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tv   Charlotte Pence and Karen Pence Marlon Bundos Day in the Life of the...  CSPAN  July 5, 2018 9:12pm-9:55pm EDT

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humanity, there is no hope of. he told me my grandmother and my grandfather were trapped because of the holocaust. >> share the story of their family's peherfamily's pet rabbr book a day in th day in the life vice president. they spoke at the nixon presidential library in yorba linda california. this is 35 minutes.
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good evening ladies and gentlemen. my husband and i are thrilled to be here at the nixon library with the second lady and so many friends of ours and all of you. it is my pleasure to introduce two wonderfully accomplished women. today karen becomes the eighth second lady to visit the library, pat nixon, lady byrd johnson, judy agnew, betty ford, barbara bush, marilyn quayle and lynne cheney. like her predecessors, she is placing her own trail and putting her own on the role of second lady. a teacher by trade and has always understood and valued the importance of education.
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she earned both her bachelor's and master's degrees in education at the university. before movinuniversity. before moving to the naval observatory, she served as the first lady of the state of statf indiana from 2013 to 2017. she established the first lady's charitable foundation to provide practical support including grants and scholarships for organizations and individuals that encourage family and the art. she now works tirelessly to bring attention to the sacrifices of the members of the military and their families and is interested in making people aware of the benefits of our therapy to help those with mental health issues. as you can see on every page of marlon bundo's a day in the life
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she is an award-winning artist and all the books charming original watercolors were painted by her. the author of this book is charlotte, a recent graduate of the university who double majored in double cinema in english. she's interested in film production and creating short films and was involved in campus in the fraternity. she traveled on a service truck and studied in england at the university of oxford. she is now an assistant at the united talent agency in los angeles. anyone that saw her on the view on tuesday, she could have a great future in television. of course there is only one element missing this evening and that is marlon bundo's himself.
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while he wished he could have joined us on stage today, we will ask charlotte to get a special cuddle all his fans in yorba linda. the book makes a wonderful easter gift for your children and all the youngsters in the audience with us today. it is now my pleasure to introduce the author and the artist, the vice president doctor charlotte pence and karen pence. [applause] we are doing a different format
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tonight we hope you enjoy it. it means very much when you have a book and people come and buy the book. touring the library it is beautiful and a privilege to be here so thank you for the great introduction. you are probably wondering how this all started, writing a book about the life of the vice presidents, so charlotte is going to take it from there. >> thank you everyone this is
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cool and has been a dream of mine since i was very small to have a book out especially a children's book and especially about an animal. i wanted to talk a little bit about marlon in general this people ask how long we had him, how old he is and when we got him so i want to introduce you to him since he isn't here tonight, he's resting. he had a lot of interviews this week. [laughter] i wrote a short film and i had a short film and a lot of people told me change it to a turtle or
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something easier to find i don't know why a turtle would be easier to find than a bunny. so i looked online and at pet stores and i found them on craigslist. [laughter] no price was listed so i asked the owner how much and he said make me an offer so it became a godfather or chew wit joke with. they said we should name him marlon brando and i said no, we can name him marlon bundo. so he lived with me in college in the dorm for only like a week because that isn't actually a loud but then he lived at home
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with my parents and in my apartment at college so he is a part of our family and one of our pets. >> and behold, you know, we got kind of thrust into this new role after the election and we were moving to dc so of course we hav had all of our pets withs on air force two. staff people for helping us unload his cage i don' don't knf you saw the picture because it seemed to go viral and all of a sudden the bunny was famous and we didn't really understand why he was so famous. that startebut that started theg going.
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we have moved into the naval observatory which is where he lived now and my mom and dad lived there also. [laughter] i thought okay we should get an instant graham, just get his name because i think that it was taken when he was all over the news that one day. i remember the first post we put out in the cage on the second floor of the observatory which is where we lived and he hopped out at the cage and i put up a post that said his first steps in the naval observatory and my sister is boyfriend gets credit for saying he just came up with
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that right away so he is the botus, bunny of the united states. that's where it all started and got popular. >> so his first step to the naval observatory is one thing we wanted to talk about in the book. to let you know keep saying naval observatory that a lot of people don't really know what you're talking about when we say that. in 1974, the first vice president to live in the observatory was mondale, rockefeller is the first one that could have lived there but he decorated it and entertained and every vice presidents family since then have lived at the naval observatory.
