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tv   Washington Journal Alex Nowrasteh  CSPAN  February 2, 2018 9:27pm-9:55pm EST

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host: joining us is alex with the cato institute. he >> joining us now is alex nowrasteh from the cato institute immigration policy analyst so to help us with this term is called chain migration and learn about what the program is all about. we want to hear from the president on the state of the union with the immigration plan and chain migration. >> the fourth and final that speller protects the nuclear family by ending chain migration. [applause]
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under the current broken system a single immigrant can bring in virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives. under our plan, we focus on the immediate family by limiting sponsorships to spouses and minor children b-17 the vital reform is necessary but for security and for the future of america. in recent weeks to terrorist attacks in new york were made possible by chain migration and visa lottery. in the age of terrorism they present risks. we can just no longer afford.
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[applause] with these outdated immigration rules and finally to bring the immigration system into the 21st century. >> though the term chain migration what does that mean what is the history of the program? the that refers to american citizensf being able to sponsor their family members to come over to the united states lawfully on a green card to come and work permanently in the chain migration goes back over 70 years and it is a phenomenon going back throughout history even with open borders often times the wage earner comes first gets a job and sense for the family
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then they send for their family and the first person to go through ellis island was a young minor child weeding up with her family here in the united states. legally family sponsorship or reunification wasn't part of the law until 1921 when congress put high quotas on immigrants outside of northwestern europe those of the spouses and the minor children. and to be expanded greatly is a major portion of the americane immigration system. >> has it work as intended? >> not at all. with unintended consequences one is for those immediate
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relativess but that accounts for 40% of all immigrants in the united states but yet another portion accounts for an additional 20% but when family sponsorship was expanded it was done by people who wanted to keep american immigration coming from europe and with that time. of the immigrants were from europe so thinking only their families could come but that backfired rapidly and it became a way for asian and african immigrants to come in substantial numbers that by 2010 all nine tenths of immigrants are from places other than europe.
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>> senator chris murphy from connecticut says a reminder that is a made-up term the purpose is to dehumanize keep using the term chain migration because if we don't and family reunification will be doing a great disservice so now little more on the terminology? >> chain migration has been used by social scientist it
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was not made up by any anti- immigration people in the national review writer has preferences that is the name of the system he is criticizing and that is the name for another portion so if you want to be accurate but is that totally appropriate that chain migration is also appropriate. >> to what the president said about making changes what you see him putting that out there? >> basically we have thela bullet points to cut out the green card of u.s. citizens then there would be a phaseout
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from the rest of the family sponsored green card program like the young married sons and daughters sponsors of minor children those are still included but a lot of the others would be eliminated like daughters and sisters so the backlog would be cleared there are many categories especially from mexico or philippines and china with a very long backlog. under a different theory maybe 20 or 25 years years to clear them but after that nobody could come in. >> what do you expect the perception? >> negative. very little but democrats and republicans.
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>> good morning. i have to say i agree wholeheartedly terms like chain migration those are all made up words from the left to candy coat that is the word illegal immigrants but the biggest problem we have is the majority of people on board of the daca recipients with a pathwayns to citizenship it goes beyond that because for the democrats to reveal that many that is the biggest concern. democrats are not lung -- are being disingenuous.
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>> we are talking about the family sponsored this is for legal immigration not illegal immigrants but to your point whether legalizing the dreamers leads to an increase in chain migration, most of those proposals would say they would not be allowed toti sponsor other family members as a compromise but even if they were allowed to receipt research from the 1990 shows each immigrant brings three and a half immigrants through the system to the united states so then about 240,000 i'm sorry 2.4 and 2.9 million people in addition to that.
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>> good morning thank you for taking my call. so in 1964 when they passed the aid for dependent children they couldn't get the family and it's a black families primarily and i am wondering the impact of that law on immigration leaving the workforce because of that? >> there is a lot of academic research on labor force participation rates in the fighting of that when you pay people for not working. but there is a lot of evidence that immigrants are coming to the united states have filled a lot of jobs on the low and
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high end of theab american labor market working at a higher rate and in fact one of the reasons might be legal immigrants don't have access for the first five years they are here. >> caller: how are you. what about the war on the homeland? homework? >> that they would not do that. >> so we are talking about the idea of chain migration are you connecting that? >> now let's move on i thought he was going somewhere else. he has. another topic at hand.
