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tv   Virginia Senate Debate  CSPAN  July 26, 2018 8:00pm-9:37pm EDT

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our special series, "in depth" fix edition with scientific author corey doctorow, sunday, august 5th on booktv on c-span2. >> tonight on c-span 2, a debate between the candidates in virginia's u.s. senate race. secretary of state mike pompeo talks boston religious freedom, and a discussion about u.s. relations with north korea. ... newswoodruff of the pbs hour. >> now let's move to this morning's event which features two individuals wanting to serve as one of virginia's two
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senators in the united states senate. first to join us is >> senator tim kaine for democrat mr. kane obtained his degree from university of harvard law school and after law school he moved to richmond and for 17 years served as a civil rights attorney.rv he was elected to the city council 19 before and then mayor of richmond and elected as lieutenant governor and subsequently elected to serve as virginia's governor 2006. represented in virginia in the u.s. senate since 2012 please welcome senator tim came to the stage. [applause] [applause]
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>> next on stage is mr. corey stewart, a republican.ho obtaining his degree from georgetown university's pool of foreign service and college of law from saint paul minnesota. works as an international trade attorney in his ownwn practice. he currently serves as the at-large chairman of the board of county supervisors in prince william county. during his tenure prince william county was ranked number one in childwi growth in virginia and number three in the nation. please welcome mr. corey stewart. [applause]
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we are pleased that this debate will be moderated by judy woodruff who also moderated the debate in 2013, 2014, and 2017. she is anchor and managing editor of the pbs news hour. she has covered politics and other news for more than four decades cnn, nbc, pbs. ms. woodruff is a recipient for more than 25 honorary degrees and awards. most recently the rat calf metal the gwen iphone press freedom award, and the the cronkite award for excellence in journalism.m. she is a graduate of duke university were she is a trustee. please welcome ms. judy woodruff to the stage.hi
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[applause] >> thank you very much. i appreciate the welcome it is great to be back to the virginia bar association and i want to say at the outset i am so honored to have been invited to moderate another one of your debates. i agree wholeheartedly that hearing from the candidates on theha issues, and their record with the discussion is vital to our democracy. let's get underway with the questions i will point out the order of questions was decided throughout the debate by a series of coin tosses. the first question i'm sorry the first opening statement which is part of the plan will
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go to mr. stewart. >> good morning. i would like to begin by thanking the virginia bar associationwon and the beautifl homestead resort for hosting this debate. also i like to think my wife of 24 years, maria and my two boys, isaac and luca on a well-deserved fishing trip right now. for the last 12 years i have governed one of the largest most dynamic and diverse localities in all virginia. during that period of time as others have talked i have delivered with new local funds into roadways, schools, parks and new police and firefighters i also led a commonsense and the lowest tax
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bills in the highest economic growth rates in the country.s we don't have it right now. senator tim kaine is a nice guy. but he is too liberal. he is too weak and too little for the citizens of the commonwealth of virginia we need a strong united states senator who will stand strong with president trump to rebuild the military as we protect our coast to soo right and as we protect our families and that is what we will do as virginians thank you very much a. [applause] mac senator kane. >> thank you to the virginia bar association. thank you for being our moderator, judy.or basically with my lifework in
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virginia that i have done with my wife. to build a virginia that works for all. it is about three things. first and foremost about virginia. i represent virginia to d.c. and fundamentally what i do in thent senate is relisted to virginians and solve their problems or take their solutions to get washington to do more. and one family said their daughter died of cancer at a age 11 lease bend less than 1% of researchd money on pediatric conditions. i work mcgrath and republicans to pass the gabriella research act now four years later more than $50 million has been put into pediatric research. virginia solutions. and stakeholders that had
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worked diligently to preserve 6000 acres of the george washington national forest. now to take advantage of the stakeholder last october we were passing 6000 acres. second when the virginia veteran said the unemployment rate was higher than the national average i work to bring down with the military spouses unemployment rate in the military caucus to have shipbuilders for working people and jobs and finally it has to work for all it shouldn't matter where you are from or the language you speak with a religion that practice that should not matter. frankly we have a president who was too divisive fights with the press and the media we need leaders who need to pull us together.
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we saw that pain last year ink charlottesville. been there done that and have the scar tissue. we need people who work for all. >> i want to remind everybody applause takes time away. i know you want to applaud for your candidate but that takes time away from their opportunity to speak the first question goes to senator kane. with the economy 2016 you said a trump presidency would be a disaster but in a year and a half the country has addeded over 3 million jobs the unemployment rate has, fallen 4%, corporate profits are soaring the virginia economy is booming what would you do differently or raise taxes? >> it was strong before president trump came to office with the longest expansion in
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private sector job growth. and yes he will continue to be strong i would not engage in the foolish trade where the president is engaging in i travel around virginia these tariffs that the president is imposing and they will gain in certain sectors. and one week ago in halifax county they were complaining about the effects on their soybeans with the auto plant they were complaining about the cost of aluminum hurting their sales the full tree foundation was in myth office complaining about trade and tariffs. we need to stop those trade wars to hurt american
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workers. and with a violation of intellectual property i think the president isod right. but if you think trade sanctions against canada, europe with the national security waivers fighting side by side is painful the economy would be better for american farmers. >> can you address that this new corporate tax cut goes into profits and stock buyback? >> that's because senator kane thought it was fine before president trump came to office i see the boarded-up shops and a place for the young people have left. the people that remain are struggling to stay afloat.