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the observatory is a naval base. there is a working observatory across the street for us. the whole property is 72 acres but then there are 17 acres that are like gated off where the actual house is where we live and then naval observatory is like a victorian home on the cover of the book. it has a big wraparound porch. it's very private right in the heart of washington, d.c. because there are no tours at the observatory, so people come there all the time that it is a little more private. the way the story got started started years and years ago when
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charlotte first learned to talk because from the first moment she became a storyteller and would line up her stuffed animals outside and she would tell them stories with all kinds of adventures. at night she would tell her little sister stories to help her fall asleep and really almost into the high school years she would say tell me a story i can't fall asleep. she would start a story and the next night she would continue the story so we were not surprised when she went to college and majored in digital cinema and english because we knew someday this book was going to happen. >> when people ask how did you come up with the idea we say that it all started with marlon.
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we have no idea if anyone would even follow this page. he's up to about 27,000 followers which is way more than me. [laughter] and i don't even have instagram. so it makes sense to us. she has a very real personality and he will follow us around the house when we let him out to get his exercise people ask us all the time how did you get him to do that, how did you get him to sit in front of the fire or open the book and he just does not say he has a little personality.
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but it started with the instagram page we thought we should do a children's book like it would be really fun to and a partnership like my mom did the watercolors obviously she is so talented so we decided to do it together and when we wanted to pick a theme for the buck it made a lot of sense to keep it educational. so more than just a story about marlon it would also teach about the vice president, whoever he or she is every vice president has specific official duties. it's a way to teach about the vice presidency. let's start from the day if he's
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following the vice president around, how would his day start and one of the first things we learned before we even moved into the observatory is that since it is owned by the navy it that is run by the naval enlisted aides and they run the house and actually their job is food security for the vice president so if we go out for pizza bagel with us. they make sure the food is safe for us to eat so they kind of take care of the house.
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you see th the naval enlisted ad holding out a to go cup of coffee for the vice president. so he goes on a typical day and then also specific also to my data. the next part is the motorcade which is pretty fun to us because we got a lot of the pictures.
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that is the eisenhower executive office building and if you know people, and i know a lot of people in this room do who say they work at the white house chances are. that is considered part of the white house. the vice president always has a ceremonial office there.
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that is where he will have meetings and receptions, a lot of the swearing-in's take place and so here's a bit of insight since you were kind to come out in person tonight a little tidbit on the page where he is in the ceremonial office you will see four sets of seats and one of them is my other daughter so she is the one in the black sandals and she helped me when she was home from law school we've got to go over and get all these pictures and paintings done and another picture in the book that is taken on the balcony of.
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and actually, true story, marlon has been to the eeob. [laughter] the next part of the book is another that was unknown to me before my dad was vice president which is the vice president is the president of the senate said the vice president can preside over both in the senate and also be a tiebreaker so that's kind of cool because my dad has spoken to. he had spoken quite a lot that isothat is kind of cool because that is specific to him as well he goes to the senate to hang out with him a little bit.
