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tv   David Horowitz The Black Book of the American Left  CSPAN  December 3, 2017 3:00pm-4:16pm EST

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good evening. it should hardly come as a surprise to anyone in this room that colleges and universities have become flashpoint for the most hated culture war conflict of the day. universities are now the sites of our left-wing indoctrination of students and violence against conservative speakers and students, administrators literally under siege from radicalized minority students demanding social justice payback. students waiting about michael
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aggressions are retreating into segregated safe spaces. to sum up our former institutions of higher learning have degenerated into circuses of militant irrationality and radicalism. how did it, to this? to answer that question you can do no better than to read david horowitz book the left and university volume eight of and the latest addition to his series of collected conservative writings entitled "the black book of the american left." this book contains 24 dozen essays written from 1993-2010 and it addresses what david horowitz describes as one of the underappreciated tragedies of our time. the successful campaign of the left to subvert the curricula of collegiate institutions and transform entire schools and departments into an doctrinal training centers for their social and political causes. his campaign has done more to
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steer america towards the left goal of the fundamental transformation of this country than any other strategy of cultural marxism. this book chronicles that compete over most of the last course entry and his efforts to bring some political neutrality and intellectual integrity to college classrooms. you already know david horowitz is the author of two books and articles to name, all of them essential reading for anderson the radical left and for waging war against it. among the our new times bestsellers radical son, unholy alliance, and most recently big agenda, , president trump's plan to save america. if you hardly ever does david before you know debtor be called in the left most hated apostate because he knows that better than they know themselves and that makes him an existential threat to them, and invaluable to us. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the author of the left and university and the founder of the freedom center, david horowitz. [applause]
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>> thank you, mark. thank you, everybody, for coming. last week i was at the university of houston in houston, where the week before they had held a national conference for students, for justice in palestine. the university hosted students for justice in palestine is a creature of the terrorist organization hamas and a hamas propaganda network. i brought along a little clip to show you so you can share with me. >> the founder of hamas said this, there was no place for jews among us --
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[inaudible] we're headed to annihilation. [inaudible] was greeted by hamas -- >> david, we reject -- [shouting] [shouting] [chanting] off our campus. [chanting] [shouting]
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[shouting] [shouting] [shouting] [chanting] off our campus. [chanting] [shouting] >> that was seven minutes into my talk, and i have sit at the outset of the talk that when i was a radical at berkeley and
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columbia in the '60s, i always wanted to hear what the other side had to say because i felt that would make me a better radical. i would have the arguments. those days are gone. the greatest american tragedy of my lifetime is the destruction of our educational system by progressives, in that its conversion into an indoctrination and recruitment center for the ideological left. this book that i've written, "the left in the university" is the sixth book i've written about the universities, and the problem which is been 50 years in the making, and it has a special interest because it's
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really dispatches from a warfront. it recounts what i wrote engaging in a battle to restore academic freedoms to the university, to restore the modern research university to basically our liberal arts colleges, the principles of it. i based my campaign which was for an academic bill of rights for students on the very famous academic freedom statement of the american association of university professors, which these days is run by stalinists who were not happy with my proposals. i took their 1915 statement which was really the statement that created a modern research university, basing it on
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scientific principles and scientific procedures. that is, you have a hypothesis and you confront it with counter opinions and you try to test it by edit. of course in a liberal arts field, the humanities, theology, all these fields, political science, there's no way of conducting the kind of experiments that scientists actually do fix every issue is controversial. the 1915 the 1915 statement sait the place of a faculty member in a democracy to indoctrinate his or her students, but to present them with divergent opinions and a fair-minded way. because the task of the teacher in a democracy is to teach students how to think, not tell them what to think. what actually happened over the
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last years is that the political left, and i suspect a lot of my generation of radicals state in universities and present academic careers to avoid the draft and to avoid fighting communism, which they sympathized with. and what they've done is they reverted the universities, colleges, obviously not the physics departments and geology department but the citizen training aspects of the university, all the social studies fields and law and so forth. they have reported them to their 19th century origins. in the 19th century all of our colleges were doctrinal institutions. they were religious institutions. harvard, yale, and what they were there for was to instill the doctrines of a particular
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domination because they were training -- denomination because they were training priests and so forth. that's what our universities have become today, except that the religious doctrines that they teach and instill other doctrines of marxism, identity politics which is cultural marxism, which i have explained shortly. and for those of you who are mystified that college students should want to come it's not just -- believe it, there's a whole faculty cohort behind these procare students and these antidemocratic students and anti-american students, as i say when i was a radical, and i consider myself a marxist revolutionary at the time, i
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wanted to hear what our opponents were saying. i wanted to be able to answer them. i was in school to learn how to do that. that's the way how i perceived it. if you want to understand why there's this concerted effort to shut down the other side of the debate, it's because these are religious institutions out thae religious colleges and are not dealing with a divergent opinion as in a democracy. they are dealing with a religious heresy. and what you do do hair takes is you burn them at the stake if you have enough power to do that, or you just close them down as happen, for example, to charles murray, university of michigan and other conservatives. this is nothing personal. i don't take this at all personally. so manhattan was, beginning in the 1970s the left saw the
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universities as instruments of their revolutionary designs, and so the first thing he did was to get purged of conservative from faculty by not hiring them basically. so that today on most college campuses, conservatives are as rare as unicorns. they purged conservative books from the required reading lists. an average student who goes to four years of the college in our country today never encountered, and count the conservative adult or read a book by conservative who hasn't been dead for 100 years. the next thing they did was to purge conservative ideas from the curriculum, and he did that by inventing what they called studies, american studies, black studies, women's studies.
