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tv   Kentucky State of the Commonwealth  CSPAN  January 26, 2018 5:04pm-6:09pm EST

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it sums up what this book is about. i really wanted to honestly profile the people on the left and on the right i did a profile some who were not. to meet it was captioning -- capturing the sentiment to deliver one of the most astonishing electoral defeat. it was a profile of the american people on issues. watch afterwards sunday night at nine eastern. up next kentucky governor gives the state. and updating of the the states in the structure.
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[applause]. i guess you all are expecting me to say something about now. please do have a seat. grateful for the opportunity to be here with you here tonight. those of you that are gathered in this room for starters. thank you for making your way here. for those of you who is -- who this is your job this time a year. on some form of video stream thank you for taking the time to check in with us here.
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and find out what is happening as we talk about not only the state of the commonwealth but the state of the budget and they are one and the same. intertwined in the time like this. i want to think a couple of groups in particular. when we come through that weather we head in recent days mindful of a couple of groups. who i truly think our worthy of ever thinks throughout the commonwealth and frankly in the first group. i want to send a special gratitude to the men and women who mind the call that produces of the electricity in the heat that keeps so much of america were at times like this. and while there are fewer of you working now and then there had been in years past your job is no less critical or
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important. and certainly a time like this no less necessary than it is or has ever been. i want to think that men and women also who have been plowing the roads that have made it possible for us to get here from every corner of the commonwealth. i stopped into one of the state garages last night and it was fairly slim there. the vast majority of folks were out on the road and grateful to you for the job that you had been doing. i wanted to take a group that so often we don't tend to think of except from time to time even though in reality they are the ones that make everything work and it has that is all the state employees and every single one of them the tens of thousands of you who come to work every day on somebody some the fronts to do some he thinks to
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make the commonwealth work. i want to thank you very much for all that you do and for the 2000 of you for the more than 2000 of you that responded to the e-mail that went out. and asking for your thoughts on things that we had been doing well but things that we could do better. and while i often in the past have read some of those notes i'm not going to do that. they wrote thoughtful and performative responses to us. those are some of those that i thought about weaving into this conversation. in the days, weeks and months
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ahead i meant to take some of your e-mails and i'm going to respond to them probably one on one directly in the form of a video response to the question that you raise. that you have a cabinet that two plus years in and the entirety of the same group that was here i don't know where they are all sitting there they are. i want to thank you for the work that you have done. how about a round of applause for the cabinet secretaries. thank you [applause]. the fact that they still all sit together and like each other and sent spend time together inside and outside of work truly grateful to each and every one of you for what you do to lead the commonwealth forward. our lieutenant governor who has been the right arm to the last two years. i think you for the job you do to represent kentucky so while
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day in and day out in some the organizations and throughout our schools and et cetera. thank you to the lieutenant governor. thank you. i want to thank the person without whom it would not be possible for me to do this. i want to think my wife the first lady of kentucky and my children who put up with tremendous sacrifice in order to allow me the opportunity to serve alongside those of you in this legislature. thank you to my wife. the first lady. [applause]. i want to thank another group that doesn't get thanks enough. we get excited about new companies coming. and new jobs being created as well as we should. but there are any other number
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of companies that have already been here some for many years and i want to put up on the screen and gary, i don't know what you meant. this is just a group of about 68 companies that employ at least a thousand people in kentucky already. and i want to think these companies who employ so many of our fellow citizens. it doesn't even include some companies that employ dozens and hundreds more in various dealerships. like the has a 500 people at its headquarters and hundreds more around the state. this is just those that have these many people located in one or two facilities. there is even other companies
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perhaps that are not even on this list. many dozens who employ so many of our fellow -- fellow kentuckians. i am grateful to you. i want to look back on 2017 but i really they really want to look forward to 2018. first of all i love kentucky. i genuinely passionately sincerely love kentucky and i know that that is not an emotion that i alone share i'm grateful for the fact that so many in this room and some you watching feel the same way. and so much of what we have done what we are doing and what we intend to do going forward is driven by that fact. i want to say secondly especially to those of you in this room those of you legislators and in
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particular. i want you to know that i pray for you i pray earnestly for you. i pray for you as a group. we will be preserved from so much the that has potential to harm us. i want you to know thirdly that i'm excited for the future of kentucky i'm really excited. he always seemed enthusiastic about things. i love kentucky.
