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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Chuck Grassley- Kavanaugh Nomination  CSPAN  August 15, 2018 7:12pm-7:39pm EDT

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afterwards sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span twos book tv. >> c-span's capitol hill producer tweets out this video as a judge brett cavanagh leaves heidi high camp's office today after a 75 minute meeting. craig writes that the entourage included former arizona senator john connell. september 4 the judge brett cavanagh will testify before the judiciary committee on his nomination to serve on the supreme court. he currently serves on the d.c. circuit court of appeals. chuck grassley expects the hearing to last 3 - 4 days. we'll have live coverage on c-span three. also on or listen to the hearings on our free radio app.
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>> last week i announced that the senate judiciary committee will hold a hearing on judge kavanaugh's nomination for the supreme court sure to september 4. the hearing will begin 57 days after president announced judge kavanaugh's nomination. more than a week longer from the announcements and hearings from the last three justices soto meyer kagan gorsuch. the senate has already received more documents from judge kavanaugh's time in the executive branch that we differ many previous supreme court nominee. we have so far received more than 184,000 pages of documents,
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which more than 124,000 are currently publicly available by anybody in the country going to a judiciary the team of lawyers who work for the majority have already reviewed 2000 pages of the 307 judicial opinions that judge kavanaugh will come along with hundreds more opinions that he joined his 12 year service on the d.c. circuit. the team of lawyers who work for the majority have already reviewed 110 pages of written answers and over 17000 pages of material that judge kavanaugh submitted to the committee in response to bipartisan questionnaire the most robust
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questionnaire ever submitted to a supreme court nominee. the team of lawyers who worked for the majority has already reviewed every page of the more than 184,000 pages of e-mails and other records the committee has received so far from judge kavanaugh's time as a government lawyer in the white house and also serving with judge starr when he was independent counsel. i expect we will receive more documents this mary or at the latest tomorrow. all remaining documents responsive to our request will
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be produced next week. we will work to make every unrestricted record publicly available as quickly as possible. as i predicted, this confirmation process is the most transparence ever. particularly as it relates to the number of documents we are receiving. we have already received more documents from the executive branch service than any nominee in history with many more to come. senators have more time to review the record than they did for at least three supreme court nominees. so i am confident that the committee and senate will have ample information in time to carry out our responsibilities under our constitution to advise and consent. some of my colleagues on the
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other side of the aisle are attempting to manipulate the american people. i just described to the largest document production in the history of the supreme court nomination. guess what the minority leader describes it as? unprecedented secrecy. this arguments is ridiculous on its face in the american people are not buying it. i have a lot of questions at my town meetings across iowa in 20 different counties in iowa this issue came up. about the supreme court. that should not surprise anybody. but hardly any mention of the document which is cooked up it
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was cooked up by the washington insiders. let's not forget how this document issue started. first, liberal dark money groups and their allies announced immediate opposition to judge kavanaugh some announced it before the name kavanaugh was announced by the president. the minority leader said he would oppose judge kavanaugh with everything he is god. so the first tactic was to argue that the senate should not confirm anyone during the midterm election year. they attempted to invoke the biden role. of course this was a ludicrous
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position is widely rejected by objective observers and even fact checkers in the minority leader and his allies abandon that. they did not abandon their goal which is to stall judge kabbalistic confirmation i hope the other party will control the senate it's a very funny controversy about the white house documents. how do we know it's phony? on the one hand the minority leader has publicly stated he
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has oppose judge kavanaugh's nomination with everything he has got. now, on the other hand he is assisting insisting that the senate needs more documents on top of what we have in order to make an informed decision. indeed the senate democrats demanded the search of every page of every e-mail and every other record from everyone of the hundreds of white house staffers came and went during every one of the eight years of the bush administration. just because the name kavanaugh could have been in those e-mails. in other words the senate democrats demanded the search of every scrap of white house paper
