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tv   VP Pence Sen. Mc Connell Meet with Judge Kavanaugh  CSPAN  July 10, 2018 1:11pm-1:15pm EDT

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housekeeping seal of approval . from leonard leo and the federalist society and from the heritage foundation. is not moderate, he's not mainstream. it is hard rightand wants to pull america back decades. thank you everybody . >> thank you. >> judge kavanaugh is on capitol hill beginning to meet with senators. this from earlier with mike pence and mitch mcconnell. >>.
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>> i think the present leader for his outstanding nomination, we look forward to the nomination process in the next few weeks. >> let me first thank the senate majority leader for his outstanding leadership over the last year and a half for this administration. president trump has seen, confirmed more judges for the circuit court than any president in american history and we aregrateful . for the majority leader and republicans in the senate for their strong support. we look forward to working
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closely with the leader to advance the senate's proper role in considering judge brett kavanaugh as the president's nominee to the supreme court of the united states. as the president said, judge kavanaugh is a man of impeccable credentials, character, we are confident that working with you and reaching out to members of the senate in both political parties, members of the senate and the american people they represent will see as the president said last night that judge brett kavanaugh is the most qualified, most deserving nominee to the supreme court of the united states and we are honored to be able to bring him here to the united states and begin the important work that the senate will do indischarging his constitutional duty to
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consider this good man and the president's nominee to the supreme court . >> i do everyone. thank you. thank you. thank you everyone. that's it. thank you. >>. >> i'm just going to make a short statement . our nominee will not fix immigration but i've had our present conversation with judge kavanaugh. he and i


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