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tv   My Life with Bob  CSPAN  July 6, 2017 1:32am-1:50am EDT

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woke joining us is the editor of linear time book review. >> bob is why a book of books to treat him like a
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person i have kept him since i was 17 and this one journal ever in down the title of every book i never read. >> key is not in very good shape by a pronounced to bring him along but it is very old fashioned type of juror number i've got better corner store i have spilled coffee when he has started to split at the seams so maybe i am in his heart. >> you still record in that. >> yes. absolutely so that is the first thing i do. >> what made you begin the
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process?. >> like every young girl with envisions i recorded my thoughts into a journal and diary but it turns out those injuries were awful i would go back to read them the writing was terrible nothing like judy blue so it is awful to look back on but then i realized all of those defense that i recorded i saw the of book of books is what i wanted to remember is what i was reading with the other stuff was going on. >> author and title. there is no review but even
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though the injuries are as brief as they could be that brings me back immediately to that moment i don't remember then meet the -- the main character but i remember where i was when i was reading it to and i remember the cover so for me that is more complete than another diary would have been. very few people have full access to bob and there is a big list of books on the computer he started once we met. >>.
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>> i hated catcher in the rye. >> i feel i have heard for many people better upset with me for reading "the fountainhead" by a nine rand. i am a classic liberal i did not like the protagonist that was rebeling i was the obedient child so i didn't like to read those characters going off the rails. but my problem with catcher in the rise is that he was such a spoiled brat living in manhattan where i wanted to be going to a private school and he did not appreciated so i resented that for by an editor of the
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new york times book review to the daily critics to cover not only the latest in books but with the of a larger culture so can you read just one is it a short story of its own?. >> yes. but i do think a book review in itself is an art form
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that takes place with that literary criticism because i think criticism is an art form so my hope this is whether or not to read the book and frankly they read the books so they don't have to read the book they can read around it to know what is in it. >> i have to view those books to get through sordid. with the galleys tossed the and reviewed books. how do you decide?. >> edits the meanest book to ask when everybody has their
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rallies out with expectations but what we are reducing it is performing a tree gosh. ee has time to read all this so as critics we pick through to find what is really worth people's time as it looked to the of "new york times" to have the author perspective so it comes down to the of book itself we could have all love of publicity and though world but in the end we are seeing what it is worth said. i tend to make my own book choices so for meet it is
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what i need emotionally also with a certain type of curiosity with that gut level emotional tug. so i tend to make mine own decisions and i have a short stack and say what am i really in the mood for?. >> so 70 percent of those that is interesting to turn back to because it isn't about the book itself but it
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is the intersections so you could bring something very different out of that story. so that classic example is a and the caribbean as the and i silicic person to think it is so romantic and she needed to do negative it benghazi a newlywed to abandon her child but then later in life you are a little more understanding to see things that happened for a. >> do your books get reviewed?. >> this is not because i
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oversee everything there is no way i could responsibly do that without a massive conflict of interest when a previous books have been and probably my nose might -- my most negative review was it the times was a useful experience for me as an editor and as a consequence i tried to be careful and respectful of writers so even if the critics did not appreciate the book to make sure we gave it its due even though i'm not currently writing reviews i have always made a point even the most critical negative three
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view 2.0 what the author did right or did wells you cannot just go after somebody like that. writing a book is hard and then to take into account. >> "the new york times" best seller. >> so the los mechanics from that's and then to have their own beds to sell her responsibly and those that make a remain separate to
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have that conflict of interest. so what they are doing is looking at the data to make sure there is no undue influence. but i love the fact the new york times best seller is a sense of pride to remain the standard is very different because the quality of the of books that those that we do not have a negative review so that reflection of those that are review proof and people will still want to read them. >> were you looking forward to reading this summer?.
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>> the book digest opened is a former editor in chief of simon & schuster and this is a book about what their lives were like with charles dickens as a father. i cannot tell you about the new books i a.m. reading i know when to show our cards but there are some big names this fall it is exciting book season to have that presentation because of the election and they think people are hoping there will not be that distraction with
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that news cycle but at the same time they're looking for counter programming but a really good book whether a history book or novel from the rapid news cycle. >> editor of the new york times book review my life with bob. booktv visited the new york times and we did a profile of the book review. go to the web site you can see the entire interview. in the morning show.
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this is an hour long event. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> good evening and welcome to the strand bookstore. i'm nancy. i am the owner of the store along with my dad. my dad worked in history, my grandfather found at the store and


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