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tv   Washington Journal Jonathan Swan Discusses the Trump Administration Agenda  CSPAN  May 16, 2017 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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know how we get other people to stop watching their one channel or only fox news or only msnbc and go to recite that will not be labeled a liberal but provide facts that people can understand. my sister does not like to watch the news because she figures because only the news of the day is there and there is no explanation how it will relate to person she walks into the other room so she is frustrated because her parents only watch fox news so how does the general public get something they can all relate to. >>host: good question we will talk about that this morning back across the potomac river to axios headquarters in arlington virginia now from the axios
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newsroom national political reporter we will jump right into it and start with your story with the democrats' plan to exploit the director, the controversyrsy. you said it is a fourth step plans to take us through what they're thinking rightoce now. >>guest: with their thinking is to have donald trump in a vulnerable situation and chuck schumernd wants to use this as a leverage point to get what they want in the changes they want made so the first man the democrats will makers is to have a special prosecutor appointed into potential collision they're really looking forward the republican senators like lindsey graham to support them.
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i am not seeing nevada of movement but the democrats will make this a litmus test for republicans and patriotism and then we seeus them go web it further to appoint the new fbi director also based in my reporting it think we will see their calling for a director komi to testify in public at a congressional hearing. so that is the sequence that we can expect but the bigger picture what we can expectn is they are going to obstruct the agenda using this as a demand. >>host: how likely is it that director comey would testify in the open hearing? >> i think it is quite
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likely there was a fascinating interview last week that did not get a lotat of attention with one of the director comey friends who said this is not based on a conversation he has had to adjust based on knowing him so well that at a time and place of his choosing any congressional setting will give his side of the storyscribg to say he is probably the only person in washington than he means that the history is he makes decisions you can agree or disagree but he explains himself in public in a way that makes people uncomfortable because he does reveal a lot with the
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decision making behind it.-m >> and national political reporter for axios.. the viewers are calling you mention in lindsay rand.ress." >> day do not believe president from his day target this is what i believe i would give rise of president add nothing a change the outcome but the president needs to back off we need to paul director comey to get to the bottom of of of this.
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>>host: on the president's role in communications strategy. >> with a pretty substantial role of senators in the time they interfered in the election. so really he could be a major problem for thi so to be intervening in this delicate area. >> how good you describe that strategy in the past six days. [laughter] and with the white house briefing room?. >> i laugh because he said
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the word strategy.e james and what they learned about the decision and john spicer there was no strategy. there was no plan. they think they are incompetent and that they should line up and defend him in the president was trashing john spicer it wouldn't be surprised if he lets one of them go. >> the national political
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reporter. >> i hope the bear with me. looking at comparing the trump bin nixon administration i really don't think that establishes any justice it think it is a lot worse. in a bucket said james buchanan administration thatn has been known as the worse facidency we ever had. and to take into account the foreign policy that the presidential cabinet in with that political corruption
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but to be say about the buchanan it administration so i know that is dark and morbid the there is a silver lining to read question. and with the quantum leap forward when it elected abraham lincoln. leap and i'm also a real leader is at the same time candidly as a foreigner in the end ofs this part is kind of hard. >>host: we got the question. >>guest: we're only
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slightly more of 100 days. into finding out of this plays out. so that chaos internally to be fixed to some extent they now have a conventional decision making process and then people who are concerned about donald trump getting rid of the fbi director and then to raise concerns with that agency
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that is investigating and that there understand all of these concerns and to see that constitutional elementwitht in with the reaction to that and over the first 25 years you of our reaction to sayma obama was the antidote to george to be bush. into said as the anti-intellectual but then obama who was very reasoned
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and cool intellectual dead you have donald trump's or would be surprised someone that is a more conventional political figure or all these different celebritiesbu and would not be surprised if we see a much more n conventional response to donald trump. >>host: we have about 20 minutes left. in the independent good morning. >> caller: and for russia to put that information out they own the news media outlets they own everything. it doesn't matter what the
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russians or anyone says. to focus on the big tax cuts for the rich.all in t when they are complaining in day take tractive that's the news media is corrupt the illegals are taking all the jobs they have too manythe co workpieces then the corporations are hiring them because they were cheaper. >> the caller says this is a distraction for other issues >> i did not really buy that because so unpacked that if
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forty-one's to distract from is russia it is highly it agitated so if we take that by the premise so to fire director komi doesn't change that objective so it was the destruction from that or something else from what this was supposed to be better about to say that it created publicly the biggestth problem he has faced in the short presidency. >> good morning thank you
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for appearing on c-span for the work that you do the one question in general watching bad intelligence sharing to hear one of the senators say we all agree that this happened for rial agreed that this person did suchev and such but i have never seen proof or evidence a realize there is a need to protect the sources in the midst but they have to show to the american people of what didn't happen and i don't see that is the saudis employ a people from the predestine group did in my opinion they have great influence over their representatives visited
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mission get the europeans to the u.n. women's panel so you probably know hillary clinton except a 50 million from the saudis and john mccain. >>host: you have a lot going on there what is the i question?. >> caller: said the need to show proof evidence with the russian charges. >>guest: i think with an active investigation is in it isn't unusual to have an 75% visibility so if and when it comes down with the verdict there will always be
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an element of what is withheld from the public and i know it is for many members of the public. i am not sure of the saudi port. >>host: now to the line for democrats. >> caller: good morning. people have problem with the media in twice your guest has made non sourced comments when you make a comment that president trump trashes sean spicer and will probably let him go privacy
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you hear him say that there is the sourcing. there is one reason why people get very upset with the media. there is never any kind of source it sounds very brilliant and unbelievable. >> this is the important question. let me do my best. but really the bulk of my time a little bit off the record we interviewed the president there has not been a story in this
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administration so far has been contested on the facts by the white house with a having given me permission to but if i give them anonymity. i take that very seriously in i understand the trust problems that we have in the media but it is from somebody that i trust to have a conversation with the president in they have not contested that fact. we did a report yesterday with no unnamed sources buthat d again impeachable the source and it tells you about about the staff shake-up.
