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tv   Secretary Tillerson Calls for New Sanctions Against North Korea  CSPAN  April 28, 2017 8:23pm-10:35pm EDT

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this e-mail address seven those then 932nd read the other security council is called to order for the agenda for this meeting is non-proliferation for the republic of korea. the agenda is adopted by welcome the secretary general and other distinguished representatives to the chambers presence underscores the importance of this subject matter we will discuss today in accordance with rule 37 with rules of procedure and by the representative of the republic of korea to participate in this meeting and it is so decided. we'll be half of of a council the minister for
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foreign affairs of the republic of korea, welcome now beginning consideration of the agenda. i wish to draw the attention of councilmembers to the document letter dated the 18th the april 2017 from the representative of the united states of america to the united nations addressed to the secretary general with the item under consideration. and give the floor to the secretary general. mr. president allow me to think the united states personally for convening this meeting the situation is one of the longest standing issues before the
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united nations to be first adopted the of resolution the ndp are k. in the issue 190093 not to withdraw from the city of proliferation but 24 years later the challenge has defied resolution. but the prk activities and has adopted new sanctions 11 times in emergency consultations in the year 2016. with 30 launches of ballistic missile technology with the nuclear ballistic missile program using that
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technology to include that intermediate-range as well as the placement this test is a clear violation of security council resolution but notification and advance our contrary to the standards those that were prevented of these activities and to be prevented from promulgating these areas of responsibility. the international atomic energy agency can verify the
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prk nuclear program the agency continues to monitor and consistent and with that in richmond facility. analysis shows a nuclear test site that needs to be maintained of the nuclear test explosion. stressing nuclear deterrence at the seventh congress dprk leaders as described as a responsible nuclear weapons state that the commission
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while reaffirming his support that the dprk stated is the policy of our state. the dprk is unique country conducting nuclear test with the successful launch continues to make advances to the nuclear military capability. mr. president i can done in the strongest terms of the relevance of the security council resolution that dprk in pursuit of a nuclear weapon program it is the science of demands from the council with international
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security with the non-proliferation efforts with that military escalation in the region i am concerned by the possibility of the activities increased tensions further to maintain unity as a peaceful solution for the dprk to comply at the same time the international community members manager and review tensions they get from these communication channels our conflict in northeast asia with the gdp with those global applications.
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we need to abolish the conflict this means the dprk from further testing and with the resumption of the dialogue from military to military of these understandings. so i take note of those political solutions and those efforts by the celts avers to have a peaceful and comprehensive solution that are working to reduce tensions from a proposal from targeted sanctions with secretary-general recommended to assist in any way possible that welcome
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guidance of the system in this regard. i welcome the counsel's understanding of the 21st of march we saw the need temporary these documents with the ngos operating in the dprk with those vulnerable people the people of dprk need our generosity and help also calling on the authorities to call of the human-rights mechanism to improve the living conditions welcoming a visit for the persons of disabilities to discuss in
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his chamber that human-rights would not only protect the people but the long-term security and have a bite to conclude by outlining our party to be committed to pursuing peace with a denuclearized korean peninsula. thank you very much. >> banks for that helpful briefing and will make a statement in my capacity as secretary of state of the united states figure for the opportunity to address the security council according to the resolution 23 to one of the stated objective north korea's abandonment of the ballistic missile program over the past 20 years those diplomatic
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efforts have been used to halt the efforts have been failed only by dismantling them can there be peace and stability and economic prosperity for all of north east asia with each destination north korea pushes northeast asia and the world into conflict threat of an attack is real likely only a matter time before north korea develops the capability to strike the u.s. mainland indeed it has repeatedly claimed plans to conduct such a strike united states cannot stand by march and other members of this council that are in striking distance having for years to display a pattern of behavior including 2321 to
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erode the global progress there is no reason to think that north korea will change its behavior under the current multilateral sanctions framework. for too long the international community has been reactive those days must come to an end now with the most pressing security issue of the world will bring catastrophic consequences we have said this before the policy and strategic patience is over. the more we buy our time the sooner be will run out in light of the growing threat to put pressure on north korea meyer urged the
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council to act before north korea does to adopt a new approach to increase pressures on the regime with their campaign united states embarks honor own national security considerations by many nations to are concerned for their own security and create clings to those capabilities of which it has no need. we do not desire to threaten the people or destabilize the asia pacific region we have withdrawn our own nuclear weapons from south korea and often a is the attempt to deal escalate the situation to normalize relations since 1995 in estates has provided 1.$3 billion of aid to north korea will accord to receive
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those contributions once dprk dismantles their programs for its own sake must dismantle the nuclear missile program to achieve the security and economic development and international recognition that it seeks and must understand it will never follow recklessness but must take concrete steps the illegal weapons programs before we can even consider talks said propose all nations take these reactions and call on you and the member states to fully implement the commitments they have made this includes all measures required resolutions 2321. those that have not fully
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enforced these resolution discredit the body. one countries to suspend relations exploit its its privileges by constraining the diplomatic activity in light of the recent actions normal relations are simply not acceptable third regressed increase the isolation to levy new sanctions on those individuals and tight and those already in place united states will have people own up to their laps to correct their behavior themselves but we will not
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hesitate with those individuals supporting the dprk will be elected these. widest sever those relationships like call to suspend the flow of guest workers and impose a ban on the imports especially coal. we must all do our share with china accounting for 90% of trade china alone has economic leverage the u.s. and china have held very productive exchanges on this issue will afford to further actions to build on what china has already done all options for responding to future provocation must
