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tv   Palestinian President Address to U.N. Security Council  CSPAN  February 23, 2018 2:47pm-5:51pm EST

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and we close book tv in prime time with astronaut scott kelly on his voyages into space. and his book endurance. >> sunday night on "after words", author carol westover talks about growing up with survivalist parents in the idaho mountains in her book educated: a memoir. she's interviewed by author and journalist susanna michaela and. >> a lot of people think they take apart this idea that to learn something you have to have a degree and have a whole institution in place that teaches you. i'm grateful to my parents that i was not raised to think that so when i decidedi wanted to go to college when i was 16 , it felt like something i could do, not because i had any formal education but okay, i need to learn algebra. i will buy a book and i'll learn. i had an amazing job. i got into a university but i kept going with that. my parents took it too far, i arrived at university under prepared. i once asked in the class the
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holocaust was, i never heard of that. they thought i was denying it , i wasn't. i never heard of it before. i wouldn't say this is the ideal education, i wouldn't say that. >> watch at 9 pm easternon book tv on c-span2 . now palestinian ready mahmoud abbas spoke at the un security council. regarding the israeli-palestinian conflict. following his speech, the us ambassador to the un nikki haley responded.this is about three hours. >>. >> the security council is
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called order. >> i should like on behalf of the members of the security council to express profound grief and sorrow at the passing of selling two more. >> the members of the council convey their deepest sympathies to the families and to the government of allowing. today also marks the one-year anniversary of the passing of ambassador the community of the russian federation. i now invite members of the council to rise and observe a minute of silence in tribute for the ambassador mora and ambassador gordon. >> ...
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>> thank you. the situation in the middle east including thepalestinian question . the agenda is adopted. in accordance with rule 37 of the council's provisional rules, i invite the representative of israel to participate in this meeting.
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>> is so decided. >>. >> i propose that the council invite the president of the observer state of palestine to participate in this meeting in accordance with a provisional rules of procedure and the previous passage in this regard. >> there being no objection, it is so decided. >> on behalf of the council, i welcome his excellency mister mahmoud abbas and i request the officer a seat at the council.
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rule 39 of the council's provisional rules, i invite mister nikolai martin off, coordinator for the middle east and representative of the attorney general to participate . it is so decided. >> the security council will now begin the consideration of item 2 of the agenda. i wish to warmly welcome the secretary general and give him the floor to make introductory remarks. >> good afternoon to the security council, is excellency mansour al-otaibi,
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his excellency mister mahmoud abbas, president of the state of palestine, welcome to you and your delegation. his excellency, ladies and gentlemen. i just returnedfrom a visit to kuwait . to wait over the conference under reconstruction , the international community thank the people for their courage in victory over daesh and the people of iraq and kuwait, mister president, it's very important in this very expensive meeting. we take exception in the region. this context underscores the need for a political solution to the palestinian conflict which has locked us for far too long. and yes, i reiterate my personal commitment to the united nations for supporting their efforts to achieve a two state solution.
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a solution of two democratic states in palestine living side-by-side in peace and diplomatic borders. a solution that allstate issued on the basis of relevant united nations resolutions with international law and full agreement. there is no plan b. yet today we face the reality, after decades of support, the consensus to fix the solution was vetoed and on the grounds that it has the potential to create an irreversible one state reality and it is simply impossible to square the circle of the one state reality with the national democratic expiation both israelis and palestinians. at the same time, conditions for palestinians which have been under the control of oblast for a decade under daesh. funding is also an international concern. security advice and dignity
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in the university of the united states, so too is a stability in the region. i urged the international community to step up and offer their support. >> if this is time for dialogue in the region. is this moment of great consequence that i feel for effective constructive action by all parties. it is more important than ever. we need the president toallow me to ask you to give the floor to the special coordinator of the middle east peace process , and to deliver his remarks on the situation in the middle east. >>. >> i think the secretary general for his remarks and now give the floor to mister martin off. >> mister president, your excellency, president mahmoud abbas, secretary general. we meet this month as regional tensions are taking an extremely perilous turn. despite the fighting in syria increasing, endangering
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de-escalation arrangements and stability as well as efforts for a political solution. despite the positive news from iraq and the defeat of daesh, much of the middle east continues to be in the grips of an ongoing human tragedy of immense proportions. the president, against this backdrop, over a century of hostility including 50 years of continued military occupation, israelis and palestinians still have no courses be. millions of lost hope that they will see it in their lifetime. the enemies of these are growing more confident by the day. they see every failure in the forces of moderation as a win towards radicalization. they believe the political odds are turning in their favor. day after day, they are emboldened. entering these there are also those who push back on the ground to promote unilateral moves walking the pathway back to the negotiating table. none of this will bring us close to resolving the
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conflict. none of it will respond to the inalienable rights of the palestinian people in statehood for the israeli longing for security. it will only drive us further down the road of confrontation and one state reality of perpetual stream. >> last month the community discussed key priorities to advance the goal of peace in the extraordinary ministerial meeting. >> at the meeting, i was encouraged by widespread unequivocal messages affirming support for the two state solution and line with relevant un resolutions and any to resume meaningful negotiations over all final status issues including the status of jerusalem. disciplines also made a critical commitment to take efforts to address the humanitarian crisis in gaza including profits focus in water and electricity, economic recovery. a message to all was clear.
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first, we must reaffirm sustainable peace requires a two state solution. one can only be achieved through the negotiating process. israelis and palestinians define the final status issues and only they, together can defend their resolution. second, efforts must continue to see implementation of concrete and transformative steps on the ground including an ending is israeli settlement expansion and expensing issues, in areas clear of the west bank. consistent with the transition to greater palestinian civil authority called for in the 2016 reports of each quota. third, the palestinian authority must continue to advance institution building and service delivery to the palestinian people and work towards bringing back under its control. lastly, it is critical that any future peace proposal focused on the two state solution and all final statisticians of the prior agreements and relevant un resolutions.
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failure to do so could have dangerous repercussions. mister president, maintaining support for palestine refugees is fundamental to the pursuit of peace and stability in the region. i reassert my ongoing concern over sizable funding shortfall. did despite the welcome flexibility of some station dispersing funding. in addition, the emergency appeals launched on january, 800 us dollars for the west bank and gaza, opposed to the syria regional crisis. to meet the essential needs of some 1.5 million highly vulnerable people. the encouragement of states to consider urgency providing new funding for onerous critical requirements. as the people have told us and the gulf between the two sides widens, palestinians and israelis continue to suffer the violent consequences on the ground. and palestinians were killed
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by israeli security forces and incidents across the palestinianterritory. one israeli civilian was to have been killed by palestinian in the west bank. three of the palestinians killed died during violent clashes . one a 16-year-old was philip romano, killed under such circumstances at the end of the year. >> .. this was followed by israeli air strikes on some 18 ham mass targets while palestinian militants fired two rockets into
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israel, one causing damage to a house. two palestinian teens were killed by israeli security forces while attempting to approach the fence. three more rockets were fired towards israel with two israeli retaliatoriy strikes, all without injuries. mr. president, i encourage the international community to join the united nations in calling on militants in gaza to refrain from such provocations and end the billing of tunnels and firing of rockets to israel. the response day elicit risk the lives of palestinians and israelis and increase the likelihood of another devastating conflict. take the opportunity to note the needs to resolve the matter of the missing israeli soldiers and civilians being held in gaza. two additional incidents highlight the risk of escalation and the need for continued
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israeli-palestinian security coordination. these were the discovery of 12 roadside bombs on the 26th of january in the west bank and he foiled attempt in february to smuggle a dual use component in a shipment of medical equipment. note that the trial of the 17-year-old palestinian girl started on the 13th of february behind closed doors. she has been detained and remand for two months to date. the detention of a child must only be used as a measure of last resort and for the shortest possible time. mr. president, throughout the reporting period, israel's ill settlement related activities continued unabated. in response to the last month's killing of a resident of the illegal outpost on february 4th. israel approved the establishment of a new settlement to absorb its residents. i strongly denounce the expansion of the settlement enterprise as a compensation for
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israeli deaths. settlement construction is not a morally appropriate way to responsible to murder. on february 12th, israel also advanced two settlement plans for 85 housing units near bell beg he hem. they're ill -- beg he hem and are a substantial obstacle peace. mr. president, demolition and seizure of palestinian owned structures continues, with 31 truck steurs tapinged, resulting in 33 palestinianed displaced, particularly concerning what the demolition of two donor funded classrooms, serving palestinian children. this is the sixth demolition of confiscation in the school since february 2016. overall, accord, 44 schools in the occupied west bank are currently at risk of demolition.
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i urge israel to cease this practice. mr. president, i briefed you last week on the situation in gaza. month after month we have raised the alarm about the humanitarian, economic and ecological calamity. the situation is unsustainable. up to 20 hours per day unmine the provision of basic services. without additional immediate fuel delivery the situation could deteriorate with dramatic consequences. i reiterate the, for united arab emirates and the state of qatar for the support with dealing with the emergency. their immediate response has helped stave off the further deterioration. i'mles encouraged by try lateral meeting with, in which we focused on humanitarian problems in gaza. both sides reaffirm their economiesment to the temporary
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gaza reconstruction mechanism and agreed on the need for a joint review to improve the functionality, transparency and predictability. mr. president, as the humanitarian crisis in gaza escalated the implementation of the brokered agreement has stalled. absent immediate steps to address the humanitarian crisis and revive the in the we'll face a total collapse in gaza. this is a fact. i welcome the proposal of the palestinian government to enincorporate into the 2018 budget some 20,000 civil service employees in gaza. a positive outcome, however, is contingent upon the lex of -- collection of taxes, payment of salaries and return of the government administration and ultimately security control of gaza. i urge all sides to intensify their engagement and to move forward in this process. mr. president, for a decade, two
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million people have lived under the full control of ham mass, with crippling israeli closures and access restrictions. throughout this period the international community has provided aid and humanitarian assistance to alleviate suffering and rebuild what was destroyed in three devastating conflicts. it is time to break the cycle. it is time to return gaza back to the control of the legitimate palestinian authority so could there can be no palestinian state without palestinian unity. those who stand in the way of reconciliation,hart the cause and the price will be paid by generations of ordinary people. mr. president, the security situation on the golan is also a growing concern. a worrying escalation occurred on february 10th when israeli defense forces destroyed what they identified as an iranian unmanned aerial vehicle which reportedly entered the air space from syria. shortly thereafter the israeli
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aircraft tearinged a syrian air base. during the attack one israeli jet was hit, injuring two pilots which prompted israel to attack what it describe as 12 military objective inside syria. turning to lebanon, heightened rhetoric was exchanged between israel and over disputed maritime areas. the united nations calls on the sides to act responsibly, avoid security risks and explore with the support of the united nations ways to resolve the issue. preparations continue for may parliamentary elects in lebanon and the upcoming conferences to support the security sector in the economy respectively on the 15th of march and the 5th of april. while the situation was generally quiet in operation and despite heightened rhetoric related to proposed construction by israeli defense forces in lebanon, quote, reservation
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areas, end quote, south of the blue line, construction began in nonreservation areas on the 7th of february with no intense end reported. mr. president, returning to the israeli-palestinian conflict, let me reiterate in closing that we in the international community, must continue advocating for substantial israeli policy changes related to the situation in the west bank, including a halt to settlement construction, demolition of structures in palestinian development. on gaza, we must work to alleviate the humanitarian disaster and provide full support for to egyptian wreck conciliation effort. i hope we can lookon the closed, dark negotiate rooms that are turnly empty so see there are israeli and palestinian advocates for peace, working tirelessly to promote change.
