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tv   Israels 70th Anniversary Commemoration  CSPAN  July 23, 2018 7:28pm-9:51pm EDT

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look like the bad guys who they were trying to detect. and you know, that's been successful. i think, you know, where things have failed have been we haven't had the right human resources in the right location, if you think about the chelsea attack -- >> please welcome the founder and national chairman of christians united for israel, the one and only pastor! thank you. good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the 13th annual summit of the christians united for israel.
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we want to welcome the distinguished members of the u.s. senate and the house of representatives. we welcome our executive board members. we welcome ambassador ron dermer of israel. [applause] >> and we welcome our keynote speaker of the evening, the voice of truth in the united nations, ambassador nikki haley. [applause] >> we also welcome the ambassadors and dignitaries of the bahamas, paraguay, slovakia, bulgaria, greece, argentina, hungary, egypt and guatemala.
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welcome. [applause] >> to the ambassador of guatemala, we stand in solidarity with the leadership of guatemala for standing with israel and america by moving your nation's embassy to jerusalem. [applause] >> -- of the city of god. i encourage all the ambassadors who are in attendance tonight and those of you who are watching by national television to move your embassy to jerusalem as soon as possible. [applause] >> the bible says god speaking of jerusalem, i have chosen
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jerusalem that my name might be there forever. if god placed his name on that city, it would be good for you to place your embassy in that city. [applause] >> jerusalem is the future. jerusalem is the city of god. jerusalem is the shoreline of eternity. jerusalem is the epicenter of the universe. jerusalem is where king david said pray for the peace of jerusalem. they shall prosper that love you. jerusalem is where isaiah and jeremiah penned principles of righteousness that have become the moral foundations of western civilization. jerusalem is a witness to the eternal security of every believer. for the bible says in psalms 125, as the mountains are roundabout jerusalem so the lord
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surrounds his people from this time forth and forever more. jerusalem is the heart beat of israel. israel lives today. israel lives tomorrow. and israel lives forever. give a shout of hallelujah in the house of god. [applause] >> it is my pleasure to welcome to the pulpit one of the great friends of christians united for israel. the rabbi comes to give the invocation. he has been a very dear friend all the days of my walk with the jewish people and christians united for israel. will you welcome please this great man of god as he gives the invocation. [applause]
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>> our father in heaven thou who controls the destinies of all men and in whose hands lies the fate of all nations, cast thy divine favor on america and her leaders, the president, the vice president, and all those who serve in government. may this blessed land always remain a citadel of freedom, a watchtower of light and hope, one nation under god with liberty and justice for all. we ask thy blessings upon our beloved men and women who in this hour stand guard on battlefields throughout the world, dedicated to the defense, security, and freedom of the american people. and for our beloved israel, the promised land, the nation state of the jewish people, we ask thy blessings, grant to people the
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strength to withstand the constant threat to life and limb and the leaders the patience to withstand the hypocrisy which pretends to pass for diplomacy. we welcome among our leaders in israel ambassador dermer who stands on the diplomatic front lines battling for israel. we ask thy blessings for israel's defense forces, who prevailed not by their numbers but by their deep love of israel. not by might, not by power, but by my spirit, saith the lord of hosts. it's good to give thanks to our lord and to sing praises the exalted name. as we celebrate israel's 70th year anniversary, we thank thee for the many miracles we have been privileged to witness.
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jews who have seen the greatest destruction of their people have been destined to see the greatest miracle in their history, the revival of the jewish people in their biblical homeland. we thank thee for the miracle of the gathering of the exiles, from the far reaches of the globe, more than 3,000 years ago, moses prophesied even if you have been banished to the most distant lands under the heavens, from there the lord your god will bring you and gather you and so it was that a broken scattered people from across the world returned home, from the longest exile ever endured by any nation on earth. speaking the same language and professing the same thing as their biblical ancestors. we thank the almighty for the privilege of witnessing in our generation the reunification of our holy city of jerusalem, that we may now stand at the very spot king david stood to pray
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for the peace of jerusalem. we thank thee for the miracle, godly messengers whose teachings inspire christians throughout the world, who come year after year in solidarity and unity in support of israel and the jewish people. we thank campus warriors whose passion for truth and justice strengthens our faith and hope for the future. we thank thee for the miracles of our time, the miracle called -- for recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital. for moving the american embassy there, for the renunciation of the obama agreement with iran.
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these miracles the divine hands of god, i believe have been influenced through the efforts of pastor john hagee. thou has implanted within humanity the qualities of love and courage and have destined men to be thy instruments of shaping history. therefore we are ever so grateful unto thee for giving the world community a spiritual leader of the nobility, courage and wisdom of pastor john hagee. pastor john hagee together with his beloved wife, has demonstrated time and again his unswerving loyalty, sacrifice,
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altruistic devotion and love to the people of israel, to the jewish people and to the land of israel, started 38 years ago and through the pastor, the world's largest israel proadvocacy group started 13 years ago. pastor's commitment to israel and the jewish people is multigenerational, beginning with pastor's parents and continuing through pastor's children. today pastor's son, pastor matthew and his wife kendall, also are leaders in the millennial generation. pastor hagee, there are many millions of lives you've changed in the christian and jewish world. your exhaustive schedule, your tireless efforts have reversed centuries of anti-semitism. your support of israel will build centuries of love and
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understanding. no wonder you were chosen by the state of israel to be among the 70 greatest contributors to the state of israel under 70th -- on the 70th anniversary. [applause] >> may will you continue to be blessed and your wonderful wife, al your immediate family -- all your immediate family, your congregational family, your world family with blessings of health and joy. the knowledge that you have been a true faithful servant of god. we ask thy blessings upon our distinguished guests, united states ambassador to the united nations nikki haley. [applause] >> the new sheriff in town whose message to the united nations and the world is the days of israel bashing are over.