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and where the suicide rate has jumped up fundamentally when the democrats are in charge with president obama. we have lost 5 million manufacturing jobs in this country under the trade agreement that senator kane is for. we have lost those jobs. with the foreign markets to american made goods i believe in free trade that must be free in both directions over too many years products are coming into the united states president trump is doing the right thing to open the foreign markets and this economic growth for the first seven months due to the tax
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cut to cut short this economic growth to repeal that you take away your tax cut is not what we need in the united states senate. talk about taxes this is what we need to do we haven't done tax reformse since 1986 we need your bipartisan tax reform. here is what americans got. these tax cuts for corporations tiny temporary and they were completely wrong. we should've had a tax bill for regular people. don't cut the tax rate of corporations that 20 just cut at 25 make the individual tax cuts permanent and then to reduce the deficit. thirty-four democrats democrats voted for this we wanted to dorm reform but it was
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deep permanent tax cut for people we have to put people first tempo workers first i will not repeal the tax cuts will we have work to do to make sure the tax code is feared to individuals and notgo give away to the biggest individual. >> and with government spending conservatives traditionally hate big budget deficitsts today after dropping during the obama years is exploding to exceed $1 trillion by 2020 if you are elected senator what word you do over waste fraud and abuse so what if any cuts would you make are the biggest expenditures or by what revenues?
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>> it is interesting that senator kane spends way too much time talking to nancy pelosi and chuck schumer when he says this was just crumbs for virginia citizens the average virginia family the average couple according to the irs will receive annually $2617 in tax cuts. that is for a couple without children. otherwise you double i am -- double the standardized deduction and also with the child tax credit even more money in the pockets of virginia families. and with those virginiass businesses. the only way they campaigned down the deficit that was jacked up over his six years in the united stateshis senate
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with $8 trillion worth deficit funding that gave us almost nothing we never even broach the 3% growth rate together with barack obama running this economy as the economy continues to grow we will have even more revenues with the federal government and state government reduce that and the other problems we have in this country we can address education and transportation and rebuildd our military. >> corey stewart supported the biggest bill we ever busted 1.5 joint additional dollars of debt over the next ten years and what i put a proposal on the table to reduce that debt by 1 trillion he and others were against that. we can bring our debt under control we will not do it by a massive giveaway to corporations talking about
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individuals and he is right that folks they were temporary they are small and expiring why would we let corporations completely to doubt state and local taxes but for the first time eliminate the ability of individuals to completely deduct that? we got priorities wrong. it is not to pass the tax bill but to grapple with expensive to manage the money the rightht way. and the pentagon with those financial statements. and with the department of defense so we can manage those expenditures to shore up where programs like medicare or medicaid social security. corey stewart was to eliminate medicare excuse me medicaid.
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we should not do that. we should not repeal the affordable care act but to do meaningful things like adjustment of the payroll tax cap under social security to help us to achieve solvency going forward t7 mr. stewart? tee1 not only are you an extreme liberal mr. senator you have a selective memory. when you were governor when you first became governor i said somebody who has a local background he campaigned on that and the first thing that he did when he became a governor he proposed a $4 billion dollar tax increase to the commonwealth of virginia a 4 billion-dollar tax increase actually proposed two additional tax increase in the commonwealth of virginia in fact the. last tax increase was so radically left and so liberal not a single member or
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single democrat would vote for that proposal and he never weed transportation all got out of governor kane or senator kaine was increase taxes. >>host: mr. stewart just quickly on the question of the deficit social security what is your position? if it should be cut? tee1 no. at the end of the day that is pension fund those who are about to retire have paid into social security and medicaid for their entire work lives we cannot cut those benefits we do need to reform medicaid but no cuts whatsoever to medicare or social security to make the next question for senator kane you both have raised this question skyrocketing
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prescription drug prices are a top concern for americans do you favor medicare to negotiate drug prices? would you go further to impose federal price control on some essential drugs x t10 healthcare is an important issue with the ability to have health insurance i supported medicaid expansion in virginia for 1000 people to get health insurance our opponent was to appeal it and medicaid and medicaid expansion in planned parenthood. what do we do about prescription drug prices? i do think the federal government should negotiate for pricing. we should negotiate for prescription drug pricing when that was passed during the bush administration. and then to accept to negotiate.
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we could use those free tools available to negotiate as anybody else of course we should negotiate for prescription drug prices. another free-market tool is to get best prices for drugs this is very standard in commercial contracts i had writer that said how, family has to pay $150,000 for this drug and you pay 50000 other nations it is 30000 i asked hhs look at the manufacturer to say we will pay you whatever the best price is for many other in the nation. he said he would take it under advisement the wish for normal commercial tools to negotiate just like anybody else plan to bring milk healthcare costs down. >> once again senator kaine you hang out with the washington elite like chuck schumer and hillary clinton in
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here can honestly say the quality and price of their health care has improved? who can actually say that? in the real world to have skyrocketing premiums and untouchables people are waiting in longer lines just to get the healthcare they need and deserve even in liberal california they have estimated that by 2021 the increase will have increased by 90% and yes is about to get worse. here are the commonwealth of virginia every insurance company has already announced with the exception of one that they will be increasing premiums by up to 64% senator
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kaine thinks that is a victory all's he has has done is make it worse the only way to fix this problem is to make sure stop protecting across the stateom lines and to hold them accountable and that's why he's not doing it. >>kaine: i will tell you in virginia who has benefited by the affordable care act. the hundreds of thousands of pre-existing conditions kicked around by insurancend companies those that are charged different premiums than men and kids who could not say on family policies as they could not before it was passed. over and over the uninsured rate has fallen to the lowest
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level. of course that doesn't mean anything to my opponent. he wants to eliminate the affordable care act in a posted expansion of medicaid in virginia he would repeal medicaid at the national level. defined planned parenthood which is a healthcare safety and provider for millions of women. time at prince william board of supervisors he/public health spending by 35% as tb and other diseases were going up in the county. we need somebody in the senate who can continue to make healthcare better and may cost cheaper. >>host:e the next question mr. stewart is related to the affordable care act. you said you would like tou repeal the aca do you support the trump administration and congressional republicans in that effort to eliminate the provision ofli this insurance company to discriminate against individuals of pre-existing conditions?
