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tv   Israels 70th Anniversary Commemoration Ambassador Haley  CSPAN  July 25, 2018 7:31pm-8:08pm EDT

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best of our abilities. so i urge my republican colleagues to join us in calling for the full release of all documents related to judge kavanaugh's record and experiences. this has happened in the past. it has always happened, and it should happen again. mr. president, i yield the floor. the presiding officer: under the previous order, the senate the previous order, the senate the bill includes funding for assorted independent agencies, senators are working to get agreement on a number of amendments. managers say they hope to start
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by the end of the week. the white house budget office issued a statement saying spending was too high. but they did not make the veto threat. live coverage when the senate returns on c-span2. >> u.s. un ambassador nikki haley reflected on the 70th anniversary of israel's independence during the summit hosted by the group, christians united for israel. her remarks are 30 minutes. >> few people in the history of american public diplomacy can be compared to the woman his last 18 months have been spent fearlessly confronting the unreasonable and immoral anti- israel bias of the united nations. ambassador nikki haley is a courageous war of truth in one of the most misguided, hypocritical organizations in the world, the united nations.
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for 70 years america has been israel's ally. it has often defended israel at the united nations. never in all of that time has our nation had one so consistently bold and unwavering in their defense of the jewish state, as has nikki haley. a besser haley is a woman his personal fate is lived out every day in the fulfillment of her duties as the representative of the united states at the united nations. surrounded by colleagues who are often hostile or apathetic towards israel, she has never failed to point out the morality of supporting israel's right to exist, it's right to defend itself and its right to exercise the same sovereignty as any other nation on earth. when the security council attempted to punish the united
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states, for exercising our nation sovereign right to relocate our embassy in israel's historic and legal capital of jerusalem, ambassador haley announced she was taking names of the countries who sided against us. [applause] when the palestinian representative publicly suggested that she needed to shut up, ambassador haley bluntly told him, no. she proceeded to speak the hard truths. when human rights council insisted on continuing its one-sided obsession with criticizing israel while ignoring the actions of terrorists like hamas, ambassador haley led the united states to withdraw its funding a participation from that anti- somatic cesspool.
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[applause] as a representative of the values of the american people and our long-standing tradition of support for the jewish state safety and sovereignty, ambassador nikki haley has distinguished herself in the pages of history. for her boldness, for her commitment to truth and the unwavering friendship of the state of israel, see uf i is honored to present this award as the defender of israel. [applause] [applause]
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this award says, i will not keep silence and for jerusalem say, i will not remain quiet. her righteousness shines out like that don and her celebration like a blazing torch. isaiah 62 : one. [applause] >> each year the leadership of see uf i selects one person in america who we feel has done the most to defend and protect israel. we are delighted and highly honored to present this award to
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ambassador haley. [applause] [applause] [applause] >> thank you so much i feel the love. thank you so much for that kind introduction. thank you ambassador german for your friendship and partnership. it is great to be with you. it is my true honor to speak with you today. before i say anything about what i do, i want to say a few words about what all of you do. it is always a great thing when americans use the power of their voice. what is the amazing about
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christians united for israel, is not just the power of your voice, is the importance of the cause you have dedicated your voice to. [applause] israel needs friends. [applause] we live in a world in which anti-semitism is on the rise. in some parts of the world, jewish communities are entering hates speech, harassment, vandalism and physical violence. we live in a world in which terrorist groups in some countries openly call for israel's destruction. many countries encourage return to blind eye to discrimination
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against israel. even at home, there are some troubling signs on many college campuses, the anti- somatic movement has become a trendy cause for students and professors who should know better. standing up against this global pressure campaign on mr. and the jewish people goes to the heart of our friendship in the heart of america. the tip of the sphere is christians united for israel. [applause] what you are doing is so important. the makeup bless you for. the united nations is an interesting place. there are times when it can be a force for good, we saw last year when the international community united against the north korean
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weapons program by passing massive sanctions that strangled their economy, bringing them to the negotiating table. the un can also be an enormously frustrating and bizarre place. nowhere is that more pronounced than in the truly awful way the un has treated israel for decades. last september, when prime minister spoke at the un, he said that for too long that the center of global anti-semitism was the un itself. that's an amazing statement. unfortunately, it is true. the prime minister also said something else. after describing the revolution taking place in israel's thai with nations around the world, the prime minister said quote
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there are signs of positive change, even at the united nations. [applause] he said that positive changes a gathering force. that is also true. i would like to describe some of those positive changes and why they are happening. plain and simple, change comes with leadership and clarity from the united states. that leadership and clarity was on full display when president trump made the bold and right decision to move the united states embassy to jerusalem. [applause]
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jerusalem has historically been, is now, and will always be the capital of israel. [applause] that is not something that was created by the location of an embassy. it's not something that was created by an american decision. america did not make jerusalem israel's capital. the president trump to, to his great credit was recognize the reality that american presidents had denied for too long. true salon is the capital of israel. that's a fact. [applause] president trump had the courage to recognize that facts when others were not. now, i have to say that our embassy decision caused a bit of
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a stir at the united nations. in the united nations security council, countries wasted no time in condemning the united states. they showed no mercy. but, that gave me the great honor of casting my first american veto. [applause] [applause] the next week, the jerusalem issue was brought before the united nations general assembly. all 193 countries and i direct attack condemning the united states. we lost that vote, but too many people surprise, 65 countries
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refuse to go against us. in the long history of the un's mistreatment of israel, that was a record. we will never forget that vote. like i said at the time, we were taken names. [applause] president trump and i are pushing to draw closer connection between u.s. warning and whether country support u.s. interests at the un. [applause] not just on the sea, but on all u.s. interest.
