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tv   [untitled]    May 31, 2017 6:34pm-7:08pm EDT

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ratio of american and never heard nobody say that that we should all aspire to peaceful and productive members of society to move that direction and i am optimistic but it is a lurching movement. >> gay columnist for "the chicago tribune" we confined his column thanks for your time. >>host: the first guest ofin the morning for the defense of democracy as senior vice president good morning what is the organization?. >> not for profit to study terrorism in the middle east
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with a lot of focus onna financing and sanctions but we do cover from the postilion conflict to the jihadi problem and beyond. >>host: so try to get coalitions to come together to fight terrorism what was he calling for and what is the approach?. >> we have seen is that the president has put a new spin on it to put the onus to go to saudi arabia as we know that is the traditional cradle they spend a lot of money propagate ending that he calls on the saudis and also everyone else in the middle east to crack down on terrorism that radical islam is the of problem and they will fix it. >>host: so what groups were they speaking to an but is
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the likelihood day would come together?. >> he looks at the arab league and it was pretty much everyone involved in this struggle. i think there are questions which i put coalitions could form but the goal is to defeat isis and iranian terrorism and thomas -- come loss with a lot of groups engaging in terrorist activities. >> with that coalition and that could find a common ground. >> if the gatt was interesting within days of the visit we did see some? in the coalition with the egyptian start to square off in this is an issue i have tracked cop for quite some
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time to play in a game with the arab states their hostest a the largest air base and we carry out our air missions against al qaeda but on the other hand, they host ther taliban and our headquarters for hamas so we did see some divisions there with the arab states so '02 ruth talk about this. is it just the arab nations?
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what is that likely eventth coming on board?. >> this is a fascinating story with that two-stage bilateral solution with this sttential alliance brewing as a result of the common fear with a the real alarm t to be brokered by the obamaa administration is brought them together and apparently has been working much moreni closely this is something we never would have dreamed of 50 years ago where the saudis were an enemy of the israelis and don't thinkey
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they're ready to shaking hands and make a deal but the original architectureefense with an intelligence systemaps b in to what we hear the president talk about am pushing for what we have seen over and over we should not try to broker peace when it does seem to promote that regional architecture. >> and then they will take some calls here is presidentpr trump. >> terrorism has spread all across the world but that
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path to peace begins right here on the ancient soil america is prepared to stand with you but they cannot wait for the power the nations of the middle east have to decide what type of future for their countryr thei frankly for a their families and children it is set to raise america cannot make for you it is only possible dr drive out the extremist. drive them out. drive them out of your places of th drive them out of your community. drive them out of your holy
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land. and drive them out of this service via putting the onus of these countries how was that compared to previous administrations?. >> we have seen other presidents try to reach so if in this case is almost completely. so to reiterate to take on the entire burden and that we will cease operations that will resonate among his base even those that have ben more isolationist in
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their approach and to echo that sentiment. >>'' was the reaction from the states the heard that message?. >> very positive it does stem from the fact then president has come of forcefully against iran that is the common goal to you tackle the problem if you keep telling them to crack down on extremists of and to isolate iran to violate that deal that they find so objectionable this is a trade-off they're willing to make an president hassant rouhani from this message?. >> the iranians were not pleased the president singled out the iranians in his address so they are notey an happy with this underscores
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there is talk about hassan rouhani being a moderate but the entire system is notot moderate and is run by the supreme leader who was not moderate. so the problem is perigee not the elected leader so they're still on a collision course but i don't expect things to be smooth sailing. >> has the financial analyst we will talk about that but first tallahassee florida independent line. >> caller: good morning. thanks for taking the time this new arms deal it has to
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do with missile defense does that help them protect and attacks from iran? because everyone is release supporting north korea in that pushes them if we have a preemptive strike that iran will come to north korea's defense some have to be careful and smart but i appreciate what you and then shooting down the other missile with the test i wonder what is more impressive shooting thatng incoming missile or shooting a satellite out of space? that is farther away but we
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can do both?. >> thanks for the question first of all, there are the number-one arms purchaser in the world is interesting not until the iranian threat but there is concern, but the saudis are in possession there is day war going on idiom in with the famous weaponry so that is a source of controversy also the israelis that the same time they have to be concerned so basically that means the matter what to have the
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right cocktail of armaments that is shifting right now it is very complicated as to see them are up the at the question of birth correa -- north korea this is a nexus we know over the last several decades there has been cooperation there is missile cooperation to some extent we just don't know the real concern in duringng this administration. >>host: california independent mind. >> caller: i a stand that the treaty with ivory and --
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i ran we're watching them to make sure of their not making nuclear weapons. for ted years they will not make nuclear weapons so i don't understand the problemy w that they be worried and not like the deal? they were saying what did one year there be a nuclear weapon and cave over here making big speeches and when obama and a dead deal over 10 years all of a sudden that is not a good thing. did i don't think it is a good thing as the saudis are
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getting all these weapons i don't like that is a good thing settled like that trump was over there and did not say one thing about them being responsible for the radical islamic terrorist which they are. >> cry bush just say that if you are concerned about the saudis certainly be concerned about the iranians getting $150 billion of cash in exchange for really very little for that nuclearpr program but the real problem with the nuclear deal epiphytes away to the nuclear weapon we ask them to mothball a lot of their facilities but it allows them to take the mothballs