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[applause] >> the pursuit of truth, her courage and wisdom have been inspirational and uplifting the hearts of jews and christians and all peoples of decency and truth. almighty god, as we have been privileged to witness miracles in our time, the re-establishment of the state of israel, the gathering of the exiles, the reunification of the holy city of jerusalem and the unity of jews and christians of love and respect so may we be privileged to see a united rule under the rule of love and peace for all mankind, amen. [applause]
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♪ [applause] >> would you put your hands together and make welcome the choir and orchestra of the first baptist church in atlanta, georgia. [applause]
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>> our first speaker tonight is ambassador ron dermer. israel's ambassador to the united states. ron dermer is an american born israeli political consultant and diplomat. he has served as the israeli ambassador to the united states since october of 2013. ambassador dermer has been deeply involved in american and israeli politics most of his life, and his influence has helped shape the u.s. israel relationship for over a decade. during his tenure in d.c., ambassador dermer has worked closely with cufi leadership to strengthen support for israel among american christians. he opposed the terrible iran nuclear deal and has made israel and america less safe and
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encouraged president trump to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. this is his fifth appearance at the cufi washington, d.c. summit on behalf of the state of israel. will you please make welcome ambassador ron dermer? [applause] >> wow! it's great to be back at cufi! on behalf of israel, i want to thank cufi and its over 4 million members for unabashedly standing by israel's side. [applause] >> i also want to thank the many
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thousands of you who have gathered here for this summit, especially the over 600 students who are here tonight. [cheers and applause] >> folks, this is the end of july. those students could be lying on a beach traveling the world or watching reruns of "game of thrones" [laughter] >> instead they are here in d.c. listening to a boring diplomat, educating themselves about the issues and recommitting themselves to standing with israel. so please join me in giving them a round of applause. [applause]
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>> finally i want to thank the person whose vision and leadership made all this possible, pastor john hagee. [applause] >> today people talk about the strong support for israel among devout christians, as if that support was always there. it wasn't. people sometimes act as though israel can take the support of devout christians for granted. we can't. the long history of the relationship between christians and jews is a history riddled with anti-semitism and persecution, suspicion, and distrust. this has dramatically changed over the past few decades.
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today there is unwavering support for the jewish state among millions of devout christians. that is a blessing for which israel is deeply grateful. [applause] >> this change didn't happen on its own. it happened because a few bold leaders in the christian community helped make it happen, leaders like john hagee who for nearly 40 years has been building bridges between christians and israel. when it comes to supporting israel, pastor hagee didn't join the bandwagon. he drove the bandwagon. [applause] >> that is why israel gave pastor hagee a special honor this year, as we celebrated our 70th independence day, our
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embassy recognized 70 americans who made a unique contribution to strengthening the alliance between america and israel. that list includes people like president harry truman, a justice, and the great scientist albert einstein. that list also includes pastor john hagee. [applause] >> pastor hagee, on behalf of a grateful nation, i thank you and your wife diana for all you have done, for all you are doing, and for all i know you will continue to do to help secure israel's future. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, tonight i want to express my country's gratitude to another american, who is responsible for dramatic changes that are helping to secure israel's future.
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president donald j. trump. [applause] >> last year when i spoke at this conference, america was still part of the nuclear deal with iran and the u.s. still had not recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. what a difference a year makes. what a difference president trump has made! [applause] >> the nuclear deal with iran was a disaster for israel. it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb.
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it paves it. it doesn't curb iran's aggression. it fuels it. it hasn't made iran's regime more moderate. it's made it even more extreme. when my prime minister benjamin netanyahu spoke against the iran deal in 2015, he was alone among world leaders in opposing it. alone that is until donald trump was elected president. [applause] >> when he was a candidate, donald trump railed against the nuclear agreement. he called it the worst deal ever. he pledged to terminate it and restore sanctions against iran. he apparently missed that high level briefing in which they explain why it is such a smart idea to give hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions
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relief to a terrorist regime that leads chants of death to america and death to israel. but as you all know, in politics, talk is cheap. at the end of the day, it's actions that count. and as soon as president trump took office, supporters of the nuclear deal shifted into high gear to get him to back down and keep the deal. european leaders aggressively weighed in, and the echo chamber in the media worked overtime to explain what a disaster it would be if america withdrew from the deal. even within the trump administration, many senior officials argued that the u.s. should stay in the deal. president trump could have kicked this can down the road. he didn't. he could have gone along to get
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along. he didn't. instead, president trump did what he promised to do, last october, he refused to certify the nuclear deal, and last may, president trump terminated america's involvement in the deal and restored u.s. sanctions against iran. [applause] >> thank god and thank you, president trump! [applause] >> thank you for ending the shameful policy of appeasing the world's foremost sponsor of terrorism. thank you for rejecting a policy of containing a nuclear armed iran and embracing a policy of preventing a nuclear armed iran. thank you for making clear you intend to roll back iran's
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aggression, not accommodate it. and thank you, president trump, for standing up to an iranian regime that vows and works to destroy the one and only jewish state. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, president trump's decision was nothing less than a hinge of history. a year ago, iran's regime had the wind at its back. sanctions relief had unleashed the iranian tiger across the middle east, in iraq, syria, lebanon, yemen, gaza, and beyond. and under the dangerous nuclear deal, iran's nuclear ambitions were moving ahead. they were developing advanced centrifuges, developing ballistic missiles, and hiding their secret nuclear archives. day after day, iran was getting closer to the time when all the
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nuclear deals restrictions would be removed and when it would be free to enrich as much uranium as it wanted. if that day ever comes, iran won't have to sneak in or break into the nuclear weapons club, iran will be able to walk it to the nuclear weapons club. but thanks to president trump, things are looking very different today. [applause] >> anyone see president trump's tweet yesterday? talk about a new sheriff in town. and this sheriff is making clear that the days when the most powerful nation on earth will accept threats from iran, those days are over.
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[applause] >> anyone hear secretary pompeo's speech yesterday? well, the sheriff apparently has some new deputies as well. deputies who are not courting iran, courting iran's leaders but exposing their corruption. deputies who are reaching out to the iranian people and making clear that america stands with them, not with those who have been oppressing them for 40 years. iran now faces a strong headwind from a trump administration determined to ratchet up the pressure. that policy is working. iran's currency is collapsing. companies from europe and asia afraid of u.s. sanctions are pulling out of iran.
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and protests -- [applause] >> and protests continue across iran as its brave people rise up against a brutal tyranny. as for iran's nuclear ambitions, president trump has made clear that he will never accept a nuclear armed iran, not now, not in ten years, not ever. [applause] ::
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for our part, israel will continue to confront iran and act to prevent iran from establishing military bases in syria out from transferring weapons to the left and manufacturing vision guided weapons in either syria or lebanon. as prime minister benjamin netanyahu have made cleared, in word and deed, israel will do whatever it has to do to defend itself come back. [applause] is one of those that as we defend ourselves, president trump has israel back to back to back ladies and temperament, while withdrawing from the nuclear deal was the most important decision presented was
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made it was not the most part one that came on december 62017 when he recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel. [applause] less than six was later on may 14 this year that cap gave that decision practical meaning when he moved the american embassy in israel and jerusalem. thank you president trump. thank you for not listening to critics and for ignoring all the false prophet protecting disaster. thank you for philip filling a promise many have made but not cap and thank you for taking one small step for peace and one giant leap. one and one ladies and often the
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only piece that will endure in the middle east is the space entry. the reason israel does not have peace with the palestinians is not because we're not found the right place on very forward right peace and is the reason we don't have peace because palestinians refuse to recognize the right of the people have space in art and separate command. to keep their rejection of life the palestinians teach their children a great life, and they work for that lie across the world. but by the people are foreign occupiers in the land of israel when the jewish people come to israel we come home and one.