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for the entire bush presidency. as i have stated repeatedly, i'm not going to put the american taxpayers on the hook for senate democrats fishing expedition. how much more information to the minority leader in the outside dark money allies need if they already made up their decision to vote no on judge kavanaugh? when they are in that position they don't care about judge kavanaugh's record. because they know what their vote is going to be. how much more do they need to know to vote no? they want to various in a mountain of paper so there is no chance so we can hold a confirmation vote on judge kavanaugh's nomination anytime this year. there is already a mountain of
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paper for our committee members to go through. the democrats want to make it be mount everest. let's not forget that judge kavanaugh is a 12 year judicial track record from his time on the d.c. circuit. during that time he offer more than 300 opinions and joined under is more. these opinions provide the most relevant information processing judge kavanaugh's legal thinking and whether or not he should be approved to be on the supreme court. so go back to something my colleagues on the other side of the aisle have said back in 2009 my democratic colleagues were making this very same argument with respect to justice
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soto mayor. of course they're flip-flopping now. the current minority leader said in 2009 that everybody knows that the judge's record on the bench is the best way to evaluate a nominee. he said quote i want to turn to your record on the bench which i believe is the very best way to get a sense of what your record will be on the bench in the future. then chairman leahy said quote from this is a long quote we have judge soto moyers record from the bench that's a public record that we have even before she was designated by the president. heard mainstreamed record of
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judicial restraint and modesty is the best indication of her judicial philosophy. we do not have to imagine what kind of judge she will be, we see what kind of judge she has been. ". the same logic applies to judge kavanaugh's law judicial track record of 12 years. despite this record be in more than sufficient to assess how judge kavanaugh's approaches legal issues i requested hundreds of thousands of additional pages from his time as a government lawyer in the interest of all transparency. even the most transparent confirmation process in history is not enough for those who
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decided to oppose judge kavanaugh before they saw his record. the document request for justice kagan's confirmation provided strong support for how the judiciary committee is proceeding now. then the senate requested justice kagan's white house record but not internal documents the solicitor general's office. we refrained out of respect for the sensitivity of internal deliberations the solicitor general's office. we did not -- we did so even though these documents would have been extremely helpful to our assessment of justice kagan's views on the law given that she liked any judicial
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experience or record. justice kagan herself testified that senators should look at her time in solicitor general to evaluate her. but, we did not ask for those records. this precedent supports my decision for documents of judge kavanaugh's time. if internal solicitor general were too sensitive to produce then of course documents from judge kavanaugh's time as staff secretary at white house certainly are sensitive as well. the staff secretary serves as an inbox now box for the president
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of the united states. these documents include some of the most sensitive documents in all of our governments implicating our national security and other core duties of the president. these documents are at the heart of what the constitution recognizes as executive privilege. in addition to being the most sensitive documents, they are the least of judge kavanaugh's legal thinking. the primary role of the staff secretary is to make sure the presidency's advice from a range of policy advisers across the entire executive branch, and not provide his own policy or legal advice as staff secretary. to recap, judge kavanaugh wrote
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more than 300 judicial opinions and joined hundreds more in 12 years on the bench. justice kagan, by contrast had written or joined zero despite having less need for judge kavanaugh's branch records then the senate has already received more such documents than it did for justice kagan or any other nominee. we will still receive many more. in fact for judge kavanaugh we could receive up to 1 million pages which is more than the five prior supreme court nominees combined. democratic leaders have also tried to argue that judge kavanaugh's white house records are being cherry picked by a
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lawyer by the name of phil bourque. they label him as a partisan lawyer. guess they have forgotten how the senate received documents during the last three supreme court nominees. otherwise they would not have made this silly argument. the senate received documents for justice soto moyers confirmation after they were reviewed by leslie karen. she represented obama campaign manager and former representative charlie wrangle and eventually became deputy white house counsel in the eight obama administration. as a journal pointed out in the journal yesterday, the senate received documents for justice kagan after they were reviewed by bruce lindsey.