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over the last 24 hours we have seen a response and it is 100 percent accurate. >> in so to balance that but i don't see a name to it. >> there is the total litmus test. we have to find out if the information is true. i don't take people at their word i assume everyone pushes their own agenda so once we have established the fact is true is this person simply trying to unfairly smear somebody and hide
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behind that effectively? if that is all they do is take a of a cheap shot atat somebody? but to say that donald trump was venting so that foreshadows what he may be doing and what they will likely end of doing with the communication which is true and uncontested from the highest levels of the white house to be up there in the public domain. >>host: go-ahead. >> caller: i was wondering why the obama administrationmina did not hire flynn because they let him have his clearance for the side firing the guide than letting them back into the office.
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but they did not pull his clearance. >>guest: there is an important detail narrative that barack obama fired flynn and that is impede -- important piece of context and that to be warned about that this was done in a light-hearted fashion and then to spend time to trash barack obama. i don't think there is any great conspiracy but to say
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that it fits with the fact pattern and then things got pretty poisonous. >> the democratic line good morning. >> caller: and then the people come on tv in the a lot -- lie in that should not be okay. >> no. our job is 2.0 this is what
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they tried to do to constantly swear with what they're doing in private that is why it is good to have a broad sources of sources say you can swearu with what they say behind the scenes and in the public >>host: what about the john spicer complaint that everything is the game?. >> i have no patience for that there is a lot of theatrics to the press bashing.- this when you talk to these people is much less adversarial. they pick on us and if we make a mistake we should
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correct them. and be all make mistakes then they should have those same standards. >> good morning. my comment is this. i think donald trump is doing a fabulous job considering go watching and panhandling people people are so unaware i was always a democrat i did not leaveve the party told the truth iran like hell from what they stood for a discount back from north carolina i saw no traces genders of the bathroom trying to get on with that a liberal agenda that is straight out of hell o i cannot watch the news anymore because i cannot trust anything they say here
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is something for you if you start buying a little bit and a little bit here and there than it doesn't matter what you do because it isal all about the money. >>host: who is taking the money?. >> caller: the liberals are taking a lot of money like george soros does anybody care the he has the plan of world domination?. >>guest: yes. is a crisis right now.s i think we have good huge problem where people don't trust what they see in the newspaper or television. have an i have no grand solution andrt
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then works every day to verify every single word that i put out. and then people should judge me for my mistakes. that is all you have been journalism is a reputation i don't know if that is a satisfactory answer. handed is so destructive with dead journalist popping off with the presidentop giving their opinions. but that is what i try to do >>host: and a national political reporter with
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axios thank you for your time. >> thank you. >>host: coming up we will be changing our discussion to health care joined by be health care reporter caitlin zero wins. -- owen' >> caller: no one to ask him with a guy called for security clearance that is one question and to save those regulations that he has pulled back to help the employee but the consumers getting rid of this scrubbers in the coal miners. or the pesticides could you
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check those things to find out those regulations? or the help of the public in general?. >>. >> those are topics tuesday of last week we had an entire show on the coal industry talking about that rule that the trump administration pullback that was moved at the end of the obama administration. but thank you for bringing in other topics to discuss.
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>> with director comey but it is no way criminal were considered wrong because it is a landslide so if that was the direction that was. >> what is the best way to cover the election? so how should the immediate change recovers the election?. >> it could be an agency to check facts at the end of every week but also of the
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previous president to say you keep your provider in the cost of medicare will go down but that was never trouper pro and he knew that when he said it. >> you ever do the fact check?. >> i don't read a lot period ensure that is a big part of it but that is what i am getting aunt the meteor you can do is watch tv why couldn't we get a version of fact check for that level to make it is easier said is for the misinformation that comes out?. >> going back to axios


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