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the palestinians website to recognize that if there are people in the world believe the truth than they will ultimately accept the legitimacy of israel and the entire scaffolding of the reductionism will collapse. nowhere is posted in reductionism greater and more absurd than in slump yasser arafat said to put clinton the vote never let the temple on the temple mount and president of god denies jewish history and" western well occupied territory and says that the jews until today if i jerusalem and today if i jerusalem that is like saying the chinese are trying to make using or trying to it's a joke but it is a dangerous joke that helps keep the palestinian war against the jewish state to
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life. ladies and when, 12 has been israel's capital in the state of israel for nearly seven decades it is the birth of the people national and religious life for a thousand years. twenty thousand years before the birth of jesus 1500 years before the birth of mohammed king david declared jerusalem our capital uniting the 12 tribes of israel. they are his son solomon built a temple on the same mountaintop were centuries earlier abraham past his greatest test of faith and earned the jewish people and everlasting covenant with god. it was in jerusalem when isaiah defied the assyrians and where
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jeremiah decide destruction and return. it was in jerusalem where the maccabees consecrated the second temple, a miraculous time jews remember every year as we celebrate hanukkah. there is no people on earth with a stronger connection to the city and the jewish people connection to jerusalem. our that connection is itself during the thousand years of exile. we returned to jerusalem in prayer three times a day under wedding canopies and in houses a morning, the jewish people remember jerusalem. we yearn to return to zion and rebuild jerusalem and we sum up the popes and dreams of our people and three hebrew words -- [inaudible]. next year in jerusalem. yet, despite this unique bond in the history of nation and nearly
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70 years after israel declared jerusalem it capital not a single nation recognized it with somebody you the truth but no one had the courage to speak it and that is, until president trump made history by recognizing history. [applause] in doing so president trump pictured the great lie and made clear that the jewish people are in the land of israel, not only by might but by right. but in terms decision will echo across the ages. some 2500 years ago the persian king's, cyrus, and he will the jews to return to the holy land and rebuild the temple.
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i don't know if the persians remember cyrus the great but the jews do. he has inscribed in art in public and has been carried for millennial in our people's collective memory. so, too, president trump's decision will never be forgott forgotten. [applause] yesterday was the ninth day of the hebrew month and like so many jews in the world i fasted and mourned the destruction of the jews temple but today i have the privilege to be here as israel's ambassador to the united states, not only for next year in jerusalem but to think that come from what america did this year in jerusalem. [applause]
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ladies and gentlemen those two decisions alone that withdrawal from the iran deal in the recognition of jerusalem as the capital is more than enough to devastate that under president trump the relationship between america and israel is closer than ever but there is so much more. as israel's ambassador i see the administration support for israel in so many ways i see it in the trump administration's unwavering commitment to israel's self-defense and i see it in the way president trump's piece team respects israel's sovereignty and committed to israel's security. i see it in the tremendous support israel has received at the united nations. washington may be a swamp at the un is a cesspool.
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a cesspool of anti- americanism and anti- semitism for decades israel has been demonized and delegitimized at the un and some of you may recall that grotesque scene 18 months ago when, in the waning days of the previous administration, the un security council shamefully ganged up on israel. on that day, america abandoned israel and on that day the jackals were applauding. well, i think it is safe to say that there is also a new sheriff at the un. ambassador nikki haley. [applause]
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armed with poise and purpose, dignity and decency, clarity and courage, she made clear that today's is when israel is a punching bag at the united nations are also over. thank you, ambassador haley. thank you for standing up for america and for standing up for israel and for standing up for the truth. ladies and gentlemen, for all these reasons and many more i am here tonight to let you know how graceful israel is for the support that we received from president trump and his administration. over the decades, israel has been blessed with strong supporters in congress, on both sides of the aisle. we've been blessed with presidents, democrat and
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republican alike, were steadfast front of israel. we been blessed with cabinet secretaries and senior officials were stalwart champions of the us israel alliance but there has never been a us administration more supportive of israel than the trump administration. [applause] frankly, it is not even close. from president trump vice president to secretary pompeo and from ambassador bolton to ambassador haley ambassador freedman, from jared kushner to jason greenblatt to sarah sanders this is an administration that sees israel as an ally and israel as an al ally. [applause] today the alliance between israel and america has never been stronger and i believe it will get even stronger in the years ahead. we all know that ultimately
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support for israel depends on the support of the american people. fortunately, that support has also never been stronger. i think all of you work day after day, month after month, year after year to strengthen and deepen that support. you know that in standing up for israel for standing up for everything you must church. for standing up for a country that probably was up that much of liberty in a dark and dangerous region. standing up one place in the middle east where christians are free and where christian communities are thriving. for standing up for a country that cherishes life and that confronts those by death. thanks to your support i have no doubt that america and israel will continue to stay together
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and secure our common future. may god bless you all and may god bless israel and may god bless the united states of america. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> we gather here today to consecrate the ground upon which the united states embassy will stand reminding the dictators of the world that america and israel are forever united. we thank you for our ambassador, david freedman. we pray your anointing upon him as he opens the doors of the us embassy to receive the nations of the world. let the word go forth from jerusalem today that israel lives, shouted from the housetops that israel lives. that every islamic terrorist hear this message, israel lives. but if you heard in the halls of the united nations israel lives. at echo down the marble halls of the presidential palace in iran
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israel lives. let it be known to all men that israel lives because, he, the chief of israel, neither slumbers nor sleeps. as king david prayed 3000 years ago we pray for the peace of jerusalem and all its inhabitants. let the name of the lord be glorified today. the defender of israel today, tomorrow and forever is here. we all shout hallelujah. amen. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the founder and chairman of christians united for israel, pastor john. [applause]
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>> thank you. thank you. we gather here tonight to celebrate our 13th annual christians united for israel summit and 70 years of miracles for the state of israel. from the rebirth of israel in 1948 to the reunification of jerusalem in 1967, the jewish nation has experienced a glorious parade of unending miracles. fast forward to the year 2017 and the parade of miracles surges into overdrive. for decades the raging geopolitical question of the world was to whom the city of jerusalem along? for years america's president promised to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and for years they failed to do
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anything. then came president donald j trump who promised to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel but we had heard that before. people who come to washington and make promises and forget them is common conduct and they forgot jerusalem and fulfilled david's word that if i forget jerusalem, my tongue will cleave to the roof of my mouth. on december 6, 2017 president donald trump announced to the world and historic reality of 3000 years that jerusalem was and always shall be capital of the state of israel,. [applause] while the ambassador spoke from the israeli point of view, tonight i want the president to hear from the christian point of view. on december 6, 2017 president trump announced to the world a historic reality that jerusalem
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is the capital of israel, today, tomorrow and forever. hallelujah. [applause] he made a promise and he kept that promise. thank you, mr. president, for being a man of your word. today we have a leader in the white house that treats israel like a friend and not an adversary but there is more. president trump declared to the world that he would move the us embassy to jerusalem and sucked the oxygen out of the geopolitical world because he didn't, he did it. [applause] 's advisor said don't do it and had the state called him and said don't do it and some
8:25 pm
advised him that there would be a great middle east crisis but it didn't happen and the sun rose and the sunset. as it always has. the hamas led to riots at the border with preplanned and ongoing and it was not a peaceful protest but a terrorist attack on the borders of israel. take note, america, israel has full depends on its border and it is working. [applause] global television audiences watched the dedication of the embassy in jerusalem on may 14, 2018. almost exactly 70 years to the minute from israel's becoming a nation. thank you again, mr. president, for your courage and for your integrity and for keeping your
8:26 pm
word concerning jerusalem and the moving of our embassy. we deeply appreciate your honesty. [applause] along with harry truman you both effect into political immortality, at home and in israel, you will never be forgotten for what you have done for israel and the jewish people come back. [applause] that appreciation tonight comes also from the christian community who has gathered here tonight with christians united for israel by the thousands and from every state in the union and from any foreign countries, thank you, mr. president, for being a friend and defender to the nation of israel mac. [applause]
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as if things cannot get better, there was yet another miracle. president trump pulled america out of the iran nuclear deal which gave iran access to $150 billion and actually save them from bankruptcy. this money fired up the engines of terrorism and it made the maniacal dream of iran and on the edge of reality a blowing israel off the map which is what they promised to do. not only was the steel in affront to israel, our greatest ally, and the only democracy in the middle east but giving iran access to that money was treason against america. [applause] that money made our nation and accomplice to the number one terrorist state in the world.
