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tv   Israels 70th Anniversary Commemoration Ambassador Dermer  CSPAN  July 24, 2018 8:57am-9:25am EDT

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think boiled together to create the perfect dumpster fire up mass censorship of books by marginalized people. >> cory doctorow will be our guest on in-depth fiction edition line sundayaugust the new eastern discussing his latest book walk away. his other books include down and out in the magic kingdom, little brother , +14 other novels. interact with cory doctorow by phone,twitter or facebook . our series in the fiction edition with science fiction author cory doctorow from noon to 3 pm eastern on book tv on c-span2. >> earlier yesterday un ambassador nikki haley and ron dermer spoke at a dinner mark the 70th anniversary of israel's independence posted by christians united this runs about an hour. >>.
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>> our first speaker is ambassador ron dermer, ambassador to the united states. ron is an american-born israeli political consultants and diplomat. he has served as the israeli ambassador to the united states in october 2013. ambassador dermer has been deeply involved in american and israeli politics most of his life. and his influence has helped shape the us israel relationship for decades. during his tenure in dc, ambassador dermer has worked closely with cf o leadership to strengthen support for israel among americans. he opposed the terrible iran nuclear deal and has made israel and america west safe and encourage residents to
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move the us embassy to jerusalem. this is his appearance at the washington dc summit on behalf of the state of israel. will you please make welcome ambassador ron dermer. >>. [applause] >> wow. it's great to be back. >> on behalf of israel, i want to thank its over 4 million members for unabashedly standing by israel's side.
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i also want to thank the many thousands of you who gathered here for this summit. especially the over 600 students who are here tonight. [applause] >> ..
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please join me in giving them a round of applause. [applause]. finally, i want to thank the person whose vision and leadership made all this possible, pastor john hagee. today people talk about the strong support for israel among devout christians as if that support was always there. it wasn't. people sometimes act as though israel can take the support of devout christians for granted. we can't. the long history of the relationship between christians and jews is a history riddled with anti-semitism and persecution, suspicion and distrust. this has dramatically changed over the past few decades. today, there is unwavering
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support for the jewish state among millions of devout christians. that is a blessing for which israel is deeply grateful. this change didn't happen on its own, it happened because a few bold leaders in the christian community helped make it happen. leaders like john hagee who for nearly 40 years has been building bridges between christians and israel. when it comes to supporting israel, pastor hagee didn't join the band wagon, he drove the band wagon. that is why israel gave pastor hagee a special honor this year as we celebrated our 70th independence day and our
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embassy recognized those with an alliance, strengthening between united states and israel. harry truman, a justice and the great albert einstein and that list also includes pastor john hagee. pastor hagee, on behalf of a grateful nation, i thank you and your wife diana for all you have done, for all you are doing and for all you continue to do to help secure israel's future. ladies and gentlemen, tonight i want to express my country's gratitude to another american who is responsible for dramatic changes who are helping to
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secure israel's future. president donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] last year when i spoke at this conference, america was still part of the nuclear deal with iran and the u.s. still had not recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. what a difference a year makes! what a difference president trump has made! the nuclear deal with iran was a disaster for israel. it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb, it paves it.
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it doesn't curve iran's aggression, it fuels. it hasn't made it more moderate it's made it more extreme. when the prime minister benjamin netanyahu spoke in 2015. he was alone among world leaders in opposing it, alone, that is, until donald trump was elected president. when he was a candidate, donald trump railed against the nuclear agreement. he called it the worst deal ever. he pledged to terminate it and restore sanctions against iran. he apparently missed that high level briefing in which they explained why such a smart idea to give hundreds of billions of dollars in sanctions relief to a terrorist regime that leads
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chants of death to america and death to israel. but as you all know, in politics, talk is cheap. at the end of the day, it's actions that count. and as soon as president trump took office, supporters of the nuclear deal shifted into high gear to get him to back down and keep the deal. european leaders aggressively weighed in and the echo chamber and the media worked overtime to explain what a disaster it would be if america withdrew from the deal. even within the trump administration, many senior officials argue that the u.s. should stay in the deal. president trump could have kicked this can down the road. he didn't. he could have gone along to get along. he didn't.
