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tv   Governor John Kasich Says U.S. Should Take Out North Korean Leadership  CSPAN  May 1, 2017 6:56pm-7:56pm EDT

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were concerned that he's gone down a path to review and potentially repeal some or all of those roles. >> from the internet inception until the rules are passed, the internet wasn't free and open. there wasn't a problem as chairman said there was no dystopian controlled internet with isps or anyone else interfering with someone's ability to post content or look at the content of their choice watch the communicators tonight at eastern on c-span two. >> c-span where history unfold daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. at is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider . >> ohio governor and former republican president for john cusick on president trump's
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first 100 days. republican efforts to replace the healthcare law and the future of the two-party system they hosted this event last week [inaudible conversations] okay. here we go. dave cook from the monitor, our guest, mr. kasich, he's been dropping by since 1995 and we appreciate it. he was born in rockford pennsylvania, attended the ohio state university and after graduation he worked for state legislator and in 1978 at the age of 26 iran a door-to-door campaign for state senator becoming the youngest member ever elected to the ohio state senate.
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in 82 he wanted one a house seat and became chairman of the house budget committee and was a key architect of the budget act in 1997. he became an executive lehman brothers and a host of a fox news program. he was elected governor of ohio in 2010 and won an overwhelming victory and reelection, for reelection in 2014. so much for biography. as were on the record here, no filing of any kind while the record is underway. listen to our guest what he says , there's an embargo when the session ends. to help you resent that sophie urge will you'll be in several pictures of the session to all reporters here. as soon as the practice ends. regular attendees, if you'd like to ask a question, do the traditional thing and send me a subtle nod. i'll happily call on one and all that we have available. will give him some opportunities to make opening comments and move to some opening questions.
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>> i'm here because i have this book. it's called divided and united. i wrote the book because basically 28 years of elected office and the fact that i've done a number of other things and i'm concerned about the direction of the country. i talk about how we got there and how we can get out of it. i'm think it's pretty timely and i'm having a good time because i got from the view to the daily show to -- that's a pretty good diverse media appearances.
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pdf >> because. >> what is your take on the tax reform plan apparently is a relaxed approach. >> finding something very interesting when the democratic president when democrats don't wonder republican president and the republicans don't care about that and the democrats do. that is out bathetic it has gotten to be. one of my friends said if you were around one in 2008 would have. a rubber room. i have had problems with the
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republicans nephew do something to say i will not write a budget that way. i think he wanted to pay for his tax cuts in the legislature so you can see what has happened but here in washington the same is true. i believe there is a dynamic impact. that is a matter of negotiation with the dynamic effect with a $20 trillion debt interest takes away resources to be used to fund
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vital programs like nih and they just need to be careful about the enormous amount of debt. so thinking that congress can work their way through this so we will have to see what happens. >> it is unlikely of will ever see office again but i never know. we said nothing good is ever lost. and to give them some hope. that is not a common
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political vision. >> anybody breed that? it is really good. >> so i know it is true if you were living in the shadows but you are powerless you have no political clout that is wrong in our country everybody has to have the essence that there is an opportunity and first of all, i just want to make it clear he eliciting around this table is not a hypocrite?
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idol spend enough time with people but i don't want to be that way at all like to be that way. but i think politics has changed. with the rise of independence if it is possible to see the realignment with this serious erosion of both political parties. because of the parliamentary system under know who you are but the divide to talk about your tax plan and how people really want to be
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connected that somebody actually cares about them. but what is in their wallet. so i would tell you i don't know but i think that is the new politics. but that does mean you were part of an effort. is a political breakfast better problems go much broader look at united airlines. we are increasingly treating people to absorber only that which with wit we agree with with the effort to allow was to come together in did is so interesting to me that everybody says the same thing. this is not what we want
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american to be. i don't know what the future brings but i know it is in front of me. >>. >> did feel like my main question but when you look at the few details with the tax plan and a corporate rates dropping delaware uc any evidence of that. >> part of the reason they're not paying for it to push jackson for an ohio -- tax reform in ohio. and the reason why that
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those that have those things taken from them very angry about it. so even in your own legislature. so why does this matter? do i think lower taxes will result in faster economic growth? i do. are there changes in the tax system to which encourage others? absolutely. i do believe corporate tax rates are too high and fishing, date that dynamic it was paid for with some amount of dynamics scoring. it has to be legitimate number. the democrats have said bieber now participating in
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this at all. but after having been in london with the stronger parliamentary system because when i met with some of the people they said we are working together with labor. we hate that. it is really terrible. >> he made the prayer -- a pretty clear statement that for the party not to turn to fear of putting fear into hatred with those to viciously attacked each other but what you have seen these still view that
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president? or patti seen anything quite. >> when i think we're seeing fewer leaks. in d.c. less of that which is good. and actually talking about reality. to be out on the trail we will not shut them all out. or abandon old trade? to wrap up the deal on the number one bobby haven't. of the stalled by yesterday's somebody to get a fair shake we will live up.