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un votes should not be the only factor in our ford eight this issue. you have many interests beyond the un. they should be one factor. we are determined to make that connection. [applause] my second security council veto came last month. this time, things turned out differently. you have all seen the recent violence at the gaza border. the people of gaza live in miserable conditions. they deserve a better life than what is imposed on them by hamas. we respect everyone's right to peacefully protest. but, no one should be fooled about the role of hamas. [applause]
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many of the protesters in gaza are anything but peaceful. if they were peaceful, there would be no burning tires. there would be no cocktails, there it be no -- line into israel, burning thousands of acres of land. of course, if this were peaceful movement is not be hundreds of rockets fired from gaza into israel. like any country would do, israel has responded to the violence at its border. what is so stunning, is the international reaction. think about it. if there were tens of thousands of people looking to attack your borders and you had a terrorist group providing guidance on how best to kill innocent civilians in your country once it was
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broken, what would you do? what would the united states do? what would any country do? when i heard country after country and the un security council hypocritically standing in judgment of israel, i spoke out. [applause] what i said shocked the people at the un. but i will say it again, because it is the truth. [applause] israel has acted with more restraint than just about any other country would under the same conditions. [applause]
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it's true, yet, israel is still condemned at the un. the security council, shamefully one-sided resolution was put forth for condemning israel's action in gaza and making absolutely no mention of hamas. not one mention of the terrorist group that uses the people of gaza as human shields. that was my second veto. [applause] but, when this nonsense was brought to the general assembly, this time we had a different strategy. we went on the offensive and offered our own amendment that called out hamas is terrorism. that might not sound revolutionary, but consider in
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the history of the un general assembly there have been over 600 resolutions on the israel palestinian issue alone. not one of them has ever mentioned thomas. 600. it's very important to me that we represent truth and reality at the un. even if it makes other countries uncomfortable. [applause] [applause] for the first time, we made each country say whether they thought hamas had any responsibility for the violence. for the first time, we named names that identify the real force of the conflict in gaza. [applause]
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and to everyone's surprise, more countries voted with us than against us. [applause] [applause] [applause] that sent shockwaves through the general assembly. everybody was shocked. let me tell you, it is a new day at the un. [applause] from now on, every country knows that the united states will not just block anti- israel measures, we will shine a light on those who are responsible. there won't be any more free passes for those who only israel at the un.
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[applause] as this example shows, sometimes we are winning at the un through persuasion. there are other times are we have to say enough is enough. [applause] that happened last year with the un agency known as . among many other read ridiculous things that has the distinction of attempting to change into history. unesco declared one of judaism's holiest sites as a palestinian heritage site in need of protection from israel. that was enough.
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ten months into this administration, the united states went was through with unesco. [applause] then, there is even more of an outrageous example of the so-called human rights council. this un agency is supposed to be the world's foremost advocate of human rights. what it is actually becoming is dictators in a cesspool of political violence. the corruption of the human rights council goes beyond israel. it's memberships include the murderous dictatorship of cuba, congo, and china. human rights council have
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described the brutal regimes in syria, sudan, and russia as quote, get this, victims of western sanctions, unquote. not only did the un like the regime of nicholas maduro to the human rights council, but, the council rolled out the red carpet for maduro to address them in a special assembly. his propaganda speech was met with a standing ovation. we don't even meet to talk about israel to conclude that the human rights council is a sham. [applause] what we should talk about israel is because israel is a special state that proves the moral bankruptcy of the organization there is only one country in the world that has its own permanent agenda item at the human
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council. it's not north korea, iran, or syria. countries that enslave and torture their own people. it is the free country of israel. [applause] it's even worse than that. agenda items seven doesn't it just single out israel for consideration, you pre-judges israel's guilt. it is a political weapon used against israel, regardless of the actions it takes it is meant to condemn israel's existence as a human rights abuser. it's a moral abomination. a little more than a year ago, i went to geneva. i told the human rights council that we expected changes to justify america's continued
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participation. [applause] we said that we needed to change the makeup of the council membership to keep the worst human rights abusers off. we needed to not just reform, but fully eliminated agenda seven. dozens of countries told us they agreed with us. but, they only told us that behind closed doors. they did not have the courage to call it like it is. we do have that car courage. [applause] in the united states withdrew.