8:28 pm
american money was being used to build weapons designed to kill jewish people think about that. this money gave iran the power to continue making icbms, which can be armed with nuclear warheads, that could hit new york city or san francisco. he did not read that in the fake news. the iran deal was an assault on the safety of america and isra israel. while the steel was in place the iranian regime was in the driver seat in the middle east and everything seemed to be going well for them. then the voice of prime minister benjamin netanyahu said the iranian deal you must exit or fix it. president trump next it and he withdrew america from the most deceptive document ever signed by an american president
8:29 pm
concerning israel. [applause] mr. president, the 4.3 million members of christians united for israel and every right-thinking american want to thank you for crashing that iran nuclear deal. [applause] you are bold and courageous action makes the middle east america and the world a much safer place. ladies and gentlemen, the wind is finally at our backs and for the first time in a long time we have the momentum. this shift in our favor presents a historic opening for cu fi and for all people who love israel and we are encouraged and
8:30 pm
grateful to god almighty for the series of victories because it was certainly an answer to our prayers and now we must do more than celebrate. we must seize this opportunity and press the affect. william shakespeare historically wrote quote, there is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at the flood leads to fortune. so too, is there a tide in the affairs of nation and that tied has turned in our favor. the president who cannot win, did when read the miracles that cannot happen, have happened. the doors that were closed are now open and it's time to walk through them and sees the opportunity in behalf of israel.
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[applause] we must not sit back and allow ourselves to be nearly carried along by the type but we must dip our orders deeper into the water and pull with all of our might. in lieu of a victory lap a response must be full steam ahead would say that with me, full steam ahead. say it again. full steam ahead. listen to israel, we are coming for you. [applause] the tide is turning on jerusalem and for years we had an administration that downplayed and even challenged israel's historic claim to jerusalem and now we have an administration
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that is taken bold action to highlight israel's connection to the eternal capital but challenges remain. while we moved our embassy to jerusalem to few nations have followed our lead in too many leaders at home and abroad still view the western wall as occupied israeli territory. you saw that in the media a few days ago. now, the tide is turning on jerusalem and our response must be, say it with me, full steam ahead. this year we will increase our outreach to christian allies around the globe, in an effort to persuade more countries to move their embassy to jerusalem. god has promised the jewish people in deuteronomy 28 chapter that in the community of nations that he would make them the head and not the tail. they would become the decision-maker of, not the peace
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process, but that happens when embassy of america was there. now we encourage other embassies of people who love democracy to put their embassy there also so that the signature of the world is coming from jerusalem and we will respond aggressively to those, at home and abroad, who dare to deny the bond between the jewish people and their eternal capital, the city of jerusalem. [applause] this past week israel's parliament approved a controversial piece of legislation that defines the country as a nationstate of the jewish people. prime minister benjamin netanyahu said and i quote, this is an historic moment in history of zionism and history of the state of israel. this is our state and this is
8:34 pm
our country and this is our language and this is our anthem and our flag, long live the state of israel. hallelujah, brother. this is the promised land. [applause] the jewish people do not occupy the land of israel, they own the land of israel by divine covenant from god almighty. [applause] yes, the tide is turning on jerusalem in turning on iran. for years we had a president determined to make a deal with iran, no matter the risk to israel's initial security or the well-being of the world. now, we have a president who recognizes iran for what it is,
8:35 pm
the number one state sponsor of terrorism and our most aggressive adversary in the middle east. while iran is down, it is not out. iran's influence still exists as an arc of evil from iran through iraq and syria, all the way to lebanon. you are watching the rebuilding of the persian empire, pulling out of the iran deal was only the first step in iran is still seeking to plan itself on syria's border. with israel. they are building a test strip 20 miles from israel's northern border, a test strip for jet airplanes can only mean warfare. iran is still probing israel's defenses. iran is still the head of the snake in the middle east. hamas and hezbollah are huge terrorist organizations funded, trained and equipped by iran, the same iran to which the former president was trying to give billions of dollars.
