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tv   Sarah Weinman The Real Lolita  CSPAN  June 25, 2018 1:05am-1:16am EDT

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the macbook tv on c-span2. one of the things we like to do coming to the publishers convention is preview some of the book coming out in the fall. joining it now and long time machine's reporter and editor now a first-time author, tee17
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the book is called "the real lolita" who is vladimir? - russian born in the gray author author of the novel biography of america for the still controversial novel lolita from 1958 said has never been out of since then never stopped being talking about. >> coming out 1958 it was pretty controversial? >> 37 years old very accurately described in the senate the city for little girls and there's a little
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girl was talking sold and nicknames her the leader. and from his point of view you get the sense there is a great romance happening but in reality it is more horrible for a 12 euro girl who was robbed of her child. >>host: what about the reputation as a writer? >> one of the great russian riders in america he already started publishing other works so he was considered to be a great literary artist. that when he was working on lolita that was a concept of how challenging the subject
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matter was so in my book dealing in. literary forms this compulsion very early on in his career he wrote a poem in his 20s and in other earlier novels but it didn't come to fruition until he published lolita. >>host: so with your book was sally? the neck and 11-year-old board and raise in camden new jersey. in the spring of 1948 there was a group of girls in her school like a girls club she wanted to join she was lonely. to be raised by his goal mother or father killed himself at six years old and she had a notebook that he had
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just come out of prison he says i am an fbi agent and you are under arrest. but she didn't know any better. he let her go and for several months she thinks she is home free and then he finds her and said come with. so he manipulates her that they will go away for one week. so sally goes away with him to atlantic city she's writing her mother letters then they stopped and the phone calls.then a letter we are going to baltimore now at this point her mother realizes
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something has happened she really realizes when the police are finally called and they tell her he was in prison for statutory rape of girls. so that is the beginning leading to a 21 month cross-country nightmare then to dallas and then san jose california where she is ultimately rescued. >>host: was the story widely reported? >> when i first started a few years ago i had seen wire report so it was widely reported but i didn't realize the extent of it until later on with the camden papers in the newspapers in philadelphia even new york. the new york times did not report on it so somehow it did
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not laugh the same degree. but yes there was a lot of coverage. and because she was recovered it was thoughtful but also sexist that she was chunky and it was here relevant but yet these are how stories were done in 1950. because trying to juggle sally story writing a book about lolita and the cultural significant moment that is rewarding to stitch it altogether. >> why do you call sally "the
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real lolita"? >> because both references so very late in the novel he returns to the town where she married her mother and that it is a disaster because she wasn't interested so many years pass he comes back but he is figuring out things wandering through the town seeing what they had done for the 11-year-old so that yet i had first read the leader at the age of 16 never realized any of this allowed writing the book i did not realize
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that the phrase was tee9. and there are so many other things going on from the language standpoint in the styles and point in lolita it is distracted by the bobbles of the language. that's they had a reason to believe in the clue so i found in the research. there was more than anybody realized. >>host: how is it to be a first-time author? >> it is surreal i have to confess but at the same time i have been working towards this moment my entire career. in addition to writing and reporting and editing marketplace i have edited anthologies i'm not unfamiliar with the process.
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and order for penguin so everything has coalesced. also that there was so much more to tell about sally i am so proud of what i have done. >>host: here is the cover coming out in september 22 "the real lolita" sarah weinman is our guest - thank you as always.
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host: joining us from fort lauderdale florida is >> from fort lauderdale florida republican strategist and author of the book stone rules thank you very much for being with th the. >> good morning. great to be here. >> news over the last 40 hours for and former partner paul manafort on allocation try to in connection to his case. your reaction to what happened on friday and


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