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civil society organizations, youth and women's groups, religious and community leaders, they all have a critical role to play and must be supported and allowed to express their views freely. we rarely discuss their role. we don't speak often enough about the challenge they'd face but their efforts must be recognized and supported. in this chamber, mr. president, we have often spoken of the need for leadership on both sides to reach a deal, compromise, through know,s that would allow israel yas and palestinians to separate be be masters of their own fate, but, mr. president, the negotiations would not be negotiations between equals. for one side is under military occupation. its leadership committed to a peaceful solution to the conflict through negotiations. i urge the international community not to give up on support for the moderate palestinian leadership, or on building up the institutions that ill increase the chances of success. our window of opportunity is
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closing, and if we do not seize it quickly, the israeli-palestinian conflict will be engulfed in the whirlwind of religious radicalization that is present in the region. thank you. >> interpreter: thank you for this briefing and now give the floor to his excellency, the president of the observer state of palestine. >> interpreter: thank you, in the name of god the merciful, the compassionate, excellent si. president of the security counsel, the members of the security counsel. 70 years have passed since palestine's tack employs. since then 6 million palestinian refugees suffer from compile and
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they continue to wonder the world after the loss of their peaceful and stable lives in their homelands. they are part of the 13 million palestinians whose country has yet to be recognized as a full member state of the united nations. despite the numerous resolutions, re-affirming the right to self-determination. and despite resolutions re-affirming the right to statehood on their national land. excellencies, we are the descendents of the -- that lived in the land of palestine 5,000 year ago and continuously remain
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there to this day. our great people remains rooted in islam. the palestinian people built their own cities and homelands and made contributions to human ity and civilization witnessed by the world. they established institutions, hospitals, controlled organizations, libraries, newspapers, publishing houses, economic organizations, businesses and banks, with wide regional and international influence. some of this existed before and after the declaration issued by the british government in 1917. the declaration by which those who could not own gave to those who had no right. the british government bears responsibility for the
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catastrophic consequence is inflected on the palestinian people as a result of this declaration. our people remain under occupation and they continue their journey, building and developing their country with establishment of the national authority. now an institutions are recognized by international organizations for their merit and work which is based on the accountability and transparency andwoman anding you in coexistence of civilization and nondiscrimination. moreover, we continue to strive to unite our people and land and to ensure one authority, one law, and one god.
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and we are determined to convene parliamentary and presidential elections. mr. president, excellency, our conviction is deep-prosecuted, and our position is clear regarding the use of arms of any kind. not only do we call for the dismanlement of nuclear weapons but we are also opposed to conventional weapons, which have caused such vast destruction of states and n our region and around the world. we have thus been committed to fostering a culture of peace. rejection of violence, pursuit of sustainable development, and the building of schools, hospitals, and industrial zones, as cultural reform and
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technological production, as opposed to establishing establishing -- -- purchasing tanks and identify jerrett. we wish for ore people to live in freedom and dignity. starved from war ask destruction. the price of one tank can build a school. the price of one fighter jet can build a hospital that can protect people from all conventional and nonconventional weapons. we really want for our people to live in freedom and dignity, far from wars and destruction, and far from terrorism and extremism, which are being relentlessly combated in all areas of the globe. accordingly, we have become party to 83 security agreements with states around the world, 83 states around the world, including the united states, the
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russian federation, and other european countries and other countries as well. our goal from these agreements is one and only, fighting terrorism. ladies and gentlemen, why are we here today? after a long journey and tremendous effort to a political path based on negotiation which could lead to comprehensive peace, as you are aware, we participated in the madrid conference in 1991, and signed the oslo accord in 1993. we were alone with the israelis, and the norwegians. you know this. to these accords affirmed imperative of reaching a solution for all permanent status issues before 1999.
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unfortunately, this has not become reality. therefore, we should wonder, why has it yet to be achieved? nevertheless, we persisted in our efforts to reach people. we engaged in dialogue and camp david. we participated in the annapolis conference. we edge -- engaged in negotiations for eight months. eight months. and we met with prime minister netanyahu in the presence of former secretary of state, hillary clinton, and george mitchell. we also accepted president putin's invitation to meet with mr. netanyahu in moscow but he has regret my evaded participating in such a meeting. we also engage itched with all
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serious nose with former secretary of state john kerry but the israeli called the failure -- cause the failure of these efforts. how can it be said that we who reject negotiations. we have never refused any invitation to participate in negotiations. please, do not say that we rejected negotiations. we believe that negotiations are the only path towards the peace. so how can be reject negotiations? please believe me, this not true. confronted with this, we have neither given up nor have we lost hope. we have come to the united nations, believing in the purposes and principles of the charter of united nations which affirms the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by
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force and affirms the right of people to self-determination, article 40 and 41 we affirmed. nobody has held israel accountable when it occupied our territories in 1948. so the charter affirms the right of people to self-determination, which are among the issues this august council will address tomorrow. we continue to engage with all of its agencies and bodies in our quest to end this occupation of our land and people. yes, in spite of all of that the uunited nations has failed to implement it'srelevant resolutions until this very day. is this possible, ladies and gentlemen? is this logical that despite the adoption of 705 general assembly resolutions, 705 -- from 1948 until this very day, and 86
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security council resolutions, in our favor, from 242 to 334, none of them have been implemented. where are these resolutions which your august council adopted? 86 resolutions with no result whatsoever. is this logical that israel violates its obligations to implement resolutions 181 and 194? if you remember, these two resolutions were a a condition for israel to be accepted at the ununand he said he was ready to implement the resolution, and because of this commitment, israel was accepted at the united nations, but until this very day, these two resolutions have yet to be implemented. 181 and 194. ladies and gentlemen, israel is
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acting as a state above the law. it has transformed the occupation from a temporary situation as per international law, into a situation of permanent settlements colonization. that is -- occupy the territories in 1967. it was supposed to be temporary. however, it has become permanent. it's colonized all the area it wanted, including jerusalem, that your august council considers an occupied territory. how can this happen? it's israel's shut the door on the two-state solution on the basis of the 1967 border. here, we must re-affirm, as we have in the past, that our problemes not with the follower
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offered judaism. our problem is only with the occupiers of our land and those denying our independence and freedom. disregarding their religion. mr. president, we met with the president of the united states, mr. donald trump, four times in 2017, and we have expressed our absolute readiness to reach an historic peace agreement. we repeatedly re-affirmed our position in accordance with international law, the relevant resolution the two-state solution based on then 1967 border, yet this administration has not clarified its position. is is for the two-state solution or one-state solution? and then in a dangerous, unprecedented manner, this administration, under unlawful
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decision to remove the issue of jerusalem off the table. without any reason. it decided to recognize the city of israel's capitol and to transfer its embassy to the city, to jerusalem. it did so ignore that east jerusalem is part of the palestinian territory and is occupied since 1967, and it is our capitol, which we wish to be -- open to all faithful or all the faithful othe three religions. especially islam, christianity, and judaism. it is also strange that the united states still lists the palestine liberation
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organization on its terror list, and it imposes restrictions on the work of our mission in washington, under the pretext of congressional decision since 1987. all of these international, bilateral relations between us and the u.n., including assistance and visits, we then discover that the congress believes we are terrorist is. is the congress thinks we are terrorists, how is the administration having relations with us? how is it visiting us? how is it providing assistance to us? how? how come? how do you help terrorists? and most recently, it has decided to punish the palestinian refugees by way of reduction of its contributions,
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in spite of the fact it supported the agencies establishment and it has endorsed the arab peace initiative which calls to a just and agreed solution for the plight of the refugees in accordance with resolution 194. the united states contradicted itself, contradict its own commitments and has violated international law and the relevant resolution with its decision regarding jerusalem no country alone can solve a regional or international conflict without the participation of other international partners. therefore, to solve the palestine question, and this is our position and our belief -- it is essential to establish a multilateral international mechanism, emanating from an
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enter began conference and aligning with the resolutions to solve the palestinian question. mr. president, behaved israel residents policies and practices in violation of international law, and its noncompliance and nonimplementation of agreements signed, our central council this highest palestinian parliamentary body, decided several weeks ago to review the relationship with israel. yes, review the relationship. considering that we have become an authority without authority, and the occupation has become one without cause. we are working -- we are working for the occupation. we are employees for the occupation. and we say that israel must uphold its obligations as an occupying power.
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we do not oppose seeing israel shoulder its responsibility in the west bank because the situation is unbearable and unacceptable. in spite of this, i con femur to you our commitment to maintain our institutions and achievements which we have realized on the ground in palestine as well as the international arena. thanks to your assistance, we are determined to remain committed the political, diplomatic, and legal task far from any -- through political negotiations and dialogue. , which we have never rejected, never rejected. we will continue to extend our hand to make peace and we will
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continue to exerterts to bring an to end the israeli occupation based on the two-state solution on the 1967 borders and international legitimacy, as for the relevant resolution in order to he achieve national restoration, however, at the same time, we will continue to oppose any attempt regardless by whom item pose solutions that contradict this legitimacy. any sloughs that contradicts this legitimacy will be rejected. we have been granted the status of nonmember observer state by the general assembly. and on that basis, we have become a state party to 105 international treaties and organizations. we have been recognized by 138 states. all of this has further strengthened the status of the state of palestine, which
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continues to strive for recognition by the rest of the states in the world. among which members states of the council that have not yet recognized the state of palestine. recognition of the state of palestine is not a substitute for negotiations. recognition does not go against negotiations. it's, rather, promoting negotiation. therefore, i call upon members who have yet to recognize the state of palestine to do so. and in the future, we will intensify our efforts to achieve admission to full membership in the united nations. and to guarantee international protection for our people, we will come to the council, we will come and call for
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international protection to our people. the situation is no locker bear -- no longer bearable. you have listened to the briefing of the special coordinator. we hope for you to support our efforts to ensure the rights of 13 million palestinians who yearn for an independent homeland, just like all other people of the world yearn for its state to take its rightful place in the international community. i say 13 million people, but we are 13 million palestinians, whether we live inside palestine or in other foreign countries. we come here before your august council, ladies and gentlemen, in the midst of the deadlock of the peace process, due to the u.s. decision regarding jerusalem, israel's ongoing
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illegal settlement activities, and its violation of the resolutions of the council and its disrespect of the signed agreement. latest of which resolution 2334. we are here because of the palestinian desire to continue working positively and courageously. we have courage to say yes and fell courage to say no. this all relies on the international law, and our interests. we are here to build a culture of peace to reject violence to save the principle of two states to attain security and stability for all to restore hope to our
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people and the people of the region and to find a way out of this stalemate and crisis we are in. this is a strategic choice for the sake -- for the coming general nation our region. therefore, i will tell you about our plan. first, we call for the convening of an international peace conference by mid-2018, based on international law, and the relevant end resolution with broad international participation and including the two concerned parties and the regional and international stakeholders, foremost the permanent members of the security council the
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international court and the framework for the paris peace conference and as envisaged for the conference to be held in moscow. so we call for the convening of an international peace conference. the conference in paris was attended by 74 states. the outcome of this conference should be as follows: one, acceptance of the state of palestine as a full member of the united nations, and this is what we deserve. don't you think we deserve to be a full member? why not? be call on the security couple -- security council to achieve that. we come to you taking into account resolution 67, 19 of november of 2012.
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which supported our nonobserver membership. excuse me -- our observer membership. and guaranteeing international protection for our people on the lines of 1967. the formation of an international multilateral mechanism that will assist the two parties in negotiations to resolve all the permanent status defined in the oslo accord. according to the oslo accord, jerusalem border, security, settlement, refugees, water, and prisoners, are to be resolved through an agreement by both parties. conduct those negotiations on the basis of the international law and relevant u.n. resolutions and immigrant policemen what is -- implement what is agreed upon at a set
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time. negotiations are to be defined by a framework, and when its end, the agreements must be implemented. this is the only way to solve this long conflict in the middle east. two. during the period of negotiations, all parties must refrain from unilateral actions, particularly those that would prejudge the outcome of the final solution as set forth in article 31 of the oslo accord of 1993. the old accord stipulate that all parties must refrain from unilateral actions and any settlement. foremost must be the cessation of settlement activities in the territory occupied since 1967, including east jerusalem, and suspension of the decision
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regarding jerusalem and holding transfer of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, because this thwarts negotiations. in compliance with the relevant security council resolution, including, in particular, resolution 476, 478, and at the same time, the state of palestine would refrain from further joining organizations as we have previously committed ourselves to, namely, 22 international organization out of 500 organizations and treaties. we have committed and we continue to be committed, although unfortunately the administration did not fulfill
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its commitment. third, the implementation of the applan peace initiative as adopted. from a to z and not from z to a. according to the initiative, the palestinian question must be solved and then regional issues will be solved and this was affirmed by the initiative and all arab and muslims which have adopted the initiative. and when the initiative is implemented, when the state of palestine is recognized in line with the borders of 1967 and the problem ends, all arabs and muslims will become ready to recognize the state of israel. all arabs and muslims. 57 arab and muslim countries.