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remain on the table. leverage will be backed up to counteract aggression with military action if necessary. we much prefer a negotiation to the problem but we are committed to put our allies against north korea aggression. the new pressure campaign will be swiftly implemented in painful to north korean interest realize some nations have been a net positive may be disinclined but the catastrophic effects of the north korean nuclear strike away any economic benefit we must be willing to face the hard truth and make hard choices right now to prevent that disastrous outcome of the future
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business as usual is not an option there is also a moral debate countries must know by now that means enabling cruelty and suffering to feed billions of dollars into a program does not need while letting its own people starve the pursuit of nuclear weapons test not serve its own national security bypass the committee of nations help us to protect human dignity. one of my first trips the secretary of state i looked across the tmz of north korea frozen in time while the world sees that cleaning building starvation has swept this land for over 60 years even though those present conditions is bleak
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united states believes there is a future for north korea the first ups toward a more hopeful future will affect other stakeholders for years they have been dictating the terms and it is time for us to retake control of the situation. we ask the members of this council to employment a new strategy to denuclearize north korea. >> resume my function as president of the council now to his excellency. >> i will begin by expressing my a sincere appreciation of the
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denuclearization of pretoria also i'd like to thank the secretary general for his informative briefing and to reach a new level since january 2016 and has conducted two nuclear test with 30 ballistic missile launches it isn't just hypothetical for ordinary citizens on the fifth of march north korea launched those ballistic missiles
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this was noted chance to notice that could have spent catastrophic for the sea vessels and aircraft. and these launches bid to be a provocation of the north korean media reports those responsible that those were involved it is there increasingly important for those countries in the region to talk about peace and security mr. president another is time for the
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commitments north korea has made of the denuclearization of the past north korea with china and japan and the russian federation and estates poets unanimously over the peninsula of the six party talks both parties to this position there is no doubt dialogue is necessary to achieve the denuclearization of the peninsula however and the the current situation with
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the nuclear embolus dismissal it is clearly not possible to bring them back to the negotiating table famous send a strong message coming at a high price that no bright future awaits without denuclearization so with this in mind putting pressure on north korea with vigorous implementation with the security council resolution to present those
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measures which go beyond the obligation from the security council resolution to the flow of funds with the exports and imports. but then has actively assisted for those countries and of the effectiveness of the security council the stage and allow itself to become a loophole japan is on all member states that has not already done so with the implementation reports
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to the north korea's sanction committee, as required by the secretary council resolution. those with the nuclear test should be met promptly with an even more stringent resolution of the security council to defiantly dismiss that resolution and refuse to be bound by these obligations because of the consequences of because of the pursuit of nuclear weapons extends the welfare
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and basic need of the people in north korea. in a past north korea infiltrated japan to abduct those including issuing his 13 years old. they have been stolen in families torn apart. with the utmost importance that undermines that will sovereignty of japan with the life of our citizens and it is not limited to the japanese.
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with that community of the human rights allow north korea to take action to have the support and understanding but regrettably that possibility from north korea is high. the council must have such actions leading to vigorous response is fighting international community. to demonstrate with concrete action to ban looks forward
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to look closely on this matter. >> i thank his excellency. i now give the floor to the minister for affairs of some of all. >> translator: thanks to the ambassadors and ladies and gentlemen first of all, of a bike to think you to take the initiative to organize this debate of nuclear non-proliferation also thanks to the security general with a statement to enrich our discussions led the question of nuclear disarmament with the global
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priorities of the general assembly with the risk of humankind for military purposes not just military reduction in this damn from the use of nuclear weapons and then to be sure future generations in a world free from thermonuclear disaster along with the clearly identified threats to seek
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new danger of rapid progress in technology in international trade those nuclear test carried out by the dprk dinner 2016 that is a serious violation under resolution 1718 from 2009 and 2321. these actions are clearly in the programs of the area with the determination to acquire a nuclear force. but the population on the peninsula to have a
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violation senator all calls are the dprk to respect its international obligations and that should be strengthening those sanctions and with these measures didn't always manage with the military mission. that is not prevented the expansion of the nuclear capabilities which continues to flagrantly violate the security council. in then to respect that obligation of the security
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council with the 15th anniversary simile andrew 1874 mike gentry is currently finalizing which we will send to the chairman of the committee. in with that respect of obligation before i conclude for your commitment with the diplomatic consultation to the crisis with that world affairs. with that historic commitment to put various threat from the dprk bank for your kind attention.
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>> end with the minister of foreign affairs. for. >> mr. president the continued escalation in the recent period with the international community and to be highly likable lately negative likely but there is no such painful lessons in history to be put on high alert. the council in is necessary.
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thanks for your briefing to the council to form the consensus in the security council resolutions to promote peace talks to negotiate the solution. it is clear cut we must stick to the following man's state committed to the denuclearization for long-term peace instability and what we must accomplish to safeguard the regime matter what happens we should never waver to this
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end china's position of the dprk research of nuclear-weapons remain in research them to stop their activities comeback to the denuclearization meanwhile because other parties concerned of those political decisions to work together to continue the denuclearization of the peninsula. . .