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i'm excited about the future of the commonwealth. the reason i'm excited the reason i truly believe in the future is because i believe in the american dream. the american dream is a real thing. i had experienced it. many of you that are watching. i want that for those to come in the commonwealth kentucky. it comes as a result of the opportunity that people like us make. that we influence the outcome of what people's future looks like. we've have a couple of challenges. we had been left with a whole lot of thing that we need to
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clean up. some physical things to clean up. other more figurative. things of a policy nature. one of the things that we've talked about in the briefing that we've shared with some of you is the real budget focus this year is getting our financial house in order. and this is something that we have talked about for quite some time. but looking back at 2017 i want to show you something here those in blue are the top 50 job announcements in 2017. in the counties that they are going to. and some of them of course will pull from it will pull from people in other surrounding counties. that's where the jobs themselves will be located. the ones in orange are the top 100. they are counties that have companies both in the top 50 in the top 100. i want you to understand that
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when people talk about economic development they talk about jobs everybody wants them in their neighborhood and so often when there is an announcement made people say it's only happening here but not there. it covers a pretty amazing amount of kentucky. it literally covers the northernmost and easternmost counties of the commonwealth of kentucky. the job opportunities are coming but these are seeds we are just putting into the ground. we are putting the seeds into the ground now but they will bear fruit for many years to come. i wanted to put that up there as a reminder of that which we head in fact done. i want to say this next slide as well. this is a before and after of our own state capital. the very building we sit in right now. to take a look at the difference.
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so many of us have seen this building and worked in this building and spent time in and around this building over the last year in some cases decade do you realize that it's never been clean since it was built. we are to clean up kentucky organ and do it in any number of different ways the entire building used to have. when we talk about the future of kentucky the potential of kentucky i want you to recognize the fact that we have it in our power to make this possible. by opening doors for one another literally and figuratively. by taking care of one another by beautifying the bluegrass and taking care of our own communities. by looking at things that should be cleaned and then clean them we change the
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perspective of how we view ourselves and how others view us it changes our whole mindset and attitude gives people hope and encouragement. this is what we are trying to do. the policies that you put in the place you in the legislature does of you who have passed legislation last year the policies you put into place have led to the kind of record-breaking investment that we've had previously the best year we've ever had in kentucky. this past year 9.2 billion dollars directly the result of policies that you put into place last year. all of the other things that we've done to make it clear that we are getting our house in order. these are the kinds of things that have attracted people to our state. 17,000 plus jobs were created last year.
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the most since 2000. things are changing but these again are seeds that are just now going into the ground. i want to take a look at this next slide really quick. i went to speak briefly. this is how many of you are in elected office in these two chambers. i want to speak to each of you but i also want to speak to those of you that are watching before we start talking about 200018. what happens in 2018 is can be driven by 130 men and women at of four and a half million people that's three 100 thousandths of the population of kentucky will make the laws in the rules will spend the money. will make the decisions that affect every single bit of every single life in the commonwealth of kentucky. three out of every 100,000 i want to speak to those of you that have this responsibility yourselves but i know for a fact that some of you will not
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be running again. some of you will pursue other things. that will leave open opportunities and i want to speak directly to those of you that are not in that chamber. perhaps you're in the chamber but perhaps your summer home and you thought about serving at some point in time. step up and throw your hat in the ring. the greatness of kentucky and the political process at america as a whole is the fact that men and women who understand how wealth is created who understand how to budget and spend their own money more easily and thoughtfully than they would want to spend other's money. those are the men and women that we need to run. so many will be back and i'm grateful for that fact. for those that is an improvement to be made. i would truly ask if you're out there.
