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tv   Open Phones on National Book Festival Part 1  CSPAN  September 4, 2017 10:21am-10:34am EDT

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go ahead and dial in and we'll take calls what some of our viewers are reading coming up in about 15 minutes. margo lee shutterly, author of ""hidden figures"." turned into the movie. after hexer j.d. vance, hillbilly he will lagy. later, david mccullough and tom friedman will do call-ins. you have a chance to hear from those two authors. michael lewis, his latest project. he has written "the big short," "moneyball." go to our website at booktv for the schedule. the schedule is over on the right-hand side of the page. you can click on it, look at it, print it out, do whatever you want.
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you been also follow us on social media as we do behind the scenes videos and pictures from here at the convention center as well as posting schedule information. @booktv is our twitter handle. if you're on twitter, give us a follow. we're also on facebook and instagram as well. that is some of the things that are going on here.ra let's hear from you now.w. what are you reading? tracy in hoboken, new jersey, you're first up, good morning to you. >> caller: good morning. a pleasure to be on this show. i love this show. i'm reading a book called, red. speeches. the selected writings and speeches by emma goldman, compiled and edited by alice kate schulman. emma goldman was an anarchist, with possibly one of the richest live as woman has ever led. the book is so good that in spite of the fact it weigh as
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lot, i carry it with me everywhere and risk losing it. >> tracy, do you consider yourself an anarchist? >> caller: no, i'm consider a myself investigator of all possibilities politically. i have come undo to believe a great deal in resisting the state, the state's power, the, the government's power over mane different aspects of our life. i think that we're practically the stupidest, brainwashedpr country that has ever existed except for third world countries that never had any education. >> that's tracy in hoboken, new jersey. thank you. let's hear from judy in boynton beach, florida. hi, judy. hi, great to speak with you. i love booktv. >> well, i guess that answers
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the question, where's waldo. sorry about that, judy. please go ahead. >> caller: i'm reading, rising star, the making of barack obama by david garrow i'm enjoying all the details. i had not read any obama biographies memoirs before this. this has given me a lot of fascinating information. >> that is a big book. that is about 1400 pages, isn't it? >> caller: about 7-pound. >> how far into it are you? >> caller: a little, let's see i'm a little past, i think i'm'm almost at, i'm on to page 750. >> all right. good luck.750. yeah. mr. gallows, from the university of pittsburgh was on our q&a program several months if you go to, type ia his name, you condition watch an hour interview with him as welle judy, thanks for calling in,
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sharing what you're reading. let's hear from gail in little rock, arkansas. gail on booktv on c-span2 from the national book festival. >> caller: thank you. good morning. >> good morning. we're listening, gail. >> caller: the book i'm reading now is al franken, giant of the senate. senator franken, i really appreciated, couldn't put this book down. i read that constantly. i'm also reading stepping on cheerios, by betsy singleton snyder. her husband dick snyder. was our congressman from arkansas. they had a set of triplets in their 40s. they had four boys in 2 1/2 years. that is quite a interesting story. she has wonderful advice and stories for moms. so that's a book i'm reading also. >> that is gail in little rock, thanks for watching booktv live
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from the national book festival. buck in arizona. what is on your reading list, buck? >> caller: good morning. i'm reading three books right now. the first one is "the big lie "did i dinesh souza. i consume that as. reading a book on our dysfunctional educational system. --e third one, "no-go zones." by rahim kashim. the threat of sharia law from the united states. the first caller sounded like embracing declaration of independence, withdrawing our consent to be governed. >> with regard to your books, the big lie, dinesh d'souza, and the one by the president of oklahomaian wesleyan university, is there a common theme in your view? >> caller: getting back to the first principles but still the
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smartest guys in the room, the founders. they put forth first principles we have kind of gone off track on and they have been getting us back to the road to prosperity and happiness, et cetera. >> buck, thank you for calling in here on booktv. by the way, not a day-care, is airing next weekend on booktv. we covered the university ofof professor's talk and recently we did an interview with dineshre d'souza at freedom fest in las vegas. casey, greenbelt, maryland, here in the suburbs, casey, why aren't you down here at the book fair? >> caller: well i need assistance. i'm physically disabled so i was unable to get connected with someone so i could get a sitter. i'm watching. >> we're glad you're watching. >> caller: i'm reading two books for the second time and i'm
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enjoying them all over again. and both of the books are young adult selections. the first book is called the "the hate you give," by angie thomas. the second one is called, "dear martin," by dick stone. now i am a middle school librarian, i'm really enjoying these books because they both have things of social justice and they really describe accurately the challenges thatay african-americans and teens are experiencing in the u.s. today. my hope i will be able to useca the books during the school year with my students. >> so, when you give advice toyi middle school students on what or how to read, what is the number one thing you tell them? >> well -- readers advise so i as librarian. i first stout off what are you interested in?
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i could tell them easily some books they could celebrity but i always like to start with the basic question. what are you interested in. and then i start building some book titles from there to see if the kids will enjoy the selections that i selected for them. >> alfred is calling in from san diego this morning. alfred, what is on your reading list? i >> caller: i am reading "why." it is written by peter hayes. it is an attempt to explain the holocaust and i have been a victim of the holocaust and i have been emersed in the subject for many years of my life. i found this to be one of the most definitive books on the subject. i wish that many people deserve to read this because many haveha misinterpreted the process by which he evolved.
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most importantly i feel there is representative performance at the present time that is taking place. people should take note of what, how hitler evolved. we have many aspects of our present conditions parallelling that. and i -- >> i apologize, alfred.go we'll leave it there. that was alfred in san diego. we'll come back to this topic and hear what you're reading a little bit later. again our full schedule is available at our website at now if you are in the area and you come on down, pick up your booktv bag. they're really kind of fancy this year, aren't they? the purple and the yellow. booktv on one side. national book festival, 2017 we're handing them out at the convention center here at thefe book festival so come on down. upstairs where a lot of
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author talks are being held. it is in the history and buying graph if i room, march go lee shutterly will be speaking. after her you hear from j.d. vance. after that a call-in with david mccullough, that is a portion of our schedule from the national book festival. let's go up to the history of biography room and march go lee shutterly. this is on booktv
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