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>> we engaged in dialogue and negotiation in three documents, in particular the 19th statement for nuclear program center realization of peace. the joint statement still carries major positive significance and has been reaffirmed and acknowledged. these dialogues and negotiations came to a halt in -- we have a nuclear development process, therefore we have all participated in great effort to
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seeking a political sentience. [inaudible] china is not a focal point of the problem under the peninsula. and is the key for solving the nuclear issue. [inaudible] china has over the years made efforts and played a unique role in negotiated solutions of issues. through china suffered in the support of all parties that the party talks on the nuclear issue expanses six party talks. >> under the current circumstances china still prepared to work with all parties to make a contribution to the revolution on the peninsula. in view of the recent developments on the china has
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the proposal the approach and the new declare his nation of the peninsula. and establishment of peace in the peninsula and synchronize and ultimately they should both be together. the proposal which comes forward as the suspension of nuclear activities of the prk and bu thy bring the two sides back the first step of the dual track approach or the initial stage of this program china's proposals have taken into consideration about the short-term and long-term goals and then complementary to each other. while they are designed to
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attract the most concerns of the party, they also pave the way for toward denuclearization. they are consistent in the fundamental interests of the party including the u.s. and the prk. the proposals objective are practical and are gaining the support. some countries still have lots. the point i want to make is the most important test now is to stop the dpr case muscle development and to see who should take the first stop of who is right and who is wrong, rather than remove the point and have peace in the peninsula and have stability in the
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region. i also want to stress that the peninsula issue is not quite to survive anything a party is it realistic to ask any party alone to take up all of the responsibilities for the issue. only with all relevant parties showing their responsibilities and meeting each other halfway will there be a solution to the issue on the peninsula. we call upon all parties especially those directly concerned on the u.s. to demonstrate dialogue and with that the dialogue process. we look to the council for further consensus and speak with a more united voice. in the meantime they are open to all useful proposals by the parties. all ideas for negotiation and an
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equalization of the peninsula. they can be explored. colleagues, as we meet for the special session china calls upon all parties to make concerted efforts to two urgent tasks. first, -- with definite/quickly in possible. keeping the urges all parties to remain calm and exercise restraint and hat productive actions that cannot the two mistranslations. there should is cannot be any double-strand. what we demand of the dprk to observe the councils resolutions and stop the nuclear missile development, we also demands the u.s., and other parties to refrain from conducting or
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expand a military development against the d dprk. all parties should comprehensively appreciate and fully implement d dprk -- in with sanctions i d dprk there's some party top involved in escalation. in other words, important functions in a part talked about the efforts with the council resolution. it is never one or the other it will only what we see fit. the response to the other progress of the dprk nuclear missile development, the international community needs to step up nonproliferation efforts and prevent escalation to step
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up this stepping up of the peaceful settlement. [inaudible] [inaudible] before i conclude i want to reiterate a move that seriously undermine the strategic of china and other countries in the region. it damages the accomplishment of both parties in the peninsula issue. china was again what parties to
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stop the process and make joint efforts to promote denuclearization of land the basis of mutual respect and mutual trust. thank you mr. president. >> thank you your. i thank you for your statement. i now give the floor to his excellency, the secretary of state for foreign, and all the prayers of the united kingdom. >> thank you mr. president. the charter finds the supreme test of this council as the maintenance of peace and international security. it can hardly be a threat to the are demanding of a unified response in the one member of the nation, north korea breaking the application and making
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bloodcurdling threats to inflict previous harm on people of other countries. for decades, north korea has pursued the means to act on these threats. in a nation whose entire gdp is about $25 billion and where it's people have over recent decades, been exposed to terrible suffering, reduced. the regime has devoted its energies to developing nuclear weapons and missiles to convey them. last year alone, north korea tested to their devices and mother 24 ballistic missiles. fisher, we witnessed more missile test and i remind the council that everyone of those test grades seven un resolutions touching back to resolution 1695
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passed unanimously in 2006. so, we should retract, mcrae, we should reject any claims of equivalence between north korea's actions and the defensive and precautionary measures of other nations. the second, the latter and legitimate, the first are not. in spite of these strenuous efforts to obscure that distinction, that distinction cannot be ignored or united. so the united kingdom it is vital for this council to stand ready to make measures to bring up about applicable resolution. sooner or later, the north korean leadership must realize that their isolation not only holds back their own people, if the regime really cares about their own people, but also it
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weakens their grip on power. this council has been united to in its demand for its presence course cannot continue. britain is proud today to join its allies to the enforcement of sanctions and seek a peaceful solution. we urge other partners with the direct influence on north korea to use their leverage it to the full. with the aim of easing tensions and ensuring compliance with the expressed will of the un. there is a vital role for china and russia the influence in the permanent members of this council, the special responsibility they have for the national keep peace and security. the these whatever influence they possessed and got its
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leaders toward the peaceful settlement blaster this council decided to tough. by restricting the regime access to foreign currency. but the un panel of experts has shown that not every member state is fully enforcing those revolutions. most members of the un have yet to obey the requirements and resolution to submit a national report of their implementation of sanctions the u.k. believes that all member states should reinforce their commitment to of reinforcing sanctions to north. we must set some point it is reasonable to expect north korea's bible progress meeting
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applications to the nuclear the cream. for as long as he continues to define this council, the conditions will not be helpful for resuming the six party talks or negotiations. while the most pressing threat is north korea's ballistic missile and nuclear ambitions, we must never forget the horrifying abuse the regime meets out to its own people as recommended in the un commission of inquiry into the team. this council has discussed human rights in north korea previous occasions, there should be no recognition about doing so. we fully support the work of the un special proper store on the human rights in north korea. and the office of the high commission of human rights. both of perform the crucial task of investigating and recording these violations.
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britain stands alongside our allies in making clear that north korea must obey the un and halted its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. disarming in a complete, verifiable and irreversible. only then can this council be assured of the peace and security of the region. only then can the people of north korea the chance of a better future. thank you. >> i think is excellency for his statement. onauku the floor to his excellency, mr. -- the minister of foreign yet important fears of ethiopia. >> thank you mr. president.
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mr. president, we thank you for organizing this high level briefing session for international peace and security. we express our appreciation to you for presiding over this important meeting. we also think the assistant general for his useful bravery. we are in the deeply concerned regarding the korean peninsula. we need to de-escalate the situation. that is -- [inaudible] this should never be allowed for it to spiral out of control. mr. president, the activities of
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the d dprk are extremely dangerous. other members and in the combination of ballistic missiles by the d dprk are jolt. we need to find a lasting and comprehensive diplomatic solution for this long-standing issue through dialogue. in this regard, dprk's international commitment on denuclearization and its full compliance with the wishes of the security council is indeed indispensable. this would then pave the way for a peaceful solution.
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the dprk has responsibility to do this. in the meantime, it is important to reduce the tension of the current peninsula to ensure that there will not get out of hand by accident. but the dprk has to use the opportunity to over what of the west could be with war for which nobody would benefit. the full implementation by member states of the development of the security council and revolution of the dprk is also necessary. we believe that outreach activity by the chair of the 1718 committee was different regional groups will contribute and the implementation of the sanctions again with the dprk.
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we come on our part have taken all necessary measures to ensure that ethiopia is in full compliance with all that is, by the reveling council and causing sanctions on the dprk. we will continue to meet our obligation in this regard. i wish to conclude by reaffirming our commitment, our observation and continue to engage. it is with responsibility of implementation of the sanctions and parts by the dprk. we look forward to free peace and security in the korean peninsula. we all need that. i think you. >> i think your excellency for your statement.