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these are all political fields. they are not scholarly fields of they are about learning left-wing politics. you couldn't be a conservative and be a women's studies professor because women's studies is not about the academic study of women. it's about training marxist feminists. it's about training students,, thoroughly discredited marxist idea that the involvement is everything. that we are socially constructed. constructed. that's how you get this idea that gender is socially, not just socially influenced by the socially constructed. go to the moral science department or the biology department, you learn that it's hardwired into the biological system. well, it is obvious to any normal human being who haven't had their brains screwed up by
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leftist ideology. so the fields now are so constructed that a conservative really can hardly be part of import about the park. there are no conservatives in women's studies departments. in fact, some of the founders of women's studies who actually they should be about the study of women, you know, i've been encouraged and treated as enemies by these political radicals on our faculties. the next thing that they did was to prevent conservative discourse coming in from the outside. now, when you come to campus and you get treated like this, of course the newspaper there, the entire report was of the demonstration, not anything that i said. just basically the university
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was deaf to my presence, which was, is the purpose, the agenda of the left. but until about 2001, i was reminded of this by one of the chapters of the book in "the left in the university" is called and culture at cornell. she was physically attacked when she was speaking. and if you think having an orange thrown at you at high speed is an intimidating, it is. i remember that in 2001 i conducted a campaign, i i thout the idea of reparations for slavery paid 137 years after the fact from people who were never slaveowners to people who were never slaves was a bad idea and actually racist and that the
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indiscretion to say so. when i was invited to speak by college republicans at the university of california berkeley, i asked the chancellor, i wrote the chancellor and said, because i knew that netanyahu had been unable to speak of berkeley because of the pledge of violence which they couldn't contain. i asked him to introduce me or have someone from his office introduced me just to protect the students. and what he did was, he assigned 30 armed guards for my talk. when i had to go to the bathroom before spoke, ask guys in flak jackets proceeded me into the bathroom and kicked open the stall doors. i remember saying out loud, this is an absolute disgrace in america. but when you have university officials like that, there's no way to stop it. you have to expel students who
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do things like the students did. or like they're doing now where they demonstrate inside classrooms. they don't want aristotle taught because he was white. no, that university, actually i visited read and i thought it was a pretty good school even though it's a left-wing school, very traditional and the student for all interested in discussing ideas with me, not attacking me political but that obviously, obviously has changed. so in 2001 what happens is people started people started to get physically attacked. and i had a bodyguard for that berkeley event and i have not been able to go to a college campus, i i mean, i've been physically attacked before that. i'm trying to think because i'm a little lax about these things.
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i visited butler. i did not have a bodyguard when i was at buffett and i was attacked through this, through a cream pie in my face which isn't physically damaging to me but there is a picture of me looking pretty pathetically. i was wearing a suit. but i've been physically attacked where violence that would hurt me was intended. and i could never finish a speech if it wasn't massive campus security. the campuses know they have security problem. so when i spoke at the university of houston they were about ten cops in uniform and there were two undercover cops in the audience. that's why they marched out because they knew now that they would be arrested if they did anything. but when you go to a campus,
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that's the atmosphere. it's not an intellectual discourse anymore. there's not going to be an exchange of ideas. and let me say, i've been on 400 college campuses, and only three times have been invited by faculty. once by the dean who when i got there he hid from the because he was under assault from his own faculty. and the fact of the matter is that there is no, i mean, i'm sure there are decent people on faculties across this country, but none of them has the courage to stand up for conservatives and invite them. the solution to the berkeley problem or any of these problems is for the faculty to band together and invite conservatives and lecture theire students who come in students on campus to fight for the right for free speech. there are no such people. that is a huge problem and that is an indictment of the whole
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university system, the college system. and that is part of the complete conversion of the university into a one-party system and a one-party state. and one of the books i wrote is called one-party classroom, because that's what it is. it's a one-party state. you get one point of view. now, the consequences of this is most education or lack of education of college graduates and now. i had the figures here of the percentage, i think one-third of millennials think that george bush killed more people than joseph stalin.
