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tv   LIVE U.S. Senate  CSPAN  October 26, 2017 4:34pm-5:35pm EDT

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during the session, senators spoke about budget resolution and tax reform. >> thank you, mr. president. they came out with a score for the bipartisan alexander murray bill. they confirmed that the murray alexander bill is a great model for the american people. it says precisely what it intends to do, stabilize the market, prevent premiums from skyrocketing. by cbo's estimate it will save nearly $4 million credit will benefit taxpayers and low
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income americans, not insurance companies. even the wall street journal editorial board said today, the bipartisan compromise proposed by senators alexander and mary now officially fall into the category of so obvious it should pass immediately. that is not chuck schumer talking. that's not even mitch mcconnell talking for those on the hard right who might wdo dot mitch mcconnell's fidelity. it is the beacon of the hard right. the wall street journal editorial page, and they say again, alexander murray falls into the category, so obvious it should pass immediately. my fellow republicans, what are you waiting for? everyone on your side wants the bill. jump on it, support it. let's get this done and let's help stabilize our market, what whatever h ou our views are on healthcare. reports
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should benc all the evidence president trump needs to come off the sidelines and endorsed the bill. it doesn't bailout the insurance company. that's what he said he was worried about. it doesn't cost government money, and in fact, it reduces the deficit by $4 billion. b there is no good reason for president trump to continue to secure his position. leader mcconnell has said he will put it on the floor if the president said he will sign it.t. by delaying, the president is harming healthcare markets, causing significant uncertainty, and doing nothing but hurt americans were trying to afford healthcare. so, mr. president, president-- trump, not you, my dear friend, the president, senator from alabama. president trump, if you don't pursue this bill, the
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consequences will fall on your back. make no mistake about it. on taxes, later today the house will likely vote on whether or not to pass the budget resolution that recently passed the senate. my colleagues in the house should be aware this budget will explode the deficit by $1.5 trillion read that is under the best of circumstances. that's under circumstances where they find $4 trillion, probably unlikely. it will/medicare and medicaid by 1.5 trillion and set up the same partisan process that caused theed republican effort on repeal and replace too fail.he when you try to do it in one party, it's full apparel. if you do it in a bipartisan wa way, few people on either side can try to pull the bill
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off course but they won't succeed. i remind my friends in the house who purport to be deficit hawks, you are voting for a budget that will increase the deficit by $1.5 trillion. many of these house members, particularly in the conservative wing of the caucus, particularly those in the freedom caucus, have spent their entire career on the barricade railing against the evils of deficit. what a stunning hypocrisy it would be to abandon those principles today and vote for this budget simply because it gives tax cuts to the wealthiest of americans and the most powerful of our corporations. i also remind my republican friends in the house, particularly those in new york and new jersey, california, pennsylvania, virginia, illinois, washington, minnesota that voting for the,
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budget today is tantamount to voting for the elimination of the state and local tax deduction. that would suck it to the middle-class taxpayers in their state and district. most of all, republican o friends from the blue states, they arere red district, suburban, well-of well-off, they get clobbered if you take away the state and local deduction. not only will it raise the taxes dramatically, most would lose between ten and $20000. it would raise home prices. a recent study by the national association of realtors done by price waterhouse cooper, the esteemed accounting firm show that s eliminating state and local would erode property
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values by 10%. to the middle class folks in new york, i believe around the country is your piece of the rock. you struggle each month, pay the mortgage, pay taxes, pay the upkeep, but you are hoping by the time you reach later middle-age that you will not home and that gives your kids a place or gives your kids a nest egg when you pass on. this bill, by eliminating state and local reduces, across america, home values by 10%. it is a double whammy to the middle-class. raising the taxes and lowering your home value, why would we do that? you don't have to take it from me. i will tell my republican colleague, peter king, rock
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route republican who had a lot of courage. this morning i saw him on tv talk about investigating hillary clinton. here's whatng he said about repealing the state and local deduction part he said, it will devastate my district forever. that is a solid middle-class and upper-middle-class district on longdl island. here's what else he said. how anybody from new york or new jersey can vote for this budget without knowing what is in the tax bill is beyond me. now i salute peter king. having the courage to stand up and say to his own leadership and subject them to a tax bill where i don't even know what it will be.