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those who come here every day to serve the commonwealth led by these men behind me are speaker david osborne. they need 136 other people it is that time thankless task but we need that 3100 thousands to do the job. i want to review a quote that was written. we are an interesting time right now. where the weather causes us to hunker down inside and on a similarly cold december night in 1776 there was a man not even 40 years old who hunkered down inside a house took a pen out wrote these words.
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the next line to which you may not. not even 40 years old this man thomas paine wrote these are the times that try men's souls. the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot well in this crisis shrink from the service of their country but he that stands by it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. these two are the times that try our souls here in the commonwealth. we may not be at war as our nation was but the battles on the divisiveness they continue. we find ourselves under assault. we find ourselves divided on issue of morality. on issues of spirituality on issues of politics on issues
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of ideology on economic issues these two are the times that try men's souls is the 138 that would be here through this session in the 138 that would follow them into the next session in the next generation and the next century and they will always be 138 kentuckians that whatever the times are tight and trying. they will step up in the gap. i wanted to take a look at what were talking about in 2014 in 200018 as we look forward. so long we had had issues that have been ignored. i want to put a graphic appear that would be a little bit of amusement to some. it speaks to what we are about to ask discuss. we head in the commonwealth.
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lined up for many years some intentionally some not realizing that they were in this line been told a whole life comforting lies. especially about financial issues when in reality nobody wants the unpleasant truth. they are aplenty and they need to be discussed. i want to briefly take you through some of the things that we need to talk about as we look forward. one of the things i want to make clear as this. and you could leave that up on the screen. the one thing i want to make clear to you is that we are going to fund our pension system 100 percent of the obligation that is owed is can happen in this budget that i will be presenting that will be released publicly after this. [applause].
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i will come back to that in a moment. we will fund our penchant we will fix our foster care and adoption system. we've 8500 children in foster care. those numbers are only growing. we will fix that. you will see those efforts reflected in this budget. we will fight the opioid crisis. [applause]. seven things that i want to make sure you understand among the others that will be reflected in this budget. the opioid crisis is exploited. it is not getting better. to address this problem in kentucky like it's never been addressed before. we will invest in education
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and workforce development we will continue to invest as we have done in the last two years. the first two years of this administration by investing more money per pupil than has ever been invested in the history of kentucky. that number is not going to be changed. the amount that has been spent in the classroom is still there in the budget. education these areas are going to continue to be a priority. as we move forward. we are going to reform entitlements in this state. kentucky well lead on this front. we did just had the 1115 waiver approved. for able-bodied working men and women as going to change. the incentive for people to do for themselves is going to change. we are going to see the impact of that as we move forward.
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it will be implemented started in july. the opportunity to connect people to the dignity and the opportunity associated with doing for themselves and for kentucky to be chosen as the first in the nation for this. a model for the rest of america is a high compliment to the tremendous work that has been going into making that possible. [applause]. one of the primary role of government public safety we are going to invest in public safety to a degree we have not. the funding for thousands of dollars. we will continue to invest law-enforcement we well by automobile so that the law enforcement officers are not driving around in cars with 200,000 miles on them.
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some accident problems that we have come from. we will get them modern weapons. it is one of the roles of government and we will invest in our law enforcement officers. in 2018. [applause]. at the same time as part of that we will focus on our prison prison reform. what commitment to you. no but i will ever be putting my scene where i can another dollar in building another prison here and kentucky. we are finally according to people who had screwed up who are in prison so that we rehabilitate to simulate over and over again.
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we can part of the the way that we focus on protecting tax reform is coming. it is coming whether it comes as part of the succession time will tell. it depends on the band with an appetite but we well in 2018 address tax reform. and incessantly going to be a somewhat had it to be just raising taxes. is not a simple function of raising attacks here or there. nice to be comprehensive. it needs to be focused on making us competitive and it needs to be focused on making sure that we compete with state around us all over this country as well as those that border us. to make businesses want to come here. those are the things that we are going to be focused on 2018. as i said a moment ago. the focus of this budget is to get our financial budget in order.