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>>stewart: the affordable care act and obamacare has been a disaster. but i do support being able to keep your children under the age of 26 on your healthcare plan and also covering pre-existing conditions that is common sense but the problem is obamacare led to these vast increases of healthcare now for to say that was covered under obamacare they have seen their premiums skyrocket across the state and the country those that can no longer afford healthcare insurance in the first place and to make this very clear on the cadillac plan with what's going on there there is a difference between having healthcare insurance and access to healthcare obamacare
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doesn't work skyrockets the premium and the deductible and it's about to get a whole lot worse and not to do anything about it. >>kaine: i talk to virginians everyday about healthcare about one year ago the republicans culminated their efforts in nine months to repeal the accor affordable care act that is what has taken health insurance away with the estimates between 20 and 30 million. the most powerful were the little lobbyist. children who would have been victimized forever by lifetime caps on insurance they didn't just want to eliminate the affordable care act they put in massive cuts to medicaid. medicaid supports ivp so they
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can earn if they have a designated disability. that my opponent was rooting on the destruction of health that is critical to the lives of these virginians. they were telling me don't destroy what we have.e build on what we have. i have built upon medicare ask with the senator from colorado this would direct the decayed medicare services to develop a policy to cover the obamacare essential health benefits put on the exchange so anybody could buy it. pay state and local taxes and shareholders do not have to run a marketing campaign. medicare ask will be the next step forward to let people if they choose without medicare -like policy won't increase the deficit by a penny or touch the trust fund this is what we need to do.
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>>stewart: senator kaine seems to think the solution is in washington that washington bureaucrats will tell you how to run our state our government and healthcare system. medicaid has been in place since 1965 virtually unchanged. it is vastly inefficient, doesn't work for the people who are on, it's too expensive for the state to fund it and bad for taxpayers. bad for all of you. the fact is that they doubled the number of people on medicaid but what they didn't do was double the number of people -- physicians serving patients he wants to giveti access but does not understand it's not the same thing that access to healthcare medicaid is feeling. needs to bring back to the states in they can do a better
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job to the citizens that they citizens that they serve. >>host: it is 91 -- five for the candidates to ask one another a question. mr. stewart has a question. >>stewart: senator, before you ran for vice president and supported drilling off the coast, he supported restrictions on late term abortions, you supported a lot of things that you in fact the transpacific partnership and then isn't it true that when you joined the hillary clinton campaign after she told you to change your positions, you changed changed all of those positions andho others? >>kaine: no. >>stewart: not at all? >>kaine: when corey got into the race he said it would be vicious and that means make it nasty or make it up and sometimes this is an example
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to do all three. offshore drilling. it was the case in 2007 to doing offshore energy plan. not do it but if it is explorer if it is worthwhile. the bp oil spill was massive. localities 1.6 and six leave people supported offshore drilling changed their position local governments change their position and now all of the communities through the eastern shore oppose drilling. the dod came out the biggest pillar in march 2016 and when the dod came out against it i had pentagon officials in my office and i met them when they said they were against it and i said we should not do it. there is no reason toth risk the economic health or the military security of hampton rose for speculative venture that causes environmental risk. >>host: the next question goes
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to mr. stewart. >>kaine: can't he respond? >>stewart: absolutely. we all want to play by the truth but in 2008 you appeared on charlie rose and said it was a moral imperative with the late-term abortions right toor the ninth month. and then. this is my time. january of this year you voted again that pay capable bill and you oppose even restrictions on abortion up to the moment ofo birth. you will not even impose restrictions up to the moment of birth in the ninth month of a pregnancy. when just ten years ago in 2008 you told charlie rose have you effectively abandoned
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your morals? >>kaine: make it nasty, make it personal or make it up by support rules on abortion. i support many of them i voted against the bill recently that would have restricted any abortion efforts after weeks because it is unconstitutional.nsti i took an oath to uphold the constitution. numerous courts have held will not was passed by the state legislatures it is unconstitutional if you want to repeal roe versus wade that's fine go back to the day when a woman is subject tou be arrested and prosecuted and jailed to use criminal law against women for making their own reproductive health care decisions. i live by my churches teaching but i outthink my job as an elected official to pass laws to criminalize women to exercise their own reproductive choices.. that is where i stand and that does not change. [applause] >>host: continuing on the
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topic the next question does to mr. stewart regarding the supreme court president trumps nomination to fill the kennedy vacancy you said you support judge cavanaugh and you also said you would like to see roe v wade overturned. you said you would not vote for any nominee that did not pledge to overturn roe v wade so what other specific this test would you have for supreme courtor nominee? >>stewart: judge cavanaugh is qualified by the university law school that he is an alum and also supported by many of those at harvard university law school where he teaches. whois a liberal taking orders from clintonwh and schumer and pelosi he will be voting against judge kavanaugh. we know that.
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he says he considers that as the other senator from virginia has been very open but with senator kaine will vote against him because he does automatically do anything that the president does you automatically vote against anything the president does to revive the economy, automatically vote even the most preeminent judge in united states for the supreme court. because he is the ultraliberal control by the liberal left wing of his party. as far as i'm concerned i think the -- judge cavanaugh is qualified can you interpret thequ constitution as amended, has written? that is the onlyon qualificatio. that is what i will do when i confirm judges to the supreme court.
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[applause] >>host. >>kaine: make it nasty, make it personal make it up. everything that president trump has said i have voted for so many of president trumps nominees and i work with him every day i have voted for r his judicial nominees we have worked together to make a commitment to grow the navy ship a lot of that is done by virginia workers at hamptonhi rose. with that career and technical education front row. president trump has no that i went with rob portman into the infrastructure plans he is reversing it. he is 100% for president trump family separation is okay. that's fine. that horrible helsinki meeting
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with putin that'ss fine. i stand for virginia as independent senator but the president is right i will back him up when he is wrong i will stand up against him. with judge kavanaugh reading his opinions i am scheduling a meeting with him i will be with him personally which republicans refuse to do and then i will watch the judiciary committee hearing said after that hearing after i can personally ask him about issues that i think are reallyy important i will be happy to make up my mind on the merits. on the virginia supreme court i know how important this is. >>host: coming back to abortion if roe v wade is overturned with you words is a frame court to ban all abortions and what if those women who have no access? >> if overturned as i think ite
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should be, it goes back to the states it is up to the individual states and all of you in this individual states to make that decision for you. but don't be fooled he opposes everything president trump does. he has done a lot of great things. but he opposes everything automatically. he voted against judge course which for no reason because he debt opposes everything also that he supports the military. president trump proposed an increase of $700 billion to military funding which included a military pay increase and of bonuses to the navy but yet even more modest housing allowance he even voted against giving more money to the men and women in military service and against the housing allowance.
