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tv   Senator Chris Coons Says Concerted Diplomatic Effort Needed on North Korea  CSPAN  April 26, 2017 11:37pm-11:52pm EDT

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increased realization among members that the world is getting more dangerous day by day and u.s. weakness is not going to turn that around. as admiral harris said very well strength is the best antidote to aggression so we have got to show more strength. he is going to be waiting on me, sorry. [inaudible conversations] u.s. pacific command commander admiral harry harris will be back on capitol hill testifying about military strategy in the asia-pacific region or casino north korea at 9:30 in the morning.
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>> concerted diplomatic strategy to focus on funding the threat of a nuclear and ballistic missile capability. it's exactly the sort of threat that requires us to act responsibly. >> and the carrier do you think that's responsible as well? >> i think it's important for both china and south korea and japan to realize the united states has the resources and will make absolutely every effort to reach a demented -- diplomatic resolution but we also stand ready to defend
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ourselves. as the leadership of north korea i do think it's appropriate for us to make sure we have the resources in the region and 30,000 american troops that are on the peninsula. >> is it a direct threat to the u.s. mainland? >> it's clear that kim jong-un intends to develop both nuclear weapons and the capability to deliver them against the american people. at some point there will be a very pressing national security threat. i think it is constructed for us to be having a bipartisan conversation as the entire senate with the leaders administration and national security and administration to make sure we are all moving in the same direction and we understand the strategy and we are able to articulate it. >> what sense do you have about
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the degree of use of the military that the trump administration this. >> we were not presented with any specific military options that i would talk about. >> were you presented with anything that china is doing? >> i think we all know that china is north korea's biggest supporter, the closest major ally and without china's ongoing partnership and military support north korea would be in a very complex place. it's my hope we have diplomatic diplomatic -- to really constrain north korea to abandon his was an irresponsible attempt to develop a weapon to threaten the united states. i don't have a specific timeline
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for you. the whole point of meeting with the trump administration to brief us on what there merges -- emerging policy is so that's a better question put to the trump administration. >> i was encouraged that they chose to brief the entire senate and i think it was a sobering briefing with how much thought and planning is going into preparing military options if called for in the diplomatic strategy that strikes me as clear-eyed and well proportioned. [inaudible] >> yes, i would. [inaudible] i think when the north floridians take action to justify they might well return but as north korea continues to take provocative action that they take it additional make
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their tests as long as they keep making threats to attack the united states and as long as they keep developing and test launching intercontinental or regional ballistic missile site don't think we have to be at the table talking with them. they need to take concrete steps to show that they have reduced the dash is there any scenario on whether we would be the ones to strike first? because what can we do if they keep on launching nuclear missile tests? what can we do? >> they are not launching nuclear missile tests. >> you are trying about the safety of u.s. troops in the region. >> i think we should all be concerned about the safety of american citizens and american troops in the region and that's why i support the forward deployment that would give some additional protection to our allies. there are american troops
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serving in the region in okinawa and south korea. do think we have to think seriously about the threat that kim jong-un has made. >> after the briefing he received from the trump administration d.phil. president trump's doing all he can do keep safe not only are chips in the region but american allies? >> i encourage in with the steps we are taken to make this china's problem because china really is the single largest supporter of the north korean regime and without the chinese support we won't have a diplomatic effort to reign them in. i think it's appropriate we are taking steps to avoid misunderstandings and miscalculations. i was reassured to hear about the initiative the trump administration is taking to take a closer with our allies so there isn't a misunderstanding in to do the same with china. china is the most vital player
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in making sure that the world correctly perceive north korea is a dangerous and unstable regime. >> after what you've heard in there today what is your characterization of the threat level now? >> i didn't hear anything different than what was publica reported that the threat level. north korea has nuclear weapons and they have tested them several times. they are making determined significant investments in advancing their missile capability. you have to take a country that has both of those capabilities and threatens the united states very seriously. >> is there any progress in putting north korea back on the state-sponsored terrorist list? >> was the most surprising thing you heard the briefing today? was there anything you learned today that you didn't know previously? >> yes.
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>> i'm optimistic that china increasingly sees it in their national interest to reassess the north korea's intentions. china's long-held policy -- the united states withdrew its weapons and only with chinese leadership will north korea's weapons be -- spain what do you think about that now after sitting through the briefing? should this have been done on the hill. >> 's i'm fine coming here. the security team wants to provide a detailed -- the threat that north korea poses to our allies in the region is real and this requires us to act in a nonpartisan way and the legislative and executive branches. i frankly think it makes
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american people safer if i is the hour government acting in a concerted serious and thoughtful manner rather than taking shots about meeting in the white house produced a thorough constructive briefing and i appreciate the opportunity. i think as long as we have thorough briefings we had to participate in them. we have important and difficult work together which is did develop policy for how to be prepared militarily in the event that our allies or our nation is attacked or to have a well-thought-out diplomatic strategy to engage more about the world and make korea a row focus of our work and to make sure the u.n. security council takes decisive action this week that others around the world see it as a serious threat and take action. that's exactly the sort of thing the united states has to act in a nonpartisan way and is thorough deliberate way.
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>> anything you want to address? >> the answer just gave you. the immediately turning into a partisan -- is not a strength rated. [inaudible] >> of course, yes. let me make sure and his family said. without chinese action we are unlikely to be successful in restraining north korea's nuclear ambitions. >> are their military preparations that are underway that were mentioned? can you expand a little bit and
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did you get a sense that they are part of a broader package? >> i think those are all necessary measures. the level of threats are significant and real. i think our south korean and japanese allies are concerned about their safety and security in the proximity to the dnc and north floridians conventional weapons and other threats are very real to them comfortable the forward deployment is an appropriate piece of the strategy that makes military prepared is secondary to -- but it won't be successful unless it's clear that we are serious.
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i would say that i was reassured that the trump administration secretary tillerson and others are consulting all of our allies in the region and china to reduce the likelihood of a miscalculation or misunderstanding. given the unpredictability of the north korean regime this is certainly an unsettling situation one where we all should take it seriously. i am assured that the trump administration is communicating with regional forces and their allies in china. >> our allies have suggested -- what is destabilizing factors. do you believe that? >> certainly has a candidate now president trump said the number of things about our relationship with south korea, our relationship with japan and other allies.
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in recent days and weeks i think secretary mattis secretary tillerson have taken some important actions and steps to reassure our allies and i think this is the sort of situation that calls for all of us to be more measured and more determined in our focus on pushing back against the north korean threat. i am optimistic we will continue to have steady progress. >> how much if anything can you share with people who voted for you? >> partly i choose to be optimists, important as langevoort pre-partly the briefing showed the detail of the preparation of the work is going into making arm military are properly postured. we have had unexpected developments by north korea and that diplomatic efforts. we got a more detailed briefing and i heard from secretary tillerson how hard he's working
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in the extent to which they tend to use sanctions and her network of allies around the world. i will say this, this is not the time for us to/investment in diplomacy and development around the world. initial proposals from the trump administration suggested nearly 30% cut to the state department. this is exactly the moment where we need diplomacy. a strong defense is essential to successful diplomacy but this is not the time for us to reduce our allies around the world and our development and it's a message i'll be carrying forward also at the white house president trump signed an executive order asking the department of interior to review several national monuments designations. the action could up and protections in place in utah and other states under the antiquities act of 1906 which authorizes the president to declare federal land as nu


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