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that we are calling for. in this budget that is being presented for you all to consider here is for state employees this is fully funding fully funding what is actually owed. doing the audit that we did we have an understanding of how much obligation we truly had. they don't necessarily understand that we are 30% funded but what does that mean. it's 13% funded which is. and you are expecting to retire at some point.
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[applause]. for the teachers retirement plan is being put into the key
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trs pension system. fourteen and a half percent of the general retirement goes to retirement. when you're putting the money in the retirement system to be able to protect all of education. the fund classroom dollars at $3,981 per pupil is the same as it was in the same as it was the year before. it is the highest your you have ever been in history of kentucky. never had we put so much into that. if we could still put more. but the reality is we will have enough money to meet the obligations that the state has. the 3,981 is not going to be touched because frankly we've got to take care and making sure that we don't rob our
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students. i will encourage some of you to look at the two largest school systems. jefferson county and fayette county. there has been articles. using these. more than 600 administrators making a hundred thousand dollars a year or more. has more than $60 million conservatively a lot more than if you factor in the true numbers. who don't touch your students and don't teach in the classroom. that is where the cuts are to come from. we need to clean that up in a big way. [applause]. and fayette county while over hundred 20 in a similar category.
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that bottom might as we are far too many people that are not teaching our students that are second at the dollars that are intended that you will budget for our students. has been a change. we can expect the local districts to contribute to transportation more than they head in the past. it's it still needs be done. but they are not to be funded to the same degree by the state. we will get that overall administer the cost down significantly. there are certain districts in kentucky there are nearly $1 million currently being held as news to many of you legislators to many that are out there in the general public. there are over $950 million currently being held in the
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reserve fund. this is how we are going to get through budget crisis. this is how we're gonna find the obligations that we are to have. we are to continue to dedicate 100% of all of our lottery money to education. 100 percent of the proceeds are going to go to scholarships just as they have to ensure that young people have educational opportunities. while it would be tempting and easy to think that we should sweep that money to offset things the people agreed to that lottery. it was going to that purpose and that is exactly what we are going to do. we open the obligation of keeping that promise to them.
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we are going to go ahead and put another $100 million in there for another work force on pool. and i will type why we are. we do this for the first time. in the course of doing in terms of applications we did. for that $100 million. we got to choose the best 18% of those. we did not find anything that was requested hundred percent. the net result was a the state of kentucky invested a hundred million dollars in the local jurisdictions invested another hundred million that you all supported the last time we have a budget to turn into $250 million worth of investment.
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it is the return on investment that we are looking for. so many of the e-mails came from people that are involved in our criminal justice we have received a lot of thought. some of those names i read you will recognize. you know what you wrote to us. and that was heard. we have caseloads that are insufferable we are losing good people people that we can't afford to lose and we don't want to lose. it is coming at a toll on men and their families and their health in ways that is not fair to expect of anybody. you will see us investing money like we never had any time in history of kentucky in not only people on the
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prosecutor side but people on the public dispensed. and 51 new public advocates in this budget that will be presented to you. [applause]. this investment will make a profound difference in terms of the backlog of cases that we have this will allow people the opportunity to get out from underneath this is money that will be well spent. we can leave the money alone. we will continue to use those monies to provide a $4,000-two are pop certified law enforcement officers. he was also will take care of finding of cars and weapons cards and weapons and other things that are needed. medicaid i talked about already as it relates to the 1115 waiver.