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why? because he opposes everything that president trump poposes. >>host: i am a proud member ofer the armed mrs. committee. i will -- armed services committee. we did a fantastic budget this year and in march on the armed mrs. committee. the men and women in the military i have visited around the world know that i have her back i am battling to reduce veterans unemployment rate in military spouse unemployment rate. the great thing for virginia the bill that i cowrote to expand the navy at 355 ships will mean thousands and thousandsan of jobs for virginia workers and communities all over thehe commonwealth. >>stewart: he voted against it.
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he voted against it. this year. he voted against it 355 ship navy, he voted against the $7.1 billion to the veterans administration for care. i'm not dead. he voted against the salary increases for military men and women serving in harm's way and voted against a housing allowance. he voted against all of these things not just because he is a left-wing radical liberal but because he opposes everything that president trump does as an automatic know whether good or bad for virginia he opposes everything that president trump does automatically. i'm sorry the truth hurts. >>kaine: d2 t2 we had to find
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it to backup the military secretary mattis says it's one of the best we have ever gotten and i are very proud of that but only right for the security ofbe the nation but also right for virginia. >>host: going to the next question for senator kay. on special counsel robert mueller's investigation over the presidential elections that congress is also looking into, do you think it's likely there was collusion with americans including the trunk campaign foror sophisticated operation? >>kaine: i do not reject the investigation k it is looking into some most serious charges that can be alleged and we have to protect that talking to an audience the virginia bar association believes in the rule ofss law does not believe in demeaning judges or attacking prosecutors with
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intelligence and security professionals we have to let the mueller investigation there is already been more than 30 indictments and five guilty pleas. president trumps campaign manager was sent to jail based on charges connected to the investigation. all of usgr democrat and republicans know that the investigation is protected to get to the bottom of it. it isn't just a bit criminal court and eskimo culpability but also knowing the whole story to protect and those who run elections can protect themselves against proven cyberattacks against russian attacks. so protect the investigation. i know my colleague says he
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wants to deep six that i would be a grievous mistake for the country. >>stewart:t: senator kay you would be surprised it is fine for years actually was noticeably silent when the russians shot down the air lighter when president obama was in office or when the russians invite -- invaded crimea when obama was in office. now senator kaine. [laughter] now we have senator kaine who wants to declare the russians t are enemies. he wants to imperil the relationship and jeopardize the most important bilateral relationship this country has. that is frightening that he is in the foreign relations committee.ti
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it is important to work with russia with bigig geopolitical issues and containment of weapons of mass destruction. with the north korean issue and security on the peninsula. those are things that we have in common with russia. i think the president is right we have to acknowledge the russians will be doing things we don't like. but you do not deep six that relationship and all of those important national security interest we have based upon the allegedly meddling. [applause] >>host: senator kaine, and she responded what is your view of efforts by donald trump and republican members including
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representatives with the allegedly fbi abuse? >>kaine: of course you will notice he does to the entire investigation normally he says it is a witchhunt and should be terminated. he is a present trump acolyte and he takes the line to call for the termination of the investigation o. that would be a disaster. if there is anything that demonstrates the difference between corey stewart to stand appear that president trump is standing up to theng russians, president trump is caving to the russians. canada, the u.k., germany, but then on stage next to vladimir putin who has been known to attack our elections he went soft. he believes he then vladimir
8:45 pm
putin over the hard-working patriotic americans. we don't need someone who tears up alliances and caters to dictators. and your statement the president is standing up to but a mere putin is an example of you being 100% president trump type of gu guy. >>host: please respond about the witchhunt of the mueller investigation. >>stewart: frankly it is. everything the president done -- does is an automatic know. he takes orders from chuck schumer you can tell even on the senate floor watch c-span. what should i do? he doesn't answer to virginia but to shock schumer. they just try to undermine the president whode has been a 4%
8:46 pm
growth rate to rebuild the military and supporting veterans he opposes that every step of the way he voted against the 355 ship navy and thatd i increase in the military housing allowance and the attack will -- the tax cuts we cannot let that happen we cannot let the senator from virginia go to washington too repeal your tax cuts. >>host: now we have the other candidate question. >>kaine: december 2017 prince william board of supervisors had a meeting. zoning matters, a discussion about opioid funding commies skip that meeting to go
8:47 pm
campaign in alabama for roy moore to become a senator. by then he had been how did as someone who had a long history to prey on teenage girls. why was it so important for you to skip your job that night and go campaign for someone? >>stewart: why is it that you skip your entire four years when you were governor of virginia? [laughter] [applause] ten kane is elected 2005 on what promise? to fixix the roadways in virginia. they were not fixed raise taxes three times and one of those times it was declared unconstitutional. he is a lawyer. it was decided by the supreme court of virginia it was unconstitutional. that is why we have those
8:48 pm
tolls because he could affix the rose long -- the roads he gets nothing done. ask a question for years as governor what did he get done? in six years as a state senate what did he get done? we cannot afford him to have a unitedff states senator who gets nothing done. >>kaine: you could not look the audience in the face to say roy moore it was disgraceful that you appeared with him. what did i do as governor? i was governor for years. four years out of four named virginia the best day to do business to out of four cnbc did the same. aaa rated. the best day in america for a child to be raised. virginia was the best state in america and the worst recession since the 30s the lowest unemployment rate and one of the tennis -- ten
8:49 pm
highest median incomes. you just think things arent not important those that depend on pediatric research that is important to them. they were the 355 ship navy you say that's nothing but i think it is something. for those who want solutions to opioid addiction that is a lot. for those eight tribes have tried for generations to be recognized for the federal governmenterov and now they are you don't think that is much but i think virginians think those are accomplishments thatsh really matter. >>host: a question now for mr. stewart. values and beliefs. mr. stewart you have public appearances richard hines and others who have espoused white from sea or anti- semitism.