8:36 pm
we must ensure that iran's aggression is met with ever increasing sanctions. keep up the pressure on iran, mr. president. peace in the middle east is the secret to peace in the world. we are with you, mr. president. be bold. be courageous. this is our hour to turn the world around. [applause] to the young people of iran who are protesting iran's regime and its practices. christians united for israel stands with you tonight. [applause] you deserve a bright and predictable future. you deserve fair and free elections and you deserve better
8:37 pm
than the ironfisted dictators that have enslaved your nation. previous administrations have not heard you and we hear you loud and clear. [applause] as the tide is turning in iran our motto must continue to be, full steam ahead. this year we will urge our friends in the administration and congress to continue to confront iran. we must seek every opportunity to contain iranian aggression in reverse iranian expansion. israel will not tolerate iran's presence on its northern border and neither should the united states of america. [applause] everyone who can watch television or read a newspaper knows that the tide is turning in the united nations and thank
8:38 pm
god. for years we stood by while this modern-day tower of babel demonized israel and singled her out for condemnation. thank god now we have nikki haley is our ambassador to the united states of america. [applause] rarely has any ambassador to the un, america or israel, defended israel as forcefully and as eloquently as ambassador haley. nikki haley has these ten horn dictators on the run. the voice of truth justice has shattered the colossus on the east river, thank god for ambassador nikki haley. [applause]
8:39 pm
the general assembly continues to scapegoat israel, anti-semitism continues to pervade that institution and bureaucracy. for instance, the jerusalem post reports that the united nations relief and works agency, presents itself as an organization dedicated to supporting palestinian refugees, nothing could be further from the truth. it's a colossal fraud. noting that since it was established in 1949 the us has given nearly $5 billion to this agency. they deceptively perpetuate refugee status among descendents of those who left israel when it was invaded in 1948 by its arab neighbors. what has they have accomplished with all those billions of dollars? it has created its own inaccurate and intentionally
8:40 pm
misleading definition of the word refugee. in so doing, they have created a salacious number of justinian refugees numbering in the multiplied millions of people while refugees all around the world diminish a number palestinian refugees are exploding in number and they are all being funded and financed by the united nations with your tax dollars. we at cfi will stand against it and reorganize that so that foolishness stops at the united nations. [applause] in the meantime, the infrastructure houses hamas weapons and rockets that are used against israel and its people. this is a violation of international law and this colossal fraud must stop and it
8:41 pm
must stop now. see you if i applauds un ambassador nikki haley ashy, once again, stands up to the enemies of israel and calling for the reform. we should not reward their bad behavior with ambassador haley at the helm gone are the days of allowing the enemies of israel and america to use one hand to stop us in the face and the other hand extended expecting billions of dollars to commit fraud. those days are going to be over carmack. [applause] now that the tide is turning at the united nations our response is full steam ahead. we will continue to encourage and applaud our wonderful ambassador. we will work with partners and congress to highlight and
8:42 pm
challenge the structural anti-semitism at the un and the deep flaws. anti-semitism is not a jewish problem. anti-semitism is everyone's problem with anti- semitism is sin and as a sin, it damns the soul. therefore, it's important to everyone that the tide is turning at the united nations and it's also turning in the fight against terror. with cufi leading the charge last year resolved at taylor for become law. you did that. you did that. you did that. for those of you over television who are hearing this for the first time this law ensures that
8:43 pm
until the palestinian authorities stopping terrorists the us government will not provide aid to the palestinian authority. can you imagine that the mac. [applause] listen to this because you did this. our members had over 1 million e-mails to congress on this issue and we could not have done it without you. our united voice had political power that turned the tide in behalf of democracy. now we are going on the offensive ensuring that it ends in all of its forms. recently, the families of american victims of boston in terror and their successful lawsuit against the palestinian authority overturned on the
8:44 pm
legal technicality. we are going to change that. we are working to close this loophole and ensure that americans victimized by destiny in terror has a way to legally write back. that will happen. [applause] i say this in closing and listen closely, as the tide is turning in the effort to fight terror the tide is also turning on the american campuses. for years the jewish students have faced anti-semitism and the movement to boycott israel. now with cufi on campus they are christian allies standing with them. challenges remain and the anti- semitic campus groups are growing and new groups are joining them. anti- semitic professors who are protected by their tenure have become tyrants of education. they are trying new tactics including harassment that is so vicious it spills over to the
8:45 pm
non- jewish students who dare to take a stand with israel. many of our cufi keep the students have personally experienced that persecution by standing with the jewish state and has resulted in the same hostility. loudly, what is our response? allow me to let go those who are in the front line of the site respond for themselves and to those cufi on-campus students who are here tonight, stand up and be counted and let america hear the roar of the next generation. [applause] [cheering and applause] [cheering and applause]
8:46 pm
now we have cufi on-campus chapters in over 350 campuses and our cufi campus students are on the front lines and in the immortal words of john paul jones they have not yet begun to fight. the victory is going to move and be ours, full steam ahead. our message to the jewish students on campuses and jews around the world, you are not alone. we are in this fight with you and we are in it to win it. today, tomorrow and forever. god bless each of you. god bless israel. god bless the united states of america. [cheering and applause]
8:47 pm
can do ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:48 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:49 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:50 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> oh, lord. how excellent is thy name in all
8:51 pm
the earth. for yours alone is the honor and yours is the kingdom and yours is the power and yours is the glory. in your mighty right hand is the power to make great and when you set up on your throne the earth trembles at what a mighty god we serve. tonight we gather in this place to declare the greatness and excellence of your name. turn to ♪ ♪ ♪
8:52 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ how excellent you alone are worthy. ♪ how excellent ♪
8:53 pm
how excellent ♪ ♪ >> my name is brooke, a junior political science major at st. mary's university. been able to be involved with christians united for israel has helped me stay strong in my relationship with god and stayed strong in my faith. it's not just an organization that developed your knowledge about israel. it's not just an organization that develops your activism skills. does both of those, trust me but at the same time it does all of this with the bases on god.
8:54 pm
we are not just people united for israel or americans united for israel but christians. everything i do i implement some part of my pro israel activism in it even though were only 18 or 24, five years old there is there seen that were young people putting ourselves out there and thousands and thousands of students across the nation that are going to be educated on israel and going to be spreading the message to parents and families. the donors make a big difference in our lives and we cannot thank them enough. i love this country and are israel and feel that we need more strong questions in the united states congress that are fighting for righteousness and fighting for liberty. that is my dream and my passion and i feel god has placed on my heart and i will keep doing that for the rest of my life.
8:55 pm
>> good evening. my name is brooke and i'm from san antonio, texas. [applause] i have the great privilege of going up at cornerstone church and cornerstone christian schools where he learned from a young age the importance of our support for israel. as a christian under pastor's leadership i have learned have responsibly obey the bible. you can't read the bible without seeing god's love for israel on nearly every page. you can't read the bible without seeing god's eternal covenant with the jewish people from genesis to revelation you can't read the bible and think it is okay to hate the jews or deny
8:56 pm
jews right to live in their ancient homelands or standby silently went since on-campus are being bullied. and now, as a junior at st. mary's university i see how college campuses are on the front lines of the site. two violent campus students from california to new york are bringing support to israel and more often than not were met with oppression. from arguments to harassment the yelling and protesting as a student activist we have seen it all and experienced the hatred that the opposition has shown us. there are students who experience this on a daily basis purely because they support israel. i have to admit, staying strong in this fight is difficult however with the education, love and support of christians united for israel we are able to stay effective on our college campuses all while growing stronger in our faith.