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in this budget you are going to see an additional $34 million in applied to the battle against the opioid drug crisis that significant sum. more than anything that we had put in before. and it family family is not even. $34million will go a long way. you will see that in the details of the budget. we are going to additionally put in millions more focusing on pregnant women the cost of the children that are born to addicted women in the cost of society financially emotionally sociologically communally is too high or higher than the amount of money that we will spend on this. another area were people are just overworked absolutely swamped you walk into any dc
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the office in kentucky you the same story. he will make some of the strongest most passionate most well-intentioned hard-working thoughtful people you would ever imagine but they are being broken down. destroying the to be suffocated by caseload that continues to grow. we are going to invest tens of millions of dollars into defeat bs let me give you the specifics. the first thing one to say this not everybody who works in the state government are the kind of people we need for the long-term. that sadly the fact. what we want to do is make sure that the people that are there when it takes effect. people are the right people
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three people that are there. the course of the next six months. then than what you'll see from people who are caseworkers to people who are supervisors you will see pay increases range from ten to 20%. ten to 20%. significant pay raises to make sure that with and cut down on this turnover that cost us for anything we saved we will also have money in their to be able to hire significant new people. we are going to focus now with increased pay for those people and making sure that we have more caseworkers and that they are more properly compensated. that will change in 2019 and
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beyond. [applause]. you will see a program $10.8 million for new program targeting adoption and foster care. nearly $11 million pacifically for that purpose. you think about what is the role of government. to protect it will not be as bureaucratic i want to show you another slide here i want to take a closer look at the back of these t-shirts this is the guarantor family. from louisville. the mother and father 1218 days. that's how long it took them from the time they tried to adopt a child in kentucky to the time that that was first possible.
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i want to show you three other t-shirts. these are the number of days that actually took these children to be adopted. if you can, appear. i want you to meet the family. mac [applause]. [applause].
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you think you all for the opportunity to come here tonight and that round of applause for my beautiful children. of course i have some notes prepared and then i forgot that in this week. i just want to start with sure everybody said. we were out in the hallway. when i got the call from gary last week he asked us would you still say that 2017 with the best year of your life even though it took you this long to get to the point of adopting your children with it being i said of course. i no longer head to live in fear that someone is gonna
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call us and say that they would take him for my home. which still stands true today. i started to reflect on my response that sounded very selfish. the really that we no longer head to have a live in fear that they would have to go home they are not shy if you all can tell. they were never had to go home to someone where they weren't sure where home was for not knowing where their next meal would come from or if they would be physical or sexual abuse. show what was the best year of my life as a thought of them going back to a place where
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that would be the answer they were living. that is unbearable. my three children were adopted this year the truth is i am a state employee. i've been in play for eight years i'm on the frontline every day. and i see children who come in and out of foster care while many of us are not lucky head to think about this since. i see it in the things that they tell me the things i hear and conditions they live in. it's not okay. it should not be okay for any of us in this room are in the commonwealth. [applause]. my three children were adopted 8500 children are waiting for homes three is just a small
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there is a lot of work left to do fall through the cracks on the 800 regularly. so i think you all take the gray out of the black and white of the laws and regulations those that are in place make things more clear. if you did more people would step up to be foster and adopted. it would not be waiting 1,008 to find forever homes. thank you for this opportunity. [applause].
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[applause]. ashley has that reviewer any number of people that are out here watching you be able to take one, two or three children. we are going to invest in like never before. we are going to do it. we put $10.8 million towards making sure that we accelerate this idea that couple like that you want desperately as they do to put that situation. shame on us.
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we are going to fix this and we can focus on this with the efforts of the first lady and some the others in health and family services and some of the outside groups for whom i am grateful. i won't start to mention them all. there are folks inside and out of kentucky that i can help us address this to make sure that we find homes for the most vulnerable among us. that we take care of everyone in kentucky. we are also going to be focusing on doubling in this budget. i think is important. in light of all is happening both in the state and outside of the state so much attention to all of the things that are happening that should or should be happening in government. we will double the budget for the executive branch ethics commission they've been shopping for a long time. they have the ability to do the job that they need going forward a couple other things
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i want to touch on. one of the ways that we make this happen obviously to be able to find the things that we are funding something has to give. if you put millions of dollars more than 20% of the budget into the pensions because that is the cost of making sure the pensions for teachers get paid. if those teachers and the others expect to actually get the pensions we need to find that and if we do where is the money gonna come from. so in this budget you will see that we've actually eliminated the entire program. the specifics of what you will see. others articulate that could be and ultimately should be as well. but you have to take the money from somewhere and so there is 70 absolute programs for which 05 is included. they are scattered throughout state government. have we not done so the next number i'm about to give you is the number that some of you had been inspecting.