8:50 pm
but the national republican senatorial committee has refused to support you and other republicans who ask why this pattern of association at all with people who promote hate? so my question is why didn't more republicans associate with these men at the time that you did? be met i believe growing up all people are equal and that is the way i grew up i grew up in ae working-class family. not a racist bone in my body. i believe in equal opportunity for all. somebody came out i did not know that at the time. i meet hundreds of people. you should know that. and i disavowed them. every one of them. every time. but do you know what? he has not. that same standard has not been held.
8:51 pm
you and the media have not held him accountable for who he associates with anti- somatic and bigoted people in the city of charlottesville, racist. [applause] congressman i'm sorry ed democratic nominee for congress leslie who wrote a book where she actually believed and stated that somehow jewish people in this country of taken over america'saver foreign policy. she says that jewish people are a menace. she actually congratulated saddam hussein to attack israel with scud missiles to kill israeli children. but yet not only has he endorsed her, not only does he continue to appear with her but he shares an office with her where i presume they share viewss as well in charlottesville. >>kaine: look.
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i would never attack corey for people who support him but i think it's fair to point out when corey chooses to associate with someone else that is not the other person that is on corey. jason kessler it is obvious who he was and not just that but corey went to jason's house the architect of that horrible tragedy in charlottesville led to the death of the paralegal into state troopers that i knew in the horrible injuries of many others. corey sought out jason kessler. he also sought out paul was. you have to look to find him. you have to search to find paul he is editorial anti-semite, anti- islamic violence language. he didn't just seek him out
8:53 pm
but appeared with him and called him a personal hero and paid paul to get the supporter was because he got those are my kind of people i want to reach out to them he went and campaigned for roy moore who was outed as a creditor with teenage girls. it was corey going to their events. he is a lawyer and a georgetown graduate. he knows these people are. he knows what they stand for and he has decided to try to use whatever it is about him to gain support that is not what we need representing virginia. >>stewart: i have just about all people why haven't you disavowed leslie a proven anti-semite? him but he who claims that somehow jewish people in this country have taken over the foreign policy establishment in the united t states? congratulated saddam hussein
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for attacking israel with scud missiles. why have you not disavowed yourself from her? i have disavowed myself from everybody identified as an anti-semite or big it or racist but why has the press not hold you accountable? you still have not disavowed yourself from the double standards. every time you find anybody who supports president trump or wants to protect a monument or anybody who wants to remove dangerous illegal aliens you call them a racist. i'm not done. people are tired of it and sick of it and frankly that is why president trump defeated and hillary. [laughter] [applause] tee7 senator kaine. >>kaine: make it nasty, make it personal, or make it up i know the truth hurts. i don'tno make people unless
8:55 pm
they are a white supremacist you know who they were and you went to hang out with them and paid for the fundraisingsi list to say they were your personal heroes only when you were caught and got hot new who they were you have not disavowed wymore get you will not even say his name when i asked why you skipped prince william business to go campaign for someone that was outed. leslie wrote a book that was critical of u.s. and israeli foreign policy that is not the same as being the anti-semite. there are thing about the israeli foreign policy. i am the chief democrat on the foreign relations committee to oversee the u.s. israel relationship and i have been to israel more times than i have been to any other country.
8:56 pm
you can be of critical of somebody'sca foreign policy. >> you don't think that was anti- somatic? >> i didn't say i agreed with that i said it's unfair to call her anti- somatic mom -- anti- somatic. >> you refuse to do that with leslie tee7 we wil' have onepo responsewe. >>kaine: i don't have to agree withre oliver foreign policy those are not necessarily mine. but to say that makes her the anti- semi is not true tee7 just to clarify you said you just about all individuals? >>stewart: we have 40-year-old allegations w what bothered me about that we are presumed
8:57 pm
innocent until proven guilty. what happened down there the left wing intermedia presumed he was guilty. imagine somebody 40 years later said xyz and you said proven and they said you prove your innocence. forty years later. that y is wrong tee7 senator kaine. by the way i had that incorporating questions from the virginia bar association there were a number of questions on immigration so to be critical of the immigration policy but what you are really for is open borders to niche more terrorism from games like ms 13. >>kaine: he recently was fact checked for saying that it was pants on fire as a lie.
8:58 pm
pants on fire. i believe our nationm is great a proud woman served me breakfast this morning and said she just became u.s. citizen from jamaica and that immigration system is necessary and oyster men on the shortell me this to be with comprehensive immigration reform. one of the first bills we worked oned together was a bill that passed the senate with bipartisan support. billions of dollars for border security helping to determine immigration and protection for dreamers and a long arduous path to pay taxes with criminal background checks and to be in line for citizenship.
8:59 pm
that is what i support. over and over again i have voted for border security. and b increases. i drafted a bipartisan bill to be on th' president's desk to protect the dreamers with $25 million the border security. every penny that you ask for can you take yes for an answer? he turned it down. we need comprehensive immigration reform. >>stewart: earlier this year trump proposed legislation 355 shipped navy five shipped navy and legislation another $7.1 billion of veteranssin care legislation to increase the salaries for military personnel. an increase of housing allowance in voted against all of that because he wanted aliens.for illegal liberal democrats like to talk about the dream about what
9:00 pm
about the dreams of those who are here legally? what about my mom -- people like my wife? or the dreams of u.s. citizens what about the dreams of u.s. citizens those that were taken away under his watch? . . . .