8:57 pm
cormac. [applause] this year alone we hosted 246 college events nationwide. [applause] the cufi staff for their heart into investing in my life and the lives of thousands of students across the nation. we are on the front lines of defending israel in winning the hearts of the next generation to keep the us, israel relationship strong. [applause] we are only able to win this fight because we have all of you standing behind us and we have all of you lifting up our hands and prayers and supporting all of our efforts to prepare us for
8:58 pm
what we face every day on campus. i would like to thank my parents and all of the donors that are with us tonight. it is because of your generosity and ongoing support that over 600 students are able to be with us tonight. [applause] the largest group ever in the nation in the history of the dc summit. this is an incredible experience that will change their lives forever. it is because of your help that the next generation of pro- israel advocates will be educated and carry the torch started by pastor john. thank you for your time and have a great night. [cheering and applause]
8:59 pm
>> 2800 years ago there was a widow in distress. the bible tells us her story in second kings chapter four in verses one through seven. word of god says a certain woman of the wives of the sons of the prophet cried out to elisha saying your servant, my husband, instead and you know that your servant. the lord and the creditor is coming to take my sons to be his slave. elisha said to her what shall i do for you, tell me, what you have in the house? she said your maidservant has nothing in the house but a jar of oil. then he said go, borrow of vessels from everywhere, from all your neighbors, empty vessels and do not gather just a few. when you have come in you shall shut the door behind you and your son and pour it into all those vessels and set aside the
9:00 pm
full ones can someone say outpouring? twenty-six ... and tonight they have a problem, the college campuses that are drenched in anti-semitism in the
9:01 pm
zionist propaganda and we need to find a solution to the problem. they solved the face of god for an answer to the problem on college campuses from the west coast to the east coast and i'm here to tell you there is oil and god will supernaturally multiply [applause] i only have a few minutes, some of me finish. what is that oil? that green stuff in your wallet, the number in your bank account, your visa, mastercard and american express. for some of you and migh it migr will, trust fund, inheritance, but it is the oil god is going to boil tonight to solve the problem on the campuses all
9:02 pm
across this land! [applause] [cheering] but there's one more part. elijah tells the way to go and borrow vessels and not just a few. where i come from in arkansas i would say go get a whole bunch of them and tonight they are over 600 students that represent the campuses all across this nation. and i'm telling you it will not stop until every vessel is full. [applause] we've got to provide the oil so every student can have the education and training they need to wage a war on campus and
9:03 pm
tonight you and i have the opportunity to participate in a modern-day miracle and i don't use the word lightly. some people tell me at what point have jews and christians gathered together a unity and solidarity to support the nation of israel and at what point in history have students stood with the jewish people and supported them? this is a modern-day miracle. [applause] so, tonight we are going to participate together in a supernatural elf pouring -- outpouring. when you came and there was an envelope that looks like this on your chair. this is the time to pull it out
9:04 pm
and begin to fill out your audio is tonight. with your audio is tonight. if you are discouraged and feel like you only have a little bit, for somebody in this room a little bit is $5 that's all you've got. for somebody else a little bit is a thousand dollars and that's all you've got. $5 or millions of dollars our god will multiply. [applause] there are ushers placed all across this room. they have more envelopes if you have misplaced yours. you can get by cash, check or credit card. and let me just encourage you that in the book there was a gentile who was a devout
9:05 pm
financial supporter of the people of israel and he was a lover of god and his name was cornelius. if you remember the story, cornelius received a supernatural outpouring as a direct result of him getting to the cause of israel. god will pour out his blessings on you. god bless you and the united states of america. [applause] ♪ ♪
9:06 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
9:07 pm
♪ ♪ in recent days the terrorists backed by iran have attacks against israeli security forces and infrastructure. in the last few months, the terrorists have bombarded israel and wage a propaganda war in the
9:08 pm
media. >> we've urged members as much scrutiny of the actions of the organization and to the legitimate right. >> the united nations repeated to condemn the terrorism while blaming israel for using force against the palestinian terrorist reconnaissance civilians. this is moral hypocrisy at its worst. i asked my colleagues here who among us would accept this activity on your part or. no country in this chamber would act with more restraint. they would be much less restrained. the ambassador has been the voice of truth and moral clarity in the united nations security counsel for security is
9:09 pm
concerned bwhere security iscone advice i was recently given a clear top negotiator. i will not shut up, rather i will respectfully seek hard truth. compared to the last 18 months spent fearlessly conferencing the unreasonable and immoral anti-israel bias at the united nations. ambassador nikki haley is a courageous force of truth and one of the most misguided hypocritical organizations in the world, the united nations. for 70 years america has been israel's ally and often defended israel at the united nations but
9:10 pm
never in all of the time has our nation have one so consistently old and unwavering in their defense of the jewish state as has nikki haley. ambassador haley is a woman whose personal faith is lived out every day in the fulfillment of the duties as the representative of the united states at the united nations. surrounded by colleagues who are often hostile towards israel, she's never failed to point out the morality of supporting israel's right to exist, it's right to defend itself and its right to exercise the same sovereignty as any other nation on earth. when the security council intended to punish the united states for exercising our nations right to relocate the embassy in israel's historic and legal capital of jerusalem, ambassador haley announced she
9:11 pm
was taking names of the countries who cited against us. [applause] [cheering] when the palestinian representative publicly suggested that she needed to shut up, ambassador haley told him no and proceeded to speak the hard truth. when the human rights council insisted on continuing this one-sided obsession with criticizing israel while ignoring the actions of terrorists like hamas, the ambassador hayley led the united states to withdraw its funding and participation from that anti-semitic cesspool. [applause] as a representative of the values of the american people,
9:12 pm
and our long-standing tradition of support for the safety and sovereignty, ambassador nikki haley has distinguished herself in the pages of history for her boldness, commitment to truth and the unwavering friendship to the state of israel. we are honored to present this award as the defender of israel. [applause] [cheering] [cheering] this award says i will not keep
9:13 pm
silent and i will not remain quiet until the righteousness shines out and her salvation at a torch, isaiah 62: one. [cheering] each year the leadership selects the one person in america that we feel has done the most to defend and protect israel. we are delighted and honored to present this award to the ambassador. [applause] [cheering]
9:14 pm
thank you so much. i feel the love. thank you so much for that kind introduction and ambassador for your friendship and partnership. it's great to be with you. it is my honor to be asked to speak with you today. before i say anything about what i do, i want to say a few words about what all of you do. it's always a great day when americans use the power of their voice. what's amazing of christians united for israel isn't just the power of your voice.