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new york new jersey and others have a decision to make. will they protect the middle-class for tens of thousands of homeowners in their district or go along with the hard right agenda. it's all so the wealthy can get a huge tax break. corporations will get even more money. wrong. here on the other side we're talking about a tax break for the middle class, to eliminate state and local deductibility some of the house, one of my colleagues from new york say he's beating up on republicans.
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i went through this in 1986, the last time we had tax reform. democrats were pushingr the bill in the legends of this chamber, one of the democratic leaders in the house, i told them not only would i not vote for any state bill but i would lead the charge and roundup others. i got a lot of flak from my fellow, democrat, but it was the right thing to do for my middle-classue constituency in southern brooklyn. when i asked my republican colleagues to buck their leadership and help their constituents, it's something i did with democratic leadership the last time tax return was on therm floor. some are already rationalizing their vote to approve the
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budget by putting their hopes in the same possibility of some sort of compromise on state and local deductibility. the harsh fact of the matter is there is no good compromise to be had on state and local. if you want to makean taxpayers choose between the mortgage deduction in the state and loca local, it's like asking taxpayers to decide whether they want to cut off the right arm or their left arm. some are talking about a cap period where you went cap it? more than 50% of the total value of the debt reduction goes to taxpayers but if you cap it too low they get capped. tacketcap at too high and it doesn't offset all the costs my republican friends once gives corporations. republicans in the house shouldn't stake the vote on a good compromise on state and local because there isn't a good one to be had. bottom line, the republican
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plancl is the equivalent to robbing middle-class families and tax benefits and handing it over to the wealthiest americans and biggest corporations. there is no compelling reason to do it. we don't need to take a trillion dollars and give it to million-dollar ceos. if that weren't enough reason to vote no, the republican leadership is still debating capping pretax contributions to 4o1k plans. do you hear that retirees and potential retirees? in their thirst to give the wealthiest people in america a tax break and say you can't save money for retirement,
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what a gut punch to the middle class that would be despite the presence claims to the contrary, they have said that a 41k cap is still on the table. do note this bill has become inel its ste desperation to help the wealthiest? it's like a quiz show. which way do we hurt the middle class to pay for it? who knows what they will pick. it could be mortgage deduction. asking middle-class people to ask which poison to take to help the wealthiest makes no sense. i would urge my colleagues in the house and the senate, stop doing this part symbol that was dictated by the hard right. wealthy individuals and rich corporations, work with us.
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we want to create a bipartisan bill and get something done. stop this train in its tracks early i on. there are large numbers of democrats including this minority leader who want to sit down with republicans and come up with a deficittr neutral middle-class small business oriented bipartisan tax relief bill. not a plan to benefit the richest 1% for the largest and most powerfulea corporation were already flush with cash. we will work with the republican colleague to keep this budget and we will. i yield the floor. >> the leadership time is reserved. morning businesses close. under the previous order they will proceed to executive session and resume consideration of the nomination which the clerk will report.
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>> nominations, the judiciary to the district judge of oklahoma. >> mr. president. >> thank you mr. president. ipr rise today to highlight the importance of tax reform. i listened to the democrats speech. i've heard that speech 1000 times. a thousand a times have i heard only wealthy americans will benefit from anything that the republicans can come up with. you know what? americans are smarter than that. americans are smarter. i represent the state of westerwest virginians who have struggling economic situations. if i were to go out on the street in west virginia and as i talk to individuals and ask would you like more of your hard-earned money at the end of the day and have tax cut
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and tax relief, i can guarantee you they would say heck yes, i can spend my manly better at home than what you're doing in washington d.c. let's not let that argument rule the day. as i said, we are smarter than that. let's talk about what this bill does. this is now my fourth talk in a series of something i believe in which is tax reform for everybody in this country. the first one described the benefits we will have on economic growth, something that was not mentioned by the previous speaker. economic growth will rise almos almost, every worker will benefit and every small business will benefit. 95% of my state are for small businesses.