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25% of the students who actually know who lyndon was, and that's a minority, think he was a great guy. now, i could go on and on with these things, but, of course, this has affected our judiciary. you wonder why the media is such a disgrace these days. it's because of the way people are educated. the communications departments are training grounds and marxism. i've been to the university, you know, university of texas when i went there in austin, a professor of communications who is a bolshevik, she's a member of the international socialist, a bolshevik organization which is going, it's call for dictatorship in america, inside the lecture hall where i was supposed to speak was leading
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chance exact like the one you saw at the top of my talk. and i was only able to continue because there was a vice chancellor who came. this is in the good old days, and said you will be arrested if you continue this demonstration. it took for a long time to stop. usually they come in and they say, these administrators, they don't say a word to me but they will say there's a safe room from people who are disturbed, distressed by what david horowitz has to say. and to show you how far gone it's gotten, a couple of weeks ago i was in washington, d.c., and i called up the chronicle of higher education, told them i was coming. 15 years ago, , since i was
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probably the leading conservative critic of what was going on in the universities, the chronicle actually allowed me to write a piece for then called in defense of intellectual diversity, which is in this volume, "the left in the university." so they invited me when they heard -- all, and i was treated, i was featured in my profile on the front page of the chronicle also because i was such a prominent critic. so they invited me, and i told him that had a new book, which i would like them to review, but i sent them a a copy so they coud look it over. and they arranged, the editor, scott, who treated me well, fairly, i don't know if it was well, i don't remember exactly but somewhat fairly, 15 years
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ago he was the one who invited me. he didn't show up for the meeting but they had ten editors and reporters, you know, shoot me questions for an hour. and then they asked me if i would come to a room and videotape an interview for ten minutes that they're going to put up right away on their website. when i left i got an e-mail that they would not put it up, no explanation, and there isn't a trace of my visit in the chronicle of higher education. that is the intellectual journal, well, you can see there is no dialogue. no dialogue left. so what is the religion that they teach? very important. the religion is, as you all
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already know, is identity politics, which is really cultural marxism which i'll explain in a moment. now marxism is a view of the world in which society is divided into warring classes. remember the communist manifesto, the history of all -- the history of class struggles which is bunk but that's what marxists believe. well, so what you have, there's two ideas here, there are actually three. the first is that peoples class is a determinate factor. when the bolsheviks came to power, of course they set out to eliminate classes like the gulags and by eliminate at the point of a gun, which is what
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they did, so first of all you erase the individual, whole society is built on the idea of individual rights and individual accountability but if you are a marxist view, it's about classes. this is classical marxism, , the marxism i grew up with. the second idea is that society is divided into oppressors and oppressed. so there's the ruling class, and then there was the working class. and the third idea is that there's a civil war between these classes and it's a conflict that can only be resolved violently. now, if you think about it, this had a a certain coherence, this idea, and the idea was of course that private property which treats the classes is responsible for all of the social problems, , wars, povert, so forth.
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so it you have a revolution, a revolution was to take away the ownership of the needs of the production from the ruling class and put everybody in one class. there's a certain coherence to the idea because you wind up after you have eliminated the bad press a class, where everybody is an equal because nobody is an owner of property. this is a delusional idea and it led to the deaths of 100 million people in the 20th century. very destructive. if you take away peoples identity as individuals, individual merit, the american idea so much more the kings idea that you judge people by the content of their character. however, cultural marxism, identity politics is 100 times
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worse. because it sees society as divided into racists, ethnicities, and genders and as, the way they judge who was oppressed is who is marginal. so i don't know, it you dress yourself up in address and have a mustache and put rabbit ears on your head, of course you are marginal. just look around you, you are going to be marginal. that doesn't mean we all oppressed. it's just a fact. jews are marginal. we've been marginal throughout history. and persecuted, for that matter. but this is a very pernicious idea that society is divided into an oppressor group based on
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race, based on gender or based on sexual orientation, and an oppressor group and an oppressed group, and then of course the ideology is one of war. there's a phrase for it. i have discussed this before but it hasn't been picked up by people but it needs to be picked up by conservatives. people of color. people of color is not a group. it's not a group. there's not an identity of interest. [inaudible] do you think that pakistanis and indians have common interests?