9:15 pm
it's also the cause that you've dedicated your voice to. [applause] israel needs friends. [applause] we live in a world in which anti-semitism is on the rise. in some parts of the world jewish communities are rendering page speech, vandalism and physical violence. we live in a world in which terrorist groups and even some countries "for israel's destruction. many others encourage or turn a blind eye to the blatant discrimination against israel. even here at home there are some troubling signs on many college campuses the anti-somatic
9:16 pm
movement has come to the professors who should know better. standing up against this global pressure campaign on israel and the jewish people goes to the heart of our friendship and the heart of america and the tip of the spear is christians united for israel. [applause] what you are doing is so important, and may god bless you for it. the united nations is an interesting place. there are times when it can be a force for good. we sold last year when the community united against the north korean nuclear weapons program by passing massive sanctions that strangled up their economy bringing them to the negotiating table.
9:17 pm
the un can also be in an enormously frustrating and bizarre place. nowhere is that more pronounced than in the awful weight of the uway that theun has treated isrr decades. last september when the prime minister spoke at the un, he said for too long the epicenter of global anti-semitism was the un itself. if it is an amazing statement. unfortunately, it is true. the premise or said, quote, there are signs of positive change even at the united nations. [applause]
9:18 pm
positive change is a gathering force. that is also true. i would like to describe some of those changes and why they are happening. plain and simple, change comes with leadership and clarity from the united states. that leadership and clarity was on full display when president trump made the decision to move the embassy to jerusalem. [applause] jerusalem has historically been, and is now and will always be the capital of israel. [applause]
9:19 pm
that is not something that was created by the location of an embassy or by an american physician. america did not make this one israel's capital. the president trump said was recognized the reality that had been denied for too long. jerusalem is the capital of israel. that is a fact. [applause] that president trump had the courage to recognize that when others did not. now, i have to say our embassy decision caused a bit of a stir at the united nations. in the un security council,
9:20 pm
countries wasted no time in condemning the united states. they showed no mercy, but they gavthatgave me the great honor f casting my first american veto. [cheering] [cheering] the next week because she was brought forth by the general assembly, all 193 countries and a direct attack condemning the united states. we lost the vote. but to many people's supplies, 65 countries refused to give against us.
9:21 pm
[applause] in the long history, that was a record and we will never forget that vote. like i said at the time, we were taking names. [applause] president trump and i are pushing for a closer connection between the foreign aid and whether they support the interest at the un. [applause] not just on the embassy that all u.s. interest. this shouldn't be the only factor in the decision. we have many interests that go
9:22 pm
beyond, but they should be one factor and we are determined to make that connection. [applause] my second security council veto just came last month. but this time, things turned out differently. you've all seen the recent violence at the border. the people live in miserable conditions. they deserve a better life than what is imposed on them by hamas. we respect everyone's right to peacefully protest. but no one should be fooled about the role of hamas. [applause] many of the protesters are anything but peaceful. if they were peaceful there
9:23 pm
would be no burning tires were cocktails. there would be no swastika kites coming in burning thousands of acres of land and of course if this were a peaceful movement, there wouldn't b would be hundrf rockets fired into israel. like any country would do, israel has responded to the violence at its border. what is so stunning is the international reaction to all of this. think about it. if there were tens of thousands of people looking to attack the border and give it the terrorit group providing guidance on how best to kill innocent civilians inside of the country once it is broken, what would you do, what would the united states do, what with any country do?
9:24 pm
when i heard the country after country in the council hypocritically standing in judgment of israel, i spoke out. [cheering] what i said shocked the people at the un but i will say it again because it is the truth. israel has acted with more restrained than just about any other country was under the same conditions. [applause] it's true and yet they are still condemned at the un. in the security council, a
9:25 pm
shamefully cited resolution was put forth condemning their actions and making absolutely no mention of hamas, not one mention of the terrorist group that uses the people as human shields and fires rockets into the israeli schools. that was my second veto. [applause] [cheering] when this nonsense was brought to the general assembly, this time we had a different strategy. we went on the offensive and offered our own amendment that called out the terrorism. that might not sound revolutionary, but considering the history of the un general assembly, there has been over 600 resolutions on the israel palestinian issue alone and not
9:26 pm
one of them has ever mentioned hamas, not one in 600. it's important to me that we represent truth and reality. even if it makes other countries uncomfortable. [applause] for the first time, we need each country stay whether they thought they had any responsibility for the violence. for the first time, we named names and identified the real source of the conflict. [applause]
9:27 pm
and two more surprised more voted with us than against us. [applause] that sent shockwaves through the general assembly. let me tell you it is a new day at the un. [applause] from now on, every country does the united states will not just block the anti-israel measures, we will shine a light on those that are responsible. there will not be more free passes for those that believe israel at the un. [applause]
9:28 pm
as this example shows, sometimes we are winning through they are running through frustration, but there are other times when we just have to say enough is enough among many other ridiculous things, unesco has the outrageous distinction of attempting to change ancient history. unesco declared one of the sites the tomb of the patriarchs as a palestinian site in need of protection from israel. that was enough. ten months into the administration, they withdrew from unesco. [applause] [cheering]
9:29 pm
and then there's even more outrage from the so-called human rights council. this agency is supposed to be the world's foremost advocate of human rights. what has actually become as a protector of dictators and cesspool of political violence. the corruption of the council goes way beyond israel and its membership includes the dictatorship of cuba, the congo and china. human rights council reports have described the brutal regime in sudan and russia as victims of the sanctions come "-end-double-quote. not only did the un elect
9:30 pm
nicolas to the human rights council, the council rolled out to address them in the general assembly. his propaganda speech was met with a standing ovation. so, we don't even need to talk about israel to conclude that the human rights council is a sham. [applause] ..
9:31 pm
it's even worse than that. agenda item seven doesn't a single out israel for consideration, it pre-judges is real guilt. it's a political weapon used against israel. is meant to condemn their very existence as a human rights abuser. it is a moral abomination. a little more than a year ago i went to geneva and told the council we expect the changes in order to justify america's continued participation.
9:32 pm
we said we needed to change the makeup of the council membership to keep the worst human rights abusers off and we need to not just reform but probably eliminate agenda item seven. dozens of countries told us they agreed with us but they only told us that behind closed doors. they did not have the courage to call it out for what it was. we do have that courage. more than a year of effor effort to change the human rights council, we saw the writing on the wall and the united states withdrew. many friendly countries told us we should stay in the human rights council because american participation was the
9:33 pm
last shred of credibility the council had. but that's exactly why we should not be there. america will always be the world leader in advocating human rights but we will not do that the idea that neutrality is never the victim and that silence encourages the torment, never the tormented. i keep that in mind as that
9:34 pm
battle away at the united natio nation. at the un some well-meaning countries are constantly in search of consensus. they frequently invoke the principle of neutrality. at times there is virtue in working together's with other countries to form consensus but that principle can be taken too far when it often is. united states has no moral duty to be neutral between right and wrong. [applause] on the contrary, we have a moral duty to take sides even when that means standing alone.