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last we highlighted the importance of allowing congress to move forward and we did that. i want to talk about the importance of tax reform for middle-class families and the impact this bill will have on them. raising a family is very expensive today. a new report shows it willmo cost $232,000 to raise a child. half of american families are struggling to come up with $400 if they would have an emergency expense. in west virginia where the median income is $41000, hardly the wealthy. families are forced to make hard trade-offs as they balance their checkbooks each month. expenses are going up and most
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americans haven't received a raise in years. this is a primary goal of our tax reform, to help those living paycheck to paycheck. what middle-class income folks in their pocket and decide what they want to do with their money. i raised three children. i know just putting shoes on your children is an expensive proposition.n. a framework that we have set forward will help our families in many way. it calls for significant increase in child tax credit.f colleagues from the house and the senate were joined with mrs. trump to learn what it
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would mean to have a tax cut for middle-class family. they could take a higher.hi credit child credit on their taxes. money they have earned that would save them money on their taxes and they deserve to spend on their t own. many americans find themselves in the sandwich generation whether not just caring for their children but their parents at the same time. >> the proposal nearly doubled the deduction for the zero tax bracket. 83% of the taxpayers in west virginia take the standard
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deduction. they will get a doubling in their standard deduction. that is more money they can takeowh home and decide where they want to spend it. four out of five west virginia families will benefit from that. that is an enormous savings. more taxpayers are going to benefit and fewer people will have to itemize. it makes it so our taxpayers can file on a single form with all the extra forms, times and money that it takes. most importantly, families will benefit fromro the economic growth that tax reform will bring to the country. this is probably the biggest impact tax reform will have for working families.
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we will lower the working rate for companies. we've got to make our company's competitive across the globe. we are not. we're not competing. what kind of effect is that have? fewer jobs and lower wages. companies know that if they invest in their workforce and the wages of their workforce, they will have a more productive workforce to produce products,uc sell products, to enhance quality of life of their community. many of them do a lot of work in the community service parts of our country, whether it's helping with schools or helping with the baseball teams were sponsoring a robotics team. why does that matter to the working families? more than $2 trillion kept offshorete.
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i think some the adjustments might be low. they know we have the safest investments. this is great news for american families. the white house council on economic advisors estimates that lowering the tax rate, the corporate tax rate from 45 down to 20 could increase for the average american about $4500. when asked what would you do a tax relief the first thing she said was raise the wages of my seven employees. i think this would be good news for working families, good news for 50% of the west virginia workers who work in small business.
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mr. president, you and i were at lunch with the president. priority one, the president said, this tax cut must be targeted to the middle class and working families in this country. that's what this bill has put forward. larger tax credit, larger standard deduction, unlocking the wages by lowering the competitive tax rate and despite her hard work, too many families are falling behind and we want to make sure that trend stops. so, all this can drain together and both parties will have lots of opportunity to weigh in and i look forward to looking into the eyes of the working men and women in my state and saying not only is help on the way, help is here. thank you soso much. i yieldin back. >> mr. president. >> senator from morgan. >> mr. president i think will be a very robust conversation about taxes and when we look
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into the eyes of the working americans, i hope my republican colleagues are ready to answer thiss question and that is, why does the republican party want to spend three have trillion dollars of tax benefits to the top 1%. why not spend the tax benefit on the middle class so my colleagues can come in and say this is all about the middle class but they don't mention that in fact, every single major change is all about the dynasty cap to create a loophole. lowering the top bracket, that doesn't help anybody in the working class. providing a pass-through for limited liability corporations, that doesn't help anybody in the middle class.
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one provision after another and another targeted at the richest americans while preaching help for the middle class. the american people will see right through this. why is it that you do so little for those at the bottom. why'd you send the vast bulk of the benefits to rich americans who are already so much richer than everyone else. for my colleagues to think they can fool the american people by talking about the middle class and targeting the rich to be richer, i've got news, it's not going to work. now mr. president, i turned to a different topic.
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it affects everything. fishing, farming, rural america is the core target of the impact of the change in climate. we see theee impacts worldwide, we see it in melting permafrost and the number of glaciers around the world and dying s coral reefs and animals and insectsnd and we certainly sought in the more powerful hurricane in the united states and puerto rico. in response, communities around the world are transforming their economies and increasing their buildings and vehicles and appliances. they are working to replace with clean renewable energy. how much do you know about the changes underway? let's find out? welcome to episode six. first question.