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i have heard a thousand ideas of the double digit cuts that are going to come and indeed if we did not do the things we just talked about. the net result of all of this is that the overall cost in reduction is 6.5 percent. everything else in state government other than those areas that i'm not mentioned before that we've kept uncut before. with the formula for the classrooms and a the law enforcement in that sort. there are certain things that we are going to do our best to make cold. but for state government across the board he will see a cut in the next biennium. it's a whole lot less. what would've been. that is still a significant cut.
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that's what it's can it good to take to balance the budget. we don't have any alternatives. the only alternative we had is to generate more revenue and is a topic that we will ultimately lead to the conversation on taxes. i want to talk about that though. i will be very blunt though. there are people in this room who had many criticisms about the pension bill. they never in their entire lives some have been here for decades never have a solution of their own. they have plenty they love to go on tv and talk about everything that's what's wrong with other people propose. they never have a solution. some of them supported the idea that on the tax fund for example that borrowing money to pay off the pension obligation was a good idea. that was quoted a couple of years ago. that did not end up happening. like using the master mastercard to pay off american express.
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for the eagles and asking you to get real. to be real. to make a decision. we have to do it by by law. we are not going to borrow in order dollars. the amount of bonding in this budget so much lower level than has been historically. the ten-year tenure averages over 6%. that service. budget it will be five 3%. the second year 3%. the second year i will say that also includes the tremendous amount of money to take care of things like the amazing amount of deferred maintenance on our college universities. they have a tremendous amount x billion dollars worth of deferred nate maintenance.
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that is to start being taken care of in conjunction with those universities using their own resources to make it a priority if they choose to do so. we're taking care of getting. we are going to invest in things like our university campuses. improving not only to the commonwealth. but to those that will come two years to come. we have to cut the budget. in an emergency cut.
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jefferson county school district has hundreds of millions of dollars why should have hundreds of millions of dollars more on an emergency but never be expected as those why should have hundreds of millions of dollars more on an emergency but never be expected the commonwealth of kentucky does. the idea that nothing is the idea and will be remedied. make sure that we do not shortchange the possibility of something happening in our ability to deal. the last thing i will say tax for modernizing tax code saturday. i have to be brought into the 2t century. and to be more competitive with us. and something that your proposals coming from and i want to hear any and all proposals coming from. i every single legislature to weigh in with your ideas. i've heard from very few of you. some of you i have heard from
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i appreciate the fact that you waited. so many complaints and how that your voice heard. after 30 something years of the body and never having a solution we deserve better than that for those of you that it might apply to. i want to show you one final picture here i will come to that in a moment. i want to talk about at the end of the day why this matters. this matters because of the responsibility of our state to take care of its people. to pay its bills to educate and provide infrastructure. you hear people talking about the piece of the pie. we just need to grow the pie. i find that i noticed as i was writing out what is the actual role and purpose of government that it actually as i was
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writing the three works in this order. if we provide the protection of our people budget is intended to do. i want to encourage you please to take this seriously. these are serious times these are the times that try men's souls. i love to see you lots of rock. nobody likes the idea of having to cut budgets. and having to make difficult decisions. is not enough money and it's easy to throw stones without solutions. now is a time where we need people who are experienced and capable of coming up with solutions to do exactly that. cannot just give up service but to truly work together to find what is best for kentucky.
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we eldest of the people of kentucky. we need to actually alter budget budget in a way that takes care of our obligations. so many of the things that we need the protections and infrastructure can barely be paid for with the budget that we put forward. 1015101515 .. .. but it will take an environment in which we continue to fertilize the ground. that is your job.