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i now give the floor to his excellency of -- minister of foreign affairs and has. >> mr. president, i would like to thank the secretary of state for convening this debate on dprk. the topic that unfortunately becomes highly relevant like a recent events. cause extends we have a extensive priority of our policy. from the time of the united nation too many countries have worked with determination to promote the development globally that's why have today's meeting will help come up with peace to the creative peninsula my country strongly believes that
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the security council of the single body for peace and security should preserve its unity of the states. and with this regard will come to council's recent statement to reduce tensions in the korean peninsula young. we are all painted see how this situation around the crib has worsened with the passage of time resulting in a complete. it is worrisome that the dprk continues to launch ballistic missiles and do nuclear test in violation of the resolutions. at that conference and the chairman call for proliferation. [inaudible] five nuclear tests have been conducted so far and six could
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be around the corner. if we do not take real action aimed at diffusing tensions. therefore we urge dprk to refrain from actions and having negative impact of the nuclear disarmament and proliferation process both regional and global security. we call on all member states to strictly observe the sanctions on the regime put in place under the old security resolution aim to at dprk which calls upon all states to refrain from conducting any nuclear test or any nuclear explosion and maintain -. [inaudible] the new clear station of the grand restless key element in broader security for asian
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solutions. with nuclear arms by the north korean regime will create the precedents that will undoubtedly escalate some of the regents arms race and given that it might naturally cause proliferation to balance dprk nuclear threat. we would like to give a reminder of the principle of kazakhstan is the most severe by any party but we are open to dialogue and communication. for you that kazakhstan is still struggling with a devastating legacy of the cold war. this is by the second-largest nuclear test in the fourth largest nuclear arsenal remains proud of the treatment of my country. soon together we are going to lunch --
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[inaudible] we bring the same passion and commitment to nuclear proliferation and priorities of our work that has been envisioned by the president and the un general assembly for the 21st century. i believe that all of the above gives kazakhstan a strong rate to call on all member states and are so foremost he dprk to play ever effort to address this troublesome situation. requires intensified dialogue between allstate holders and my country is ready to contribute. my country is the most convincing example that nonnuclear state. we : dprk to make the same chase.
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it has been proven there's a situation for which there is no peaceful solution. north korea is no exception. as an example in 2013 kazakhstan stopped the trust to mediate to allow to facilitate that -- on our nuclear program which consequently. [inaudible] we are convinced there is no other issues collective commitment to international commitments. cousins kazakhstan believes this is the right time for eliminating the nuclear threat. complete nuclear disarmament and the abandonment of koreans nuclear could be made by troops ensuring political and military stability on the peninsula. close engagement with
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asia-pacific family will bring dprk significant benefits for choosing a peaceful coexistence. such approach combined with a comprehensive holistic regional strategy will ensure stability for the country and the wider region. we call upon all parties, all relevant stakeholders in all member states to take balance actions we call on all parties concerned to refrain from action that could increase the military exhalation and further tensions in the region. >> i think you for your statement. now give the floor to his excellency, the deputy minister of foreign affairs of the russian federation. >> thank you very much.
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ladies and gentlemen it is without question that what we're living through his most acute and traumatic phases in the situation in the korean peninsula. without exaggeration i could say that peace in the region recently underwent serious test and that the threat of this confrontation will be to face was as high as possible. and it released today the rhetoric coupled with reckless muscle flexing has led to the situation where the whole world said seriously now wondering if there's going to be a war or not. as we well know under the conditions of such tension, one ill thought out or misinterpreted step could lead to the most threatening and lamentable consequences. in russia, we are viewing the
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dangerous development of the situation in the region alarm. of course we are united in condemning the provocative nuclear missile activity by korea in the past year and a half it has taken a very dangerous dynamic. we understand for a while the feelings our neighbors when another rocket with the messiah without notification is being months from north korea territory therefore subject the lives of people in aviation transfer to dangerous risks. we do not accept this activity by dprk this is confirmed by sanction resolution. we call upon the north korean authorities to end their band programs and return to the nonproliferation regime and the ia verification. at the same time everybody
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should be clear that the dprk's will probably not give up on the nuclear weapons. as i understand there's direct to their security. that is exactly have the north koreans be the regular large-scale exercises by the united states and their papers of the region. status of you the american navy squadron into the region this month. an additional destabilizing factor in the region give us past until last year it was done in the line of the logic of creating a global missile defense, decision was to plan the territory of north korea elements of the defense system. we have set on many locations of the step would not be viewed with enthusiasm but also undermines the existing military balance of the region therefore
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brings into question the security of the neighboring state. we're not the only ones who viewed this a negative way. we call upon once again the united states and the republic of korea to review the desirability of the step and to call upon other members of the region to resist the temptation to become involved in such destabilizing efforts as regard to the international sanctions, here wants to we are committed to the implementation. at the same time such measures should become a goal in itself. rather it should be an instrument of helping tumbled this country constructive negotiations. resolving the nuclear issue of the cramp draw sanctions and pressure. sanctions should not be used to either economically suffocate the dprk nor should they be used to worsen the humanitarian
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situation. this applies to the illegitimate one-sided unilateral restrictions which hits the civilian sector which are not related to the country. such actions are not the reason for series deterioration of the conditions creates. by the way, this is something that we have the most recent report of at the office of humanitarian affairs. let us also accept that basically the humanitarian them some of the council did not work. because of the band with the dprk it has become impossible to purchase goods and foodstuff abroad necessary for the economy. . .