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in v december 2016, emissions in coal production in the united states of america were each at record lows since the year. were they record low since 1970? 1974? 1980? or 1986? lock in your answers. the answer, is 1970 or 74, 1980. the answer is 1986. : : vast increase in the vehicle miles traveled, we've reduced the emissions and we've certainly reduced the emissions in coal production. quite a change we're experiencing. see the transition between clean and renewable energy irrevocably under way. let's go to the second question. how many republican
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representatives, members of the house, asserted that climate change has the potential to adversely impact all americans? how many members -- republican members of the house? was it 13, or 17 or 20 or 22? admittedly, a modest number >> >> the 17 republican lawmakers, introduced a resolution warning that'' if left unaddressed the consequences of changing could personally impact all americans. this is a very big deal that 17 republicans in the of party financed by billionaires'' that takes complete control of the u.s. senate stood up to them and
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said we will speak on behalf of our responsibilities as citizens of the united states of america to protect our citizens and the assault of farming and forestry from climate disruption. it is a powerful bipartisan step in the right direction to champion the cause of all americans and the entire planet. question number three july of this year california extended the cap-and-trade program for a couple years? 2020? or 2025? 2030, 2035? how long delay this vision into the of future? 2030. is the. answer otherwise it
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would have expired 2020 so they extended another decade it was a statement of confidence that they have in place now working to deserve extension. and under this vision california will cut emissions of carbon dioxide 40% from the 1990 level despite having a vastly expanded the economy and that is a powerful vision we have spent through completely eliminating the burningth of fossil fuels of the next three decades. number for how many acres are citizen owned or federal
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fossil fuel are least as of october 2016? 30 million? 45 million? 53 million? 67 million? any of these as amount blocking your answers. at the top end 67 million acres. what this means is years decades into the future we have contracted a vast amount of fossil fuels to be extracted from our citizen only in. extractions' that add to the problem facing rural america and the impact on farmers and fishermen -- fisherman so that area that has been
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leased a out that you and i own as citizens is colorado ac of fossil fuel extraction and leases and keeping in the groun back that says the only responsible thing for us to do is not do anymore l leases for called or boyo or gas the right thing to do especially working in partnership with the world to say no new leases to expand the 67 million-acre number. now question number five. which u.s. community was the first to make a decision to divest because of the impact of oil and gas destroying our nation? salem morgan?
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lawrence kansas? wall while washington? the answer is cooperstown. it is quite an interesting story at the center of the story is a man named louis retired exxon mobil executive at one point hent managed all exploration in the u.s. canada and latin america. so he knew the fossil fuel industry inside and out. after retiring he ran for the trustee in cooperstown then spearheaded the effort for them to become the first town to defend the whale and gas stocks he said you just
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don't keep driving your car when you see it slip ahead. well said the yet so many in this chamber are determined to drive the car over the cliff. from a the high reaches of the executive suite the backs of s mobile to see the damage done to the planets of the continued burning of fossil fuels and took a principled and moral stand thank you for setting that example is one we should all pay attention to every city council or mayor across the country should ask the question should be follow his example of cooperstown your? because if we continue the current direction doing damage from
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which we cannot easily recover if at all. so episodes six of the climate disruption quiz ripped from the headlines with those increases of communities across the globe respond we are racing the clock and no time to spare. stain gage in theou near future i will bring new episodes seven of the climate disruption quiz. >> best senator from florida?. >> i ask unanimouse consent?. >> without objection. >> a few weeks ago we knew
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would be engaged with one of the most important and impact full debates we have had a long time for a place that has been so criticized for not doing anything we have a chance to help real people and the great thing is that it and soul of our identity as a nation to we want to be and whohi we are up to this point. we embrace free enterprise people believe otherwise that means the government doesn't try to control as much of the economy with private property and private businesses to make sure people don't cheat and steal the we believe in the private economy. but look back at the
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founding one of the unique things we're taken for granted is that america was not created as a nation to bring together a common race or ethnicity or religion but we would h argue it has been a homeland for those that have lived in that one place. we were founded on the idea you could bring different kinds of people from different backgrounds to unite them as one despite their differences, background, eth nicity, religion that is a very powerful idea that we were all created equal because we were bored with a god-givenus right to life liberty in the pursuit of happiness. en to be identified and that is what makes us unique and special socially culturally
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and economically and we need to continued to fight for that. so to fill your economic potential to do what you want to do and be what you want to be or stay home and raise children your choices are all legitimate we all believe we have a god-given right to pursue that it is something that free enterprise makes possible. those who want government to control everything and free enterprise the best analogy is imagine a piper crow -- a pipe. it will always be the same size and will never grow and we all get a slice of pie. if it doesn't grow the
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bigger your slice than the smaller my slice. to make sure it is sliced equally. so the tax code is one of the ways they do it. here is another argument that i believe made the country the most prosperous that we can make it a lot bigger. and therefore it doesn't matter how big the other person's slices more for them does not mean less for you and that is a unique attribute that everybody can be better off without anybody being worse. that is a theory and practice for a lot of different reasons.