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mr. lindsay overlapped with justice kagan in the white house which was a democrat white house. he also served as president clinton's national campaign director in 1992, as president clinton's hyper- partisan senior lawyer, and the fixer in the white house and ceo of the clinton foundation for ten years including when justice kagan was nominated. . . really embarrassed by bringing up that issue when you look at how it was handled in previous nominees to the supreme court by people that were partisan. so how much more partisan can you get than the people i just mentioned handling issues of
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presidential privilege for those democrat nominees, sotomayor and kagan? well it happens bill burke is president bush's presidential records act representative, like mr. lindsey was for president clinton. mr. birk has held this position -- mr. burke has held this position not just because of this nomination. he is a partner it happens in one of the most liberal law firms in america. mr. burke also served as presidential representative during the neil gorsuch nomination but i did not hear anything about the involvement in that nomination. and they did not object to mr. lindsay is involvement during
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nominations. your objection to the role now is another opportunistic attempt tto discredit the process and to avoid talking about judge "after words" -- kavanaugh 's nomination.the national archives are not being cut out of this process. it has been claimed by some people. under the presidential records act, he has the right to request his own administrations documents. he can choose to make a document public or claim that is protected under executive privilege. this is precisely what he is doing now. the ipresident is providing a
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very valuable public service to the public at what is a very considerable cost. it happens to be in nonpublic expense. he is expediting the review process and making sure that they have all of the documents it needs to conduct a timely and efficient confirmation process. the president and his legal team should be thanked. not scorned for providing this tremendous service to the american people. and i want to tell you how much on top of this was the former president bush was that the day after the nomination, of kavanaugh he called me and said i want to do everything i can cooperate to get all the records you need to make sure that you give a fair and thorough hearing to kavanaugh.
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thanks to these people , plwe have judge kavanaugh 's paper in time to hold a confirmation and vote this very year. just as the american people expect us to do. democratic leaders have played up this phony document controversy to deflect attention from judge kavanaugh 's qualifications and sterling reputation as a judge of 12 years on the second most important court in this land. and in these 12 years on the bench, the supreme court has on 13 occasions, adopted a legal opinion from judge kavanaugh. this is an exemplary track record in the supreme court to
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have your opinions backed up by the supreme court. not once, but 13 times. judge kavanaugh is dedicated to judicial independence. he is not afraid to tell another branch of government when that branch has exceeded its lawful authority. at the same time, he has great respect for the separation of powers. and will interpret the law as is written by the people's representative in congress instead of trying to be a super legislator. so i hope that all of my colleagues are looking forward as i am to hearing from judge kavanaugh when he appears before the judiciary committee on loseptember 4. i yield the floor. >> tonight booktv is in prime time with a look at recent books on the civil rights movement.
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georgetown university professor michael eric dyson discusses his book, what truth sounds like. james baldwin and our unfinished conversation about race in america. janet bell on her book light in the fires of freedom.james swanson in his book chasing kings killer. the hunt for more luther king junior is assassin. booktv all this week in prime time on c-span2. saturday morning at 1030 eastern. booktv is live at the mississippi book festival. for the fourth annual literary lawn party at the state capital in jackson. with discussions on race and identity. southern history, u.s. politics and residential leadership. including authors of loving, interracial intimacy in america and the threat to white supremacy. jack davis with his pulitzer prize-winning book, the making of an american c. -- spoke to
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his former mississippi governor haley barbara. her book is the great revolt. and so the populace coalition reshaping american politics. and author, frank williams with lincoln. join us live 10:30 am eastern for the mississippi book festival on booktv on c-span2. >> c-span washington journal. live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up thursday morning, mcallister on reducing inner-city violence in chicago and other cities by using methods associated with disease control. their manhattan institute rafael -- continues our discussion on gun violence and potential solutions to stop it. be sure to watch c-span washington journal live at 70 and eastern thursday morning. join the discussion.
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>> supreme court nominee judge brett kavanaugh testifies before the senate judiciary committee beginning tuesday, september 4. judge kavanaugh currently sits on the d.c. circuit court of appeals. judiciary committee chair, chuck grassley expects the hearing to last 3 to 4 days. watch it all live on c-span3, or listen live on the free c-span radio app. >> white house press secretary, sarah sanders, today announced president trump was revoking the security clearance of john brennan. the former cia director under the obama administration. the statement from president trump came at the top of a press briefing for reporters at the white house. this is about 20 minutes.


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