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tv   Alex Bolton  CSPAN  October 1, 2018 12:48pm-12:55pm EDT

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>> if you missed in at this discussion on immigration policy, you can see it again on our website at type immigration policy in the search box. and looking at u.s. capitol with the use senate committee gavel in this afternoon at 3 p.m. eastern. lawmakers expected to begin debate the brett kavanaugh supreme court nomination. this is even though an fbi investigation is ongoing. they will take up a five-year reauthorization of the faa, the procedural vote scheduled for 5:30 p.m. eastern. watch the the senate live on c-span two. we learn more about what's ahead in congress for brett kavanaugh from the capitol hill reporter. >> host: alex bolton is a
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senior staff writer with the hill and he joins us. we can't force today what happened in the senate committee meeting just briefly. >> guest: well, it seemed to be headed towards a normal confirmation vote which would have been, have sent brett kavanaugh to the floor for confirmation on tuesday, but then everything changed when jeff flake, he disappeared from the committee room. he was gone. he did not speak as the other republican senators did in support of capital illegally issued a statement in support of kavanaugh. as the book was approaching at 1:30 p.m. there was all this whispering going on the on the dais, and it was clear that something was afoot and that's when word started to leak that, in fact, flake was having second thoughts and that he wanted, that he was willing to vote know if the chairman, chuck grassley, did not agree to postpone the
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ultimate floor vote and support a request for supplemental fbi investigation into some of these allegations that the committee members heard in riveting detail thursday when christine blasey ford talked about her, what she says was a sexual assault attempt by kavanaugh when you were in high school, and his very angry denials. >> host: sense of in the senate has met. we thought they would be in forr a possible we concession to move forward still with the nomination. what happened? and not good to be monday. >> guest: well, because it ultimate vote on count is going to be postponed beyond next week, what they've asked for, what did agree to is a supplemental fbi investigation, supplemental to the background check they've already done. this investigation would talk to the witnesses that ford says
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were present at this high school party 36 years ago. and so the soonest kavanaugh will come to the floor would be the following week. the really was no reason for mcconnell to rush it through. yes, he did on friday evening get a consent to proceed to executive council, can come up more quickly, but the democrats are fine with the green to that because we're not look at a two zippo, looking at about the following tuesday, if even that sin depends on what the fbi comes up with. >> host: as you been mentioning, center jeff flake asking for investigation, could take no more than a week, and there was some question as to whether president trump would call for that investigation, whether the senate or senators themselves could call for that but in the end president trump suggest, if it can have what it wants. how did that all come about?
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>> guest: grassley, the chairman was very adamant that congress doesn't have power to direct the fbi what to do. he argued that these background checks are courtesies, at the white house provides to the senate to help vet the nominee's. so to adopt the white house. trump when head and he requested to have supplemental investigation. it's only a week so it's not going to push the nominee the on the election if the fbi comes back and finds there's nothing to report. also when fbi looked into and you to hill's allegations against clarence thomas a sexual harassment in 1991, they were not able to find any foundation or corroboration for those charges. in retrospect people wondered just how hard they looked, but an fbi investigation potentially could help the nominee. the bottom line is it was clear to trump and everyone that without an additional investigation, that flake and
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other two swing republicans, that's lisa murkowski of alaska and susan collins of maine, that they were going to vote no. he had to agree to it. since it's only a weeklong extension of their background check, it wasn't such a huge concession. >> host: you talk a little bit about senate procedure. can you let out what happens from here out out in terms of getting to that confirmation vote? >> guest: as leader mcconnell just announced on the floor, all 51 republican senators support the motion to proceed to the executive calendar. that's it for them in that has to happen before there is a vote, a cloture vote which is about to end debate on the nominee and then a final vote to confirm the nominee. it's just, it's a very preliminary hurdle, and republican agree to as part of this deal, and the democrats were fine with going along with it.
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because they don't want to come in on saturday and work either. >> host: alex, thanks so much. we will be watching for you tweets even on the weekend at alexander bolton and also reported at the thanks a lot. >> guest: thanks for having me. >> and for the vote on the nomination of judge brett kavanaugh to the supreme court are on hold pending the outcome of that investigation into allegations of sexual assault. senate floor debate continues on the nomination and you can watch it live c-span2. c-span2. more like programming coming up later today with arizona republican senator jeff flake will be speaking at an event in new hampshire. you can watch this road to the white house 2020 coverage live at 6:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. front row to campaign 2018 join his later today when president trump will be speaking at a rally and tennessee for re


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