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i am not anti-regulation i am anti-over regulations. i am sure we're all glad that airplanee is suspected in the person applying it to press really is a pilot. when you open a bottle of medicine that i is prescribed is that is actually the medicine. space to make sure it isn't poisonous they're all products of regulation. that is why we have antitrust because that undermines free enterprise a lot of f countries claimed to be free enterprise there really are not so they control everything in every betty worksth for them that is now i am talking about but free enterprise and the nation and a system where someonein can quit their
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job, open aa business, compete with their former employer and put them out of business because you are better. that is what we believe. now what has challenged free enterprise? the first is a lot of local competition. and the '60s and '70s germany, japan, they were wiped out completely during world war two taking decades to rebuild that was the only show in town through the '70s. but all the other countries watch them to grow and they started to deregulate and cut taxes and the result has been over the most countries in the industrialized world charge companies a lot less and overtime that makes us uncompetitive so not a day goes by you don't read about
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some american company that was bought by another company to be moved over season if you don't realize that you are missing a big part. we're not the only show in town we have to compete because when that becomes uncompetitiveie we are inviting companies to leave the united states and that has happened. who has paid the price? not the rich people of you are wealthy investor you can invest anywhere in theak world with the a best accountants could find every creative loophole and then you hire thell best lobbyist. in the end of the wealthy of the of billionaires they will figure it out. the people that get paid every couple weeks get hurt when they leave they take their jobs the more people
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we have competing for those jobs the less people are paid so another thing that hurts us we can no longer assume we'll be better off automatically because there are some careers or industries that pay more to talk about that haves and have-nots? they are the people who have advanced education in the right field in those that do not. we have to close that gap with vocational training that is critically important to can distribute if you don't have growth. so when you hear this talk about wealthy corporations getting huge tax breaks and isn't necessarily true it is important for people to pay attention to the j details of not just the talking points
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so if company x is publicly traded on wall street and next year it makes $1 million more what can they do? they're only four things. first they can grow the business we like it we have $1 million but we believe so much in our future we will take that and invest that with the new factory and hire more people as a result that is. the first thing you could do maybe with that $1 million extra you have to pay employees more because of not they will work for somebody h else and i your deposition to retain people
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by paying more and offer better benefits to keep them. third you can lower prices for you can say i'm in competition with these five other businesses we will use the million dollars to lower prices just enough to buy from us instead of them. now they have to lower prices to compete and who benefits? the middle-class those that will shop there that is the third thing. the fourth t thing they see below is paid to the shareholders through dividends. to bear the wealthy people ofe wall street that spend all the in front of the computer with a brokerage accounts los? millions of americans if you're a
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firefighter or a police officer with the unionu pension you are a shareholder you may not be aware of the company's but the future of your pension depends on those investments. the "climate change" 401k uri shareholder. just because you're not in front of the computer every day to check your stock does noter mean you're not a shareholder. you are a o shareholder. everybody is invested in the market with stocks and bonds if they are doingha better it helps you retire. it will help grow the economy but also help people because there was no where - else for the money to go. so you pay on your personal rate if you're a small-business owner with
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three employees you are the s corporation if you paid and that h the personal rate that is higher than the corporation's but you cannot hire the warriors so now you pay more than the big companies. so not ensuring they will either have lower prices or more jobs and helping small businesses the vast majority of which are owned by a multi millionaires or billionaires' also with the expansion of the child tax credit we have been pushing for the better part of two years. actually it has to happen because if we don't do that
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but if we do would be the largest tax cut in modern history for the child tax credit phases out at some point the more money that you make h but we have it number one beecher we believe the family is the most important institution and parenting is the most important job you'll ever have. as a senator or congressman and i don't care what you do the most influence the most important job the most impact will thing is to raise a family. our tax code accounts for that so second it is expensive. raising children right now or have you know, how expensive it is. i don't know how they getou the numbers pedicels write to me. it is estimated from the time they are born through 18 is $230,000 per child.
