battle and asked how can i help you today? and clicked a stopwatch. every single thing hurt, she said. from my toes to my head.
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there were shooting pains in her gums, her scalp was sensitive. neck pain was radiating down her spine with her mother had insomnia, of all hours of the night complaining. each time she called i said gamely anything else? there always was. i'm only 45, she said, i feel like i am 85. every step hurts, my head feel like it has swollen to five times its size, like i'm walking through molasses. i scribbled a few notes on paper as she talked but maintained eye contact with her the entire time let's put everything on the table. every last symptom and we will figure out where to go from there. i let her keep talking. she fully to the absolutely came to the end of all she had to say. i reached over to click off the stopwatch. i estimated eight minutes, ten minutes had transpired but in fact it was four minutes and 7 seconds and came out unscathed.
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i suppressed the urge to jump up and say wow. i turned back and that is that it? she nodded. i showed her the list i had been jotting down. it didn't seem overwhelming. it was long but finite. this was a million-dollar workup which was all negative. i explained she had something going on. medicine is poor at explaining pain. it doesn't mean we can't start treating symptoms. we went down the list together to identify which pain might help with ice packs or local heat and massage, or treated with physical therapy which might respond to pain medication. we talked about how antidepressants could be helpful, seeing a therapist could help. we discussed the critical world exercise in treating chronic pain. at the end of the visit she didn't go over time by two -- too much.
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she did something i read about never heard a patient say just talking about all this, she said, has made me feel better. i wanted to jump up and sing an aria which luckily for all parties involved i refrain from. i realized something else. just talking made me feel better. >> you can watch this and other programs online at today, booktv is live from the 15th annual annapolis book festival in maryland. beginning at 10:00 eastern, live coverage include the panel discussion on income any quality with the author of two dollars a day, living on almost nothing in america. and stephanie deluca, author of coming of age in the other america. at 11:00 am a discussion on criminal justice with robbie chaudhry and search for truth and justice after syria.
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watch the 15th annual annapolis book festival live at 10:00 eastern on c-span2's booktv. >> a very very prestigious prep school in the los angeles area where they prep their kids for princeton, yale and all the others, there were kids to listen to my show regularly and they wanted me to come to speak
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because i am not on the liberal side of their politics. i'm on the conservative side and they never hear conservative speakers at the school so they wanted me to speak. so i said sure and they went to great lakes to arrange it but i arrived that day. my wife was here and she was with me and she can vouch for this. so i came in these wonderful young people were so excited to see me, so excited. they were conservative. they said so what are you going to be talking on? they were hoping it would be on the case for conservatism or what is good about conservatism and conservative values, what do they mean, that is why they brought me after all, to have an alternate voice, i will probably be speaking on happiness. their faces were crestfallen.
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i said i promise you this will be by far more upsetting to the students than anything i could say about conservatism. i turned out right. the school told me it was the most talked about lecture they had ever received. it had more debate, more teachers, teachers -- i will tell you why. this is my first choice to give us a speech to young people. what i am saying to them they have almost never heard unless their parents told them this and unfortunately most don't and that is it doesn't matter how you feel, it only matters how you act. they had never heard that. everything in the last 50 years in america has been how do you feel about it? i don't care no one cares how
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you feel. we care how you act about it. they have never heard that. if they are in a bad mood, they feel, be authentic, all those words, it was unbelievable. the teachers were told, i will never forget this, to not ask questions, let the students, only the students challenge and ask questions of the speaker. teachers got up, they were infuriated. they would not have been infuriated with a talk on conservatism. let him talk about conservatism, have a great day, thanks for coming but this got everybody. a guy called up, a man got up, a teacher, he was angry, actually angry. i know it angers people, to tell them their feelings don't matter eggers them because we are in a
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narcissistic age. behavior behavior behavior behavior behavior, that is all that matters in the human condition. >> you can watch this and other conditions online at >> this is booktv on c-span2, television for serious readers. here is our prime time lineup. ..
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>> and not one booktv on c-span2 we are live from the 15th annual annapolis book festival in maryland state capitol. today you will hear from several authors on a range of topics on income inequality and criminal justice to a profile of pulp france's and former nsa and cia director michael hayden talking about terrorism and intelligence. first up in our coverage here is a discussion on income inequality. >> good morning.


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