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they are at war with each other. the example i have given is mexico where you have two main ethnic groups, the descendents of the conquistadors who slaughtered the indigenous indians, oppressors, and the descendents of the survivors of the indigenous indians, the oppressed. but when they cross the border into the united states they are both people of color. therefore, oppressed, therefore marginal deserving special interest, special allowances. you don't look at what they actually do. they break the law, if they break the law, not suggesting all mexicans, this is the left is so good at converting whatever you say into what you didn't say, but it's to convert power on the so-called oppressed groups. well, if you look at the world,
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indeed, people of color, be headers in syria, isis members, they are people of color. idi amin and these monsters in africa, dictators are people of color. everybody in the world is people of color except that bad, evil oppressors, white people. the biggest social problem we have in america is a rampant antiwhite racism. people talk now, democrats, people that you think had brains talk about america as a white supremacist nation. it's idiotic. it's a lunatic. yeah, there are some ku klux klan is around, there's some white supremacists. what other, 500 in charlottesville out of a nation of 330 million? the ku klux klan once had, what did they have, 11 senators and
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75 congressman. the white supremacists, the actual white supremacists was a member of congress. there's some black supremacist in congress, i will tell you that, but what white supremacists. same things with nazis and neo-nazis. hitler youth is what they are. literally. but they were not cheering is an organization that wants to exterminate the jews come in so many words what you actually have more statements from hamas but you just have to read them to know that extermination of jews is their agenda. now, i could go on and on about this but this is the greatest problem our country faces. why are we so divided? because everybody on the left,
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everybody who is a progressive missing everything in racial gender terms, and lying about it. hillary ran a campaign on the idea that women are somehow oppressed in this country by men. to the extent that there's a gender wage gap so that women actually earn 24 cents less on the dollar than men for the same work and the same experience in the same job. it's a big lie. and hillary knows it's a lie because she was around when a male dominated congress in 1963, people, past the equal pay for equal work act making it illegal to pay women less than men, and as i've said many times from platforms like this, you can show in one sentence why it is a lie, and that is if it were true, employers would fire all
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their male employees, hire women and increased their profits 20%. it doesn't happen because it's a lie, and yet there there's no,s the media? where are the referees? where are the sensible people in our public life pointing this out? they don't exist. and that's because our corrupt, corrupted, destroyed educational system. the modern research university, and i got my model of where i i wanted the university to look like from having gone, i went to columbia in the 1950s as a marxist. i was never harassed by my professors the way conservatives are harassed these days. i never knew the politics of my professors. if students in the class had one opinion, they took the opposite to teach us how to think. that was what university should
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be. it was one of the great achievements of mankind really, the modern research university. that the left has destroyed. it doesn't exist. what's going on at schools like harvard and yale is disgraceful, and you can, it's all over youtube. you can see it. so is there a solution? well, there's two ways of looking at that question. sure, you know, my bill of rights was one attempt at a solution. if they just observe universities, you know, the principles that they preached, everything would be fine. but they don't. they don't. there isn't an administrator in this country who has reached out
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to milo yiannopoulos or ann coulter or myself or any of the conservative speakers in attempt to reverse this. not one. so here's my proposal. in doing the academic bill of rights, i rescued any external forces -- rescued. we passed a few resolutions supporting the idea of those principles that there should be fairness, but no legislation and the wielding of political power. but the left has convinced me that appeals to reason are futile. my campaign i waged failed. so here's how i would fix it today. they were 33 states where republicans control the state legislatures. the appropriations committee, in
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both houses of the legislature, and every one of these states controls the lifeline, the oxygen tube for the the presidf the universities and the university. no university, of course, in public, public institutions, 85% of our students go to public universities. all the chairman of the appropriations committee would have to do is call the president of the university and say you are constantly coming to me to fund come to underwrite, to make possible this for your university at the university. and, of course, to advance your own careers because your judge on what you can bring to the university. so i have three things that i want from you.
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and if i don't get them, i'm not going to answer your phone calls ever again. the first, i want you to provide a with the required reading lists for every one of your undergraduate courses in the liberal arts. and then i'm going to submit that to one of our conservative think tanks, and they're going to look it over to see if there is parity between the conservative books that you require and the conservative authors that you require students to read, and the leftist ones. and, of course, there's no parity whatsoever because the conservative books barely exists. and i know this because i did about called one party classroom where i studied the reading list of 170 courses and i can tell you they are conservative books
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free. that doesn't even imposed on the professor the responsibility not to ridicule the conservative ideas but to present them so that students can weigh them. one of the complaints i had, i spoke at the new england, western new england law school, and they conservative students, what the complaint was that every time the name antonin scalia or justice clarence thomas comes up, they make jokes about them. that's a way of stopping people from weighing their ideas, ridicule is a very powerful weapon. and having submitted those lists to me, i want you, , i give youa term to do this, to see that all the required readings for undergraduates, those lists, there's parity between required
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conservative and left-wing text. second thing i want you to do is provide me with a list of all the speakers who are invited to your campus and often paid exorbitant fees if they are on the left. michael moore will get $50,000 for a state school during an election year, election year for the democrats. he ran a slackers to her. the supreme court has already said that that means republicans have to get an exact about the same amount of money just to adhere to the constitution. of course that isn't happening or hasn't happened. so i want a list of all the speakers invited by your professors and by your student organizations. and i want then within the year of what absolute parity between