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and, we should not allow a situation where they continue to find it difficult to work, and this is because of the restrictions placed on the country. we have raised this issue on many occasions, but because there is an obstructionist position taken by individual members, the situation hasn't budged an inch. mr. president, they are
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conducting themselves in an appropriate way and they refuse to abide by the law that we maintained in the cit security council resolution. use of force can lead to catastrophic consequences to the region. our choice should be in favor of using our diplomatic tools to the maximum extent possible. in the current conditions, ou all parties involved should not take steps that could lead to the escalation of tension. we need to view the settlement in the context of the whole gamut of issues and thus create the conditions to denuclearize. this is impossible without normalizing the political
9:33 pm
situation without refusing to build up on military infrastructure, without scaling down and without building trust among states in the region. we are convinced there is no alternative to the political settlement of the nuclear issue of the korean peninsula on the basis of the joint statement issued by the participants of the six party talks dated september 19, 2005. the chinese proposal are in the same vein when they talk about suspension forces. these ideas merit serious attention as they could be a starting point for us to get out of the current impasse and renew the negotiating process. these channels of communications lead them to a substance in dialogue on the missile is used. as recent events has shown,
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under no circumstances can we allow the situation in the region to develop on its own and the same goes, even pieces for a good route. we must be able to resolve the nuclear and other issues in the korean peninsula to the only means possible, political and diplomatic means through mutually respective dialogue and mutual interest and concern. thank you. >> i think him for his statement. i now give the floor to her excellency deputy minister of sweden. >> thank you. first let me express my gratitude to you and the united states presidency of the security council for convening this timely and important meeting. i do think the secretary general for his briefing.
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the situation on the korean peninsula, particularly the pursuit of nuclear and ballistic missiles is of great concern for the region and our world more broadly. tensions have risen in recent months. the potential for mistakes, misunderstandings and miscalculations is high. for this reason, it is important that this council sees the opportunity to reflect on how tensions can be reduced and how this council can facilitate a comprehensive solution. mr. president, despite repeated condemnations by the security council and the adoption of a number of un resolutions, leading to the most rigorous sanctions regime under the un system, they persist in accelerating the nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program. in doing so, they continue to
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show blatant disregard for international obligations and continues to threaten international peace and security. its actions are incompatible with the existing global norm against nuclear testing and they go against nonproliferation work. therefore we call on them to take immediate steps towards a complete verifiable and irreversible dismantlement of the missile program. this will help pave the way for peaceful and prosperous development on the korean peninsula. in addition, it is clear there is a need for a security arrangement in the meantime to realize this goal. meanwhile sanctions must be
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duly implemented to have the desired effect. this is also a matter of credibility for the un system. yes the implementation of sanctions against them remains insufficient and highly inconsistent as highlighted in the latest report. the recommendations provided by the panel must be followed up and there is a need for stronger political commitments by all un members in this regard. we need additional capacity at all levels to ensure better compliance with the spirit of the resolutions adopted by the council. sanctions alone will not solve the problem on the korean peninsula. now diplomacy is crucial. diplomatic efforts are urgently needed to prepare for peaceful diplomatic and comprehensive solution. the press statement in response to the latest
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ballistic missile launch, that statement confirms the continued commitment. we must consider new agreements. our embassy is the protecting power of u.s. interest and for canada and australia. we are a member of the neutral nation. this could contribute to reducing tensions and increased trust and transparency. i would also, like others,
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take this opportunity to draw attention to the extremely worrying human rights situation and conditions in the area. the international community should continue to pursue accountability for these crimes. we should also look to the human humanitarian situation to avoid. [inaudible] the pursuit of weapons of mass distractions represents a threat to national security. [inaudible]
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we call upon the international community to stand ready. in the meantime we will stand united with the council members in condemning any action that jeopardizes international peace and security. thank you, mr. president. >> i think her first her statement. i now give the floor to his excellency. >> thank you, mr. president. i would like to thank the presidency for convening this timely meeting. i think this body must deploy an effort to solve the crisis exacerbated by the republic of
9:41 pm
korea. their mission to pursue its military nuclear program. italy condemns in the strongest terms all the nuclear test and ballistic missile launches carried out. it's nuclear and elastic missile programs pose a threat to the region and also to the global regime. we all share a common sense of urgency since we rightly presum presume. [inaudible] they are making advances in their military advances in capability. such progress represents a level of threat for the international community. for this reason italy continues to fully support the
9:42 pm
implementation of an effective sanctions regime as a tool to produce change in the korean leadership. [inaudible] we strongly believe the consistent and full implementation of the sanctions is the only way to make them effective in the framework of a compliance strategy for long-term peace and security. in this regard, let me recall what the panel of experts stated last february, that implementation of the sanctions remain sufficient and highly inconsistent while all member states should reaffirm their commitment to
9:43 pm
vigorous enforcement of the united nations and sanctions. they must remain an instrument of a broader strategy not an and in them themselves. as chair of the committee, italy's committee to have all un member states. [inaudible] in particular, the solution of 2370 and 2321. an open briefing was held in february and since march we have been organizing ou outreach meetings with groups in cooperation with the panel of experts. through meetings with latin america and eastern europe they have already taken place, the meeting with the african
9:44 pm
group will be held on the first of may and others will take place at the end of may. as stated by secretary tillerson, our collect actions are not targeted against the north korean population, but rather toward the regime that put its populations interest and well-being above any other consideration of military power. the security council resolutions are clear in this. as the chair of the sanction, we take great care in voicing any unintended consequences for the civilian population in the country. mr. president, italy affirms the objective to achieve diplomatic solution to north korea's weapon of mass destruction. we are convinced that the
9:45 pm
nuclear missile program. [inaudible] it does not serve its own security goals. on the contrary, we are convinced that they can much better meet its security needs by abiding by its obligation and security council resolutions and its commitments of the joint statement of the six party talks of september 2005. furthermore, a few weeks from the commencement of the next review cycle, italy reiterates its demand. [inaudible] finally, allow me to underline
9:46 pm
that the illegal nuclear and missile programs. [inaudible] they should be devoted to the primary needs of the people of north korea. we believe it would create the conditions for its reintegration in community and generate opportunities to improve the economy and its people. thank you. >> i think his excellency for his statement. i now give the floor to his excellency. i now give it to the
9:47 pm
representative of the ukraine. >> mr. president, north korea's advance in nuclear and ballistic missile program is extremely urgent proliferation of our time. therefore i think you personally for convening today's meeting on this issue. i also think the secretary general for his useful updates. ukraine condemns in the strongest terms the illegal activity of developing nuclear missile technology. they have already undermined the non- proliferation regime as a whole. the threat in the region is growing despite immense political and diplomatic effort. regrettably we've seen no sign of their intention to change the behavior. what we have seen is the
9:48 pm
alarming persistence, the ever-growing obsession of the north korean leadership. as a result the whole world places the prospect of large-scale military confrontation with unpredictable consequences and we all agree existing challenges related to the nuclear program. [inaudible] apparently, the existing sanctions regime is not effective enough to prevent them from acquiring technologies, material, equipment and financial resources for the further development of its nuclear and missile programs. sadly, we are witnessing steady evolution of north korean tricks to avoid sanctions. it has been proven many times, most recently by the pictures of military parades with a range of new weaponry never seen before.