9:35 pm
being silent has never been something i was good at. you might have seen, and it was mentioned earlier that the top palestinian negotiator recently had some advice for me. he told me i just needed to shut up. i responded by saying i will always be respectful, but i will not shut up. [applause]
9:36 pm
i often get asked how it came to this place and to this worldview. i just believe what i believe. i have always been a person of deep faith. no i am not jewish, even though that surprises some people. i was not raised as a christian either. 20 years ago my fac faith journey brought me too christianity where i found strengthen my faith and trust in my heart. i'm humble in my faith. i don't claim to know the
9:37 pm
wisdom my don't claim to have the wisdom to know what god has in store for me or other people. what i do know is god has blessed america with greatness and with goodness. i know that in the dangerous world we live in it is absolutely critical for america to stand up and have the backs of our friends and to stand strong against those who would do us harm. if the united nations spent it's time relentlessly and unfairly attacking japan or australia or the united kingdom, i would stand up for them too. i would do that because they are america's friends and it's the right thing to do.
9:38 pm
that's not what happened. 18 months ago i was given the assignment to represent america in a place that relentlessly attacked israel. i was sent there at a time when america had turned its back on israel. it was my duty to defend israel in what is often a dark place for one of america's best friends. i take that duty incredibly seriously. and with pride. in one of my first meetings i called on danny. the previous administration allowed a terrible resolution to pass. that resolution condemned israel and the most outrageous
9:39 pm
way. it was a shameful day for america. when i arrived i assured the israeli ambassador that on my watch that would never happen again. and i'm proud to say the opposite has happened. in all that were doing, whether it's the embassy decisions or the human rights council, we are pushing for votes against hamas, our approach on israel is tied together by one major idea, the idea that run through all of us is the simple concept that israel must be treated like any other normal country.
9:40 pm
we demand that israel not be treated like some sort of temporary provisional entity or prior. it cannot be the case that only one country in the world doesn't get to choose its capital city. there's only one set of refugees counted in a way that causes the number to grow literally forever. it cannot be the case that in an organization with 193 countries united nations spends half of its time attacking only one country. we will not turn a blind eye to it.
9:41 pm
have long undermine peace by encouraging a allusion that israel would just go away. israel is not going to go away. when the world recognizes that then peace becomes possible because all sides will be dealing with reality, not fantasy. both sides will become free to achieve adorable peace.
9:42 pm
with your help, and believe me, your help is critical, america will continue to stand with israel we will stand with israel because israel's cause is our cause. israel's values are our values. israel's fight is our fight. we stand with israel because we believe in right over wrong. we believe in freedom over tyranny. thank you so much for taking the time, thank you for caring. [applause]
9:43 pm
[applause] i'm just trying to survive this job so there's nothing better than when america's use of power is used on good causes. i'm so thankful for your fight. may god bless each and everyone of you. [applause]
9:44 pm
don't toss it down quite yet. were getting ready to have the benediction, call it a night to remain standing for just a moment if you would. tonight in this great family and before the lord of the universe, we've gathered as christians and jews to celebrate israel in the jewish people. the lessons one from our speakers tonight have strengthened our resolve and emboldened us to raise our voice and do what is right. as we stand together tonight shoulder to shoulder in solidarity and strength, because it is none like the god of israel, we praise you
9:45 pm
lord for the outpouring of love and support for israel and the jewish people tonight, we thank you for the internal bond between america and israel and we left upper nation's leaders praying that this german and wisdom from above will continue to guide their every decision. bless all those who attended tonight and watching around the globe. this is the day and this is the hour to stand with israel and the jewish people. those who bless israel will be blessed and every nation on earth will be held accountable for how they treated israel. as david wrote in psalm 121, i will lift up mine eyes to the hills for with comes my help. my help comes from the lord who made heaven and earth. he will not allow your foot to be moved, he who keeps you will not slumber, behold he who keeps israel shall neither slumber nor sleep for the lord
9:46 pm
is your keeper. the lord is your shade and your right hand, the son shall not strike you by day nor the moon by night. the lord shall preserve you from all evil and preserve your soul for the lord shall preserve you're going out and you're coming in from this time forth and even forever more. may each one of you leave here tonight empowered and enjoy knowing your called for such a time as this. we pray a blessing over each and everyone of you in the name above every name amen. now you can be seated for one more moment. a couple of announcements before you go. >> what a day, what a night. if you're not excited about what you've just heard, i don't know what will it excite you. now, i want you to go to your
9:47 pm
rooms and take a quick nap. first of all, those of you who didn't have the opportunity to respond to the amazing offering request, then wherever you exit, we have ushers that will gladly take your gift. thank you very much. now what we came here for, tomorrow morning we have the view on the hill promptly beginning at 8:00 a.m. we need to show our respect for the congressman and the senators that are coming, let me give you a preview. congressman kathy mcmorris rodgers from washington state will be addressing us, senator tom cotten from arkansas will be addressing us, congressman mark meadows from north carolina, senator ted cruz from texas. [applause] , congressman doug lambert, senator john cornyn from texas and paul teller, white house
9:48 pm
special advisor to the president. so on legislative affairs, please be in your seat promptly at 8:00 p.m. and we will hear our talking points. it's very, very important. this is where you can change history. this is what we came here for. david will present our talking points and then you will have very important regional breakouts where you will have your assignments given to you in preparation for your capitol hill visit. we have one 100% of our senatorial visits have been made and we have about 98%, is that right? 98% of our congressional appointments have been accepted as well. we are very excited. it will be a very impactful day tomorrow on capitol hill. those of you, if you get to
9:49 pm
the ballroom a bnc a little early, please go through our interactive virtual summit where you can also see the save the persecuted christians display. it's very important that we take bite to save the persecuted christians around the world. i think you and bless you in the name of the lord, promptly at 8:00 p.m. and i know you're very excited to visit with one another but if i can get you out of this room, we don't have to pay overtime. if we don't have to pay overtime, that's one or two more students to israel. thank you, god bless you. see you tomorrow at 8:00 o'clock. ♪ ♪ ♪
9:50 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> cspan "washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning healthcare reporter maryellen mcintyre discusses the future of the affordable care act and republican pennsylvania congressman brian costello will be on to talk about the trump administration foreign and trade policy. then democratic mailing congressman john will be with us to talk about democratic role in the midterm elections. that's tuesday morning starting at seven eastern. we should watch "washington journal" wednesday morning were members of the agriculture committee discuss how president trump's trade and tariff policies are impacting the bottom line. friday, join us for a discussion on the opioid crisis live from baltimore maryland.


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