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this was stipulated in the agreement of arab, and in this regard we re-affirm the terms of reference for any upcoming negotiations and they are also followses: respect for international law, we are a state but we are not recognized yet as a state. and yet, we affirm respect for international law and the relevant resolution, and all of these resolutions must be respected, including security council resolution 242, 338, through resolution 2334 and the arab peace initiative. two. the preservation of the principle of the two states. the state of palestine with east jump as its capital, living
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side-by-side with the state of israel in peace and security under the page of the 1967 borders and rejection of solutions and the state of provisional borders. let be clear here, let's be serious. we call for acceptance of minimal land swaps in equal value and ratio with the agreement between the two parties. fourth, east jerusalem that's capitol of the state of palestine and an open city for the faithful of the three religions. the three. ensuring the security of the two-state without undermining the independence and sovereignty of each of them.
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yes, sovereignty is key. it cannot be preserved by occupation. or by violence. we are ready to find solutions. to protect the borders. sixth, a just and agreed solution nor palestinian refugees on the basis of resolution 194, and accordance with the arab peace initiative. and pending a just solution, continuation of the international commitment and support or erdogan. six million refugees. who will take care of them? if you stop your assistance, do these 6 million refugees who are educated, if you end your assistance they become terrorists or refugees in
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europe. it's either that or you continue to support until the crisis ends. mr. president, we are ready to undertake the longest journey to the farthest places in the world in cord toe acquire our right but no ready to move one finger if anyone wants towers forsake these rights -- wants to us forsake these rights. we are ready to undertake the longest journey, i am ready to take the longest journey, even though i hate to walk and everybody knows that. we will present any agreement reached with israel to a general referendum among our people, respecting democracy and reinforcing legitimacy, and we believe we are a democratic country. so we call -- we will have a
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general referendum. mr. president, we have knocked on your door today. you who prize the highest international body entrusted with the maintenance of international peace and security. you are the highest international body. we have presented our vision for peace. hopefully it will be received with wisdom and justice. we are ready to begin negotiations immediately in order to achieve the freedom and independence of our people, just like all other nations, and to achieve piece and security for all in our region and the world so that future generations can enjoy the benefits of this peace, following the enormous sacrifices by our people of this -- of that dearest to them, among them our martyrs, wounded and prisoners. this security council, ladies
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and gentlemen, is the highest entity to which the people of the world seek sanctuary and protection. after this council we rest our issue to the almighty. until judgment day. fourth, if justice for our people cannot be attained here, then to where should we go? we call upon you. we beg you, to help us. help us so that we do not commit an act that goes against our beliefs and your beliefs. thank you so much. [applause]
3:44 pm
>> interpreter: i thank this excellency, president mahmoud abbas. president of the observer state of palestine, for his statements. the president now -- >> i expected mr. abbas to stay with us and have a dialogue. and unfortunately he is once again running away. look what just happened in this room. mr. abbas came in, put his demands on the table, and he left, and he is expecting you to deliver the results. it is not going to work that way. the only way to move forward is a direct negotiation between israel and the palestinians.
3:45 pm
mr. president, it is unfortunate we are meeting here today for the past seven and a half years, the chairman of the palestinian authority, mahmoud abbas, has refused to meet even once with prime minister netanyahu. he has refused to negotiate peace. yet, during that same time, mr. abbas has made seven trips here to the united nations. today, once again, rather than driving just 12 minutes, 12 minutes to jerusalem, he has chosen to fly 12 hours to new york to avoid the possibility of peace. mr. abbas, you have made it clear with your words and with your objections you nor longer part of the solution.
3:46 pm
you are the problem. what have you done to further the life of a single person in gaza? the palestinians need leadership that will invest in i'doid indication, not glorify violence. they need leadership that will build hospitals, not pay terrorists. they need leadership that will negotiate with israel, speak to us, and not run away from dialogue. you just addressed the members of the security council, mr. abbas, and spoke of your commitment to peace. which is what you often do when speaking to international forums, but when you address your people, in arabic, you convey a very different message. a few weeks ago, when abbas
3:47 pm
spoke to the plo central committee, he called the national movement of the jewish people, and i quote, a colonialist project that has no connection to judaism, in the same shameful speech, he had the audacity to accuse jews of supporting antisemitism in order to promote zionism. this was not the first time he used such hateful language. in september 2015, as part of his attempt to delegitimize the economics between the jewish people and the land of israel, he said, and aquote, the jews had no right to the temple mount, and other holy sites, and the jews desecrate them with
3:48 pm
their filthy feet. he then went on to incite his people to violence, saying, and i quote, we welcome every blood, every drop of blood spilled in jerusalem. mr. abbas, you inspire a culture of hate within palestinian society. you name schools and public squares in honor of terrorists and encourage your children to hate by teaching enemy school that jews are descendents of apes. just that month you praised the terrorists who killed the rabbi, and you remained silent.
3:49 pm
mr. abbas, your inciting does not end with resurrection. you have made official palestinian policy to sponsor terrorism. in 2017, you spent $345 million paying terrorists for killing innocent israelis. that is 50% of total -- 50% of your money. this is money you could have spent building 40 hospitals. this is money you could have used to build 172 schools. every year. your travel around the world, seeking international intervention, is an attempt to avoid the hard choices necessary for peace. you look to every possible forum because you don't want to actually negotiate with israel.
3:50 pm
mr. president, it is unfortunate but this reckless behavior by chairman abbas nothing new. he has continued in the spirit of almost 70 years of missed opportunities by palestinian leadership. we recently celebrated 70 years since the adoption of general assembly resolution 181, for the jewish people it represented international recognition of our historic rights to our homeland. we accepted resolution immediately. it was not perfect. it did not provide us with all we deserve but it gave us hope for a better future. yet, this past november, as israel celebrated the i milestone, the palestinians marked this anniversary with grief and mourning. just as they did 70 years ago
3:51 pm
when they chose to reject it. since that moment, in 1947, israelis fought valiantly too many wars intense the attempt to destroy our country. all those times, brave leaders emerged in egypt and in jordan, leaders who were willing to negotiate, compromise, and ultimately sign peace agreements with israel. brut the palestinian leadership continued to choose conflict over coexistence. in 2000, prime minister present the palestinian iowa an unprecedented off. what was the decision in to side with era fat, claim it was a trap and reject the proposal.
3:52 pm
in 2005, maw hood abbas was elected chair the palestinian authority. there world hope he would follow in the courageous footsteps of president -- and forge the best future for palestinians but he let his people down. since the day hi atm toast took office, peace plan after peace plan has been accepted by israel and reject bid mr. abbas. his leaders, three different israeli prime ministers, three different american presidents, at every time there's an inch toward progress, mr. abbas runs away. in 2007, by mr. up uhlmert --
3:53 pm
directly link to the gaza victim and offeredder to played jerusalem, the gateway to our holiest site, under international control. mr. abbas' response was simple. an unequivocal no. two years later, prime minister netanyahu did something unprecedented in an attempt to restart negotiations. he initiated 10 month freeze on jewish construction. it was precondition that no israeli prime minister, not even perez or ranin, ever agreed, to but sure enough, the ten months passed and mahmoud abbas pass nowhere to at the found. he never came to the table.
3:54 pm
in 2013, secretary of state john kerry opened another attempt at negotiations, once again prime minister netanyahu was ready to talk, ready to negotiate. once again, chairman abbas responded by breaking his commitment to secretary kerry. he chose unilateral actions, joining international conventions. then he sought peace with hamas. internationally recognized terrorist organization, without even demands it renounce violence. today, as we speak, the current u.s. administration is once again working very hard to make progress toward peace. mr. abbas, however, is once again looking out for an excuse. this time he claims it was american announcement about jerusalem that drove him to reject negotiations.
3:55 pm
by recognizing jerusalem, as israel's capital, president trump simply stated what should be clear to everyone. let me be clear. for thousands of years, jerusalem has been the heart and soul of our people. jerusalem has been our capitol since the days of king david, and jerusalem will remain the undivided capitol of the state of israel forever. we will always insist on the israeli sovereignty over a united jerusalem, but even fair-mined observers would agree that under any possible agreement, jerusalem will be recognized internationally as our capital. after all these years, of abbas'
3:56 pm
rejectionism, one thing is very clear. when we extend a hand, abbas extends a fist. only when the terrorist of hamas extend a hand das abbas embrace them with open arms and without precondition. mr. abbas has not insisted on the basic human gesture of the return of the the israeli civilians and the remains of soldiers that hamas is savagely holding. mr. president, israelis are an optimistic people. we weathered four bloody wars with egypt, while waiting for a leader like anwar sadat to courageously visit jump jump -- jerusalem it tack generations are in king hussein entered what
3:57 pm
he called a piece of the brave. three times a day, ju jews in israel and all over the world, turn to jerusalem and pray for peace. we ask the following from god. grant peace everywhere. goodness and blessings. great loving kindness, and mercy, to us a us and all israel and all of the world. we have no doubt that the day will come when the palestinian people will also be blessed with leadership that shares the noble as per racings. this -- aspirations. this will be a leadership that condemns violence and ins the shameful practice of paying
3:58 pm
salaries to terrorists. it will be a leadership that educates its people to tolerance instead of peddling in antisemitism. a leadership that recognizes that israel is and always will be the national homeland of the jewish people. israel eagerly awaits the day when this palestinian leadership will emerge and will bring the hope for a better future for its people and our region. thank you. [applause] >> interpreter: i thank the representative of israel and i would like to now give the council members who wish to make statements. >> i give the floor to the united states. >> thank you, and thank you,
3:59 pm
mr. secretary general for being with us today as well as mr. mel lad november. we are this session on the middle east has been taking place each month for many, many years. its focus has been almost entirely on issues facing israelis and palestinians. and we have heard many of the same arguments and ideas over and over again. we have already heard them again this morning. it is as if saying the same things repeatedly, without actually doing the hard work, and making the necessary compromises, will achieve anything. beginning last year, we have tried broad then discussion and we have had some discuss in doing so. i thank my colleagues who have participated in the broader discussions. one reason we did that is our well-founded belief that's united nations spends an
4:00 pm
all-together differ proportionate amount of time on israelis palestinian issues. it's not that the issues are unimportant. they are certainly very important. the problemles that the u.n. has proven itself time and again to be a grossly biased organization when it comes to israel. as such the u.n.'s disproportionate focus has made the problem more difficult to solve by elevating the tensions and the grievances between the two parties. another reason we have attempted to shift the discussion is that the vast scope of the challenges facing the region dwarf the israeli-palestinian conflict. as we meet here today, the middle east is plagued by many truly horrendous problems. in yemen, there's one of the worst humanitarian dashes on earth, with millions of people facing starvation. meanwhile, mill lilja groups fire iranian rockets from yemen into neighboring countries inch
4:01 pm
syria, the assad regime is using chemical weapons to gas its own people. this war has taken the lives of over half a million syrians. millions more have been pushed into neighboring jordan, turkey and lebanon, as refugees, causing major hardships in those countries inch lebanon, hezbollah's terrorists exert ever more control, illegally building up a stockpile of offensive weapons, inviting a dangerous escalation that could devastate regional security. isis is engaged in an inhumane level of cruelty and have been debt severe setbacks in iraq and syria but a they are not completely yet destroyed. and they still pose serious threats. egypt faces repeated terrorist attacks. and of course, there's the terrorist sponsoring regimey iran that initiates and encourages most of the trouble is just outlined.