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so the campaign deteriorated and all those things pdf so i am not a believer to make false promises. that somebody else took something from you. we cannot fix our most serious problems. they are serious problems that come our way that are of the tsunami level if we're not careful. and then to carry all this stuff whether fedex or whenever. to be autonomous vehicles.
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that is the big change of artificial intelligence. into say let me explain this to you. if you work with finance be careful you not have artificial intelligence. sewed to deal with this with the educational institution to determine what the future will look like. we will have more gnashing of teeth. and doesn't have to be that way. i care about my neighbor. that we keep doing things the way we have done over the last 100 years and we
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will stay with it. we need an awakening to do something for somebody else. that is what we really need for:. >> looking at the house republicans what i then not getting grex with the obamacare repeal deal? and they tried hard. and obamacare need significant reform we can take a for the federal government to give us some flexibility but you have to
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make sure there is mental illness or drug addiction with anything that we are presented with any package. i thought about this we are just they're becoming advocates. solo to have some flexibility. so did the ability with that formulary we have no efforts of pharmaceutical companies. baking give us breakthroughs but it is too much. you can negotiate or you can exclude them to give you some leverage. that is the biggest nagging cost on the exchange side we
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know what has happened to make sure it has not collapsed. including getting the federal government out of the insurance industry. there is a way to achieve this but to be cut in half to build and support people and there is a way to achieve that over time so now we are in talks above to sea as come to a consensus. jamming something through taking away health care coverage from millions of people.
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and there was of'' many would know who that this. he was there when eisenhower was there. and the senator from 1939 known as mr. conservative. and said if americans to not have health care then they should be given for free. >> it sounds like it is the approach the house republicans have taken.
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>> when you go home and everybody is chilling annual bulls sides politicians like anybody yelling at them. you don't like people yelling at you. but you deserve it when you get yelled that. [laughter] i don't understand that and i am hoping if you involve the democrats to have a bill to be sustainable but the whole system needs to be improved. >> as you may have heard we are neary the 100 delaware mark and first could you give a grade how he has done in his 100 days?
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>> the second part about roof correa with that leadership you have seen from the president having run against himwith the decision making process. >> i have no idea. >> are you concerned? >> to describe your state of mind. >> first of all, with the first 100 days in the course with john mccain we were very unsettled with what we were arguing. and then my wife came to see me as the governor as the father and act like it.
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and then to say no question. so you have to give them time i happen to believe i don't care what he says and with that ideological guy on health care. but, andrea first of all, with the strike in syria that was an important thing. we're doing something but it was important to know that lee would go out to lunch and not be engaged. but to kick the can down the road and north korea and there are two ways i looked at this. increasing ratcheting up pressure nobody knows for
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sure but it appears it has moved the chinese to ratchet up the pressure the be the economic pressure on the wheel getting very serious. there is a point at which the saber rattling is not effective. kelso don't have all the intelligence. so we have to be careful to get to a certain point. with the first bit of leverage against china.
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so i am pretty convinced their problem with bombing you will lose 1 million people. three-quarters of the population lives and so correa. that has to do with korean leadership. i will just leave that there. if you cannot figure that out, you know, exactly what i am talking about. there were they set -- ways that can be achieved. and to have the ability to do things very quickly that is not beyond our
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capability. to remove those top people with the benign leadership with what is at risk if that is doable. >> to idol think that will work. but again it of the generals sitting around the table. and i am also familiar and many if you are not, but in 56 grade -- fifth or sixth grade this was unbelievable. by the way i like to see the young people in the media i
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love that fact. we used to go into the cloakroom to hide airheads in the coats thinking if there was a nuclear war against russia bieber be safe -- we would be safe. the generals said we have to go end as a result of the bay of pigs started to exhibit more judgment. and if there was uh ship approaching. and kennedy said no. said to have a good military advice. if you want them a at the table to pick the ones that have the ability to see
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beyond the chain of command with of nonmilitary intelligence sitting around to give you a vice but it seems that is the best approach to have that capability to do things like that. that is what i am talking about. with the top leadership of the country. >> how concerned could you be about the majority in two years? >> so i am concerned about what i am doing to help the country. sewed to be in power. is about to win the right thing.