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republicans and democrats, leftists and conservatives. and the third thing i want is i want you, i will again, i will have committee look over your faculties, and i want you to begin an affirmative action program to diversify your faculties. you have a law faculty, and i can throw a at the board with universities named on it and it does matter which one i hit your you have a law faculty with 50 or 100 law professors, and maximum two or three are republicans or conservatives. you can't tell me that republicans are not lawyers. so i want you to begin a program, and i want a progress report every semester to see your progress on it, and then i
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will take your phone calls for your projects. now, will that happen? there's only one republican, actually there are two that i know of, who would do that. one of them is president of the united states and the other one is steve bannon. when i see other republicans with some spine, i'll think may be something like this could happen. i want to close with, going back to the university of houston. this was a national conference. students for justice in palestine was greeted by the terrorist organization hamas. its founder is an agent of hamas. he is the chairman of the board of american muslims for palestine which provide over $100,000 a year for the students
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for justice of palestine. which is a hamas operation. he is a faculty member at the university of berkeley, the university of california berkeley and, of course, he's the head of the islamophobia studies program which is a program to defame and libel and slander people like me and try to get people not to listen to us. and the entire agenda of students for justice in palestine is to spread genocide allies about the state of israel. the state of israel doesn't occupy an inch, not an inch of arab land. the land of which israel was greeted belong to the turks for 400 years prior. the turks are not arabs nor are the palestinian. there never was a country called
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palestine. it's a geographical term that the romans imposed on the jewish homeland. the jews are the only indigenous people of the land around the jordan. because it's -- palestine is a a geographical area. it's like new england, new englanders. it didn't exist. the palestinian nationality or claim to a nationality until 1964, 16 years after the creation of this individual. you can have all kinds of criticism of the israeli government as you can of any government, but you can't be spreading genocide allies that come right out of the hamas playbook. drinking on your, calling israel is an apartheid state, it's only
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thing in israel that isn't an apartheid state. creating maps by hamas that which a country called palestine existing in 1947, no such country ever existed. then invaded by jews. these are nazis. there are nazis on her campuses. these kids are hitler youth and they are supported by every university administration, including the university of chicago which has been, people praise it because you can't believe a word that comes out of a university administrators mouth these days. because it's the universities that tear down the posters that we put up pointing this out. it's a universities that provide offices for these hitler youth, students for justice in palestine, and they have the whole left into within. the muslim students association which like, is a muslim
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brotherhood creation but the political left which is a totalitarian pro-terrorist left these days all of them are in tow to do everything that they can to undermine the jewish state and make them vulnerable to the genocidal intentions, whatever it is, 30,000 rockets from hezbollah and hamas and iran aimed at the jewish state. this is, it's an utter disgrace, and the silence around it which is a silence also by jewish organizations that don't want to upset the muslims. it is just amazing. every time there's an atrocity committed by isis, all of the liberals in this country, so-called, rally around the muslims as though somebody is persecuting muslims.
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their something like, i forget the exact number, but it's five or seven times the number of the crimes against jews in this country as against muslims. so just to close, i have a reform proposal at the end of this book but it would take administrators with some integrity to carry it out, which i don't have any faith in anymore i just think that our country is in grave danger because of this. it goes down, they've corrupted the k-12 system as well. kids are being indoctrinated from kindergarten. they have no respect for youth, no respect for innocence. they are on a mission from their god, which is history, , what ty think is history. they are on the right side of it as though it is moving in any
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direction. that's why you are so shellshocked. they thought it was moving in their direction. suddenly it isn't. if trump had not come in and demolished isis, something obama didn't even try to do for eight years, who knows what the future would be? we could be back in the dark ages. however, it's a battle and i hope you all get involved in. we have websites that deal with this. we have campus campaigns, and hope that more people on the right joined us. and not just on the right. i mean, the hill has organization that's gone because it's been taken over by the left, but there are some brave members. i'm waiting for them to come out of the woodwork and expose this
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terrorism network on our campuses. this is just one piece of which, a gigantic problem that's been caused over a 50 year time by the assault of the left on our universities and their conversion into cultural marxist religious institutions. thank you. [applause] >> if anyone has a question, stand up, come to the mic and ask your question here. >> hello, david. thank you so much. i fear we're having a problem with a certain viewpoint. you, myself, many people in this room started off as socialist, communist. we were starting from a base of attempting to be good decent
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moral ethical people and we were misdirected. once we learned about the body count of how many people were murdered for this utopia we started rethinking. i fear that's what's going on in the university is exactly what the government wants to be doing. you talk about government funding. if you're trying to create a society of re-enslave humanity, of tyranny, a of undermining constitution and democracy, they are doing exactly what they want them to do. seems like the only alternative is first to just calling out for employers. don't hire people from people, berkeley and yale and harvard. >> look, it's very sinister what the left has done because you can't do that. they've inserted themselves into, i mean they're still university is a gigantic institution, and are marvelous part of its untouched, not entirely untouched, because in
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the medical schools, the science schools, there's a leftist campaign, you know, to intimidate people, adopting all of the myths of identity politics. there's a political war going on for the students binds. but the fact of the matter is that at a university like berkeley or the university of houston, a lot of it does really marvelous things in medicine, you know, in physics and astrophysics and various technical fields. so you can't tell people don't send your kids to harvard or yale. look, it's a political battle. conservatives don't like politics. there's a huge handicap for conservatives. when i first came to the right, looked around and said, where's the ground army? there is none.