4:02 pm
these immense security and mew hand tarean challenges should occupy more of our attention rather than having us sit here, month after month, and use the most democratic country in the middle east, as a scapegoat for the region's problems. but here we go again. i do not mean to suggest that there is no suffering in israeli-palestinian conflicts. both side have suffered greatly. so many innocent israelis have been killed or injured by suicide bombings, stabbings, and other sickening terrorist attacks. israel's been forced to live under constant security threats like virtually no other country in the world. it should not have to live that way. and yet, israel has overcome those burdens. it is a thriving country, with a vibrant economy that contributes much to the world in the name of technology, science, and the arts. it is the palestinian people who
4:03 pm
are suffering more. the palestinians in gaza live under hamas terrorist oppression. i can't even call it a governing authority, as hamas provides so little in the way of what one would normally think as government services. the people of gaza live in truly awful conditions, while their hamas rulers put their resources into building terror tunnels and rockets. the palestinians in the west bank suffer greatly. too many have died and too mach potential has been lost in this conflict. we are joined here today by palestinian authority, president abbas, i'm sorry he declined to stay in the chamber hear the others others. even though he has left the room, i will address the balance of my remarks to him. president abbas, when the new american administration came into the office last january, we
4:04 pm
did so against the fresh back drap of the passage of security council resolution 2334. in the waning days of the previous american administration, the united states made a serious error in allowing that resolution to pass. resolution 2334 was wrong on many levels. i'm not going to get into the substance now but beyond the substance, pratt its -- perhaps its biggest flaw was encourages the false notion that israel can be pushed into a deal that undermines its vital interests, damaging the prospect for peace by increasing midst trust between the israelis and palestinians. in the last year the united states has worked to repair that damage, at the u.n. i have opposed the bias against israel, as any ally should do, but that does not mean i, or our
4:05 pm
administration, is against the palestinian people. just the opposite is true. we recognize the suffering of the palestinian people as i have like niced here today. i sit here today offering the outstretched hand of the united states to the palestinian people, in the cause of peace. we are fully prepared to look to a future of prosperity and coexistence. we look -- welcome you as the leader of the palestinian people here today but i will decline the advice i was reasonly given by your top negotiator. i will not shut up. rather, i will respectfully speak some hard truth. the palestinian leadership has a choice to make between two different paths. there's the path of absolutist demand, hateful rhetoric, and incitement to violence. that path has led and will continue to lead to nothing but
4:06 pm
hardship for the palestinian people. or there's the path of negotiation, and compromise. history has shown that path to be successful for egypt and jordan, including the transfer of territories. that path remains open to the palestinian leadership, if only it is cage courageous enough to take. the united states knows the palestinian leadership was very unhappy with the does move our embassy to jerusalem. you don't have to like that decision. you don't have to praise it. you don't even have to safety it. but know this. that decision will not change. so once again, you must choose between two paths. you can choose to denounce the united states, reject the u.s. role in peace talks and pursue punitive measures against israel in international forums like the u.n. i assure you that path will get
4:07 pm
the palestinian people exactly nowhere toward the achievement of their as separations. -- aspirations or you can choose to put aside your anger about the location of our embassy and move forward with us toward a negotiated compromise that holds great potential for improving the lives of the palestinian people. putting forward old talking points and entrenched and undeveloped concepts achieves nothing. that approach has been tried many times, and has always failed. after so many decades, we welcome new thinking. as i mentioned in this meeting last month, the united states stands ready to work with the palestinian leadership. our negotiators are signature right behind me, ready to talk, but we will not chase after you. the choice,'re mr. president, is yours. thank you.
4:08 pm
>> interpreter: i thank the united states and i'll give the floor to the russian federation. >> interpreter: mr. president, first of all, i would like to express gratitude to you as president of this security council and to the colleagues on the council, and also to everyone in this chamber, thank them for honoring the memory of the permanent representative to the u.n., who left us in exactly one year ago. thank you for that. we would like to also express our condolences in the wake of the passing of off friend and colleague, the permanent representative who passed yesterday. mr. president, we were happy to see and greet in the chamber the
4:09 pm
president of the palestinian state, mahmoud abbas and think the participation in the the palestinian leader in the meeting today is very important for us to understand the current situation over the middle east. we would like to thank mr. ma lad november of the presence on the middle east. the long suffering region of the middle east is torn by bitter conflicts in syria, yemen and libya and each of them is a very severe one. but a it would be a mistake to think that the palestinian issue is something that is now the brown. it would be an even greater mistake to intentionally try to push it into the background. because it remains today at the center of the chronic instability in the middle east. this situation there recently
4:10 pm
has become more acute and in the absence of fully fledged political negotiations between the palestinians and the israelis, the decisions on jerusalem, not just raised the level of emotions and pushed to the situation into yet once again destabling cycle, while they also increased desperation. in the west bank,' and in gaza, we saw proficients is, we saw harsh statements made by the palestinian leadership and the capital of of the acrab muslim world, and all of us on the confirm how sensitive and important is the issue of jerusalem, the cradle of three religions weapon also note that the growing rate of israeli settlements undermines the proses suspect after two-state solution. this is a kind of policy that should stop. what is of critical importance is effectively supporting the
4:11 pm
work of the united nations relife and works agency for palestinian refugees and in the near west weapon cannot allow the situation where palestinians finds in a position where they have nothing to lose because this would feed radicalism and can explode the situation in the palestinian territories and the region as a whole. russia is contributing regularly to the budget of the agency and we also extend humanitarian say stance to palestinians bilaterally. lit me say that the existing status quo in this long-standing conflict is not something that is reliable, lasting. it's only through a two-state way of settlement which presupposes a peaceful and security two-state will unable to us overcome crisis and create the conditions for sustain by mouthings towards peace. in the given situations we will continue our efforts maiming at preserving the middle east settlement architecture and
4:12 pm
leading the process out of the depressed state it finds itself in. we think that what is needed now is to renew immediately direct negotiations between the palestinian and the israelis on the agreed international basis, including security council resolution the arab peace initiative. we're convinced that the middle east quartet remains its unique immediatation format, approved by security council resolution. nicer no doubt that the quartet, together with the league of arab states, can play a role in unfreezing the die clock and the work done, in particular the report prepared june 2016, remains topical and relevant. the recommendations in the report will lead to greater trust between the parties. the report states what needs to be done as regards a settlement activity, the continued provocative rhetoric and violence on both sides and other
4:13 pm
factors and also talks be the imperative of making sure that the palestinians have true national unity, on the platform only the palestinian liberation organization. we are advocating in -- work on this mechanism together with at the league of arab states and all participants participants pt towards leeing this process, and we welcome the effort bid egypt and jordan. the mission of our einschapp partners palestinian unity remains very relevant. in new developments surrounding this conflict requires the international community to think how we going to accompany this process so as to create the conditions putting direct negotiations between palestine and israel. a direct dialogue on settling all of the final status issues is a constant that we have in the middle east equation. we need to focus on working out
4:14 pm
of the formula which is acceptable to both sides. we stand ready to discuss this parameters with all of the world and reg range until a player -- regional players. we had visits by the king of jordan and the prime minister of netanyahu, and president mahmoud abbas we reiterate or reddiness to provide a russian peninsula. for a meeting between the palestinian and israeli leaders without preconditions and we expect this proposal will be reacted to positively on both sides. we would like to underscore that attaining israeli-palestinian settlement as well as resulting other regional issue is something that requires the pooling off our efforts and to cooperation which is mutually respectful, look north guilty party, accusations and insulting rhetoric should be northwest the past. instead of that we need to work through dialogue channels within
4:15 pm
which we need to discuss the most acute problems. only what we have on the agenda is something that we proposed a long time ago, the trust and security measures for the entire region of the middle east. thank you. >> interpreter: i now give the floor to the representative of france. >> interpreter: mr. president, i would like to first of all thank the secretary general and the special representative, thank them for their veried identifying statements. i would like to also welcome the presence amongst us today the president maw hood abbas and his courageous commitment which he renewed in the chamber for peace and negotiations. the israeli-palestinian conflict
4:16 pm
is not just another crisis amongst the crieses in the middle east. it is the conflict which the old nest the region, the conflict, which because of its symbolic dimension is long stanging -- standing nature goes far beyond borders and this is the kinds of conflict who central and mobilizings nature has always provided an argument for recruiting into terrorist groups which are active in the region and beyond. more than 25 years after the oslo accord, the peace is not on the ground no is it in the discourse or people's minds. since oslo, we have had new generation of palestinians and israelis who grew up and witnessed the hope for the conflict settlement recede. in this context, just some could be tempted by trying to transform the conflict which is
4:17 pm
political into a religious conflict and there, if it's a religious one, there's no concession possible. up like the political conflict. let's be awater of that. let's also understand that the full status quo on the ground is -- linked to the settlement and more generally israeli occupation. it is characterize is by violence, which is being used and encouraged by several movements in particular the hamas movement. this situation can deteriorate at any point and lead to regional consequences beyond control. this is particularly of acommute gaza and this is my first point and this because of the vaccine wed have been witnessing recently. the recent events against the background of economic and humanitarian crisis in gaza increased a cries of new conflict the wake of three conflicts in a decade. in
4:18 pm
tornado avoid new violence, who will be victimize the population, recall everyone to exercise restraint and would like to recall here that we will never compromise on the security over israel and reiterate our firm condemnation of the attacks person traited on the israeli territory. be it explosives, the use of explosives, random firing of rockets, which resumed recently, or the digging of offensive tunnels, the kind that have just been destroyed by the palestinian forces. beyond the de-escalation which is required, it will not possible to have a solution for gaza without the return of the palestinian authority under mahmoud abbas and within the framework he ends courses by the pl -- should allow the
4:19 pm
palestinian authorities to fully exercise its authorities in the gaza strip, including in the area of security. as the process has to translate itself into rapid improvement of the living conditions for the people in gaza. also had to be accompanied by the lifting of the blockade, together with credible security guarantees for israel and we sand stand ready to accompany these effortes. we also shouldn't disassociate we situation in gaza from the general palestinian space. georgia says an integral part of palestinian territories and will not be possible to have a palestinian state or peace agreement with israel without gaza. so, palestinian unity is part and parcel to the peace in the middle east. my second point, the conflict as a whole. the conflict is the oldest in the middle east, but it is also the only conflict whose solution
4:20 pm
is sweared, two states and living in peace and security with a safe and recognized border, the borders along the lines of 1967, with the mutually agreed land swaps, jump is future capital of the two states and agreed realistic and fair solution for the palestinian refugees. all negotiations have to be bind internationally agreed parameters which are based on international law and the resolution of the council. the parameters north optional and create the framework for negotiation. we know the fate of the palestinians and theirselies are linked. none of the two people will realize its national aspirations at the expense of the other. mr. president, we are today at a crossroads, a critical state which each parameter is fragile. on then 1967 lines, the
4:21 pm
settlement in couplization of palestinian territories and administrative measures is creating new reality on the ground. implementing a project which is incompatable with the two-state solution. if we're not careful, this solution will disappear as like a mirage in a desert. after a record year for settlement activities in 2017, the announcement about 1800 housing units for this year has already been made. the position of france on this is clear. we condemn the settlement in any form. it is illegal under international law. that was recalled in resolution 2334 and also dangerous because it destroys on to the ground the possibility of two-states and undermines the trust between parties. now, on the issue of jerusalem, the status of this city can only be determined by the parties within the framework of a peace
4:22 pm
agreement. under this future agreement, the city is toy be the cammal of the two state, israel and palestine, in the absence of such an agreement, we recognize no sovereignty over jerusalem. we therefor approve no announcement outside of the international consensus and the relevant resolution of the court council, in particular, resolution 478. sim -- similar i we re greet the adoption of israeli law on jerusalem which will make it much more difficult to share jerusalem within the framework of the future peace agreement. lastly, the situation in the palestinian refugee camps. this is a time bomb. in gaza, and i'm not going to dwell on this, and the whole region. until and also we have realistic fair solution for refugees, until such time anwar's services to more than 5 million refugees will remain indispensable.