9:49 pm
we all know the north korean regime continues to build up its military arsenal at the expense of its own people. the impact of diverting the resources has a downward spiral for the quality of life of ordinary citizens. does the regime care? absolutely not. mr. president, the disregard has been consistent. we should find ways to increase international pressure on the regime to respond to its reckless behavior. we do believe robust steps by the council would put them. [inaudible] and eradicate the growing nuclear threat in southeast asia. we must not allow them to continue discrediting the role of the security council in the context of global nonproliferation efforts.
9:50 pm
>> unconditional solutions is a key prerequisit prerequisite to prevent new provocations yet the council may have to take robust measures leaving you to abandon its activities. that includes the development of nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and other types of weapons of mass destruction spread we need to use every tool and avenue at the disposal of council members to contribute to de-escalating the volatile situation. second, we share defense capabilities against these threats. in this regard i wish to reiterate that ukraine's stands firmly with the
9:51 pm
republic of korea, japan and other countries facing the nuclear threat. it is high time to think what we can do to prevent any nuclear threat in the future in any part of the globe. are we able to assess the whole range of the nonproliferation regime for the future, in this regard i need to underscore the following. the respect for international law and the attempt to change the world order are becoming more systematic. the north korean actions are testament to this trend, but not the only one. erosion of the existing system
9:52 pm
continues unaddressed relations and poses a significant threat to all mankind. it is therefore the ultimate responsibility of the security council to spare no effort in order to restore respect for those norms, ensure fulfillment of international commitments and obligations and prevent further violations. the country has been strictly abiding to. [inaudible] we are convinced that the world without nuclear weapons should remain a political goal for all concerned parties and not a theoretical concept. if nuclear powers are serious about nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament, they could strengthen it immensely by making it a success story. based on ukraine's experience,
9:53 pm
this aspect is of particular importance to my own country. the international obligations. [inaudible] the international community has responsibility to restore respect for international law and to find lasting solutions to the most urgent threats to peace and security. the north korea issue is a test case for all of us. our success in resolving it may open ways to address other problems on the world stage. >> thank you representative for his statement. i now give the floor to the representative of uruguay. >> thank you very much mr. president.
9:54 pm
secretary of state, we thank you for taking part in this meeting and presiding over this meeting and we would also like to thank the secretary general for his comments. allow me to express our satisfaction that the security counsel has had this open briefing which is particularly important at a time or the tensions in the korean peninsula has reached unprecedented levels. allow me to recall mr. president that already last year our delegation had requested on more than one occasion the competing of an open briefing of security council to deal with this matter understanding that this type of meeting could contribute in some way to raising the level of treatment. i am pleased that several months later, the council is
9:55 pm
dealing with the situation. this is a state that does not possess nuclear weapons. we are members of the first nuclear weapon free zone and we are party to the nonproliferation treaty. as a result we are strongly committed to strengthening the disarmament and nonproliferation regime. we've always advocated for a world free of nuclear weapons. the foreign-policy revolves around the basic principles of international law. we want to use peaceful means to settle disputes. the use of nuclear weapons is a crime against humanity.
9:56 pm
the only guarantee against the use of these weapons is there expressive prohibition and total elimination. uruguay has expressed its condemnation of the nuclear test of the missiles carried out and will continue to do so if the north korean regime continues to defy and disregard the provisions of the security council in persisting with its program. the actions taken by this country can only increase the violation of the korean peninsula. it is a serious threat to international peace and security. as a result we urge them to abandon their nuclear program and a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner to bring
9:57 pm
an end to the activities including bunches with the use of ballistic missile technologies and effor other acts of provocation. we urge this country to return to the non- proliferation treaty and to the international atomic agency safeguard regime. uruguay has also held a position in this area which supports any initiative which be in the dialogue and we believe we should step up our efforts to restore talks in the korean peninsula, generating trust among parties to bring the north korean government back to the negotiating table and begin serious negotiations on denuclearization at a time of high tension, we must remain home, avoid unilateral action and focus on a solution to the problem.
9:58 pm
we must recall paragraph 4748 of the solution adopted by the security council last november. that is resolution 2231 where we reaffirmed the support for the party talks and asked that the talks resume and the first objective of the verifiable denuclearization of the peninsula in a verifiable manner. it also raises the importance of maintaining peace and stability as well as in northeast asia as a whole. uruguay has stressed the need to bring to an end the vicious circle where they violate security council resolution, the council that opposes surgeons and has reiterated
9:59 pm
that it's the responsibility of the state to have leverage to develop a new negotiating track in order to resolve this impasse. uruguay sees no other solution to the question that does not include dialogue negotiation of political commitment. we reaffirm our desire to work within the security council to find a peaceful solution to the denuclearization of the crimp and flood. thank you very much. >> i think the representative of uruguay for his statement. i now give the floor to the representative of france. >> mr. president, mr. secretary-general, i would like to thank the american presidency of the security council for taking the initiative to have this such important meeting. i would like to welcome the president of the secretary of state for the united states mr. req tillerson.
