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tv   Secretary of State Pompeo News Conference on Religious Freedom  CSPAN  July 27, 2018 12:50am-1:13am EDT

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the right things done for the country, then that is a better place instead of just talking about the right things to get done. >> "after words" 9 a.m. eastern on c-span2 book tv. speaking at a state department conference on religious freedom, secretary of state mike pompeo talked about initiatives to protect religious minorities around the world. he is joined by sam brownback, the ambassador at large for international freedom. this is 20 minutes. >> good afternoon, everyone. this is the earliest days president of trump has directed his administration to advance and defend the rights of
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religious freedom at home and abroad because religious freedom is a universal god-given right to which all people are entitled. there's also an essential building block for all free societies ensuring religious freedom around the world is a key prioritas akey priority in p administration's foreign policy and to that end we concluded the first-ever ministerial to advance religious freedom. the success of this event was truly unbelievable. the level of enthusiasm for the partner groups and other government spies so high that i've already committed to doing this again to holding the second ministerial a year from now. this week we were joined by more than 80 foreign delegations and religious leaders from all across the world who work closely with civil society groups often on the frontlines reporting and responding to cases of religious intolerance and persecution. i want to thank the dozens of ministerial level foreign
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dignitaries attended. i interact professionally with them every day in the course of diplomacy, but as a man of faith, the presence was significant to me personally as well. number two, we have survivors and religious persecutors with us sharing the stories and driving home way the work is so important. we had a chance to sit for a number of them and hear their stories to talk about why they were working in the supply of religious freedom meant so much to them. and also to take him he gave a speech to bring attention to the religious minorities of all states persecuted for what they believe often by their own governments. the vice president also announced in the coming months the government will launch a genocide recovery persecution response initiative. this is a diplomatic assistance efforts specifically focused to ensure communities of faith and organizations are part of the solution and recovering from atrocities.
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well focused first on the ongoing response to the genocide committed in the iraq war hope is that this program will assist victims in many different plac places. the department is also proud to host several other senior government officials to speak this week including the senior adviser to the president by the omb director and the administrator. ttonight the un ambassador nikki haley will be giving remarks. at the state department we are also undertaking new initiatives to further the cost of religious freedom around the world. first is the vice president announced we created an international religious freedom front. this is with other nations to support the work of religious defenders and victims of religious persecution. second, we've created international visitor leadership programs to bring those on the front lines of the issues
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together all different faiths from all around the world to come to the united states. it's a ten-day project will focus on religious pluralism and protecting the rights of religious minorities. if you are a champion, be on the lookout for announcement coming soon. third, in just a couple of months the state department for post an accelerated workshop to support its scale, innovative public-private partnerships to promote and defend religious freedom around the world. the open call for proposal is now live on the challenge .gov. fourth, we all know persecution and violence are not constrained by borders. we look forward to announcements by several who posted follow-up regional conferences to explore specific measures to the whole regions to promote religious freedom infinitely just a few moments we would release the declaration and potomac plan of action. the declaration is a formal
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affirmation that says up front the united states takes religious freedom seriously, that we will work with others on the public to help those under attack for their belief in that we expect readers around the world to make it their priority as well. the plan of action provides concrete ways the international governments can do more to protect religious freedom and to protect vulnerable religious communities in their own countries. i would like to think the thanke ambassador for their work on this event. what you've done to put this on his remarkable and incredibly important for the religious freedom. i want to also commend the entire department for executing the goal is a free man, woman and child to worship as they please. it is significant in the work that we've done. i will now invite the ambassador for if you comment and to take a
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few questions. thank you. >> right now we are still wrapping up the ministerial defense for many participate and so many have asked to speak that we are continuing to go through that so those will be wrapping up fairly shortly. over 80 countries, a number of commitments towards different events on religious freedom in their area or their country and, several of them expressing support to join the front and a number of them talking about particular statements of concern and what's taking place there and what we've already categorized as ethnic cleansing. there's one final event we've started thwith thestart of the g
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it reminding people if you don't deal with these issues this is what it can end up being envied and victims here and northern iraq as well to comment and testify so we think it's been a spectacular success and we are getting a number of other countries signing onboard to help and move forward. we are excited about it. i think we are at a moment where the iron curtain prohibiting religious freedom is coming down and you are going to see a burst of freedom around the world taking place. i believe we are at that moment in time and it will be great. three fourths of the world's people live in countries where they have some more substantial religious persecution taking place. it's been bad, it is bad but i