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out. so looking into the years ahead so that means they can buy and sell weapons on the open market that is a major search -- concern that is a major sponsor of terrorism with the unrest in yemen and wei then in seven years you willll see the ballistic missile embargo first the iranians are already testing them andch the world has not done much but the clubs will be off in about seven years then did do that'll murrah than a decade we will see all the sanctions sunset so that would be a key turn away from a nuclear weapon so we kick the can down the roadent
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and the ability to foment unrest this is why there are critics and by the president is right not to visit or to isolate iran further with other activities. >>host: the republican line from kentucky. >> caller: could work in. -- good morning thanks for taking my call we have such a terrorist problem is especially in the middle east because of u.s. intervention. we haven't -- intervening back to the '50s but yet we are supposed to be outraged that there are terrorist groups that want to attack us? your guest used the term isolationist but that
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is like complaining aboutyo your neighbor that doesn't come on to your private property to destroy things. i am sick and tired of the taxpayer funding the undeclared and unconstitutional girl is going on since the end ofing a rolled were to. this is creating theut terrorists and not providing a solution for peace. >> this is an interesting topic and really if it is say question of america's place in the world through one to be involved in stopping atrocities were to shape the outcome in areasve where we have a real national interest including the middle east but also look at korea and other places as well.i know there is a real debate going
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on the last eight years if not longer in we're far from settling back. i don't know necessarily if there is there right answer identify always has to be boots on the ground but imagine what the world live look like if united states did not intervene for role for to. it is interesting forget decision to enter into iraq we could debate if that was the right decision but that amount of hatred the icy directed to not intervene in syria. so i often joke with myg colleagues to leading thera arab world needs more than the intervention is with the united states does not intervene. >>host: this morning whatat
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does it say about the worldeven after so many years of involvement?. >> it shows the problem of radicalism is up to interpretation that we still look at countries around the of the least to be stabilized by the ideology and it is not over. we need to be judicious and smart and how be enlisted the enemies and the muslim leaders with a step in the right direction we don't put it carmen -- put ourselves in harm's way. >> exotoxin about that money
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spent with security forces should they be farther along? imitation of the report of what of money intoto this but afghanistan is note hab an easy place to stabilizeng but to give them the opportunity to experience that be surgeon says part of the problem and iraq as well so there will be a debate not solved any time soon but we have this ongoing challenge where we need to deploy to prevent a resurgence of these groups. >>host: florida democratic line. >> caller: i want to say
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i've lived in pakistan decades ago and how whole full u.s. a ideal for us to employ the locals and now the funds are cut by one-third and my husband was a contract worker labor a a typical family so usaid paid for the things like painters and electrician and the taylors and all of that. me personally paid for the cups and care for the children.would >>host: what route you like our guest to address?.
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>> caller: new york that was so helpful to keep the young unemployed and not to become militants why we are now cutting that by one-third. >> guest: again this gets back to the same question of america's place in the world if we want to send our taxpayer funds abroad and some people the neck of this we keep throwing good money after bad and cannot change the outcome in this troubled region and others will point to the fact america has been a force for good in thele middle east and beyond and we should continue to shape the crucial greetings. this debate will continue itce
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did not begin with the trump years but i do think the president highlights that right now. personally believe they will shape pakistan and afghanistan and iraq it needs to be used in a smart way to make sure these programs are effective. >> is there a value as they are described?. >> certainly but the point is we need to be clear about the soft power programsing would get the private sector industry if we are being lifective and in some cases the programs have been mounting along and we were not clear about our objective. if we start to look at it that way we get more out of it. >>host: massachusetts independent line. >> caller: i want to say
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the gentleman from kentucky but is 100 percent right.. we're always after i ran with the help to overthrow them in 1953 and then he was put back in power over 20 years so if you want to see terrorism within the mayor. >> i don't agree with thist and we hear this often looking back at the '50s so i don't know if we can much had the involvement i don't think that is truthful with the ideology and the
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behavior of the regime since the revolution with that ideology that is defeated and as the terrorism is the only answer. >> who are the atm of the w world with financing?. >> they support hamas and horrible regimes the was a state sponsor of terrorism as well the militiamen in iraq and syria and yemen is astounding how much iran supports terrorism worldwide s and we provided a huge amount of sanctions relief
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so they are number one. . . >> in an emerging problem area is turkey. this is a nato country. we have seen support for hamas as well. they have helped iran with sanctions with the tune of $100 billion. there are reports of allowing isis to run wild on their border. so, there is no end to the challenges and terrorism financing. >> when it comes to stopping it
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is it sanctions that will be the main driver of cutting off the sources? are there ways around it from these countries involved? >> there are ways around. i think some play both sides, cutter in turkey in particular.u were not in a position here were congress or the executive are willing to take things to the next level and sanction them. allotted center diplomacy and quiet conversations. we have our state sponsors of terrorism program, we're looking at iran, primarily right now. also syria, which almost does not exist as a state right now. then we have another function. that is through treasury sanctions. this is what i used to do where we had targeted financial sanctions. you can go after individuals, companies, charities involved in the financing of terrorism. it's targeted and doesn't hit the entire country. it goes after the individuals affected. it's been an effective program.
