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tv   On the Phone with Alex Bolton  CSPAN  February 13, 2018 9:19pm-9:30pm EST

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[inaudible] >> i can't hear you. >> to have a spokes person get out and say something isn't good enough. thank you, everybody. >> the senior staff writer is joining us. what has kept the debate from moving forward on tuesday? >> they can't agree on what the votes are going to be and more specifically, democrats don't want to vote on the proposal sponsored by the republicans run
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pennsylvania that would penalize the cities, the so-called sanctuary cities that don't cooperate with federal law enforcement. that is a vote the democrats still want to have the republicans have insisted a couple of times already to come to the floor. mitch mcconnell tried to break it up midday tuesday and then at the end of the day tried to get a vote on the proposal. democrats object to both times and instead become of the democrats want to vote on a bipartisan plan backed by chris kunz of delaware and john mccain too provided health to citizenship for the dreamers and in exchange for border security, $25 billion would be parsed out over time and the other
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proposals for legislation sponsored by senator chuck grassley that reflects the immigration plan that the democrats would rather vote on the trump immigration proposal rather than the sanctuary cities proposal. >> both sides have shown their hands on what they want and at the end of the week what are you hearing from people on what they think is able to be accomplished by the and? >> to change the waiting and two overhaul the diversity of the program those are not
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acceptable. that is going beyond the scope of the program that was rescinded in december and gave the deadline to do something with it. he's willing to entertain reforms limited to recipients and family members and he doesn't want to go further than that. he said if you want to broaden them, then they will want additional concessions that we need to bring up the 11 million living in the shadows. if they are going to push for the broad immigration reforms they need the path to citizenship. to answer your question, it is hard to say. someone is going to have to back down. mcconnell is pretty much bearing the democrats to take the republican offer and we will see
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what the democrats do but given how short the debate is going to be par, they are afraid to taket out after the presidents' day recess it is hard to arrive on a solution in the next few hours. >> you covered the senate leaders and the headline piece earlier. the headline said the senate needs to move on from immigration. they have other business obviously so what is the timeline for moving ahead in the immigration debate? this debate has been delayed as of tuesday evening the senate isn't on the bill yet. the democrats have not yielded back the post-cloture time so that means on wednesday morning they will finally be on the bill and they can start proposing amendments.
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but unless there is a bipartisan agreement, they may be delayed as much as friday. mcconnell told reporters after the lunch on tuesday he i he's y going to allocate this week and he says the senate should be able to wrap this up before the presidents' day recess which starts on saturday and goes for a week. there has been already a pretty substantial debate and we don't even have the time spent on amendment votes or know what they are going to be. >> i know you are focused on the senate, but your colleague has a piece outlined house gop leaders. what are we to make of that? >> the house speaker is under pressure from the man is to put
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forth a conservative immigration counter offer and this is something that goes beyond what the president has proposed that essentially, he is emphasizing to the democrats in the senate that if you manage to pick off the 11 republicans and pass a narrow bill. senior staff writer with the hill he is on twitter and as always we appreciate the update.
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>> thanks for having me. >> the c-span bus is traveling around the country recently stopped in montgomery alabama asking folks what is the most important issue in their state. >> being here in the birthplace of the modern civil rights place the most important issues are equalityissue of ourequality, fl justice for all people. we can't just talk about this a every february but we have to do more to build bridges. a famous educator once wrote there are two ways to exert one's power one is pushing down and one is pulling up. >> one issue is especially in montgomery people but graduated from the college is whethe collt be in montgomery or the
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surrounding areas looking for a job there is no job here you need more than just a college degree to get a job and i think because a lot of people don't have the financial aid to keep going they don't have the money to get the higher education and can't find a job with just the average college degree. >> we have been fighting for seven or eight years now and still have it in alabama and fight tha for every single yearh the new bill and we want to get rid of it. >> the state of alabama is racial inequality, justice reform. here in the state w states we se rhetoric in the constitution that is representative of the re this past. it governs a diverse group of people and is very outdated and
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limit people's powers of the disenfranchisement in the way that law enforcement interacts with the citizens across the state that don't need to be addressed to have the gap and disparities and inequalities in the system here in alabama. so those can kind of clothes and eventually not even exist. >> an important issue for me is the cost of college education for everyone to have equal opportunities to go to college and get the same amount of money to support themselves because some people the government should take on this responsibility that is important to alabama.
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>> voices around the state on c-span. >> landmark cases returns with a look a of 12 new supreme court cases each week historians and experts join us to discuss the issues and personal stories behind the significant supreme court decisions beginning monday february 26 live at 9 p.m. eastern and to help you follow w off both cases we have a companion guide written by this record a journalist landmark cases volume two. president trumps budget proposal spends $4.4 trillion edward at $984 billion to the national debt. white house budget


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