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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Murray on Ford - Kavanaugh Hearing  CSPAN  September 29, 2018 5:29am-5:40am EDT

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the presiding officer: without objection. mrs. murray: mr. president, like millions of people across the
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country, i watched the hearing yesterday with a mix of so many strong emotions. first, i watched dr. ford with tears in my eyes. she was so brave, so compelling, so real. the memories that she recounted, the memories that she will never forget were heartbreaking. the living room, the stairs, the bedroom, the music turned up loud, the bed. brett kavanaugh drunk and on top of her. the feelings she had when he covered her mouth to stop her from screaming. the raucous laughter between brett kavanaugh and mark judge, the way she felt it then and told it now, two boys laughing told it now, two boys laughing two boys laughing and having a good time while scared. 15-year-old girl girl pinned down. the bathroom, listening for brett to leave. leaving the house, the sense of
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relief that she escaped. then something anyone who had been 815-year-old girl would understand. t with no o adult. doctor ford spoke foror herself but she was channeling the voices of millions of women and survivors across the country for two often ignored, interrupted, or bullied. i hope everyone of my speak and answer questions. he has made it clear. she was not there because she wanted to be. she had to be. he shared her story not because she wanted to create or embarrass anyone but because she felt it was her civic duty to share what she knew about
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kavanaugh. they are making a decision of whether or not he should be on. they were too afraid to ask her anything. but she did an amazing job keeping composure under cross-examination to question. doctor ford made it clear. over and over tonight politely, she welcomed the investigation. she opened up her self and scrutiny. she took a polygraph. she rememberede details. she seemed to not be able to understand why nobody was digging into these details to pflp even more.
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she wants to be more helpful. she did her job and she was simply asking for senators to do theirs. i watched judge kavanaugh the rage on his face, refusing to answer questions while he demanded answers for his questions. the outrage that he was even being questions. no shame, the allegations and toward the political party. the things he says that are not credible. from claims that he never got
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blacked out, despite everything we observed. the people who know him and everything we've heard from him and his younger days. the claim that he didn't -- we know doctor ford. false claims that the committee had already seen all evidence. not the case.the mr. president, the most frightening thing to me is this. this is something i hope every senator pays attention to. i know people across the country saw repeatedly. that is the fact that kavanaugh clearly does not want an
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investigation. he does not want the facts, he doesn't want other witnesses to be brought in. he certainly doesn't want anyone with the other women to come forward who are willing to come in and testify under oath. he wants toqu brush through this as quickly as he can with as little information as possible. mr. president, is that how somebody ask ask who has nothing to hide? is this with someone who is innocent would do? i want to closeby by saying, i believe doctor ford but i want to say that aside to make one
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more point. maybe they sawe that doctor ford was credible and maybe they saw that kavanaugh was credible. i just don't know who or what to believe. message to those. yesterday's hearing does not have to be the final word. there is absolutely no rush. none. zero. we have opportunities to slowdown. let it go the way it is supposed to. they may have scrambled to rush but we do not have to fall follow-through. we can have the fbi investigate. we can bring in additional relevance witnesses. i know we all want to this.
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i wish we didn't have to go through this. but we simply cannot allow supreme court justice to be true like this right now. it would damage the integrity of the supreme court. it which read whatever integrity we have left. so i say to those colleagues, even if you wish it had gone differently, even if you want to.fingers. but we are here right now. right here. we are facing one of our most important jobs. they laid out in article two of our constitution to provide advice and consent on supreme court nomination.
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we can litigate how this went later. i'm sure there are ways that could have been better. we can figure that out, we should figure that out. so we can be the next time. but we should not, we cannot let anger go over process when it is clearly the right thing tory do here. i hear there are conversations going on right now about falling down and starting investigations. i amul hopeful those end up beig able to do our job. no one should want those allegations hanging out or should want the investigation to happen and information to come out while he's on the court. slowdown. let's learn more. let's not put him on the supreme court with these allegations and while we still have the opportunity to clear this up and get it right.
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finally, i want to say one more thing. two women and survivors, right now, we are angry, who have reached out to me and told me they are shocked, crying, and disbelief. to them i t say, we all have a right to these gears. we all have a duty to not give up. i'm not giving up. i'm not going to give up to make sure that women bravely come forward are not ignored, swept under thehe rug or sub silencedy powerful men. i know that i stand with millions and millions of women and men across the country were watching the united states senate. now and they are not going to give up either. thank you, mr. president. >> these are the remarks i would have given this morning after the


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