9:01 pm
we are a nation of immigrants within the declaration of independence we need comprehensive innovation reform. the president is undertaking activities he wants to bring them in debate could eliminate or reduce family migration which is illegal. he's making it hard for students to come here for investors and innovators and tourists seems against all kinds and that's wrong. again and again you stand here and lie. i wenwhy. i went to a rally against present and trumps policies of
9:02 pm
taking kids out of their family's arms at the border. it was a family unification rally, and overwhelmingly even those that have supported president trump when they saw him do that if it go does into . >> do you want to respond to that? stanek absolutely. it's on the record. the democratic party once upon a time is a reasonable party. he takes orders from the radical left within his party. that's why he went there. it is an abolished rally and now
9:03 pm
it is portrayed like it is a meeting. >> you'v >> you've not been accountable for the fact h you want to remoe the protection from the american citizens all in the name of putting illegal aliens first even if they have criminal backgrounds. >> want to ask each of you a very brief follow-up to this. there was an editorial a few days ago asking why shouldn't the rural parts have the same policy as some parts of canada where they are losing the population b but pushing the federal government to send immigrants their way to make up the population law? >> president trump wanted to eliminate all for the regional commission and i said that's
9:04 pm
wrong. we'veor got to maintain these tools to try to help all parts of the state. trade wars are hitting in virginia so i don't know that is why they would want to direct people to certain areas, so i couldn't support it without knowing more. go to the hospitals and look at the health car healthcare provik to the farmers. i thought they would talk about taxes and regulation but they want to talk about immigration reform and getting the workforce they need and they want toal tak about visa reforms. the votes are still there inn te senate and we ca can take pay comprehensive immigration reform bill on the desk. >> a quick follow up to you. one of my colleagues reported
9:05 pm
just a event takes about a 14-year-old boy was separate sep border from his mother and when he was returned h he had in ten days and was covered with lice. a lot of people look at that and say we need to monitor the borders. but if that sort of treatment for pulling a tough line onar immigration? >> we are all torn up seeing families separated. none of us want that. because we w don't agree with te ultraliberal policy of letting everybody in this country even if they've got a criminal background that we don't have a heart. that's not true. all of its targets under the obama administration, not president trump in fact he's the one that ended the policy. of the 12,000 children that are currently in federal custody, 10,000 were separated by the appearance. you know why they did that?
9:06 pm
because the democratscr in congress all chocolate left who don't want to border security gave the impression if you sent your children across the border without you but eventually your whole family could come over and you know what happened? a humanitarian crisis because people did. what they were met with his chaos at the border into the humanitarian crisis. with president trump is trying to do is bring order. it must be legal in faced binary for a criminal background and you have to be able to support herselfd and family and make america a better place, not unsafe. that's the kind of immigration im four. on the m4. t [applause] >> next question turning to energy, the price of gasoline
9:07 pm
rising steadily in the country the average was $2.88 a gallon. the expectation is it's going to rise more. what should the administration and congress do about this? >> is what tim kane and the ultra left have done on the pipeline to restrict the resources here in the country because of president trump we are now the largest combined supplier of oil and gas is a net exporter of oil and gas. that is what needs to be the policy and by the way not just coming out of texas but north dakota and elsewhere we are bringing down not ultimately the price of gasoline for consumers,
9:08 pm
but it's also important to nationalta security because we o longer need to be reliant upon thoil which has caused so many f these unnecessary wars that we've been involved in. i strongly support the president's policy continuing to explore oil and natural gas resources here in the united states. senator? >> i support them as well. i joineded democrats and republicans to end the decades long moratorium on the petroleum. if it had been put in place back in the 1970s and was no longer necessary because of the tremendous american domestic production which i support. and i support ending that van and it's been very good for the energynd exploration, for energy jobs in the united states and actually it's helped our allies. but i will tell you what i don't support its offshore drilling. this is an area off the coast
9:09 pm
where we differ. i was open to the exploration beginning in 2007 but after the bp oil spill, 1.6 million in the united nations the second most effective community rise and climate change on the east coast after this region soviet-backed and calculated it. they switched their position and now the agent is rocksolid. it would hurt the military and nasa observations. it would hurt the chesapeake bay. so the difference in the offshore drilling in another area that i strongly support the production of low no carbon energy this is great to be the future. the president made a mistake by pulling out of the paris climate accord. innovation will continue to race forward and we are moving towards a shift its just the united states will not be in the lead position and we would have
9:10 pm
been in if we had stayed in that accord.e >> the fact of the matter is he wants greater oil and gas production but he goes against every attempt to do so. it was only under president trump we've become the largest producer. it's critical to the economy and national security. if you trulynd believe -- he sas that he is for these things but then he votes against them. he's for the navy but votes against it. saythis piece by the military bt votes against the pay increase for the military servicemen and servicewomen.. says he's for the military that voting against the alliance. he says one thing but does another. he's accomplished nothing in the six years of the u.s. senate, not a single major accomplishment in the entire time that he i he's represented
9:11 pm
virginia and the senate. you don't think pediatric research matters. you don't think a 355 maybe ship matters? the increases in their career and technical education from about matters to virginia. [applause] >> next question for senator cain staying on energy. the commonwealth brought back a limited version to help some of the states of cool producers. the governor said per that the reason was to boost the economy and the critics have seized on the report that suggested the previous version of the tax credits failed to stem the virginia court industry decline. to keep alive an industry that is declining or to retrain and retool the workers and companies? >> you have to do a little bit of both. you have to be focused on
9:12 pm
training and new skills but iuto think there is research we could be doing at the federal levelt o determine if there's a way to make the existing plans cleaner every day. it is cleaner tomorrow than today and i was proud to get open the plant in virginia, one of the most innovative in the united states to reduce its water usage can and i can't remember my chemistry, it reduces mercury and its built in a way that i theater can develon develop carbon capture and sequestration it could be done right there on site. i'm proud of my role on that and it created a lot of jobs so i would certainly support and help support of federal research to continue to look at ways to make it cleaner. i also believe we are moving more dramatically towards this economy. wwe might almost as mind almostn 50 years ago but with one tenth of the workers. it is heavily automated set even
9:13 pm
if it comes back and sadly a lot of it will be done by machines, not people so we have to be focusing on training. that's why as a member of the committee has bee i've been so d on the career and technical education and a lifting up the great examples of career and technical programs that train high school college kids and lleven folks who dropped out of school all over the commonwealth. >> he won't stand up for you folks. in 2005 he went down to southwest virginia and told the people in southwest virginia, good people he said he was going to support them and then when he gets into office as governoror d senator he votes against their interest and goes along with chuck schumer and president obama when they absolutely said the regulations shut down the industry and put so many families o out of work.