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>> then they had the code at the end of the day. when you go down massachusetts avenue, you will see this big digital clock and it has these big red numbers and that is the naval observatory site is down to the second and that is at one cc but it's getting close to the end of the day and the clock says 8:10 but instead he heads to the observatory and the actual observatory on the property is the nation's working observatory and just a little aside, the day of the eclipse he
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invited some students in to come over to the observatory to botch, so he hasn't been to the observatory yet, but he would like to go. >> another part i touched on earlier that i like about this book is that it does show a personal side to my dad. one of my favorite parts she hears the ringing of the phone and so he tugs on my dad's shoe lace in the book but in real life he does not. he does that a lot of times in the morning with people. so in this part of the book my dad goes and answers the phone and it is president trump said
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that it shows another side to our life and my dad's role and they talked all day all the time that they would talk on the phone frequently so that's in the book because marlon is with him and a debrief about the day and then the very last part is specific where my dad has a little prayer before their and reads his bible and that is probably my favorite painting in the whole book because it is beautiful and sweet i think. it's open to jeremiah 29 which is a verse that is specific to our family that is kind of a
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little bit but you can see that isn't mentioned in the book, but it's in the painting. >> host: >> charlott >> charlotte did a lot of research and was thinking this is something teachers or parents or caregivers might use to kind of go through actual facts. there is a little bit about the by bidens. the quayles put in a pool and we really like that. it's hard to go to a public pool. but the bidens it tells a little bit in the resources what they did to the property which is very sweet. we did add a beehive at the
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governor's residence in indiana. there is a beehive of the white house and that is one of the first things i ask is do we have a beehive so now we do a the vie presidents residence. she wrote it kind of cute where she said the observatory is now home to over 30,000 as well. jim, i know you have some questions. >> questions for you all this evening. starting with one for charlotte are any of your other pets jealous of his fame? [laughter] >> we have a story about that. so hazel is my mom's kitten and we think she is jealous and not dealing with it well. we had a film crew at the house
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yesterday and they were getting a picture and hazel literally jumped up behind us and walked behind in the shot and got in it. [laughter] she's like i am here, i am adorable, and she is a. >> you talked about the relationship srelationships than confirm for us that he gets along well with the vice president's. it's fun to be able to work within illustrator at the same
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time. there were some things where i think we kind of trade ideas or i would tweak something if i was like my mom can take this but not that silly kind of worked together but for the most part i think we are on the same page. they have a portion of the proceeds and so my charities are to the therapy programs at the children's hospitals where i've been on the board for years and years and one of them is programmed for children with cancer and the other is at indianapolis for any child at the hospital. i'm donating a portion of the
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proceeds destined for abolishing slavery in the 21st century so i think they are great definitely check them out on social media. they are all about ending human trafficking so they have offices in 12 countries and two in the u.s. and they work to fight human trafficking and to rescue survivors and also help them get back on their feet after words so a cool thing is their outreach so they do a lot with education and helping people recognize the sign of human trafficking to report it to a reporandthey report that they he survivors that have been rescued and it's a great organization so definitely check them out as well. >> one question a lot of you wanted to know, has marlon bundo
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met president trump backs [laughter] >> yes he has. we had the president and first lady over for dinner very early on and we invited them up. it's kind of like you live in the apartment above the shop is kind of what it's like because we live upstairs so when w we hd them over we invited them upstairs to meet our pets and they got to meet marlon. >> you speak about every family being able to add something to the president's. have you adde had anything besis the beehive? >> everybody has done such a good job before me that there isn't a lot that needs to be done.
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there is one thing that we are getting ready to do. and iin the fall there is a pool house and we are going to change that a little bit to make it a guesthouse because there is no elevator at the vice presidents residence. how did you feel when your dad
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was selected and then elected as vice president. i got to be home and we had no idea that was going to happen and to give you an idea it is a pretty quick turnaround that you get told that you are being considered and then you accept. it's like a couple of weeks. i was there for all of it so i think that's really helpe that e because i could kind of see their thought process through the whole thing. so i felt excited about it and i went on the campaign trail so that was awesome and i got to
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meet so many people. there are a lot of women i've been very lucky there's a lot of women in my life that i've had as professors that i kind of go to immediately. i studied abroad and there are some people i still keep in touch with and i will reach out for advice on things who will always send me a note of encouragement. i would probably say other thenn my mom, who was also a teacher in my life for sure. >> pat nixon also served as a second lady. what do you think you can learn from mrs. nixon?