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instead, president trump did what he promised to do. last october he refused to certify the nuclear deal and last may, president trump terminated america's involvement in the deal and restored u.s. sanctions against iran. thank god! and thank you, president trump! [cheers and applause] >> thank you for ending the shameful policy of appeasing the world's foremost response of terrorism. thank you for rejecting a policy of containing a nuclear-armed iran and embracing a policy of preventing a nuclear-armed iran. thank you for making clear you intend to roll back iran's aggression, not accommodate it,
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and thank you, president trump, for standing up to an iranian regime that vows and works to destroy the one and only jewish state. [applaus [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, president trump's decision was nothing less than a hinge of history. a year ago iran's regime had the wind at its back. sanctions had unleashed the iranian tiger across the middle east, in iraq, syria, lebanon, yemen, gaza and beyond. and under the dangerous nuclear deal, iran's nuclear ambitions were moving ahead. they were developing advanced centrifuges. developing ballistic missiles and hiding their secret nuclear archives. day after day, iran was getting closer to the time when all the nuclear deals restrictions
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would be removed and when it would be free to enrich as much uranium as it wanted. if that day ever comes, iran won't have to seek it or break into the nuclear weapons folks, iran will be able to walk into the nuclear weapons club. but thanks to president trump, things are looking very different today. [applaus [applause] >> anyone, anyone see president trump's tweet yesterday? talk about a new sheriff in town. and this sheriff is making clear that the days when the most powerful nation on earth will accept threats from iran, those days are over.
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anyone hear secretary pompeo's speech yesterday? well, the sheriff apparently has some new deputies as well. deputies who are not courting iran, courting iran's leaders, but exposing their corruption. deputies who are reaching out to the iranian people and making clear that america stands with them, not with those who have been oppressing them for 40 years. iran now faces a strong he headwind from a trump administration determined to ratchet up the pressure. that policy is working the iran's currency is collapsing. companies from europe and asia afraid of u.s. sanctions are pulling out of iran, and
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protests -- and protests continue across iran as its brave people rise up against a tyranny. as for iran's nuclear ambitions, president trump has made clear that he will never accept a nuclear-armed iran. not now, not in ten years, not ever. the truth is, that before president trump came into office, iran's regime was riding high. today it's on the ropes. now is the time to increase the pressure. we must ratchet it up until iran's aggression in the middle east is rolled back and until iran's nuclear ambitions are knocked out once and for all.
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for our part, israel will continue to confront iran. we will act to prevent iran from establishing military bases in syria, from transferring game-changing weapons to hezbollah and from manufacturing pre-precision guided missiles. it's clear indeed, israel will do whatever it has to do to defend itself. [applaus [applause]. and israel knows that as we defend ourselves, president trump has israel's back. [applaus [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, while withdrawing from the nuclear deal is the most important decision that president trump was made. it was not the most historic one. that came on december 6th, 2017
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when he recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel. [cheers and applause] less than six months later, on may 14th this year, president trump gave that decision practical meaning when he moved the american embassy in israel to jerusalem. thank you, president trump! thank you for not listening to the critics, and for ignoring all the false prophets predicting disaster. thank you for fulfilling a promise many had made, but none had kept and thank you for taking one small step for peace and one giant leap for truth. [applaus
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[applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, the only peace that will endure in the middle east is the peace based on truth. the reason that israel doesn't have is wasn't bee don't have the right peace enjoy, the reason we don't have peace is because the palestinians don't recognize the right of the jewish people for a state in the homeland. the palestinians teach their children a great lie and they work to spread that lie across the world, the lie that the jewish people are foreign occupiers in the land of israel. when the jewish people come to israel, we come home. [cheers and applause] >> the palestinians spread this lie because they recognize that if their own people and the world believe the truth, then they will ultimately
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accept the legitimacy of israel, and the entire scaffolding of their rejectionism will collapse. no one is palestinian rejectionism greater and more than in jerusalem. yasser arafat said to president clinton there never was a temple on the temple mound. president abbas denies jewish history in jerusalem, calls the western wall occupied palestinian territory, and says that the jews are trying to ju daif ych daify jerusalem. like satisfies that the russians are trying to rushafy mass cow.
