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tv   Small Business Summit - Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg  CSPAN  February 14, 2018 12:06am-12:19am EST

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the last thing is you have to spell it within acts or you will get a real treat. [applause] >> it afternoon i'll call order of wild -- we make probiotic drink. we started this at the side of a jew shop and we brought after week work on weekdays and on the weekends we would bottle. we did everything by hand. we are now sold over 350 stores across five states.
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and thankfully we no longer do it all by hand. i had the opportunity to meet our next speaker in my 10000 small businesses graduation in baltimore. when bloomberg and goldman sachs brought me up for coaching session, we share birthday tomorrow and i'm honored to share stage with him today. please welcome the 108th mayor of new york. the founder and ceo bloomberg lt. and someone who understands baltimore's charm, michael bloomberg.
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>> signal share the same birthday, it's valentine's day. one out of every 365 and a quarter people ever born on the face of the earth shares the birthday with us welcome to a great event. i've always been a great fan. i remember starting a small business. the first day was me today it's a little bigger than that. something like 20000 people. i can tell you the best times in the whole country was at the beginning when you did everything. get in there early and had to put the coffee on sweeping up afterwards, we had a small fish
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tank and it became a symbol of what we did. i also want to thank -- they're the ones who really deserve a round of applause. [applause] when i started the business most of you will not believe the state ever existed. it was before pcs were invented. i know you don't think that was possible but we created our own pcs and every afternoon i would go up to there and set the circuit boards for these computers that we're building which never worked on eventually we did get them to work. it was before al gore invented the internet. it was very in history.
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is covered by the old testament rather than the new testament. but i went out to customers. tell you story to show you how small business works, it's people. the matter how much digital bf, people is what makes businesses. so what i did is identify the company to be a first customer i went to a delicatessen every morning for close to a year about two cups of coffee and two cups of tea to go. one with milk and one without. i went into the company, merrill lynch and i walked down the halls in those days there is no security locked down the hall so it see somebody in their office in the morning reading a
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newspaper and i just barged in and said excuse me, trying to build the relationship at merrill lynch i'm trying to build a relationship and i bought you a couple coffee some people didn't like and say i only drink tea. facet all i have to pray the bottom line is about relationships in the final day when we almost and get the business chamber and of the board was walking by was in a meeting and they're going to tell me they were, my product and i had known him by barging in his office by barging in his office with two cups of coffee or tea. i said i was about them the opportunity to use it and then
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we cancel it and he said that's a great deal, will do that and he walked out nobody had any idea how to say no and that was our first customer. [applause] small businesses, someone once said that he can tell who the owners because that's the person sweeping the floor at the end of the day. things that i've always listen to, yours give the next big project to the most overworked person in your company. there's a reason why there overworked skull crowdsourcing. those are the most confident people that get things done. when i see someone who has time to take on a new project i don't want to get it bit to them.
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it's been my philosophy that small businesses get to be big businesses because you work harder and focus on your customers. that's what we have done. pick up your phone and call them. say, i'm mike bloomberg, lucky enough to have you as a customer is there anything we can do to make your life better? people want you to ask them they want to think that you really care and most businesses don't. they focus on reducing their cost and i think you should focus on increasing your revenues. if you have some money expended on making your customers more happy. they'll tell other people that you might sell something to the you have a great product and are
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a great businessperson. a lot of you will survive. if you don't think about the difference between america and other places. in america you have a chance to start again overseas around the world if you fail your failure. in america, if a business is a work try to do it the next time, people want to succeed in america. that differentiates us from everybody else. it's why so many are in america as opposed to overseas. businesses tend to start in america.
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washington is not going to be helpful, it's keeping people from out from around the world. [applause] as a matter of fact, believe it or not they try to do something stupid or that's to have people who are here creating businesses force them to leave the country, that's most insane thing of ever heard there's roughly 1 million immigrants who on small businesses in the united states. they create more jobs the truth of the matter is this country was built on immigrants.
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it's like 40% were founded or cofounded by an immigrant i mention those statistics because congress often forgets this. i'm 100% in sympathy to someone who loses their job. on balance its businesses businesses are created by people who have the drive looking for opportunity. that's immigrants coming to this country and understand what america is about. all businesses really are the backbone of this country. i just came from a meeting where they talk about big business and all the growth we've had small businesses have not been growing.
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the unemployment rate has been coming down pits in the big businesses. that doesn't bode well for the future. the next big businesses of the small businesses of today. we just have to make sure that people understand that it would cut the red tape and find ways to provide financing give people the assistance and opportunities to to government if we do that the future is bright for our country, eight if we don't will continue to hurt people will be overseas and we cannot have let that happen. [applause] what i would urge you to do is pick up the phone and call your local congressman collier mayor
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governor you'll get them on the phone clean get their secretary they say i'm a small business person and i need help. it isn't that i don't want any regulation, i just don't want regulation despite the growth. you, they ask your secretaries who called however they care about. government will work for you just have to be smart enough to demand it and say you don't is to me i will have a business. [applause]


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