4:23 pm
this is a humanitarian imperative, particularly in medical assistance and food supplies. it's a human development issue in particular when it comes to education. through the network of anwar schools and also an imperative for security and stability of the region. on the situation in lebanon being particularly concerning here. let's be loose in here, mr. president. the weaker becomes their more terrorist groups can use the palestinian refugee camps as grounds for recruitment. in the name of humanitarian issue and below realistic we call on the united states not renounce on the historic and essential role they have been playing in anwar. additionally, all of the donors current and potential should make a new effort to promote the unique tool for regional
4:24 pm
stabilization, which is anwar. i recall the main parameters for conflict resolution which are paced on the resolutioning this very council how can we on the basis contribute towards resumption of negotiation, would take note of the commitment of the united states whose whole role is essential to final a way of resuming negotiations with a view to find status agreement. we would like to see the american proposal to be within the framework of what is agreed by international community. this was recalled by the president of the republican when he met with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and ma mew abbas in december last. we intend to remain in close contact with the parties and contribute towards working for the preservation of the possibility of two states and the resumption of negotiations. now, on the methodology.
4:25 pm
we welcome with interest the proposal by president awas we are open to studying the development of the ways of international accompaniment for the peace process. we have been thinking about this for a long time, and this was the motivation for the initiative which resulted in the paris conference on the 15th, january 2017. in the course of the conference more than 70 countries renewed the parameter for peace and they are dear according to which the israels and palestinians have to create between them, through negotiations, lasting solution. such a development is not to question the role played by the united states. their commitment to support the peace process is indies spendable, but it will enable to us better associate on the basis of the interspaniel parameter is described the actors who can play constructive roles with the parties in order to enable them
4:26 pm
to renew and lead successful negotiations and amongst them, regional actors will play an essential role by basing on the arab peace initiative, the prospect for full regional normalization for israel and then a -- in the wake of a peace agreement. the members members members of l should provide their support. mr. president, i would like to say again that there is no viable solution to a two-state solution. a single state will provide two citizenships regimes in the same country, creating a situation which is unequal, unacceptable in principle and could lead to disastrous consequences. this situation will create two kinds of impasses for the palestinians, meaning they will have to abandon their open odd statehood and for the israelis, this will mean the end of the
4:27 pm
democratic project. it is is to provide a political prospect to order restore the hope for two states and the possibility for an a negotiation between the two parties. france, because it is a friend of israelis, as it is a friend of the palestinians, will play its full role nonly and together with international partners. i thank you. >> interpreter: i thank france and now sweden. >> thank you very much, mrs. president. and i also want to thank secretary general and special coordinateogy for, also always dierks tailed but sobering briefings to the security council. way don't say we fully support of work of the team on the ground and the work you are doing every day to search for peace in the middle east. we also pleased to see present abbas and the council today and to hear his message.
4:28 pm
mr. president, for many years, we have spoken about the middle east peace process as being at a crossroads. this statement has never been more accurate than it is today. at every crossroads there is choice to be made. at this moment in time there are a number of worrying develops. ingillegal settlement, rocket attacks, the grave and humanitarian situation in gaza, and a threat to the specific status of jerusalem in the security council resolution. a at the same time our common ly agreed destination is as clear as every two states, israel and palestine, living side-by-side in peace and surety. in order to contribute two state solution we must acknowledge the fundamental root cause of this conflict and that is the
4:29 pm
occupation. to be able to reach sustainable peace you, actioners are need bit full engagement will not suffice is i if the illegal. >> sweden remains fully commit told the two-state solution based on international law, known parameters and relevant resolutions of this council, including resolution 2334. respect for international law and u.n. resolutions remains at the core of the peace process. it is thus more important than ever to be principled and that we base our decisions and actions on international law. this council is central to upholding the rules sim. the debate tomorrow will focus on the significance of this system and respect for the u.n. charter. ...
4:30 pm
and for the support for the palestinian state building. more effort towards the reestablishment of palestinian authority and constellation are crucial, as our continued efforts to strengthen inclusive and democratic institutions and processes in palestine. our special coordinator said the peace process needs to be inclusive in order to advance and achieve sustained
4:31 pm
results. the reputation and meaningful participation is a prerequisite to progress. entire generations must be included and given hope for a better future and an alternative to the current situation. the private sector also has a role to play. in both palestine and israel, civil society plays a role in advancing peace. this is why the student engages widely with civil society and in particular women's rights and groups in both countries. mister president, as previously stated including in this council last week a significant reduction in funding is deeply worrying. it must be sustainably resolved. restoring the funding situation will have security consequences in the region. for this reason, sweden has already made our payment of $59 million for 2019 and we encourage you others to step up their funding including by making their payments as early as possible. sweden, jordan and egypt have decided to cohost a conference in the spring on agencies pressing financial
4:32 pm
situation. mister president, we are indeed at a crossroads. our destination, the two state solution is getting further away by the day. political and even physical space for a two state solution isdrastically shrinking . the choices we all make, israelis, palestinians and as members of the council have determined where we end up. this council has a responsibility to act including by supporting the process to move from words to actions. difficult choices need to be made. what is needed now is political leadership and courage to make the bold choices and the right path to break the long-term deadlock and restart the peace process . only this way can we reach a final destination. >> i think the representative of syria and now give the floor to the representative of bolivia. >> thank you president. first and foremost, my delegation would like to thank and express that we
4:33 pm
feel honored by the president of the state of palestine, his excellency mahmoud abbas. we would like to ensure that our deepest respect and admiration are conveyed to the president of the state of palestine. we also like to take this opportunity to welcome the president or the secretary general of the special envoy for the peace process in the middle east and we'd also like to pay tribute to the kuwaiti presidency for having convened this meeting. mister president, the media arrived at today's important session in 2018 with some trepidation given that we bear witness to the people of palestine beings suffocated by israel to expansionist and settlement policies that violate international law and the relevant resolutions of the general assembly and the security council.
4:34 pm
we believe that it is essential and important to recall that although there are two parties to this conflict, they do not enjoy an equal footing. one of these parties, israel, is the occupying power in the other, palestine is an occupied people. there is a historic and undeniable inequality play. one of the policies used and continues to use force to occupy the territory of the other. one of the parties has built a wall which according to the advisory opinion of the international court of justice equates to a violation of international law. one of the parties has illegal settlements on the territory of the other. one of the parties also fix civilians confiscate land . and transports settlers to the illegally conscripted
4:35 pm
settlement. one of the parties is located in ghana withdevastating consequences, restricting access . one of the parties is responsible for the existence of 5 million palestinian peoples, one in one alone receives the agricultural land of the other. one of the parties has unleashed a brutal military campaign against the palestinian people. one and one alone of the parties has committed serious violations of human rights and have as alleged to be have created more crimes. one of the parties is behind the displacement of palestinian civilians. of the parties is violating an international obligation and systematically violating the resolutions of the general assembly of the security council. by way of example of the aforementioned, today donna suffered power cuts up to 16
4:36 pm
hours a day. there is also a severe shortage of drinking water and basic supplies and the fuel reserves are fast running out. these facts have terrible repercussions for the provisions which will increase the likelihood of a cholera outbreak. the situation is alarming all the more so at a time when the united nations relief work agency for palestine refugees known as genre, an acronym which provides assistance to more than 1 million people in ghana is caught up in a financial crisis that jeopardizes the agencies response capacity. against this, we like to express our alarm in the custody clemency which is nothing short of an ability to politicize the human statement security of the 5 million palestinian refugees
4:37 pm
like to pay tribute to sweden's initiative joined by other states to compete in a ministerial meeting will address this important topic. mister president, from the 50 years the israeli-palestinian occupation and discrimination of the palestinian people in january 2018 alone, israeli authorities confiscated some 32 properties, palestinian properties in the west bank which is approximately the same number of structures seized and destroyed as a monthly average in 2017. as a result of this latest round of demolition or confiscation, 37 people were displaced and another 82 were impacted. we cannot talk of a status quote in the occupied palestinian territory. rather, we should be talking about a continuous increase of this occupation. this occupation continues to
4:38 pm
render every day life of the palestinian civilization. we believe those who suffer most are the most vulnerable insociety, chief among this enterprise , women and children. we like to take this opportunity to express our concern for the plight of 300 children who been detained by israeli security forces. as it is felt that we would like to call particular attention to the case of a young girl i can't come easy become a symbol of palestinian resistance. her story is not just about of a young girl, it is also the story of millions of other who feel in the same way of the application. she has been a symbol of violence and discrimination as suffered by her people day in and day out. she's seen harassment and she has felt fear and despair as built by other youths and
4:39 pm
children of her age and younger. this is not a future or a present that any parent would want for their children. israel, a state party is the only country in the world which tries children and we would like to express our solidarity with the family of ahed and hope she would be swiftly relieved. bolivia, a passive country must be guaranteed fair release in palestine as part of the dialogue and negotiation. it is the clear explanation of the political contamination by both parties to achieve a two state solution. based on this national principal, we underscore our multinationalis and to respect international law and reiterate our support and backing for any international effort that can offer usher
4:40 pm
in a political solution to the conflict . the madrid principal and other similar initiatives that enshrine guarantees for a fair and lasting peace and would allow both people to live within the newly recognized safe and secure borders. we are convinced the only long-term solution to this conflict is the two state solution which will finally see the full statehood of an independent palestinian state living within the pre-1967 international borders with its capital in line with the relevant associations of the security council and general assembly. we thus once again condemned in the strongest possible terms the decision by the government of the united states to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and that such decision is a fragment violation of the security council including resolution 478. which ensures states of their diplomatic resolution in the aforementioned . this decision by the united states will achieve nothing other than to undermine the likelihood of dialogue
4:41 pm
between the parties and will move us disproportionately away from peaceful solutions. we believe that multi-nationalism, it is time for the security council to shorten shoulder is responsibility as conferred by the charge of the united nations. once again, we believe that the security council has become an occupied territory or colonizing territory. it was nelson mandela who was on the united states terrorism task force in 2008 said, we know very well that our freedom will be incomplete without the freedom of thepalestinians. thank you very much . >> thank you representative of bolivia and i now give the floor to the representative from extend. >> thank you. mister president, our delegation is appreciative of your presence of the president mahmoud abbas in
4:42 pm
the chamber and speaking to the members of the security council. we thank also the un secretary-general for his remarks and based on the latest update. as the consideration concerns regarding the future of the two state solution, there is a funding deficit and the need for the international community to leave the peace process. stands position on the middle east process remains unchanged. the country urges the parties to maintain the historic order in accordance with the previously rigid international agreements. my delegation and those for the statement of the secretary-general antonio banderas, the jerusalem results to better
4:43 pm
negotiations between the two parties. it should be achieved on the basis of relevant security council and general assembly resolutions. and at the same time, the agency concerned more for the palestinian and israeli side be taken into account. we support negotiations resulting in a two state solution and stand for their earlier example, especially in bilateral resolutions. the ultimate goal should be the restoration of a peace process in accordance with the greater un security council resolution. we support the exchange for peace and the old method for peace initiated. context and declares support for the rise of the palestinian people have escaped free power and independent state in its international border as
4:44 pm
existed before 1964 in east jerusalem. at the same time, we emphasize the right to security. we also propose restoring trust and equalizing the legal building measures a threefold approach. the promotional security, rapid regional approach, more enhanced transparent models of the united nations in the wider region. the difficult humanitarian situation of gaza that can lead to the resumption of conflict and increase of terrorist activities. in this, we urge the territories of israel and palestine to help resolve the humanitarian crisis in the gaza state. this requires an economic dimension and support for the