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conservatives, politics is a dirty business that we engage in every 18 months. outside the 18 months, unless we're trying to get some favors for our companies or something like that, outside the 18 months we go back to normal life, which is creative. we are creating jobs, creating products. we are making peoples lives better. that's what conservatives do. whereas leftists are at war all the time. >> right, and inasmuch as we are the creators, we created these universities, we can re-create new universities, the online university. it is as if information is available now. period i don't know much about -- i've done fundraisers but i've never been to hillsdale. because i think there president
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is a very traditional conservative who doesn't approve of my confrontational politics. but the fact of the matter is these are tiny compared -- without talking about harvard and yale. whether their endowments, four, $500 billion. by the way one of the great things that trump is doing, and it actually know the guy who proposed this, is part of his tax bill is an endowment tax on private universities like harvard and yale. but 10% endowment tax would pay for all those student loans, wouldn't it? >> that's what i'm trying to think in a a different way. inasmuch as we nevadan internet. we didn't have immediate information, instantaneous. we used to -- >> i agree. >> we don't need encyclopedias now.
3:54 pm
maybe we just have a reorganized speedy look, i agree. it is greatly increased power for conservatives. it's broken the monopoly, the information monopoly the left used to have. a lot of things are happening. the trunk movement is the biggest, for the first time, well, the second time. when the tea party appeared i said finally at last, a ground army is forming. now it's much, much bigger. so there's hope in that. but let's not underestimate the odds. let's be sober about that. >> hello, mr. horowitz. i think the hardest thing for conservatives is how to understand the liberal mind, the logic. >> not logical. >> right. i know that you have said it's a religion and it does require any, it's a big base type of thing.
3:55 pm
and i read a book on the liberal mind which went, helped explain some of it. but children and students are impressionable. they don't have, , their minds e not fully formed. but their professors and leaders of the movement, the progressive movement are adults. and i want to ask you since you in that, you had that perspective a young man, how did they envision utopia? what are they -- >> i've written so much about this. the second volume in this series, the black book series is called progressives. it's in there. the difference is this. conservatives formed their views of the world by looking at the past, which is a record of what human beings are capable of, both good and bad. and if you read about the
3:56 pm
founding of this country, that's what they did it. they stated at the thought democracy was a really bad system, but it was better than the others. on practical grounds. leftists don't look at the real world that way. they are always looking at an imaginary future. it used to be called communism and its socialism, not with social justice, all the same thing. ultimately the same thing all hated in the same direction, to treat people as collective to erase their individuality, to judge them either on their class position or on their race or gender, or sexual orientation. and always to see it in terms of oppressors and oppressed. and that is what they are thinking, if you want to call it thinking. and for them it's tremendous. they think of themselves social justice warriors. we use their language to
3:57 pm
describe, their role, living into fantasy, and romantic fantasy of which they are saving the world. if you think you are saving the world you are not going to give that up. you are not thinking logically. i mean, you know, i watched television like everybody and i'm thinking, you know, if people get run over by a terrorist truck, you need gun control. what the hell is that? doesn't make any sense whatsoever. how can you even begin with a straight face to do things like that? and it's because, it's because the elimination of guns, which is what their agenda is which is creating this world where we get along. people don't get along. they haven't gotten along since cain killed abel, for crying out loud. >> that's what i want to ask you, is that do they just discount history?
3:58 pm
look at nazi germany which was totalitarian -- >> yes, they think they are smarter than everybody else and it would who exist before them. look, the bolsheviks, linen, trotsky, these were very, very smart people. michael moore -- [laughing] you know, he doesn't come up -- [inaudible] -- and see that linen at the time was the first time but now we have -- >> we don't have -- look, how does the left react to the collapse of the soviet union, the death of 49 people, the starvation, the gulen. how did they react to it? that was a real socialism. we are smarter than them. i could go on and on. that's what people think.
3:59 pm
they are arrogant and they are stupid. what more can you say? and there's so much emotional satisfaction, it's a religion, a consolation for all the disappointments of life. that's what it is. you take that away from them. i described in my book radicals on the personal crisis i went through whatever lies that marxism is a load of crap. it was everything to me. it made everything i did important, that's the way it is for every leftist. and you can see by the way in their contempt, they're at a content for people disagree with them, their arrogance, the lack of respect. it's astounding to use it everyday on television. use idiots like joy-ann reid or lawrence o'donnell, pathological liar in the case of o'donnell.