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that is a staggering amount of money that does not include college. just bend 10 minutes to workingey parents and ask them one of the most expensive things between the time their children are born is child care. two-thirds of the state's it cost more for child care than it does to go to college. you make a hundred dollars a week iss spending $400 a week for child care is half of your check. i am saying that is a cost the keeps going up while the tax credit lost $300 in valuen since it was last amended in 2003. if you look at the changes proposed on personal deductions that is another $500 loss for girl . so we'reat just breaking even with $800 per child that is
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why we need at least $2,000 to make an impact and also make it refundable against the payroll tax that comes immediately of your paycheck everybody pays that. not everybody pays income-tax but you are paying the payroll tax and if we c don't make it apply to that then you're not cutting taxes or hoping the vast majority to need it so there is some speculation it will cost money it is untrue. number two it is their money. you don't get it unless you away and you don't owe way unless you are working so they are keeping their ownwn money and i have to spend their own money because a large number of families are living beyond what they make that is why credit cards and
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debt hasas risen. they will take it and spend it on raising their children. i am not saying this alone will change it and hopefully that child tax credit that will pay more were prices are lower will truly help people in that regard. as has to be a critical component and want to set the stage becausenf unfortunately taxes are very complicated more than they should be and time when
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everything cost touraco those that are hurt are those that wish they could start their own business but to make enough money to survive. people that are hurt trying to raise their children but the paychecks are not keeping pace. for those that sit down to say here is our budget and then 15 days later something comes of the mail they did not expect that the budget is blown up now you need to use a credit card. people hurt kids that are 17 years old and want them to go to college even with financial aid they have to borrow money now they are ind debt before they even vote in there firstst election. so this is just to keep hour
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and here's my point. because if you lower the tax rate if we're creating jobs and a growing then you have more taxpayers even though he didn't raise the rate you will collect more money. that is a big chunk even with the not realistic growth rate will more than pay for that they will not collect so what is interesting 1.7 trillion dollars increase that the that that would be seen as stimulus and positive. but somehow we say to a back to the people so they can spend themselves that is t bad
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and ridiculous and the third thing i would say is you never tax your way out anyway even with everybody in america that made $1 million if we confiscated every penny it will not even make it that -- a dent in the that you cannot tax your way out. the only solution long-term is tom do to use separate things number one grow the economy. you have to. and hold the debt back if you grow the economy by 4% space get there. this is part one. so growing now to spend on a sustainable path so the
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revenue isn't used said he knows that analogy view only make $2,000 a month an excellent year paid $3,000 but if you have expenditures and still owe more money so generate more revenue and hold the long term line onss spending. we had a chance to do amy half to end i believe we will. kiowas laugh p when i read the article people are arguing. of course, there is a lot of arguments of economic policy inn china the risen much of the opposition. we have different ideas tax reform should be controversial is important it should be debated and it
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will be as long as it is geared toward reaching a a result but if we don't it will hurt the economy not keep it the way it is because a lot of businesses and employers and americans assume this would have been given who won the election and they have already made investment decisions on the assumption some of this will happen and i'm telling you ifn, doesn't come of the collapse and confidence were hurt the economy failing to act will reverse the gains we have made on that expectation and will shatter people's confidence in the american future. if they say where will i hire 1,000n people? reduce
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the tax reform collapsed from everybody that supported it andgo still cannot get that done you will say guess what? even on those people that are in favor cannot get it done so not doing it will leave us worse and that is why we must do w t it and the child tax credit has to happen because we cannot justify it without i am optimistic we will get there. and is a lot ofma work in the we come here to make a difference to contribute to making things better, not perfect but better. this is a chance to see something happen with our time here. and to say we made a difference while we were there. i'm excited about the fact believe we will do it.
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it will be o fun and good for our country and people. every do a right one of the most rewarding things will ever do here i yield the floor. >> house republicans agreed to a budget resolution nearly overcoming the democratic opposition that authorizes special procedures to allow republicans to take federal tax revenue over the decade by 1.$5 trillion without democratic help for good is what they hope will be several weeks of intense legislation before thanksgiving. kevin brady set november 1st the date the bill will be introduced in they will begin the markup process of of the six. on the senate side the
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finance committee should take action later this fall you can read the budget resolution and the language at click the congress have. >> and our 22nd year, founded 1995 by then first lady were bush with a dedicated volunteers we needed a festival in austin, texas to celebrate literacy and since those early years and has exploded and very quickly became a national premiere destination for the biggest box of the year.
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. >> eppley is space in the article decisions this morning was social media and now please welcome mike allen. [applause] good morning.


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