4:45 pm
international community. kasakhtan and doors is the concern by the special community this year. a significant reduction of its regular budget has already increased for the 5.3 million palestinian refugees who have already suffered under the longest right ug crisis. kasakhtan expresses great concern over the growth of the israeli settlement in the palestine territories. over the year the resolutions are important to bring about a decision to prevent violence against civilians. we also call upon the leaders of israel and palestine to take concrete steps to reserve the possibility to a peaceful coexistence between the two states and to strengthen the process for peace based on the inalienable human rights to
4:46 pm
security as we mentioned before as a resolution. kasakhtan welcomes the diplomatic effort in the peace process in the leaders of both countries. that us president held in recent days in russia. we call on the middle east to ratify their work on the palestinian israeli track of us indignation. we welcome the russians efforts to ensure into palestinian facilitation and urge all palestinian political parties and movements to integrate into one national political structure.kasakhtan believes it is necessary in the very near future to begin negotiationson each existing program , and reach an agreement on the pending issues and giving them
4:47 pm
so-called final status. only such approach would lead to the adoption of the treaty, thank you. >> i think the representative of kasakhtan. >> inspector general and mister martin off as well, i'd like to welcome president abbas and thank him for his address to the council. i welcome his commitment to nonviolence and to engage constructively toward a two state solution. the united kingdom remains committed to a two state solution which ends the israeli-palestinian conflict and we will support any efforts to end it. our long-standing goal is negotiated peace process that leads to a safe and secure israel, living alongside a viable and sovereign palestinian state with secure and recognized borders that
4:48 pm
jerusalem misses share capital of both states. us leadership on this issue is indispensable to achieving a solution that meets the aspirations of both parties. we look forward to the announcement of peace proposals when the us administration judges them to be ready. us efforts offer a significant opportunity to deliver peace and they should be supported and encouraged by all. we stand ready to provide practical support to achieve that viable agreement. we encourage the parties to make a public commitment to renewed peace negotiations on the basis of a two state solution. in order to move forward, it is important they reaffirm their commitment to all previous diplomatic agreements which have taken us closer to peace. these agreements remain an important basis or renewed talks. we welcome the palestinian authorities continued recognition of the state of israel and the parties continuing to carry cooperation. mister president, if the
4:49 pm
peace process is to succeed, it needs to be conducted in an atmosphere free from violence. we regret that too many people continue to undermine efforts to achieve peace. we condemn the detonation of an improvised explosive device on saturday, wounding for israeli soldiers and wounding too seriously. we condemn the terrorist attack in the western bank settlement of arielle. there is never an excuse and our thoughts are with the family and friends of the victims as they are with all those who have been affected by violence. every israeli and palestinian has the right to live in peace and security. and also a right to dignity and we condemn kidnappings as well as actions which prevent families from being able to properly grieve for their loved ones. we will continue to press all sides to refrain from engaging in or encouraging incitement of hateful action or language. this only serves to flareup
4:50 pm
prejudice and takes us further from the goal of achieving peace. in that regard, it is unacceptable for anyone to deny the legitimacy of the connection of either the jewish or palestinian people to the land. and helpful rhetoric on both sides, we stress roads future respects and undermines prospects. we call on both parties to exercise restraint and global leadership. only when both parties reject violence and work together to ensurecoleman state ability , may peace have a chance to flourish. we are concerned by the israeli decision to establish a settlement deep in the west bank. the second in 12 months. these plans also raise the possibility of a retroactive legalization and there have been renewed threats to demolish structures in the occupied west bank.
4:51 pm
we call on israel to immediately reverse its policies of settlement expansion and demolition. they undermine the physical viability of the two state solution and call into question israel's own commitment to peace. mister president, the lack of palestinian unity continues to be an impediment to achieving peace. we therefore support recognition reconciliation efforts which lead to a full return of the palestinian authority to gaza. a special coordinated formed last week conditions in the gaza strip are dire. further deterioration of the home humanitarian situation would not only continue to put lives at risk but would represent a threat to stability in the region. it is essential that all parties work urgently to improve the situation and we call for an easing of access control so people and goods into and out of gaza.
4:52 pm
the united kingdom remains a committed proponent of the united nations relief and works agency. it must be able to continue its vital work to improve the lives of palestinian refugees and to maintain stability across the region. it needs appropriate funding to do so.mister president, all united nations member states have a role to play in nurturing peace and rejecting violence. we are therefore concerned by incursions across israel's border with syria early this month. our commitment to israel's security is unwavering and we support israel's right to defend it. mister president, the united kingdom's position on an israeli-palestinian peace agreement have not changed. it should be based on the lines that they stood on june 4, 1967 with equal land swaps to reflect the national
4:53 pm
security and religious interest of the jewish and palestinian peoples. jerusalem should be the shared capital of the israeli and palestinian state and the status must be determined through a final status agreement. a just, fair, agreed and realistic settlement for refugees is needed and his death demographically compatible with the principle of two states for two peoples. to conclude mister president, like all in this council, the united kingdom strongly supports peace. we want to see renewed peace negotiations supported by the international community which leads with a safe and secure israel, the homeland of the jewish people living alongside a viable and sovereign palestinian state, the homeland for the palestinian people. let us all work together to lay thegroundwork . thank you mister president's.
4:54 pm
>> thank you mister president. i would like to thank you for having convened this meeting which gives us a welcome opportunity to hear the reports from mister nikolai bad enough, special coordinator for the peace process in the middle east on the situation in the middle east including the palestinian question. congratulations go to mister martin off for the excellent work that he is carrying out in the middle east. in the quest for peace in the world. we extend a cordial welcome to his excellency, president of the state of palestine, mahmoud abbas and thanked him for his presence at the meeting this morning. we appreciate the presence with us of the secretary general mister antonio and core mister president, the
4:55 pm
republic of equatorial guinea has been following closely and with optimism the situationin iraq . to the contrary, we are concerned by recent developments in yemen and syria and we would like to express our deep rooted alarm in light of the recent events in the conflict to israel and palestine and would like to take this opportunity to publicly state equatorial guinea's commitment to the stabilization and peace of the entire middle east region. and in particular, to stabilization and the civilian peace between israel and palestine.equatorial guinea deplores the most recent violent excavation of the tension between palestiniansand israelis , and escalation of violence that we have just are detailed in the presentation
4:56 pm
that mahmoud abbas. we appeal to all parties tomorrow and rain in their behavior and to refrain any that may further inflame what is already a thorny and complex situation. the government of the republic of equatorial guinea has presided over by his excellency, a firm proponent of a negotiated solution to any conflict or problem that may arise. however messy or complex it may be and we do not move from this position of principle with regard to this conflict we are discussing today. for that reason, we invite all those parties involved in the conflict to spare no effort and give their all towards seeking stabilization or normalization of the situation and toward relieving the people. the government of the republic of equatorial guinea backs the two state solution to be negotiated directly between israelis and palestinians or within the
4:57 pm
framework of a multilateral neck and his him. it is indeed possible that said two state solution will entail painful concessions from both parties. at the heart, the core of dialogue is that of the ability and need to make hard choices when necessary. >> all negotiations must be framed and guided by the resolutions of the security council and arab peace initiative. the final status of jerusalem should be decided at these negotiations directly between the parties.equatorial guinea considers that the historic claims of the palestinians are just and fair. and in so speaking, we echo the declarations to that effect by the african union and also echo the resolutions of the general assembly and security council of the united nations. as i said, the right of israel to live in peace and security must also be duly taken into account. x the parties must refrain
4:58 pm
from taking unilateral actions that may hinder dialogue. >> mister president, we would like today to express our deep rooted alarm in light of the critical mediterranean situation that is currently being suffered by gaza as highlighted in mister martin also report. equatorial guinea believes the solution to the serious humanitarian crisis in gaza could be a top priority or the international community. with a view to improving the situation of the civilian population . i would like to take this opportunity therefore to thank qatar on the united arab emirates for the financial aid they have pledged to alleviate this crisis. but said aid is not enough in and of itself to resolve every pressingissue . we have health concerns, prison for serving the water and the uninterrupted supply of power. without these services it is
4:59 pm
difficult to provide medical care and even the semblance of a normal life. it's for that reason that we make a call for ongoing inter-palestinian dialogue. so that a solution can be found for the differences between the palestinian side which we believe would bode well for a definitive and fair solution to the conflict and the situation in gaza in particular. we conclude by congratulating rock for the work it is trying out despite the dirt available to them. we make an appeal for continued international financial aid to be supplied to the united nations whose humanitarian work is both noble and laudable, thank you very much. >> thank you, i give the floor to poland. >> i would like to thank the general for his statement. we have received the comprehensive briefing by
5:00 pm
special coordination with mister nikolai martin off. we've also received today. we strongly support our initiatives and its deposition and strength and security in the community and fortunately, the last briefing has not been any significant positive to peace. on the contrary, we cannot say that the situation has deteriorated. we now address concerns in increased incidence along the israeli border with military rockets fired from the streets and paramilitary measures. it's an effort of the growing tension on the israeli border. we have organized israel's right with to defend itself and ensure security of its citizens. the same time, we urge
5:01 pm
restraint and order to avoid further hostilities that would affect vast groups of population. particularly worrying is the humanitarian situation in gaza where we are facing the crisis in the life saving, water and sanitation services. the situation is unfathomable. the depriving house of hope and perspective. may be a very easy youth for inflammatory rhetoric that provide radicalization of security involved youth. we are deeply concerned about the deteriorating international situation of this ongoing. and the effect of reducing
5:02 pm
support can bring serious security and humanitarian consequences . not only in palestinian territories but also in neighboring countries, offering palestinian refugees area that the agency already faces great challenges. and now is holding its mandate to preserve its key services education and. the international community is as a whole cannot disclaim its responsibility and obligation towards palestinian refugees.we shall take any possible effort and efforts to ensure the continuation of the agency work on a solid financial basis. for its part, poland four years as activity and regularly supported unilateral entry and support for palestinian refugees through contributions to the agency and in response, poland will contribute to the
5:03 pm
general budget in the first quarter of the year. >> i would like to add the humanitarian situation and the hard middle east is a key priority or all. for this reason, in recent years, we have significantly increase our support directed to the map most affected people in syria, its neighboring countries and the west bank by bilateral and multilateral assistance including the polish contribution and those economy billions. mister president. let me underline that the security council maintains its commitments resulting in one of the longest standing conflicts from our agenda. we should continue to seek an end to the israeli-palestinian conflict. by reviving the peace process .
5:04 pm
only to return to meaningful bilateral negotiation based on the relevant united nations resolutions and international laws could bring positive impact to the process. it is the only path towards a peace base solution and resulting in all states issues. palestinians 42 state solution and risk receive resolution of the conflict. including palestinian rights to self-determination and independence as well as israeli rights to ensure security and normalization of relations with our state. in line with a long-standing two state solution, we would like to arrange our position on jerusalem. we strongly believe that aspirations of both parties must be fulfilled and a way to resolve the status of
5:05 pm
jerusalem must be found through negotiation. we appeal to israel and the palestinians to refrain from unilateral status that project the outcome of a state negotiation and expect them to demonstrate their commitment to peace through their actions. we condemn all acts of terrorists and incitement rights. and their constituents significant records today, the activation of the people. we continue to work on intra-palestinian reconciliation and recall on all the members of that process in accordance with principles. we believe that reaching an outcome of accepted international community would be an important step for the unity of future palestine state and and long-term
5:06 pm
leading to a sustainable peace agreement. an important element of such solution is the involvement of countries of the region. we should be on relevance of the arab peace nations of 2002, as a comprehensive training for a resolution of the israeli conflict contributing to regional peace and security. >> i think the representative from poland and i give the floor now to china . >>mister president , many thanks to the general in his meeting. we commend the special coordinator mladenov for his informative briefing. attending to this meeting, we thank him for his remarks.