4:00 pm
but just a moron and a case of joy-ann reid. why is she a moron? because she can't, there's no empathy there. there's no respect for people who disagree with her. yes, , sir. >> thank you, david. .. >> public school district in the united states, second only to new york. and she recently showed me some literature from a course that the teachers are now being exposed to in terms of straining the students of lausd in the importance of understanding the
4:01 pm
muslim faith, the five pillars of the muslim faith; their prayers, what they signify when they prostrate themselves, what that signifies. they go into great detail about this. any other religion, it'd be totally banned. >> correct. and that's the problem. not that they're teaching what muslims believe, but the fact that christians, jews, probably atheists are excluded. why? because they're oppressors of muslims. there's a political agenda. in the edina school ticket in minnesota, it's in a suburb, a wealthy suburb of minneapolis, they're giving first graders a book, you know, a kids' book with pictures, a big a on the front of it, a is for activist. x is for malcolm x. and on and on. i forget the other thing. but it's a complete leftist
4:02 pm
agenda. i have a web site called stop k-12 indoctrination. on that web site is a code of ethics for k-12 teachers which, if you don't observe, you lose your license, you get suspended. and then if you persist, you lose your license. that would stop all this. but it requires a political city council, whoever oversees the school district with integrity, they have to have integrity and they have to have enormous guts. >> this'll be the last question. >> mr. horowitz, i've seen a lot of your videos on youtube before, and i've wanted to ask you this question for a while because my grandmother actually had to live in nazi germany. the national socialists in germany frequently portrayed the
4:03 pm
jews as being greedy, rich capitalists who only got rich because they stole everything from everybody else. they, according to hitler, basically cheated to get to the top. the concept of white privilege, which is what many liberals talk about today where they accuse white christians like myself from basically stealing from everybody else, do you feel that the national socialist rhetoric of the jews influenced many liberals today to come up with their rhetoric of white privilege? >> i don't think it was direct, but i, you know, maybe i didn't make myself clear. they're collectivists. the national socialists were socialists. and they had, you know, they pick the outgroup, the group that's the source of the problems. and the liberals in america who are not liberal, they're bigots, the most intolerant people in america are people who call
4:04 pm
themselves liberals, they have picked a group to scapegoat, which is white people. it's quite amazing. the naacp now wants to ban the national anthem as the most racist anthem ever. these people, i mean, they're -- it's nuts. but not if you're inside the religion. not if you're inside the religion. if you're inside the religion, black people can't be racist, can they? because they have no power. tell that to barack obama and the two corrupt attorney generals we had during his administration. you know, it's amazing to me every time -- there was an officer was killed by individuals incited by black lives matter. who would appear at the microphone as the police chief whether it was dallas or new
4:05 pm
orleans or cleveland? it's always a black cop. this, we are the most tolerant, inclusive society in the history of the world. of any size. i mean, of course, if you have only five black people and everybody else is white like in switzerland or something, not a big problem. we have large minority populations, and we have -- people who are the age of most of the people in this audience can remember the difference 30 or 40 or 50 years ago. the thing that really strikes me, well, one of the most pampered or the most pampered racist in america is ta'nehisi coates, the darling of the atlantic and every liberal so-called organization. and he has a pathological hatred for america and for white people if you read his, anything that
4:06 pm
he's -- anything that he's written. you know, when i see these issues discussed publicly, what's missing is a simple statement, you know? america, the constitution -- tim kaine the other day k i mean, who's a communist, tim kaine was a characteristic -- crystic, supporting the sand nice tan guerrillas in the 1980s, that's what tim kaine is. he attacked general kelly the other day and his ideas that the constitution enshrined, as he put it, slavery. actually, the american founding -- slavery existed for 3,000 years before anybody said it was immoral. not jesus, not moses, nobody. certainly not mohamed.
4:07 pm
the muslims are still practicing slavery and still think it's okay. [laughter] but white christians led by wilbur force in england and by thomas jefferson here, thomas jefferson wrote into our birth certificate that we're all creatures of god. whatever you think of other people, whether inferior to you or not, they're creatures of one creator and, therefore, equal in his -- or i have to say these days -- her eyes. whatever. [laughter] and he was an inalienable right to to liberty. every black in america owes their freedom to thomas jefferson and the american founding, the 350,000 union soldiers who gave their lives to free them and president abraham lincoln who gave his life as well. and when i hear that, then i know i'm in a conversation with
4:08 pm
rational people and not religious fanatics. but i, i don't, you know, i watch quite a bit of it's although it's very -- of television, although it's very hard these days. [laughter] i don't see that simple fact recognized. it's okay to be white. that, are you familiar? some brilliant -- i'm not good at this. i'm kind of a sledgehammer. but milo eye knop louse, the trolls, i think it was channel 4, which is a troll channel, conservative trolls -- [laughter] but up a sign in harvard square, it's okay to be white. and it drove the left up the wall! why? [laughter] because they're racists! and, you know, when i see a conservative on television say you're a racist to a democrat, then i'll know we're on the road to freedom. thank you. [applause]
4:09 pm
>> booktv is on twitter and facebook, and we want to hear from are you. tweet us, or post a comment on our facebook page, >> what about trump supporters? because we have questions, by the way, that were submitted by many of you, and i'm going to try to work in as many as we can without dropping all of these papers. and, you know, obviously people turned on you, you needed support, you were spit at, you would see families, what looked like lovely families, but you look closer, the dad's wearing a t-shirt that says "hillary sucks more than monica does" -- >> but not like monica. >> and you'd be taken aback, wait a second, they've got small children with them.
