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tv   U.S. Senate Mc Connell on Kavanaugh  CSPAN  July 12, 2018 7:46am-7:49am EDT

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>> next come the debate from the senate fuller on brett someone to replace anthony kennedy who start with majority leader mitch mcconnell in charro schumer. >> yesterday i had an opportunity to be with judge brett someone as we begin his confirmation process. it's really impossible to not come away impressed. judge someone is the real deal. if the top academices credentias
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and is defined by fairness, thoroughness and analytical precision. was dirty confident that my colleagues here at americans around the country take my word for it. just look at when the judge someone's professors at yale law school. here is what professor achille marr wrote in "the new york times." it is hard toit name anyone with judicial credentials as strong as judge kavanaugh. current faculty at yale law describes him as a true intellectual, a leading thinker and a wonderful mentor and teacher to worst units. harvard's alma mater's archrival, a scholar agrees that kavanaugh is, quote,
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generous, honorable, kind person. or as the legal professionals who have clerked for him on the d.c. circuit. they are in a better position than most to speak to his writing as a jurist. in a letter to her colic on the judiciary committee, they share the judge kavanaugh quote trust opinions painstakingly, writing and rewriting and tell he has sure each one is clear and well reasoned and can be understood not only by lawyers, but the parties and the public. so is the confirmation process gets underway, i have a distinct feeling this isn't the only testimony of this sort that will be hearing. judge kavanaugh seems to impress everyone with whom he crosses paths. at least those who haven't blindly announced in a bit of partisanship or opposition to this


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