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i will work with you and look forward to it but i need and want your support and help in order to do it. every year i've shared with you as part of my address, a book that i would encourage you to read. the first year i recommended read a book old dreamland. if you have not i would still recommend it to you. it is about the opener crisis. last year i read it and i recommended hillbilly ology. it is a powerful telework risk so much of our eastern part of our state in particular but frankly other parts of our state as well. if you have not read that i would encourage that you do. this year i encourage you to read a different book. you'll see it on the screen. it was published a couple of years ago by david mccullough. the wright brothers. you would say why the book? this is about people who dream. this is about people who believed in bigger possibilities. my high school yearbook quote - was by henry wadsworth longfellow. he said that lives of great men all remind us we can make our
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lives sublime. and in passing, leave behind us, footsteps on the sands of time. the footsteps that this legislature is going to lay down. i would administration is going to lay down in conjunction with you that we collectively are going to lay down for the people of kentucky pearson will follow in. i want to encourage you to read this book. it is a powerful story. it's about people you've heard but maybe don't know much about. about the father in the sister who helped make everything but the two brothers be a part of able to do the things that they did. it's an incredible story. i encourage you to read this as you dream big dreams. to think about the possibilities ahead of us here in kentucky. there is no reason why we cannot truly lead the nation. we are doing it now with medicaid reform we are doing with criminal justice reform.
6:03 pm
doing it on pension reform it will pass the bill that you have a good possibility to pass and i know the bus exist and i look forward to having that done. so many people are turning to our states when it comes to redtape reduction. i just gave my pen away great man that was here i warn his mother that it is sharp if you take the back of it. but why not on economic environment. why not see what it's like to have a rich environment for people to create jobs for future generations. this is my challenge to you. read this book.dream big dreams to let kentucky a high and disregard the ridicule as these two brothers did. disregard seemingly overwhelming odds as these two brothers did. disregard all of the naysayers and all the dollars that seems to be lined up in other pockets working against you. we do have limited resources they were so outgoing it wasn't
6:04 pm
even funny. but the bottom line is this. if you dream big dreams and you pursue them and you don't quit, what is possible is almost inconceivable. i want to thank each and every one of you. we do have a difference in opinion on any number of things. but we need every single person to be on board. every single one of you to step up and serve like you never have in this session because we are going to lay down footsteps. we will need one way or lead another. and the great men and women in this legislature are going to be followed in the things that you do will be followed by 4.5 million and growing other kentuckians. let's lay down bold straight preference for others to follow in years to come and less dream big dreams. i thank you for the opportunity to serve you and i think for your attention to this. i thank you for your thoughtful consideration of the budget that will be presented to you.
6:05 pm
it is a realistic budget. it is one that is not wishful thinking is one that we must pass and will set us on course to get our house in order so that the future will be bright and so the excitement that we have will continue to be as real as it is today thank you for your time and attention for your service in the commonwealth may god bless you and may god bless the commonwealth of kentucky. [applause] [applause]
6:06 pm
[applause] >> the president of the united states. [applause] tuesday night, president donald trump gives his first state of the union address to congress and the nation. join us for this starting at 8 pm eastern. in the state of the union speech live at 9 pm. following the speech the democratic response from congressman joe kennedy.
6:07 pm
we also hear your reaction and comments for members of congress. president trumps state of the union address tuesday night live on c-span. listen live on the free c-span radio at an available live or on-demand on your desktop, phone or tablet at >> where are you from? go ahead. >> i describe the thomasville described the moment as a bizarre moment. it was a surprise when he called me over but he is the president of the united states in the oval office out if he says who are you? come over here, then you don't ask. >> on q&a, journalist and former rt washington correspondent, katrina perry talks about covering president trump and his supporters for the irish media during and after the 2016 presidential election season. in her book, in america. >> drain the swamp, as the words that are incredibly
6:08 pm
provocative. and you know immediately what he's talking about. and he is playing on the notion that d.c. was a swamp and by taking the heart of people that live there and replacing that with better people. i just don't know if people believed him or not or that he could fulfill that or not. sunday night at eight eastern on c-span q&a. up next, new mexico governor, susana martinez delivering her final "state of the state address" at the state capital in santa fe. she reviewed her legislative agenda including education investment, tax reform and the criminal justice system.his speech last about one hour.


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