4:10 pm
>> that wasn't even the worst. then there was the father with two kids and his wife proudly wearing a shirt that called hillary clinton a c-u-n-t. there was a man who said i wish hillary married o.j.. i don't care what your political beliefs are, i don't care if you think democrats have all the wrong ideas for this country, republicans have all the wrong ideas for this country, that was a shirt that said i hoped, essentially, that hillary clinton was brutally stabbed to death in the 1990s. i mean, that is so far beyond what should be acceptable for common decency, for behavior, let alone politics. >> but do you think -- i mean, you got to know the trump supporters and people, and there might, you know, this is boston, but i'm sure there are many this room, and faith wrote to ask you spoke about running into a trump supporter in the bathroom before a rally who helped you with your hair, an act of kindness. >> it's -- you can't paint an entire group of supporters with
4:11 pm
a broad brush. i mean, i think it's a mistake to call -- i thought it was a huge mistake to call donald trump's supporters deplorables. i don't think that's -- you don't go after voters in this country, and i don't think it's a good idea to say that this swath of voters are are all a bunch of racist xenophobes, misogynists, you know, whatever name you want to ascribe to them. they are a varied group of people from a number of different socioeconomic backgrounds, they have -- some of them voted for president obama in the past, a lot of them were women. i mean, there are a variety of supporters. and at the same time, they were the kind of people who often times would probably live their lives in a very polite and, you know, rule-abiding way, a non-offensive way, but there was something about walking into a trump rally that allowed people to shed all of those rules, to shed those burdens. i write in the book that trump
4:12 pm
had a halo of crudeness. and in that halo of crudeness, he allowed everybody else to be crude around him. he said whatever he wanted. he never backed down. and a lot of people found that refreshing, people who maybe couldn't tell a joke any longer because it was a politically incorrect joke, people who were worried that they had to watch what they said and watch what they did. and they walked in there and they said i can say and do whatever i'm thinking. >> yeah. we talked earlier about covering the primaries, and very early on i was in iowa, and you could see the lines at the trump rally there and was calling back to wvur and saying i'm meeting a lot of young people in particular, young men in particular who are trying to decide between bernie sanders and donald trump. >> yeah. it's true. the bro culture would come out
4:13 pm
to the trump rallies, men who would wear tank tops and, you know, big make america great again hats, that college fraternity culture that would show up and really liked the enthusiasm of the events. the same sort of people who would say, you know, i want to vote for -- and this is kind of a broad brush, i have to apologize, but this is a demographic i'm talking about -- really liked either bernie sanders or donald trump. and it was because they wanted an outsider. they wanted somebody different, somebody refreshing, somebody who wasn't part of the establishment whose name they hadn't been hearing their whole life like hillary clinton, somebody who wasn't afraid to take on the system. bernie sanders had that quality, and so did donald trump, and they both had jobs messages. and these were young people either just in the search, or just in the middle of a search for a job or soon to be graduating from college, and they wanted a better opportunity. >> they wanted a disrupter too. >> definitely wants a disrupter.
4:14 pm
>> do you think, and i thought i observed this, that -- i constantly saw people who saw things that people on the left might see as appalling, like those t-shirts you mentioned, and they thought they were perfectly acceptable parallel reality of what they might have seen. for instance, when george bush, george w. bush, the invasion of iraq and there were are so many people who were against that. if you want, if you'd gone to the anti-war rally in washington, you would have seen people wearing very disparaging t-shirts about george bush. >> yeah, sure. >> and they really felt it was the same. >> yeah. and there's an argument to be made for that. i think that's just a sign of how corrosive our politics and our public discourse has become. it's, the question is where does it go from here. do we correct it? does it get better for 2020, for
4:15 pm
2024? or are we going to see even more crude language, crude behavior? is there going to be a line that is too far, a bridge too far? where do we go? >> you can watch this and other programs online at [inaudible conversations] >> okay. hello and welcome to great minds: the harlem renaissance, at the 19th annual fall for the book library festival. i'm benedict, i'm in the department of history and art history in african and african-american studies. we appreciate your attendance today. the festival runs through saturday, october 14th. for all the most up-to-date information on this festival and all the other programs lot to the year, please -- throughout the


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