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believe that we are at the moment of change and this administration is serious about this. it is such a foundational right it will help in other places if we can get this right. so the conference is a big kickoff launch of a partnership and an alliance with governments and nonprofits and community people. we think we have a lot of energy moving forward on this going forward. i was happy to be happy to take questions. >> you have a question? >> are the prospects that turkey will then come home and not just on house arrest? and can you speak to the issue of the palestinian, given the fact that the refugee office may
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be closed by omb cuts under consideration that the refugee aid to the un has been drastically cut and it doesn't seem to be much communication right now because of problems on both sides but no communication of any senior level between the administration and the palestinian people. >> let me take the first and then the second. i won't b have a good informed comment. but there are excellent prospect that he is going to come home. this issue has been raised for some months now it's been raised in many forms by any level of government. the president raised the issue with the turkish leadership as has the vice president and secretary of state and members of congress. the senate passed a resolution oand this has continued to build and build. turkey took a step and the court
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did yesterday to put him out on house arrest which is an improvement, but he is not free. we've reviewed the charges at length and in depth and i believe he will be coming home. now if the turkish authorities continue to keep him under arrest, there will continue to be actions taken by the united states as was announced today that the president and reiterated by the vice president. ..
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>> what we are trying to do
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from the last 20 years this is the space we agree on which is religious freedom for everybody everywhere. but we have not had the push behind it to put enough energy or effort with three force of the people living in that atmosphere. that's the focus and intent. >> thank you very much for this event i would like to ask to your visit to curtis dan what is your viewpoint on threatened religious minorities? >> i am impressed with the resilience in that area as far
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as a repressed minority. there still isn't sufficient security that are unaccounted for and probably held in bondage somewhere else probably area? i met with a heartbreaking situation three or seven and ten times one was talking about a 15-year-old until he challenged son of hers ripped out of her arms when others said i would sell my kidney but i don't know where they are now. but you are seeing rebuilding
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taking place it is private money homes and communities are rebuilt water systems everything that isis has destroyed i am heartened that people are moving back. with that funding to rebuild hungary is in the area but a bigger one remains a security we met with the prime minister of iraq and with the military leadership.
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>> i talked to on the first day but those were shouting for a religious leader so all the tools they are focused on for the ambassadors of the united states government? >> we had a number of buds about buddhists testify and that has taken place for years we are working on an international consortium to press china of religious freedom. this is one of the papers to be on -- to be put forward,
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there is a whole series and this is been going on for some period of time. with the international coalition to push back let people practice their faith as freely as they see fit. we are not asking anything beyond the basic woman right 1948 treaty. this is your right to worship as you see fit. we had a video presentation by the dalai lama it is more difficult for him to travel we have met with him many times over the years he is one of the best spokesmen in the world for religious freedom. but we will continue to press that issue to build an alliance. to press the chinese for this basic human right.
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>> the last question. >> i am from religion news service. how do you hold that u.s. principal separation of church and state even as you talk to those around the world that face religious persecution have you received any donations or how many countries have said they are interested? been on the second piece i heard during the delegation presentation one country he said something i things several are still determining and that is the governmental. the first question i did not understand? >> we are known for the principal of separation of church and state now you have
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to go boldly and you are having them work together how do you relate those to? >> i hope i'm getting to the heart of your question but united states is founded on religious freedom. we believe countries around the world the role of the government is to protect the right. not to protect -- pick a winner or loser whatever the case might be. to protect the right to do is you choose with your own soul. period. we think that is fully consistent that the government's role is to protect the right it's also
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the best place for more security. you now have studies coming out with that spiritual capital and hospitals that governments like to have to raise funds for. and more religious freedom leads to less terrorism. so we push it with governments not just a foundational human right but good for growth and security and future. thank you all very much for being here.
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>> a lot of people said i want my kids to read stories that disturbing or downbeat that is not totally illegitimate to say i want to choose when my kid understand stuff that may bring them grief but also the point where they are 14 now so when we introduce them to the idea that everything is perfect outside your all white suburb? so we came together for mass censorship
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