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moscow. >> jerusalem has been israel's capital and the seat of the government for decades. and it's the center of the jewish life for 3,000 years. [applause] a thousand years before the birth of jesus, 1500 years before the birth of mohamed, king david declared jerusalem our capital uniting the 12 tribes of israel. there, his son solomon built a temple on the same mountain top where centuries earlier abraham passed his greatest test of faith and earned the jewish people an ever lasting covenant with god. it was in jerusalem where isaiah was, and jeremiah pro
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prophetized. and jerusalem remembers every year as we celebrate hanukkah. there is no people on earth with a stronger connection to the city than the jewish's people's connection to the city of jerusalem. the power of that connection proved itself during 2000 years of exile. three times a day we turn to jerusalem in prayer, under wedding canopies and in houses of mourning, the jewish people remember jerusalem. we yearn to return to zion and rebuild jerusalem and we sum up the hopes and dreams of our people in three hebrew words. next year in jerusalem. yet, despite this unique bond in the history of nations and nearly 70 years after israel
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declared jerusalem its capital, not a single nation recognized it. so many knew the truth, but no one had the courage to speak it. that is until president trump made history by recognizing history. [cheers and applause] in doing so, president trump punctured the great lie and made clear that the jewish people are in the land of israel not only by might, but by right. president trump's decision will surely echo across the ages. some 2500 years ago the persian king cyrus enabled the jews to return to the who will --
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holy land and rebuild the temple. he's ascribed in our eternal book and carried in our collective people's memory. so, too, president trump's decision will never be forgotten. forgotten. [applaus [applause] >> yesterday was the ninth day of the hebrew month, like so many jews around the world, i fasted and mourned the destruction of the two temples. but today, i have the privilege to be here as israel's ambassador to the united states, not only to hope for next year in jerusalem, but to thank president trump for what america did this year in jerusalem. jerusalem. [applause] ladies and
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gentlemen, those two decisions alone to withdraw from the iran deal and the recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital would be more than enough than to demonstrate under president trump the relationship between america and israel is closer than ever, but there is so much more. as israel's ambassador, i see this administration's support for israel in so many ways. i see in the trump administration's unwavering commitment to israel's self-defense. i see it in the way president trump respects israel's sovereignty and is committed to israel's security and i see it in the tremendous support israel has received at the united nations. [applaus [applause] >> washington may be a swamp, but the u.n. is a cesspool. [cheers and applause]
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>> a cesspool of anti-americanism and anti-semitism. for decades israel has been demonized and delegitimized at the u.n. some of you may recall that grotesque scene 18 months ago when in the waning days of the previous administration the u.n. security council shamefully ganged up on israel. on that day, america abandoned israel. on that day, the jackals were applauding. well, i think it's safe to say that there's also a new sheriff at the u.n., ambassador nikki haley! [cheers and applause] >> armed with poise and purpose, dignity and decency,
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clarity and courage, she has made clear that the days when israel is a punching bag at the united nations are also over. thank you, ambassador haley! thank you for standing up for america, for standing up for israel, and for standing up for the truth. ladies and gentlemen, for all these reasons and many more, i am here tonight to let you know how grateful israel is for the support we have received from president trump and his administration. over the decades israel has been blessed with strong supporters in congress on both sides of the aisle. we have been blessed with presidents, democrat and republican alike, who were steadfast friends of israel. we have been blessed with cabinet secretaries and senior officials who are stallwart
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champions for the u.s.-israel alliance. but there never been an administration more supportive of israel than the trump administration. [cheers and applause] >> frankly, it's not even close. from president trump to vice-president pence, to secretary pompeo, from ambassador boulton to ambassador haley, from sarah sanders, this is an administration that sees israel as an ally and treats israel as an ally. today the alliance between israel and america has never been stronger and i believe it will get even stronger in the years ahead. we all know that ultimately support for israel depends on
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the support of the american people. fortunately, that support has also never been stronger. i thank all of you at 2 who work for the support. you know in standing up for israel you standing up for things you most cherish, standing up for a country that proudly holds up the torch of liberty, one place in the middle east where christians are free and where christian communities are thriving. you are standing up for a country that cherishes life and that confronts those who glorify death, and thanks to your support, i have no doubt that america and israel will continue to stand together and secure our common future. may god bless you all. may god bless israel


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