5:07 pm
the question of palestine is the most pointed regional hotspot since world war ii, at the height of the middle east issue fundamentally to the region. only by establishing a genuine state of palestine can israel enjoy laughing security. only a comprehensive settlement to the question of palestine can bring about a fundamental organization of the situation in the middle east. the current situation between palestine and israel remains tenuous coupled with a dire humanitarian situation in gaza by which china is greatly concerned. both partiesshould faithfully implement resolution 2334 , cease all settlement activity on this occupied territory and to prevent further imbalance.
5:08 pm
all parties should remain calm and exercise restraint, move to work with each other, helped to foster the necessary conditions for the assumption of talks. we believe that a two state solution represents the right way forward towards resolving the question of palestine state and international community should uphold relevant un resolutions pursuant to land for peace initiatives. jointly exploiting ways and means to promote peace to achieve an early comprehensive and durable solution to the question of palestine. the international community needs to take up the israeli peace talks. all parties on the middle east should all play a constructive role. china remains committed to supporting and facilitating the middle east peace process which of course the palestinians establishing a
5:09 pm
fully sovereign and independent palestinian state on the basis of the pre-1967 border with east jerusalem as its capital. in july last year, the president forward a four-point proposal on the question, calling for renewed momentum on the basis of the two state solution adherence to the philosophy of shared comprehensive cooperative and sustainable security, greater coordination of international efforts to mobilize synergy for peace and a holistic approach for peace in full swing to implement this proposal. in december last year, china successfully hosted a symposium of alice tinian and israeli pro-peace initiatives and will continue to push for a critical settlement to the question with the president,
5:10 pm
a question of jerusalem which entertains the two state solution to the question of palestine, all parties should respect justice and implement international consensus and a strong peaceful coexistence. interval resolutions should reach a solution that accommodates all parties interests, whereas state negotiations in israel should respect each other's right to live and avoid any action that may aggravate the current situation. the international community needs to continue providing assistance to the palestinian people and refugees which can help increase critical security there over the past six decades anymore. unrwa has played an indispensable role in
5:11 pm
dispensing with crisis in the territory and we are calling on all parties to scale up their support to unrwa. refugees hosting the palestinian refugees will act to steadily improve conditions of the palestinian refugees. thank you mister president i think china and give the floor to the representative from court eva. >> thank you mister president. mister president, my country welcomes the holding of this meeting in the situation in the middle east, including the palestinian question. wewould like to thank the secretary-general and the special coordinator for the middle east process , mister nikolai mladenov for the quality of the comments and the presentation on the topic. we also welcome the presence
5:12 pm
in this chamber for the debate this morning of the chairman of the palestinian authority, his excellency mister mahmoudabbas . as the prime representative of the state of israel to the united nations. mister president, 25 years after the oslo accords , the hope of a peaceful settlement to the israeli-palestinian conflict has dwindled and the compromise solution of a two state living side-by-side in peace and security seems increasingly to reseed. the absence of the political prospect has contributed to the serious duration of the humanitarian situation for the palestinian communities in the west bank.given that this alarming situation is
5:13 pm
worried about a new flareup of violence and a confrontation which would put even further away the process of a peaceful settlement for the israeli-palestinian crisis. we would like to therefore after the flashes with which took place recently which resulted in the death of two palestinians and the wounding of a palestinian soldier, we would like to call on the israeliand palestinian parties to display maximum restraint . mister president, my delegation continues to believe that peace to the palestinians and israelis remains possible despite the impasse we find ourselves in currently. my country remains convinced there is no alternative to peace and that is why we invite the parties to the conflict to a constructive dialogue in order to overcome
5:14 pm
the dialogue obstacles in this context. we all call upon the authorities to renounce and to do this on both sides, to announce a unilateral initiative that can only jeopardize the prospects of having a political and peaceful settlement of the crisis. e d'ivoire would like to use this opportunity to reaffirm our position of principal and in favor of a two state solution. it is the only viable option which could enable this palestinian and israeli to live in coexistence in peace and security. e d'ivoire also supports the position according to which the title status of jerusalem needs to be negotiated in the framework of an agreed to
5:15 pm
situation between the two parties and is provided in the relevant resolutions of the united nations. mister president, on the quizzes of the israeli-palestinian conflict, are catastrophic for the people living in the gaza strip. they are hit by an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. they are experiencing a very high level of unemployment for young people going as high as 57 percent and shortages of water and electricity. and that is why my delegation calls for the resumption of negotiations to israel and the palestinian authority. we encourage support on the basis of strength and cooperation. the palestinian parties to continue a dialogue. in order to ensure the return of the palestinian authority to gaza for which would provide for a better handling
5:16 pm
of the currenthumanitarian issues . and thank you i think the representative. i give the floor to the representative. >> mister president, we welcome the convening of this meeting and we would like to welcome the presence with us this morning of the secretary-general and would also like to express gratitude for mister nikolai mladenov's report. we particularly welcome the presence with us this morning of mistermahmoud abbas, president of the state of palestine . the room is falling deeply concerning situation in palestine, the unwillingness but from a transposition, the lack of dialogue between the parties and never-ending stream of violence and episodes seen the peace process cometo a grinding halt . leaders are faced with an unthinkable status quote.
5:17 pm
in light of the aforementioned, we would point to the importance and urgency of forging a basic framework of understanding in common ground that will help to reverse the current negative trends on the ground and pave the way for the resumption of direct negotiations between the parties. with the view to preserving and attaining the only viable solution to the untenable state of affairs on the table in which the two states living within a state of security need to recognize and order. we are calling on relevant agreements which furnish the requisite solution will be highlighted and continue to be plagued by the quarter. we see crucial that in the political, religious and social spheres, action and words are governed by a respect, seeking to build mutual trust to the resumption of constructive dialogue. the leaders of both sides set the terms for a tangible demonstration of moderation and a commitment to peace and through their international
5:18 pm
law. this means we need to resume obligation to implement resolutions of the security council. in particular we believe it is urgent to put an end to practices that have been on the rise over the last year. demolition and the resumption's taking place in the occupied palestinian territories since 1967. all of this old to the resolution where we call on those parties directly involved to investigate and punish all violations of human rights, all terrorist acts and all call on the attack in israel.tangible and irrefutable steps to defend must be taken. for example, information most people are coming on the plight of all israeli soldiers will detained israeli soldiers. we are viewed as the return of the remains of the fall into their relatives would be a powerful gesture of humanity. we believe that it is
5:19 pm
essential that the right to defense be wielded by the israeli authorities, we believe disproportionally and improperly calibrated method. the human rights of the palestinian citizens including minors cannot be counted upon. in a similar vein, we also believe that it is crucial to reject hate speech, anti-semitism and to reject discrimination in all its forms. in any society, ethnic , cultural and religious should be appreciated as something precious and an asset that should never be seen. we concern the ongoing deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the gaza strip decide a few months ago by the secretary-general as well as one of the most dramatic humanitarian situations i have seen in the many years in which i've been working with united nations. >> we believe that it is urgent to meet the basic needs of gaza, and the normalization of breeding grounds.
5:20 pm
it is important to promote a sustainable peace, winning humanitarian assistance and development plans that offer hope and opportunity to the youth. >> we take this opportunity to reiterate our appreciation for unrwa and its work. it's important to stay in a predictable financing. this leads me to hail the meeting of the confidence that took place in brussels on january and i also hail the willingness by many committees and good officers and to contribute to alleviating thesituation on the ground, thank you very much . >>. >> i think the representative and give the floor to the representative of the netherlands. >> first let me welcome the early presence of president mahmoud abbas in the council and thank mister mladenov for his efforts for peace. mister president, the facts
5:21 pm
on the ground speak for themselves and leave little room for optimism. we face agrowing . an economic crisis in gaza and we see littlepossibility for palestinian development in the west bank . we have three points in the context. first, the two state solution and the need for tangible steps, secondly, need for commitment and international support and thirdly, the situation in gaza. mister president, my first point. the two state solution. it is worth recalling the oslo accords signed by president abbas was almost abrogated useful road to its palestinian state. we also of course held commerce to state within five years from the signing in 1993. and on the 2050 and oslo and the obstacles to peace have grown. also, it's not just a document, it was a vision. we are still firmly convinced
5:22 pm
that only the two state solution based on the borders of 1967 will lead to sustainable peace . we recall that a lasting solution to the conflict must be achieved on the basis of relevant council resolutions and direct principles including that for peace, the roadmap agreements previously reached by the parties in the peaceinitiative . but the state of israel and an independent democratic sovereign and viable state of palestine, giving security bringing mutual recognition. including on jerusalem. these parameters are key elements for a successful peace process. the kingdom of manila calls for both sides of translator stated desire for peace into
5:23 pm
tangible steps. steps that don't trust and contribute to thepreservation of the possibility of the two state solution . in line with council resolution one 334. this requires a fundamental change in the developments on the ground which continue to undermine the prospect of a two state solution. the kingdom of the netherlands approves of actions taken inthe context. we include continuous demolitions , translating to forced transfer of veteran communities in the west bank , the announcement to legalize the outpost of july into a settlement and measures for proposals that are nothing less than annexation.the actions and proposals call for serious concern. the position has not changed. settlements are illegal in the international law . the undermine the viability of the two state solution and they undermine the prospect
5:24 pm
for a lasting the same time, the continued violence including firing of rockets and relative incitement needs to stop. >> the kingdom of the netherlands is concerned by the escalation of violence in and around gaza . rocket attacks by military in gaza are unacceptable and need to stop. and the leadership on both sides must work to prevent installation. mister president, this brings me to my second point, the need for commitment and international support. the current lack of confidence into parties would also implyformer negotiations , makes a dangerous section that causes both israeli and palestinian populations to lose hope . and provide examples of the result conflicts to the following. negotiations don't start with trust, they start with courage. commitment to reach out, build bridges and community
5:25 pm
trust , taking people along step-by-step. the international community can certainly help providing a political horizon for the two state solution in line with relevant council resolutions. the international community supports the parties and finds the prospect of the negotiation table. it is to this end, cooperation with the two parties as well as regional players and with both parties is crucial. we fully support the initiatives for the two state solution mighty high representative of the eu. working together with both parties, the other members of the regional partners. the kingdom of the netherlands will continue to play a constructive role building on our good relations both sides. the president brings me to my third point in gaza. the crisis in gaza has grown rapidly. deployment is rising and the
5:26 pm
economy is coming to a virtual standstill. gaza faces a lack of energy supply that affects all aspects of life. including the provision of water. and treatment of sewage. almost none of the groundwater is any more for future resumption. raw sewage flows into the sea. included polluting the border which is needed for desalinization. the people in gaza offer from insufficient access to adequate healthcare. in the words of the secretary-general, gaza will become unlivable by 2020. but for many, it is hardly livable this very day. the number of people there is dependent on humanitarian aid . and then as we all know it's the largest provider of the visit but the critical financial situation unrwa is undermining its ability to provide basic services to the people inb. we are concerned that this negative forecast will lead to growing despair.