9:14 pm
regulations that caused so many people too leave virginia and that is all because of you and chuck schumer and president obama and everyone else you take orders from among the washington elites. you betrayed the very people from whom you had their support and now we have a president who's promised to do something about it and he has played relieving these unnecessary regulations and industry. onif we have seen is an increase in the price of coal and i was just in the county where the business is booming. once again jobs are coming back into the coal industry because we have t a president that is willing to keep his promises and stand up for the people that are hurting instead of taking nancy pelosi'sna orders and chuck schumer. he said you were going to support the textile industry and then he agreed with copies international trade agreements and lecture them just like you were lecturing to people of
9:15 pm
southwest virginia. >> naked nasty, make it personal, make it up. go visit the plant in danville and other advanced manufacturing facilities that i worked on as governor. i know you haven't. g.cosida virginia city coal plat right on the border down there between that i helped get a permit when i was governor and do it in a way that is state-of-the-art. you clearly haven't gotten around very much because when youen talk about southwest virginia, you don't know that much about southwest virginia or you. wouldn't make those points. let me go on to the other -- how about this, president that wants to eliminate the region he got elected with the defense in the first budget he sent in april just three months after he got elected and then they put these in a newspaper alphabetically
9:16 pm
over these regions people said we supportedy him and he is cutting the one economic tools we use the most help growe our economy. that's what we need from this administration. >> we want to move to two final questions. >> i've been to danville and i think we are talking about two different places. when you became senator, danville had its issues but do they exported up. people have left. the crisis is out of control, the murder rate is way up, all of crimes are up, suicide is u not. it's sad. i'm not done, senator. the fact is after you voted against their interest in support of the transpacific partnership and against all these trade agreements with all
9:17 pm
these foreign goods coming into the united states and you continue to support that and you and that he leads in washington washington think that's just fine but it's not th for the pee in danville or southwest virginia or the people in the rest of virginia struggling as they lost 5 million manufacturing jobsry in this country. when a candidate stands for. the trashes danville i think we know who the elite is. you need to visit and talk with local leaders. >> we have two more questions. the next one comes to you and i want to pick up on trade. we talked about the president's policies. the most recent window they opposed pairs. cut tariffs that make up a major part of the agricultural expert business something like $361 million last year.
9:18 pm
we know you support the president's polic policy overalt with what you do specifically about the virginia farmers affected? >> you've got to get tough. if you say you are going to do something that you never do, nobody believes you anymore. it's not just democratic presidents from its republican presidents as well whose head you have to open up the market if we are going to take your good you have to take our manufacturing goods but no president up until now has become thputdown the hammer ande serious. let me give you an example i'm international trade attorney i can tell you. if you want to import an automobile into the united states as a 2.5. 2.5 tarrif. tarrif. fueled exports to china there's a 25% tarrif. is there any doubt that is why it's been wiped out under the
9:19 pm
so-called leadership of senator mccain and barack obama? american businesses and workers are the most efficient in the world but it needs to be a level playing field and that goes with regards to agricultural products asas well. they do everything including keepingg out american produced agricultural products. they come up with every possible excuse. what has he done about it, 350,000 jobs in the state, he's done nothing to support the market to accept these agricultural goods. >> so your answer is? >> we have to open up the markets especially the eu to accept the markets. senator cain. >> you have to be tough on trade you can't be foolish. and what you just saw is this
9:20 pm
just trump first. i am virginia first. let me tell you what is right for the policy. it's important to go after china. they are a competitor stealing our intellectual property. i testified twice for those before the international trade court when the chinese firms dumped the tigers you bring trade cases against it and take tough action but for the president is doing is hurting our farmers and workers and the notion that we just have to be tough and hope it will work out fine, that doesn't help a soybean farmer who's losing enormous value every day. that doesn't help the workers in the plant who are seeking prices go up. the assessment of what the president is doing just on aluminum and steel is 30,000 jobs will be created in certain industries and lose 430,000.
9:21 pm
the president is waging a trade war against americans and further using a national security waiver against nations like iran and libya. he's using it against nations that fought with us side-by-side since awarded eight teen 12 this president is the first and these are nations we are relying upon. >> the only thing he's done is a vote against the president. he's just against the president. he doesn't want to do anything about it. we have unfair trade agreements regarding american manufacturing and the coal industry and farmers including soybean
9:22 pm
producers. what do you want to do about? absolutely nothing. he can't stand up even to the foreign trade partners. when it comes to nato the whole idea is that the unite united ss would participate and help lift european security. under article three they are supposed to take care of theired own security that is part of the agreement yet what do they do? 1.2% of the gdp and while american taxpayers arers picking up 70% spending almost 4% of our gdp to protect them and finally we have a president willing to stand up to them. [applause] we are almost at the end. i'm going to break political debate becaus because you brougp russia that we didn't have time for a question. i want to v ask each of you is vladimir putin a competitor ally or enemy and is the eu and ally
9:23 pm
or foe of the united states as the president said the other day? >> russia ahead of the joint chiefs of staff says russia is a principal adversary of the united states right now. that doesn't mean we shouldn't have been talked in the cuban missile crisis but they are in adversary and nobody should mistake them for the friend. it portrays weakness to stand on stage and take their side. europe is an ally. the only time article five solve collective obligation has been triggered in the history is after america was attacked on 9/11 and our allies came to our aid and on the armed services committee i go to afghanistan
9:24 pm
and i gogh to iraq and i visited our troops and i see the european troopsan side-by-side with them. my oldest son was deployed side-by-side with troops from nato. the president is right to challenge them to do more but it's one thing to ask for more and another thing to say that our principle and to call them a nationalo security threat when you are talking about trade issues. >> there he goes again he opposes everything president trump is trying to do. everything he does, he opposes it. what does he want to do? absolutely nothing. he thinks everything is just fine just the way it is. if it is interesting that liberals like you seem to like the russians a lot more when they were. communist. the fact of the matter is yes russia is a competitor but it's not a major threat.