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>> he wants to have these immigrants as chain my graders and i have a problem with that. people should be labeled the way they want to be. he wouldn't say that to a person fromon one of these countries like to bring your families together to be black folks did not like that. 2d humanize a person and behind the walls of discrimination with those little tricks but that term chain migration is derogatory. so say what it is for what it is it is familyit reunification
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and i think those are both legitimate my family legitimate and chain migration i also recommend you follow i vote against this making it easier for people to reunite with family members here in the united states but a lot of the focus on the terms get away from the core issue. >> by the numbers the most common form of legal form of immigration to the united states in 216,238,000 was categorized as a family sponsored preference and 557,000 people came to the united states as an immediate relative between 60 and 70% is family -based roots.
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>> i think those are divided clearly the vast majority is dithe immediate relative or of minor children and their parents on those minor children even in the 20s trying to create immigration laws based on racial origin they still respected family reunification and migration. >> the president refers to unlimitedef numbers but are there caps currently how many can come in as part of the program? >> there is no numerical limit that you can support yourself but in terms of the family sponsored system mentioning 238,000 there are numerical
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caps. for those that are older than 21 for the category of minor children that cap is at 88000 per year but the unmarried sons and daughters without cap a 26000 per year 23400 per year in those brothers and sisters but the result of this combined has resulted in the long wait time for the brothers and sisters category that are faithfully getting their green card now they have been in line for over 20 years. >> good morning. >> caller: good morning.
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the chain migration immigration reform is antiquated thought it was good at the time but went south at the time we needed the people to come here to work and help build the economy but however now it is not in such a shape that we do need to look at the americans here to build the economy. in the past when the immigrants would come here they would work at a much lower rate and have more jobs than the american people that may not have the education or the technical skills who are unable to get those jobs because they were built by legal immigrants nobody is holding accountable the workers and i think they should hold the employers
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accountable it was a good thought but it went south at the time we needed that but we need to look at america first. god bless america. >> god bless america. thank you so coming on the green card legally allowed to work and employers can hire them. but there is a vast body of economic research on the wages of american and what you find there is almost no job placement discovered it in the entire literature found immigrants through 2010 lowered the wages of americanwa high school dropouts by 1.7% relative to other workers. but in every other category
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they saw a wage increase that was every other category. >> caller: good morning. could you tell me, sir, how many immigrants we have in this country that are illegal? and the ones that are legal? >> yes. the estimates is between 11 and 12 million illegal immigrants currently in between 31 and 32 million legal immigrants. >> thank you very much. i think that number is off the grid because here in wyoming it is unreal how many illegals
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we have. i don't know how many but if you look around and they are all working. i would say they are a very bunch of people and they are wonderful but they just come for the system. i appreciate your time. thank you for c-span. >> edition have asked how does screening work as part of the program and how long does it take? >> it depends where they come from it usually takes a couple of years for the immediate relatives but united states government for where they come from to check the criminal records having access to database with national security threats so to run
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against the system if it is not up to par to have that discretionon. >> go to the white house website here is their version of the numbers they say as a result of chain migration every hour u.s. the recitals enough migrants to fill a small auditorium. every day to fill a large school every week a college basketball arena or an entire football stadium to capacity and resettling a population larger than the size of washington d.c. >> immigration counts as chain migration. somewhere around 800,000 per year with the reunification
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category but historically they are actually pretty small. that is about one third of 1% in the early 20th century seeing those immigrant flows with a much dollar population. >> caller: i have a question about the presidents proposal to attenuate so senator cornyn and with that ethnocentric
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with that rhetoric to keep those illegals out. it is possible to make the case and with legal immigration. with that ethnocentric but i disagree with the border wall for the wrong reasons. >> thanks for calling. >> and leaving the charge on illegal immigration and is bad for the growth of this country going forward with the intentions of people who want tons build a border wall to cut
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illegal immigration across the southwest border the chain migration portion that is entirely separate. >> julia? >> caller: but with citizenship when they have children born in this country and that citizenship status of the baby that they come over than they themselves have children? >> you are correct anybody born on u.s. soil are
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automatically citizens other than diplomats but that does not change the immigration status of the parent.t. they are not able to adjust their status to a green card. and that is very rarely used so thinking that can lead to a green card in the future doesn't hold true. >> here i live talk about rounding them up and ship them out so how likely is it that we so how likely is it that we set up stadiums to deport en masse like that? is that something that we should do as americans to put them into facilities like a camp type of situation then deport them without legal papers?
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>> absolutely not. u.s. immigration is 100% on people who are actual criminals with national security threats or those who have communicable diseases and that separate zero enforcement to those whose only violation is breaking immigration law but if that is possible or not that would be very difficult to destroy those civil liberties not to mention those of their families but those biggest deportation rates were in the first term of the obaman administration i think that will be nearly impossible for this administration even to reach the first-term numbers of deportation. >> alex nowrasteh from the
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cato institute thanks for your time and your information this morning
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