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[applause] many friendly countries told us we should stay in the human rights council because american participation was the last shred of credibility the council had. but, that is exactly why we should not be there. america will always be the world's leader in advocating human rights. but, we will not do that in a place that makes a mockery of the very human rights ideals it's postop old. [applause] that brings me to a larger point. the nobel peace prize winner said many profound things in his lifetime. one of those, is the idea that neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.
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the silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented. i keep that in mind as i battle away at the united nations. at the un, countries are in search of consensus. they frequently invoke the principle of neutrality. at times there is a virtue in working with other countries. but that principles can be taken too far. it often is. the united states has no moral duty to be neutral between right and wrong. [applause] on the contrary, we have a moral
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duty to take sides, even when that means standing alone. being silent has never been something i was good at. you may have seen and it was mentioned earlier that the top palestinian negotiator recently had -- he told me i just needed to shut up. i responded by saying, i will always be respectful, but i will not shut up. [applause]
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[applause] often get asked how i came to this place. i just believe what i believe. i have always been a person of deep faith. no, i am not jewish even though that surprises some people. i was not raised as a christian either. twenty years ago my faith journey brought me to christianity where i have found strength in my faith. and trust in my heart. [applause]
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but, i'm also person who don't claim to know the wisdom. i don't claim to have the wisdom to know what god has in store for me or other people. what i know is that god has blessed america with greatness and goodness. i know in the dangerous world we live in, it's critical for america to stand up and have the backs of our friends and to stand strong against those who would do us harm if the united nations spent time relentlessly and unfairly connecting japan, australia, or the united kingdom, i would stand up for them too. [applause]
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i would do that, because they are america's friends and it's the right thing to do. but, that is not what happened. eighteen months ago i was given the assignment to represent america in a place that relentlessly attacks israel. i was sent there at a time when america had turned its back on israel. so, it was my duty to defend israel and what is often a dark place for one of america's best friends. i take that duty incredibly seriously. and with pride. in one of my first meetings at the un, called on israeli ambassador. you can clap for danny. he's a good one. [applause]
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just about one month before i arrived, the previous america administration allowed a terrible resolution to pass. that resolution condemned israel and the most outrageous way. it was a shameful day for america. so, when i arrived, i assured the israeli ambassador that on my watch that would never happen again. [applause] i am proud to say, the opposite has happened. in all that we are doing, whether it's the embassy decision, unesco, or the human rights, our approach on israel's tied together by one major idea. the idea that runs through all of it is the simple concept that israel must be treated like any other normal country.
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[applause] we demand that israel not be treated like some sort of temporary provisional entity. it cannot be the case that only one country in the world doesn't get to choose its capital city. [applause] it cannot be the case that the human rights council has an agenda item for only one country. it cannot be the case, that only one set of refugees throughout the world is counted in a way that causes the number to grow literally forever. it cannot be the case that in an organization with 193 countries, the united nations spends half of its time attacking only one
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country. we will not turn a blind eye to it. [applause] >> or command fairness for israel, it's actually a demand for peace. the un's bias against israel has long undermined peace bank urging evolution that israel will just go away. israel is not going to go away. [applause] when the world recognizes that, peace becomes possible. it becomes possible because all sides will be dealing with reality, not fantasy. fantasy encourages absolute demand. when realities are excepted, compromise becomes possible.
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when the reality of israel's existence is accepted, both sides to become free to achieve peace. with your help, believe me your help is critical, america will continue to stand with israel. [applause] we will stand with israel, because israel's cause is our cause. israel's values are our values. israel's fight is our fight. we stand with israel because we believe in right over wrong. we believe in freedom. thank you so much for taking the time. thank you for caring.
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[applause] [applause] >> i am just trying to survive this job. there is nothing better than when americans you set up our their voices on behalf of good causes. that is what christians united for israel is about. i am so thankful for your fight. may god bless each and everyone of you. thank you. [applause] [applause]
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[applause] >> to trump administration intelligence nominees to questions at a confirmation hearing. that's next on c-span2. puerto rico's governor declined an invitation to testify about hurricane recovery efforts. that after a disagreement with rob bishop. that's at nine easter. sinclair broadcast group's was discussed as an fcc oversight hearing. that's later. >> "washington journal", live every day with new some policy issues that impact too. on thursday morning, pennsylvania republican congressman and illinois democratic congressman


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