9:25 pm
rfid economically and militarily if china. we have many common interests with russia today combating international terrorism and common interest competing with weapons of mass destruction into doing something productive about the north korean peninsula. he would submarine that entire relationship, all of those interests because he doesn't like vladimir putin. nobody likes vladimir putin but you don't take the entire relationship because of that. with regards to the european union, they are our allies and the need to start acting like it and picking up and not expecting american taxpayers to pay for their own security. meanwhile, as we have had the sector gutted by a trade
9:26 pm
partners, the germans for example 1.2% of the military they've been running a 67 year trade surplus in the united states that meant lots of chopping and while you are picking upa the tab. [applause] spinning this as th is the final question before closing statements. those oboth of your transplantei virginians. senator cain you were born in st. paul minnesota and mr. stewart you were born in duluth minnesota only about 150 miles apart but you both ended up in the commonwealth of virginia. this is a state with an extraordinary heritage into the home of th founding fathers geoe washington, thomasas jefferson, james my question is in a modern times since world war ii, which one or two virginians have you most admire? >> i love this state. i moved to the state because i wanted to be a virginian. i no longer minnesota.
9:27 pm
i love the state i was born but i love virginia and much more. if i were to vote for one thing of the most admirabout the mostt i've got to tell you something, i loved virginians, the attitude of the history of the fact that they want to stand up for that cut the fact that they are proud. i love the fact that this is the state of george washington, thomas jefferson, james madison, i love andin respect that. yet we have on the far left those that are trying to remove our history, to take down historical monuments that have sat peacefully for 100 years. taking down the monuments doesn't solve a single problem. it doesn't increase our economic growth or feed children or improve our education. it doesn't build roads. all it does is tryes to get talking points to the far left liberal democrats like tim kane.
9:28 pm
>> is not a liberal i guess. there is one and that would be my wife. [applause] i don't d have a hard time answering that question. my political hero and in some ways might moral hero is my father-in-law, my wife's father born in the 1920s in virginia and came of age during the depression. at that point a lot of people look down on people from appalachia and consider them hillbillies and said bad things about them. that part of the state wasn't politically powerful. he grew up in that part during the depression and for some reason as a young man absorbing the fact others might look down upon where he came from, he dedicates himself to never letting anybody look down on anybody. he went to the pacific and fought in world war ii as a
9:29 pm
submariner and when hee came back, there was a one-party stateme that franklin controlled by too few people and he embarked on the goal to build p virginia that works for all ended with 20 plus years he was elected the first republican governor in the history of the commonwealth. you know what he did the first major thing is he integrated the public schools of virginia, he integrated public schools that have been kept separate because virginia didn't embrace the ideals or live like a commonwealth community and to take a guy from appalachia to say we should all be at the table together. we should be for all people. it shouldn't matter where you come from, what you look like, race, religion, who you love, whether you have money, whether people respect you or not. he's a 94-year-old still going strong and is my hero because he's livedhi out this value that we have to be the nation in the commonwealth for all. [applause][a [cheering]
9:30 pm
we've come to the conclusion it's time for your closing statements. >> thank you very much. i appreciate you moderating the debate. i'd alsi would also like to thak senator cain for participating. we've met in times past i always thought he was a nice guy and he is, i do believe that. butay he's the antiliberal and s gotten nothing done not only in the united states senate, that as governor he accomplished nothing. he came into this saying he would fix transportation. not a single goal for transportation which is why we continue to have these problems here in virginia. we need a united states senator who will stand with president trump. this tax cut that he passe cutsn december of 2017 is already led to the lowest rate in 50 years.
9:31 pm
the highest growth rate for wages in 20 years and wee are just at the beginning. he wants to undo it and he voted against it and wants to takee away tax cuts. we need this economic growth to continue. that's what i will doue as your united states senator. [applause] >> to judy and to the guests, thanks for giving this, for kicking off the season. i think theof choice is pretty clear. is it going to be trump first or virginia in the senate. i have a record of working with president trump on all kinds of things, but let there be no mistake. i'm going to stand up against this president when he's wrong for virginia and the country when he says thatt there are god people s on both sides in charlottesville and goin good to stand upal against them when hes hurting the workers they will stand up againstst them.
9:32 pm
my focus on virginia is why for years we've passed the state purpose of sand just managed to raise a child, low unemployment, high median income, like the focus on virginia is howpl we've been able to work to bring down veterans unemployed and working on his military employment, do smart things like allow the exports of crude petroleum. ien will work with the president when he's ready but i will stand up wheni he's wrong for virgina or the country. over the country. compare that with 100% trump who says that he was standing up to vladimir putin when everybody that watched knew that he was really bowing down to him. thank you. [applause] [cheering] we are going to let the president of the vba say
9:33 pm
farewell. >> think you for participating in the debate. let's give both candidatebut ifd of applause. [applause]
9:34 pm
ronald reagan and donald trump are about 180 degrees apart from each other, and yet here we are in this space. how did you navigate to? we are both conservatives in that regard. it's a little bit of a dance every once in a while or how did you do that? >> , there is no question he is
9:35 pm
not traditional in terms of how he speaks but he also connects the people in a way that most politicians never have, and he talks very bluntly in his own style, but i don't think that he would have won the presidency or the nomination if it were not for that style. and i think that there's always this balance with elected officials, which is they say all the right things but they don't necessarily get anything done and in the case of trump, there's a lot of getting things done and people say i didn't like this or how he interacted. i am a result oriented person. i look at how people are getting better, are they making more money or the country safer. i think most people would generally agree if we can get the right things done for the country, then that is a better place instead of just talking about the right things to get done.
9:36 pm
>> speaking at a state of the conference on religious freedom, secretary of state mike pompeo talked about initiatives to protect religious minorities around the world. he is joined by sam brownback, the ambassador at large for international religious freedom. this is 20 minutes. >> good afternoon, everyone. this is the earliest president distracted his administration to advance and defend the rights of religious freedom at home and abroad because it is a universal god-given right which all people are entitled and also an essential building block for


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