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if that is a big problem with politicians as my job with governor is challenging. and what we should do with medicaid to make sure my budget is balanced. and not be blind to the fact of other people's opinions are but at the end of the day do what you think will advance your state indignation it is not very good. there is nothing more week in a later it -- a leader who was incapable to make a decision. so if i took give from
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somebody else any leader of any organization how that will improve and to support that vision those who follow that in the budget but if that organization this is the addition to have a duty and responsibility or to walk away from that organization like wells fargo. the catholic church during the scandal. and the media.
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so why is that it'll stand on the front of the building? somewhat wife tries to correct me to say they have mortgages and kids people adjust cannot walk away. she's right and i m just different the are ways to affect an organization without getting herself fired but to get yourself known in your feelings known. and to have some integrity i don't know how like got their bottom glad that i did. >> can you send me your resonate? [laughter]
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>> robert blake the clarification. with 1953 through 1960 with the overthrow of other governments. and then in 1960 with the executive order that the president has to sign something as eisenhower? >> i will put it to you this way. i don't know the technicality of this and i have the sense of a fight after rising on a piece of paper that is fine but i say the best way to solve the problem is to eradicate the
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leadership. those of our closest of what north korea is falling now. i'd want to say anything more than that there is no reason. buddie enable to remove them there is the chinese professor that made the speech that china should not be so close to north korea. normally when a professor makes a speech like that they would be shut down there has been no government reaction.
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to show us some of this pressure has worked. i tell you know, i have that. >> but my question was bin medal went to nancy request to. [laughter] the meg adjust to clarify also to talk about the first voting round to rise at the next few years. >> and as a republican i care deeply about the environment but do believe in science but i think faith in science are consistent
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and to be in favor of trade. that isn't only strategic but economically good. i don't like rising debt but do believe in tax cuts idol support and mocking and talk policy but they think we should be. immigration we need to be a party that all-purpose is to give people a shot. with the number of those issues is a tug-of-war. hi disbelieve it is possible in the future for a wealthy independent candidate could win the presidency.
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>>. >> to change one aspect of how would the caves do you do with believable you dedicated? >> i don't know but it should be. if i were there i would be asking them about it. you know how to get there. but i have great confidence in the ability of the military young men and women
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with the way they train then to have a unifying message. but i will tell you the democrats will say they are not interested. don't know any republican that like nancy personally but she was asked if we did away with that concept would you work to do the health care bill? she said no. in different collapses the republicans get the blame so what type of thinking is that? a political strategy? when about the people that get crushed? do they not matter? >> again i don't agree with
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where we are. with president trump by make one observation. wife think there is a tug-of-war going on in the initiation. and it depends what delaware who wins the tug-of-war. >> from "usa today". >> if you are not going to run for president but is next? >> endeavor said anything. i set it is unlikely but i don't know what the future will bring for me. but i am not doing this today because i am running
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for president. my wife would kill me. i am not. but don't ever say no to anything in life. i never thought i would be governor. with. >> what about after your term? >> i don't know that. to maintain that organization and it is a challenge for people. and to raise the money. paso to know with that will go. >> so a to have that
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political team in place with advisers you don't just come up with stuff overnight. you have to work at this in the market communicating the right way. baby but really that is not what it is about it is the willingness to be heard. so i have the team that has nothing to do with my job of governor of ohio but aside group to a dionysian travel with me it is a passion of mine for many years. labatt bottom-up community
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that is when i can analyze that but if i'm out of power and they don't have that i need a way to gather to have something intelligent to say. it is all about having an impact. >> bollenbach to health care it had given the state's the option with protections under the affordable care act. with those thoughts on your amendments to allow medicaid to turn into the block grant? >> i have my own plan and i think they're designed to get votes from ground zero.
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i think it is window dressing to more serious because there is an ability that you can just walk away from the serious things. i dunno why they put that in their block grants not done the right way dull work by can send you my plan but to follow the bouncing ball republicans are going through and with those revenues of what i am accustomed to. >> ibm would about the country. but right now the resources to fund this are half of
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what they were. into be put up with the highest income americans. >> again from the weekly standard? >> we ran up against the deadline. cell to go of something that you said earlier. >> republicans passed health care. to know how often you get treatment? and how often you have to go see a doctor? and then to have $3,000 a year for health insurance? would you get? nothing. very high deductibles. the people who have mental illness cannot scrape enough money together to go see a
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doctor of a $20 copayment. i am not for that. i am just telling you. with the automation in the changing economy they have written of what about this. that this point are evil and worthless? >> no. to reorient itself with those issues that were bogged down 70 think that political system is capable to reprint it self? >> that is why wrote the book is a message if you're worried about politics that
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nobody will take your calls a miracle you back. so think about how you can save the country. >> hal reducing differently? >> if you think what is that big ticket item greg. >> start introducing legislation. you have a vision and pursue the vision. don't get me wrong. it is very important. but those are in the political sphere only word about their own reelection to bring up the best of politics. like charlie dent on his lips to the future.
