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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Nelson on NASA Nominee  CSPAN  April 18, 2018 8:41pm-9:01pm EDT

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from senate majority leader mcconnell. that legislation is on the agenda for thursday but the vote may not come until next week. we will bring you live coverage from the senate judiciary committee the legislation sponsored by two republicans and democrats would lead them to fire 11 investigating and russian interference in the 2016 election hour coverage starts 10:00 o'clock a.m. eastern on. >> bill nelson talks about opposition to head up nassau. a former astronaut and a ranking #'s and technology committee. after his remarks the senate voted to move the nomination forward and a final vote is expected next week. >> what i want to do is talk about the leadership of our
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civilian space program. nasa administrator has been well qualified and noncontroversial. but that partisanship that has invadedie far too many areas of government in society today. until now. the nasa nominee nominated to head after last fall the hearing in the senate commerce committee is the most contentious i have ever been a part of. he was voted out of the o
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committee and senators on both sides of the aisle have expressed doubt publicly and privately on qualifications for the job. the nasa administrator should be a consummate face professional. that is what the senator want, a face professional not a politician. as the head of nasa. that space professional should be technically and scientifically competent. in the administrator must be a leader who has the ability to bring us together scientists and engineers and policymakers
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on a shared vision for future space exploration. and as you know to set the goal with the obama administration and now with the trump administrationng our goal is going to mars during the decade. but what pains me mr. president is that the one that has been nominated with this nonpartisan but bipartisan and to head the agency i am afraid we are hitting a different c standard. but the concern comes from having witnessed the tragic
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consequence with nasa leadership that has failed us. when it comes to the ultimate frontier of space there will always be risks involved. but to bear the responsibility of accountability with the final decision with the lives of astronauts to explore the heavens on behalf of all costs. i have witnessed personally in both the challenger and thehe columbia accident that nasa of those dangers and tried to sound the alarm. but the nasa management although well-intentioned,
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filtered out debate and dissent the warnings of the engineers went unheeded with heartbreaking consequences. so the laws took challenger ten days after the senator had returned on the 24th right of the space shuttle to earth. the tragic consequence with the engineers on the solid rocket booster and banking management what they saw with nasa tv the icicles on the
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launch tower. later in the investigation knowing that we now know that they had the solid rocket boosters from previous launches theys saw them half the fuel joint so those old rings that they stiffened and did not seal the deal joint as challenger was climbing into the sky, it hit at the externalnk tank and punctured the tank and the crew was lost.
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and some crewmembers one of the best of the best from the united states navy retired five times shuttle astronaut and commander and to examine the orbiter. and then just physically take a shot that out into the delicate silicon tile. pieces of the throne of the external tank falling off hitting those tiles.
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the course that fateful day that is exactly what happened. and to be the size of an insulated cooler as the orbiter is accelerating and that falls in the acceleration to hit the carbon fiber of the leading-edge to knock a hole in it. and there's no problem in orbit there's no problem that
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comes after the burn and the shuttle falls for 30 minutes through the vacuum of space and then starts to accumulate the molecules of air in the upper atmosphere and those leading edges of the week the temperatures grow to over 3000 degrees fahrenheit. and there is a big hole. there is the leading edge in the left wing. of course it burns up and the crew is destroyed in the dissent over east texas. nasa management structure
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filtered out debate and dissent and could not listen to those astronaut commanders and did not listen years earlier 85, 86 and the result is the loss of two space shuttles including the facial columbia the first israeli astronaut and in the aftermath of columbia with the safety concerns for the engineering that those are not squashed like they were but ultimately
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intel from? but to make those decisions they must call on his or her knowledge of the dick -- industry principles with a large technicalat organization to have reason and impartiality he or she can muster because leading asset is a job with a proven space professional. the success or failure it is literally a matter of life or
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death i want to commend the congressman time as a pilot in his service to our country in the military. it is commendable. to have safety and budgetary decision it has to be accountable and that public service career does not instill great confidence about his ability to bring people together but his record of behavior in congress is divisive as any in washington
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including members of the body from his own party and she went to him and by extension nasa, to congress and endeared him to the american people to study the earth but the congressman have on climate change is to say the least where words like science space and climate change these words are being grabbed from government documents and some scientists have been restricted from speaking publicly about scientific findings.
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nasa needs the administrator or a strong leader who understands the critical importance to study here and is willing to put his job on the line to protect nasa scientists. so the congressman's record suggests that he will do otherwise. we met mr. president i don't this decision lightly. i hold nothing against him personally. he is good and likable he is good and likable my decision is not politically motivated. in fact, i supported the nomination of the chief financial officer because he
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was qualified for the job as the cfo. and he was confirmed without a problem and is in that job. and of course if the congressman congressman, i will work with for the benefit of our nation program. my opposition to the nomination comes from decades of experience and an understanding of nasa history and having lived through some of its darkest moments. i have no doubt the nominee is passionate about the space program and i don't doubt his motivation. i think what is not right for
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nasadm is the administrator who is politically divisive and is not prepared to be the last in mind, to make that fateful decision to go or no go for launch. mr. president, therefore i will oppose this nominee and i yield the floor
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>> we have another speech that is tinker versus amoy 1969 during the vietnam war kids came to school wearing black armband to protest the war and the question is they could be suspended by the des moines school district. they say this violates their freedom of speech and that majority opinion says they
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cannot be punished for their passive expression of opinion it can hardly be argued the students and teachers shed their constitutional rights for freedom of expression at the schoolhouse gate. >> this is personal for me. i do what i do in part because my parents brought me to philadelphia and i went to independence hall that made a tremendous impact on me but then three years later or four years later i'm in high school and i write an op-ed for the school use -- newspaper and my teachers to invite me and said read this case called tinker versus amoy and about free speech rights of students and
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i read it and it inspired me and it changed my life making is given his powerful personal story but those cases do show that students have fewer first amendment rights than adults as justice thomas suggested in a very provocative opinion originally to have no first amendment right. >> it is true that they are chipping back a little bit. there are greater restrictions that have been held on the decorum of student speech. if something occurs in that curriculum contexts it becomes the school speech and it is easy to regulate. but i think that basic level that kids are persons and possessed one -- has beach rises a vital a


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