10:00 pm
i also welcome the presence of the secretary of the united nations. i want to read the statement by the foreign affairs minister and he could not be in new york city. what follows is a statement. >> france remains particularly concerned by the continued nuclear and ballistic programs in north korea. they feed intentions and constitute one of the main threats to international peace and security. by the several years, a methodical effort was initiated at the highest level of the regime to acquire nuclear arsenal, north korea defied all. [inaudible] and the repeated demands of the entire international community to give up on the goal. we note a constant progression
10:01 pm
and development of proliferation programs of north korea and this brings them closer and closer to capacity. this is unacceptable. france has condemned systematically and firmly each and every act that has led to the spirit called upon north korea at every opportunity to give up on the development of a nuclear weapon, and this appeal, i launch it again today. the rush forward cannot continue. it feeds a dangerous and provocative spiral and represents an open to the regime. that is why we have to react to each new development to recall the norm of nonproliferation and avoid sending a message of impunity which could be tempted to continue. [inaudible] we are concerned about the emergence of chemical
10:02 pm
weapons. the attack on malaysia on february 13 should sound an alarm and the repeated and continued violation of the ban in syria. we have to be lucid. the goal of north korea is to become a nuclear weapon state and to upset this strategic equilibrium in the far east and the world by directly threatening the security of every one of us. tomorrow any country could find itself within reach of a north korean missile. i would like everyone to understand the urgency of the matter. we have to collectively be able to rise to the level of responsibility that members of the council and show our determination to fight these unjustifiable activities. it is a sacrifice of the north korean people who are victims of serious human rights
10:03 pm
violations and they are, they live in situation of food insecurity. [inaudible] given such a threat, the commitment of the international community and the security council has to be firm, clear and visible. our goal can only be complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the council reacted energetically to the irresponsible activities.
10:04 pm
[inaudible] the iran sanctions are not a goal in and of themselves, they are just a means of bringing north korea to reason and making them except the denuclearization of the peninsula. we. [inaudible] this seriously undermines the effectiveness of what the international community is doing. we call upon all states without exception to ensure they are implemented rigorously and without reservation when it comes to the security council but all of the actors on their territory as are required in the united nations charter. i understand they may be technical in practical difficulties. it's up to the council to continue extending assistance for those who need it.
10:05 pm
as north korea continues proliferating and the danger that it presents to peace and security is growing, our position has to remain unambiguous to any other provocation from the north korean region. if it happens we need to be ready to react. they have to understand that continuing with their program, new test will have a serious cost, in particular new sanctions. all the while trying to protect the population that is victimized by their leaders. we cannot simply be reacting to what they do. we need to take initiative to make sure they do not have operational nuclear weapons. international community has to strengthen without delay in a coordinated manner, pressure
10:06 pm
on north korea to make sure that ultimately they abandon their proliferation activity. in order to find and negotiate a solution, dialogue can only continue provided that they participate in it in good faith and give up on the nuclear goal. france is determined. we will be fully engaged as a member of the security council and also within the securit european union to ensure that we draw consequences from this threat to international peace and security. thank you. >> i think the representative from france. i now give the floor to the representative of bolivia. >> thank you very much mr. president. bolivia would like to thank the presidency from convening this meeting. we would also like to thank the secretary-general for the report he has given us on this
10:07 pm
occasion. bolivia would like to highlight the main purpose of the charter with respect to taking clip collective measures which are effective to prevent and eliminate the threat or other breaches in to achieve peaceful means in accordance with the principles of justice and international law to settle disputes. we reaffirm that we reject any aggression to resolve conflicts between people and state. [inaudible] have a policy to reject any confrontation. [inaudible]
10:08 pm
we want to move toward nuclear disarmament throughout the planet. this is a nuclear free zone thanks to the signing of the treating in 2017 it celebrating its 50th anniversary and it's the first region that is free of nuclear weapons. in that respect, and following the same line of nonproliferation, we reiterate the launching of ballistic missiles and the nuclear test which will carried out with the last one taken place on the 15th of april. this attitude is a threat to international peace and security. we call for the unity of the security counsel in order to tackle the situation. it is crucial in order to
10:09 pm
comply with this objective. sanctions are not an end amines in order to achieve in and objective. it rejects unilateral sanctions in this as well as any other case and for that reason. [inaudible] in recent weeks the world has seen an escalation of tension due to test carried out by north korea and it can be considered a great threat. [inaudible] we urge all the parties involved to avoid de-escalation of rhetoric and
10:10 pm
action which increases tension and dangers international peace and security, especially in the korean peninsula. in that respect we support the proposal of china to carry out an action to deactivate the crisis of the korean peninsula. they must abandon the nuclear test program as well as their ballistic missile program. the six party talks is the most important form for that and it's crucial for countries in the meeting. [inaudible] the only solution to this conflict is a political solution. we must rule out once and for
10:11 pm
all any alternative which would be of a military nature. we must prevail and avoid any position which could lead us to provocations and misunderstandings. we must put priority to respect and dignity for the people who live on this planet. war is the failure of policy. war is the failure of diplomacy. we have the obligation to negotiate. we have internationally recognized obligations to negotiate. we must set aside warlike equations because once we unleash the demons of war, the only ones who benefit are those who profit from it. thank you. >> i think the representative of bolivia for his statement. i now give the floor to the
10:12 pm
representative of egypt. >> mr. president, allow me to thank the secretary-general of the united nations for his valuable briefing before the council today. especially his vision which takes into consideration all the dimension of this issue under discussion today. mr. president, the current situation on the korean peninsula is one of the major challenges to the nuclear non- liberation regime. egypt is deeply concerned of increasing tension following the recent development.