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>> host: on the republican mine we have carl. >> bret: good morning. i was sitting listening from the guy from kentucky massachusetts, it made me sick to my stomach. this past weekend was memorial day.ther and i was thinking about my father and two of his brothers, they stormed the beaches of normandy. and almost certain death. then i was thinking about me going to vietnam. i think about to my kids and you know what, in this country we had the greatest military on earth and some great kids. but some of these snowflakes in college today, if they hear something that bothers them they have to run to a safe space and get other coloring books and play-doh. if these people don't think the country is doing everything maybe they should go somewhere
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else. >> host: okay thank you. let's go to marion in virginia, on the democrats line. >> caller: thank you. the morning. to the previous caller, we should go to war only what is necessary, not to go to vietnamo or iraq, we found that maybe we didn't really need to do that. maybe we should think things through its and putting our kids in harm's way needlessly for defense corporation. my question is about iran though. iran has never attacked anybody, yes, they are muslims and there are terrorists and just like there are in saudi arabia. saudi arabia are the people who came and attacked us on 9/11. on what's the big deal. why we are is on iran's case in the week over there whether it's bush, obama, trump and their holding hands and sucking up to either saudi arabia, there were
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make in the big bad bogeyman, iran. i to me i do not see a lot of difference between the two countries. except saudi arabia killed 3000 people here in our country. if you could explain that i would appreciate it. >> that's a lot on pack with those calls. i would reiterate carl's pointnn which is the u.s. military has been a force for good and i'm very proud of our men in uniform. i say that not every decision we have made over the years has been perfect. overall the united states has attempted to be a force for good as for the debate, we hear a lou right now like how is iran so bad and how, not to a more to talk about saudi arabia, saudi arabia had 15 of the 19 hijackers. that's no question. there are questions about saudir
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funding of terrorism. right now they're trying to address some of those problems.a there is an attempt right now to write those wrongs. there is no attempt on the part of the iranians to write any of their wrongs.e about they talk about how they have a new moderate president going into the second term. there's nothing moderate about this regime. s we have seen attacks by the iranians against the united states. there was the attack in lebanon in the early 19 '80s sponsored by hezbollah. and forces a lo aligned by it ad backed by iran. bombing in argentina in the mid- 1990s, again iranian fingerprints all over it. but when you look at the war in iraq, a lot of those ied's who killed our men and women in uniform, that maimed them, we can definitively point to
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iranian funding, parts and more looking at the mayhem across the middle east it is designed to encumber our policies and make things more difficult for the united states and its allies. there's no denying this. that's why it has beende designated state-sponsored terrorism. why it is slapped with a three/11 of the patriot act. these are all things we've been watching for years. there's no disputing that record. >> host: jeff from thenz foundation of, that's a website if you check out the organization for your self. thank you for joining us. >> c-span's "washington journal", live everyday withers about the issues that impact too. on thursday morning bloomberg reporter, dean scott will be on to discuss reports that the trump administration intends to withdraw from the paris climate a quote.
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and in the pharmaceutical industry and responding to pressure of the white house to lower prescription drug prices. also, the wilson centers will discuss the investigation into russia and the election. we also talk about challenges to u.s. retailers. watch "washington journal", live at 7:00 a.m. eastern thursday morning. joined the discussion. >> earlier, "washington journal" took a look at the coal industry in america. as part of that we talk to a former coal miner turned writer and activist on the cultural role the industry place in appellation communities. p >> on the coal industry and the impact about the people and thet environment and the regulation of that industry, mcmullen joinr us and he is author and creator of the blog, the thoughtful coalminer.h he's


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