5:27 pm
and will add to the unpredictability of the situation. and to an increase risk of instabilityin the other areas of operations . >> is our collective responsibility to ensure that unrwa is able to execute as many as given by the un general assembly . the kingdom of the netherlands calls for all stakeholders put the needs of the population at the forefront in future decisions regarding gaza. the positive measures suggested to the liaison committee in brussels can lead to a significant improvement of the commissions. this includes expansion of possibilities for training and support for essential services like water and energy . therefore, we call upon all parties involved to deliver on their commitments made. we call on the palestinian authority to proceed on the path of reconciliation. we support the efforts to
5:28 pm
restore unity between the wreck in gaza and reunification of the authorities as a single legitimate governing authority. the incidents over the weekend showed again the need for a political solution. in conclusion mister president, there was little cause for optimism. however, in the middle east, there is not so much a choice as it is a necessity. this conflict can be solved. this conflict must be solved. we should offer diligently and in concert with the two state solution the parties themselves, the region and the international community at large. >> very much mister president i think the representative of the netherlands and now give the floor to the representative. >> thank you mister president. >> i like to thank the special coordinator for his useful and comprehensive briefing and the latest developments concerning the middle east and palestine. you have always benefited
5:29 pm
from his briefings.we are honored to have his excellency, president mahmoud abbas this morning and we thank him for having been here and for hearing with us his thoughts and division on the very critical issue at hand. we also appreciate ambassador donnie for having been here and sharing with us the israeli perspective. we are very much concerned mister president that the large progress in the israeli-palestinian peace process, and the development once again brought israeli-palestinian's to the floor. hundreds supporting renewed commitment to the peace process without any facility. it is also our connection that there is a need for an honest readiness on the part
5:30 pm
of all to make a difference, though the two parties move towards mutual accommodation. mister president, we are deeply concerned that the dire humanitarian situation in gaza, our total funding for critical facilities as left many palestinians withoutlife-saving funds , water, or conditions. there is need for the mobilization of international support of the humanitarian disaster.>> all this corresponds to the evidence of these must be commended. but there is still a shortfall in funding and more recent needs to be done to ensure the palestinians have expressed life-saving basic services. this is our earnest hope on a need would be protected and
5:31 pm
education by the politicization. >> we need to be listed together is the need to enable the palestinian authority exercise full control for gaza. we believe progress on this issue will not only improve economic and material situations but also advanced palestinian unity which hopefully could provide impetus for the peace process which now remains dormant. although the signing of the sacrament was very much welcome, much progress has been madein terms of its implementation and thus , this concludes with the successful application in two state exacerbating the situation. in this connection, we note the trilateral agreement between the special coordinator, prime minister and the israeli coordinator and the discussion in gaza
5:32 pm
for facilitating humanitarian solutions and revitalizing the economy in gaza. >> .. to self-determination and the right to exist as a free independent state. this is also the position of the african union, we have the ability to respect. accordingly if you fully support the two states living side-by-side in peace and security as the only viable option to resolving the dispute, we believe this should not only in the best interest
5:33 pm
of the israelis but it will advance peace in the middle east region. however, it seems to us to be self evident that lately there have been moves made and actions taken which could contribute to making progress towards the revelation of the issues on the business -- these are not only increasing mistrust but also undermining the viability of the solution. removing this understanding is imperative. in order to create the conditions for progress and negotiations which is to achieve a lasting solution on the basis of compromise. which ensures security and palestinian aspirations for
5:34 pm
state ãthis is what this calls for. and also in the best interest of the two parties as well as international community as a whole. many have said there is no plan b to this solution. the secretary-general has repeated the same today. that cannot -- that is why we support the intensification of international and regional efforts and achieving a comprehensive lasting and just solution. in this regard we welcome the extraordinary international group for palestine. the committee which last month bringing together israelis and palestinians as well as the partners for the first time in a while to discuss that efforts
5:35 pm
and negotiating a two state solution. indeed, the negotiations require the full support of all partners and all should have meaningful progress to be achieved. it is incumbent upon this council to harm the responsible is in support such efforts between israelis and palestinians in the broader middle east region. no doubt at the end of the day the responsibility for making progress towards lasting peace and based on justice and fair play falls on the two parties. thank you. >> i think the representative. i should now make a statement. i would like to welcome the participation of the secretary-general of the united nations and i think you are
5:36 pm
participating in this important and historic meeting on a crucial issue that has occupied the attention of the international community for the past five decades during which we have witnessed ongoing violations of international monetary and law with the continued israeli occupation of occupied arab territory.his occupation has been condemned and announced in security council resolutions that cover the ending. i also thank the special grenade for the middle east peace process for his valuable briefing. we are honored by the participation of his excellency the president of the state of palestine in today's meeting. over the security council for this month. this is a valuable opportunity that allowed everyone to listen directly to the owner of this just cause and what international community must do to honor the commitment and the principles and purposes of the
5:37 pm
united nations charter to guarantee the right of people. prior to holiness nonpermanent membership in the security council at the beginning of this year this has pledged to make every possible effort for the palestinian cause is the most important cause for our and muslims everywhere. and as one of the pillars of kuwait foreign policy. and because we remain firm in our commitment to shoulder the concerns and meet the aspirations of the palestinian people towards establishing an independent state with east jerusalem by implementing resolutions. israel is the occupying power continues to put obstacles and to stand in the way of a successful path towards lasting and apprehensive peace in the middle east. based on the common
5:38 pm
responsibility in this council to maintain international peace and security we must stress the implementation of security council resolutions that all member states must abide by. how can we overlook the fact that this occupation continues to ignore the united nations and relevant resolutions of international legitimacy with occupation continues to be a physical violation of the positions of international law which nowadays is the arbitrator. -- resulted in many un resolutions. however, failure to commit to resolutions exacerbated the humanitarian crisis with the defenseless people and increasing tensions in the region. this has had an impact on international security and stability and have witnessed the emergence of other crisis in the region that we all
5:39 pm
suffering from. such as extremism and terrorism.and these cannot be addressed without addressing the root causes and the crux of the conflict, the palestinian -- we have all witnessed the repercussions of the recent decision on jerusalem which is hundred hour efforts and jeopardizing the peace process and affecting the balance negotiation process. therefore we call on the united states because we are confident that they play an important role in the peace process to work with international community to compel israel to implement resolutions of international -- and occupation of territories in accordance with resolutions of international legitimacy are the principal of land for peace, the roadmap, the initiative, adopted in the beirut summit of 2002 for peace
5:40 pm
resolution established in the state of palestine with east jerusalem as its capital. i will not be exaggerating if i say that a political world to ensure that full implementation of security council resolution will help achieve the goal as the historic resolution that reaffirms an important legal principle for the most important legal principle linked to the palestinian question and admissibility of the territory by force. israel, the occupying power must strictly honor its commitment and responsibilities, legal responsibilities by virtue of the geneva convention of 1949 under protection of civilians. security council also condemned measures to change the demographic opposition, the character and status of the occupied palestinian territory, occupied since 1967 including
5:41 pm
east jerusalem. security council and resolution 2234 also condemned the israeli sentiment activity as illegal, illegitimate and a violation of international law given it is a major obstacle to achieving the two state solution in a comprehensive and lasting peace. not only that, resolution 2334 also represented that any changes along the lines of four 9067 will not be recognized by the security council including changes to the legal and historic status of jerusalem as all of the issues. regrettably more than a year has passed since this historic resolution and i still has not been implemented. numerous one of the positions of the resolution or violated and we witnessed the usual record levels of israeli settlement activity and occupied palestinian territory whether constructing new settlements or expanding
5:42 pm
current settlements and a great violation of resolution 2334 which led to the deportation of the landowners upon palestinian families. the state of kuwait strongly condemns the legal images of israeli policies in the occupied palestinian territory including east jerusalem and the ongoing violations and rights of the palestinian people. i would also like to address the situation in this -- which were followed with great concern given the dangerous consequences on the lives of 2 million palestinians. this blockade is unjust and we condemn you again inhumane practices of israel that represent a great violation of human rights and international monetary and law. this imposed is an example of violation prv from the state of kuwait spare no effort to stand while the palestinian brethren,
5:43 pm
the state of kuwait supports palestine to operationalize some international mechanisms such as -- by spinning membership to include arab countries. we also support all legal and peaceful steps taken by the state of palestine at the national and international level to strengthen the sovereignty over and occupied palestinian territory. the palestinian people expect from the united nations and the security council in particular, to honor its commitment to maintain international security. we stand on the palestinian people and defending their just cause and legitimate rights including the historic and constant rise to terrorism as guaranteed by the resolutions of national legitimacy remain firm that east jerusalem is the capital of the state of palestine. the call in all countries to recognize instead of palestine with east jerusalem as in
5:44 pm
conclusion we renew our cause all of you to participate in this meeting with a group of members and security council to discuss the implementation of resolution 2334. following 50 years -- occupation of the occupied territory. i will now -- there are no more names on the list of speakers. the meeting is adjourned. [inaudible conversations] >> here is a look at the
5:45 pm
primetime schedule on the c-span networks through starting live at 8 pm eastern on c-span remarks from the epa administrator scott pruitt at the conservative political action conference. on c-span two booktv with afterwards. and on c-span3, american history tvp with a look at the life of us presidents. we will also visit the henry ford museum in see several presidential vehicles. >> join us saturday at 9:30 am eastern on american history t.v. on c-span3. the american civil war museum in richmond virginia. live coverage of the civil war impact on americans. speakers include peter carmichael, director of gettysburg college civil war institute. james robertson, author of the untold civil war. jane schultz, author of women at the front. and amy morel taylor author of the divided family in civil war america. at 8 pm on lectures and
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history. from the georgetown university law center, guest speaker thomas west talks about his book, the political theory of the american founding. >> in the republican form of government, based on consent, elections, virtue is needed and more than any other form of government. because in a republic, the people themselves pick the rollers. >> sunday 4 pm on reel america. 1956 film, a city decides. about the historic supreme court decision, board of education. >> delegates from all high schools in st. louis. >> all i know is at our school, some kids you just don't like colored people. some of the kids at our school don't like them either. >> what i think it is the individual accounts. how are you going to get to know a person unless you meet them? >> when the supreme court ruled that segregation was illegal, these children were ready.
5:47 pm
>> the 6 pm on american artifacts, look at a selection of clifford barry men's popular political cartoons from the early 20th century. >> clifford continue to draw with washington evening star for the next 42 years. his cartoons appeared almost daily. usually on the front page of the paper. very prominently placed. he had quite an illustrious career. >> american history tv, every weekend on c-span3. >> tomorrow, state governors from the 50 states data for their annual winter meeting in washington dc. they will host discussions on jobs. the future of agriculture and food availability. and the opioid crisis. you can mark that live saturday at 10 am eastern on c-span. also tomorrow, more for this years conservative political action conference. with a look at the second amendment and remarks by white house budget director, mick
5:48 pm at 12:40 pm eastern. he will be followed by comments from house intelligence committee chair, devin nunes. speaking live at 3:35 pm. you can watch both speeches live on c-span. >> sunday night on "after words". author westover talks about growing up with survivalist parents in the amount of species interviewed by an author and journalist. >> a lot of people seem to really take it to heart this idea, two thirds of the have to have a degree and you have to have a whole institution in place to teach it to you. i'm grateful to my parents that i was not raised to think that. then i decided to go to college, i was 16, it felt like something i can do. not because i had to have a formal education but because i need to learn algebra, i will purchase the book and learn it. and i didn't do an amazing job
5:49 pm
i barely got into the university but i kept going. and i think, my parents took it too far. i arrived at the university really underprepared. i asked what the holocaust was because i never heard of it. people thought i was being anti-semitic but i had never heard it before. i wouldn't say it was the ideal education. >> watch eastern on c-span two. >> monday on c-span landmark cases. a look at the supremes court case that solidified the federal government ability to take action not explicitly mentioned in the constitution and restricted state action against the legitimate use of its power could explore the case and the high courts ruling with university of virginia associate law professor peterson and the university of arkansas law professor and author of mcculloch v maryland.
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security nation. watch monday at nine eastern on c-span, or listen with the free c-span radio app. at the back of the nueske's order a copy of the landmark cases companion book available for $8.95 plus shipping and handling on cases. for an additional resource, there is a link on our website to the national constitution center interactive constitution. >> next, actress jennifer lawrence interviews former federal election chair, trevor potter. on how politicians push legal limits and accepting contributions. this was part of the inaugural on rig the system summit in new orleans. posted by represent us. it is one hour. [applause] >> it is an honor to introduce our


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