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looking at the education system with the training sure i think it is but we have to get to those who will take issue on. , the baird problem isn't washington but the case through 12 education system in higher education system in the country. are we training the kids or letting education get in the way of learning? to spend a big chunk of time in the private sector where we adopting in the town of marietta talking about occupation in kindergarten we are not doing that by a marginal schools so what you doing in your school board?
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this gets me all worked up. do you know why? the two hardest institutions to reform marketer 12 entire education to beat disintermediation with technology. >> from the "daily beast". i am yourself. -- i read your stuff. >> so with that coverage to what extent the investigation with the relation of the russian government with? with the house and senate intelligence committee are credible to investigate?
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>> of course, it is legitimate to find out what happened. i don't read the story every day. to say you are smart just don't go political. you have a big responsibility. voss senator warner is a democrat in the senate is important they are cooperative with democrats i believe the investigation should be done but can diligence community and it starts to spiral a big thing about politics and i would prefer to be conducted in the house intelligence committee but it is incumbent in the free and honest and open way. from haven't heard anybody say they don't.
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>> we are running at a time. >> earlier at the onset of the discussion you talk about politics it is more about touching hearts what does that look like? >> having an education system not here because settled think the federal government with all the business about common core and hyperbole of was in new hampshire yesterday a lot of things happen in new hampshire so why stop back so i said just do your job when i think it is about getting out of the conference alone writing a health care bill for those
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that are drug-addicted and mentally ill and what we did interstate to make sure parents to have autistic children have access to insurance to say in ohio to have a problem with community or police to take it head-on with the diverse group of people to show those in the community will not be discriminated against so mom or dad remembers of the police force go home at night that doesn't take away the need to have great economic policies you do need to have been a reasonable tax cut system that spurs economic growth and the regulatory system hasted be a system with
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common-sense last quarter we had economic growth no wonder revenues are falling short. if we have overtaxes in ohio also with the first earned income-tax credit this is part of why people that are hurting boded for trump and what they want to know does anybody care about me? i took up swimming after the olympics because it wanted to look like them. [laughter] i was then the swimming pool and i dropped my phone into the swimming pool. so we called ricin -- and
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they've made me wait hours in said it would be five minutes then you were there five hours i said what do i owe you they said we need to wait it is on us. so i think her and she said you don't understand last week a woman came in and we had done something to which it indicated that to occur she said what do i owe you and we said it is on us and she got emotional started to cry and said nobody treats anybody like that anymore. michael the ceo of verizon to say that woman and her assistant need to be held up as an example of a employees who notice service customers and care.
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so many people feel that nobody cares about them. that is the of politics of the heart if you have the victory we will celebrate it is the way in which to communicate as you are walking around. island and then in environment that is too darn fast i hope i get better at it. >> you said the 18 the of president you would give him the incomplete? day think he continues to shift on his promises that will happen if he runs in 2020 greg. >> nothing has happened
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outside of mocking and talk began this is early. he is used to being in a situation he gives orders and everything happens is beginning to realize he has a border directors and digest want to give him a chance. i want him to do well and if he calls me i will give him the best device that i can but he does need to bring folks together and rhetoric of partisanship or blaming does not work in politics and he need to have the fix can and will with the punches and take its anybody great in life learns that. weather in athlete or
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performer you have to take the hits in be bigger than the heads and the people who whacky around think of how much good you can do. >> a steelworkers and decliners are in those tough circumstances and don't see those improve then is delaware negative no question. there is the sense that they hate to go back to make them into something to add a sense the of humor. and the of highlight of my
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book tour he wrote the book on truman for small he started to sing and told the story of harry truman. he and his wife were headed to dinner and got lost. his wife said stop the car and go ask have to get to the house. he knocks on the door and says where do business live? he said down the street and down the block. he walks awaiting its halfway down heels did anybody tell you that you
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look like kerrey truman? he said i bet that makes you mad. [laughter] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations]
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one. >> that this did very big problem be. >> then this say very strong word but asset what i said. thank you.
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>> where did you go to school? >> alabama [inaudible conversations] five. >> how laugh and then there's the final agreement come together? select the agreement was reached to late on sunday we did not see the text and tell about 2:00 in the morning on monday. less 1600 page leg


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