10:13 pm
[inaudible] we reiterate our support for all efforts for reaching a solution to the nuclear crisis problem and achieving peace on the peninsula including. [inaudible] given the relationship between people of egypt in northeast asia egypt calls once again on the dpr k with all of its international commitments under relevant security council resolution to eliminate its nuclear weapons and rejoin the non-
10:14 pm
proliferation treaty as a non- nuclear state without delays or condition. egypt is committed to taking every necessary step at the national level to implement all security council sanctions related to the dpr k. [inaudible] in light of the continued erosion of the credibility of
10:15 pm
this regime which is the cornerstone of the wider infrastructure. the continued erosion and effectiveness came to light when a certain number of states decided with no clear justification to prevent the review process from reaching any objective results. by breaking the consensus reached by the majority of state parties. they did so in political agenda. [inaudible] to the unified message that we should all send, namely the international community is committed to achieving the universality of the treaty and
10:16 pm
committed to dealing with all nuclear and disarmament challenges and asked balanced manner. we promote restraint and encourage discussions for peace. we call on the dpr k to respond to the calls for the resumption of the talk and to seize any activity that would lead to further tension and escalation. we also urge all other international parties to provide the necessary condition for an agreed settlement that would ensure regional and international peace and security in a manner consistent with the goals and principles of the un and the
10:17 pm
npt. egypt stands ready to make every possible effort to support such a peaceful settlement to this crisis and maintain peace and security in the region and beyond. thank you, mr. president. >> i think the representative of egypt for his statement. i now give the floor to his excellency, minister of foreign affairs for the republic of korea. >> thank you for convening this very timely meeting and for the comprehensive meeting. the meeting of the security council, the first-ever on the denuclearization on north korea demonstrates the sense of gravity and urgency shared
10:18 pm
by all members of the international community. north korea is now at the final stage of nuclear weaponization and claims to be a nuclear weapon state, as it has declare declared. since the first nuclear crisis , north korea has made huge advancements in all areas of nuclear weapons and missile programs through five nuclear tests and numerous missile launches. we have seen their nuclear capabilities from what used to be a bit in 1992 to nuclear arsenal now.
10:19 pm
[inaudible] in a nutshell, north korea capability coupled with the intent to actually use them bring us ever so closer to the tipping point. it's no wonder some experts say the world is facing its greatest nuclear emergency since the cuban missile crisis. a nuclear armed north korea will disrupt the security landscape in northeast asia and the world. we must act now.
10:20 pm
we are racing against time. what should be our response. extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary responses. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. what we need is a new approach led by the security council, not allowing north korea to dictate the agenda and timeline. security council resolutions 2270 and 2321 are measures that illustrate such a new approach. based on these comprehensive resolutions, it intensified united fight against north korea over the past year. we are seeing evidences that
10:21 pm
sanctions are biting by cutting off their income and blocking illicit activities on all front fronts. we must discuss additional measures a council has repeatedly warned that it will take measures including sanctions. they only take limited action that ridicules the authority of the united action.
10:22 pm
[inaudible] they need to suspend all import of coal from north korea. let me be clear, our goal is not bring north korea to its knees, but to bring it back to the negotiating table for denuclearization. we must be clear eyed about his intent. he is not interested in negotiating but his game plan is to be recognized as a nuclear weapon state and to negotiate nuclear disarmament
10:23 pm
as such. last week the representative from the united nations himself made it clear, dialogue for the sake of dialogue cannot be an option. if history teaches us anything, it's that we must not repeat over the past 20 some years, we have left no stone unturned, yet countless negotiations and agreements have let us know where but back to square one due to north korea's deception. they have only time for the regime to advance their capabilities. we must break the cycle of provocations, and.
10:24 pm
[inaudible] their bad behavior once and for all. our goal is not to compromise. our goal is to irreversible dismantlement of the north korean nuclear weapons and missile programs. finally with dealing with this issue, we must not lose site of the threat emanating from north korea chemical and biological weapons program. security council resolution to 20 decided that north korea should abandon all chemical and biological weapons and weapons related program. in this regard. [inaudible] >> mr. president history tells us how in the first half of the 20th century the failure to counter nazi ambitions led
10:25 pm
to the outbreak of the second world war. if we do not respond to north korea's repeated provocations in a resolute manner now, we only further feed the appetite of the regime of kim jong-un. in this regard north korea may launch in icbm or conduct a six nuclear test, it will be a game changer for all of us. it is critical at this time that the entire international community continue to maintain the fight against north korea. this is our last opportunity to break and reverse this process. we have a responsibility on all of us. with regard to the deployment of the system in my country, it is purely a defensive measure in the face of north
10:26 pm
korea. furthermore, it is a defensive exercise. it cannot be blown apart under the un security council resolution. mr. president, this is my last appearance in the security council, i would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for the unflinching support that has been rendered to me and my government over the past four years and correcting north korea's nuclear and missile challenges. i assure you that a republic of korea will continue to be a partner in the council's effort efforts.
10:27 pm
>> i should now make a further statement. first, i appreciate all the statements that have been made by you and i have received those statements in the constructive spirit that i know they have been offered. i also want to acknowledge the presence of a large number of investors with us today. your presence gives strength to the importance of this issue and is a visible demonstration of the importance of this issue to the international community, and i welcome you and i appreciate you being here. this has been stressed repeatedly and many of the statements today. north korea has failed to honor its commitments of the past. it is making promises which it has broken. this body fully enforced and stood behind resolutions it
10:28 pm
enacted in the past, if we had in four sections with full compliance, perhaps would not have found ourselves confronted with the high level of tension that we are faced today. we will not negotiate our way back to the negotiating table with north korea. we will not reward their violations with passed resolutions. we will not reward their bad behavior with talks. we will only engage in talks with north korea when they exhibit a good faith commitment to biting by the security council resolutions and their past promises to end their nuclear programs. that is why we must have full and complete compliance by every country to the resolutions that have been enacted by this body in the past. no relaxation in the vigorous implementation of sanctions, and we have called for those sanctions to be extended to other areas as well on a voluntary basis, and we are calling globally for all
10:29 pm
countries to participate putting pressure on north korea. this is the way you make your voice heard through action. any failure to take action diminishes your vote for the resolutions of the past and future resolutions and it devalues your seat at this council. we must have full, complete compliance by all members of the council. i thank you.
10:30 pm
>> [inaudible conversations] because
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senate eventually it occurred to me then this possible in to understand the evangelical right without understanding its history one because a lot of the doctrine and ideology makes perfect sense in the context of the 19th century.
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>> jeanette has a workforce of years and after telling a lot of our life story do they think she is still middle-class? she settled think there is a middle-class american anymore. when i have to go to the food pantry at the end of every month. >> he was in the cover-up up to his neck and his loyalists have attempted headache portrayed him but right from the start he
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would be tough and that would be a terrible downfall [inaudible conversations] cemetery guess this ohio governor kick -- governor
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