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>> i love the new video that you have. i got to see that at dinner and she had an awful lot of firsts. i think what i learned from the video tonight is that she is someone who took the office of second lady and then first lady and made it her own and i think that is something i learned in the first short time that i've been first lady that you are there for the little amount of time. so many times when we are traveling around the country you're visiting military families were children's hospitals or a lot of our veterans that we are involved with just to have a second lady take the time to spend time with them means so much. it's not so much caring or pat
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nixon or joe biden. it's that role while you're in the position to take the time out and spend time with people. there were so many great clips of that and she did it for the right reasons. she had a heart for people and she cared about people and that is definitely something that i want to emulate. >> is there a sequel in the works is a nice follow-up to that? >> we hope so. i think that he has more adventurous to go on and yes we would love to do something for sure. >> you recently represented the vice president at the winter olympics. what was that experience like?
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>> it was amazing and very fun to be able to go visit the house and be surprised the athletes because a lot of times with all the security we can't say where we are going we just have to show up. it was fun to walk in and there they all were. we wanted pictures with them more than they wanted pictures with us and that was pretty exciting. through the whole experience we got to see one event and was speedskating that it was sobering as well. right before the opening ceremonies, we met with people who had defected from north korea and to hear their stories, it was very, very troubling to hear what was going on. so the whole thing was quite an experience. >> now that you are a
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best-selling author, what are your aspirations? >> i've always wanted to be a writer. i didn't tell people i wanted to be bad, but i did. i think that i always feel passionate about documentary filmmaking, which i kind of got into in college and i think i will always be creating in some way. >> the online streaming tonight on facebook and we have a question what kind of books does the vice president tends to read? >> next to his side of the bed he has about 12 bucks so he loves to read biographies and current books about politics. he always has a bible next to
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his bed and also likes fiction. he likes thrillers as well. they are books he can escape into but he always has about four or five he is reading at one time. on air force two he has three or four books that he reads there on air force two. i read one book from the beginning to the end. >> we have time tonight for two more questions. the first being will marlon bundo participate in this year's easter egg roll? [laughter] i'm going to answer that because you don't even notice that actually mrs. trump asked us to come and read that we can't because we are going to have a little family vacation to you're going to have everyone together for easter and marlon is going with us.
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you have to have the bunny on easter. >> the final question this evening is what is your favorite thing about being second lady in charlotte, what is your second thing about being the daughter? stanek i think i answered it before when i said its meeting so many people and making a difference in their lives. but the most extraordinary thing i've got him tthat i've gotten s the second lady is i was asked in the very beginning of the administration to go lead a delegation to the special olympics and i have to tell you that was unbelievable. we were a small delegation may be just five of us and when we got to walk out with those athletes it was pouring down freezing cold rain and in an open stadium all of those kids
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had their arms up and they were singing and they didn't care about the rain. it was so moving i don't think anything can top that. it was just such an experience. we started bawling and we were all crying because it was just so beautiful. >> i would say that it's getting to travel and meet so many people over the country when i got to go on the campaign trail i got to go to so many states but i haven't been to a. of a special ticket to talk with people. and it was just so exciting to
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meet people that like the book. so it is really cool to get to know so many people. >> please thank the second lady of the united states in charlotte. [applause]
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as we explore the mazie and history saturday at noon eastern on booktv sean cunningham with his book american politics and the postwar sunbelt conservative growth in the battleground region. billions and billions of dollars of federal resources are being poured into the south and southwest to create this new
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development defense oriented society that is both fighting communism abroad and pursuing free-market dreams of home and it creates this kind of knew you in the american southwest that reinforces a lot of these ideas are just american ingenuity and hard work and a commitment to fighting. the center is here to keep this story alive and his music alive. located at texas tech university center is home to the largest
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collection of vietnam related material outside of the national archives. >> we have a vote of the different types of equipment that the veterans would carry. from the things they carry if you were also the first aid kit, the radios, the helmet the veteran software that would protect them from shrapnel. the deputy national security adviser for president obama detailed his time in the white house in his book the world as it is. he spoke about it politics and prose bookstore in washington, d.c.. this is one hour and ten minutes.


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